Lickety Split

Xanadu Weyr - Training Grounds
This wide, grassy expanse is nestled into a vaguely bowl-shaped curve, granite walls jagged and misshapen as though something's taken a bite out of the mountain. It's high above the level of the beach, with a lovely easterly view of the sea and a long path leading down to sandy shores. Cliffs surround the training grounds on all other sides, excepting a small archway leading towards the hatching arena.

While much of the grounds are left in their natural state, one area has been trampled and trodden by enough feet that the grass struggles to grow. A running track circles a set of equipment - straw dummies with wooden frames, obstacles of various sizes and shapes, and targets for flaming, archery, and whatever else might be needed to train human and dragon bodies alike.

Candidate access to the combined barracks can obtained by way of a simple door embedded into the wooden half of the structure. Weyrlings are encouraged to make use of a short but massive tunnel that slopes gently upwards into the half of the barracks meant for dragon use. To the right of this opening, a jagged crack in the stone leads to a dim cave, alive with the sound of water.

OH NO! THE SKY IS FALLING! Just kidding. The morning sun is just temporarily obscurred as one very large dragon makes a few passes closer and closer over the Training Grounds, clearly trying to catch a peek at some VERY SMALL dragons. Eventually it seems like Rhodelia must concede the inevitable as Inasyth's path goes from leisurely passes by to a very decided swoop to have her landed without much dignity at all right outside the grounds, giving a warble. « HELLLLOOOOO, BABIES! And Charybdth and Teimyrth and Xath and Talanoath toooooooo!!! » Inasyth croons a greeting to both weyrlings and any supervisory dragons than might be about too. She might not technically be in the training grounds at the moment, but her head is snaking over the wall into weyrling airspace even as Rhody's slipping down the straps to the ground with a sigh.

Kovagath is on a mission! Just don't ask him what that mission is. And don't ask Sh'y either. But despite not knowing what mission they are on, they are out and doing the thing. Today that looks like walking around the training field for probably the one-hundredth time, Kovagath inspecting each inch like it might have moved or changed in the time between yesterday or today (SUSPICIOUS!). But as engrossing as the training field might be, it can't quite stand up to the stunning distraction of Inasyth's swooping low and landing. On high alert, Kovagath is quick to head that-a-way to inspect this intruder! curious new visitor first hand. « Hello large one! » Sh'y will be along in a minute. He sees no reason to run while Kovagath is still in sight.

If you ask Navenath, the mission is still open all the doors and find all the things, though she's still on the 'sun spots' level of 'find all the things' because she doesn't have access to the full expansion of Xanadu yet. Even if she's been found on a couple of people's nearby yards already, and Ajral has had to go off and drag her back, giving the excuse of taking her eye off her for less than ten seconds. That's where they're coming back from now: getting Navenath off someone else's property. Again. The downside of ground weyrs is that Navenath can run even if she can't fly … « Hi Kovagath! » she chirps as she ambles into the training grounds again, head held high, looking delighted with herself. Ajral looks frustrated as all get out. « AND VERY BIG GOLD! Are … are we walking in circles? » Navenath is all hope, complete with hopeful soundtrack of psychedelic colors and stringed instrument notes. Will Kovagath maybe invite her to join in?

Never fear, Sh'y and Ajral. Inasyth is a perfectly responsible chaperone… at least as far as limiting bodily damage done to adorable baby dragons. Property damage by encouraging shenanigans… is another story, but that's why Rhodelia is right there. Kovagath's inspection might get a lot easier or more difficult depending as the tawny gold's gonna stick her head all up in his business and soon Navenath's as well. « COME HERE! LET ME GET A GOOD LOOK AT YOU!!!! AWWWW, LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE CHEEKS! RHODY? DO YOU SEE THEM? DO YOU? And you can walk anywhere, dear. I BELIEVE IN YOU! » "I can't see much of anything with your head in the way…" Rhodelia shakes her head as she takes off those gloves she had been wearing and steps around so she can actually get a view of the weyrlings, dragons and possibly humans alike. "Soooorrry. But this was bound to happen eventually."

« I was on patrol, » says Kovagath, in answer to that circle walking. « Securing the perimeter. Preparing the mission. » THE MISSION OF DOORS — Yes. Kovagath has been made aware of this, and while baby-dragon memory might be fuzzy, he has Sh'y to remind him (however unwittingly) that there is, indeed, a plan afoot. « You may join if you wish. » Kova's not going to turn down assistance! He's totally a team player. Inasyth getting all up in his business might be reason to go STOCK STILL AND PUFF UP A LITTLE but it's fine, really. He's happy to let her check out his cheeks and stuff. They're very nice cheeks. And about this time is when Sh'y finally makes it, deigning to jog the last few feet so that he's coming alongside Kovagath. There's a tip of his head in greeting to Rhody, a quiet, "no harm done," offered for the invasion of Inasyth, and then a quick, "Hey," to Ajral since it would be impolite to ignore her.

