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Xanadu Weyr - Firelizard Theatre
// A natural clearing in the forest has grown a different sort of tree. The Courtyard of the Firelizard holds grass trampled into dirt around the wooden play structures.
In the northern part of this field lies a jungle-gym like fort, with two towers that soar to fifteen feet of height. One of them adjoins a large open deck with spiral staircase up and a metal slide down. That aside, the structure's made almost entirely of wood, the boards locked together either by being interlocked or by huge wooden bolts hammered into the boards. The towers are studded with uneven boards and rough spots, various climbing challenges on each of their faces. A swaying rope bridge with wooden slats connects the towers, and beneath it there's a sealed tunnel to run through or play minecraft.
Just past the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved and painted into the likeness of dragons. They're about two feet high and four feet long, though the green is smaller than the blue. There's a place for a child to sit on the dragon's back, with their feet resting on the dragon's paws and hands on the bars bars attached to the neck of the dragon. Pushing with hands or feet will make the dragon rock and writhe.
In the middle of the field are two sets of swings, suspended by rope from from a wooden beam that's held up by crossbraces on either side. There's a set of monkey bars, made entirely out of wood but carefully polished until the dark bars glow, and a set of seesaws. The sandbox is set back a little from the rest, filled with sand from Xanadu's beach and scattered with buckets and shovels.
Trees border the area, including a massive Lemosian ironwood that has beneath its branches wooden benches with a view of the playground.//

Fall has progressed apace at Xanadu weyr and winter is fast approaching, it's not QUITE here yet but some mornings are DARN cold. For the first part of the morning, you can see your breath, the ground even had a light covering of frost the last few days and anyone over the age of 30 are grumbling over there aches and pains, bemoaning the arrival of dark, cold, damp, misery that is winter. Midmorning and a light jacket is recommended but not mandatory. Weyrlinghood has demanded Evi and Neifeth live in extremely cramped quarters, today the pair has broken free and are doing SOMETHING. The newly minted greenrider (hahaha minted), in her long blue skirt, long sleeve neon green turtleneck, and a tan leather riding jacket that bears the name ONXYIA in bold blue letters on the breast pocket is also sporting a bright pink blindfold? Usually, Neifeth would be harder to spot, but the cold has robbed the world of its greens, and she might as well be a mountain of glow baskets with her body shoved up underneath the play structure. Even the smallest growth spurt would be BAD, the hide on her neck and back are being misplaced with the pressure used to force herself underneath the playground. The dragon's eyes are tightly closed. "YOU ARE CHEATING." Evi yells with a giggle, "You can't have your eyes closed, I will never find you like that." Each step taken by the girl is shakey and careful, hands out straight in front of her body, and waving around violently.

The playground might not be the first, or even at all high, on the list of places Katailea might be found and yet today that is where she is, or at least where she's arrived. A walk with no specific purpose or direction will bring a person to unlikely places. She's dressed much as she usual has been save for the addition of a middle-weight, undyed sweater jacket. It likely wouldn't have taken long to notice the young green trying to hide, but that shout from Evi brings her attention to the pair that much sooner. Amusement plays across her features, but for the moment she stands back to watch, arms crossed loosely across her middle.

The arrival of Katailea might have been missed by Evi, all of her attention focused on not tripping and falling while her lifemate CHEATS, but Neifeth hears her and peels open one eye, tilting her head at the girl and wiggling her head back and forth in a quiet message. The lids snap shut on the green, but Evi has seen something and stops dead, "Is somebody here? Um, if you're here and she's told you to help her cheat don't you should help ME cheat." Neifeth snorts from her spot, and Evi laughs again, the sound trickling out with unbridled joy. Several steps forward, and there's a real risk that Evi will trip on the slide, her stumbling steps smoothing out and gaining a boldness that was not present before. "Hellllooo, the person she's seen you, so I have. You're um. Old? Young? You know she only really noticed your sweater, she thinks you need advice but- well that's not the point. An unknown person in sweater Nei thinks it fugly, I have an idea, if you're here and want to play, go hide!" Each step taken is ended with a kick forward, trying to find obstacles before they find her.

She didn't tell me anything," Katailea replies, amusement in her voice. "And I'm not helping either of you cheat," she adds, laughing though a hand lifts to send a warning as the younger girl nears that slide even if it can't be seen. "Just be careful." And then a moment later she offers clarification and perhaps confirmation all in one, "Its Katailea." The mention of her sweater and advice however finds her sending a glance downward before green eyes lift back to watch the pair. "What's wrong with my sweater?" Nothing according to her apparently, but the comment is apparently enough to distract her from thinking about joining in the game.

"Oh!! Hello!" Evi says with no less excitement, a hand moving to take the blindfold off, but a loud rumble from her lifemate freezes that action. "Your sweater is plain? No color. Nei thinks it's an um, crime. A crime against her eyes." Dancing forward a few more steps, Neifeth's eyes fly open a moment before her rider's leg makes contact with the metal slide. Nei attempts to move forward, but her oversized wings opened partially up prevent her from going any further forward. All at once, Evi’s fallen over the slide and is on her knees on the other side. For all of the bright alarm in Nei's eyes, the moment is used, and she points over towards the green, "I see you seeing me!! HAH, You think you're the only one who can cheat!" Taking the blindfold off, she waves Katailea over, "Oh no, she was um-." Suddenly a hand covers her mouth, and she blushes, "Hwellohh" Is said through her hand, Neifeth again attempting to move forward, nope she's not getting out that way.

