Lesson 2: First Rule of Fight Club...

Xanadu Weyr - Training Grounds
A wide, grassy expanse, nestled into the gentle bowl shape where something's taken a bite out of the mountain. It's high above the level of the beach, and there's a good eastern view of the lake and a long path leading down to that sandy shore. Granite cliffs surround it on the other sides.
While much of the grounds are left in their natural state, one area has been trampled and trodden by enough feet that the grass struggles to grow. A running track circles a set of equipment - straw dummies with wooden frames, obstacles of various sizes and shapes, and targets for flaming, archery, and whatever else.
There's a dragon-sized opening to the south that leads to the cavernous weyrling barracks, and a smaller tunnel to the northeast - large enough for dragons newly emerged from the sands, but quickly outgrown by hatchlings who are then forced to take the long way around - at least, until they learn to spread their wings and fly. Between them in both position and size, a jagged crack in the stone leads to a dim cave with the sound of water.

IT'S THAT TIME. Candidates (and riders) alike have been SUMMONED, corralled towards the training ground with the promise of violence to drive (or impede) them. There you will find exactly one Risali and exactly one D'lei, both of whom are standing together on that patch of grass-abandoned land talking in those PESKY LOW VOICES AGAIN as the Weyrwoman helps to wrap the Weyrleader's hands. THIS BODES WELL. FOR EVERYBODY. Her own hands are already wrapped, and as she's tucking that final bit away, her head comes up to find those incoming candidates with a smile. (The handwraps are probably not really super necessary you guys, but FIGHT ME BECAUSE I WANTED IT). AHEM. The point is that it's moving towards evening in Xanadu Weyr, and THE FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB IS THAT YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB. Also Risali is going up on the tips of her toes and motioning people forward with her AWESOME WRAPPED HANDS. COME. GET YOUR BOOTIES KICKED. IT IS TIME.

Rinian follows the others like a good little herd of sheep and takes her place, towards the front of taller people so she can actually see. She looks a bit hesitant about this lesson plan, nlike the swimming one.

"Should I have had the drinks before this or saved them for after???" That voice would be Rhodelia from somewhere in the middle of the middle of the pack of candidates. The bartender does have a canteen of something on her hip, but it's a fifty fifty chance of whether it's water or something more exciting. Being in the middle is good for not being seen, but that also has the peril of not being able to see yourself and so Rhody is currently standing on tiptoes trying to get a glance of what's going on and mostly just sees a few bandages. "What's going on? Are we going to fight mummies?"

They're going to do what now? Mathis, lead in like a lamb to the slaughter, takes one look at what's going on with hand wraps and training circles and beckoning forward towards implied ass kicking and he pales considerably even as those already huge eyes of his get even huger. Like a coward he ducks behind someone considerably meater and taller than him rather than taking Rinian's route of being all up front.

Come forth to violence! Not actually under threat of violence, though. At least… not unless being told that there will be violence there is considered a threat. There were, however, not threats of violence given if people didn't come. So, that… is probably something. D'lei smiles as Risali wraps up his hands to help ensure that there's not too much injury caused by causing violence. "…kill us," comes carried on a breeze loud enough to be heard and maybe MISSING it's context of 'the healers will'. But. It'll be fiiiiiiine. There's… he glances up. "Only one mummy." HI RISA.

Cielo murmurs a quiet mantra to himself, nods his head, and then paints on a smile as he steps in with the others. He has reservations about this particular trianing. DEEP RESERVATIONS that have everything to do with being a healer and nothing to do with him being a marshmallow. "Pretty sure we need an ancient book for that," he remarks, and rubs at his knuckles like he's washing his hands. Should he wave? .. no he probably shouldn't wave.

Nessalyn may not be big on group participation, but she's 100% here for activities that may involve punching people in the face. She has some pent-up aggression, see? People have been aggravating her more and more lately, and so she relishes the thought that she might get to take a few of them down. She may not be formally trained, but she's small and scrappy and not opposed to biting people. This is all going to work out just fine!

