Cookies 101

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens
As you enter this room from outside, good smells assail you from everywhere. State of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the 2 hearths that used to be in here. Three baking ovens are usually going full bore 12 hours of the day, while the nighttime hours bring the smaller stove beside the door to the main hall into use. This is where you find late night meals of stew and soup simmering in pots, and pitchers of klah and tea in their electric units to be kept warm. Large windows take up the entire of the western wall, generally open wide to the mountainous landscape beyond allowing the cool breezes in to keep the kitchen's temperature to a desirable level. Tables, cabinets, and counters take up the remaining spaces and walls. It is here the majority of the work is done, and spices, herbs, and other foodstuffs found.
Beside the night hearth in the southern wall is the door that leads out into the living cavern.

It is morning at Xanadu Weyr and with snow covering the weyr, people have been spending more time indoors. Briana has decided to arrange an activity for those awake early enough to join her in the kitches. A lesson in baking cookies! The weyrwoman is known for her love of cooking and with her being in the bakercraft, well it was an obvious choice to help alleviate the cabin fever. She has several 'workstations' set up with all the needed ingredients and now the junior waits for people to arrive.

Cookies! Soriana likes cookies. Well, she likes eating them, at least, but baking them seems like a reasonable thing. Besides, once they're baked, she can eat them! Furthermore, if she knows how to make cookies on her own, she'll no longer be at the mercies of the bakercraft for her cookie access. It's a good plan. So here she is, bright and early, coming in from the caverns and grinning cheerfully to Briana. "Heya!"

ka-el is no cookie baker. Rumor has it, he's a cookie burner, which perhaps could be a reason why he's here now. But, no this would be a thing considered fun, and fun is not in his repertoire of things to be had for quite a while. So, he is here for other reasons, but these other reasons at least bring him here to possibly accidentally have some fun. He enters cautiously, half expecting things to catch on fire and explode just by his mere arrival. Luckily things do not, and he shuffles further in looking incredibly out of place with a notebook in his hand.

Briana is pulling on her apron as people start to arrive. The junior smiles to see that people have actually showed up. One of the head cooks…frowns no doubt for the same reason. "Welcome to the kitchen!" Briana starts as she looks over the people who have decided to join in the lesson. "First off, we need to stay to this area of the kitchen so we stay out of the way of the cooks. They have allowed us the use of one of the ovens for this class, but that should suffice." She motions people to the work areas. There are bowls of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, honey, spices and bits of fruit at each station.

That's right, head cook! There are people in your kitchen. Suspicious people. Like this one. Soriana smiles and waves to those cooks as well, nodding to Briana and coming over to one of the work areas. "…doesn't look so much like cookies yet," she says of the little bowls, then glances up to see Kale arriving. Blink. She waves to him, though, and points to the station next to hers. Poooiiiint.

Kale's eyes flit to Briana as she talks of welcome and gives pertinent instruction. He glances to those cooks. Yup … definitely staying out of their way, yes ma'am! And now to find a place to be that is most definitely out of their way. Ah look. Soriana is making that task mighty easy for him with her mighty pointing. He blinks owlishly, then gestures to a station nowhere near the one she's gesturing to. That one? He goes to stand by it, brows rising at her. No? That one? He points to another obviously incorrect area and starts to move himself over there. But wait. No? That one? 'Well why didn't you say so?' his expression reads with false exasperation as he (finally) plants himself at the station next to hers, plopping his notebook down. He grins, then eyes the ingredients. Uh oh. Food stuff. You mean … cookies aren't made from fire and metal? "What sorts've cookies will all this make?" he asks, tacking on a "ma'am?" at the end, just for good measure.

As people find stations Briana moves to her own at the center of the 'class'. "A basic cookie is Flour, eggs, sugar and butter mixed together in the right proportions. I added some extra ingredients if people wanted to experiment. Different spices and adding fruit can give your cookies different looks and flavours. Before you start, make sure you have clean hands. You always start out cooking with a clean work area and clean hands. Then you can make a mess." Briana says as she waits for any who weren't cleaned up to deal with that little neccessity. "There are measuring cups between each set of stations. Your flour already has baking soda and salt in it to help it rise. So first measure out three and half cups of flour into your large bowl."

