Luraoth's and Sharuth's Clutch Hatches

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Snowflakes drift over Xanadu, though Rukbat is high enough in the sky to have warmed the day. It's mid-afternoon, a time for chores and lessons. On the sands, Luraoth rests. She's finally stopped fussing over her eggs, and since mid-morning, she's actually been napping. Or at least… she was. Her sleepy exhalation has a soft rumble to it, and the next breath in makes her eyes open. It's not because of the lingering scent of shellfish on the sands. Or because of the shards of oyster and clamshells scattered about, though those might be the reason for the smell. It'd explain a lot. Not… about why the shellfish were here, but at least it explains the smell. But that's not why Luraoth opens her eyes. The smell's a familiar one, and besides, dragons don't have the best of noses. What makes her eyes open is a movement of one of her eggs. It's near imperceptible, but for Luraoth… it's enough. She starts to hum, a deep-throated noise that will soon be echoed by the other dragons. It's time. The eggs are ready to hatch.

Soriana was less ready, because she wasn't here, instead off in the middle of trying to get something done. She comes across the clearing at a jog, her jacket open and snowflakes in her hair… but only briefly, because they melt instantly in the blast-furnace of the sands. The junior takes a brief glance over the sands, then makes for Luraoth's side, resting her hand against the crooning gold's shoulder as those eggs, so carefully tended, begin to wobble visibly.

Sea of Tears Egg quivers. It's as if a single tear drops onto the surface, setting the watery pattern thereon to ripple momentarily, then the lake is placid once more as the egg stills.

Rolling in the Deep Egg begins to move. It wobbles, first to the left, then to the right, but not once does it fall over. It's side to side movements continue, slowly at first, then with varying amounts of theatrics.

Big Blue Box Egg sways, rocking back and forth with increasing energy until it topples over entirely with a thump against the sands. After that tumble, it lies still. Perhaps it needs some time to regenerate?

Sharuth is here, too, humming along now with Luraoth from his vantage point on the sands. He is off to the side, away from the clutch but near enough for action should it be required. Head raised, his humming intensifies as the moment nears, pride shining in the bronze's bearing even as his rider strides out onto the sands as well. Dressed in clothing appropriate for the occasion — a Fortian wingrider knot pinned to his shoulder — So'l makes his way to stand near the hulking bronze, lifting a hand to affectionately rest on Sharuth's hide. "So it's today," he smiles up at the dragon. "Hard to believe this was you and me not too long ago, eh?" With an affirming head bob, Sharuth looks upon his rider with eyes swimming with joy. And then? Then Sharuth playfully nudges the man with his snout — almost knocking him over — before returning to his humming. Chuckling, So'l turns to look across the sands to Luraoth and offers her a respectful bow. For Soriana, there's a friendly wave should the woman happen to look his way. Settling into a lean against Sharuth, the Fortian wingrider hunkers down to watch the hatching unfold.

Perri is here, and practically bouncing with excitement. Despite the solemnity of the situation, despite the fact that shes trying her best to keep her voice as quiet as possible, its an almost unstoppable stream of words that fall from her mouth to announce that shes "Soooooooo excited.", she "Cant wait any longer.", and "Did you see that one move? Im sure that one moved!"

Innes may be dressed in the proper candidate's attire, but she's far from prepared for what's to come. Wasn't that what all this time spent with a white knot on her shoulder was for? Oh well. She sticks close to Kera and Sorel as she steps onto the sands, quick to give a decent bow to both Luraoth and Sharuth. "They weren't kidding when they said they were ready to hatch," she whispers to her friends.

Bowyn walks out onto the sands with the others, trying her best to hide her nerves and failing due to the shakes. She moves to do her part in forming the semi circle and bows to the clutchparents, maybe a beat longer than she's supposed to. Nerves! Nerves everywhere!

One Thousand Eyes Egg flutters. That's the only way to describe the wobble of movement it does, for when it rocks, the 'eyes' amongst the whorls and tendrils of pattern covering the shell appear as lashes lifting, as the eyes flicking to alertness. Though it goes still once more, it is… awake. It's… kind of creepy?

Lord of the Castle Egg trembles on the sands, as if a powerful force within it roars in defiance at still being trapped in the confines but still cannot gain the strength to break free. It shifts, tip to end and then lays still again.

Rolling in the Deep Egg leaaaans, almost tips, but at the last second, lurches to the other side. Then, without further ado, the stormy egg begins to crack. It splits halfway down the middle before beginning to break away. A dragon eye can be seen, peeking out from the depths, shyly.

Kera shuffles along in her wrinkly robe, as the group is rushed onto the sands. The already twitchy eggs loom ahead "Is it me, or did they get bigger?" And the looming clutchparents are there. She gives a respect dip to each before joining the loose half circle around the eggs. "She nods to Perri. "I think it did." is whispered as Innes sidles up to the little grop.

Soriana returns So'l's wave, but mostly, she's watching Luraoth, because Luraoth is watching the candidates. They're here. Her eggs are here. It's time. Isn't it? She glances to Soriana, and gets a reassuring pat. It is. Luraoth croons louder, still eyeing the candidates.

Garawan files onto the sands with the others, bowing to Luraoth and Sharuth, and their riders. He stands with the others. The eggs move, and he blinks. These eggs didn't waste time did they? Perri's enthusiasm is met with a chuckle. He's mostly calm, but his stomach flutters nervously.

Dare to Gain an Immortal Soul Egg begins to move with a gentle swaying motion. Back and forth, back and forth. It's almost soothing the way it rocks, as if following its own timed rhythm before it will lay calm again.

Bowyn is already sweating. She glances to whoever is closest to her and says, "Do they have to do that? The humming? Makes it worse…" Her expression is almost pained as she focuses on the eggs again. Movement! Oh no!

Perri bounces from foot to foot, eyes darting all around as she tries to keep track of things, with each egg twitch (real or imagined) the endless stream of babble seems to get quicker, and unfortunately louder.

Weyrlingmaster V'dim is here, over to one side with his AWLMs, watching and waiting to see who his neck vitc- er, Weyrlings will be.

Sharuth dips his head back to the Candidates — acknowledging their bows — even as he continues humming in concert with the others. They're coming! And he couldn't be happier. So'l watches the Candidates with interest, offering supportive smiles if any look his way.

Sea of Tears Egg fractures, a demarcation between night skies and silvery waters running the length of the shell. From inside there can be heard a high-pitched whine of distress and the scrabbling of claws. Though no further cracks appear, the whining and scrabbling continues.

