Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Day two post-hatching. Stuffed, somnolent hatchlings have this annoying habit of not remaining asleep. Moreover, they awake HUNGRY! And so the morning just after becoming one with another sentient creature, the poor bewildered and possibly befuddled weyrlings awoke to hungry squalls and intense hunger pangs in their own bellies surely augmented by their new lifemates. V'dim and the AWLMs were on hand to direct them to the vats of hand-cut meat, raw with bloody and drippy-yumness that their charges inhaled. Cleaning and oiling took them the rest of the morning and a cart with food for the weyrlings has been devoured and now? Now the natives are getting restless! And so V'dim has opened the huge double-doors of the weyrling barracks and the whole gamut of hatchlings have all but exploded into the outdoors to romp in the fresh, soft two foot deep snow that has fallen over night. They've been generally kept from over-spilling into the forests beyond the weyrling grounds, but allowed to gambol towards the weyrling beach. Isobeth hovering mother-like (or maybe more like grandmother-like), but not interfering.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth meander down from the main beach, the Comet rider dressed in his nice leathers, and the dark brown still wearing his straps so it seems the two are just here for a little visit before heading off again on another errand. "Sir," Mur'dah greets as he spots V'dim, saluting. Just like it's really hard to call an old teacher by their first name, it's really hard for Mur'dah not to feel like a Weyrling when he's around V'dim.

Another aged green also hovers (grand)mother-like by Isobeth's side, though Rysith remains at a respectful distance or completely opposite to her. All the better to cover ground from two angles, right? There is a gruff and low, amused rumble when the hatchlings all but explode through the doors, a sight that never seems to fail to raise the green's spirits. Anoryn has finished with seeing to the last pair outside and making sure that the barracks aren't left in a complete disaster before she too is stepping outdoors and inhaling deep of the cold winter air. Spotting Mur'dah arriving with Kalsuoth, the AWLM seems both curious and mildly surprised. "Morning, Wingrider!" she greets with a light smile before her gaze is wandering away again to watch over a few weyrling pairs.

After a quick mishap with trying to put boots on the wrong foot, Kera manages to pull herself together in just a couple of minutes. Moncerath warbles to impatiently with her groggy weyrling, but soon enough, the pair crunch their way across the grounds. Thankfully, a path has been cleared by the early risers so Kera's has an easier footing. The eager young green waddles, sliding or sometimes trying to backslide in place, as her muzzle shoots forward to investigate the cold white snow that's soo differant fromthe hot sands. A curious little whuffle before a snort causes her to enhale some snow when she breaths. Kera's quick to brush clumps off Moncerath's muzzle, chuckling as she see the little head sized indention "You would need alot more snow than that to hide in… but maybe later." Placing a hand on the young green's shoulder, she coaxes her on "Come on, we're probably already in trouble for being late." Then a quick salute to and headnod V'dim, Mur'dah, and an older woman that she recalls from a while back. "G'mornin Sirs, ma'aaaaammm." Her hand slaps over her mouth quickly trying to cover her yawn. Moncerath however is wide awake now and warbling greetings to the older dragons and her clutchmates.

There's more than one sleepy weyrling in the bunch - even after feeding snappingly-ravenous hatchlings this morning they should be awake though (losing a finger is an awful way to achieve alertness!) Sponging them off and oiling them is also a brisk enough exercise. Get used to exhaustion little Weyrlings! It will be your constant companion over the next two turns. Early rises have been contained within the barracks until just now, so technically Kera isn't late, although she might lag at the back of the pack. V'dim is trying not to look harried. He's… not getting any younger. Mur'dah's greeting has the aged Weyrlingmaster giving him an expressionless look, but his quiet question is demanding nonetheless. Not good morning how are you but, a clipped, "What are you doing here, wingrider?" This is bonding time, the entire weyr should know better than to visit. Yet.

Mur'dah's steps slow and then he stops, glancing around and then back to V'dim. Without even thinking about it, his posture shifts, back straightens, chin lifts. "Came to…uh. See…um. Nothing, sir. We're doing nothing, we're just leaving, sorry, sir." Another salute, and the brownrider turns to go.