Idrissa was off getting some more supplies it seems, she is making her way on towards where Briana, Kale and Soriana happen to be, a stack of cookie pans and upon the top one is a bunch of cookie cutters in all manner of shapes and sizes. A smile is offered to her friends an so forth. "Hey guys. Look at this cookie cutters that I found. There runners, trees, birds, others and even dragons!" Yes she seems rather proud of herself it seems. She sets the items down and takes up a place next to Kale while wiping her hands off as she listens.

Soriana rolls her eyes at Kale, and when he finally gets to the right spot, she leans over and punches his arm. Not hard, mind you, and it's with a smirk on her face. Then she goes off to wash her hands, because while they were perfectly clean before, now they have boy-arm germs on them. Also probably soot from the forge, despite it being early in the mornin. That done, she returns to her station ready to listen! She nods to Briana's instructions, touching the edges of each of those bowls, then reaches for a measuring cup, only to pause and grin at Idrissa as the other girl returns with… supplies. "I'm not making fancy cookies," she says. "Then I'd feel bad about eating them." And eating them is the whole point here! For her.

Ow! Kale holds his arm where he's been so heavily brutalized by Soriana's manly fist and gives it a few tender rubs. The poor guy has been deprived of fun socialization and now the world must pay by overdramatization of everything! He gives her a glared look, then grins over at Idrissa and her cookie cutter finds. "Did you find any hammer shaped ones?" Since, you know, hammer cookies are oh so common! He glances at his hands. Uh, yeah. Definitely needs to be wash. He goes over to do that. *washwashbubblesoapdone!* Now it's measuring time. Back at his station, he glances at his ingredients. Ok. "..Which one of these is flour?" he says, looking blank. A beat, then he grins. "I'm joking!" He picks up the measuring cups. Uh. "Which one of these is a cup?" …Not joking.

Briana fills up a cup of flour and moves to each station to ensure they are dipping into the right bowl. As Idrissa arrives with cookie cutters she can't help but grin, "Oh that is what makes eating cookies fun. Eating the top off a 'tree' or deciding whether you will eat the animal one limb at a time or head first!" She declares with amusement in her voice. She pauses beside Kale and shows him her 'Cup' and points to his of the same. "So you will need three and a half of those. In another bowl you will need to beat together your butter and sugar until it is creamy." When she gets back to her station she holds up a beater.

Idrissa goes about rolling her sleeves up as she peers at Soriana and grins. "But what is the fun in that? Though you can make whatever you want of course." At the talk of a 'hammer' shaped cutter a soft ah escapes her while she goes about shuffling through the stack of cutters. There is a hat and let's see, a thimble, perhaps there is a shoe and a iron to compete the set? Can't forget about the little dog too! "Well, I think this is an anvil." The cutter is held up and *waggled* towards Kale a few times before she ohs and finds one that looks like a hammer. "Can use them both. Have to make some black icing for the anvil." Cause black icing is great, the color wouldn't make anyone cringe right? At the question to the cup she points towards one as she goes about picking up one for herself and works on getting the different ingredients into a bowl while she picks up a spoon to get it all mixed up.

"Well, maybe," Soriana says of fancy cookies, and then grins. "Oh, hey. Should save the runner one and make a meat-cookie for Haruhi. She'd just love the chance to demolish an entire runner herself." Then she takes the cup and scoops one, two, three, and there's the half-cup one to go with it, into her large bowl. Still doesn't look like cookies. Well, next step, butter and… "Mm, sugar." Not that it's all that good in raw form, but hey. She dumps it in with the butter and gets to beating! Beat, beat, beat… hmm. "The butter keeps flopping around," she says, looking how it breaks into large clumps instead of blending smoothly.