Katailea ohs. Is that all. "Well not everything can be bright and colorful," she comments with a shrug, brushing off any offence that may or may not have landed on her from the young green's thoughts on the piece of clothing. "Car-!" but its a half second too late to keep Evi from tripping. "Are you-" Okay, she starts as she moves towards the weyrling but that answer seems to be answered without needing to be asked. "Was what?" she inquires, offering a hand up for Evi.

"Yeah, she's rejecting that proposal." Evi shakes her head, taking the hand and wrapping her fingers around it, standing up quickly enough and reaching out a finger to poke the colorless garment. "How are you? She was well she has her thoughts on…" A rush of crimson grasses, the smell of burnt plastic acrid and unhappy «You two little firelizards done chattering like aunties? That sweater is a crime against nature and should be dropped between at first chance. Now, if you could HELP me. Inconsiderate, Evi you know better.» Her tone is rude and a tad whiney, like a small child who is nearing throwing a tantrum, each word coming with a mental POUT. "Um, ok. Maybe we should help her before she wakes someone or everyone in the WHOLE WEYR." Others have done it multiple times over the last two months, waking the whole Weyr because young dragons have zero chill. "I might, get her tail if you want to like.. push on her front?" Yes, the front, where all the teeth are.

"Well she can just not like it then," the blonde replies with a smile, all in good fun. "I'm alright," she starts, only to have them both interrupted by an unhappy toddler of a dragon. "Yeah," she agrees easily with the idea of helping the stuck one, though there's still laughter in her voice with it. It is a little funny. How they're going to help brings green eyes to send a glance towards Nei and then back to Evi, "Are you sure?" Because while she's all for helping … "She's going to need to scrunch down if she can," the trader comments, at least that's her thought on where to start.

Evi gives Katailea a knowing look, lips pressed together, resisting the urge to laugh and forcing her eyes open wide and lips lower although the edges curl up. "Oh, trust me, she intends too. Once she hates something, she never goes like, halfway. " Motioning in circles to the current dragon stuck under play equipment disaster occurring. Pressing herself forward again, Nei moves from snorting and hissing to creeling, the squawking speaking of actual distress gets Evi's full attention. "No, Neinei, stop, stop!" Closing her eyes tightly, brow furrowed in concentration, "Scrunch down, here." Moving to the front of her lifemate, she pulls her forepaws out. Now the cyan and darkness monster is splayed out, not unlike a puppy fallen on the ground face touching the ground pathetically squawking. "I am sure, if you want to press back, I'll be behind her, because well. SHE SOMETIMES, like sometimes is unaware of where her back end is. She can't retract her back talons very well yet, and um. Well." And even as a two-month-old baby, there's a risk that the dragon could injure Katailea, those back talons are partially unsheathed, dagger-sharp like a kitten’s claws, but the size of your hand.

Evi might be sure, but Katailea isn't quite so much. She will trust the younger girl enough to do it though. She's not going to leave poor Neifeth stuck there, but she does step over in front of the young green with some uncertainly. Talons and teeth can hold similar dangers after all. "Back the way you came," she offers the instruction if she can be of any help.

Neifeth stops moving as Katailea comes forward and says «OH YEAH, like it's so easy. I'm going to die here. Whoever built this wanted me trapped.» Evi moves behind her lifemate and tries to avoid laughing, watching her struggle, though, and seeing a small amount of ichor beading around where she's trapped herself seems to trigger the girl's more maternal tendencies. Grabbing the tail, she pulls at it, though there's no hope she could ever move Neifeth at this size. The dragon's wings settle on her back, and she scootches back slowly, wiggling her body out. "Um, if you can push her head around, I think we'll have done it!" Evident excitement and relief in her voice, the blindfold being used to tap at the six-inch gash near where the wings meet her back, the pink cloth turning dark green. "Have you um, done anything about the letter? We have ideas." Her hand goes over the injury, and she places pressure on the small wound, Nei making soft unhappy noises.

Katailea lets out a breath, shaking her head just a bit before she moves to press, gentle yet firm, to try and assist the pair. "Just a little more.." Right Evi? They're almost out? That's what she can assess from Evi's response and with that she's looking around the green towards the girl. "She okay?" But then there's that question and she just stares at the younger girl for a moment. "I'll handle it." No, she does not need help in that from the two of them. Thankyouverymuch.

It's fall, but winter is not far off, Neifeth has shoved her body underneath the play equipment and managed to get STUCK. Or she was, now she's quickly on her way to being free though she did suffer a small gash near where the wing attaches to her shoulder, and Evi is applying pressure to the wound with a pink scrap of fabric. With a small push and a quiet thrill of thanks, Nei allows herself to be turned around, standing up and wiggling her body in a manner that jostles Evi. "She's alright, um, I think." There's a slight furrow to her brow, and she presses her lips in not able to hide the maternal worry. "I'm still unsure about that. I mean, I will have time soon, and I am sure we can… solve it." SOmehow this problem of Katailea's has been adopted by her, and she's not taking that No for an answer. Stubborn, like her dragon. Of course, there has to be a reason a spirit like Neifeth's has found Evi, and maybe it's more apparent now than ever. "You could say you're already married! Or, umm." Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out a small fluffy pink notebook, "Nei said you could say you were dead, and we could be all sad. She liked that one. You could um, maybe fake a marriage certificate? What if you changed your name?" All of the ideas being read out one by one, and then she looks to Katailea to judge how they go over.

