Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Time: Some time about two months after Hatching

There are no egg touchings currently scheduled and the eggs are not currently humming and yet, there is most definitely a nose poking about the entrance to the Sands. One very small and very golden nose, hovering just above the actual grains of sand as she very carefully doesn't touch anything. It might be hard to get a proper view of the latest clutch of eggs from the threshold, but Inasyth's eyes whirl slowly in awe and there's very audible gasp from the young dragon as she straightens up. Her mental voice is as close as she can get to a whisper at the moment, but still a very loud… « RHODY!!!! IT'S NOT EMPTY AT ALL!!!! LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE BABIES!!!! DON'T YOU WANNA JUST KISS THEIR LITTLE SHELLS??? » Have you ever wanted to see tiny hatchlings of every color piloting little boats of leftover egg shards through a sea of champagne bubbles? Inasyth's got you covered even as she raises one tawny paw to try and inch just a bit further before Rhodelia catches up with a very firm, "DON'T!!!!" The woman pants as she finishes running to catchup, her lifemate currently frozen, glancing between Rhody and eggs, Rhody and eggs. Her foot wavers a bit in the air as she lets out a whimper. « Not even a little kiss? »

DON'T? Where in the heck is the fun in that, Rhodelia? « DO! » Booms Leirith from JUST OVER THERE, where the mustard yellow queen has been abandoned by the clutch's sire (probably in pursuit of MORE INTERESTING THINGS, like SUSTENANCE). Risali is there too, pregnant and pressed against Leirith's side, lounging in a chair with a book, SIPPING COLD DRINKS BENEATH THE SHADE OF ONE MASSIVE WING like she's on a vacation. Because she is. And you can fight her about it. Is any of the paperwork getting filed, Rhodelia? PROBABLY NOT. But is that any different from any other day? ALSO PROBABLY NOT. AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT? « PERHAPS A KISS IS TOO MIGHTY FOR THE TINY BADASSES, BUT MAYBE YOU CAN KISS THEM STILL. » A beat. « WITH YOUR EYES. » Which is certainly an invitation for Inasyth to come an join Leirith in her egg-watch, those eyes still whirling blue, no hints of agitation in posture or tone or inaction. She's just waiting, for Inasyth to come take in the glory of her badass eggs. "It's okay, Rhodelia," Risali manages in a way that says she's probably not awake enough to be making that call. AND YET HERE WE ARE. "I have a pitcher or something cold and I can —" A beat, as she shifts closer to Leirith in an effort to make more room on that chair and SUCCEEDS, even if the space would, despite Risalis smol (and okay, PREGNANT) stature make for squished company. But listen. IT DOESN'T MEAN SHE DOESN'T OFFER. "There. We can drink, I'll pretend it's the good stuff, you can pretend it's the good stuff, and we'll let these two enjoy the eggs." Leirith is already moving to position herself closer to the little queen. She might be the physical embodiment of over-loud enthusiasm, full of terrible ideas and prone to an even worse execution of them, but she is a queen. SHE GOT THIS. MAYBE. MAYBE NOT. IT'S PROBABLY FINE.

Looks like Rhodelia just got herself outvoted! As soon as Leirith is booming her ENCOURAGEMENT and even Risali is piping up some support, Inasyth perks and bounces a few steps towards the much, much larger queen's side. EGG WATCH IS ON as the baby gold's eyes don't leave those shells even as she settles down in Leirith's shadow even as the other dragon is moving closer to her. « I'LL GIVE THEM A THOUSAND EYE KISSES EVERY DAY!!! THEY DESERVE IT!!! » She doesn't know who you'll be just yet, little eggs, but Inasyth believes in you! Rhodelia's entrance is much more sedate with a sigh as she drags on in. The offered shared-chair is eyed dubiously, but instead of possibly toppling that seat over and ending in DISASTER, she shrugs and takes a seat on the sands themselves. Sure, hot seat might not be the BEST idea, but it's kinda cold outside so it balances out, right? "I think I should probably avoid pretending as well. She's already made me describe pretty much every type of booze I could think of… five times?" Maybe not five times, but it certainly sounds about right. "How are you doing?" While Risali may LOOK like she's on vacation, Rhodelia is certainly eyeing that book like paperwork might coming jumping out of it at ANY SECOND.

