Ice Chasing

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth have come to see the new Weyrlings. If they're even allowed here. The brownrider isn't sure about that, but he figured they'd come down here and then beg for forgiveness later if they're not allowed. Or something along those lines. The dark brown spots Ujinath and Saeth, rumbling happily in their direction as he hop-skip-wobbles along in his unique, awkward gait. Mur'dah lifts a gloved hand to wave, then salute (with a smirk) Kiena. "Afternoon!"

Kiena chuckles dryly, "Of course he may grow out of it! They're just very inquisitive as babies. Some more than others, but once the world isn't so new, their focus tends to shift." Sort of. She doesn't get too far into the nitty gritty, opting only to reassure Bowyn rather than ramble on about all the possibilities. She'll pretend she doesn't see the blushing either. Ahem! At the invitation to sit, Kiena seems to hesitate and then with a shrug and a more relaxed half-grin, the Weyrsecond flops down and makes herself comfortable. "Yeah, that's how weyrlinghood usually starts. It's a lot of adjusting, but it'll sort itself out." She goes silent for a moment, reflective as she shifts her eyes from Bowyn to Ujinath. "Mhm, I went through that. Worse than some. Ujinath… as I said was unique. I had it rough the first months, but I've seen things change fast for other weyrlings. You'll figure it out together!" Kiena nods her head, "Yes, my home hold was north and far outside of Western Weyr but I Impressed Ujinath there and transferred here a few Turns ago." she admits softly, only to look up as Kalsuoth and Mur'dah arrive. She lifts a hand and waves, though tacks in a salute somewhere in there. "Afternoon! How's it going, Mur'dah?"

Ujinath lifts his head back but he no longer seems as wary or uncertain of Saeth. The blue is, after all, harmless! « I do this because it is comfortable. » he replies simply and with a slight snort. Duh? « Don't you have a comfortable position you prefer to rest in? » The question brings a pause from the older blue. « You could be or even bigger. » he admits truthfully, before he's swivelling his head to rumble to Kalsuoth in a welcoming way though once again reserved.

Bowyn does seem somewhat relieved at the prospect of Saeth not being so easily led astray. She lets out a breath. "Well, I'll be excited to see how that change develops. Right now it seems so far away." Ujinath earns a thoughtful look when his difference from others is emphasised again. "I see…the variety of personalities is really, uh…interesting. They're just as clueless as us sometimes, huh?" Snicker. When talk turns back to Kiena's home, the weyrling rests her eyes on the bluerider again. "Do you like it up here alright? I mean, compared to Western?" Suddenly, Mur'dah! Bo twists around to wave at him, calling a "Hey, troublemaker! What brings you two over this way?"

Saeth doesn't register the snort, he just rumbles that he understands. When he's asked a question, the little blue has to contemplate his answer, the pause in his mind lending way to the rustle of leaves and the creaking of wood. Then, he shifts to roll onto his side, wings splayed, and the top of his head against the ground. « I like this. Do you? » When Kalsuoth is heard approaching, Saeth scrambles to get up and clumsily gallop over to Mur'dah - sniffuffle - then he stops to watch the brown dragon's gait. He attempts to emulate it as he moves in his direction with a happy croon. /More/. /Friends/.

"Looking for trouble, obviously," is Mur'dah's quick and dry answer. "Oh, look. I've found some. Hello, ladies." He grins crookedly as he flops down in front of them, resting on one hip with his legs stretched out, leaning on a hand against the sand. "What's up, blueriders?"

Kalsuoth tilts his head to regard Saeth for a long moment before he wuffles a greeting. « Hello, » he says, offering a deep and shadowed oldgrowth forest teeming with mystery and life.

Enough with the cramped dark spaces, outside is the place to be, even if it is a bit cold. Bundled in an oversized sweater with roomy pockets, Kera walks along Moncerath's side, hand out to keep the lanky limbed green from teetering too far to either side as she paces awkwardly over the ground. "Keep them tucked to your body. Less tipping over that way." Moncerath lifts her head, peering towards her wings, while still walking, and starts in a half circle pattern, much to Kera's amusement. "Wait, watch where ya are going.." Moncerath stops, sidles herself around to face her weyrling, but is quickly distracted once more by Saeth and the bigger dragons. So the newest green pair make their way along the beach, the young green only stumbling a time or two in her ungainly progress. Kera grins around, dipping her head in polite greeting and a not too proper salute. "G'afternoon everyone."