Ajral's list of people she's glad to see is really short, but Rhodelia is always on it, and so after shooting Sh'y an apologetic smile and wave — apologetic because Navenath definitely started this 'doors' thing and now she's going to annoy Kovagath further, even if he isn't at all annoyed by her — she gives Rhody a brighter one. "I was honestly expecting it, but now she gets more than just Nav to check out. Navenath, go say hello to your biggest sister." Genetics make WAY more sense to Ajral than to Navenath, who has walked over to go inspect what Kovagath is inspecting, and is then falling back on her haunches to sit like a hunting dog and stare up at Inasyth, head tilted slightly. And slightly more. And oh, her head is as close to upside down as dragon neck can get. « My sister? » "You have the same sire, so you're sisters." Five mental skeletons all tilt their heads at Inasyth.

« Ohhhh… patrols? And Missions??? Sounds exciting! And Important! Tell me more!!! » Inasyth croons towards the tiny dragons, mental champagne bubbles fizzing more than usual even as she takes one giant step over the wall and into the training grounds proper. Rhodelia's stuck using the gate. "True, it really was a matter of time. But figured you could use at least a few days to get into the cycle of feed, oil, sleep, repeat before having Giant Dragons poking their Giant Noses into things and getting them even more riled up for whatever…" She waves her hand, only half aware of whatever might be going on with the door situation.

Those doors are doomed. At least, for now, Sh'y has successfully distracted Kovagath from The Misson with The Patrol. Which is an important step in The Mission. Even if he doesn't know why. « It's a secret mission, » which everyone basically already knows about, since at least two, possibly three, maybe even four baby dragons will not shut up about it. « A mission of secrets. » COVERT OPERATIONS. « Sister? Sh'y has four of them, but they do not look like you. » Sh'y is just gonna… stand here and grimace-smile a little, one hand on the baby blue's shoulder.

There are probably at least a few doors that dragons CAN fit through, somewhere, and those are going to get found first. But Ajral is … okay, so Ajral's face looks a lot like Sh'y's, though she's hanging closer to Rhodelia than the dragons. She isn't going to lose Navenath when Inasyth and Kovagath are both right here. (Right???) "This group is a disastrous mix, they all want to … infiltrate things," she says weakly. Navenath is the opposite of weak. Navenath is EXCITED and flashybrightlighttapdancingskeletonsandblinkingspots, « We have to fight the secrets, » she explains sensibly, because that makes a huge amount of sense. « Also find all the sun spots. And find all the doors and fight them to GET the secrets. And someone has sheep and I wanna fight 'em. » Who knows whose sheep those were she was bothering? Ajral doesn't. Ajral pinches the bridge of her nose and sighs - again. « Sh'y's sisters are probably humans. Aja doesn't have any of those but I guess we have lots. »

If Mirieth had her way, she'd still be napping. Napping, it turns out, is something she is very, very good at. Good enough that she glances over her shoulder at Avi with a « See, I don't to prac- » and promptly trips over her front paws. "Mmhmm?" « I didn't fall. » "You're getting better," Avi assures. « Practice, » Mirieth notes with a siiiiiiigh and promptly rights herself with a stubborn little shiver twitch and steps outside. In fairness, she's getting better at the walking thing. There are, of course, trips and the occassional stumbles, but she's getting better. Course, stepping outside, she comes to an abrupt halt while looking way, way, /way/ up at Inasyth in the yard. « …. Hi » is followed by « Ooops » as the unexpected stop has /Avi/ tripping over her tail and landing in the dirt. "Ow." « You're fine? » "Mm. I'm fine." « He's fine! » And all is right with the world? "Time is it," Avi murmurs as he twists around to push to his feet.

Rhodelia winces a little as Ajral explains the current fascination of the little dragons. "I… know how that goes. Inasyth and Glorioth managed to work their way into the living caverns once. They barely fit… Leirith and Xermiltoth were encouraging them…" That's not encouraging at all probably, but at least they all know the living cavern is still standing! Inasyth nods her head very seriously as she considers the matter of sisters. « I have several full grown sisters of my own. Sisters are wonderful things. And if your Ajral doesn't have sisters of her own, we'll make ourselves her sisters!!!» The mental bubbles cluster together, each with one of the dragons in it surrounding an Ajral-bubble to give it a big group hug. Which pops as soon as she sees the tiny Mirieth tripping herself and then tripping Avi. « Ohhh, looks like somebody might be trying to start the riding too early. You need to eat a lot of herdbeast before you're big enough for that. He should probably stay off your tail until you're big enough to carry him. » Because Ina would never dream that a weyrling trips on accident, right?

