Xanadu Hatching - November 18, 2006

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Airk is ahead of most of the candies… sorta, just behind Luna. He leads the candies in towards the clutch parents, and all together, as one, the candidates cluster together and all bow, as a group, to the Dam, Kilaueth. Then to the Sire, Alhenaeth. Then they bow to their Lifemates, Niva and C'ian. And not neccicarily in that order, you know.

Luna brings up the rear of the Candidate group, counting them quickly as they go and frowning as a flickering of the lights makes her loose count. With a shrug she leaves it be, after all they were there a moment ago. With a bow to the ClutchParents she steps to the side ready to help lead the new Pairs off the Sands when the time comes.

C'ian pats his bronze's foot. "See old boy," he says quietly to his dragon, "You've managed to spawn off another set…"

Tandelek figets nervously, a slight frown on his face. He keeps his eyes on the clutchparents for the moment. They're the important ones until the eggs start hatching.

Niva stands near C'ian, fidgeting as she watches the candidates appear, squinting to try and peer into the dense fog which obscures most of the eggs upon the sands. Kilaueth has resigned herself to the candidates' presence, just sitting back rumbling with Alhenaeth.

Salt of the Earth Egg gives a persistent tapping from within, but the only result is that the Egg is sent rolling across the Sands until it connects with one of its fellows with a resounding crack.

Once the shows of respect and thanks, for everything, have been given, Dynome moves to take up a place in the loose circle of candidates about the eggs, doing her best not to sink into the thick sands who's heat already begins to come through the soles of her shoes. It seems even her attempts to shield her feet through lotions are no use against the hatching grounds of dragons. Ahwell, worth a try, eh?

Achina moves out onto the sands with everyone else and grips the ends of her robe with nervously hands. She fiddles with the hem for a moment then releases it and then she looks at the clutchparents once more. The flickering lights make her frown, or it could be the heat radiating up from the sands. She peers out towards the eggs. "I can't see a thing." She whispers to whoever is closest to her.

Airk slides off to find a place off in the circle, somewhere near Angelyka and such, you know. He tosses his head a little, reaching up to nervously toy with his hair, and the white wrap around it.

Angelyka's quietly right behind a few of the candidates. She is biting firmly on her lip, the poor flesh being gnawed on incessantly. It is then she looks towards the sire and dam, carefully averting her gaze and then looking to the eggs. Exhaling slowly, she remembers to move now before the sands burn the living daylights out of her feet. Scanning stands, she cannot see anyone she knows and sighs again. She moves on over towards Airk, sidling up to him. She offers a really shaky smile towards him and peers towards Achina.

Woven Mat of Colors Egg is cracked, the brightly hued stripes beginning to separate, spreading apart as the shell begins to give way.

Kitani stays near to Angel, watching nervously, well as much as she can see at least. She looks back and forth trying to see through it all, starting at the various shapes and shadows.

Salt of the Earth Egg slips away from its fellow revealing the crack which was formed upon impact. The Egg shakes and wobbles with all its might but the sliver upon its shell does not grow and, after several moments of obvious effort, everything is still once more and the minuscule crack has failed to grow.

Exhibit of the Kings Egg wobbles slightly upon its sandy pedestal, dislodging bits of sand which had been clinging to the surface, revealing the rich hues beneath. The large eyes on the surface are shifted, looking up towards the ceiling, before it rests peacefully once more.

Tandelek looks at the closest candidates, and shrugs. "Hope their eyesight's better'n ours, or we'll be in trouble." He tilts his head a little toward the eggs. " 'That a crack?"

Woven Mat of Colors Egg just wasn't protected enough, as the stripes are torn apart by each forming crack, the green pulled from beneath the orange, the yellow from beneath the red, the whole mess falling apart, leaving a hatchling behind.

Flash of Bright Hatchling
Amongst the already brightly lit fog, there's a spot that's even brighter, a spot which as the faint makings of wings, limbs, and even a long neck and head. While the specifics are impossible to tell, it seems rather large - however, whether its reality or the tricks of the fog is open to debate.

I'ven has been here all along, really. He's merely leaning up against a nearby wall. As the first few hatchlings start to break shell, I'ven quickly strides over towards the weyrwoman, "And so it starts, hmmm, weyrwoman?"

Airk can't really see to well, but he sees Angel's shaky smile and leans towards her to mutter something reassuring, even as he grabs her hand and squeezes it, flashing a smile at her. "It'll be okay, Angel…"

Niva glances sideways at I'ven, nodding her head. "Thank you for being here, I'ven." Pausing, as she thinks an egg has hatched, she squints, peering into the fog. "Antyhing?"

Scene in a Box Egg starts to wobble back and forth on its sandy display spot. With each shift, twitch, and roll, it seems as if the odd reptilian shapes are creeping along the foliage.

Luna's gaze shifts to a noise that doesn't belong at any Hatching and spots the source. Twelve Turn old Kalendel of Half River Hold has begun to cry. Again. At least he'd doing it somewhat quietly…

Achina offers a somewhat steady smile back to Angelyka. She waves a hand at the baker candidate before someone else speaks. "I think I heard a crack too. But I can't see anything anywhere. Here's hoping we don't get mowed down by a hatchling for not seeing them." She comments back to some other candidate. Her eyes strain to peer into the gloom.