Never Born to Regret Egg has grown weary of keeping still. A shell painted with such life wasn't made for an inanimate existence. Grasses sway. Or, no. Make that the egg itself. Back and forth it begins to move, rocking against the sands gently at first, as if testing its strength. And oh, it has strength, for the slow rocking soon turns to wiggling that shakes the foliage on its design. Wiggle! Wiggle! Plop. It falls over, cushioned by the sand, and lays still once more.

Anoryn is on the sidelines with V'dim, her blue eyes keeping a sharp lookout on the eggs and Candidates alike and her mouth is quirked into an almost bemused smile. Here they go again?

Sorel shuffles out onto the sands, grey eyes dancing between Innes, Kera, the eggs, and big, giant gold dragons. It's not as if he spent a lot of time out there, and just the enormity of everything is a bit daunting. He makes sure to dip into a bow, to the momma and papa dragons before his attention shifts to that of the eggs almost exclusively. Are they all moving at once? It sure feels like it. "No, they weren't." Is replied to Innes but eyes are glued to eggs.

Lord of the Castle Egg shivers and shudders, rocking in earnest now as if dealt powerful blows. Fine cracks appear, flecks of shell now crumbling away as the egg gives way piece by piece under the determined struggle from its captive.

Rolling in the Deep Egg rocks violently, then, with a flurry, the hatchling breaks free! The blue hatchling stands with an eggshell on its head which it unceremoniously flings away with a mighty head toss. He only stands a moment longer before his tromp towards the candidate troops begins. He moves at a stalk, body close to the ground, making side to side motions similar to a snake.

Son of the Sea Blue Hatchling
This hatchling seems to have every shade of blue somehow reflected on his hide. His thin body is longer than it is tall, giving him a near serpentine look. Like an underwater eel lurking in the depths. Neckridges are more sharp than rounded, reminiscent of silver spikes that run down his back and along a snake-like tail. Headknobs also seem angled to a near point, granting him devilish horns upon his head. His body mirrors the surface of the sea. Splotches of dark blue and light, aquamarine and pale azure all battle for dominance, though none seems to win out. Instead, all compliment one another, making his lithe body a living piece of art.

Son of the Sea Blue Hatchling stops at one, then moves on. Girls. Boys. Which one is for him? He lurches away from reaching hands, making a hissed noise of disapproval before he finally stops at one. Huh. He pauses and lingers, then gradually begins to raise up to his full height. Yes. It shall be you. Atikan blinks owlishly. "You mean me? Yes, this will be something different.. Eptonith." He grins and places a hand on the blue's muzzle. "T'kan? Yes, that /is/ different.." He grins lopsidedly as he and his blue lifemate are escorted off of the sands.

Luraoth pauses in watching the candidates to croon encouragingly to her newborn son, and Soriana smiles at her side.

M'kal is settled into the galleries to watch, his own blue having added to the general hum of all dragons to announce the impending hatching. As a blue pops out he beams. "Aint he handsome!" he murmurs.

Dare to Gain an Immortal Soul Egg moves subtly at first, the slightest of rippling and trembling causing the shell to gain minute cracks along the once smooth surface. Then it begins that swaying motion it's so fond of, struggling to cast off the hard shell prison that traps the hatchling within.

Light Our Darkest Hour Egg suddenly lurches, the momentum sending the ovoid onto its side as the sands shift beneath it. That almost-glowing, cyan starburst now faces the crowd as yet another wobble rocks the egg, this one more severe than the last but quickly stilling. A few moments pass without further movement as the life inside gathers strength for what's to come.

Bowyn gulps again. Alright, well! There's a baby dragon! Her hands curl into fists and she stiffens somewhat. T'kan is given a really lopsided smile and nervous chuckle. "Congrats!" she says too late. Back to those eggs.

Kera looks around as one of the prettiest eggs, in her mind at least, topples over in the midst of the growing chaos. She nods to Bowyn "It is a little distracting isn't it." Looking around a nod and nervous little wave sent his way before she seems avoid looking at the other candidate altogether. The first dragonet cries draw her attention towards the newest hatchling that waste no time in his choice. Grinning to Innes and Perri "They don't waste time do they?"

Perri lets out a cheer as an Impression is made, bouncing and waving at the departing pairing even as she asks those next to her the name of the lucky weyrling.
Sharuth trumpets a hello of his own! Look at that blue! Proud papa? Oh yes! Returning to his humming, the bronze's eyes drift from egg to Candidate to egg and back again.

Innes squeaks softly as the first one hatches and swiftly impresses. "This is really happening," she mutters, mostly to herself. It was pretty real the moment they stepped onto the sands, but an actual baby dragon makes quite the difference in perception. "Not at all, apparently," she replies to Kera with a laugh. Not a nervous one, of course. Who's nervous?

One Thousand Eyes Egg may be cracking the figurative eyelid, allowing its occupant to peer out at the world as striations form, feathering out in a myriad of directions - in some spots they fan from those patterned blue irises in the appearance of 'laugh' tiny lines.

Lord of the Castle Egg trembles violently and with one last good shake, the shell snaps with an audible crack and from the remnants of the shards a muted steel blue Hatchling staggers forwards. He doesn't fall, but his wings spread out to aid him in gaining his balance as he shakes off the last of the egg clinging to his hide before lifting his head to scan the sea of white in front of him.

With You in the Dark Blue Hatchling
Steel blue fades and blends evenly with lighter hints of blue-grey over the course of this dragon, as though he were plucked from a sky falling to dusk and caught in the last moments before twilight descends. Both hues are woven in a seamless and near to invisible pattern of ripples over his long, lithe body. A touch lanky in limb, a touch lean, he's of medium size and otherwise well proportioned, balanced with a promise of both speed and strength whether on the ground or in the air. He holds his wedge-shaped head with quiet confidence, the broadness of his eye ridges and muzzle, the bluntness of his short head knobs softened by the muted blues that dominate his sleek form. The effect's gentle spell breaks over the curve of his ridges, as steel gradually melts to a rich shade of cobalt that is neither vivid nor distracts as it sweeps over the proud arch of his neck and expands out over the back of his wings to evenly coat both sails and wing spars and fade near his lower back to leave his long, slender tail untouched. Toned forelimbs take on the same subtle darkening, shifting to a deep and muted cobalt just beyond his elbows and by the very tip of the curved talons on his feet, darkening to a nighttime shade of royal blue.