Cup. Got it! Kale nods to Briana as the correct measurement is shown, and he gets to work. First, he jots down a note in his notebook. Then he measures some heaping cupfuls of flour. One heap. Two heap. Another heap! And… hm. Half a heap? There's probably a half cup measuring cup around here somewhere, but instead of searching for it, he guesstimates using his whole cup and dumps in half(ish). In a new bowl, he starts with the butter and sugar, eyeing Idrissa. "You have a hammer one in there?" he says, sounding surprised. "And an anvil? Must be my lucky day. Finally.." He smirks then adds a bit more sugar than what's needed because sugar's what makes cookies good, right? And then he beats. And by beat we mean bang the beater around in the bowl. Mash mash chop stir bang! This is how you do it, right?

"If it is clumping, mush it up with your fingers and blend them that way or use the beater to mush it up. I reckon if you and your hands aren't covered in stuff by time you are done you aren't doing it right." Briana says brightly and brings over her own bowl to show how she mixes her sugar and butter. "Once you are happy with the consistency of the sugarbutter, add in two eggs and beat it smooth." Briana moves along the line as she beats up her mixture, offering tips to the different people as they work through the mixing. "Once you have a creamy mixtures, then you slowly add your flour in while mixing. If you add it too fast it will not mix very well."

Idrissa nods to Kale and points to the cutters in question. "Right there. Guess it is your lucky day then huh?" She then goes about mixuping up the batter, smooshing the butters around with a spoon as best she can before starting to use her hands. At the feeling of the cookie dough sticking to her fingers she makes a face.

Soriana nods to those directions, and tries stabbing the butter. Stab, stab… okay, fine. She washed her hands, so she reaches right in and pokes it. Idrissa's face as she does the same makes Sori grin. "Oh, it's not so bad. I mean, we don't even have to rinse our hands in redwort first!" She beats it some more after she prods it with her fingers, then adds in the eggs, crack-drip, crack-drip, and starts beating again!

Kale has no issue with getting messy! Even if his butter wasn't clumping he'd probably feel it necessary to stick his hands in and mush it anyway. He glances to the others to see how they're doing. Heh heh. He's totally doing better. And he's ready to move on to the next step! (even though his sugar and butter mixture isn't exactly … mixed all the way. Psh. Details) Egg crackin' time! Oh he knew this was going to be fun. He eyes his notebook, then his sugary-buttery hands. Hm. Dilemma. He'll just take mental notes from now on. He grabs an egg and *crack!* "Oops.." No one told him eggs were so fragile, and now he has a fistful of egg yolk, slime, and shell.

Briana goes back to her station to add in the flour before returning to the other stations. She pauses at Kale's station as she notices the egg dilemma. With deft movements she reaches into the mixture and picks out the eggshell. There is the odd bit left. "Once it is beaten down, it will hardly be noticed." Inner sigh. "Really mix up your flour with the mixture. It should really thicken until you have a lump of dough that you can pull out of the bowl. Before you do that sprinkle some flour on the countertop and then drop your dough on top."

Yolk's on Kale! Soriana giggles, because even she's cracked eggs before! Okay, she's watched other people crack eggs. Close enough. Besides, she's seen diagrams about relative shell thickness in dragon, firelizard, wherry, and avian eggs, and she extrapolated. Also, she got lucky. She leans over to Kale. "Just take out some flour," she suggests. "That'll even it out." She gives hers a final stir or three, then starts adding flour. Slooooooowly.

Pft. What reason would Kale have to crack eggs? Egg cracking is … not in his job description! "Er…" Yeah, that's all he's got when Briana comes to the rescue to save him from having crunchy cookies. The possibility is still there, but oh well! It may be a new … thing. Eggshell cookies. He looks over to Soriana as she speaks to him, then eyes his mixture. Right. This shall be salvaged! With sticky hands, he starts adding flour to his bowl to make his dough. Oh yeah. He feels some eggshells still in there. Maybe he if just … crunches them up a bit more, no one will notice! He puts more flour than is necessary on the countertop, and *PLOP* goes his gooball of dough. "This looks excellent."

"If you want to add in some fruit and spices, now can be a good time. Sprinkle them over the dough then fold the dough over and mash it in. Some people might use the fruit as decoration so you can wait until you have cut your cookies out to add things like eyes and toes and such." Briana instructs as she demonstrates how to fold in the ingredients. "Once things are added, take a rolling pin and roll out your dough to the desired thickness. The Width of a pinky works for most people." She says and comes up behind Kale, "You might need to measure with Soriana's pinky." Blacksmiths tend to have big hands! She smiles once the instruction is given.