That worry in the younger girl's expression doesn't go unnoticed. "If you think you need to check in with the dragonhealers," Katailea offers the suggestion, but if Evi thinks her lifemate will be okay, she probably will. Its not like scraps and bruises aren't common enough injuries of growing up (human or dragon). "Evi," the name spoken a touch sharply and exhaled with a hint of annoyance. Eyes close for a moment as she lets out a sigh. "Just leave it be." Please?

A tall figure makes his way to the firelizard theater. Today's costume is all in shades of black, featuring a well-made, tailored knee-length coat with large gold buttons and tall boots that come up to mid-shin with a puff of grey fur at the top cuff. A black knit hat keeps his head and ears warm, just barely revealing brown curls of hair over his forehead. It would all be terribly dashing, except he's chosen to accessorize the outfit with a grey fur muff to keep his hands warm. One must wonder what was wrong with simple gloves… But for now, that must remain a mystery. He spots Evi pretty quickly on his way in and starts a beeline for her. He's all smiles with a bounce in his step, and it isn't until far too late that he realizes the serious tone of her current interactions. His steps slow, his smile becomes a bit more uncertain, but by then it would just seem /rude/ to not butt into the conversation. Right? "Hi."

"The ummmm bigger deal we make, she might be more inclined to freak out." Evi says, patting her lifemate gently and tucking her pink notebook back into her pocket with a resigned pouty sigh. Arms cross over her chest, and she glowers at Katailea, frowning in her general direction for several moments before throwing her hands up. "Well, alright, but Nei is IT now, and I'm sure she will still play." Neifeth glares at Evi as she takes one more good look at the wound, "I'll leave that there, but with her being IT, we will need to hide-." Both heads turn at once with a small snap, Evi is in the light tan jacket with the word ONYXIA on the breast pocket, a blue full-length pleated skirt, and a neon green turtleneck she's the picture of awkward. "Hello, uh, again." Blushing and her head tucks down. "We were going to play hide and seek, and Nei is IT Ummmmm, well, want to play?" Offering the man a part in her game, brown-green eyes scanning his outfit and the bright, all teeth all cheeks smile on her face speaks of TOTAL APPROVAL. Yas. "Unless you, well, of course, you have somewhere to be. If he's not playing, then she will only count to 20, and she can't count unless I am counting out loud, so you have to be REAL fast about hiding. Also, she can only look for you when I open my eyes. At least, that's how it SHOULD work." A glance to Nei, because she's a damn dirty cheater though her smile won't fade.

Katailea nods. That makes sense, but she couldn't have said for sure one way or the other if it might have been needed. Evi might be glowering, but it's met with a "Thank you," when she gives up the ideas, even if its only for now. "It?" maybe she's not quite following that line of logic, but thank goodness for distractions. The blonde turns at the sound of that other voice, a smile finding its way to her lips. "Hi yourself," the blonde greets. The two of them might be neatly dressed but her's is a simple, knee-length green dress with a plain sweater jacket pulled over the top. No comments from Nei, thanks.

Br'aby glances back and forth between Katailea and Evi with the kind of blank, friendly smile reserved for people who are totally not getting it. Not even a little bit. Then his gaze lands on Neifeth and the lightbulb comes on. "Oh! Because she's a baby. That makes sense." He grins brightly. "Well, I came to pick up your letter, but I guess if you need help entertaining the Tiny One, then… Sure." Yes, the nickname is contagious. At least between Yevith and Br'aby, anyway. "I'm Br'aby," he adds, for Katailea's sake, and extricates one long-fingered hand to offer a handshake.

Neifeth gives Br'aby a long look, tilting her head one way then another «Yes, entertain me.» The tone of demand is not new, it's overbearing, rude and comes with a sparkle of blue water, flowing from word to word and growing into a vast river, the water is extreme neon blue, the rocks in the river are the purest of white and the whole message brings with it the smell of spring flowers. Evi lifts her chin, eyes up at Katailea, "Ok, so this game is where you have to HIDE and the IT one gets to find the others, Now that's waayyyy to easy for us. In our game, she can only see what I see, and has to either sniff us out orrr has to use clues I provide every minute when I look around! We made it up ourselves." Possibly a mix of the trust exercises given to Weyrlings and childhood games, though the combination probably keeps them entertained enough. Guiding Nei's head around, she looks from the brown-haired man to her blonde friend, "Ok, So I am going to count. Nei close um!" The striped brat grumbles but closes her eyes, "ONe- TWO." Off with a flourish of blue skirts, Evi climbs the spiral stairs with vigor, giggling the whole time. "THREE- FOUR- FIVE- SIX." Tucking herself in one of the play towers, she continues to count loudly, "EIGHT- NINE- TEN."