Garawan smiles at the first new rider. "Congratulations," he offers as the new weyrling and lifemate leave the sands. Aside from that he remains quiet, though he heads over in the direction of Kera, Bowyn, Innes, and Perri. How are they handling things so far? He's watching them as well as the eggs.

Sorel digs his toes into the sands of the hatching grounds, finding the warmth rather relaxing. Snow and him do not get along, at all. So the heat is like a warm fuzzy blanket, wrapping around him until the anxiety of the current excitement seems to die away. A blue is out on the sands and with what barely feels like enough time to blink, he's gone and impressed. A cheer rings out before another blue is there, eyeing them and Sorel just blinks at it, waiting for it to make its move. He shoves his hand out to Innes, trying to be supportive, "If you want." He offers with a lopsided smile. "I'll yank you out of the way if one comes charging by if you do the same for me."

Anoryn takes a slow and steadying breath as the first eggs hatch and the first Impression made. With a gentled smile, the AWLM moves forwards to help guide the pair off the sands. "This way now. We'll get you settled in. Congratulations, too, T'kan. Come along!" Away from the chaos!

Bowyn stares at the newly hatched dragon, "Another blue! He's…well, he's handsome!" She grins and looks at Kera. "Are you nervous? You don't look like it." She shifts her weight a little, giving each foot a break from the heat. Toasty.

Never Born to Regret Egg begins to wiggle again, doing a shimmying sort of dance on the sand that causes it to shift and roll away from its spot. Something within is itching to get out, but just where is the exit? Sounds of scratching emit from within, muffled thuds of effort. Then, suddenly, a crack! A horizontal line that wraps halfway around the shell, and from it, smaller cracks begin to form and stretch, reaching both up towards the tip and down to the base.

With You in the Dark Blue Hatchling slowly scans the sea of white ahead of him, tense with anticipation as he tucks his wings tightly against his side. Talons dig in the sand, the first hint that his weight is beginning to shift and then he's off! No mad dash or ungainly lope, though his steps are a touch awkward to start. With a snort and huff, he sorts it out and begins to slow as he approaches the first row of possible Candidates. None of which are hardly spared a lingering glance.

A wild grin is on Zalulia's face as she gazes down at the sands from her place in the observation level. "Dear Faranth," she murmurs, "this is amazing! I wonder if there'll be another gold. Although, we'd be in a bit of a gold overdose if there is."

Innes glances down at Sorel's hand, clear conflict written on her features. She doesn't want to be weak, but… well, this whole thing is a little bit unnerving. So with a little grin she reaches out and takes the offered hand. "I'm strictly doing this for your protection," she informs him with a wink. And then her gaze goes back to the hatching dragons, and that second blue on the sands.

Kera nods quickly to Innes "Certainly seem like it." Another crack draws eyes around when another blue tumbles onto the sand. Sorel's comment gets a smirk "And I'll patch ya up if ya don't move quick enough." Shifting her feet as she splits her attention many differant ways, watching the topled eggs, hatchlings that are roaming and watching her fellow candidates. A jerky shrug lifts her shoulders "I wasn't, til a couple days ago…" Garawan's edging closer is sent a wave and thumbs up, which is also sent to Perri with a grin.

V'dim Approaches the new blue weyrling, waiting as the pair sort themselves out and then gruffly indicates they should follow him.

Dare to Gain an Immortal Soul Egg continues to rock and sway more impatiently and needy now though the cracks are so slow at widening that one has to wonder if the being inside is not struggling to surface. At last, a large shard breaks away and a tiny and dainty pale jade and sea colored green wriggles herself free to stretch out on the Sands. She made it! With a cry that is no more than a whisper among the deafening sounds of the hatching, she shakes her wings dry and moves forwards, slow and awkward at first, only to gain momentum once she gains confidence. She knows where she must go!

Dances With Death in her Heart Green Hatchling
Small, slender in limb and aquiline in build she is the paled color of jade and seafoam, the two hues washing over her form in rippling waves. Her dainty features of her narrow head are accentuated with hints of ghostly emerald that course up and over her sweeping head knobs to the curved ridges lining the arch of her neck and down the length of her back and long, whip-cord tail. Wings, also long and narrow are balanced to her size and are dappled with hints of pastel mint and spring greens. She moves with a flowing grace, as though always with a dance hidden in her steps.

Damari stands with her younger sister Arika, quiet even now as the Hatching unfolds around them. The Xanadu resident and senior apprentice weavercrafter can't seem to focus on one thing, her gray eyes are wide with wonder and awe and for that reason the pale and dainty Dances With Death in her Heart Green Hatchling all but sneaks up on the pretty young woman. "Ruesireneth?" Damari exclaims breathlessly, darting a quick look to her younger sister before swiftly moving forwards to wrap her arms around the small green hatchling, who now finds her voice and warbles in happiness and sheer joy and relief as she leans heavily against her chosen, almost pushing Damari to the sands. "Of course you found me!" the young woman says, laughing and overjoyed. "We'll help each other now. Come on, lets get you some food so you can rest!"

Garawan nods, waving to Kera. Oh yes. "Do be careful, sometimes they don't see the others in their rush to find a lifemate," he cautions those around him. He's never actually seen a candidate get mauled, but he's heard of it happening. And then another pair is made. "Congratulations!" he calls to Damari— is that even still her name?

Light Our Darkest Hour Egg rocks forward again, the internal impact resulting in a pattern of jagged cracks that loosely follow the flaring, starburst lines of the shell. That sky-blue center — protected all around by the hulking panels of cardinal and cobalt — bulges as the life inside continues to push its way towards freedom.

Bowyn grins at Damari, chuckling again. "Congrats, Damari!" She watches the green for a moment and says, "Lovely," before focusing back on the eggs. And that blue on the sands. And her fellow Candidates. "He's taking his time," she says, nodding toward the blue. "Wonder why?"

Anoryn has just finished with making sure things are still in order before stepping out to gather the new green and her chosen weyrling. "Congratulations, Damari. If you and Ruesireneth will follow me? We'll get you settled." And off they go, the AWLM going through the motions like clockwork.

The shell of One Thousand Eyes Egg fractures further and begins flaking, molting upon the sand in a rain containing bits of feathery design and blue 'eye' circles that see no more. Crouched amongst the shards, as if ready for action, the hatchling peers about with curiosity at the suddenly-larger world with motions of its head on a graceful neck.

Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Hatchling
Lapis gleams along the muzzle and fine-boned knobs that form a crown on the proud head of this dragon who wears his lustrous indigo hide as if princely robes clothe his sleek and elegant form. Royal blue, shimmering with emerald and amethyst when the light hits just right, sweeps his entire body from his nose to the tip if his long, sinuous tail. Feathery strokes brush olive green, iridescent with antiqued gold, along the tips of neckridges and down his spine, parting at the shoulders to curl along his wingbones and the leading edges of the membranes between them. His pinions are his pride and glory: evidenced when they fan wide to flare in rich jade splendor, the opalescence of the sheer webbing infused with glimmers of bright teal. In comparison to the rest of his flashy appearance, his underbelly is muted - peridot, darkening to tourmaline on his limbs and talons which end in sharp claws of polished sapphire.

Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Hatchling could care less about the pulverized shell bits that his talons are grinding into the sand. He does not care about the looming sire and dam nor the white-robed candidates over there. No, see, because he's discovered his glittering self on one of his head-jerks and he's fascinated with his own hide. OooOOOoooOOOOoooh PREEEEETTY! A pleased purring chuff is awarded to the brilliance. Instinct, however, prompts him to seek out another and so it is that he lifts his head (reluctantly), peers at the line of young people and trots towards them. He approaches Bowyn, stopping a just out of arm's reach. His stance seems to say 'Look at this awesomeness, eh?' But it's a tease - he's off again, trotting down the line in jaunty fashion.

With You in the Dark Blue Hatchling works his way through the clustered Candidates, never quite approaching and yet not lurking along the edges either. He's cautious and yet agitated with growing frustration the further he seeks for what he knows he must find. Time is of the essence!

There's a tapping sound from inside the Big Blue Box Egg, a staccato rhythm. The shell is tough, but not impervious, and eventually a jagged crack appears across it, growing wider with each knock from the occupant.

Sorel laughs at Innes' reaction, which he kind of figured would happen before hand. "Don't worry, you can just look at it like I'm the bigger piece of meat. I suppose you can toss me in front of a hatchling if they stray too near as well." He's waggling his sable brows at her before glancing back at the blue on a mission. Oh, and there's a green and once again she's off and choosing before Sorel even really has time to fully process. "Real men don't need patching." He says to Kera in a very faux masculine voice before he dissolves into laughter. "I really do hope none of us will require healer attention though." And then there's another blue who's apparently preening for Bowyn and Sorel nearly chokes he's laughing so hard. Oh geeze.

Sharuth watches as the eggs do their thing, he and Luraoth's children entering the world and finding their new lifemates. His thoughts extend to Luraoth, pride and affection shining through them as the eggs continue to twitch, wobble, crack and explode. So'l is watching, too, his eyes keeping careful attention on the Candidates. Injuries are not uncommon, after all.

Never Born to Regret Egg can see the light! Fragments of it, peeking into its world and giving it a tiny obscured view of a bigger world than that of this shell. The dragonet within becomes eager, pressing wet claws against the curved surface of what now seems like a prison. Harder and harder until it gives way! That one broken piece causes the entire shell to crumble, and the new hatching sprawls on the sands with egg bits clinging to its body. Hello world. My…aren't you bright!

Twist in the Myth Green Hatchling
Earthy green wraps the wiry frame of this dragon like the mottled shades of jade one might find in the depths of the forest. It's an enchanted hue that's dark and rich as if she is a creature that uses the woods as her refuge. Her head is slim and notably long, with a slender, pointed muzzle. Her slender neck is graceful and elegant, carrying ridges in a cerulean hue like studded jewels placed to accentuate her grandeur. Light catches upon these points like sapphires in the greenery. Toe pads are tipped with the same hint of blue, as if each has been daintily dipped, but the claws that extend from her paws reflect in wickedly sharp onyx. Her chest is a lighter hue than the rest of her body, fading to a lighter olive that runs along her underbelly. Unusually long limbs give her a lanky, runner-like stature. A forked, whip-like tail dangles down behind her, flicking with her moods. Upon her back are a set of oversized wings with thin, yet strong spars and nearly translucent azure webbing stretched between them.

Bowyn blinks at the flashy blue before suddenly before her and then snorts when he moves off. "He's full of himself!" she says, amused, and to no one in particular. "Very pretty though." Oh look, another green!

Luraoth's attention is for her hatchlings, though her thoughts brush back to Sharuth's distractedly. She croons for each who finds a lifemate, murmurs encouragement to those still looking. They'll find one! She's sure of it.

Garawan watches both blue hatchlings carefully and gets out of their way if he needs to. A green appears and he has a third hatchling to watch. This is why he hasn't said much to his fellow Candidates, he doesn't want to get stepped on by a baby dragon!

Innes grins, surprisingly finding that holding someone's hand does wonders for her nerves. They're not gone entirely, but it's a lot easier to act completely nonchalant. "I will definitely just toss you to the dragons. I wouldn't trust me, if I were you," she jokes lightly. The blue in front of Bowyn gets an arched eyebrow, but she's secretly glad it's not her he's inspecting. And look, there's yet another one spilling out onto the sands. She's having a hard time keeping track, at this rate. One of those things might just sneak up on her if she's not vigilant.

With You in the Dark Blue Hatchling freezes in place for a moment, head craning forwards as red whirling eyes fixate on a lone figure among the many clad in white. Could it be? Slow steps draw him closer and the closer he approaches the more confident and at ease he becomes until at last he comes to a stop to stand before the one Candidate with rather uniquely styled hair.

Kera reaches out to give Innes's arm a nudge and points out the sleek looking green that chooses Damari. "Congrats!" is called out to their backs. Head cant to Sorel quickly before she looks towards the eggs quickly. Edging back a little as more hatchlings are on the prowl, she peers around curiosly "Do you hear that?" It would help to be more specific perhaps. A jag appears on a topled egg nearby and she glances to it before stepping out of a hatchlings way, tugging another candidate with her.

Twist in the Myth Green Hatchling lays upon the sands for a while, absorbing the heat, letting her mind slowly begin to unravel in preparation to take in what are suddenly loud and boisterous surroundings. But she soon sits up and stands, giving her whole body a shake, thus flinging eggshells and goo to and fro. Wings unfurl and give a few useless flaps before they curl in again. How wonderful to be out of the confines of the shell! But now she has business to do, and her eyes are drawn to the line of white. Ooo, pretty. First though she must shake a few more egg bits from her leg. And oh! What a nice sound it makes when she steps on those shards. Crunch!