"That would be an enormous cookie," says Soriana of Kale's dough-lump. Once she's done mixing - Kale totally got there first. That may or may not be to his advantage in the final reckoning - Soriana flours the table generously and sets her dough on it. Ooh, time for spices! Sori adds some, then adds some more, because she likes spices. Some of this, and that, and also the other thing. Yay, spices! She squishes them in until her dough is slightly darker and vaguely speckled, then picks up the rolling pin as instructed. When Briana makes the suggestion to Kale, she grins and wiggles her pinky at him, like some crazed seasnake madly searching for v'tols. Rollertime!

"Ah, that's what I should do. Make Xanadu's largest cookie," says Kale, eyeing his dough with a new light of inspiration! Would the cooks gofor it? Would such a large cookie fit in an oven once it's all rolled out flat? Sounds like a challenge! But it's one that'll be saved for another day, for his attention has already jumped from "big cookie" to "yummy cookie!". Fruits? Why yes he will add some of those fruits! And some cinnamon. And sprinkle in some more fruit bits to mix and mash. At the instruction of the width, he holds up his hand to eye his pinky, then leans over to eye Soriana's wiggled pinky. "I'll need to borrow that, please," he says, reaching over to try to grab her hand and yank it towards him to use as a literal guide.

"Once it is all rolled out then the fun begins." Briana says as she greases up some of the cookie platters. "Pick out the cookie cutter of your choice. If you ever doing this on your own and don't have one, you can either cut out shapes with a nice or use the rim of a glass to cut out circle cookies." Briana uses a few different cookie shapes as well as shaping a bit a dough by hand in the shape of a sleeping kitty, a bit of fruit serving as the nose. Well she is trained for this. She moves over to the oven and slides in her tray while waiting for her 'students' to finish loading up their trays. "In a quarter candlemark you will have fresh baked cookies!"

"Hey!" says Soriana as her hand gets pulled over as a ruler. "It's not even down to your thumb yet, you're not ready for my pinky." Because her pinky is a special thing that can only be had by the deserving. She attempts to roll out dough one handed (hahano), then tugs her hand back from Kale to apply both hands to the rolling pin. "I," she tells him, "Am making cookies." Sothere. …and she rolls it out, though once she's done that, she does reach her hand over to him for use of the pinky while she cuts with the other hand. Hearts, stars, and runnershoes! What, they were the three closest cutters, and she's got to have some variety. Once she's done that, she sprinkles a bit more spice on top of each. Did she mention she likes spices? Cuz… she does.

"I'm nearly ready," retorts Kale who rolls his dough with one hand and keeps Soriana's pinky captive with the other til she claims it back. Bah! He waits impatiently for his measuring tool to be returned. Meanwhile, he rolls and spreads and makes a nice mess with flour and dough that's too sticky til he spreads more flour to unstick the pin. And when Soriana's hand is given back to him, he uses her pinky to measure the width. "Perfect.." Of course. He releases her then and grabs the hammer and anvil cutters to cut a few cookies with, placing them on his tray, which he carries triumphantly to Briana to load in an oven. "That was fun," says the smither who somehow has flour in his hair. "There's no way to make them finish faster?" He wants cookies now!

Briana watches the group with amusement, she certainly has more patience than the Head Cook who has stopped glaring and gone back to preperations for the next meal. Briana looks over Kale's cookies as they are presented for the oven. They'll do. "Well some people like the taste of the dough and it certainly won't hurt ya." She says as she slides his tray in and waits for Soriana's presentation.

There. Spiced and ready. Soriana brings her cookies over and hands them to Briana with a grin. "But that's not cookies, it's just… cookiedough." Wait, her expression adds. Where was the problem in that statement? Oh yeah. "It's not warm and melty-sugar." She glances to Kale. "Why, have you got something else to do?"