Kovagath considers this for a moment, probably consults with Sh'y, and comes back with, « Yes. They are humans. » The facts are in folks! Sh'y is related to humans. The little blue tilts his head at Inasyth, and while he doesn't move physically, there's a bit of an 'extracting from a sticky situation' quality about the mindvoice wrapped in those bubbles. « Hm. » THIS IS GETTING VERY GIRLY VERY FAST. KOVA DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO PROCEED. Thankfully, there is a cute little Mirieth tripping her equally cute Avi, which is a wonderful excuse to get out of the sister convo before Kovagath finds himself an honorary female, head swiveling in that direction to watch the progress of one stumbling weyrling pair. « Are your feet working yet? » he wonders with gentle teasing. As for what time? "Sometime between dawn and dusk." Sh'y is so helpful.

"Time for Navenath to not be on private property that isn't hers," is all Ajral knows about time these days. Also that Sh'y is right about it being light out, which … is pretty much what she can do here! At least it is always time for Navenath to not be on private property that isn't hers, if you ask Ajral. If you ask Navenath: « I was just curious, » she grumbles. « They had really good sun spots and squishy ground. HI MIRIETH I'M GLAD HE'S FINE, » she adds with a burst of technicolor CMYK enthusiasm. « … are Sh'y's human sisters our sisters too, or just his? » JUST to clarify. Now that we know they're humans.

« What? Oh! Oh no! » Mirieth's nervous, strawberry scented babble comes on the heels of the suggestion that she was trying to start riding. « Can we do that? Should we do that? » Certainly getting a headstart would not be a horrible thing? "No, Miri," Avi breaths as he dusts off his skirt and reaches out to brush his fingers over her flank. "It's way to early for that." « They are! » Mirieth chimes to Kovagath in tones that couldn't help but be excited. « Mostly. » Is added after a pause. It's the time that is oh so helpfully provided that has Avi flashing a wry smile, one hand drifting up to push strands of gold out of his face. "My sleep schedule is never going to recover." Which is fine. It's fine. « Hi! Hello! He is fine, Navenath. See? » Which would be /fine/ if the see wasn't accompanied by Avi being bumped forward with her snout. "Your sisters are here?" Now he's confused and clearly searching the training grounds for sign of Sh'y's sisters.

« We're all sisters!!! » Inasyth declares that proudly as if just yelling something makes it true, and those massive tawny wings swoop forward to try and scoop as many of the weyrlings into a hug as she can. « And I guess brothers, if you prefer. » The last tacked on as a concession for the little blue's dignity. Rhodelia manages to escape the hugging wings with a quick duck out the way. "You'll recover eventually. In like… three turns. But eventually. And it's just an hour before lunch, or what most folks would call lunch."

"No," says Sh'y with a shake of his head. "They're not here." For a moment he considers explaining before just… gesturing at the dragons. As if that somehow explains everything. « Brother, » agrees Kovagath, who will happily seize that distinction because, « I am a blue. » As if they couldn't tell. He, nor Sh'y, are quite quick enough to escape that hug, though at least the former beastcrafter has come far enough in his understanding of dragons to not feel as though he is being attacked (at least, attacked with anything other than affection). Kovagath weathers it with all the grace a baby-boy dragon can possess. Which is… not much. He'd probably be making an 'ew' face if he had the capabilities of such. « Inasyth is Navenath's sister, » he helpfully explains to Mirieth, entirely missing the point that it makes her their sister, too. A head-tilt offers a curious, « I don't think Sh'y's sisters are Ajral's sisters or Inasyth's sisters. I think they're just Shy's sisters. But Sh'y is mine, so they are my sisters, too. » Family is so confusing.

Navenath is walking down the mental steps to figuring some of this out, even as Ajral allows Inasyth to fold her into wing-hugs too — because she's actually somewhat more used to Inasyth than Navenath is. Nav would be complaining about AFFECTION COOTIES because she doesn't like ANY of you, except that she's distracted by: « You are also my sister, Mirieth, so I think Inasyth must also be your sister? And also yours, Kovagath, 'cause you're also my brother. I think. I think this is right. » And Navenath is pretty sure she knows everything and never gets this stuff wrong, but also she's stealing it from Ajral's logic, and Ajral hasn't actually said anything. She's just trying not to laugh very poorly. Giggles escape. "Lunch, breakfast, dinner … high-noon mealtime." « NOON! That means the sun! Do you all know about noon, it's the best. »

Unfortunately being butt booped by Mirieth makes it impossible for Avi to evade wing hugs. Fortunately, he's not opposed to hugging and returns it with a gentle patpat to Inasyth before attempting to right himself, his chin dipping in a nod to Sh'y. "Ohhh." Course Mirieth is absolutely thrilled at the hugging, her wings twitching and spasming as she glances from Inasyth's to her own and back. « That is a lot of sisters..» Stretching her wings out as much as she can, she croons happily at Kovagath, absolutely delighted over the thought of him having so many sisters. « You're /very/ lucky. » There is SO MUCH happening for the little green and she's so easily distracted, her head turning to regard Navenath with a whirl of eye that is absolutely adoring. As for the relationship of who to what.. She's /lost/ but that's okay.

