Walking is Work

Xanadu Weyr - Training Grounds
This wide, grassy expanse is nestled into a vaguely bowl-shaped curve, granite walls jagged and misshapen as though something's taken a bite out of the mountain. It's high above the level of the beach, with a lovely easterly view of the sea and a long path leading down to sandy shores. Cliffs surround the training grounds on all other sides, excepting a small archway leading towards the hatching arena.

While much of the grounds are left in their natural state, one area has been trampled and trodden by enough feet that the grass struggles to grow. A running track circles a set of equipment - straw dummies with wooden frames, obstacles of various sizes and shapes, and targets for flaming, archery, and whatever else might be needed to train human and dragon bodies alike.

Candidate access to the combined barracks can obtained by way of a simple door embedded into the wooden half of the structure. Weyrlings are encouraged to make use of a short but massive tunnel that slopes gently upwards into the half of the barracks meant for dragon use. To the right of this opening, a jagged crack in the stone leads to a dim cave, alive with the sound of water.

"Come on Dovirauth. You can't stay in your wallow all the time." Kasle walks backwards out of the barracks, beconing with both hands to the tiny blue that trudges after her, yawning, « Will there be food? » It's not terribly long after midday, the winter sun shining warm overhead, "I'll get you something. I promise. Just, please come outside." There's the discontent sound of blades clashing, bright sparks flying as steel colides with steel, « Fine. But I won't like it. » The former gardener shakes her head, kneeling down in a particularly bright spot of sunlight, bundled in a coat against the chill in the air, "Oh, Dovi…" She wraps her arms around the long, slender neck while the young dragon drapes his head over her shoulder and sits down in front of her with a contented sigh to for just being with no further expectations than to exist in this space with his most special of all females. Yes. This. This is good.

Avi and Mirieth are outside already, the pair of them practicing walking of all things. « One Foot, Two Foot, Back Foot..» Mirieth's chipper little strawberry scented song is interupted with a yelp and « TAIL! » And followed with a tumble that has her sprawling on her back in the dirt, her wings wide and all four paws in the air. « Oopsie! I'm fine! » For his part, Avi is forced to jump back out of the way of tumbling dragon, his eyes wide as he rushes back to her side and holds her head in his hands as takes a moment to make sure she is, indeed, fine. She is, that much is clear when he exhales a quiet laugh and does his level best to get her back on her feet. "We really need to figure out the rest of that song," he decides. "You always get tripped up right there at the end."

The stillness of the former gardener and most tiny of blues is interrupted by that song, yelp, and tumble, making Kasle and Dovirauth look over, her in concern, him in curiosity, "Is she alright?" The blue just looks at the even smaller hatchling, still leaning against his person, « Mirieth is very clumsy. » The soft whisper of an arrow being pulled from the quiver accompanies his observation, « But she is pretty. » Which, apparently, makes up for any flaw in her coordination, as far as he is concerned. This earns a soft laugh from Kas and she pulls the long-faced blue down to plant a kiss on top of his head, "Yes, she is very pretty. And you are too young to be noticing that, yet." He ducks and presses his hooded head against her chest hard enough to push her over, half crawling in dark haired woman's lap, « But she looks nice… She is a very pretty color. »

« Just five more minutes, » insists Kovagath. « Five more, and I'll rest. » Does it matter that this is the third time he's made that promise? No, of course not! Kovagath has no memory of those aforementioned promises, and Sh'y has given up trying to remind him. Clearly, the former beastcrafter has decided that Kovagath will simply collapse of exhaustion at some point and that will be that. "I'll hold you to that." He won't. He can't. You try telling a giant baby dragon what to do! But Kovagath's marching (or whatever it was he was doing) is halted by that very same tumble that turned Dovi and Kasle's attention toward the green, though his concern is far more in her well being than her pretty hide. « Miri! » He doesn't quite bound over, but he does pick up a bit of a hastier pace, which has Sh'y half-jogging beside him as they both head toward Avi and the little green. « Still practicing your tumbles, hm? » It's a gentle sort of tease, made because he can see she's not in any real danger.