"Katailea," the petite blonde gives her own name along with a hand for that shake Br'aby offers. Its when Evi starts describing this game of theirs that her green eyes turn towards the younger girl. "Okay.." At least its a simple enough idea of game to follow, but all the same a glance is sent back towards the bronzerider when the weyrling begins her count. "I guess we're supposed to hide now?" If he's playing along she will too, ducking behind the slide, if only not to be left standing there.

Br'aby gets that blank look again as the game is described. "Wait—" he starts, but too late! Evi is already off giggling to find a place to hide. Seems he's just going to play without knowing the full rules! On the bright side, the biggest part is easy: Fine a place to hide! He glances toward Katailea with a smirk and a shrug. "Guess so." If he was supposed to run, he has clearly missed the point. He ambles at a moderate pace over to the giant ironwood, glances over his shoulder, then simply steps behind the trunk.

No further rules will be explained, this is a learn as you go now. Evi continues to count out loud, while a challenging growl rips from Neifeth's throat and she hunkers down towards the ground, wings given a flick. "FOURTEEN- FIFTEEN- SIXTEEN." Every number is full of mirth, her voice loud and giggly. "CLOSE YOUR EYES," Is yelled towards her lifemate, though heck it could be anyone; once the count is finished, there's an odd chuff from Neifeth. The dragon stutters forward slowly, leaves crunching with each step, sniffing the air with her snout up. Step, step, SNIFF nostrils flaring as her eyes stay closed. Evi opens her eyes and peeks out, "Clue one." She calls out, and Neifeth turns in the direction of Katailea. This little green dragon is not pretty, she's actually a bit terrifying with her slinking gait, and she's coming for Katailea very slowly. Sniff, sniff. "Br'aby, yell something." Evi says with a laugh, "If you want to change where you're at, you have 30 seconds before I open my eyes." Neifeth says quietly «You losers think you've outsmarted me.» the faintest whisper, almost a purr to her tone.

Katailea shifts, turning to peek out of her hiding place for a second when Evi provides that warning on their time to change places. A glance around one side of the slide and then she turns to duck out the other, further (if not much) away from where Neifeth is slinking towards her. "I'd love to stay, but I should be getting back." At least she's giving fair warning. A hand lifts to wave in Br'aby's direction, "Nice meeting you," offered before she's slipping off away from the playground.

Br'aby stands behind the tree. He's certainly not going to mess up his outfit by crouching down or (horror of horrors) /touching/ the tree. When Evi yells out a new rule, he obligingly closes his eyes, but the puzzled frown suggests he has no idea why he's doing that. "Yell what?" he calls back, which probably should suffice, really. He doesn't change where he's hiding because his /eyes are closed/. Duh.

Heavy footsteps herald the approach of a Very Large Bronze. He doesn't exactly /enter/ the park, because he might accidentally step on something important. But he does /loooom/. Not exactly participate, but observing from a relatively safe distance.

Neifeth stalks forward, closer and closer to Katailea and then she's running off and the green bugles a cute challenge, her voice high pitched and the bugle a new noise for her. With eyes still closed, she bounds forward and trips OVER the slide onto her back. THUNK. Evi opens her eyes at the same time Nei does and scans around, but the small spill does not stop her, and she rights herself and sniffs the air again, closing blue whirling eyes. Now she is crooonningg in the general direction of Br'aby and slinking forward in a crouch low enough that celadon chest nearly touches the dirt. Step, step, sniff. "When you yell out, she has a clue where you are." The sudden arrival of Yevith catches her attention and with a fast swivel avoiding the slide this time she is on the hunt, sniff sniff «I can heearrr youuu, I can smeelll youuu.» The river is now a mountain of brilliant colors, every single color in the rock, and somehow everything is pulsating with a fluorescent glow, any plant on the peak is orange, the snow is fuschia pink. Lisa frank on acid might have had this kind of dream. "So, um, do you come here a lot?" Evi suddenly has Nei's attention with her yammering, and there's a new target. Baby dragon Adhd.

All of those pulsating colors and general craziness never /quite/ reaches Br'aby. Yevith's presence forms a thick, cloaking fog around his mind, dulling the colors and blunting the volume before it can ever reach the rider. He either doesn't notice, or is used to such things, because he doesn't seem to react. "To the playground? Not really…" Br'aby responds from his hiding spot. Must not be taking this hiding business /that/ seriously. "I'm at Xanadu now and then. Anytime someone wants to send a present, anyway. We're very good at special deliveries. Are you from here?"

Neifeth spends a moment trying to navigate the spiral stairs and GROWLS loudly at her partner «YOU ARE CHEATING NOW.» Loud and offended, «Evvvviiiii this is NOT fair.» Evi opens her eyes and slides down the slide, running towards Br'aby with her eyes open, which means that Nei is fast on her tail. Bounding tightly behind Nei catches up and trips Evi with no care for her safety. Hitting the ground, there's a gasp as the air is knocked out of her lungs and for a moment, Nei looks concerned eyes bright orange, whirling slowly, Evi must be reassuring her because she's not concerned longer than a breath. Then taking two giant steps forward, pinning her rider down with one back foot, muzzle extending, making to touch it to Br'aby's muff. «It.» Is spit at him, mind flushing with a bright pink grassland, the grass engulfing Evi, Yevith and maybe Br'aby.