Risali looks, perhaps, a little too thrilled about this, nose scrunching in answer to D'lei's comment as she answers with, "They'll thank us in the long run." And then maybe a (VERY GENTLE) elbow to his side for EXCESSIVELY TERRIBLE JOKES. "Shut up, D'lei," comes on a breath of laughter, the goldrider moving forward as the group gathers and holding out her hands as if to placate (or placate their disappointment) when she says, "Hi." THAT'S IT. THAT'S ALL YOU GET. NO INSTRUCTIONS. Just one Risali, smiling Much Too Big as grey eyes scour the crowd and teeth come down on her bottom lip. "D'lei and I thought that it might be a good idea for you all to learn self-defense." A beat, as she finds CERTAIN EYES IN THE CROWD and then reiterates, "Self-defense. We aren't teaching you how to fight, we are teaching you how to protect yourselves in the event that somebody else turns aggressive and you have no other outs." UNDERSTOOD? GOOD. And now she's stepping back towards D'lei, patting his ribs as if to show them that HE IS STURDY and… "How many of you have practice or training fighting?" ANYBODY? ANY SHOW OF HANDS?

Rinian ohs softly and brightens up. Self-defense sounds like a really good idea! She looks around, trying to find Matty, but not seeing him behind the larger person. The little green on her shoulder churrups in a repremand at her sudden motion.

Rhodelia raises an eyebrow at D'lei's dad-joke, but shrugs it off with only a small groan. Apparently this class is interesting enough that she'll forgo the whole 'lurking in the middle' plan and wiggle her way up towards the front. "I have experience running away and calling for the largest, soberiest guy in the bar, does that count?" This comment is more to her fellow candidates, but well, acoustics are weird things and her voice is carrying today.
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From behind the safety of his unsuspecting meat shield, Mathis can hear 'kill us' drifting on the wind and it's not surprising that he takes it completely out of context. It's either by force of will alone or his level of fear that keeps the boy from turning tail and making for the closest exit. It's Risali's clarification that sees his appearance from behind that beefy lad hailing from Telgar, poking his head out. No disassemble number five? Ohhhh…okay then. Defense against attack is definitely something he can get into. With a huge sigh of relief, he spots the back of Rinian's head and inches himself forward until he comes to stand beside her. A sheepish grin, full of teeth, is revealed to his fellow woodcrafter candidate. No, really, he was here the whole time.

Cielo smiles a bit more at that. That is something he can get behind, oh yes. "Understood." Oh, his hand does obviously not go up for the practice or the training. He didn't even have any wayward siblings to fend off or play with in such a manner. None, yet. That's why he's here! His eyes go around the group to see who HAS, though he does not main contact for long.

"We can hope," D'lei says back to Risali, and grins. He's allowed to do the dad jokes! He's the dad here, after all… though he does shut up, at least for the moment. One of those bandaged hands is lifted in a wave as Risali greets the candidates, and he smiles before his expression turns serious again and he nods to echo her words. NO FIGHTING. Just…. defending from fights. Rhodelia steps up, and… D'lei smiles. "That's self-defense," he says, with a nod to her, then looks across the rest. "The best defense you can have - the very best - is to not be there." Another glance between the set of candidates, and then serious again. "But, if you have to be there… we're going to show you some ways to defend yourself." He smiles. "First lesson: pay attention." Did Risali slip around to behind him? Yes. Yes she did. Is she jumping up as if to leap onto his back? Yes. Is he catching her? ALSO YES. "What you don't know can hurt you. What you do know can also hurt you, but you have a better chance to dodge."

Nessalyn can't help but feel like maybe some of those comments about self-defense were directed toward her. But look! It's still self-defense if she punches someone in the face, it's just preemptive self-defense. "Yeah, well, sometimes people lead you into the forest…" she utters in response to not being there, sending a pointed look in Risali's direction. "I have some experience in fighting. Not trained, or anything." It's so much more fun to jump into the fray with arms swinging and hope you connect. "That definitely counts," she informs Rhodelia with total authority.

Rhodelia nods very quickly in agreement with running away being the best form of self defense. It's been her life strategy after all. Get in trouble, run away. Simple. "So keep an eye on everything, run away if you can and if you can't, hold on long enough until you find an opening to run away?" Maybe the whole running laps for hours part of training wasn't such a bad idea. And then a mutter to Nessalyn, "I think I saw you fighting once in the Wherry. Tying drunks shoelaces together isn't nice."

Hazel eyes affix to D'lei at first, but easily shifts off towards Rhodelia and Nessalyn as they speak up, looking away when it becomes something a bit more private. He may or may not have heard that mutter, but if he had he was staying out of it. Sliding his untapped hands into the pockets of his trousers, he deigns himself to listen rather than offer any commentary on his own. Although, there is a firm nod from him when running away is the first and best option, lips pursed together tightly and gently lowering his gaze down to the tips of his boots. Notably, there is some discomfort in his stance, shifting the miniscule weight of his body from one foot to the other.