Inasyth joins the fray, and one of Leirith's massive wings sweeps wide before coming down over the younger gold — not enough to hinder her vision, certainly, but enough to provide a blanket. WHUMP, goes that butt, back in the sand, and, « THEY CERTAINLY DO! » booms Leirith, even as she tucks her head beneath her wing and BUNTS THAT TINY CUTE FACE. A press of maw, a drag down the younger dragon's neck, a nuzzle beneath her chin, and those whirling eyes focus back on those multi-colored eggs hardening in the arena's heat. « AND HOW LUCKY THEY ARE, THAT YOU WOULD LOOK UPON THEM. AHAHAHA. PERHAPS SOME OF YOUR BADASS WILL RUB OFF ON THEM. » Because listen, Leirith is many things, but lacking in the ability to over-enthusiastically compliment others is NOT ONE OF THEM. « TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THEM. » And RISALI will tell Rhodelia what she thinks of her sitting on the sands with her EYES. THIS IS A DOMED ARENA, RHODELIA. THERE IS NO OUTSIDE CHILL SEEPING IN TO OFFSET ANYTHING. "Leirith," comes with a glance from Risa, and that massive golden body SHIFTS AGAIN. SHE BIG. SHE GOT THIS. She creeps a little closer too, just enough to offer a forepaw for sitting since Rhodelia DOESN'T WANT TO SHARE HER CHAIR. RUDE. STRAIGHT DISRESPECTFUL. "I am pretty sure this bodes well for when you can actually drink again," comes on a huff of laughter, as Risa scoots forward in her chair, pouring another glass of WATER and holding it out for Rhody. BORING. It's that question that comes that earns the weyrling a scrunch of nose and a hint of canines, a breathy exhale of what might have been laughter at any other time, but falls just short of 'incredulous' instead. "Pregnant," is her answer — not dismissive, so much as the single word that encompasses the whole of her current being. UNCOMFORTABLE, LARGE, AND FORBIDDEN FROM BOOZE. THAT'S HOW SHE IS. "But I think I should be asking you that? How is everything? How is…" A beat, as those grey eyes shift back towards Ina before landing on Rhody again. "This?"

Whumping and bumping will never bring Inasyth down! At least not in any meaningful way! Have you seen how rough and tumble most her clutchmates are after all? The baby gold's lets out a delighted trill as she nuzzles back and squirms herself snuggly under Leirith's massive wing before she crosses her front paws so primly and gets down to the IMPORTANT BUSINESS of scrutinizing some eggies. « I THINK I LIKE THAT ONE THE BEST. OR MAYBE THAT ONE! OHHHH, OR LOOK AT THAT ONE!!! IT'S SO TINY COMPARED TO THE REST! » Maybe because it's halfway buried in sand and further away. « OR THAT ONE WITH THE LITTLE SPOT THAT LOOKS LIKE A BUNNY! WHO AM I KIDDING? I LOVE THEM ALL!!! » And she wasn't kidding about giving them all mental kisses with her eyes because with each one she points out, stylized cartoon lips give a big ol' smooch to shells. Rhodelia might not make the BEST decisions, but when a Leirith paw is so conveniently presented as an alternative, her already toasty booty isn't going to pass up this much better seat. "Thanks." For both the literal butt-saving and the glass of water which she raises in a toast even though it IS just water and not really suitable for cheersing under most circumstances, but will have to do. "Does that happen after most flights? Or uhhh… goldflights?" Cause inquiring minds want to know and Risali brought it up first. With Risa and then Cita and now Risa again, Rhodelia might not be a data analyst, but she seems to be sensing a trend. But for her own well being, that just gets an all too familiar shrug. "Too shocked to be anything other than alright?"

« I LIKE ALL OF THEM THE BEST, » Leirith offers on a boom of laughter, uneddied amusement suffusing too loud words as she looks to each and every egg the smaller gold points out — and then the others beyond even that. « SO I CANNOT BLAME YOU FOR LOVING THEM ALL. AND NOW THEY ARE MADE BETTER, » comes with a thrum of sound, as mental smooches are delivered. « PERHAPS ONE WILL NAME ITSELF INASYTH AS WELL, IN THAT STRANGE HUMAN RITUAL OUR DISAPPOINTMENTS HAVE. » Because LISTEN. IT WOULD PROBABLY BE AN HONOR? Unless it was an evil Inasyth, but DETAILS, DETAILS. Kind of like the details of Risali scrunching her nose in a smile as she echoes that toast, as she breathes out, "You're welcome," and then goes to take a drink that she almost chokes on because Rhodelia is asking about the LIKELIHOOD OF PREGNANCY DURING GOLDFLIGHTS. There's a flicker of grey eyes towards Ina, as if Risali is trying to gauge how fully engaged the new(er) gold is in Leirith and those eggs. "Ah…" A beat, as her attention drops to her own stomach, as Risali flushes in a way that has nothing to do with the heat of the dome and EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH KNOW IT, it doesn't stop Risa from grabbing her shirt and trying to fan herself with it in gentle pulls of fabric from her body. "Is it hot in here?" YES. YES IT IS. But Risali waits for one, two, three heartbeats and — "Probably more common for gold than green? We don't between as much," clearly, "but the same herbs and between are available to us. I… drink your tea?" THAT'S THE BEST ADVICE SHE'S GOT, RHODY. And it comes on a huff of laughter as her shoulders sink to MARK DEFEAT. "It really depends on you." And the circumstances. A beat, and then, "Do you not want children?" Then, softer, "You don't have to answer that." As for the rest, well… Risali's smile goes soft — sympathetic, even. "It gets better."