Br'aby keeps his eyes closed because no one told him he could open them. His head does tilt with a slightly worried frown when he hears Evi fall over. "Are you—?" Before he can finish the thought, Neifeth has touched him, and in spite of himself, he opens his eyes to find a baby dragon standing directly in front of him. A grin spreads across his face, and he shrugs helplessly. "You got me." And yet, while the brilliant pink grass engulfs Evi and Yevith, Br'aby remains carefully coddled at the center of a cloud of fog that mutes the grass to a soothing pastel. "You know, your mind is a very beautiful place," Br'aby remarks, directly to the young green. The compliment is so sincere that one can only conclude that he thinks the muted version is the real thing. Belatedly, he catches sight of Evi, and his eyebrows fly up. "Oh! Dear… You know, humans are…um. Squishy. You might consider taking some, ah, care with… Evi, are you okay?" Br'aby's concern seems to trigger an intervention on Yevith's part. The bronze reaches over with a large front claw, and with implacable care, lifts Neifeth and sets her down several feet to the right. It's almost as if he's had to save squashed weyrlings before. (Spoiler: He has.)

«I did get you.» Smug satisfaction coats every word, «My brightness is probably not being FULLY appreciated but dim becomes you doesn't it.» Evi might think he's cute, but Neifeth might be onto something, all of this right before she is being claw machined by a giant bronze. «UNHAND ME» Is yelled with a spike of thorns towards Yevith, struggling for release and turning towards him with a hiss. Evi shakes her head and attempts to not laugh, the sound escaping choked. "NEI! She was. I was, be CAREFUL with her." Is yelled at Yevith, struggling to sit up and get to her feet. Before she can manage more, her lifemate is on the ground. "I was ok, she's gentle. She's only gentle with me, though." A hint of warning, though she's starting to see that being very direct with Br'aby could be how it must go. "Do you want the card? I mean, unless you'd um.. like to well. I could show you patterns, or." Evi's attempts at luring someone to spend time with her are paltry, but she smiles at Br'aby cocks her head to the side. Before blushing so hard, she has to hide her face behind her hands.

The insult is totally lost on Br'aby. "I /do/ look very good in pastels. Perhaps tomorrow…" He grins a little at the reaction of the smaller dragon, watching without concern as she's moved and then placed on the ground again. "He's very gentle," Br'aby offers, cheerfully. "He's had to manhandle—" Pause. "Dragonhandle?" Pause. "Well, anyway, /move/ Seksicanth. And at that point, they were almost the same size." Then he's back to looking at Evi with that blank, lost look. "Well. I came here for the card…" The blushing and face-hiding also seems to leave him lost. Maybe even concerned. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about," he offers, helpfully. "Lots of weyrlings have trouble containing their dragons at first…"

"No, no, lets. Here." Evi only becomes take charge Evi when she feels she is the adult. Smiling brightly, she glances at Neifeth and says to Br'aby, "Um, no, she is as in control as I like. She's two months old, we can't expect too much. Um. It's coldd." Looking around, nudging Neifeth a bit with her elbow. "We should um, maybe go inside. I have the card in my pocket." Her skirts seem to have deep pockets, and she reaches in and pulls out a BRIGHT glittery pink envelope printed in fancy calligraphy with the name KINLA. "It's the least I can do because, um, well, you played with Nei." Yes, yes, Evi, that's an excellent reason to lure this poor man into more time with you. "Unless um, you are probably busy." She can't make up her mind and sways from side to side biting her lip. Neifeth is blunt and to the point, bright crimson forest edging towards Yevith «Mine fancies yours, maybe because he's a weak, easy target and she's hungry.»

Br'aby smiles, still quite puzzled. But he's not bright enough to /lie/, or even know that there might be a reason to. "Well, I'm not busy, no. It's technically my rest day, but I didn't want your friend to wait for the response." Meanwhile, Yevith is looking down at Nei, his big head tilted in a total reflection of his rider. Except that where Br'aby is totally lost, Yevith is mildly amused. « He won't make much of a meal, » he responds, as blunt as usual. « He never fancies anyone. At least, not as a meal. » Br'aby does not appear to be privy to this conversation, because he's still focused on Evi with a puzzled smile. He takes the card and looks over it with a little grin. "It's very glittery. I like it."

Neifeth follows along behind Evi as she moves towards the caverns, head peering up at Yevith the whole time. «She will need to know more, she says we are fact-finding. Whatever that means. Probably trying to rule out foodborne disease before her meal.» "You are having klah with me, yes." With that, she starts to walk towards the caverns, but instead of merely walking, she is bouncing. Every third step is a bounce, and there's giggling along with several twirls. In an abundantly good mood, "Thank you, I make the cards myself. What else do you um, well do?" Another blush on her face, and she places her whole hand under her chin, pinkie finger going to the edge of her mouth to have the fingernail gnawed on.