D'lei lets Risali back down again, though not before she gives his shoulder an extra punch (lightly) to add the requisite amount of violence to this part of the demonstration. He nods to Rhodelia. "That's the idea. So what we're going to look at today is how to do that holding on part in the middle." A smile, and then a look to Nessalyn. "In a real self-defense situation, hurting the other person is fine. However, this is practice, and so if we see you fighting instead of training… we will have to consider whether you remain in candidacy." Because fighting's against the rules, you know! A moment, and then D'lei grins. "So! Risali and I are going to demonstrate a few exercises, and then you can pair up and try them." He turns to face Risali, and she faces him. Both of them shift to fighting positions - "Balanced on the balls of your feet, so you can dodge in any direction. Hands up, so you're ready to block." And they begin to circle each other, watching, and then… starting to take turns with punches - and blocks. They're both going at about half-speed, much more demo and practice than brawl.

Rinian watches, wide eyed. Sure, for them its half-speed, but she hasn't a clue what a block is, or a fighting stance, or how to do it right or..anything. No worries about her fighting! She does her very best to try to figure it out, but don't hold your breath.

Nessalyn lifts her shoulders in a brief shrug. "You have to be prepared for anything in a fight, and he clearly wasn't prepared to have his shoelaces tied together." As most people aren't, but she's just going to ignore that fact. There's a roll of her eyes as D'lei claims that they shouldn't be fighting, and she mutters a low, "It's not fighting if everyone involved is having a good time," to Rhodelia. She crosses her arms, eyeing the 'demonstration' with faint disdain. "How is that supposed to help us?" she asks after a moment, a furrow appearing between her brows. "No one fights like that when it actually matters."

As D'lei lowers Risali down to the ground, Mathis looks up and gives the pairing a slightly confused look. He'd been looking at his feet when the Weyrwoman had leapt up onto the Weyrleader's back, so he wasn't quite sure when that had become a thing. The punch, even one as light as that, raises a brow and leans towards Rinian to murmur something softly to her. It's brief, his eyes remain on the bronzerider as he replies to both Rhodelia and Nessalyn in turn, looking to them if only to listen to what they have to say in addition to gauging their reactions. The woodcrafter blinks once at Nessalyn's bold question and proclamation, instantly looking to D'lei for the response. Someone had recently told him that observations can tell you a lot about a person, even without direct interaction. Mathis raises his hand upon hearing that any actual fighting meant possible expulsion from candidacy, "What if you accidentally hit someone?" He was not, in the least, coordinated and so this was in his mind a valid question. The demonstration looked complicated even slowed down, and his passing worry grows into valid concern.

"Uh-huh. And you totally didn't tie his shoes together before the fight just hoping he'd stand up quickly, go to move and then… phlap!" Rhodelia claps her hands together and blows out a bit of air at the same time to mimic the fall before she quickly turns back to watching the fight demonstration. She's paying attention, really! There's even a little bit of shadow boxing as she tries to slowly mimic the motions. "It's supposed to help you so you can practice without having to take a trip back to the infirmary and finding yourself with your old friend Mr. Crutchy again."

"Now," Risali calls, one hand coming up to catch D'lei's wrist the next time he takes a punch, "you might notice something wrong with this scenario. D'lei has the advantage of reach over me." She demonstrates this by keeping his fist extended towards her, and extending her own - which does not, in fact, reach him despite the fact that the bronzerider could have a wicked follow-through on that hook against the goldrider. "So half of actual self-defense is running away -" A smile for Rhodelia, "-even in close proximity." Risali shifts to her stance more to her side, hands still up near her head as if she's surrendering. As D'lei steps forward, Risali kicks her foot into his shin and stops his ability to come closer, leaning back from his reach without losing her balance. "And you want to maintain control. If D'lei gets close enough to me, he's going to take me down. He's bigger, and he's stronger." BUT SHE WILL NOT CONCEDE FASTER TO YOU, D'LEI. COME AT HER. Risali catches the wrist of the arm he came in towards her with, twisting it back and hooking her arm up through his so that she ends with his inner elbow pressed against hers and her hand pressed against his shoulder. The other hand comes down to press against the side of his head, forcing his neck to extend in the opposite direction of his arm. "This control looks simple, but he can't reach me." LOOK AT THAT DEMONSTRATION. Risali half turns them so that everybody can get a look. "And then we take them to the ground." She hooks her backmost leg behind his forward most and jerks, sending him off-balance over her knee and following him to the ground. She keeps his arm trapped in hers and presses her other knee against his neck. IT EXPOSES ONE SIDE OF HIS BODY, and looks pretty uncomfortable (you guys, Dash the real MVP). "Watch again." And she helps D'lei back to his feet, demonstrating the movement slowly twice more for the candidates. "We will go over these with you again, but now D'lei is going to demonstrate."