I'ven offers a warm smile up to the weyrwoman, nodding up at her. "No problem at all, ma'am. It's the least I could do, you were short-staffed as it is." And the rider falls into silence, watching the candidates with a distant look.

Exhibit of the Kings Egg wobbles and shifts again, before a single crack appears along the length of the egg, like a case opening slowly, pushed upwards and outwards from within.

Kitani finds a good spot near and behind Angel and stands still, the girl is still silent. Her eyes move constantly, and she attempts to see through the people in front of her, but dosen't move to do it. No, standing right still, she is.

Flash of Bright Hatchling chirps some and falls out of its egg. A little shake, then a big shake and some remaining egg shell falls off. It looks around a bit and begins to walk, a mass amidst the fog.

Dynome furrows her brows as she squints through the thick, unnaturally light fog, a frown pulling itself onto her face. She looks between the other candidates and the Salt of the Earth Egg, sucking in a breath. "…something isn't right…" She murmurs, and throwing most caution to the wind, she begins to move forward towards the egg, intent but cautious all the same. She's heard the horror stories of eager hatchlings, and these conditions make it all the more dangerous.

Angelyka's brows rises and she squint her eyes. She looks towards the newly hatched dragonling and then scoots closer to Airk before squeezing his hand in return. "I've never been /this/ nervous." Once that's admitted, she relaxes visibly and waves to Achina. But feeling someone behind her, she peeks over her shoulder and blinks a few times. "Kitani?" She wonders, but then adds, "Come a bit closer.."

Tandelek leans forward slightly, his body tense. "Happened before." He glances around, and thinks he sees a hatchling. "Think I see one. Cain't see much about what it looks like…" He continues to scan the area.

Salt of the Earth Egg barely shifts as the one within makes another attempt but it stills once more as it rests at the edge of the Clutch against one of its fellows once more.

Scene in a Box Egg cracks, suddenly, along a side, dividing the egg into sections, raditing outwards as pressure is applied on the stiff, but fragile, surface. One green splotch is split in half, and then another, small cracks spreading quickly.

Exhibit of the Kings Egg can take no more, and the crack from the side continues full circle, the shell falling apart, an impeding cage no longer. The gem-hued shards fall to the sands, to be trampled and fade into history.

Wisp of Thought Hatchling
Darker wisps of fog roll gently around this dragonet's form, the deeper hued hide beneath turning it into a shadow amongst the glare. The large form seems an abstraction, all the way from blunt muzzle to short tail.

Achina points a finger into the fog. "Is that the shadow of one there?" She states and moves slightly on the sands closer to Tandelek. Strength in numbers. "I don't know what I can see and what I can't." She goes silent and cups an ear with her hand, as though attempting to hear something. "That had to of been another crack. That makes two."

Flash of Bright Hatchling manages to make its way through the fog and look at everyone through some clear air. Hello Pern! What's happening on this side of the fog? A few more steps and the hatchling stops and chirps again.

Wisp of Thought Hatchling croons as it tumbles onto the sands, remaining in its sandy soft spot for the time being, starting to sort out its limbs - wings, tail, neck.

Dynome carefully crouches down beside the Salt of the Earth Egg, hesitantly reaching out a hand to brush the shell. She remembers this one. "…peace, little one… I'll help you." She murmurs, unsure if it can hear her, but determined to give it air regardless. When her healer's instincts flare, she knows not to ignore them. She's been given a gift, and she wouln't squander it, even if it proves a danger to her. She can hear the movements on the sands. Fingers blindly seek out any weak spot in the shell, tapping here or there, and when she thinks she's found a spot she sends a solid whack of her fist against it. She's not too worried about doing too much, dragon eggs are /hard/. More, it's not doing enough.

Salt of the Earth Egg explodes outward with the aid of helping hands. As the shards shower the Sands the beast within tumbles into a deeper patch of fog and rests for a moment to collect its energies in the comforting mists.

Airk smiles a bit, down at Angel and tugs on the braid that he wore. Yes, he's a bad child, but he wore it. The ocean smelling candie glances towards Kitty and nods, "Come closer, its all good." and then his eyes glance towards where he really can't see the dragonlings and such.

Flashes of Distortion Hatchling
Against the pale mist, this beast appears to be of the darkest night. Stunted legs, a whip-like tail and oversized eyes make their impressions as it shifts and moves within the loving embrace of the cloaking mists.

Tandelek nods. "Think so." He offers to Achina. There's an explosive crash. "That'd be three then." He looks over at his fellow candidate. "Y'alright?"

Kitani sidles a few steps closer to Angel and Airk as they call to her, but she still stands behind them, and then roots herself to the spot, quietly of course. In fact, silently. You know…

Flash of Bright Hatchling starts to walk again, chirping some more. It stares at Dynome some. Awfully close to my sibling! Oh well. It meanders over to a few more candidates before stopping at Zuna and peering up to her eyes. Then, the green hatchling decides this is it! Headbutt! Tag! You're it!