Yevith /technically/ follows. Mostly he stands nearby while the humans make their way toward the Caverns. He probably takes a step now and then to avoid being left behind. « What facts? » he replies. « There are no facts. » There's a mulling pause, as he retreats into the ever-present storm that protects the brightly lit interior that is Yevith's mind. Finally, he emerges again with a crack of lightning. « Tell her that this food she seeks, Br'aby does not eat. He does not eat /any/ food. » Satisfied that he's provided the correct information, he retreats again to the eye of the storm. Br'aby, meanwhile, walks along with Evi, looking perfectly pleasant, and growing more cheerful as Evi's mood rubs off on him. "Do? Well. I do enjoy designing new wardrobe ideas. And of course Yevith requires a great deal of time. Oil, bathing, and so on. Sometimes I like to play cards, but I'm really not very good at it."

Neifeth becomes suddenly quiet, following along, and having to take steps since she's still SMOL and has to cover ground with her humamom. Evi's good mood is usually infectious, and the skip she keeps up only stops, "Nei seems to think you don't eat, at all. I told her she's silly, but she seems to think she's right. I've been waiting to design a new wardrobe until Neith can hunt on her own. She's ruined almost everything I have. Cards could be fun! Um, do you like cats?" Asking the essential questions now, she's been prepping for this q and a session it seems. "Maybe I could show you mine." This said as they are walking through the forest area of the Weyr, towards the caverns.

Br'aby gives Evi an odd, amused look. "Don't eat? Of course I eat. I eat all kinds of things…" He trails off, his eyes going a bit glazed. His feet keep moving right along, but his mind is somewhere else. With Yevith, if one can trust the typical rider pattern. When he snaps out of it, he actually looks a little troubled. Even embarrassed. He's very quiet until she asks about cats, and he waves a hand. "Sure, cats are fine…" But he takes a deep breath, and forges on. "Neifeth is confused. It was an…um. Metaphor. I guess they were talking. They really shouldn't…" Whatever he's saying devolves into a mumble. And is his face turning red? Why yes, yes it is. And he has one of those complexions that blushes straight down to the collarbone.

Evi rambles, watching Br'aby's face but also caught up in her own cavorting. "Well yeah, um Nei can get confused easily." At the use of her full name Nei growls at him, tail twitching, and Evi shakes her head hard, "She's not fond of people using her full name, at all. Ever." The last bit is said a bit sharply as Evi's eyes glaze over for a moment. Still, she is ambling towards there destination, which she has not revealed to her hostage. Instead, they arrive at a plain sea-blue door to a weyr that's age is marked by how close to the main path it is, meaning that it was probably built relatively close to when the Weyr was. Knocking on the door, there's no response; Evi still in deep conversation with Neifeth. A hand reaches out to grab a doorknob, her head turns, and she blushes and stares at her shoes. "Nei is young, and she likes food. She wasn't making a metaphor; she um, thought I seemed hungry and was joking I might um. Eat you. I think, whatever um else was confusion." An apologetic cant to her head, before turning the knob. The door swings open, revealing a comfortable yet modest weyr, obviously not Evi's, but she enters like she lives there anyway.

Xanadu Weyr - Senkyou and L'ters Weyr(#316RJLe)
Sail is pinned up above the bed, the bed is made with a sea blue quilt. A dresser and set of drawers sit on one wall, a trunk sits in front of a mirror that is jagged, no frame, and looks to be a large piece of broken glass. Two windows remain open most days, curtains also made of sail, hang in front of them. To one side is a kitchen area, small and very compact. Not far from that is a sink and shower, no soaking bath, just a shower, and a set of towels.
A Skybroom frame is painted a unique shade of brown, almost matching the hide of Dulacth. Long curtains cover windows on both sides of the dragon couch, the curtains at first glance look like beads, but a further examination would show tiny rocks having been threaded together by fishing wire. Small and larges rocks lay all over the place, all colors shapes and sizes can be found. The couch in the middle of the weyr is large enough for a bronze at full growth and scattered with those "Special" must-have rocks that Dulacth sleeps with like teddy bears.

Br'aby continues following Evi, the blush gradually fading, but the awkwardness remaining. "Sorry." After this uncomfortable mumble, he continues following, trying to look cheerful in that way deeply uncomfortable polite people sometimes do. As Evi bring him inside, he glances around, taking in the sail-curtains and kitchen with distracted curiosity. He lingers around the door after taking a single step inside. "So, this is your… ah. Weyr?"

"Uh no, I don't have one yet. This is my Nana's weyr." Evi scurries inside and reaches underneath the bed, scooping up a siamese pointed NEKKID cat wearing a red turtleneck sweater. "THIS is Curtains." Neifeth lingers outside, though her head is sitting in the doorway, and Evi makes a point to leave the door open. Evi thrusts the cat forward for viewing, smiling brightly in the way one might when presenting an elegant necklace. "I um, live in the barracks, but my family has lived in Xanadu for a long time." Not mentioning that she's not really for Xanadu, but fact-finding might not always be fact giving. OK.

"I see…" Br'aby smiles, then glances around at the weyr with this newly revealed information. "It's nice." Then he looks back to Evi, just in time to catch sight of the cat. His smile grows like a sunrise, slowly lighting up his face. "/Awwww/ that's adorable!" He leans forward, cautiously reaching out one hand. He at least knows enough about cats to wait and see how it reacts to his approach before going in. If it gives the slightest sign of aggression, he will retreat. "Did you make this sweater? It's so cute!" Outside, Yevith flops to the ground, taking up a large section of the nearest clearing while he waits.