Nibbles has followed his nose.. and his nose, as always, has brought him to the kitchen. Because, well, that's where all the num nums come from. The cute little fat brown waddles in, yep, he's not even bothering to fly, and heads directly for the cookie bakers. Cheep?

Ooh. Cookie dough can be eaten as it is? He glances at the leftover dough back on his workspace. Hmm.. will it taste as good? He's certainly going to test it out, especially if he has to wait for the real cookies to finish. He eyes Soriana's cookies once she moves near enough for him to see them. "Put enough of that stuff on them?" he comments, smirking. "And.. yes, I have something else to do. I'll have somethin' else to do for the next three sevendays, I think. But that's not why I asked. I'm just hungry…now."

Briana slides Soriana's tray next to Kale and adds others until there are three shelves of cookies and closes the oven. She grabs one of the sand timers and turns it over, knowing by sight which is the ten minute timer. While she waits she moves back to her station and takes off a bit of dough to eat it, perhaps to show that it IS safe to eat. "Not bad. This should be an interesting batch of cookies." Well they should be edible…but just how edible will be the question. As she notices the brown firelizard, she pulls of another bit of dough and offers it to the waddling creature, "Hey there little one, looking for some food?"

"…maybe." Sori could go back and add more spices. What if there isn't enough? WHAT IF?!? But, too late, her cookies are handed off to Briana and put in the oven, so instead she grins to Kale. "Ooh, yeah, I heard about that. And I wasn't even there!" Pout. "But I got to read a copy!" Beam. She heads back to her own station, taking a bit of the dough and nibbling it. "Hey, not bad…" she says approvingly, then grins as she looks at the fat little brown.

Nibbles chirrups happily as he's offered cookie dough, mmm, cookie dough. And, well, he's not one to turn down any num nums, nosirree, and the waddling brown reaches his neck upwards to accept the cookie dough into a greedy maw as he flickers his wings cutely up at the junior. His person will be angry when he finds out his brown has been begging again, but, well, he's cute and very very hungry! And so the bit of dough is finished eagerly and the critter gives another creeeel up at the cookie-makers. More?

Kale eyes those timers with a glared look. Hurry up you timers! .. So impatient. But at least he has dough stuff to occupy himself with, and he snags a piece of his own dough to try. A little cinnamony. A bit berryish. Not bad for dough! As he chews, he glances to Soriana, fixing her with a quirked brow look. "Wait. You heard-…you read?" How can this be! He so carefully made sure that his final draft was promptly thrown in a burning forge! Hearing about it is one thing. The versions are already far contorted from the truth. But reading? His attention is caught by the hungry brown. "Oh. You could likely pass on a few cookies, fellow.." But he gives him a berry chunked dough piece anyway.

Briana looks over to Kale and Soriana curiously, "Read what?" She can't help but ask as she pulls off a bit more dough. She offers a bit to nibbles then takes a bite for herself, but oh there is gossip. She never has time for Gossip. The junior crouches down and offers the little brown a scritch under his chin, "Now you look a bit familiar…"

And oh did it burn pretty. Like freedom. Only there was that draft one before the final, the one with, "Yeah, I mean, there was an inkblot on part of it," …the one with the giant inkblot… "But I could make out most of it. I can see why you didn't want to read from it, though." Soriana leans against her little workstation, picking up bits of dough, rolling them into balls, and… well, most of them go into her mouth. One of them gets tossed over at the fat brown to see if he can catch it. The exercise of jumping two inches into the air will do him good! …okay, well, it's a start, at least. She chuckles slightly to Briana's question. "Kale kinda got in a bit of trouble, and… he had to read an apology. A detailed apology. To the entire tavern."

Nibbles should look familiar, he is marked in the colours of the weyr and the Minercraft, and there's even a smear of pale powder blue in amidst the Minecraft colours. The fat little brown chirps triumphantly with the next bite and even turns to catch the tossed ball, well, he tries to catch it but it just kind of splatters against his head and splats on the floor, only to be gobbled down shortly thereafter. The greedy little creature is dstracted, for a moment or two, by the offered scritch as Nibbles rather enjoys the chin-scritch. Creeeel! More food? He's cute and starving, can't you tell?

