Xanadu Weyr - Dragons' Pool
Light filters in through a jagged crack in the wall, but while it's dark in here, it's certainly not cold. Water seeps through the walls, forming trickles and rivulets that run down to an enormous pool only to rise again as steam. There's enough room for a full-grown gold dragon - though she'd be curled nose over tail and likely displace half the water. Smaller dragons will find ample chance to bathe and play - which may splash just as much, all things considered. Glowbaskets hang from hooks drilled into the rock, casting their dim phosphorescence over stone shattered and blackened by smoke.

As the second month of bonded life is drawing toward its end, some weyrlings are experiencing the small-but-still-a-victory experience of lifemates with slightly more regular sleep routines and more predictable needs upon waking. F'yr is not among those lucky weyrlings (RIP F'yr's hopes and dreams). Glorioth persists in his ridiculous cycles of long wakings and go-go-going to utter exhaustion at which point he drops into a dead sleep from which nothing but the strongest HEROIC NEED can wake him (this does not include anything practical, of course, only inconvenient things). Still, it so happens that today's LONG CRASH is happening in the late afternoon when many other dragons are also down for a solid nap. There are a pair of weyrlings exiting the dragon pool cavern, but within there is only F'yr. The man is settled on one of the natural ledges, leaning back against the smoothed rock, just soaking in the heat of the pool. It's probably therapy for his finally healing (possibly even nearly all the way healed) ribs, or maybe for his sore muscles since even though he's modified his behavior to allow the healing of his ribs to occur with Glorioth's grudging support (why can't these things be a simple wave of the hand and done), his dragon still qualifies as one of the most physically active in the class and there is no such thing as a quiet or relaxing waking moment for the new bronzerider. The cavern is blissfully silent so it's no wonder that F'yr's eyes are closed and that his expression is meditatively smooth in its slackness.

Blissful and silent are a rare combination these days! Even rarer still, a lack of draconic companion in even the most basic of tasks. Yet look at them both! F'yr already a step ahead, though Ru'ien isn't long in trudging his exhausted self inside. For a moment, he behaves as though he's just going to walk straight forwards into the pool, but at the last moment, crouches down at the edge. "Hope you don't mind company, F'yr." At least there's a warning? And it's intoned as though he's saying bro, to match the jovial half-smirk he has going on. Stripping out of stained (and let's face it, a good scrubbing too) clothing, Ru'ien doesn't appear the least bit modest as he slips into the pool. A relieved groan follows suit, along with hands scrubbing tiredly at his face. UGH, what a day! Month? Both.

Blue eyes open, and, "Please," is automatic because Fear always welcomes his Ruinous counterpart, but as his eyes take in the lack of dragon, a breath becomes a laugh and then a grin, "Faranth, please." It's a whole other tone because as much as they all enjoy one another, generally, most days, most times, it's rare to get to steal a moment where it's just the men without their other halves, and those moments are important too. Can F'yr really be blamed for letting his eyes follow Ru'ien a moment as he shucks his clothes? No, probably not, but he also has sense enough not to let his eyes linger too long at this stage of the dragon game. Long enough that there's a small sigh, but not so long as to rouse draconic suspicions of the annoyingly awake variety. "One day, we won't be weyrlings," is a mutter that is perhaps part vexed promise because they are alone, after all. In the meantime though, he sweeps an inviting hand to his ledge. "How are you?" Because whatever has to wait until later is not even close to the most important part of their friendship, and this is really what F'yr cares most about right in this moment when he has enough thought to spare for anyone but his consuming lifemate.

It's nice to get away once in awhile, isn't it? There's relief on his part too, as Ru'ien can focus on being him and not be so conscientious of what Kihatsuth may pick up. Which may be while he doesn't mind that bit of lingering glance from F'yr. Carefully noted and just as cautiously returned because hey… he's still human, okay? "Mhm, you dreaming of graduation already?" he teases lightly, with a small grin of his own. "I'll settle just for senior Weyrling at this point. At least we'll be half way and, y'know, a little more free?" Just a teensy bit. Hopefully F'yr wasn't expecting him to sit on the other end of the pool because he WILL come and join him on that ledge. Close, but not within the realm of breeching personal space… just lingering on that line. "I'm doing better. Either I've adjusted to this… mayhem our lives are or I'm getting a better grip on our bond. Might be a little of this and that?" His shoulders lift in a shrug. Who knows!? "Or I just accepted that I am linked to a soul of chaos triggered by emotions and will have to figure out how to make that work." Ru'ien waves a hand dismissively, leaning back a little as he sighs. "Something like that." Glancing sidelong, he'll grin again. "And you?"