Anoryn chuckles low in her throat when Kera has to clap a hand over her mouth to cover that yawn, though the AWLM doesn't seem insulted at all. "Morning, Kera. You as well Moncerath! I'd ask how you're doing, though I think I can get a pretty good guess of it," she says with that same light smile curving her lips. Still keeping a careful eye on the weyrlings, Anoryn doesn't miss much of the exchange between V'dim and Mur'dah and when the aged Weyrlingmaster all but chases off the young brownrider, she's hard pressed not to roll her eyes. "Honestly, V'dim… sir." she says in a lowered tone, less all overhear her. "He didn't mean any harm by it. Did you, Wingrider…?" Sorry Mur'dah, you're not escaping that easily! Anoryn makes sure to smile a little more sweetly too, even if not entirely genuine.

V'dim has already said good morning - and more to Kera and all of the Weyrlings, so her greeting baffles him, but he nods his grizzled head to her nevertheless. The lake waters are slate grey, frigid and clogged with bits of ice floes, lapping upon the shore with enticingly icy clinks that draws curious baby dragons to inspect. The cold won't hurt them, but their new weyrlings don't know that, so there is a flailing-splash after theirs that, well… displeases the Weyrlingmaster and he's frowning and motioning the humans back from frostbitten soaked feet. His blue eyes shift to Anoryn at her comment but his wrinkled face remains impassive. "Oh they never mean harm," he says, but one hand also reaches in an attempt to find Mur'dah's shoulder. "If you've nothing to do then I can fix that," he says, reaching into this pocket and thrusting an AWLM knot at him. The rusty creaks coming from him with puffs of steam in the freezing air surely isn't… laughter is it?

Kera gives Anoryn an appologetic shrug about the yawn, even though the awlm understands. Moncerath rumbles a soft greeting to Anoryn but can hardly be expected to remain still for too long, expecially when there is soooo much to see, over there…or maybe over there instead. Only Kera's hand laying on her shoulder keeps the green from bounding off to leap on that pile of white stuff. The weyrling though cants her head to V'dim, eyes flickering around the trio of older riders. Sensing a bit of tension from the older man, a flashing a wince to Mur'dah when the brownrider seems to be dismissed or in trouble. After a moment, she grins when it seems the rider isn't in trouble. But rather than interupt the conversation, she flashes a thumbs up and grin to Mur'dah before sidling around to catch up with Moncerath, who got distracted quick and waddled to snuffle and wuffle near the water. "Oh no you, I just oiled you up." And..that water looks really really cold, completely with ice chunks floating by. Glancing around and seeing Praela about ten meters away refusing to get her feet wet and join her lifemate at water's edge. Not about to be compared to /that/ one, Kera grits her teeth and sighs "Oh alright, but only for a minute." The start trudging towards the water, stopping just at the edge and ready to take a backstep quickly.

Mur'dah stops and turns around, casting Anoryn a brief look, and then focuses on V'dim. "I-" then V'dim is /touching/ him. Awkwardawkwardakwward, and he freezes. Blinks. Stares. "I didn't say I had nothing to do! Just that I was doing nothing /here/. I've got…what…deliveries…is that…" Blink. "Wait." Then he /laughs/, leaning back away from V'dim's touch. "Kiena put you up to this didn't she? Me, an AWLM. HA! Good one, sir, very good."

Rysith whuffles with amusement towards some of the antics of the younger dragons but for the most part hangs back. They have to stumble and fall and learn all about the Big Wide World on their own, after all! She'll only stir and fuss if it becomes overly problematic. Anoryn will watch as Kera and Moncerath move off, nodding in approval and then glancing back to V'dim when he starts to creak—err, laugh? Quirking a brow up, she'll spy that knot and then all but guffaws. "V'dim, you can't be serious?" she asks flat out and bluntly. Really? "No offence, Wingrider." Anoryn glances sharply to Mur'dah with an apologetic smirk, only to tilt her head. "Would the Weyrsecond do such a thing?" Now she peers at V'dim, unsure. IS this a joke?