If Mirieth could blush, she would blush. As it stands, the compliments have her craning her neck, her head turning this way and that to determine if there is another green in the yard. "They're talking about you," Avi assures her in a soothing whisper. « Are you /sure/?» "I'm positive, Mirieth." « I don't think they are. » "They are." The assurance has her trying to hide behind Avi, an act that is doomed to failure given his own lack of physical stature. "She's fine," he calls back. « I'm a clutz » Mirieth laments from her unfortunate choice of hiding spots behind Avi. And then Kovagath is calling out and she's whipping around (Very nearly thunking Avi with her tail) to regard the approaching pair. « Kovagath! » her glee is immediately, the strawberries that normally color her tones taking on a jubilent quality as tinkling laughter colors her tones. « I am getting very good at tumbling, » she calls. « I'll be going pro soon! You're very, very good at Marching, » she adds in tones that couldn't possibly be prouder. « Did you see, Dovirauth? Someday I'll be able to march like that, too. » Probably not, but she's entitled to her dreams. For his part, Avi clears his throat, stepping /over/ Mirieth's tail and out of accidental flail range.

« I thought you were owning the klutz? » reminds Kovagath with the draconic equivalent of a grin. Or at least, he attempts to make his mind feel like what a grin might feel. It probably doesn't work. His dystopian city-scape really isn't cut out for glee and grinning. Ahem. « Marching… well. I don't know if I would call it marching. » He tips his head in a pose of consideration. « I'm speed-walking. » because. « Sh'y won't let me run. » HUFF. THE HEIGHT OF RUDE. And Sh'y? Well. He doesn't even try to defend himself. Just shrugs and reaches out to put a hand to Kovagath's withers shoulders. « Try walking again? I'll walk with you. »

« I am! I mean.. I do. I.. sort of own being a clutz? Maybe, » Mirieth offers after a moment of thought. « It's a payment plan sort of thing and I can only partially own it for now. » Which immediately has her looking adorably awkward to the point that her wings give a spastic little flutter. « Or something! I own it! » The thought of speed walking, though, has her balking even as she edges toward Kovagath with every intention of joining him. « Okay, but maybe less speed and more walk would be better? On account of the clutz'ing and all. » Course, she's wriggling her way up alongside him, making a point to cut a wide berth around Sh'y to avoid even an accidental brush. "You can walk together, but go slow and be careful, Miri…" Avi's warning is coupled with a flick of apology toward Sh'y for their interupting his walk with Kovagath. "She is getting better," he assures. Course, Mirieth is having none of the apologies, gleefully informing Kovagath that « Navenath and I are going to investigate what are behind all the doors in the weyr. Humans, she says, hide things behind doors and we want to know what. AND! I am small enough to fit through doors. So I /have/ to get better at walking for the mission. » As for Avi? What can you say to that? /NOTHING/, nothing at all. Which is probably why he clears his throat and looks everywhere but toward the blue pair.

« Walking sounds too much like work. » That's Dovirauth's opinion and he's sticking to it! He pushes the top of his hooded head against Kasle's chest, pushing her over and planting himself firmly atop his most favoritest person of all time, keeping her from getting up and doing anything as strenuouse as walking. Ugh! HE'S PROTECTING HER FROM HERSELF, OKAY! "Oof!" There's a grunt of protest from the former gardener, "Dovi, you're really too big to do that." He might be the smallest blue out of the entire clutch (seriously, there are greens bigger than him), but that doesn't make him any less heavy! Nope. He's not moving though. He's got her legs firmly pinned under his chest and his head resting on her chest, snout right under her chin. At least he's not got his heaviest parts where it would completely smush her? "Please, Dovi?" The vast emptiness of her private mindscape bleeds out to the others, a sea of expansive nothing that he wraps around his lifemate to keep her safely cocooned away from the dangers of actually doing anything. Nope. He's not moving. And neither is she.

« I will go very slow. » He'll go moderately slow. He'll try to go moderately slow. For her. Because he's helping! « Put one foot in front of the other… » Someone was paying attention to the song. Just don't expect him to actually sing it. Sh'y just shrugs, a wry smile tugging at his mouth as he gives Avi a 'what can you do?' sort of look. It's probably the same look he'll give Kasle when her Dovi decides to crush her in his attempt to save her from herself. Baby dragons, amirite? Sh'y will just walk along behind Kovagath, content to let him take the lead on attempting to help Miri (and to his credit, he does keep the pace relatively slow). But all that good-natured helping grinds to a halt at the idea of « A mission, you say? Behind secret doors? » Technically, she did not say the doors were secret, just the things behind them. « I will accompany you on this adventure. NO DOOR SHALL STAND IN OUR WAY! » There might be broken doors in his future. At least Sh'y, as they walk past, offers Kasle a commiserating look. "Eventually, he'll realize you can't feed him if he's pinning you to the ground." Well. One can hope at least.