While Inasyth has them in her grasp wings and distracted by potential sister-questions, the gold seizes the opportunity to smother on even more love and goes in to try and kiss little weyrling heads if she can manage. She has the idea of kissing down in theory but… logisitics are hard and there might have been some canine kisses tossed in as well cause head kisses do turn more into licking. « MWAAAAH! You are blue. And you're perfect. And I'm your sister. and your sister! and your sister! And sun is very good indeed! » Rhodelia gives a very pointy elbow to her dragon's side which given size differences probably doesn't feel like much of anything to the gold physically, but it's mentally enough to get those hugging wings to release more and let anybody who wants to, escape. Or not and she'll happily brood much like a mother hen.

Kovagath is doing very fast mental (dragon) math in the wake of Navenath's revelation. « That does make sense. If you're my sister, and Inasyth is your sister, then that must make Inasyth my sister, as well. And if Sh'y's sisters are my sisters, and you're my sisters, that must make Shy's sisters your sisters, and since Ajral is yours, and Avi is yours, and Rhodelia is yours, then they must be Ajral's, and Avi's, and Rhodelia's sisters, too. » Hooray, everyone is related to everyone now! It is, indeed, a lot of sisters. Sh'y's not about to contest this. He's just going to grimace-smile a little bit more and… maybe also try not to laugh at the logic. « I think I know about noon, » agrees the blue. « Noon is the time between morning and night. » Hopefully Sh'y is exempt from dragon kisses. He's definitely gonna try and duck out of that one, even if Kovagath is not so fortunate. « Did you just lick me?! » And see, now, he does not have the benefit of experience that Navenath might have had (with her shell getting licked and all) so this first experience is something of a phenomenon that has the blue baffled and disgusted and fascinated all in one go. « I don't think that is proper sister behavior! Sh'y's sisters never licked him on the head— oh wait. He says they did once. Never mind. Carry on. »

Well, Navenath didn't LIKE having her shell licked and she made some really vulgar comments to Ajral about it, so the fact that she might like having her head licked by someoen else? Yeah, that is not happening either, though she's a little nicer to Inasyth, with less swearing. A little. « Tongues are disgusting, blech, » she says, ducking her head away - though not so far away that she won't be mother-henned, because that's fine, she just doesn't want to BE LICKED ANY MORE. Please respect this boundary that is being put up by creating a mental cage made of long bones around herself. No tongues for Navs. Unless they're dead and for eating. « Noon is the best sun-time because sun is everywhere. » Ajral might have just groaned a little. "I don't think Nav will ever learn geneaology," she adds. "At least that's not important. Oh, she's never going to escape licking, is she."

"I would not put it past Sh'y's sisters to have licked him on the head." Avi's laughter is coupled with an easy smile, his hair combed out of his face as he steps out of the mix leaving Mirieth to be brooded over. For her part, while Miri keeps an eye on her lifemate, she's showing no inclination to move from where she is, entirely to happy to take all the cuddles she can get. It's all the licking that has her wigglesquirming in place, her head turning this way and that as she tries her very best to keep an eye on everything going on around her. It's a lot, though, and while it's a little overwhelming, it is all very exciting. It's Navenath's judgement on tongues that has Mirieth twisting around to regard her. « Mine thinks tongues can be- » "Miri!" Avi's mortified interjection has the little green jumping, a quick. « I mean.. licking is fine… Yes. » Drawing in a slow breath, Avi clears his throat, murmuring a low. "Swallowmenow," to the ground. « Soooooooo… » Miri chimes. « How about that Noon? »

« Tongues aren't disgusting! We all have them! » Inasyth so maturely pokes her tongue out at Navenath before answering Kovagath. « And yes, yes I did. » Absolutely no shame here. « And licks are another way to show you care. I bet that's why Sh'y's sisters licked him. You should try licking things. It's fun! » "Dragon genealogy is… a headache…" says Rhody who actually has a job that DOES involve caring about such things, sometimes at least. "And you'd need a longer memory than a dragon to keep up with it. Like somehow Xermiltoth is both sire and grandsire to Ina…" And that's probably just the tip of some very weird family relations which might explain a few things.

"Runner genealogy makes a lot more sense," agrees Sh'y. He might be somewhat fascinated by the bloodlines of good runners, but that's definitely not what they're talking about right now. Kovagath promptly turns and rubs his head against his weyrling's belly to rid it of any spit from the lick-kiss. Sh'y consents to this because… well. Frankly, it's not the grossest thing he's had on him. It's also not that much spit. « Interesting, » says Kova, turning his snout toward Mirienth. And then Inasyth and Navenath. « What benefit does licking provide? » he wonders, not about to make a hasty decision on the subject without all the facts. « Sh'y says noon is the time for naps. » To be fair, Sh'y tries to tell Kova that every time is a time for naps, probably so he can get a bite to eat and maybe catch some z's himself.