Cielo glances around. Who to partner with? Oh, gosh, did it have to be one of THESE exercises? On the bright side, he can rest assured that he won't even ~accidentally~ hurt whoever he's paired with. He's even practicing the basic.. raising his arms and looking at them like they're these things he has, that he can do that with? Huh. Novel. "Ah…" He tilts his head over to Nessa, looking like he really wants to say something. Then a worried look goes to Ris aand D'lei, and he wiggles his fingers. "They're not -stupid-," he mutters, finally. Though it does evoke some sort of curiosity in him. He watches. Mimics. Nods and thinks he understands. "And what's our stance on… little tricks that are neither hurting nor running?" Not that that's the point of this lesson, it's just a philosophical quandry.

This is not exactly fun, or so D'lei's winces would have you know. There's torsion on joints that are not particularly fond of it, especially when he demonstrates his inability to reach Risali by attempting it. There's also ground, which is hard, and - despite some attempts previously to get it clean around here - has some unpleasant rocks. But! He may get knocked down (three times) but he gets up again, and he even has a grin as he does - though he gives a more serious look to Cielo as he hears that question. "If it's life or death, you do what you have to so you survive." All's fair when you might get murdered! Which … doesn't exactly answer what's legit for today, though he does add for Mathis - "Accidents happen." And, presumably, won't be penalized… as long as everyone actually believes that they're an accident. But! After that question-answering, he turns back to Risali, circling her a moment before he meets one of her punches with an open-hand that pushes back at her fist - and a diagonal step forward to bear down on her that has his ankle hooking behind one of her calves to take away her balance at the same time as he keeps pushing with that hand. Tiiiiimbeeeeeeeer!

Nessalyn shrugs, feigning something close to innocence. "It's all a bit fuzzy, but that doesn't sound like me." Yes it does. To the latter part of Rhodelia's statement, Nessalyn snorts derisively. "That was from a knife, not being clumsy. This isn't going to put me back on crutches." But okay, maybe she's paying a little more attention than she was before. Still, that faint frown doesn't leave her features, as though she's finding everything she sees just slightly distressing. "Partners?" she asks of the bartender, casting a glance the other woman's way. "I promise to only accidentally punch you."

Rhodelia just gives a snort at the techcrafters DENIAL of her own shenanigans. "There's like a thousand ways you can hurt your leg without a knife. Mishaps with training wrestling probably make up like… dozens of them." 90% of statistics are made up on the spot and that's exactly what Rhody is doing at this moment, but when Nessa suggestions partnering up she shrugs. "Sure. Over there?" She tilts her head to a corner of the training grounds that hasn't been too crowded by their other classmates at the moment. And while Rhody is more likely to accidentally slap than punch, any full contact will certainly be a TRAINING ACCIDENT and not actual fighting and neither of them have any idea how any clods of dirt accidentally went flying.

Mathis nods in understanding and acceptance of D'lei's response to his question, "Okay, thank you." Given politely, because he was grateful for the clarification. Leaning back in, he listens to whatever Rinian murmurs back to him. With another blink, he gives the girl a perplexed expression. Yeah, he still doesn't get it. A second later this is shrugged off with a lift and drop of his shoulders, because really he didn't have to understand even if he was curious about it to start with. All it takes is a single glance towards Cielo and pink blossom across his cheeks in earnest, quickly returning his attention promptly towards D'lei and Risali as they continue to demonstrate, wincing every single time that the Weyrleader gets taken down. It was nice to see someone approximately his size defending themselves against someone much bigger, Mathis was certainly interested, but he had to admit how painful that looked. He was hedging his bets that whomever got stuck with him when they paired off wasn't just going to let him flail at them, meaning he'd probably end up exactly as D'lei was now. Appearing more and more worried, he begins to really chow down on his lower lip, brows working themselves into a tight knot. Another glance, this one towards Nessalyn and Rhodelia, he seems relived when they decide to pair up because just no. He wanted none of any of that.

Rinian shifts and moves, is she having some sort of small siezure? Nope, she's just trying to make her body follow some of the demostrated moves. Houston, we may have a problem. Sure she can climb like a squirrel, swim like a dolphin, and run..but it looks like this who defense thing is way outside her usual abilities.