Curtains happens to be Evi's friendliest feline and moves towards the hand with her head, ducking so scritching can be accomplished. When touched the skin is velvet in texture,smooth with only the finest hairs bringing to mind fuzzy fruits or the finest of silk. The fine feel mixed with the warmth of the animal is a party for the hands. "I did make it, I um, that's what I did a lot of before impressing." Evi offers the animal to Br'aby to hold, pressing her towards him carefully. It's not like she has hair to ruin his clothing. "Here, you can hold her if you'd like. I can make us Klah. Nana must be out today, she still flies places.. straight mostly, but they like taking trips." Offering up the information casually, shyly looking away for a moment as her face turns red with no prompting. "What um, where are you from originally?" The tone is peppered with honest curiousity, even if eye contact seems to be a struggle.

Br'aby grins when it becomes clear that the feline is friendly. He's only a little awkward when it's handed over, but he accepts it easily enough, wrapping an arm around to support it fully. Evi's blush is not noticed at that point, because he's a little too distracted by the sweater-wearing cat. It has ears that need scritching ok. "Me? Oh, a little bit of everywhere. My family were traders. We have a home base near Ista, but we didn't really spend much time there. A couple of weeks a year for a holiday, maybe…. What about you?"

Advancing into the kitchen it's clear Evi knows the lay of the land and quickly putting klah powder into a kettle, turning on the stove before staring long at the ceiling with her lips twitched to the side in thought. Curtains has been STARVED for attention, loud purring, much cuddles, happy kitty in every way. "I was born near half-moon, my Da lives in Ista and manages the herd there. Nana is Da's ma and has lived here since forever, mostly. I had to move." Introducing herself to this new person is happening slowly, eyes glazing over every few minutes to have a quiet girl chat with her green bestie. Leaning back against the sink, arms protectively cross over her chest, head tilting subtly into her left shoulder while pale fingertips make tiny circles on her cousin's jacket.

Br'aby glances around and finds the nearest place to sit, providing the kitty with a convenient lap for cuddles. "Oh, really? Could be my father has done business with your Da, then!" He continues making sweater-cat happy, but his attention wanders back to Evi, taking in that intermittent eye-glazing with a curious little half smile. "Obviously, of course. Otherwise how did you meet your lovely green? She really is beautiful, you know."

"Could have, a lot of people have met my family probably because of my grandfather." Evi rolls her eyes, opening her mouth to let out a squeaky ehhhhhh that ends several partial giggles. Something about what was said is funny, to her at least, and she blushes and lets out a soft, high-pitched mmm. "Do you like to read?" At Mention of Nei, her face fills with joy, the happiest grin revealing all of her teeth, cheeks plump, and radiant glee meets her eyes and transforms her face. Excess rapture is met with a bounce from heel to toe. "Thank you, she's spectacular. I am new to all of this, dragon stuff. No one warns you." A smiley, helpless shrug of a girl utterly in love with her lifemate. Curtains purrs on, happy to be loved and rubbing her entire ho-cat body all over Br'aby with playful abandon.

Br'aby smiles back at Evi in that slightly vacant way people do when they have no idea what's so funny. At least he's not the sort to assume he's being laughed at! "Me? No. Not really. I mean, I'm sure reading is fine and all, but I'm usually too busy, I'm afraid…" He gets a little absent-minded with the cat scritches, now that his attention is focused on Evi. Not much of a multi-tasker, this one. "Well, you'll get used to it. I didn't really know what I was in for, either, but I'm glad I went ahead with it."

The klah bubbles, the steam creating a hissing sound and two cups are poured before she flops herself down into a chair at the kitchen table, across from Br'aby. "That's all Nei has me do, is read anymore." A hapless shrug as a blue mug is pushed towards the man, and her own is nursed with vigor. Klah is probably the most critical substance to any weyrling. "Not at all?" There's surprise here, "I mean, surely you um… must have some sort of hobby? I um, I use to sew constantly, but now Nei is too distracting."

Br'aby winces at the news that Evi is being forced to /read/. "Sorry to hear that." He reaches for the mug, and has a polite sip before responding to the question. "Of course I have hobbies. I mentioned earlier I like to design new outfits. And I spend a great deal of time taking care of Yevith. You would be absolutely /amazed/ how long it takes to oil a dragon that size. Sometimes I bribe the littles to help, but they really can only reach so high, you know."

Evi settles into drinking, "I will have to start designing again once." A hand wave towards the dragon occupying the doorway, an indication of what prevents her from getting ANYTHING done anymore. "I can't imagine, really." Wide-eyed, Evi scans over Neifeth, maybe ensuring she's not ever going to get that big. "I am so sorry I am keeping you. Um, thank you for taking my letter and spending time with me." Swallowing down the rest of her klah, she stands and reaches out, "Next time you come, I could show my designs. I mean, if you come again. I um. Maybe, come back or not. I um." Yep, she's reticent now, all of her awkward having found her here trying to do something that she's failed at MISERABLY with no real plan or ideas to how to achieve any of the thing she wasn't even sure she wanted to achieve. There are definite thoughts of moving far far away for a hot second. "Thank you for taking the letter. Um, Nei is late for her nap…" The green is sleeping in the doorway, so she's not lying.

