Meeting D'had's Family

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road


This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

The rains have cleared over a week ago and the high water from the lake has slowly receded, leaving the cottages and weyrbarns along coastal road once again habitable. Thankfully for Thea and D'had, the flood never rose above the foundation. Fallen trees have been removed by cleanup crews, including the one that smashed their porch and it is the tangle of wood and snapped support beams that Thea stands staring at. Moving back from the office that the juniors share with the Weyrsecond might be just a bit complicated - at least until the crews get to helping with the damage that blocks the front door.

"Here you are," comes D'had's greeting from behind where the junior stands. A few more seconds allows for a few more steps before he wraps arms around her waist and rests his chin on her shoulder. "Glad we moved up to the office then?"

Ack! Voice from behind her! Thea jumps slightly, her concentration having been upon the mess before her rather than on footsteps behind. She shoots Seryth a 'thanks-for-the-warning' glare, but no, the queen is happily turning in place to settle back in her spot by the weyrbarn. The junior leans back, relaxing into D'had, pale green eyes giving him a sidelong look as his chin hooks over her shoulder. It's a teasing twinkle that lights them, "If only to reminisce what it was like sleeping on a couch with you."

D'had chuckles, amused by both her surprise and her commentary. "Was thinking now this is all over we go somewhere." Beat. "If you're up for it?" he adds with a touch of question in his voice.

Thea's smile widens and she half-turns in D'had's arms, "Go-?" Does he even have to ask? She studies his face for a long moment, looking for signs of fatigue there before answering, "Rather miss all the hammering and sawing the builders will be doing, but what about you? All those extra sweeps you did…" Her voice trails off in concern before she flicks another glance towards the ruined porch, "Don't mind leaving and trusting them to fix it?"

D'had is tired, yes. All those extra sweeps, extra work in general with the fires and the flooding. "Not gonna miss the noise at all," he replies with a quirk of a grin. "So if you aren't, then let’s go." Someone's in a hurry to get out of the weyr.

Thea turns fully around at this. D'had rushing. This is new and must be fully appreciated. She links her arms around his neck, allowing her carrysack to slide to the ground with a small thump and regards the Weyrsecond with eyes that dance, "Have I told you today that I love you?" She really does, but she's teasing him with her stalling. There's another thought, or a couple of them, which she voices, "Did you clear it with D'son and Niva and do I need anything else besides the skirts and blouses I have in that carrysack?" How fortunate the clothes were washed before leaving the caverns and that she's wearing flight leathers, for if she's about to be kidnapped without re-packing…

Hurry to get out of the weyr or just excited because she will be, it’s uncertain, but all the same, yes, D'had is rushing. "Nope," he replies, leaving the single reply to work for all questions. "She gonna come?" he inquires, a nod of his head towards Seryth indicating who. "Or should I just have Sie drop us off."

A ride on Siebith, who could say no to that? An adventure that, if one likes to live dangerously. Seryth is all comfy and half-asleep, merely peeks out of one partially-lifted lid at Thea's silent communication. A lid which promptly closes again. "Siebith." Thea answers, using but the one word so as not to slow D'had with lengthy conversation. Something the man surely will appreciate. She lowers her arms, bends to retrieve her bag. "Ready whenever you are." She gives him a jaunty salute. He's the captain of this trip.


You sit atop Siebith's back. Beneath your legs, you see: Shallow ocean currents race across this dragon's body, streaks of white wakes swirling after some unseen vessel. Dappled shades dot down his neck from his muzzle to pool into a darker blue splotch on his chest. His body is small and compact, perfectly proportioned like a prized racing boat. A thin darker blue streak down both sides of his torso create a stylized marking, as they swirl down to the tip of his tail, chasing each other as if in a never ending quest. His wings are shorter than average, but thicker as well, colored the same pale blue as the rest of his body.

"Well," D'had starts nodding towards the sky where the blue makes his appearance before landing nearby. He's already ready to go so it doesn't take long for Donn to take over Thea's bag from her and secure it in place on his straps. "Up you go," and while she likely doesn't need a hand up he offers it all the same. Once she's in place he swings up and into place behind her. Shortly after checking straps Siebith is in the air, adventurous in flight though not overly so. Some extra tricks in the air before the hop between.