Bowyn freezes, her eyes gone a touch cloudy, as With You in the Darkness Blue Hatchling stops in front of her and rests his head on her side. She holds his head and says, through a beaming grin, "You found me, Saeth! I was afraid you wouldn't." She then looks to V'dim for direction.

Light Our Darkest Hour Egg explodes, cyan chunks of shell flying outward as red and blue shards shift and fall around the life inside. Carried forward by momentum, the hatchling tumbles forward into a short roll, coming up with a snap of his wings to shake the goop from them. Transform and Roll Out Brown Hatchling peers about the sands, his ravenous eyes looking for he who will be his. He takes his first, true steps.

Transform and Roll Out Brown Hatchling
Muddy brown splashes across this hatchling, darkest at the chest and lightening as it spreads outward in russet washes, flowing up the neck to coat this dragon's head in pale tan. Neckridges more pronounced than most descend back down, alternately colored tree-bark dark as they eventually fade off into the neckline. Wings looking too big for his body are coated in mud as well, darker near his trunk and fading into pale near the tips. As browns go, this one is particularly big, though like his wings, his back legs and tail are somewhat out of proportion, at least for now. No doubt he'll fill out eventually but for now, he's kind of ungainly.

Perri cheers yet another weyrling, gaze drifting back to the dwindling supply of eggs and to those wandering. Still her excitement hasnt faded, though an itch distracts her for a second and she misses another Impression and has to nudge the person next to her. "Who was it? Did you see? Whooo?"

Jadiken had been watching the remaining eggs intensely and when /that/ egg burst, it didn't escape his notice at all. But what /did/ surprise him was how quickly the Transform and Roll Out Brown Hatchling is now bearing down on him. Crouching with arms wide open, the woodcrafter's welcoming smile suddenly turns to concern as the hatchling fails to slow down in time and collides with him. Falling backward, Jadiken beams up at the brown as it noses his chest. "Cullenth!" the woodcrafter grins, eyes far away before nodding at the dragon. "Ja'ken, then. Pleased to meet you," the new brownrider smiles, getting up and leading the hatchling away. "/Plenty/ of food. Don't worry! Let's go."

Sorel gives Innes' hand a squeeze, before reaching up with his free hand to run it through his recently cut hair. Will he ever get used to this? "Oh, I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, and do remember, I can probably throw you a lot further than you can if a dragon is barreling down on us." Nervousness is roiling about in his belly before he catches Bowyn's impression. She's the first one he sort of got to know, so he's pretty excited for her and gives a loud hoot. "She said Saeth didn't she? That's a good name for a blue! Congrats Bowyn!"

The crack has gotten wider, and the tapping from Big Blue Box Egg pauses. It's still for a moment, and then a flex of the hatchling inside breaks the egg apart, new cracks forming as the shell falls into six neat pieces around a fresh new draconic face.

Right Time, Right Place, Right Gold Hatchling
Golden cream, flecked with vanilla, pours over the lean, angular body of this dragon. It's a shade that will show the evidence of every scrape and tumble she finds. Nowhere is that hide quite even in hue; instead, it's speckled and subtly variegated. Her muzzle is slender and pointed, pale cream with drips of honey over the top that turn to a splash of caramel over her brows, lending them skeptical arches. On her sturdy chest, cayenne-red is sharp against that soft gold, a pair of half-hearted blotches that are domed at the top and come to twin points just past the curve to underside. The ridges of her neck are dusted with cinnamon, heavy on the edges with a light sprinkling between, and that patterning continues along her back, spreading between the wings and then tapering off by just above her graceful tail, leaving it simple vanilla-cream save for a wisp of brighter saffron at the fork. The wings are broad sweeps, the vanilla coming more to the fore further out along the spars, and between is a pale champagne splotched with rich peach, the red-gold patterns of ripened fruit scattered across unfurled sails.

The AWLMs are scrambling now, passing V'dim on his way back onto the sands. He's at Bowyn's side as she looks for him. "This way," he says without fluffy words and he leads them to the food.

Great Green Egg rocks first one way, then the other, shaken back and forth by the hatchling inside. There's a quiet growl. How dare this egg contain the dragon within?

M'kal's eyes widen a bit and he leans forward to get a good look at the newest Gold.

Garawan smiles as Bowyn finds hers, and Ja'ken finds his. "Congratulations," he offers to them both, with a smile, stepping out of the way for the new pairs. A gold appears as two leave, so he remains attentive and alert, shifting in the heat. It shouldn't be long now 'till it's over, with the eggs hatching at this rate.

Zalulia is silent for a moment, just gaping at the gold. Then she finally whispers, "I knew it. Lots of golds but /I knew it/. Maybe I'm psychic…" Yes, because psychic Zalulia wouldn't be dangerous at all.

Kera watches the newest pair head off and peeks over to Perri "Twas Bowyn." Glancing around nervously now as a brown goes lumbering by on a direct path with his choice. A little stumble over the too big sandlas but she regains her footing quickly as a goldling tumbles out of the prettiest egg. No time to watch, "Congrats" called out to the brown pair being led away.

Sharuth warbles to the hatchlings, happy they are finding lifemates and beginning lives that will no doubt be filled with wonder. And then? Then another egg splits and is that a /gold/?! Proud papa x12! She is /beautiful/! "Sharuth," So'l whispers, grinning. "You and Luraoth have done /very/ well," he chuckles, eyes transfixed on the golden hatchling.

Twist in the Myth Green Hatchling has finally finished crunching shells and ridding herself of tidbits. Now it is time to investigate those white robes! She takes a step forward and abruptly trips over her own gangly limbs, falling onto the sands less than elegantly and with a disgruntled screech! Oops! This walking thing is going to take a bit of practice. She picks herself up, and after a shake, carefully moves towards the candidates. They're all so interesting looking! She pauses to investigate a few, snuffling at faces and nipping at robes. But no, not you. Not you either. She continues on with a flick of her tail. Where are you? The one that she seeks is bound to be here somewhere.

Innes stares hard in Bowyn's direction as she realizes just what the cry of a name means. Bowyn impressed. She knows Bowyn. She likes Bowyn! With a rather shocked expression, she glances between Kera and Sorel. "You two had better not leave me here alone," she hisses, nudging Kera back sharply. If they are going to impress, they'd better do it without leaving her stranded on her own. "Trust me, I can muster up quite a bit of strength when I need to," she retorts to Sorel. Self-preservation comes first, and all of that. Is that a gold? "Someone's going to be stuck with a load of responsibility after this."