Inasyth GASPS as Leirith brings up the possibility of a Inasyth-Two, even as a little champagne bubble version of herself pops and splits into two slightly smaller (and very bubbly) self portraits. « But the most wonderful things about Inasyth's are I'M the only one! » Just like a Tigger, but she'll give it a second thought as she stares suspiciously at those eggs, bubble-Inas breaking out into more and more doppelgangers (and maybe a few even with the evil twin goatees). « Unless there's enough of me for a whole wing. THEN THAT'S A PARTY!!! » This consideration is at least keeping Inasyth wholey occupied and ignoring whatever boring discussion the humans are having. Rhodelia doesn't find Risali's words boring at all as she solemnly nods. "It is hot." That's a FACT and she'll agree readily like the other woman turning unexpectedly redder wasn't for bluntly asked questions. "So take any excuse I can to between and the teas…" Another nod as she makes a mental note of that information. Mental filing always much better than her literal filing. As for the last question, her shoulders let out a massive shrug. "It wasn't… not that I… Do you remember what happened the last time I had nanny duty?" There may have been a minor riot of children. One lost, then found, then lost and found again. And don't even ask where all the kids shoes went or how they got cookies for lunch.

« MAYBE THEY WILL ALL HATCH AS INASYTHS, AND THEN IT WILL BE THE MOST BADASS WING, HEADED BY THE REAL INASYTH. » It comes with an echo of laugher, a brush of affection, a hush of humor as the queen shifts. « BUT FEAR NOT. EVEN IF THEY ALL CAME OUT NAMED INASYTH, YOU WOULD STILL BE THE ONLY ONE. THEY WOULD BE IMITATION INASYTHS, AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IMITATION IS THE MOST SINCERE FORM OF FLATTERY. » For mediocre minds, but Leirith leaves that point out much the same as most of the world does because clearly mediocrity will never apply to her most badass of badass progeny. But while Leirith imparts wisdom on baby queens, Risali simply nods her agreement into the condensation on her cup. "Any excuse. And then make a few more. It doesn't always take." At least in her experience. "So definitely never forget your teas." Or stop taking them, like Risali. Nobody wants to be Risali, children. AS FOR THE CHILDREN, well. Risali huffs laughter, buries the impolite reaction under the guise of leaving another drink, and for a long moment, laughs at Rhodelia WITH HER EYES from behind the rim of her water cup. One, two, three, and, "I don't recall that at all," comes with the air of one giving Rhodelia plausible deniability. "I'm sure it was probably glorious." And then there's a roll of her shoulders and, softer, "It's different though. When they're your own. But that " a glance towards both golden hided dragons taking in Leirith and Xermiltoth's clutch, " isn't something you need to worry about for a while." Those brows rise as greys come back to Rhody, an unspoken, 'Weyrling,' implied in that expression. NO BABIES FOR YOU!!!! Not yet, anyway.

« We can only hope, » Comes the all to serious and no longer joking Inasyth who now FULLY EXPECTS all of Leirith's children to be as awesome as the baby gold views herself to be. At least for now. There's more than enough time before the eggs hatch for the young dragon to completely forget most of this conversation which will probably be for the best as she turns her excitingly whirling eyes from eggs to Leirith's own face. « Imitation? So if I wanted to flatter you, should I break into the kitchens again? I think my Rhody had some sauce on a sandwich once that looked like your hide… It was a good sandwich! Maybe they'll have vats of it and I can DIIIIVE right on in and roll about! » Those mental champagne bubble Inasyths consolidate back into one form in her mind that then dives and swims to pools of mustard to land right on a sandwich. Delicious! Rhodelia herself is much less comforted by Risali's advice, paling as she might be facing new nightmares and muttering a small reminder to herself to ALWAYS take that tea. The former assistant long ago gave up any pretense to dignity so the laughter at her own expense gets not even a batted eyelid, but she does raise a dubious eyebrow for the assurances that one's own children might be different. "That's what they all say." And she sounds distinctly doubtful that the countless number of THEY might actually be right on this. As eager as Inasyth might be to gawk at babies, the human part of the pair is perfectly content to have no babies aside from her still growing lifemate. To change the subject to something, Rhody coughs and nods to the dragons. "I'm glad Leirith is willing to indulge her curiosity. I think I was running out of excuses of why we couldn't go towards the hatching entrance when we could go through all the other exits from the training grounds."

« YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BREAK INTO THE KITCHENS. NOTHING IS MORE BADASS THAN BREAKING — » "Okay, Leirith. That's enough!" Cue that giddily bombastic laughter, Leirith taking her chiding in stride, pressing her maw to Inasyth once more, right between her wings with a big of a SQUISH and then a drag the length of her back in a clumsy nuzzle. « BUT IMITATION IS ONLY NECESSARY FOR THOSE WHO ARE DISAPPOINTING. YOU, MY INASYTH, ARE NOT DISAPPOINTING. SO YOU SHOULD STRIVE TO ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. » Unless you can be Batman. BECAUSE THEN YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE BATMAN. Ahem. Leirith meets that mental dive with another boom of laughter, a spill of feathers conjured into that shared mental space, the scent of spun sugar permeating in Leirith's enjoyment. TOO BAD RHODELIA IS NOT ENJOYING HER CONVERSATION WITH RISALI NEARLY AS MUCH. The Weyrwoman knows it; it's why the press of her lips is suddenly apologetic when she drops that glass from her lips, sets it down, and then smooths her palms down her own thighs as if rubbing away lingering condensation. "You'll know one day," a beat, "or you won't. That's up to you." And that fleeting smile says that Risali supports Rhody either way. Regardless, it's not her business, and so she's MOVING ON WITH THAT CHANGE, right to the topic of Leirith and Ina, those grey eyes jumping from weyrling to her own lifemate, watching as Leirith resettles wings over little golds. "She's not exactly what anybody expects when they think of a queen." And there's furrow in Risali's brow, a hint of some unspoken concern at the admittance before mischief returns in a slant of her eyes back to Rhodelia, a twitch of humor at one corner of her mouth. "Then again, I suppose I'm not exactly what they think of when it comes to a Weyrwoman." OR SO SHE HAS BEEN TOLD. REPEATEDLY. IT'S FINE. BUT ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END. It's why there's a sudden rasp of, "Being what everybody expects is underrated," from near the entrance. AND THERE IS ILA'DE, leaning against the entrance to the sands, both arms crossed over his chest, dressed head-to-toe in leathers despite the persistent heat of the sands. That lone eye falls on his daughter for just a moment, but it's Rhodelia that his attention ultimately settles on. "Time to come back, little bird. The sands are going to be full of candidates soon." AND EGG TOUCHINGS, JOY. Risa, for her part, finds another smile — muted though it is — and turns her attention back onto Rhodelia. "You're welcome to bring her back. Leirith enjoys the company." And so Ila'den waits.

After turns in Ila'den's "care" (one of those perils of previous perpetual candidacies), Rhodelia really should be used to the way that particular weyrlingmaster can just APPEAR out of thin air, but she's never really been one to follow what she should do. The weyrling spins around, with a look on her face much like the toddler caught wrestling with the cookie jar. She doesn't have anything to drop so at least that makes snapping her hands behind her back so much easier even as she's shooting a suspicious glance as she tries to calculate just how long Ila'den might have been there. Whatever the answer, she shrugs and nods towards Risali. "I'm beginning to think whoever came up with 'how weyrwomen should act' never spent a whole lot of time around weyrwomen in the first place." But that's enough revelations for one day. Rhody might be quick enough to want to FLEE the hatching grounds, but Inasyth is a different story. The little (for now) gold sniffs as apparently her playtime is up and stubbornly WALKS BACKWARDS the whole way. « GOOD BYE LITTLE EGGS! BE GOOD FOR THE CANDIDATES! THEY'LL BE SCARED BUT THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER AND SOME OF THEM WILL TRULY BE BADASSES! I'M SURE OF IT!!! » Just as sure as she'll be back there keeping Leirith company as soon as she's allowed to again. Or remembers.

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