Thea doesn't even try to hide her delight, patting Siebith as D'had helps her into place. "Hi handsome," she greets the blue as bags and straps are secured. As soon as D'had is settled behind her, she's locking onto his arms in readiness for Siebith's sudden moves, remembered all too well from the one time she's ridden him. If a few squeals escape, well she can be forgiven that being she's not accustomed to fancy flying, right? There's no white-faced fear this time however, since the pair didn't drop her the last time.

When the utter blackness of between disappears it’s into the bright tropical skies of Big Bay, and the blue circles down to land near the harbor. Once on the ground, D'had swings down reaching up to help her down if she'll have it. Then it's on to bags, hers, his, and one other.

Thea breathes again on the other side of Between. It's one thing going through it on your own dragon, somewhat different on another's. She takes in the panorama of Big Bay, leaning back once to say loud enough to be heard over the rush of the wind, "How pretty!" She leans to see better as they circle, trying to see everything at once; the water, the ship, folks meeting them, if anyone is. She's really too excited to look at any one thing long enough to study it for long, however. She reaches for D'had, allowing him to assist her, smiling into his eyes, trying to assess his mood. She waits while he's pulling bags down, eyeing that third one curiously, but without comment for now. Her real focus is divided between the quiet D'had and whether there are folks meeting him, as her glances flicker questioningly between the harbor and her weyrmate.

D'had removes Siebith's straps next, coiling them and throwing them over one shoulder while the bags are recollected with the other hand. No one's meeting them just yet, but as he turns to lead the way towards the docks a young boy, about five, just runs down their path only to catch sight of the and duck behind the legs of a young man in his late teens that walks a few steps behind him.

Ista Area - Big Bay Sea Hold

A busy port hold with seafront docks and moored ships, folks coming and going, cargo loaded and unloaded. Tropical growth presses in behind the buildings and the air is heavy with moist warmth, the scent of fish mingles with sweet-smelling floral and jungle growth.

Thea remains silent as well, her exuberance fading into uncertainty at her weyrmate's silence. With a final pat for Siebith and a soft, "Thanks for the ride, Friend," she falls into step beside D'had. "Need me to take one of those bags?" Since he's carrying everything and her hands are empty. Pale eyes flicker ahead, noting the boy and the young man, but this is a port hold and it isn't unusual for folks to be out and about. Still, she sends a quick smile for them and a questioning glance towards the man by her side.

Siebith noses Thea gently in return for her thanks, heading off once the pair of humans are out of range of wings to - well who knows where the blue goes when he's on his own. D'had gives the pair of boys a nod, the older returning it while the younger peeks around him at them. "Nah, you aren't carrying anything. Coalan can take it." Another slight nod of his head goes to indicate the older boy as they approach.

"Coalan." Thea repeats ever-so-quietly, another questioning look slid to D'had even as she's nodding about the bags. "Your… cousin?" Unsure, she nevertheless her spine straightens and her chin lifts. Family meetings on her side having been stressful of late, it's an unconscious reaction, her smile for the pair approaching is warm, bordering on amusement for the younger boy. "I promise I won't bite you," she sing-songs to him, "I just ate lunch. But watch him-" her head tilts towards D'had, "He might want a nibble."

"Nephew," D'had replies in an aside to Thea. The bags are handed over to the older boy, a bit of exchange including an introduction of the junior. The younger boy stays mostly hidden, peeking out with an impish grin. "Now you," Donn starts towards the boy, ducking down to his level, "Are much too big to be Brice." The little boy grins all the more, but stays in hiding which gets a bit of a laugh from both his brother and the bluerider. He straightens, wrapping a now free hand around Thea's shoulders. "Don't worry," he whispers, "They'll love you."

There's a slight nod as Thea is enlightened, acknowledging the young man's introduction with a murmured, "Xanadu's duties, pleased to meet you, Coalan." She watches D'had's interaction with the younger boy with interest. This is new side to the man and she's captivated. As he stands, she leans into that arm about her shoulders, visibly relaxing - it's a conscious effort on her part. "Thanks," she whispers back, her smile for him returns and then she's looking about the harbor with interest. There seems to be more than one ship in port, so she must ask, "Which one is yours and what is it named?"

It might be a different side, but it’s not like they've actually had a good chance for her to see him with children. D'had gives her shoulder another reassuring squeeze, leading her on towards a large trading vessel. "Right there," he points, "Vega Run." Brice runs again to those waiting on the ship to tell them while Coalan trails behind him.