Garawan dodges the green as she starts into the group of candidates, possibly reaching to pull another candidate out of the way if they've gotten too close and are too busy staring at the very pretty gold that's just hatched. And he speaks up to Innes when he can, "Not to worry, I'll be here." A smile.

Right Time, Right Place, Right Gold Hatchling unfolds from the egg. How did she even manage to fit inside that small shell? Her tail flicks out behind her as her wings spread in an exploratory flutter. There's //space here. She approves! Her first step across the sands is a swagger - it's that or an uncertain lurch, and she'd never do that. Other new-hatched dragons may stumble, but not her. Of course not. Her head is held high as she lurches again, but the third time, the broad step is definitely on purpose as the young queen gets a sense for where her feet are. (Under her. Her feet are under her.)//

Kera edging back from the hatchling that's trying to right herself, she darts a look towards the others and spots a green hatchling tripping. With a wince, she nudges the nearest elbow. "I hate it when that happens to me." tripping over one's own feet that is. She does nod agreeably with Innes though and glances briefly to Sorel "OF coarse, she does battle with the thing that lives under her cot every night." Now back to staying out of the way and glancing to see how the younger candidates are doing.

Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Hatchling flaunts his imaginary feathers as he trots, neck arched, wings opening to give glimpses to those waiting Candidates. He cannot find… Ah! He pauses near Garawan, his bright head tilted to eye the trader as if considering, 'Are you pretty enough for me?' Apparently not! Or maybe Garawan's too pretty? In any case, he is on his merry way, searching further. He's picky, see?

Although the Sea of Tears Egg hasn't rocked or cracked further, it's obvious that there's a live dragonet inside, for the distressed sounds have continued. The whines have changed from distressed to pleading and the scrabbling has gone on uninterrupted. The shell remains intact, an enclosure that confines the baby within until one candidate can stand it no longer. "She wants out!" he yells and sprints across the sand, dodging wandering hatchlings, ignoring warnings and commands to stop. He skids to a stop before Sea of Tears egg and shouts, "Let her go!" while he flails his fists on the shell until it splits completely and spills its prisoner upon the sands in a tangle with the brown-haired rescuer.

Cast in Moonlight's Spell Green Hatchling
Long and lithe, grace seems inherent in the movements of this little dragonet. The verdancy of willow, moonlight variegating the lacy leaves with both illumination and shadow, trails down her neck and shoulders to dip in pond duckweed, fluid ripples that mark her back and haunches in liquid patterns. The hues of tender grass, that of a shaded forest glen, sprouts along neck and backridges, traces the wingbones and curls about her tail all the way to its tip. Wingsails, with the delicate, powdery hues of a lunar moth quiver between the flexible spars, ethereal but capable. Dark moss coats underbelly and limbs ending in claws the color of damp stone.

Cast in Moonlight's Spell Green Hatchling achieves Impression! And it's a good thing because otherwise in the tangle of arms, legs, wings and tail the distraught green might've lashed out. Instead she lies still, her neck curved to see 'her boy'. Delmar, now L'mar reaches a hand to stroke her reverently. "You're MY girl, Mraelth, no one will ever take you away and nothing will ever hold you down again. I'll see to it!" And, mindful of sharp claws and hot sand, they disentangle, rise and leave the sands to find the life that awaits them - together.

Twist in the Myth Green Hatchling is continuously distracted by faces above in the stands and the sound of clutchmates breaking from shells. Her attention is everywhere! And thus her wandering has become a bit aimless. Has she already passed by this set of white robes? Probably. Oh yes, this stinky boy here is definitely familiar! She turns her head away dismissively and changes her path. /Now/ she can feel something. There's somewhere here, and she's getting closer. Excitement has her steps increasing in tempo. Faster, til she's at a runner-like trot, her gait smooth and elegant much unlike her first few clumsy steps. She can see her! Yes, she's the one she's been searching for! Her focus is on one candidate and one alone now, and her trot slows to a lope, then to a stroll as she approaches her chosen one. She lowers her head to stare inches from the eyes of her lifemate.

Sorel makes a scoffing noise in the back of his throat. "Leave you here? Yah, 'cause that's gunna happen." Obviously the seacrafter knows how this hatching is going to end. "And I'd like to see you try to throw me anywhere, Innes, because it wouldn't happen." As for Kera, well he looks her way, lifts a brow and says, "There was something living under her cot? How did I miss that?" Who's to say? He was probably busy chasing apprentices around or something.

Tears of Ink egg slightly begins to shudder. Like an earthquake within, it vibrates back and forth on the sands in little spurts. Quick moments, then nothing. Another shake, then stillness. With each shake, its glossy surface appears matte. Lacking brilliance. Dull. Eventually, the sands that keep it upright becomes so unsettled by its shaking that it topples onto its side and rolls a few feet before coming to a pause.

Great Green Egg shakes more strongly, wobbling precariously before it finally tosses itself over, striking the sands and shattering with a webwork of cracks running all over the surface.

Kera wasn't paying attention while peering towards the younger ones int he group, but soon she back to watching all approaches. A green dragon has figured out her feet well enough to trot across the sands, then slowing. Kera backs a step and glances to either side of her before realizing the young green has stopped. A second or two passes before she crouches down and nods quickly with an amused chuckle "It's always in the last spot ya look Moncerath. And we'll play after you eat. Come on." Peering around, she grins to her friend "Her name's Moncerath." Then she's urging her dragonmate along to get some food.

Luraoth croons for all her children, no matter their color. All of them get the same gentle encouragement. Soriana, on the other hand… yeah, she stares a bit. "…huh." That seems to sum it up!

Perri makes no attempt to hold back the joy as her fellow healer Impresses green. "Kera! Now you've got someone to help you with the clouds." Clearly its a private joke as she giggles, "No more thieving shipfish to worry about, or crates, or classes or… or… anything. You're so lucky."

Innes has nothing living under her cot! Well, at least not that she knows about. But considering the state of the thing, how can she really be certain? She steps away from Kera as though she might be on fire when the green comes to a stop in front of her. "Kera? Moncerath?" So that must mean… "Congratulations?" She doesn't sound entirely certain about her well-wishes, but at least she managed to get them out. Of course, this just leaves the girl clinging more tightly to Sorel's hand. "This is how it starts," she hisses, "First her, then you. Believe me, I will find a way to throw you even if I have to bribe a dragon." Garawan gets a somewhat suspect look, but she still tries to manage a smile. "Don't put any bets on that, Garawan."