Kale stares at Soriana while his mind races through the unfeasible possibilities of just how she got that paper. Maybe it flew out through a window, got caught in a draft, and wafted its way towards her, bypassing all people along the way. Maybe a firelizard used it as a toy and was playing with Toral with it. Maybe she's stalking him and snuck her way into the apprentice dorms and snuck through his stuff?? He wouldn't put it past her. "It was nothing," he interjects in response to Soriana's explanation to Briana. "It was just…a small thing that got blown out of proportion, is all." Much like chubby firelizard over there!

Briana nods to Soriana's response, but doesn't press as she notes Kale's discomfort, "Hopefully lesson learned whatever happened." She suggests as she moves over to the oven, grabs a mit and starts pulling out the trays and setting them on the counter. Her movements practiced and done with ease. She might have spent some time in a kitchen before. "Just need to let them cool down and then you have cookies." She declares before reaching down to pick up the firelizard, "Ah you are Derin's boy. Are you supposed to be begging in the kitchen?" She asks even as she offers him another tidbit of dough.

"Yeah, it was," Soriana agrees with Kale. Which does not mean she did not giggle upon her reading of that apology. "And it kinda sucks that you're going to be so busy this next month…" She frowns, giggle gone, because, hey, that's going to cut into her Kale time. "If you want some help, I don't mind." Assuming she's free, and his journeymen allow. But… hey, cookies! "Ooh!" she says, going over to lurk at them. Lurk, lurk… "They smell good!"

Nibbles chrrs happily as he gets picked up by the junior, his big belly jiggling merrily. He gobbles down the next offered bit of dough quickly. And, well, if firelizard eyes could widen, his would be doing just that as he spots the fresh hot cookies that had been removed from the ovens for cooling. This could be bad, he flicks his wings cutely and streeeeetches his neck towards the counter with the cookies upon it. Oh, the things he could do to those poor helpless treats.

Reduced Kale time is definitely a sad thing. Kale nods to Briana, giving her a small salute in reply. "Learned and engraved," he answers as a contemplative look is sent to Soriana. "Eh…I'd better not. If any've the journeymen see me getting help, especially from you, you'll probably never see me again til next Turnday, they'll keep me so busy." Drawn by the extracted cookies as well, he follows to hover and drool, inhaling a breath of the sweet, newly baked goodies! "Mm … mine smell even better. They even look good!" Kind of.. Hammer shaped, sure, but a bit lumpy where fruit bits are.

Briana gives the little brown another chin scratch before setting the little boy down with one last bit of dough. She then grabs up one cookie from each tray and places them on a plate."I am afraid, my time is up and I have to get to my paperwork stack. I hope you enjoyed today's lesson. Next one will be scones!" She declares with exagerated excitement in her voice. Well she is a crafter of the baking variety. As she glances between Kale and Soriana she cants her head, "The weyr is a team, if help can be received never turn it down." Yep, helping out before she heads toward the door, "Remember to try each other's cookies!"

"True enough," says Soriana to Kale, and then she looks to Nibbles as he strains against Briana's arms. "You," she says with a finger pointed at the brown, "-are going to get yourself blocked up and in need of a purge. I doubt you'll enjoy that." She also doubts the firelizard will actually listen to her, being, well, a firelizard, but she's got to do something with that fancy dragonhealer education of hers. She grins to Briana then. "Sounds fun!" she says. "Well, not the paperwork. The scones." She waves. "Thanks for the class!" If this keeps up, maybe she'll actually turn competent around a kitchen! …maybe.

Nibbles was just about to leap at those yummy looking cookies too! But alas his planned is foiled, but he gets more cookie dough, so that's a good thing. The fat little brown croons happily up at Briana, taking the dough and making short work of it. Well, there are still cookies to be had, and the brown waddles towards the younger humans, maybe they'll give him cookie, hmm. He gives out another pleading creeeeeel! This time for Soriana and Kale. Cute and hungry, remember? (And apparently spoiled rotten or something)

Kale snags one of each cookie once they're able to be grabbed, putting them on a plate as well, only to pass that plate along to Soriana. "Oh yes, the weyr is a team," he agrees, nodding, "but punishment is not a team effort unless we're told different." He smirks, snagging cookies for himself now. "Though I know that new journeyman would love another excuse to think of another punishment to try." He snickers and rolls his eyes, looking down at Nibbles after. "You can't have any of my cookies. You can probably eat Soriana's, though. Nobody else is gonna," he snickers teasingly. To Briana, he nods. "Thank you."