YA RUDE, WEYRLEADER. STRAIGHT DISRESPECTFUL. Risali goes down right onto those MAYBE SOME UNPLEASANT rocks with a wince and the air leaving her lungs in a rush. THAT HURTED. But she's smiling, grey eyes on D'lei as he comes forward to help her up (BECAUSE OF COURSE HE DOES), even if she TRICKS HIM. The moment he starts to reach, she hooks one foot behind one of his ankle and uses the other to PUSH ON HIS KNEE. COUNTER TIMBERRRR! That laughter is not at all apologetic as the Weyrwoman rolls up onto her knees and then presses lips to her fingers, fingers to D'lei's lips. "Okay, candidates! Let's pair up! D'lei and I will help make sure you're each in the proper stances - and you're taking turns. Once you take down your partner, your partner gets to take down you." Is she SITTING ON D'LEI? She is. She is sitting on him, and tucking her hands under her chin, and smiling at the candidates. THIS DOESN'T LOOK LIKE HELPING, RISA.

Oh no Rhodelia and Nessa are already paired off and surely Mathis wants anything but to have him taking swings at him. Or the other way around, even. What would that even mean? For a fraction he fidgets with the strap on his neck and paces a small hole in his spot. "I never thought it would be this hard to find someone willing to punch me." Which would be FINE except he doesn't want to disappoint anyone here. Thinkthink.

D'lei was going to help Risali, but nooooo. Risa has helped herself to D'lei as a seat, which is kind of like helping but not actually anything like it really. He's down on the ground, and he's being told - wordlessly, even! - to shut up, and …. okay, he could definitely consider biting at those shushing fingers, but he doesn't. Instead, he lounges there on those not-actually-comfortable ground and rocks, and sneaks a hand up to grab Risali's hair. Who's got the advantage now, hmmmm? Not that he actually pulls it - well, not more than enough to indicate that he's got that grip, anyhow. "Don't worry if you're terrible!" he adds, which might be because he saw Rinian's attempts… or maybe someone else's. "The whole point of practice is to get better." And the two of them - and some other AWLMs - will certainly be circulating to help make sure that what's gotten better at is useful techniques and skills rather than bad ideas that will get people hurt. Or at least, they will be once Risali gives up on her current sitses where she fitses.

How could anyone miss what Rinian was doing to his side, Mathis certainly does not, especially when one of her attempts at copying Risali and D'lei end with him getting jabbed in the arm by her boniest of boney elbows. "Ow!" he hisses softly at her, rubbing at the offended appendage. Due to this, he almost misses Risali's retaliatory drop of the Weyrleader and proof that if she fits, she sits. Ultimately, he's tilting his head and receives a whole different kind of education, perplexity quickly turned pink and he has to advert his gaze elsewhere. Oh, hello Cielo. Pink goes pinker still and down to ground he looks. Yes, his feet were safe enough. He might not be learning anything just then but that perfectly okay. The call goes out, he could hear just fine, to pick a partner. Wince. Did he have to. Really? All that hesitation and its long enough that when he does convince himself to look up everyone but a few, Rinian and Cielo among them, had been chosen. Opening his mouth, it snaps closed as he hones in on the dragoncrafter fussing back there. Sighing, he murmurs to the girl at his side, gives her arm a gentle squeeze and steps off towards the fidgeting pacer. Without looking at him directly, he grabs the front of Cielo's tunic and drags him off to a clearing devoid of any others currently training. Redder than red, in no time at all.

Rinian ohs when she accidently gets Mathis with her elbow. Yes..they're pointy boney things, as they should be. The sort of elbows that will one day, no doubt, torment whatever mate she ends up with. She doesn't seem to mind that Mathis steals away with Cielo, a bit surprised at his boldness perhaps, but not upset. She looks around for someone to pair up with, hopefully not only giants are left. Where are all the reasonable sized people?

Cielo crooks a smile. Daring to be around him in public, huh? That's going somewhere positive. He perks up a bit and smiles at being approached. Yes, yes, all is forgiven from earlier, if there was anything to forgive. "Oh, uh… aren't we supposed to be revieeeewed~?" Voice growing distant though certainly space of them would be good. He glances over his shoulder a few times to see if anyone minds and then… goes with the color-changing candidate and only has a bit of a splash on himself, and puts up his fists and giving a wiggle. "I can take it. Whatever.. it is," he assures, as if needs to be done.