Bundle of Imperfections Egg clicks from within, as if something were knocking out a rhythm. Impatiently, it squirms from side to side within the little rut of sand around it. Soon enough, the poor egg ends up wobbling so far sideways that it slumps down into a depression left by one of the other eggs, likely up-ending it's occupant. The tapping sound inside grows louder as it drops, the shells left on the sands beneath it crunch, so it's hard to even hear it as the first cracks start to form over its shell before it seems to fall silent in the aftermath.

Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Hatchling is enjoying the attention - perhaps a little too much. He'd best get crackin' here! There's a tall strong guy over- Waaaaaaait a minute! What have we here? He jerks to a stop, tail lashing at the tip while he inspects a slender girl with sleek, black hair. The female candidate does not appreciate her view being impeded. "Get OUT of my way so my gold can find me, you annoying- " Praela blinks, her mouth falling open after which she stamps her foot. "I'm not going anywhere with you, Prylith! I'm hers!" While she's busy pointing to the gold, Pylith takes matters into his own…tail. He winds it around her extended wrist firmly. Nope! She's HIS. Ignoring her tugging and wailed protests, he trots off towards the smell of fresh meat, dragging her off of the sands with him.

Garawan sends a smile at Kera as she finds hers. Then blinks in shock as Delmar goes forward to free the green from her shell and comes away L'mar. "Congratulations," he offers to them both. A dismissive wave as Innes' words. "This is my third candidacy, if I was fit for rider-dom I'd know by now." He chuckles.

Right Time, Right Place, Right Gold Hatchling pauses for a moment, not because she wants to catch her balance, but just to watch as a wailing candidate is dragged from the sands. Hers? Nope! That one's aaaaaall Prylith's. Then, she comes to greet the candidates. Her tail flicks out of the way of a charging green, but she takes her own investigations more slowly. And not, her proud carriage will have you know, because she's still a bit unsteady on her feet. Not at all! She pauses by a dark-haired girl, lowering her head to peer into the candidate's eyes. Are you… nah. Her head lifts, and she sweeps past. A gawky boy gets her interest briefly, and she snorts as she passes him, swinging her tail to tap against his hip as she moves on by. They're all very well, these candidates. Quite nice, but not for //her. What she needs is something else entirely.//

Anoryn has been busy with seeing to the new weyrling pairs as they're guided off the sands and she returns just in time for Kera and Moncerath. "Congratulations, you two." she tells them with a crooked grin. "Come on, lets get you settled in too! Plenty of food still to go around." She'll nod to V'dim on the way by, glancing over her shoulder swiftly to see where the other hatchlings may be wandering.

Sorel is busy getting in a verbal match with Innes at first that he misses when the green first arrives and decides upon Kera. It takes a moment before he's looking down at the little dragonet and chuckling. "Good choice, lady." He tells the newly dubbed Moncerath and quickly adds, "Grats Kera! Wooo!" But after she starts moving off the sands he's glancing queerly at Innes and shaking his head. "I'll pay you five marks if you manage to toss me and put me on my butt." Look at that serious face that Sorel is suddenly sporting. "Well, maybe after the hatching. I really don't want to be trampled if you manage to succeed."

Great Green Egg gathers itself. A dark tail uncurls, and then the hatchling rises from the shards of egg, shaking once more and sending pieces flying in all directions. A small, dark-hued blue stands on the sands, and he snorts as he spreads his wings, then folds them against his back once more. There. He's ready.

And Your Little Blue Hatchling
A small blue, his hide a dark shade of indigo. He has a blunt muzzle with a pronounced chin, pointed headknobs splayed to the sides, and a heavy brow-ridge over the round eyes that are seemingly the only big thing about him. A short neck is echoed in stubby legs and an abrupt tail whose fork is nearly a quarter of its length. Even his wings are small, blunt sails whose color fades from midnight to a pale sky blue.

And Your Little Blue Hatchling trots over the sands to investigate the candidates. That one? No. This one? No way. He knows who he's looking for, and he finds her in a brown-haired girl. Her eyes widen in surprise as the diminutive dragon rears up and plants his forepaws on her shoulders, and she staggers back but manages not to fall. In between his licks to her face, Dorry manages, "I think we're not candidates anymore, Toth."

Innes can't help but smirk as Praela is dragged off the sands, screaming. Serves the girl right, for all she's been annoying Innes for the past sevenday. She'd even cheer for the blue, if there weren't more pressing matters at hand. Like these dragons still wandering around on the sands. "They keep searching you, too," she points out to Garawan with a shrug. "But they searched me, so maybe we can't put too much stock in the whole thing." Her narrowed gaze settles upon the gold for a moment, careful to keep her within her sights every now and again, just to be safe. But Sorel distracts her swiftly, and she answers, "You're on. But I'd toss you on your butt for free."

More shaking disturbs Tears of Ink egg, though this time, it's a shaking that does not cease. It continues on, and those etched markings almost seem to glow, standing out now amongst the black shell. And then, there's a snapping sound as a crack zigzags from top to bottom like a bolt of lightning.

More hatchlings! And more lifemates! Very, /very/ pleased with all this business, Sharuth watches keenly as yet another of the dragonets makes a lifelong connection. Lowering his head, the bronze angles it to look So'l directly in the eyes, as if to ask 'Was this what it was like for you?' Reaching up to pat Sharuth's muzzle, the bronzerider smiles back and nods, then points to another of the eggs. Another hatchling! This one a green! Sharuth warbles a happy welcome to her as well.

Garawan comments helpfully to Sorel's words, "Besides you'll get in trouble for causing a ruckus on the Sands." A smile. "I'd like to see that though, if you don't mind?" A blue hatches and he looks up, he finds a candidate he likes. "Congratulations," Garawan offers. And to Innes? "Maybe I'm a better salesman than I thought." A chuckle.