Even so close, the light off the thick fog all but blinds Dynome to the hatchling that is right there before her, close enough that she can hear it breathing and see the glittering promise of large eyes. Feeling the sharp bits of shell that showered down on her and the hot sand under her, the healer candidate catches her breath and with a soft nod, tries to back away slowly to give the newborn dragon space. She's be a fool to not admit she was nervous, especially being -this- close and unable to see but a short ways in front of her face.

Angelyka's uncertain of what is going on. And she is aware that more eggs have hatched. The explosion was noted and she blinks a few times, squint her eyes soon afterwards. "What was that?" She wonders outloud, head turned towards the sounds. In fact, she now steps closer towards Airk - all by instints. "I don't like this.. can't see anything… it's too .. unclear." She isn't speaking to anyone in particular, but obviously Airk and Kitani would be the ones to hear her. Shifting from one foot to the other, she bites down on her lip again. "What happened… something happened…"

Flashes of Distortion Hatchling stays were it fell seemingly quite content to stay hidden among all the nice round things and the deep mists, far away from the overly bright lights for the time being as it collects its wits.

Zuna exclaims, "Oh Shirith! Of course I'll take care of you! Come .. let's go get some food!" With that, Zuna and her new Green walk off towards the Weyrling Master.

Scene in a Box Egg has served its purpose - an exhibit was contained with in, and now there's no more need. As the cracks stretch along its surface, it almost seems to shrink, as if crushed from above. Finally, it can take no more, the shell cascading to the sands, a new dragon left in its place.

Wisp of Thought Hatchling slowly rights itself and heads towards the white line of candidates. As it walks, it croons a gentle croon as it goes, comforting the one still laying in the egg.

Experimental Goo Hatchling
Shapeless splotches of light and dark are smushed together, like beams of light and shadows mixed together, into what can only be described as 'something'. This 'something' is neither too large, nor too small, but rather something in the middle.

Canvas For Daddy's Little Artist Egg bobs back and forth for a moment as if little hand or paws were waving it about to get everyone's attention. Each swaying motion brings a rippling affect to the eggs sides before it suddenly falls utterly still once more.

I'ven gathers a quick intake of breath before crossing the sands, eyeing the dragons in case one should make a move towards him. Eventually, the rider approaches the new candidate, "Congratlations, Zuna, if you will follow me, we will get you and your new lifemate some food."

Airk blinks a few times and shakes his head, "I dunno what it was," he squeezes her hand again, gently, and glares at the fog and the flashes and shakes his head. "Makes me dizzy…" he comments quietly to her.

Globular Glitter Egg is stuffed to the brim, the contents threatening to spill out over the Sands below. A firm shake is given the unsteady egg, as it sits, waiting impatiently until it can be opened.

Achina moves even closer to Tandelek, and sorta behind him. She's not hiding nope. She's just slightly behind him, that's all. "I think one just Impressed." She comments at the joyful noise coming from someone. And then another noise. "And that was another crash."

Canvas For Daddy's Little Artist Egg begins to rock with direct movements that send fingerlike cracks all over it. As the sides heave small chips fall away to land on the small waves of sand that are flowing away from the egg.

With her job done, Dynome gets back onto her feet, sand and shard clinging to her. Focusing on the voices of her fellow candidates, she carefully picks her way back towards them, wary of any hatchling who's path she crosses or eggs that may roll into her path, letting out a shaking sigh as she goes.

Wisp of Thought Hatchling was starting to get disheartening as it made its away along the line of candidates, nudging Airk here, and then looking up at Tandelek, only to move on. But then, as someone rejoins the line, the dragonet scoots in that direction, nudging the helpful healer with a gentle muzzle.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Wisp of Thought Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Gently Rolling Hills Green Hatchling
Rolling emerald tumbles over this green dragon's body, curved torso smoothly joined with rounded haunches, contributing to a somewhat pudgy form. Leafy shamrock brushes along her stomach, stems curling around each of her hearty legs, criss-cross patterns stretching down to her ebony talons. A few leaves brush along the under side of her muzzle, from where they've crept up her short, muscled neck, fading as they meet the pale tea green that drips off the end of her snout, around each large nostril. Her face is short and broad, jade green ridges starting between blunted headknobs, and running in a quick line down her back, like cliffs bordering the ocean, all the way to the tip of her tail. Each wing sail is a dark sea green, striped by the lighter jade spars, the hues of a sea in turmoil.

Canvas For Daddy's Little Artist Egg falls to pieces as if little hands have torn it apart in a fit of anger. At first it's just larger chunks of shell falling to the sand around its base but before much more time passes several strong thrusts of the inhabitants limbs cause more destruction to happen. CRACK! Shards fly recklessly about as the dragonet that was housed within it rises mechanically and a bit unstably to its feet.

Dark of Space Hatchling
The darkest darks of shadows upon the sands have gathered, pulled together by some other force, to create the dark shape this is this hatchling. Yet, the inner pull seems to be lacking, for rather than a compact blob, its a rather large one, oversized wings casting shadows of their own.

Tandelek turns around slightly just to see where Achina is. "Yeah, Yer right. Sounded like a girl's voice." The dragonet impresses near him. "Congratulations."