Lesson 246: SHAVE YA HEADS (to be followed after self-defense in some really horrible hazing ritual that we only just dreamed up and so it is now known (it is not known, don't actually do it (unless you want to, which is fine, but not under compulsion from the weyr))). META ASIDE, Risali's head tilts just so, that smile mischievous and preceding a slow roll of her eyes towards her weyrmate's face. "Promises, promises," she tells him, reaching out to boop his nose with one finger. But FEAR NOT, MATTY. She relinquishes her Thone Of D'lei - mostly because SOMEBODY STARTED SLINGING DIRT, AND THAT WAS NOT PART OF THE DEAL. "OI!" Risali yells, for BARTENDER AND TECHIE. "If you don't want to take this seriously, run laps!" UNTIL SHE TELLS YOU TO STOP. But she… is fighting a grin, because throwing dirt is like half the fun even when she has to be a teacher. Those grey eyes track Mathis and Cielo, brow coming up as she tilts her head to D'lei in silent question, and then she's gesturing for Rinian. "Come! We can practice together." BEAM. That's right, Riri. You get to kick the Weyrwoman's butt.

Nessalyn is not running laps. SHE'LL JUST THROW HER DIRT ON THE SLY FROM NOW ON. (Or wait until Risali is distracted battling Riri and D'lei is distracted doing D'lei things.)

D'lei untangles hand from hair and… heh. He's freeeee! And while throwing dirt is maybe not on the curriculum, he's… well, he's willing to let it be a thing that he sometimes doesn't notice for a few minutes. Even if, when he does, there will also be REMINDERS. But… EH. There's a slight arch of his brows as he looks back to Risali, a shrug to conclude that bit of silent communication, and then… a grin as Rinian is INVITED OVER. He could enjoy watching this - or taking his turn at this - but… for the moment, he's more concerned by that candidate over there who's going for a grip that might actually dislocate something, so he's just going to head that way. And … maybe he will end up being where he can notice Mathis and Cielo and how they end up brawling, but then again, maybe he won't. There's a lot of supervising to do, and D'lei can't actually be in multiple places at once…

Hmm, yes, Mathis was all about them bold moves today now wasn't he? A long glance is cast over his shoulder back towards Rinian, perhaps already regretting his decision. Today's bravery limit having been reached, the boy can't bring himself to check in on what the Weyrleaderly types might be up to. Though, at Risali shout he does look around to catch Rhodelia and Nessalyn throwing dirt at one another, quickly leveling all that hazel at the ground. Breathe. Breathe. Coming to stand fairly noodly in no way shape or form anything that even closely resembled anything that D'lei and Risali had shown them, he comes to a realization. How capable was he going to be at this self-defense thing if he couldn't even look his partner in the eye? Answer: He's not. Taking a deep breath, the woodcrafter exhales slow and easy while at same time lifting his chin and matching his gaze with Cielo's. Eyes. Eyes. Eyes. That was unlikely to be effective either, because now he wouldn't be able to see what the rest of the dragonhealer was doing. A second deep breath and he lets himself expand his field of view to include stance and hand position. Ugh. FWOOSH! Red from ear tips to the base of his neck instantly, once again looking for Rinian but finding that Risali, no longer using D'lei as her personal throne, had chosen her. Now, he was stuck and he had to deal with the consequences. This is what he gets for being nice, ya'll. Sigh heaved, brows knotted something fierce, he looks back towards Cielo as he lifts his too loose arms upwards and presses his lips together to form a single thin line. His mind was blank and he had no idea what he should be doing. Great.

Rinian is more than happy to trot over to Risali. She's of reasonable height..not some giant tree like so many people around here. "I'm afraid I've never had training like this before, so I'm not entirely sure how to do..what you two were doing." Though what they were doing at times looked an awful lot like flirting, and she's pretty sure she can't flirt her way to safety.

Cielo wants to keep looking back over his shoulder but that would be a mistake, a mistake for so many reasons and it's an itch that keeps percolating up through his skin and into flightly little steps and grazes. He lets Mathis pull him to a spot he feels comfortable at or at least decides to stop and that might give some indication of how hard the Healer can throw himself, which is to say, not very much at all. Nevermind he is starting the same way the demonstration did, not with any flurry of moves but of a testing of form and positioning. On the plus side, he can hold himself steady with what appears to the untrained eye to be grace. On the other side, his actual positioning is rudimentarily off. Still, he tries to encourage his partner into a little back-and-forth that will escalate into something a little more… challenging.

"It's okay," Risali says around a smile. "I was taught by my Dad, but D'lei and Kyzen are the ones who really helped me to understand how to move. Practice makes perfect." Or somewhere close to it. But Risali gestures with her leg. "When I step forward, kick your leg out to my shin and catch my wrist. Ready?" And Risali shifts into a fighter stance, moves //forward with one leg and extends her arm in a slow hook with the other. DON'T WORRY, RINIAN. She's not moving fast; nothing here can hurt you.