Right Place, Right Time, Right Gold Hatchling is looking for who is exactly right for her. She paces the line of candidates, keeping up a running commentary of dismissive snorts and amused chirps, but none of them are interesting enough to keep her attention for long. They're all candidates, but none of them are //the candidate. None of them are right. Hers… of course hers is here. Hers is supposed to be here. Surely she wouldn't dare to be late! The hatchling arches her head up higher, surveying the ragged white line. Eenie, meenie, minie… mine. There. That one. She turns, barreling her way directly toward a wild-haired candidate. Better dodge, because she's not noticing anything except the wild-haired girl she lunges toward, stopping only barely in time to not crash together as she tucks her head possessively against the candidate's shoulder, eyeing the person beside her chosen before turning her gaze back to her very own. This one. This one is Just Right.//

Bundle of Imperfections Egg begins rocking once more, then, with a snap, a chunk of the shell gives way. The nearly intact shell is flung sideways, revealing Song of the Warrior Heroine Green Hatchling. The little green scowls down at the shells beneath her feet, clinging to them with egg-goo. She strides forward, though, flicking feet with every step, trying to dislodge them. A few candidates are given passing consideration, but Song of the Warrior Heroine Green Hatchling seems to know just where she's going. There was never really any other option, afterall. The small green dragon lifts her head towards a wiry boy with curly brown hair, claiming the boy as her own. Kenid stands there, blank eyed for a moment, then seems to come to his senses, laying a hand on the dragon's head. "I guess I can be K'nid for you, Zhansith, but it's going to take some getting used to."

Innes grins slyly over at Garawan. "You're definitely invited to the trouncing of Sorel," she assures with a quick wink. In doing so she takes her eyes off of a certain charging gold, and so it's with great surprise that she turns back just in time to have her eyes meet with the whirling ones of a dragon. She freezes, dropping Sorel's hand without thought as the word sort of… spins around her. But it's the golden hide that she reaches to for support, caressing the creature in front of her in absolute astonishment. "Kairoikyriath?" Now there's a mouthful. "I… well, nothing, I guess." For once, she's speechless. "Let's just… go, then." Blinking furiously, she leads the way toward the edge of the sands, helping Kairoikyriath along with those pesky feet.

Perris face lights up as Innes Impresses, and to a gold. "I knew you would, I said you would, I voted for you and everything. What's the name? Did you say the name? You have to say the name?" It all flows out in one stream of noise, barely a breath between questions. "Oooooh, that means youre going to be a weyrwoman! You're going to have to wear dresses and meet people and… and… did you say the name yet?"

Behold! The shell of Tears of Ink egg erupts and from it, a thick brown hatchling is revealed. He stands at his full height, glistening with the wetness that comes from being fully hatched. His body is a stark contrast to the white and red sands, and for a moment he may seem much like his egg: A blotch of ink escaped from an inkwell.

Light Within Darkness Brown Hatchling
This brown dragonet is near black in color, so rich and deep is his hue. He is like the soil after a heavy rain, dark and heavy. He is stocky, with thick limbs that hint at a hidden strength within. He has a somewhat short neck with rock-like ridges that are light brown. Wings make up for the shortness of his body and span large and black. But, much like the shell that he shattered from, the veins of the ebony windsails show through and etch a myriad of designs upon them. Difficult to see, but there visible within the right lighting. His muzzle is stout and tipped with a broad nose, curiously colored a tarnished shade of bronze. All along his dark body, traces of that same color can be seen. Thin, near imperceptible streaks that run down the legs and tail.

Light Within Darkness Hatchling moves, broad feet carrying him surely towards the unfamiliar faces of the candidates that await. He wastes no time. He's already found his long ago. He was only waiting for her to wise up and find /him/. Right up to Lasuka does he tromp, and he stops before her with a heavy snort to her face. "Yuck, dragon breath!" «And there will be more of that to come, Suka, as I am Zinieth, and I have chosen you» "Or I've chosen /you!/" retorts the girl, but even she can't help the huge grin on her face as she and Zinieth move off the sands together.

Soriana 's official comment on Kairoikyriath's choice is, "…huh." She's… not very speechifying today, apparently. Oh well. Maybe she'll figure out something to say later. Maybe. Luraoth croons as the last of her children hatches and finds a lifemate. Is that really all?

Garawan grins. "Congratulations, Innes," he offers with a wink. He takes a moment to attempt a pat on her back before getting fully out of their way. To Sorel, "Seems the throwing will have to wait." And another pair is made. "Congratulations," he offers. Is it over?

That is, in fact, all. The last of the dragons has indeed hatched and found a lifemate, and the shards of those shells have joined those already on the sands. Luraoth chirps contentedly, and turns her head to peer in the direction those new weyrling pairs have gone. Soriana smiles crookedly, and pats the gold's neck with a silent comment, then steps forward to survey those white-robed figures who remain. She's quiet for a moment, looking for the words that escaped her earlier, then addresses them. "There are always more candidates than dragons. That's because you can continue your lives without them." She sweeps her gaze over them, and smiles. "If you want to return home, we'll arrange rides, but you're also welcome to remain at Xanadu and stand for future clutches. For tonight, I ask that you -" she glances to the stands, and amends. "That all of you join us at the Hatching Feast."

Anoryn steps forwards again with that same welcoming smile as the gold finds her match. "Well, well," the greenrider muses. "If you'll just follow me, you two? Congratulations as well! We'll get you two settled in no time." Literally! The AWLM is kept busy it seems, along with V'dim and the other AWLMs as she's barely finished guiding Innes and Kairoikyriath before returning to gather the newly Impressed brown and his rider.

Perris bouncing is stopping, slowing to a gentle hopping from foot to foot, mixed with the occasional crossing of her legs. As the eggs finally all hatch, and all the pairings are found she waits - impatiently, but shes waiting - for the weyrleaders to speak. She barely gets to the end of their speech before she has to turn and flee, an echoing announcement that, "I need to go. Right now." all thats left behind as she makes a break for the lavatory. At some point disappointment will happen, but she has a far more pressing need to deal with first.

Garawan releases a sigh of relief. It's over. And he's standing again. Ah well. Somebody needs to check these search dragon's senses of smell, he thinks. A bow to the Luraoth and Sharuth, and their riders, and he goes back into the barracks to collect his things. There's a small smile on his face. Looks like he escaped for the third time…

Sorel shakes his head, happy for his friends but also semi-disappointed being left behind. "Aw well." He gives an awkward laugh, makes his own bow just like Garawan and makes his way off the sands.

Sharuth approves of the gold's choice — all of the choices made today, really — and watches as the last of the new hatchlings are led away with their new lifemates. So'l nods as the final Impression is made and offers the remaining Candidates a supportive smile. Always more clutches, that's for sure! And hopefully, they'll choose to Stand again. The bronzerider returns Garawan's bow and moves forward with Sharuth, who noses at some of the empty shells. All done? So it seems! "Well, that's it then. This seemed so much quicker than when /you/ were hatched," So'l smirks at the bronze. With a playful whuffle, Sharuth looks to the Candidates and dips his head back to them as well. Thank you for Standing, his look seems to say.

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