Surprise scrolls across Br'aby's face as Evi suddenly swallows the rest of her klah and starts making noises to imply he should leave. He's barely had a sip of his klah, but he takes another drink, possibly to be polite, and starts gently extricating himself from the kitty-love. Poor kitty, kicked off the nice comfortable lap. He climbs to his feet, still looking mostly lost, but nods a little. "Of course. I'm happy to help…" He starts to step toward the door, but then he pauses. He lingers there for a moment, awkwardly fiddling with the fur of the muff. "Listen…" A beat, as he struggles with some uncharacteristically complex emotion. "I didn't say anything to offend you, I hope?"

The lost look on Br'aby's face changes the young weaver's demeanor, she gazes at her skirt hem and shakes her head. "OH no I was so sure I was boring you, and you seem so nice and, um. I was hoping to make a friend, who didn't have to sleep like -right next to me for the next turn and I sort of decided it could be you. I mean, but you can't just make friends like that's not how it works, and I can't just force you to stay here with my boring chattering when you have Yevith, and he's so big, and you have work, and you're a bronzerider. You're probably important and." Word vomit, pure and simple, the sweetest mousiest word vomit. Shrugging both shoulders, her teeth go to her lip, "You're probably much too valuable to hang around me, here." Looking around the small living space, that is her family home. She had never brought anyone here before.

Br'aby blinks rapidly as Evi starts to explain, and tucks his hands into the muff. Then that last bit comes out, and his grins slowly, which turns into a brilliant laugh. "Oh! Oh no…" It takes him a minute to get himself under control. It was /very/ funny. And when he's done, he has to wipe at his eye a bit. "/Important/? You have the wrong idea. I've only barely graduated, myself. I might be the least important rider at Monaco. What in the world makes you think I'm valuable?"

[DTU/Project] Yevith senses that Neifeth enters with a tired glimmer of emerald, her mind a forest of damp viridian filled with an echoed song sang somewhere long ago. «Mine does not know her worth, she will one day. Yours will know it too. All will know, and see. There's opportunity here.» When not being an all out bitch, the green is cryptic at BEST.
Evi bites down on her lip and sways from side to side. "You're a bronzerider." The words come out of her mouth with such flatness it's like maybe she's telling him for the first time, eyes opening wide and face jutting forward 'duh.' "You are important. I don't ride anything yet and… I am sure you're bound to get a neat job, probably telling people like me what to do." Placing on hand over her chin with fingertips wrapping around her nose. "We can be friends. If you'd like." The other hand goes out to touch the muff, her fascination with textures winning out over her resistance to being near other people.

Br'aby grins a rather goopy grin. He shakes his head. "Yevith being bronze doesn't make me any more important than anyone else," he states. "No one is going to put /me/ in charge of anything. For one thing, I don't /want/ to be in charge of anything. It sounds like a terrible bore." He watches as she touches the muff, and after a moment of consideration, he finally holds it out. "Look, have it if you want it. I didn't mean to make you feel… um." He seems to struggle to find the right word there, and eventually changes tactics. "Call it a friendship token."

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Yevith rumbles a distant peal of thunder, his unspoken agreement glowing like sunlight just over the horizon. « You will both be amazing, Tiny One. I can tell. »

I think maybe you um, missed a bronzerider lesson." Evi's tone is sweet, lets one cheek rise with a smile that manages to close that eye. "Um, Nei thinks we will be in charge of something. Nei thinks a lot, she has plans." Crooning quietly from her spot near the door, Evi looks over at her and then steps back in shock when he hands her his muff. "This is too nice, you need this. You go-between, you'll get cold." Petting it happily, Neifeth sniffs, «Evi it's dead already, we can't eat that. I will show you how to hunt again TOMORROW, I guess.» the annoyance in her tired tone, the forest of bright green, finally breaking through Evi's own mental nonsense and prompting her to move. "I, um, ok, but now I need to get you something. I, it was my fault." Another glance down at the nearly snoring, though she doesn't snore, don't even start that, form of Neifeth. "She really does need the barracks, though."

The tiniest crack appears in that usually-affable demeanor. Was that a flash of hurt feelings? MAYBE. But Br'aby instantly plasters it over with a smile and a shake of his head. "They must have skipped that one for me. Seriously, though, I'm no one special. Take the muff. I have plenty of clothes back home, and it suits you. You really don't need to get me anything." He starts to back toward the door, but since Neifeth is in the way, he stops and just sort of looks at her. "I should probably let you get her inside for a nap…?"

"No one has to do anything according to Nei." Evi sounds sarcastic in saying this, still smiling brightly and petting the muff with cheer. "You seem special enough." Spotting Br'aby unable to escape due to a sleeping striped dragonchild, Evi moves around and strokes along the dark eyeridges. "Neii, come on, sweet Nei lets get you home." Rousing enough to open one eye, Nei stumbles away from the forest weyr, her partner guiding her with kissy faces and smooth words. "I will see you again, send Kinla my regards." After the last words are shouted towards the bronzerider, all attention is on getting the green home safely. «Goodnight idiots, may you overcome your tiny snake brains and find your way back to this place.» In Nei-land, this might be a 'see you soon.'

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