Rinian tries to mimic Risali's stance with marginal success, but she at least gets onto the balls of her feet so she'll be more able to move. As the little Weyrwoman moves, Rin kicks out to her shin, and then remembers to catch that slow moving hook, reaching out to grasp her wrist. She unbalances herself a bit, but just for a moment. "Like that?"

This wasn't working. None of it. Frustrated beyond his ability to comprehend, Mathis closes his eyes and just breathes. What would work? Good question, so he thinks. Rewinding his mind's eye back to what he remembered, he tries to emulate Risali's stance first and foremost. Little by little, the woodcrafter shifts his feet and takes a firmer foothold. He had no idea what it looks like, but it felt better then when his legs were wider out. Okay, next. Hands. Floppy fingers curl into fists, his arms tighten and his squares off the alignment of his spine. Better. Yeah, that feels better. What else? The target. Oooh. Yeah. Cielo wasn't going to work, but maybe he could picture someone that would. Vance. That jerk. It was a wonder at all that Mathis's nose wasn't crooked considering how many times it was on the other end of that guy's fist. Yes. He would do nicely. Now it was just a matter of running through the steps inside his head until it didn't feel like something so foreign, alien, to him. Exhaling out through his nose, the woodcrafter's eyes open and he sees Vance instead of the boy he likes, washing away the last of the color from his pale cheeks. Frowning, he watches his opponent's flighty movements until he has a decent idea of the way he moves. That there is probably the most serious expression that anyone has ever seen on that kid's face, "Okay," he breathes out after a gentle breath in, "Come at me."

Cielo draws in a deep breath and lets it out. Whatever tempest is going in Mathis' head, a quiet storm whips in his own. Training. Learning. Play, almost? Yes, play, that makes a lot of sense. He needs to do this. THEY need to do this, until even if the actions aren't quite right the intent is. Warm-ups are over and it's time to get serious! The younger candidate 'challenges,' and he answers a wordless 'okay' before coming in hot. If he can close the distance, get in—oh he'll either grab or hit like a bath sponge, but it's the effort that counts.

"Perfect," Risali answers. "Going to pull my leg back." A beat, and she does, shifting to pull her wrist from Rinian's grip so that she can come around her. Booted feet keep between hers for placing, hands pushing at hips, and shifting shoulders. "You always keep your arms up by your head, to protect yourself." And Risali raises them to the proper height, making sure that she's curling her fist correctly. WOULDN'T WANT TO BREAK ANY FINGERS. "And you always keep your thumb on the outside, between your first two fingers. If you tuck it inside when you swing, you're going to break your thumb. But, if you raise your hands up into fists, people automatically assume you mean to fight and some of them get more aggressive. So for this, open your palms, but keep your hands by your head." Kind of like a surrender - except you can still protect yourself. And then Risali steps back. "Okay, now. Again. Always use your forward leg; your back will help you keep balance." Risali shifts back into the proper stance, and then moves slow again - forward, moving slow through another punch. "This time when you grab my wrist, use it to control the movement of my arm back, and hook your arm under mine, so that your hand is on my shoulder and my arm it twisted back and trapped."

Rinian takes note of each and every instruction. Now if she will remember them is another story! She raises her arms, hands open, to protect her face and gets back on the balls of her feet. She does the lunge forward with the front foot to stop Risa's step toward her, then takes her wrist. She is so very glad this is in slow motion because she'd be lost if it weren't. She really should take another step forward with her back leg to give her the leverage she needs, but she doesn't think of it. Instead she leans forward on that front leg as she pushes Risa's arm down and behind. While her balance may be off, she doesn't think about how much force she should be using for this practice, her Woodcrafter work giving her a fair bit of strength in her arms.

Cielo is Vance. It's Vance. Vance. Vance. Vance. This, becomes Matty's mantra, finding that he was bracing himself without having to think about it. That was good right? Rather than practice bouncing around, floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee their first time out, he was going to concentrate on the task. Replaying that one move he remembered with almost perfect clarity, the moment that the dragonhealer gets close enough to him, Mathis reaches out and wraps his right hand around his wrist, scrunching his eyes closed. Pivoting his foot so that his opposing shoulder became planted more or less in the region of the nineteen turn old's solar plexus, Mathis uses all that forward momentum to his advantage. Pushing up against Cielo's body, he pulls downwards with the arm that was still holding his wrist, and exhales in a sharp grunt. Fwooooomp, up and over the bigger of the two goes, to land flipped onto his back. Still with a steely hold on that wrist, the boy peeks out of one eye before his face is transformed into stunned silence. He did it? He actually did it? Surprised is quickly converted into elation and then concern, "Shells, Cielo? Are you okay?" In afterthought, he looks to that held appendage and gasps, letting it go completely.