Kitani is still silent, a hand moves to toy with her hair a moment, but she attempts to peer through the fog and when it dosen't work, she kinda looks down towards her toes.

Experimental Goo Hatchling breaks free of its egg and shakes its shards off. Is this what my egg life has come too? Fog? Fog cannot keep ME away from my beautiful Pern. A few steps forward and then the hatchling falls forward. Well then.

Flashes of Distortion Hatchling gives a soft chirp at its sibling's croon and the dark shape seems to stumble slightly before moving hezitantly to the edge of the Clutch and peering down as what miniscule shards remain of what was once its Egg, its safe harbor in the storm.

She'd only just got her heartbeat back in order when something makes Dynome nearly jump out of her sandals. "/Wha/? Who?" Blinks the woman as she looks down to the form in front of her, a shape already so very familiar, it's like she's known her all her life. "Ei…Eirimenth?" She murmurs as she stares with jaws agape down at the hatchling before her, reaching out to gently cup the wedge-shaped head in her hands. "Oh…oh, of course. Of course!" Says the healer with a sudden bark of laughter, tears of joy building in her eyes. "Come on! Let's go eat! I can't have you starving on me!"

Angelyka lifts her foot again and then she blinks a few times before straining, "I think someone Impressed…" The sounds of hatching eggs makes it more difficult to distinguish an Impression from a cracking of an egg. She looks around and then realized there was a hatchling nearby. And then the hatchling is gone. She peers curiously into the fog, peering, "Uh… congratulations…someone.." She grasps Airk's hand a bit more tighter, "What if one of them runs us over?" is whispered to both Airk and Kitani. "Uh, who Impressed?"

Dark of Space Hatchling is mechanical amongst the fog, one wing tested for functionality, then the other, up and down, in and out, shifting the fog around in little cyclones.

I'ven starts to head over towards Dynome, "C'mon, follow me, we'll get you situated in the weyrling barracks, and you can feed your Eirimenth," A warm smile is given to the now weyrling before he leads the way.

Achina blinks as an Impression occurs not too far from her. "Congratulations!" She states and then refocusing on the sands around her. "I think I've lost track again. How many does that make?" She questions of Tandelek.

Globular Glitter Egg continues to be impatient, that which is within shifting and bumping, settling down, but nevertheless causing a crack down one side, pushing at the seams, specks of bright hues chipping and falling down. Who cares about the mess?

Airk blinks a few times, attempting to see through teh fog, "Uhm, Dynome, I think?" he comments, giggling softly down at Angel as he tugs at his own hair a little. He glances down at her and shakes his head, "Don't worry, I won't let you or Kitty get run over, I'll keep you two safe?" Or he'll at least foolishly jump in front of any dragon who tries to bowl the girls down….

Uneven Rotations Egg wobbles slightly and spins until it lies upon its side seeming to float upon the Sands.

Experimental Goo Hatchling gets itself back up on its feet and starts to walk forward. Finally, it goes through the fog and looks around. This is more what I've expected. It looks at the candidates and stops. Them?! It starts to walk forward and investigate those around it.

Tandelek shakes his head. "Five babies, two impressions?" He scratches his beard. "I think. Hardta tell in the conditions." His tone sounds somewhat more professional than his usual grouse. "But that last impression was close, far's I can tell."

Dark of Space Hatchling has finished its diagnostic, and is on its way through the fog, towards the row of candidates that match the group of fog-obscured dragonets. Full speed forward.

Kitani shuffles her feet a bit, not really paying as much attention to what she can't see, only listening. "That was loud." Yep, thats the only thing she's said all evening, and that's how it'll stay.

Flashes of Distortion Hatchling gathers its confidence and makes a run into the light. It flaps a stunted wing to induce a rapid turn to avoid running into Angelyka, rears up to avoid Airk and stops before its chosen. All is over before time is left to think things over but there is no doubt in the loving croon which echoes over the Sands at the Impression.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Flashes of Distortion Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Illusion of Life Blue Hatchling
A midnight blue of such a deep shade that it rivals the night sky has been spilt over this half-formed runt of a beast which vaguely resembles a Dragon. There are, after all, two navy wings though they appear ripped and stunted, and that pale, thin whip-like appendage at his rear might be a tail. Four thick stumps serve well enough as poorly defined legs and the stunted neck serves well enough to support the elongated, pointed head with the large bulb at the end to house the overgrown nostrils. His chipped canines, permanently exposed, give the pitiful creature a semblance of constant anger no matter the emotions which the oversized orbs which serve as his eyes might whirl with. As if attempting to make up for the obvious shortcomings of the beast, flashes of bright gold and green steak down his back in a valiant attempt to distract the eye from the ridges along their path, no two of which are the same shape and size. Yet even that effect is destroyed by the teal patches which pepper his form and give the impression that his hide has died in those places and is ready to fall off at the slightest touch.

Dawn is here! Stockings must be checked! And so, without caution for its container, the sides of the Globular Glitter Egg are pushed out, the creature within tumbling to the sands as it is upended, the glittery shell leaving a minor explosion over the area, covering anything that is too close.