Soriana takes the plate with a grin, then nods more seriously-like. "Yeah, that… but I doubt D'ren and Orik have any reason to talk to each other… mm, pretty much ever. Maybe if one of them took the last breadroll at dinner?" She sounds dubious about it even then, and follows it with a heh. "Yeah, I heard he was… enthusiastic." Which is not exactly what you want in a punishment-deriver. At least, not if you're the one getting the punishment. She picks up cookies to nibble her way through the rainbow, then chuckles down at the poor, adorable, so-hungry brown. "What did I tell you?" she says to him… not that he's gonna listen… then sticks her tongue out at Kale. "More for me. In fact, maybe I'll add even more spices next time, and then I can put them next to the klah pot and pretend to share." She does not feed Nibbles! She has the willpower to resist his cute charms! …so far.

Nibbles flutters his wings and creels ever so pathetically, the poor poor starving brown, just look at him, he's gonna blow away in the wind! The fat little critter watches each bite as it's taken from the various cookies, a pathetic little squeak each time. Hey! Hello? Hungry brown here! Come on, you know you wanna give him num nums.

Kale takes a bite of his own cookie, still warm from the oven. It's just how he imagined it's taste! (well, thanks largely to the cookie dough) He makes a blissful face of contentment as he chews and swallows his bite, exhaling in apparent bliss. "I should change my craft. These cookies of mine would make me rich and they'd be known all over Pern." Especially with the added appeal of danger. Warning! Eggshells may be included! "If I were you, I'd not bother putting those cookies you made anywhere near a pot of klah. People may mistake them for edible goods. The next thing you know, the entire weyr takes ill." Nibbles is lucky. Though Kale isn't one for the cute factor, he does break of a cookie pice to feed to the firelizard…to keep him quiet! "Speakin' of punishments, I've to deliver this recipe today. Meaning, I've to write it all down.." He glances to his notebook, now with a film of flour on it, that only has that one first direction written down. "I should get started before it gets too late in the morning."

Soriana takes a bite of the Kale-edition cookie, and chews it contemplatively. She does not speak in words, but the rise hof her eyebrows, it says, 'Don't quit your day job', it says. Not that it's bad; it is in fact tasty, but it's not Pern-famous tasty… ooh, and there's one of the eggshell bits. Now fortified with extra calcium! Crunch. So it's with a hmph that Soriana starts in on the defense of her own cookies. "Well I like them," she says. Oh what a stirring defense! What poetry, what… omnomnom. See? She's eating her cookie. Because she likes it. Chewchewgulp. "Huh. S'kind of a weird thing. Like… someone who couldn't make the class? Or are they going to start baking cookies on top of the forge?"

Psh. Soriana knows that that's an award winning cookie right there! "Someone who couldn't make the class," he clarifies. "A man's wife's…sister or something. Told me to take notes and bring back my findings." Luckily nothing was said about bringing back his cookies! More for him, mwuaha! "If they start baking cookies on the forges, no one would ever want to leave our forge. It'd just make it more amazing than it already is." He starts to clean up a bit. Mostly himself. And he snags some cookies for the road, taking a bit of her super spiced one. Chew, swallow. "It's …. different. Good. It'd be good with a cup of klah."

Wifesistersomething. Got it. Soriana nods. "Well, then, you do that," she says, and then she catches the head cook staring at them again, and she makes with the busy of gathering up cookies and cleaning up vaguely and tossing one of the cookies that turned out burnt at Nibbles to keep him busy. … aha, and see! Her cookies are so good. She grins wide, and takes extra. She's gotta have a good breakfast, after all! And cookies and klah is a very, very good breakfast.

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