"… Which makes them both her brother and sisters, and her uncle and aunts …" Ajral tries very hard not to think much harder about this, because then Navenath will grasp onto it and start yelling about it, even if she isn't even a little bit intellectual. She's distracted by the whole concept of tongues being anything other than disgusting, though, because she has at least figured out that they also taste things and hoo boy does she like eating a lot. « I mean, » she is willing to cave, « I guess food is good and you need tongues for food. But I don't want to be licked. It's stupid levels of gross-tastic. » Whatever Mirieth is talking about with tongues though? Ajral didn't think about it, and eventually Navenath is gonna need to know why that is too. « Yeah, you could do the noon-is-naps thing. That sounds good. Gotta do it right IN the sun though. Sun makes you sleepy but also feels bomb. »

(Also, Ajral did not say, her own aunt, which means that Xermiltoth is SO CLOSE to being his own grandpa.)

With all the talk of licking and tongues, Miri is now curious. Curious enough that her head is snaking down to allow her to start licking random things in an experimental fashion. Avi's hair, this big rock here, that bit of dirt that is darker then the other dirt. Avi? Avi is just going to pretend not to notice what she is doing unless she starts in trying to lick other people or dragons. It's the mention of naps that has her head raising, « I just woke up, » coming in protest of the thought of going back down. "And you need to eat," Avi reminds. « I do. » "And we need to walk some more." « Bleeeeh. » Comes as Miri wriggles her way free of the press of bodies and moves toward her lifemate. « I am hungry. »

"Ughhhhh," Rhodelia just throws her hands up in the air as Ajral goes on about dragon-relations. "I think they can just call everybody brothers and sisters and call it a day. At least for them…" She gives a tilt to the little greens and blue. "Doesn't really matter much one way or the other." Inasyth rumbles happily as at least somebody is willing to consider the merits of licking, that somebody being Kova. « The Benefits? Sometimes you lick things cause they're tasty. Or others, cause you wanna leave a tiny little bit of yourself behind. So when Rhody eventually insists I must leave you and find the sun in my own wallow, you can think of the lick and remember me!!! And if you think being licked is gross, maybe you should try being the licker? It's hard to lick someone if they've already licked you…» that's not how that works at all, but Ina has never been much of a stickler for rules.

« Tongues are helpful for food, » agrees Kovagath, conceding to this logic. « And tasting food is enjoyable. » But he has serious questions about the enjoyability of licking other things. At least Mirieth is not trying to lick him? Even if he's is definitely eyeing her for the experimentation happening. « Don't lick me. » Just in case she might get that idea in her head. « Inasyth already did that. But, do tell me if you find anything interesting. » He's not willing to knock this whole thing without some solid evidence (but apparently, he's not ready to collect that evidence himself). « Hmm… » comes with a sudden crackle of electricity as a screen or two illuminates. « Licking as a possible defense mechanism. Interesting… » Maybe he'll have to try this out, after all.

« LICKING FIGHTS. » "No." « YES. » "Nav. That is a terrible idea. You just said you don't like being licked how many times, and I am not going to repeat the language you used about my tongue — " As usual, Ajral is losing this argument. Her future as a rider looks pretty bad at the moment, since she really can barely control the oncoming Navenath storm. " — but you don't get to use that kind of language toward anyone else." Navenath snorts; she's not using any language on anyone right now. She's just being enthusiastic. And … and licking Inasyth's paw, yep. Sneaky quick little blep-tongue-poke-lick. TAKE THAT.

« Dirt, » Mirieth informs. « Does not taste good. » Rocks, though? Rocks get a few more licks since they all seem to taste a little different. « This one is a little tingly, » Mirieth points out as she noses a rock toward Kovagath. « This one is a little salty.. » Is added as another makes its way across the ground. Licking a little pool of oil has her immediately shaking her head, a low « Ew. Ew. Ew. » Sounding as she searchs for something, anything, to get that taste out of her mouth.

Inasyth will take that lick, thank you very much, and she wiggles her toe-claws a bit as she catches the little tongue lick before giving a very dramatic « AHHH! I'VE BEEN LICKED! » And a very careful flop onto her side, some dust stirs up but she shouldn't be squishing any dragons or their riders. « You should try to lick an ovine. Once you're bigger than them. It's like tasting a cloud! » Rhodelia's mouth opens a bit as she tries to figure a way to contradict that but just gives up. "Sometimes they can be like small children. The more you tell them not to use certain language, the more allure it has. Especially weyrlings… always wanting to know Why, Why, Why." For Ajral and the language that shouldn't be used.