Nighttime Shadow Hatchling
A small shadow is all that can be made out when it comes to this dragon, darker areas sitting atop lighter ones, though it has quite the length, rounded haunches visible now and then in the fog, wirey limbs stretched even longer by the drifting fog. As the fog and shadows mix, small paws are enlarged to giants upon the sands.

Uneven Rotations Egg starts at some private signal and three dozen or more small cracks appear upon its shell, none of which touch as it spreads its attentions in order to keep everything together.

Angelyka stifles a giggle, despite her nervousness. "Thanks, Airk… you're our hero." She takes a deep breath, releasing it and then looks over towards the fog and the hatchlings. Once more she squints her eyes, "If I keep looking like this, I think I'll… get wrinkle lines in the worst places." Clearly, there is an attempt to conceal any of her jitteriness. She cants her head, straining an ear, "They're everwhere… um.. sounds like something just picked up speed…" It is then she blinks but a few times and then she stifles a squeak. It sounds like a muffled *flbttt*

Mummified Ice-cream Stick Egg starts to wobble, the movement causing the gauze-hued bands to apparently shift back and forth over the touch interior, even though it is, in fact, the whole egg moving.

Experimental Goo Hatchling looks at Vathiel for a moment before deciding that he's not good enough for this blue. The hatchling moves on down to the next candidate. THIS one on the other hand could be perfect! He stands in front of Lukman.

Kitani is silent for a moment, she looks straight up into the eyes of the blue and smiles, quietly, so only those near her can hear, she murmurs. "Mionarracth, hullo." and she slips backwards, enticing the dragon in her direction, and they slide away towards the Weyrling Barracks in silence. A quiet pair. Maybe.

Nighttime Shadow Hatchling is on its feet without issue, crooning loudly, as if celebrating this issue, just having to talk to anyone and anything around it. And then, its examining its foggy bubble. Anything interesting here?

Achina squints to stare outwards at the sands. "Make that five babies, three Impressions." Achina turns towards the sound of the newest Impression but sighs as she can't hear a thing. "Or now six. I think. I swear this fog is muffling the sounds as well." She jumps at some sound, real or imaged around her.

Lukman exclaims, "Tomokoth! This world can be ours as long as we are together! Come.. Let's go eat." He came Lukman, but now he leaves L'man, rider of Blue Tomokoth.

I'ven starts to head over to the newest weyrling, "Congratulations, Kitani, if you will follow me back this way, we will get food for Mionarracth." And then another dragon is named and the lanky rider is off to fetch him, too. Lots of fun to be had.

Mummifed Ice-cream Stick Egg is old, and getting quite fragile. And so, the movement has damaged it, a crack appearing the supporting structure, the covering starting to fall apart a the cracks spread.

Airk steps right in front of Angel when the blue comes barrelling up, he takes the girl, Angel, and pulls her away from the dragon. Doing this opens the way up for the blue to get to Kitani, and he blinks. "Congrats Kitty, and Mionarracth." and he grins sheepishly at Angel and lets her go, "Sorry, thought he was gonna rung over ya…"

Uneven Rotations Egg releases its final grasp on the ovoid which has been strenuously kept together by force of will alone and allows a new identity to be created as it rises from the crater left by the Egg's dissolution.

Cloaked in Mystery Hatchling
Merged into the fog which surrounds it, a young dragon sends glimmers of light whenever its wings shift the mists from its sides as it awaits its destiny.

Cloaked in Mystery Hatchling gets to its feet without trouble of opposition and simply observes what is around it. The cries and confusion do no seem to effect it as it calmly turns and moves toward the thiner patches of fog where the white forms and the Eggs hold common ground.

Angelyka is well aware that Kitani has met her lifemate. And she makes to scooting closer to Airk but finds he is in front of her! She blinks and then giggles, a slight high pitched noise. Making a face, she coughs and then calls, "Congrats, Kitani..!" A pause ensues before she ers, "Mionarracth…?" Her head shakes and she admits, "He missed me."

Nighttime Shadow Hatchling croons again, voice rising and falling in excitement, making a hurried rush towards the candidates. A nose is stuck in Airk's stomach, before the crooning takes a turn for the worst, and it bolts back towards the covering fog. Oh, a cliffhanger!

Airk chuckles and nods as he just goes back to clutching at Angel's hand with a grin at her. "Sorry anyways, I know he missed, but, I just told you I'd protect you, silly girl." he comments, glaring out towards the fog over the Sands again, trying to see through it more…."

Dark of Space Hatchling analyzes the candidates one by one - Too tall. Too short. Too /girl/. And then he comes to a young man with dark brown hair, and turning its face upwards, it waits before giving him a firm *thwap* on his shoulder with its muzzle.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dark of Space Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Fueling the Final Frontier Brown Hatchling
Blocky and almost squarish in his over all appearance is this large brown. From the tip of his blunt snout up over his elongated face, with its deep-set eyes, he's a dark loamy brown. The thickness of his neck leads into the boldness of his shoulders and forelimbs before flowing down into his chest and back. It's on these parts of his body that his coloring turns an oily brown, complete with the constantly shiny and slickness that comes with it. Hints of greens and blues swirl lazily over his claws and lower legs while a soft dusting of soft cocoas lighten his belly. Strong wings whip out from his back, capturing the grittiness and hue of sand on his sails with burnt cinnamon hues along his spars. Hindquarters down throughout the stiff length of his tail are an odd mixture of all hues upon his body combined, with the spade seeming to have been dipped in caramel.