« But which foot? » While Mirieth's strawberry scented mezzo tones are still sweet, there is a good deal of confusion in them, as well. « I have /four/ feet. I can't put the back ones in front of the front ones. » She knows! She's tried. « And in what order? » She's pretty sure she's getting the order wrong somewhere. That has to be it. Still, she's doing her darnedest to match Kovagath as he walks. « One Foot, Two Foot, Back Foot, ACK! » Is called out as she stumbles and does a little hopping dance before righting herself. « It's the song. It's gotta be the song. » And then.. And then Kasle is being crushed and Dovi is talking about Missions and Mirieth is /beside/ herself with GLEE. « Yes! » Tripping? Forgotten. Crushing? Forgotten. « SECRET DOORS CONCEALING SUPER SECRET HUMAN TREASURES! Navenath says it is our sacred duty to find them. Well, she didn't /actually/ say sacred duty, but she implied it very heavily. » "Hooboooy." Yup, that's all Avi's got. He's certainly no where near strong enough to help Kasle and trying to dissuade Mirieth of her 'gang's' mission? Nope. No. He'll pass. "So.. I heard they made meatrolls again…" WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?

Kasle's voice is slightly strained and strangely… monotone, her expression almost blank, "I sure hope so…" Faranth! Dovirauth is smothering her! It's not even the weight. Not even the bright, just past midday sunlight is a help right now. Though, the weak winter light does feel good. Maybe the tiny blue (who really isn't that small) is right about not moving being best? Dovi lifts his head for a moment to look at the other two plotting (and walking) young dragons and snorts, planting his chin firmly back on the dark haired woman's chest before she can work up the motivation to do something drastic. LIKE SITTING UP! The swift tickticktickticktick of a spinning roulette wheel whispers in the wind, « You both have fun with that. » Dovi is not interested. That would mean he'd have to get up. He'd have to put in some EFFORT!

« The first foot. And then the second foot. » SO HELPFUL. "Back right, then front right, then back left, then front left." That's how runners walk! And so, naturally, Sh'y will just apply this logically to dragons, whether it is true or not. « Once we get this walking thing down, we'll go check on the doors. » THE SUPER SECRET DOORS! Kovagath is definitely on the lookout for them, little blue head swinging side to side, bright eyes whirling fast, a man on a mission! « Hm. These doors are very sneaky. » HIDING FROM HIM! « We will! » he agrees, utterly certain in his impending fun. « Have fun crushing Kasle. » He… totally means that, too. YOU DO YOU, BOO! « Tuck those wings tight, Miri! And… MARCH! » They're not marching. They're just walking. "I did notice that," says Sh'y for those meatrolls. "Delicious." BECAUSE FOOD IS FOOD RIGHT NOW AND ANYTHING THAT FILLS HIS BELLY IS AWESOME.

« Back Left, Front Left, » Mirieth chimes as she focuses very hard on copying Kovagath next to her. « HAVE FUN! » Is called gleefully to Dovirauth as she marches (walks) alongside Kovagath. « Back Left, Front Left…. WOOOOAH! WOOAH! ACK! » See, the problem with Back Left, Front Left? She got distracted and forgot the whole right side of her body and immediately topples over onto her side. Fortunately, Avi is quick enough to jump out of the way. More fortunate is the fact that she pops right back up with an « I'M FINE! » And tucks her wings before scrambling to fall right back in to step next to Kovagath. « You know, » She points out to Kovagath in tones that might be a whisper if they were not BROADCASTED TO ANYONE NEARBY. « There is that door in the barracks…. You know the one… » The one the weyrlingmasters mysteriously disappear behind throughout the day. « There has to be all kinds of wonderful things hidden away in there. »

Dovirauth will absolutely have fun laying on Kasle. The sun feels so good on his hide right now… He stretches out his wings, first up and then out and forward, and finally spread wide at his sides, taking up as much room as possible. His eyes whirl with contentment and he gets really heavy. Oh yeah. He's totally going to go to sleep here. His person just makes a wonderful bed! So comfy. So warm. So safe. So- No. He shifts his head to pin the arm that Kasle tries to use to push his head off of her. She's not going anywhere and neither is he. He did, after all, drag himself ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE AWAY FROM HIS WALLOW!