« I'm not sure a tongue makes a good weapon. » But Kovagath is willing to give it a try, just to be sure. Licking fights? He's totally down for this. Will he try to lick Navenath? Probably. Will he try to do it right now? Well. Maybe not, seeing as Navenath is employing her own licking-offensive against Inasyth. There's a little stock-still shocked moment as the gold goes crashing (slowly, carefully) to her side, and a new respect for Navenath's powerful tongue weapon. « Hmmmm… » is promptly followed with a quick twist of his head and a swipe of Kovagath's tongue against Mirieth's side. « Did that hurt? I hope it didn't hurt. I wasn't trying to hurt you. » Just, you know, testing out his potential new weapon. "You know," says Sh'y, who is probably just glad he was not Kovagath's first victim, "Of all the things they could be doing… I think I'll take licking things." IT COULD BE WORSE.

"Nav has a complete potty mouth," Ajral says balefully. She's not even big on swearing herself, so she's not entirely sure where the young dragon got it from, but at least she's keeping a lid on it right at the moment. Kinda. She's keeping a lid on how many times she yells R-rated words, but that doesn't mean she isn't loud. « WHOA, » is her take as Inasyth tips over with that little blep-lick, and she sticks her tongue waaaaaay out into the air and just kind of. Tastes air. « Tongues are actually powerful. Who knew? I already knew that my LEGS were powerful and shit, but … » Ajral still agrees with Sh'y, though, even going so far as to actually nod — while staying away from Navenath's tongue. "So long as they aren't licking poisonous plants DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT NAVENATH WHO I KNOW IS THINKING ABOUT IT, er, it's safer than other options."

Mirieth is distracted from the oil on her tongue by Inasyth being felled like a giant gold tree. « Oh my. » Course, she's immediately tittering a peppering of strawberries coloring her tones as Avi assures her that the Inasyth just being dramatically playful. And then she is being licked and to her credit, she is quick to roll onto her side, wings twitching and paws flailing (she's gotten pro at falling) in an attempt at dramatics that is completely ruined by the amusement humming in the air around her. « I'm fine! » Her assurance to Kovagath comes as she raises her head, eyes whirling a merry green as she snacks her neck out in an attempt to lick his nose in retaliation. "Is it to much to hope that the doors be forgotten in favor of licking everything they can?" Avi's return to Sh'y and Ajral is uttered in low tones, his lips twitching in a wry smile as he watches Mirieth to make sure she is as fine as she insists.

« Tongues are super powerful!!! » Inasyth wiggles her own even as she's talking. Perks of being a giant telepathic flying lizard. Since she's flopped over on her side, she rolls over a tad so she can get a better look at the weyrling-chaos going on, with maybe a smidge of pride for helping cause some of it. Rhodelia nods along as the weyrlings do confirm that licking things isn't the worst their dragons could be getting into. "Doors will probably keep being a struggle especially when you're going behind doors that they can't get into. But at least when they're this age, distractions usually aren't too hard to find…"

"Only if you stop mentioning it," drawls Sh'y. Because as soon as the words 'doors be forgotten' breaks past Avi's lips, Kovagath is suddenly perking up again. « We must use this weapon against the door! » Sigh. "Maybe practice first," encourages Sh'y. « Great idea! We must perfect this technique to be most efficient in our mission. » Which, naturally, means he's going to start licking everything. « Navenath! Lick me! » why?! « I need to build a defense. » Of course. « Or immunity. » He's not sure which. « Inasyth, your tongue could use practice. I felt nothing when it touched me. » Clearly, her tongue-fighting needs work. "I'm hoping by the time we're passing through doors, he'll understand that there's nothing interesting on the other side." It is a vain hope, indeed.

The topic of places they can't get into sends a tiny chill of horror down Ajral's spine. "Oh, I can't even imagine what would happen if I went somewhere she couldn't." Because except for sneaking when Navenath is asleep, Ajral has not so much done that. Those days are coming. The topic is as dangerous as Aja expected, though, as Navenath turns around with concern whirling in her eyes, staring right at her lifemate. « Well you can't, » she says firmly. « You can't go anywhere without me. I have to go with you and make sure you're safe. Obviously. You could get killed otherwise. You're fragile and weak. » Please don't die in a bone, gloom mistress. Ajral is saved from having to address this moral fear of Navenath's by Kovagath, and she gives Sh'y a grateful look for it. « Um. If you're sure. It's kinda disgusting, » she warns Kovagath, before stretching out to lick his headknob. At least she isn't super slobbery or canine-like, because then even she would think she, herself, were totally disgusting. "Nav just doesn't think anything should ever or could ever safely be kept from her. Which is going to be a problem when she's gigantic. Does she realize she can see things through me? Not that I think any of you can answer that." Sigh.

Avi immediately looks sheepish, and maybe a little bit amused that Kovagath heard him. "Oopsie," he whispers in a commendable immation of Mirieth. Course, Mirieth is all to happy to scramble back up to her paws, her wings giving a ruffling little twitch. "Depends on the door," Avi points out as he slants a glance at Sh'y. With Mirieth settling in to watch the 'combat practice' taking place, he folds his arms across his chest, his lips twitching in a quiet smile.