This would be the first time Thea's had the opportunity to see D'had with family and it's clear she's enjoying it as she looks at him with new eyes, so to speak. She's following him to the ship indicated, pausing to get a good look at it. There's awe in her voice as she pauses, craning her neck to look up at the huge masts, "It's bigger than I'd imagined." Though what she had pictured, she doesn't say.


Vega Run

A large trader’s ship, the Vega Run is a sleek sailing sloop capable of slipping with speed through the waves of the sea even when heavily loaded. Tall masts, graceful sails, ropes and rigging, a skilled crew and open seas that beckon her, the Vega Run is poised to fly.

D'had chuckles. "Told ya they're traders," he notes before continuing up and onto the ship. Straps are dropped into a pile to be put up later. He straightens only to be whacked upside the head by an older woman who gets onto him about bring 'those little girls to visit more'. That must be the mother. It’s a loving sort of fussing which ends only when she catches sight of Thea while a man who looks much the same as D'had only a few years old gives the weyrwoman a hand up while Donn is 'busy'. "So ya must be Thea," the woman starts, leaving off of D'had to put her up into a perhaps unexpected hug. "So good ta finally meet ya."

As they start up the gangplank, "Yeah, you did-" Thea's words abruptly cut off as simultaneously a woman smacks D'had and she is offered a hand from a man who looks an awful lot like him. Father? Brother? She's unsure. Her blink of surprise for the whacking her weyrmate is getting turns to a grin as she catches the woman's words and figures it out, trying not to let her confusion show as she looks back to the man, "You must be-" once again her sentence left unfinished as she is swept up into the woman's hug. Breathless now, she returns that hug absently, "I am and it's good to meet you too. Uh, Caileigh, right?" She is at the same time blinking at D'had over the woman's shoulder. Hello, Overwhelmed here.

"Lairgnen," the man offering assistance provides his name for her even as Caileigh takes over. She gives that tight hug and then holds the younger woman at arm's length giving her a good look over. "How he got so lucky," she shakes her head. "Oh yes, Caileigh. So now, how far along?" Eyes focus on Thea's stomach for a second. Meanwhile D'had rubs the back of his head looking a little overwhelmed himself. "Thanks?"

Thea has a second or two to blink at Lairgnen and offer him a rather flustered smile but then she's being looked over while both comment and question have her cheeks flushing pink, a doubtful glance shot towards D'had. He's lucky? She too looks at her belly, just barely beginning to show a gentle curve while her cheeks flame, "Uh, almost five months?" She raises her head to meet Caileigh's eyes, hers crinkle as she returns the woman's smile, "So, what do you think, triplets?" Teasing, obviously meant to fluster poor D'had over there.

No, no, lets not tease D'had like that. There's that moment of panic written on his face before he realizes Thea's teasing and wanders over to join them, draping one arm over the shoulders of each, weyrmate and mother. Brother in the meantime heads back to work for the time.

Thea smirks at the look on D'had's face, but innocent is she! To Caileigh, "They say the trait for twins and triplets comes from the father's side of the family." So if they've had multiple births, well. He can worry for the next four months. Lairgnen's wordless departure earns a quietly amused, "He talks as much as you do, Donn." For a moment she just rests her head on his shoulder, watching the preparations going on around them. "Are we in the way?" Because there are folks moving around them, busily hauling ropes and moving things and raining sail.

D'had snorts, "Yeah well…" There's only so much that needs to be said between him and his brother just now. "Oh no dear," Caileigh replies before D'had can, "They'll let you know. Could head inside if you'd rather." The woman leaves a smile for that baby belly though and she at least has the presence not to touch right off.

Thea just shakes her head at the brothers, perplexed and trying not to be. "No, thanks," this to Caileigh with a bright smile. "It's only the second time I've been on a ship. I don't want to miss a thing!" Indeed, she is watching the folks with bright interest, murmuring her questions to D'had, "Are they sailing today?" and "Should we be helping, do something?" and pointing, "What's that thing for?" Poor man. Likely just the first of many questions to come.

D'had chuckles. "Thanks Ma," he replies, "I'll show 'er round and we'll be in for lunch." He leans over to give the woman the kiss on the cheek she's expecting followed by a questioning look for the first of those questions of Thea's. "We were just waitin' for you two," Caileigh replies. D'had nods, "Sounds good," he returns before looking back to Thea. "Yep, think they've got a hand on it." After all they've done without him this long already and he's got her to show the ropes. That said his mother is off to finishing up whatever she was working on before their arrival and Donn is fielding questions of what things are for and showing the junior around the deck of the ship.

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