Tandelek shrugs at Achina's comment. "Yeah, Y' might be right. Or at least th' way we're gettin what we're hearin'." He relaxes a little, and exhales slowly. "Th' one that passed us looked blue. Cain't be certain

Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg shifts a bit, this way and that, causing the further blurring of the red, blue, and yellow streaks that criss-cross the surface, each splattered spot seeming to become a streak of its own.

Mummified Ice-cream Stick Egg is over and done with, the pressure from within being too much for shell to withstand. And so, the shell dissolves into dust, the cracks having triumphed, leaving instead a new structure upon the sands.

Swamp Gas Fumes Hatchling
Suddenly, a large form is upon the sands - far larger than anything that has been seen so far - the shape visible only because of the oddly hued patch amongst the fog. Not lighter, but not really darker, either, merely an in-between, grayish-green blob.

Cloaked in Mystery Hatchling rushes forward at Angelyka's cry but it halts as the realisation that it was but laughter reaches its mind. Jean is viewed and passed with little interest as is the newly Impressed. No there is clearly a noise which calls to it, lost in the confusion to all but this Hatchling who blends with the very fog and cloaks its true nature in the mists.

Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg cracks, and it continues to shake back and forth, tiny little cracks spreading outwards from the point of impact, lines crossing and recrossing, like a spider's web overlaid upon the already chaotic surface.

Tandelek blinks, and looks down at the little brown dragon. "Montereth, Yeah, y' need t' be fed, and then, probably, a nap, if I know little'uns like you." T'lek smiles, and reaches down to scratch the top of his dragonn's head as he leads him off.

Tough and Messy Egg shifts slightly to the right until it stands rigidly at attention. An eerie example of how things must be done to those which have yet to be shown the path.

There's a rather fond look to the riders face as a certain dragon goes to a certain candidate "Congratulations, Tandelek, it's about time you found your lifemate, eh? Montereth, you said? If you will follow me…" And off I'ven goes yet again, leading the newest pair off the sands.

Achina opens her mouth to say something when her hiding place is suddenly a weyrling. "Congratulations!" She calls and steps back from the new pair. With her only company gone she half walks, half shuffles towards Airk and Angelyka. "Hi." She greets the two candidates.

Cloaked in Mystery Hatchling pauses as a faint noise catches his attention. A quick sweep of the Sands reveals young Kalendel, the inconsolable lad from Half River Hold, sniffling at the edge of the light. Guardian of the Masses Blue Hatchling is at his side in one flash of speed and, rising upon his haunches, the Guardian of the Masses Blue grips the boy by the front of his robe and envelops him in his wings. The Pair retain statuesque calm for several breaths, and when the wings settle once more along the Blue's Kal'el stands with an air of calm wonder where Kalendel had stood crying a moment before. "Sure thing, Kryptonth." The boy whispers, his voice carried by the mists. "Uh…" Kal'el looks around the Sands to find the exit, "The food's kept that way. Let's get you fed." And the Weyr's newest Weyrling Pair makes their way from the Sands together.

"Why is it my first hatching and its so foggy?" Angelyka wonders outloud and then starts when a hatchling suddenly bolts towards her. She relaxes when it diverts its attention. But then she looks towards a certain candidate and realizes who it might be. Her lips curl into a slight smile and then she blinks. Who? Tandalek? She looks around and then ohs. "Congrats, Tandalek..!" As soon as Achina approaches, she waves and then offers a slightly wobbly smile. "Um, hey.."

Luna steps forward to lead Kal'el, who is finally not crying, from the Sands with his new Blue. "Congratulations…" The rest of her conversation is carried away by the fog.

Airk grins over at Achina and offers a wink as she joins them, "Hey, come to join us lonely pair lookin' fer somethin' moovin' in th' fog out there, miss?" he teases quietly, then those bold aqua eyes turn towards the Sands, not that anyone could see that really. They'd have a better chance of smelling him, with the oceany smell still clinging to the candie. At Angel's wobble, he reaches out to steady ehr a little, "Careful there…"

I'ven is no sooner off the sands than is he to cart off the next pair, "Come this way, please…food stuffs to be had soon enough, I assure you."

Nighttime Shadow Hatchling swivels in the fog, waiting a moment, and then once more, its headed back towards the candidates. And, this one is all about taking advantage of the situation, sliding to a stop infront of a very distracted young woman, with a loud croon.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Nighttime Shadow Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

One Thousand and One Stories Green Hatchling
Rich, glossy forest green clings to this green's hide - palm sized patches overlapping along the entire length of her small form. With each patch comes a slightly different shade, though all are in the same range, like numerous leaves, each getting a different amount of sunlight. Her body is lean, curving in beneath the ribs slightly, haunches rounded out slightly before tapering to a neatly sculpted tail. Yet, from along the smooth line of her belly, a paler sage green feathers up, the washed out hue of desert shrubs, lightly touching the inner areas of each overly long limb, curling spreading branches around each small paw. The majority of her neck is the deep green of flourishing foliage, aside from a streak of sage across her narrow muzzle, like a veil hiding away her face from beneath faceted eyes. Dark ridges run down her back, between large wings, each sail speckled with pale sand hues, dusted by the wind.