"You'd be surprised how fast Weyrlinghood will go," Kiena remarks while laughing softly. "And yes, most weyrling dragons all seem to be different. I've never heard of two the exact same. They've all got their own quirks. Kind of like us, you know? Similarities but never quite an exact copy." How poetic? As for cluelessness, she only snickers and then sobers with a slight sigh. "I do, actually. Xanadu has been very good to Ujinath and I." she says with a warmer tone and smile. Glancing over at Mur'dah, Kiena scoffs and almost rolls her eyes at the brownrider. "Me? Trouble? Pfft. Common. You think I'd corrupt the Weyrlings so soon?" she drawls with a teasing grin. "Not much, brownrider." Kiena keeps her tone playful and light. "Just escaping the office myself and came by to see who I could find here and found Bowyn with Saeth!" And then there is Kera and Moncerath joining them and Kiena gives them both a welcoming half-wave and salute. "Afternoon, Kera! You as well, Moncerath. How're you two fairing?"

Ujinath cocks his head to the side as Saeth demonstrates his choice and it only seems to baffle the blue. « It does not bother your wings to lay like that? » His are always so neatly tucked! Then the little blue is scurrying off to mimic Kalsuoth now and Ujinath only rumbles. Oh, younglings! « This one is quite social and curious. » he informs Kalsuoth privately, before swivelling his head to regard the lanky limbed Moncerath with cautious interest. Hello there.

Bowyn wrinkles her nose at Mur'dah. "Trouble? What ever gave you the impression that /she/ and /I/ are trouble?" Yeah what /possibly/ could have done that? What history? Anyway, "It's good that you like it here. I'd hate to feel like I was stuck in a place that wasn't what I'd hoped it would be. You know?" When Kera comes around with Moncerath, Bo waves to the pair with a grin. "Afternoon, ladies. What brings you out?" She gives another quick glance to her lifemate, making sure he's behaving himself and not getting /too/ dirty. Again.

He's not. Instead, Saeth stretches upward, balancing back on his still slightly wobbly hind legs for a moment in an attempt to sniff at Kalsuoth's nose. He returns the brown's greeting with little broken beams of sunlight. « You're big » he concludes. The tiny blue takes a wider stance and fluffs his wings to make himself look bigger. Then he casts a look over to Ujinath as he replies to his earlier query with « No. You should try it. I can help you. »

Mur'dah just smirks, shaking his head. "Yes," he answers Kiena dryly. "How's everything, Bowyn? He a hunter yet?" he asks, turning to watch the little blue interact with Kalsuoth. "He's cute." Yes. Cute. What? "Hey, Kera! Congratulations!" he calls, eying the green for a moment.

Kalsuoth rumbles in amusement at Ujinath, his, « I can tell, » shared just between them before he widens his broadcast. « Thank you, » he says to Saeth, dipping his muzzle down to be more on the blue's level. The wobbling hind legs though…he can't help it and tries to give him a little nudge. Playfully. Just a little one. Unless Saeth gets down first.

Kera is a pace behind the eager young green, fingers wiggling out of the little salute to wave towards everyone. She pauses her steps near Bowyn and Kiena while Moncerath continue her awkward steps towards the other dragons. She shifts on her feet a little nervously as she watches her dragonmate's unsteady waddle. The young green cants her head up towards Ujinath. It's a good thing she's got that tail back there, since it keeps her from falling backwards. Instead, she ends up ends up seated, oversized wings start to droop down as she relaxes. Those big things get heavy after holding up there so long ya know. « Hello » Green head swivels slightly « You know good hiding spots? » Kera smirks nad reaches up to rub her face briefly with an amused shake of her head, then peers back to the trio gathered. "She's good ma'am thanks….I guess she's been storing up energy.." Couldn't very well call her own dragonmate spastic now could she. "G'day Mur'dah, thanks, Bowyn." A quick grin flashed to Mur'dah and Bowyn "She just woke up and after a fresh oiling, off she went."