Does W'dim look like he's kidding? Really now, when does that ever happen? His face remains without a trace of humor as he returns Mur'dah's stare. He can - and has - out-stared many a weyrling over the turns; he's practiced at it, see? "Who's Kiena?" he asks in a gruff, not-that-I-really-care tone even though he knows damn well she's the weyrsecond. Translation: Nope, she did not. His gloved hand makes no attempt to restrain the brownrider; it's dropped to his side but his other still extends the knot. In fact, that's tucked into his jacket pocket as if there have been no protests whatsoever. "I'll speak to your wingleader and the weyrleader later," the old man says somberly, "This'll catch you up after your late start as a Senior weyrling." Now there's some ironic humor as wrinkled lips twist at some amused thought, before he turns and give Anoryn a blank look. It says, both yes and no. Yes, he's serious, no, he's not joking. "Let them play, they're out here to get exercise!" he calls to some of the Weyrlings holding back their lifemates. Isobeth pads to the lake's edge. « You cannot swim yet little ones, but play, that's important. Watch! » The old green pokes her muzzle in the frigid water just over her nostrils and blows bubbles. « Don't breathe in, only out! » she tells them.

Kera steps back and forward again with Moncerath as the water surges forward and recedes in gentle waves. The young green's muzzle swivels as she watches the water coming towards her. Just as it's about to reach her claws, Moncerath backpeddles across the snow covered beach a few feet before pausing when the water starts slipping away again. With a little grin, Kera watches her dragonmate's antics. "Better catch it before it gets away Moncerath." Leading by example, Kera takes a step towards the water while it's still surging out. With a happy warble when she senses a game, the young dragon bounds clumsily to the girl's side, muzzle stretching. Then the little wave is coming back, catching Moncerath by surprise and she scrambles back in a flurry of twitching tail and shifting wings when the water washes over her front paws.

Mur'dah blinks, staring at V'dim, a bit pale. "But…" Ouch. That dig about his own Weyrlinghood stung, and he flinches. Slowly he reaches out to take the knot, frowning at it. Stupid knot. And he sighs. Not exactly enthusiastic is he?

Anoryn smirks at the response she gets from V'dim. Even if not verbal, the AWLM is no fool and can read well enough into the looks she receives. Huffing in incredulousness, she won't interfere though she will look at the Weyrlingmaster as though he's knocked a few screws loose. Yet in the next moment she is chuckling gruffly again as she observes Mur'dah's less than enthusiastic acceptance. "It's not a death sentence, kid." she drawls, giving him a look. If he doesn't want it, why'd he take the knot? She'll pretend not to hear that dig at the brown rider's Weyrlinghood either! See? Her attention has drifted back to where Kera and Moncerath are by the water and Anoryn is distracted for a moment in having to call to another Weyrling pair. "Play doesn't mean getting into mischief!" Or does it?

Isobeth's muzzle is cold; she only blows bubbles as long as there are a few younglings interested - which isn't long with their attention spans. She next flicks a chunk of ice so it goes skittering down the snowy beach towards Moncertath. « Catch! » she encourages. It's playtime! V'dim flicks his gaze from the scattered hatchlings back to Mur'dah at that protest. His cheek twitches as he regards the reluctant young man silently. "Very much like your father's reaction to being tapped for weyrsecond. I remember…" He remembers far too much and he doesn't go on. "You can lead, you just need to want to." The look he directs to Anoryn is laced with subtle humor. Young. They only see the now. Back to Mur'dah, he shrugs, like it's no big deal, but he's offered to entrust his precious young weyrlings to Mur'dah's influence. It's more of an honor than he'll make it sound. "If you'd rather not, I can tap your sister instead."

Mur'dah winces again at the mention of his father, shaking his head and gripping the knot. "I'll do it," he says. "Just let me finish these deliveries, okay? I'll be back later." He has to…cope with this. This gigantic shift in his life. Shards, why on Pern would V'dim want /him/ for this? His Weyrlinghood was tumultuous at best. He has to go find Kiena.