Bubbling with Anticipation Egg shudders from it's base up to it's top, the sides bulging and rippling as if a grand explosion is only moments away. All the quaking of the egg sends avalanches of sand rippling down the small hill it sits upon.

Bubbling with Anticipation Egg steadily become riddled with cracks as small flakey shards of shell fall from it to lay upon the sand. With each fighting movement of the hatching within to get out, the more fragments fall free to leave small gaps where one might be able to see hints of movement within the shell until all falls quiet once more.

Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg has taken all the abuse it can, and has given up the fight. The splattered colors are shattered apart before the occupant's desire to be out, to be free, to take on the world! And so as pieces of shell fall to the sands, a dragonet emerges.

Called to Run Hatchling
Amongst the fog is a new arrival, small and pale, the light hued hide reflecting nearly as much as the moisture in the air. Blending in quite well, each movement made changes the shadows, but even then it seems to phase in and out, as if its moving far more quickly across the sands than it is.

Swamp Gas Fumes Hatchling lumbers itself out of its egg and slow makes it way to the edge of the fog. I like it here, it would think to itself. But this won't do. It walks out a little bit farther and looks around for a bit.

Tough and Messy Egg splits with a muffled explosion. A crack begins at the very summit and multiplies without end until the pathway is lost at the base.

Angelyka nods slowly and then peers to who is around her. Clearly she had her thoughts into the wrong places and then she blinks a few times. "Um, um.. uh… what's your name again?" She stares at the hatchling that suddenly set herself in front of.. her. "Oh.. Anstarath? That's a pretty name.." She the erms. "Um, now what?" Her hand falls away from Airk's as she moves closer to the green dragon.

Achina grins back as she steps up to the pair. "I couldn't leave the lonely looking pair of you all by yourselves with hatchlings wandering around the place." She speaks and then slides in behind the pair just in time to avoid a hatchling intent for one of them. "Congratulations Angelyka!" She grins at the new pair happily.

I'ven seems to be getting his fair share of excerise today, at least that is for certain. "Oh…Angelyka, if you and your Anstarath will follow me, we'll get her fed."

Called to Run Hatchling has been prepared for this day forever. And so, spreading its wings, its tests them, and then its full speed ahead - gotta beat the others there!

Airk squeaks and lets go of Angel, and steps away, murmuiring a quiet "Congrats." to her and the green, and then he glances over at Achina. "Wow, very…quick to decide today, aren't these wee ones?" he asks randomly of ehr, grinning.

Now is the time for the hunt to begin and without further adieu Bubbling with Anticipation Egg explodes in a fantastic upward array of shards as the hatchling within it shoves it's self into a standing position within what now remains of it's shell as a first creeling bugle is given to announce it's arrival. Fear Me! it seems to say.

Riddles In The Fog Hatchling
A shape, or perhaps many shapes? No, just… one? It cannot easily be seen. The hazy mists of rising steam drift in swaths over this figure so as to hide any definition from view save for possible size. And possible size is not remotely reassuring as it's quite of distinguished height and formidable width.

Tough and Messy Egg slips from the beast within leaving barely a trace of what once was in the form of a pile of shards upon the Sands.

Collective Unity Hatchling
Eyes whirl from the mists, their light dimmed by the shadows of deep sockets and surrounded by a counterpoint of seemingly random flashes of light.

Swamp Gas Fumes Hatchling looks around and looks at all the candidates. There is no decision! You're the one I want and I won't have anyone else! The hatchling begins to lumber over towards Vathiel with no sigh of slowing down. Eventually, it just collides into him with a few licks.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Swamp Gas Fumes Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Quest for the Swamp Bronze Hatchling
A nearly sickly green hue has invaded the entirety of this bronze's hide, prominent along his smushed muzzle, around oversized, flaring nostrils, and sweeping back towards wide-set faceted eyes. Headknobs are short and rounded, set further from the rusty ridges that run down his back then most. The color darkens as it sweeps backwards and over the short, thick neck, and broad shoulders, still haunted by the gaseous green undertones. Wings are large, to support his bulky form, green-bronze spars strung with paler, near khaki-bronze sails, the same pale hue brushing just lightly against his belly, like an annoying stain that simply won't go away. Limbs and tail follow the same design as his neck - short and wide, giant trunks to support his giant body.

Vathiel was there the whole time, honest. And so when the giant bronze is suddenly /there/ out of the fog, he hesitates for a moment, taking the time to catch his balance. "Jarath?" Glancing around him, A'thiel quickly moves to head off to the side of the sands. "I'll get you food!"

I'ven grumbles half in annoyance as he attempts to find his way through the fog, it's not really all that easy, even for one as tall as he is. Soon enough, the newest pair is found in the midsts of the fog, "If you and Jarath will follow me, we'll get your food indeed."

Collective Unity Hatchling scans the Sands without moving the rest of its body a milimeter. So much to teach, but will they learn? With a rocking the disembodied eyes move toward those who have already taken the first steps to conformity in their robes of white.