"Even if we were up to trouble, she and I, do you think we'd make it so obvious?" Kiena quips in after Bowyn with a smirk, eyes bright with amusement. She then gives the blue weyrling a long, thoughtful and lingering look. "I think I do know," she replies a touch cryptically, but then she is distracted by the antics of all the dragons. She seems on edge for a moment, only to relax when Ujinath seems to be taking it all in stride as well. Truthfully, Kera could call her lifemate whatever she wished! Kiena sometimes uses a few colourful terms (lovingly) for her blue. "Have you guys been spending most of the day in the barracks?"

Ujinath's mind is a vast rolling meadow, deep dark forests on the edge in the distance but kept out of reach by a towering electrical fence that hums with a quiet warning. « Why should I try it? » he asks of Saeth with a dry and amused snort. Give him a good reason, kid! He'll whuffle too for Kalsuoth's nudging. « Careful now, » he says privately to the brown. « If they cry, we'll get it for sure. I for one don't want Rysith chasing us. She may be a green, but she is worse than a brooding wherry. » How would he know this? To Moncerath, Ujinath rumbles. « I know of many, but none that a little green should venture to quite yet. »

Bowyn shakes her head at Mur'dah and chuckles. "Well, not quite a hunter yet. He's still prone to uh…trip. But I think he's going to do pretty well. He's easy to teach." She seems proud at that last comment. "What have you been up to lately?" Kiena is given a knowing look for that cryptic response, but no verbal reply outside of a short hum. But the troublemaking talk has her smirking again, and she says, "/Yeah/, we're sneakier than that!" Kera's grinned at once more. "I already oiled Saeth once, and now I'll have to do it again. He got into some muck-covered something with one of the others. Had to scrub him…still not done." Yeah, about that. She turns to look at the blue and try to coax him over, but he's busy being nudged.

Saeth /almost/ made it down before being nudged, and that gentle push sends him scrambling to the side to try to regain balance with a worried rumble. When he finds his feet, the blue looks back to the giant brown and snorts. /Hey/. Following the snort is an attempt at a light headbutt on Kalsuoth's muzzle. Ujinath is looked at, sidelong, as he says, « Because stretching feels good. »

Mur'dah laughs. "Perhaps you'd think to make it obvious, since no one would think you /would/ make it obvious, so if it were obvious than clearly you weren't up to something, even though you were." Everyone follow that? "Explorers, huh? That's great. Good luck keeping them where they're supposed to be. Easy to teach is great," he says to Bowyn with a grin. "Me? Work, the usual. Nothing really out of the ordinary." Though a gleam to his eyes suggests otherwise.

Kalsuoth snorts at Ujinath, his mind rippling with amusement as tendrils of his forest arc over that humming fence with a playful, slow caution. « It'll toughen them up. » For what? He doesn't clarify. Rumbling back at Saeth, the brown seems amused, allowing the headbutt and then pushing at him again in a gentle shove. Just to see if he'll bounce back or run.

Kera looks between Kiena and Bowyn briefly when trouble is mentioned, mind perhaps going to a prior conversation as she a brow lifts curiously to the blueling "Already? Don't tell me she actually w.." Shaking her head quickly "Ya know, nevermind, not sure I wanna know." Still smiling though, she listens to the conversation, nodding to Kiena "Mostly yea, we explored around the grounds a bit, then she got hungry then sleepy." A little chuckle slips out as she watches Bowyn trying to coax Saeth over to be scrubbed some. Peering towards Mur'dah, she tries to follow his line of thought but after a few seconds shrugs and turns her focus back to Moncerath. The young green snuffling with a tail twitch and a cure litlte paw stomp, clearly not liking the large dragon's answer, but perking up quick enough. « Mine says I'm bigger than I was! » Large duotone wings of green and azure hues stretch outwards on either side, causing her to weave this way and that but not tipping over.