« There is only paperwork, though I am sure that making it disappear would make mine happy. » Winter, insidious and cold, a brain-freeze chill of encroaching frost despite the fact that Teimyrth's mind is, for once, calm. It's snowfall eddies, the soft scent of pine, the distant hint of a fire burning somewhere that might hint at warmth where no other park of this hulking giant — sans the burnt black of his hide — might. AND HERE COMES ILA'DEN. Where did he come from? … Those NEFARIOUSLY LOCKED DOORS, probably. HE HAS THE SECRETS, Y'ALL. But the Assistant Weyrlingmaster moves with slow, even, measured steps, the quiet surefootedness of a predator stalking prey but for the fact that there's a limp every other step. A beat as he slows, slows, stops, and that lone grey eye drops to Kasle, to Dori. "Alright?" comes on a low, serrated, rasping growl. He makes no moves to help her — yet — but Teimyrth is slow coming onto the scene himself, wings tucked in against his sides, whirling facets turning from blue-and-crushed-rider to blue-and-green. « What is it that you are practicing, young mine's mine's mines? »

« Forgot the right-back, right-front, » provides Kovagath helpfully. At least he says it with good intentions, trying to help her and not tease. Well. Maybe a little bit of tease. But only because he's trying to keep things light! But walking takes a backseat to secret-finding. Really, just the idea of doors that won't open (even if they haven't tried yet) is too intriguing to pass up! Kovagath is definitely spending far more time eyeing the barracks than he is watching Miri walk (She's got this. He's pretty sure she's got this. She'll… get it eventually. It's fine). « Is that so? » because whatever Teimyrth's intentions, all Kovagath heard was 'Mission: Go make the paperwork vanish'. (He just needs to figure out what paperwork is first. And then there's the matter of the door…) « We should go check it out! Surveillance. Figure out what we're working with. Maybe get a snack. » Because that belly be rumbling y'all. "Good idea," decides Sh'y, who is really only latching onto the 'get a snack' part of the conversation. "Let's go get a snack." And then maybe a nap! At least full bellies are more conducive to sleeping than locked-door-investigating. « We're on a mission! But it's a secret. » So please don't tell the like, three people who haven't heard yet.

Mirieth has no idea what paperwork is, none! But it sounds mysterious and dramatic and something totally worthy of investigation. « Happy is just skippy, » She croons into that encroaching winter chill. Course, she's /all/ sunshine and light and sweet fresh strawberries in comparison. And really, the suggestion that their plan might make someone happy? That cinches it. It's a done deal. THAT DOOR IS TOAST. Course, how they are going to get Mirieth OUT of the office once she gets in there is anyone's guess, but still. Details! « Snacks! » Yes. FOOD has her attention. « Then doors! Back left, Back right! Aaaah. NONO. » Fortunately a timely HOP sets her back on course and she's half hopping, half walking toward the barracks with excited glee. « SUPER SECRET » She adds as just in case Secret wasn't secrety enough. "This can only end in tears," Avi sighs as he flashes Ila'den and Teimyrth a smile before moving after Mirieth. "You realize if you say it /that/ loud, everyone will hear you, right?" No, no she does not.

There's a heavy sigh from Kasle, "He won't move." Her voice is still that odd monotone; a nothingness so overwhelming that it even keeps her from moving. A rain of arrows comes from nowhere, « Why move? It's warm and comfortable. » And very, very lumpy. And not all that worm, either, considering the chill in the air that is only a little warmer than the snowscape that is the older dragon. Perhaps to prove his point, the litttle blue wiggles and seems to almost flatten out a little more. So comfy. So safe. So cutting off the circulation to Kas's legs.

GO FORTH, DESTROY ALL OF THE PAPER. Ila'den's attention lifts just long enough to find Avi, for the corner of his lips to pull in the very beginnings of an amusement that never quite reaches what it could be. Note: he isn't trying to stop them, and more to the point, he isn't going to. "I would suggest the smaller desk," comes with a rasp, you know, just in case some furniture gets destroyed in the process. AIM FOR THE NOT-WEYRLINGMASTER'S DESK. But then his attention is back on Kasle, on Dovi who SQUISHES HER WITH TINY BABY GLEE while Ila'den lowers himself into a crouch beside blue-and-weyrling both. Brows rise, that amusement lingering as Ila'den asks, "Are you not comfortable?" And Teimyrth? Well. Teimyrth boops the tiny back-sides of blue and green as they retreat, a hushed, « Mind your wings; the doors sometimes push back. » But then he is lowering his head next to Ila, next to Kasle, next to Dovi. Wuff. It might have been a draconic beginning of laughter. You know. If dragons were capable of such things.

Kasle sighs, "My legs are going to sleep." And he WON'T LET HER MOVE! Whispers of unseen weapons being drawn rustle around the young blue, « I am saving her from working. » And walking. And having functional feet. He shifts his head just enough that he can see both adult dragon and assistant weyrlingmaster. His tail tip twitches, the only show of agitation Dovirauth displays. Evidently, the FEARSOME PROTECTOR isn't going to let anything as horrible as effort claim his person, even if it means that they both stay right where he's pinned her and STARVE. Well… Maybe he could be persuaded to let her up if it's time to eat, BUT THAT'S IT!