Achina squeaks as another Impression takes place. "Congrats Vath!" She smiles softly and then turns her attention to looking out for random Hatchlings. "They are choosing very quickly. I wonder how many eggs are left? I was trying to keep track but there was so much going on."

Airk takes a step towarsd Achina, tugging at the end of his braid, he looks more nervous now that Angel's gone. Hmmmm, stare. Fog, there's fog and more fog.

Called to Run Hatchling is speedy, but apparently, it was late to the meeting. There's not too much left there on the Sands, and so it peers at Jean, considering this possibility for a long moment. Mm, nope. Not right. And then its moving again.

Riddles In The Fog Hatchling flexes its wings in the swaths of steam and puffs displeasedly at the heavy air. It scans its new world, focusing intently on the shapes standing in a brightly lit spot. Yes… what it wants is there. It stalks forward with another bugle. The chase is on.

Collective Unity Hatchling wastes no time in deciding. Only one is worthy of the gifts it can offer and so the woman is absorbed into the Hatchling and the Hatchling into the woman in a bond which is simply known as Impression.

Link to the Collective Brown Hatchling scans the cluster of white robes before it. There is but an illusion of unity here and it passes then by with contempt. Each is considered and discarded in turn until one is found who is older and wiser than the rest. The selection is made without undo fuss or waste of energy. Jean looks down at the Brown and the woman's strict face breaks into the barest of smiles. "Food's this way, Locututh." She offers. "There's a lot for you to learn and process, but it's better done on a full stomach."

I'ven continues to herd the weyrlings off the sands, soon fetching Jean, "If you and Locututh will follow me, I'll help you find the way out of here, this way please." And off he goes.

Called to Run Hatchling has gotten the file of her dreams, and it was her perseverance that helped, even if she was tardy on the scene. And so, a brown haired girl is eyed and crooned at with interest. Wanna talk?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Called to Run Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Struggling Against the Tide Green Hatchling
Moss green has invaded, taking over from the tip of her delicately pointed muzzle to the end of her overly long tail. The smooth curves of her torso are evenly covered, no variation noticeable as the pale green hue clings to her sides, like moss clinging to a rocky face. Each limb is long and carefully shaped, celadon green sprinkling her hide near each set of dark talons. The same celadon lightens her stomach, spreading outwards from the center line of her belly, launching a resistance against the encroaching moss. The underside of her muzzle is the greatest point of conflict, celadon reaching upwards while moss creeps downwards. Mint sails are crossed by moss-spars, while pear green ridges sit daintily along her length, the darker line contrasting her paler stomach.

Riddles In The Fog Hatchling picks up an ungainly gait, but pays no mind with each stumble, simply picking itself back up and bounding off again. It begins to pick up speed, the loud slapping of uncoordinated feet on scalding sand. At last it plunges forward, skidding to a stop before a strangely effeminent figure.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Riddles In The Fog Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Lover of Darkness Bronze Hatchling
Warm burnished bronze reaches over broad shoulders and a thick girth which attempt to fill out the big bones and lanky frame of this hatchling, but somehow they jut cant quite get it. Just knees, wing spars and elbows all the way. It's a wonder his ambry hide doesn't strain to stretch from his snout to tail tip. Both tail and neck are of mentionable length and his wing joints extend just as far, threatening their own size increase as this hatchling grows. A rich dark-bronze reaches over them, darkening as each finger of the joints reaches an end. From each joint fiery amber reaches out along the sails, paling into the shimmery golds of blazing brass. These same honey tones rise up from his belly, leeching like watercolors into warmer coppers. The darker bronze rolls out in smudges rubbed over his eye ridges and working their way down his spine in a bleeding dorsal stripe. Trickles of pallid metallics coil over his snout, and fleck his belly, shoulders, and haunches in silver raindrops. Like-sprays of silver reach out in the honey-hued portions of his broad wingsails and decorate his brassy feet and underbelly.

Achina jumps, squeaks, nearly tumbles to the ground and then finally turns on the green. With huge eyes she smiles. "Hey Ilianath. Food sounds great. We'll party until the end of time together, love." Achina, now dubbed Ch'na, steps forward to hug the green. "Lets get something to eat."

Airk is shuffling faintly now, from one side to the other. He just watches. "Oooh, COngrats!" is offered to yet another candie and he grins…pretty one. Then suddenly, his head turns and he croons faintly, "Of course Vsetovith, love. We'll get you food right away." Ai'rk grins broadly, slinging an arm around his big bronze. "You're a beautiful young man, you are.

As whispers circulate, the general consensus being that all of the eggs have hatched and Impressed, Niva steps forward. "Congratulations to all who Impressed, and for those of you who didn't, it simply means your lifemate was not on the Sands this time. You are welcome to stay on here at Xanadu, or we will return you to your homes." And, her piece said, Niva turns to talk to C'ian about the results.

There's a bemused look on I'ven's face as he makes his way to the newest weyrlings, "Airk, so surprised you got a bronze, didn't know females could 'get' bronzes." There's a playful wink before he looks around for Achina, "If you and Ilianath will follow me, we'll brave the fog and find food."

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