The young woodcrafter might hear something akin to the sound of a squeaktoy being stepped on when Cielo gets DUNKED. He stares skyward for a moment in the crater of his demise and wonders just what possessed Mathis to such strength in those moments. It wouldn't do good to do that psychological trick TOO often, but it works? "I've… haa… had worse." He rasps for the wind knocked out of him, but that is about the worst of it. No, no infirmary trip this time, alas. Let him clarify. "I'll live, Mathis, miracle though it is." Too strong. "Though I don't think you're supposed to close your eyes like that."

WELL THE GOOD NEWS, RINIAN, IS THAT YA NAILED IT. The bad news probably becomes evident the moment that arm goes a little too much back and there's a sharp cry of pain from Risali. "Rinian, Rinian." It's breathless and maybe a touch breathless. Risali DOESN'T WANT TO HURT YOU, which is probably why she's reaching up to taptaptap frantically against the woodcrafter's arm. And the moment Riri lets go, there's a strangle-suspicious-sob that Risali swallows down between several breaths. BUT THOSE ARE TEARS OF PRIDE IN HER EYES, RINIAN, NOT PAIN. Even if she's leaning forward as if that might ease whatever is going on. "I'm okay," she offers on instinct, putting out a hand to stop Rinian if she's stepping forward, forcing a smile. "You did really good. Less force next time, okay? Maybe see if Matty and Cielo want a third, and you can watch each other and take turns. Go on. I'm fine." AND LOOK AT HER TRYING TO BE TOUGH, even if D'lei is already on his way to her with a look of concern on his face. She tells him she's fine too, but he's clearly not buying it (or she's just smart, sometimes), because there's instructions given to one of those AWLM's, and the weyrleaders depart. Probably for the infirmary. AWWWYIS.

Rinian is stopped in her stepping forward in worry at Risa's reaction, and quickly takes a step back. Oh no, she broke the Weyrwoman! She looks worried despite the assurances, "I'm so sorry, Risali!" She watches them go, pulling one of Matty's trademark worried biting of her lower lip.

The take away from this whole experience thus far seems to be: Beware the woodcrafters. No infirmary trip for Cielo, but apparently Risali was not quite so lucky. Mathis would have noticed and been equally worrying his lip right there beside Rinian were he not so thoroughly appalled by his own overzealous show of hidden strength Furrowed of brow, he makes a quick assessment of the breathless dragonhealer and in his completely qualified medical opinion he concludes that he was, in fact, okay. No blood, no limbs bent at funny angles, no visible brain matter. Concussion? Meh. Walk it off, Cielo! "Y-you have?" Had worse, he means, but those words seem to carry little weight even as they are expanded upon. Mathis's every thought and feeling, as always, is etched clearly into his youthful features, currently expressing openly a bottomless well of guilt threatening to swallow him whole. "I am SO sorry, Cielo. I am so, so, so sorry…" He hesitates a moment, biting down hard on his lower lip, before offering his hands to help the dragonhealer up.

Cielo gathers his thoughts, which is to say, things stop reeling long enough for him to reach up for the accepted hand. Easy to fall, easy to rise at last. "Nonsense, friend. You did exemplary. As they say." He rubs the side of his head with a spare hand. "It'll get easier with more practice." You know, if continually tossing him around sounds fun. Maybe he'll give it a shot himself. But for now. "It's alright. Really…" He checks his chest for a moment—yes, still intact. His healersenses are hopefully giving false flags. "Let's.. check and see how everyone else is doing, huh? Or if they've dug up the whole ground yet…"

Rinian doesn't really have it in her to try again and maybe hurt someone else. But she does find another pairing to watch quietly and learn that way. When the class is dismissed she'll be one of the first out of there, proably to go find a nice quiet tree to climb.

Hand accepted, the boy pulls with the very same strength that had served him well at Dolphin Hall and within the defensive arts, and with With Cielo upright Mathis continues to check him for errant injuries that might have been missed before he'll allow himself to relax again, even that was long in coming. There is a nod for the words that follow, but how much of it he takes to heart isn't readily apparent. There's just too much guilt to do battle with, but he's eventually convinced to join him in watching the other matches. As for further personal training? Not today.

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