Kera tries to stifle a giggle as she watches her dragonmate's reaction to the frigid water splashing over her paws, then seems a perplexed at why she's giggling. Shrugging it off her attention is quickly focused back on Moncerath. The young green lowers her muzzle, snuffling her wet paws before she starts warbling ecitedly and starts to lumber closer to the water. Kera chickens out right at water's edge, but not Moncerath, she splashes in a couple of paces, claws flexing as she tries catching the water itself. Not having any luck, she dunks her head in,snorting and maanging a few bubbles before her snout gets ticked and her head rears up, sneezing a bit. The young green is quick to recover however and spins around when the older dragons thought break through her excitement. Seeing the icechunk skittering along, she scrambles awkward across the icey sand trying to get it. Stepping back from the water, Kera seems suddenly giddy too as she watches Moncerath chase the wayward chunk and pounce, wings stretching to either side as she maintains balance.

Rysith will stretch herself out and then lumber over once Isobeth has sent some ice skittering over the snowy beach for Moncerath to play with. Of course, once the green has caught on to the game, other baby dragons may have their curiosity piqued too! Anoryn remembers much as well, though not of Xanadu. Xanadu is a "new" home to her, so much of what V'dim is hinting to with Mur'dah going right up and over her head. Not that she cares, figuring it's none of her business. "Guess you and I will be working together then, looks like." she says to Mur'dah and with a smile that is a touch more warm. Maybe she feels a little sorry for the brownrider?

Had Mur'dah asked V'dim that out loud, he'd have ticked off the reasons on his crooked old fingers: mother Weyrwoman, father Weyrsecond, brother Weyrleader. Leadership is in his blood, V'dim knows it. Mur'dah simply needs to embrace his potential and believe it too! The canny oldster likely had planned to tap the spawn of leaders anyway; Mur'dah just saved him the trouble of tacking him down. "You may report tomorrow two hours before down," he tells the young man. Gracious isn't he? "Shifts rotate, plan on sleeping in the barracks every third night, see the steward about your salary change." They cannot pay the AWLMs enough to put up with the hi-jinks they're going to, but at least the raise is substantial, something to make up for the sleep they'll surrender and the… increase in stress? "Keep an eye on that one," he intones to Anoryn, thrusting his chin not at Moncerath, but Kera. Then, saluting them both, he's off in ground-eating strides towards the Weyrling grounds without so much as a goodbye. See, there's a group just over the rise out of sight and there's total silence. Experience has taught him that that's when they're into trouble!

Mur'dah groans at the time, but he nods and then takes his leave, with a pained look to Anoryn and a glance to Kera.

Kera bounces on her toes, grinning as she watches Moncerath pouncing the chunk of ice with a sound that could be best described as a draconic squeal over the new game. The sound seems to signal 'game on' with the nearest of the dragonets. Prylith and Cullenth are first on the scene, snuffling about in a loose circle as Moncerath swipes a paw atthe chunk, sending it flying past her unsuspecting clutchmates. Kera swivels around some, boots stomping trying to keep her feet warm as the chunk slides near Rysith. Taking her attention away from the game for a few seconds, she watches a couple of the other young pairs, spotting the Weyrlingmaster leaving and turning her attention back to…Well, Just Anoryn now it seems. She gives a quick head nod towards the woman before shoving cold hands in her pockets and tromping a path through the snow towards the woman. "Definately a couple of hectic days recently hmm?" Understatement of the Turn award goes to?…

Anoryn can only shrug her shoulders helplessly to Mur'dah for his pained look and try to give him a reassuring one in return. Hey, it's not all that bad? At least he's young! "See you at dawn, Wingrider… though I suppose now you're my equal." she muses with a smirk and at V'dim's instructions she snorts softly but nods. "Understood. We'll make sure they stay out of trouble." Reassurances given, she'll then turn away and make her way over to where Kera and Moncerath are on the beach. Anoryn is quite used to V'dim's abrupt departures by now and the AWLM just as easily goes right back to work. Rysith will lower her muzzle and send the chunk of ice skittering back to Moncerath, if it's not intercepted by Prylith and Cullenth first! "To put it lightly? Yes. More so for you, I'd think. I've had many Turns to adjust to this." Anoryn gives Kera a gentle smile. "You'll adjust soon enough. Hectic as it is, enjoy it." After all, they'll only go through it once! The AWLM will try to stay close for conversation, but more often than naught she'll be dragged away or distracted until it's time to return to the barracks.

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