What's that? Inasyth's tongue could use practice? The gold goes through the ffort of rolling over with a huff of air. « You know, I think you're right. I should really give this my all. Are you ready? BRACE YOURSELF! » While she waits for the little blue to properly brace she gives a big show of inhaling and exhaling deeply and then rooting her feet before she…. leans over and LIIIIICKS her tongue all along his side with a giant slurp. « How's that??? » Rhodelia laughs and gives a shrug to Ajral. "She probably doesn't know now, but you'll have visualization exercises to do soon enough. Maybe they'll make y'all do the blindfolded maze thing, practice seeing through each other's eyes. Good distraction to keep them from trying to find doors. Unless they use it as a ruse to try and be 'guided into' the doors."

This early on, Kovagath and Sh'y are basically one being, so if Sh'y hears it (sees it, feels it, imagines it, etc) then so does Kovagath. Those walls just do not exist yet. "S'fine," says Sh'y, waving off Avi's oopsie. "Don't think they're gonna forget about it for long, anyway." Not when there's a conveniently closed door in the barracks for them to stare at all the time. He shoves his hands into his pockets, stepping out of range for any licking-fights that might erupt, a hint of something like a smile at his lips. Kovagath is ready. He sets himself and waits, closing his eyes against the lick of Navenath's tongue that… does absolutely nothing except maybe make his headknob a little wet. « Well. That was… underwhelming. » Ahem. « Maybe you should practice, too? » He's trying to be nice and a little encouraging, but maybe also starting to suspect that the Power of the Tongue was a ruse. And then there is Inasyth. And if anyone is old enough, and wise enough, and ready enough to use her powers, it should be her, right? He braces, standing tall in the face of impending doom licks, little claws digging in to find purchase as she comes in for the kill. And… Well. He does fall over, because she's a rather big dragon, and he's still a little dragon. « Oh. That… um. » What's the polite way to say ew? « Well. Thank you for… assisting. »

It cannot be that Navenath is less powerful than she once thought. That is absurd, because she is a total badass, so she tries the version that makes more sense: « I think you're already immune to me, bro. On account of the sharing the hatching sands deal. » And that makes it clear that the problem here is not Navenath's tongue because she is still super powerful. It's just that they're safe from each other. « You could … try licking me to be sure. I … guess. » Hnnnnng. « When, uh, you're done being felled by Inasyth. » At this point Ajral is, in fact, laughing. It's unavoidable. Poor, sad Navenath and her incurable bravado.

Mirieth couldn't be more delighted with the demonstration occuring, a chipper « Maybe you are immune to the power of licking, Kovagath » called out amidst of a wash of strawberry scented glee. « That would be a very handy power to have, barring the whole spittonguelick thing that accompanies it. » "Miri does her level best to get a peek at the office every time a weyrlingmaster goes in or out," Avi admits in quiet tones. Still, his gaze goes to Mirieth at a twinge in his stomach, his head tilting back toward the barracks. "Come on, Miri, you need to eat." The suggestion is met with a rumble from the little green as she pushes to her feet and heads back to Averil's side. « I am hungry, » she admits as noses Avi gently. "I know, darling," Avi whispers. "Have fun you guys," he adds as he turns to head her back into the barracks.

« HAHAHAHA!!! » Inasyth cries out in joy as Kovagath falls over, but she'll helpfully use her snout to help tip the little dragon back right side up if he stays still… or maybe just be another spot for him to grab hold of as he clambers up on his own. Who minds a few sharp baby dragon claws? They're adorable baby dragon claws. « I have had a lot more practice licking than you have. You have to practice to learn all the secrets. And that is also with me having shared the same sands as you and being your sister… maybe you should try on a dragon you're not related to like… Teimyrth! » Unlike other dragons, Inasyth has learned how to keep conversations targetted to just those draconic frequencies and so Rhodelia seems blissfully unaware of that suggestion, waving happily to Avi as he takes his lifemate inside. "Have a good lunch! And a nap!"

« Fair point, » agrees Kovagath, who is happy to seize on the idea of immunity(!!) because he likes the sound of it. Even if logic might concede that licking holds no inherent power. Being down because of Inasyth's all-powerful tongue certainly has him deliberating on the subject a little more. « Hm. Also a fair point, » he agrees as he lets Inasyth help him back to his feet. He stretches and shakes out his licked-wing a little bit before folding it back once again. « Tempting, » admits Kovagath, of the (questionable) permission Navenath has given to let him try his hand at licking her « But if I am immune to you, it would stand to reason that you are immune to me. Licking a foreign dragon — yes! » He'll go right ahead and agree with Inasyth on that idea as well. RIP all the weyrlingmaster dragons who are about to get licked. "Bye, Avi," comes in polite farewell from Sh'y, who takes a moment to at least smile at him before he's invested in all the baby shenanigans. "You might want to conserve your… power," he tries. "It could run out." Does Sh'y really believe that will stop the chaos? No. But it's worth a try.