Low-pitched, husky laughter pulls from Ila'den's chest, a sound that diminishes nearly as quick as it's come, lingering in the sideways pull of his lips and the hint of canines it reveals. "I can imagine," comes after a moment when that grey eye takes in Dovi and Kasle both, the predicament the newly-bonded pair has found themselves in. And it could be that food is the answer to Kasle's suffering, that coaxing a well-intentioned, but no less TRIFLING dragonet with the promise of a full belly is the easy way to win, but… Ila'den is an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, isn't he? And half of being an AWLM is helping to navigate those tribulations and follies of youth. "Do you want him to move?" comes lower still, while Teimyrth handles the dragon side of things. « And what is so wrong with working, mine's mine's mine's? » For all that his mind is frigid, there is a gentle undertone of Winter's unerring patience beneath it all. « There are things that we all must do, whether it is we would like to or not. »

"I was trying to get him to walk around a little." Instead of staying in his wallow all day! Kasle sighs, shoving half-heartedly at the hatchling sprawled atop her, which only makes Dovirauth settle down harder. Nope. Not moving. He's outside. That should be enough work for the day! She nods, biting her lip, the afirmative hearning a HUFF of indignation from the little blue, the clash and rattle of distant battle expressing his discontent at her UNGRATEFUL ATTITUDE for his efforts at saving her from the horrors of work. He finally does lift his head, freeing his 'mate's arm and giving the former gardener room to push herself up a little to her elbows, to look up at Teimyrth, « But why? »

There's a quiet, "Mmm," from Ila'den, more an acknowledgement of spoken words than an answer to them. But that serrated, grit-ruined rasp continues with, "He is young, but dragons are still susceptible to our commands and our needs." The hard part is learning the finesse, the confidence, the wherewithal to do it — and that is hard, when youth and inexperience mean clumsy missteps along the way. "Have you tried telling him?" Don't mind the hint of humor, Kasle. Ila'den isn't laughing at you, HONEST. « Because some things are necessary, » comes after a moment's consideration. « We must eat, though it takes energy to hunt. We move, because it is important to be able to get to the food when we must eat. » Or rather, to stay strong. And isn't that why they were walking? COORDINATION? STRENGTH? EVENTUALLY EATING SO MUCH FOOD?

"I-" Kasle blinks, "Uh… I think I forgot to try that." Actually telling Dovirauth to move. Oops! "Come on, Dovi. I need you to move." No! Panic! Arrows flying RIGHT PAST EARS! Quick, DUCK! Stay down! DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! The long-limbed blue rumbles softly, « But then you'll get up… » And do something unspeakable! Like making him actually WALK! He grumbles, but does finally, RELUCTANTLY, get off of his person. Of course by putting forth the least effort possible: By flopping over on his side so that those long legs are the only thing still draped across her, « Fine. » There. He's off of her. Sort of. Mostly. The tip of his tail continues to flick in annoyance. Tap. Tap. Tap. The rattle of rapier against buckler, a challenge, and he lifts his head to look at them, « Now can I eat? I'm hungry. » It's hard work saving your lifemate from herself, okay!

One, two, three, four. Dovirauth moves, Kasle is free, and while it might not be perfect, it is certainly progress. "That's better," comes around another hint of canines as Ila'den rises slow, slow, slow back to his full height. "Well done, Kasle, Dovirauth." And while Teimyrth applies a gentle TIP OF HIS NOSE to that LAZY-PRONE BLUE on the ground there, Ila'den extends one hand down so that Kasle can take it in the event that she'd like any help up. Amusement comes again, another soft huff of not-quite laughter that precedes, "I'll go and prepare you a bucket." You know. FOR FEEDING, giving Kasle a little more time to figure out her lifemate situation and get him on his feet so that he might CONQUER THE DISTANCE FROM POINT A TO POINT B and… exert as little effort as possible. LISTEN, LATER HE CAN LEARN THE HARD LESSON OF TIME MANAGEMENT AND QUICKER-MEANS-SOONER-FOOD, but for now… Ila'den can help with this much. So you see, whether Kasle accepts his help or not, Ila'den's only lingering long enough to ask one last, "Alright?" And unless she needs a healer, well… then he's going to prepare that bucket. And Teimyrth? He will watch it all from where he has turned himself into a dragonloaf, red-eyes whirling.

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