Kiena blinks, peering up at Kera with an oh-so innocent look. "Hmm? Don't tell who, what?" she drawls with a grin, only to nod her head to the green weyrling. "That's how the early days usually are. You guys just wait until you get to the later lessons! Whoo, those are some fun challenges. Eh, Mur'dah?" She has no clue how his Weyrlinghood went. She spent hers in Western, though it's likely the same lessons are similar from Weyr to Weyr. Bowyn is flashed a wry grin. Darn right they're sneakier than that! She wrinkles her nose a bit, "Eh, another thing to get use to. Repetition. And enjoy oiling 'em when they're this small while you can! They grow leaps and bounds." Mur'dah is given a sidelong glance and she blinks again. Uh, what? Then she laughs. "Okay, so we're not that cunning. At least I'm not. Sheesh, I think you lost me midway there!" she teases him.

Ujinath snorts. « They've just hatched. » he retorts to Kalsuoth, though it doesn't keep the blue from watching the exchange between Saeth and the brown with avid interest. « Stretching does feel good. » he agrees with the young blue and then promptly does just that, lowering down on his forelimbs and then stretching out his back and wings before giving himself a good shake as he stands. Moncerath is whuffled to when she displays her wings. « So you will be! Day by day. »

Bowyn scratches the side of her head as she considers Mur'dah's argument, possibly being the only one to follow his verbal diarrhea, then shakes her head. "Mm…no, we'd still be sneaky. Because if we were being sneaky, no one would know we were up to anything because we'd be /sneaky/ Mur'dah." Harumph. That being said and done, the weyrling then rises, brushes the sand off of herself, and turns to call to Saeth again. "Come on, Saeth. We've got to finish scrubbing you and get you oiled." Pause. "Alright, but do you want cracked skin?" Pause. "That's what I thought. I'll have to catch you all later. I need to get this done with and head back in."

Saeth, for Kalsuoth's information, will /not/ run, instead taking the nudge a little better than before and coming back with another headbutt. Snort. When he's called away, he seems reluctant to leave at first, pacing back and forth for a moment before trotting toward his lifemate after saying goodbye to the older dragons. Moncerath is given a sweet croon and a whuffle as he passes by. They'll hide together later!

Mur'dah laughs, shaking his head as he pushes himself to his feet. "Or maybe you're telling me you're not that cunning, to make me think you aren't, when you really are." He'll stop now. Promise. "Take care, Bowyn," he says with a tip of fingers to brow in a casual little flick of a salute. "I should get back too. Walk you back, Kiena? I had something I wanted to ask you about…Kera, see you later?"

Kalsuoth warbles at Saeth, pleased at the blue's resiliance before turning to Ujinath. « That one's solid. » It has been decided! With a contented sound, the brown takes a few steps back before he springs aloft, soaring back towards the weyr. And maybe showing off. Just a little.

Kera smirks a little, but managing to not chuckle outloud when Moncerath scrambles back from Ujinath is a flailing flurry of oversized wings and limbs. Righting herself, with only a mere dusting of sand marring her oiled hide, the young green warbles to the departing dragons, and begins to explore just in front of her paws. Those paws however are not remainng still, shuffling always forward. The new green weyrling flashes a grin around and nods to Mur'dah and Kiena "Have a good day Weyrsecond, Mur'dah." Another nod and she waves to the blueling pair heading the other way. Glancing around to check on Moncerath again, she gives startled huff at just how fast the little thing can move when she's of a mind too. "Moncerath stop right there!" Then a quick wave again to the others she darts off after her dragonmate.

Kiena is now completely lost as Bowyn adds in her two cents about being sneaky and she does the smart thing (maybe) and just nods her head and grins. Yeah, that! "Good luck with the oiling, Bowyn." she murmurs and pushes to her feet as well to brush the sand from her pants and shake out her legs a little. Ugh, the cold has made her stiff! "Sure, Mur'dah. Where you headed?" she asks, giving him a curious look. Ask her, huh? Ujinath rumbles apologetically to Moncerath and then steps back to launch up into the air without hesitation, soaring off in Kalsuoth's wake. "You too, Kera! Take care and we'll talk again soon." Kiena waves a quick farewell and then turns to move away with Mur'dah, head tilted curiously as they walk back towards the Weyr.

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