Navenath considers Inasyth's expansion of her point, and she seems to be very seriously conceptualizing this entire thing. Ajral made the mistake of halfway tuning out, and so she's listening more to Sh'y than she is to whatever Navenath is doing. She's GOING to learn not to do this at some point. "Later, Avi, get some food in you," is affectionate rather than nagging. She trusts Sh'y will do the actual nagging if it's ever needed, at least as far as Avi is concerned (she will nag everyone else). "And that's a really good point. Nav. You might run out of spit." Wait, what?! Navenath, horrified, again. « Ooooo, that sounds like bad. We should both save our tongues so that we can go after Teimyrth TOGETHER. » "Hang on, go after who to do what now? Why do I let myself think. Ever."

Inasyth rustles those massive wings, looking a lot more like a giant chicken than any dragon has a right to. « YES! Brilliant! Y'all are perfect little strategists! Recruit your siblings. Maybe if some don't want to lick, they could be distractions and you launch a simultaneous suprise lick-attack! » The gold sees no idea how this plan could go wrong. None. At. All. Rhodelia sighs and runs a hand on the back of her neck. "Well… if they don't get distracted, that won't be the worst idea weyrlings have ever had. Probably won't burn the whole barracks down at least."

Kovagath smacks his mouth a little, testing whether or not he feels this concern has any validity. « Hm. Better safe than sorry, » he decides. « No more licking for now. » That will come later, once they have A Plan. Sh'y is just gonna casually rub his forehead and pretend their dragons aren't planning a coordinated attack on their weyrlingmaster's dragon. "I did hear about that," he adds, for the burning of the barracks. "I'm not too worried. Licking things…" It's gross. But it's also hilarious, and probably not going to get anyone killed. "Could be worse." « Navenath. We need a back up plan in the event that our spit fails us. Maybe a second wave, that can reserve their strength and strike at a moment's notice. » TIME TO STRATEGIZE.

"That can't possibly happen again so soon, can — pretend I didn't say that," Ajral has for a moment forgotten the cardinal rule of Healing, and has to adjust, but thankfully makes the saving roll before she finishes the sentence. "Licking things could theoretically be bad, but I have already banned her from plants, at least — probably a good idea to make sure the others don't go after plants either, though at least my work plants aren't here." That would be so bad. So many levels of bad. Navenath doesn't even realize how bad, but she also doesn't care. « I concur, » she tests out a new word she's just stolen from Ajral. Sounds like the right usage. Good. Tastes like word. « We really should make sure everyone is on board for the attack. We also need to do the thing with the checking out stuff and the … RECON. That's it. » Look, Ajral finally isn't facepalming! Because she just completely gives up. "You also need a nap, Nav." « NO I DO NOT, I AM FINE. » Is one of her eyelids closing a little? NOPE, you're seeing things.

As Ajral nearly summons a jinx upon herself, Rhodelia just gives a look. You know the look. A very much 'Really think it can't happen?' type look. But considering she and her lifemate have probably installed enough bad ideas for one day, the goldrider taps a hand on Inasyth's side. "Hear that? The little ones need naps, so that's our cue." Their cue to vamoose! Inasyth does get to her feet, reluctantly, and craning her neck over to give both Kovagath and Navenath friendly little boops, no spit this time. « Take care! Eat a lot and sleep some more and one day you'll grow big and strong. And good luck with your plaaaaaans….» Because no matter what, Ina believes in them!

« Recon, yes! And a stake-out. » Kovagath is not sure why they need a stakeout, but it sounds awesome so he wants to do it. « Hm. Rest is very important. We must be at the top of our game! » "That means, you, too," says Sh'y dryly. Kovagath looks aghast at this idea but huffs in concession a moment later. « Yes. Well. I might be a little tired. » That's as close as he is getting to admitting weakness. « But when I awaken… » The plan is ON. « Thank you, Inasyth, » declares Kovagath with great regard and respect for the older, wiser queen. Sh'y will just grin a little dryly and accept his fate. "Come on, you," is encouraged with a little nudge of his hand back on Kovagath's shoulder.

« I definitely don't need … » Navenath tries to finish that sentence but is cut off by a massive yawn, which results in Ajral laughing yet again; it's a different laugh, though, softer. She touches the back of the dragon's head and tries to urge her barracks-ward as Rhody and Inasyth depart. « … what? Oh, okaaaaaay, gosh. Bye Inasyth! » Nice boops are all good with her, even if naps sound SUPER dull and pathetic. That doesn't stop Ajral from steering her nap-ways anyway, and muttering under her breath, "Maybe we'll even get some sleep," which is meant more for Sh'y than Nav. Sleep for everyone. And maybe food.

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