"Only in the basest of ways," F'yr can admit with only a touch of a blush. "I'm sure if they graduated me tomorrow for some absurd reason," BUT LET'S FACE IT, THIS IS XANADU, so if Pern had warding off evil gestures, he'd probably use one now, "I'm sure I'd flounder and drown. I feel like I have everything to learn and haven't grasped any of it yet. Glori doesn't share my concerns," obviously not. "I keep thinking if I could just get a little more sleep, a little more food, a little more rest where my brain isn't in constant, obsessive worry about what he's doing now and if he needs me, maybe some of what we're supposed to be learning would sink in." Then again, F'yr does seem to be on top of the feeding, the oiling and the all-important learning to distract and redirect his active lifemate (even if that learning curve simply is going to be a lifetime long). It seems that F'yr was actually expecting something different. Not farther, in fact, but nearer. "Want to risk it with me?" He offers his arm across the back of the stone in case Ru'ien dares to sit close enough to just touch, for whatever platonic comfort can be drawn. "It's killing me not to be able to just touch people anymore. I think he's deeply enough asleep that I could try it as long as we don't —" You know, Ru'ien, we don't need to spell it out for you. "I'm glad things seem to be getting better for you," is heartfelt support from the blond whether Ru'ien opts in for the risk taking or not. "I like her. Not sure I've said. Not sure it matters. But I do. Glori does too. Most days." Some days are not like the rest, for any of them, probably.

"Maybe Glorioth is right," Ru'ien is barely able to keep his face straight uttering that, snorting a bit in an attempt to keep himself from laughing outright. "Just a bit. About not being so concerned? It'll sink in… or it won't. But maybe that's just because you don't need it to. There's no way we're all gonna remember everything or be perfect at it all." Easy enough for him to say! He, who doesn't ever look forwards (or backwards) or to the future. Risk? Now there's a tempting offer! But this is also Ru'ien, who is never one to turn down contact. With a bemused chuckle, he'll sit closer within the reach of his arm — and yes, the acceptance is purely platonic in nature. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Is he protective or just doesn't get it? I thought Kihatsuth didn't care but the other day she just… well." It could be F'yr witnessed it or at least heard about it, in some degree. Weyrlings aren't expected to get along every day and the same goes for draconic counterparts. While Ru'ien was doing nothing that toed the line with Piezra, the fault may have been with her — or no one, Kiha IS unpredictable! But the green's clashed, briefly. Just a typical sibling spat! "I still don't think she's gonna forgive me for Kihatsuth's threat of rearranging Wyrcaelith's innards, if they didn't get away from me." Whatever that meant? Ru'ien has NO IDEA. DON'T WORRY, FEAR! Ru'ien doesn't need it spelled out. He gets it! See the way he smirks and narrows his eyes? Oh yes. But we're not going there today. "You sure you wanna stick with saying you like her? Even after that?" It's a light tease, as he goes back to grinning sidelong at him. "But it's nice to know. Glorioth's not bad either, even if he's a lot to take. You're doing a damn good job keeping up! She's fond of him, too." That's a mixed blessing and they probably BOTH KNOW IT!

"The horrible thing is that he actually is, a lot. It's almost depressing," F'yr replies with a groan. "Even when he's not actually right, he's got the concept right." It's the kind of moment where F'yr would like to put his head on Ru'ien's shoulder for a while, but they already risk much with just the bronze weyrling's fingers touching the green weyrling's opposite shoulder blade in the water. It keeps the other man with the touch of F'yr's forearm across his upper back, but under the water where it won't be seen or remarked upon those who might not understand that it's platonic (if it weren't, there'd be REALLY LOUD DRAGONS POINTING IT OUT), but it also keeps Ru'ien's position from touching any other part of F'yr's body that could risk accidental thoughts that could lead to accidental baby wakings just from proximity. "Honestly?" The blond has the grace to look chagrined in sharing, "Glorioth just doesn't like it when I'm occupied thinking of anyone but him. I think he generally appreciates that I'm not without people I have a mutual admiration of," YES, LET'S PUT IT LIKE THAT, F'YR, "because it means I'm a suitable decoration, but if a person is busy admiring me, they're not busy admiring him, and if I'm admiring another person," he gives Ruin a bemused but pointed look, "Then I'm not giving him one hundred percent of my attention and admiration. He just doesn't like to share. He'll have to get over it, eventually. I love him," that's helpless, it's sappy, it's so meant, "but it's not like I've stopped caring about other people. That's just…" He shrugs a little, "All on hold for a while." It's just not important when there's a whole young dragon life depending on him. "The important people will still be there when he gets over it, or I figure out how to do it anyway. He is getting better about me touching people, some." VERY LITTLE, HONESTLY, BUT F'YR IS TRYING TO PUSH THOSE LIMITS, case in point. "I don't really blame Kihatsuth for being sometimes protective of you, not that I would think quiet Piezra to be much of a threat, or even your type." That comes with a little laugh, "but is she?" They've never talked about it beyond the particular cards that Ru'ien once showed him that all happened to be their own gender, so it might be worth asking.

“Doesn’t it throw you for a loop?” Ru’ien agrees with F’yr’s admittance to how right his bronze can be, though in his case, he was speaking more broadly. Depressing is also the right term! Indeed, discretion is best but he knows his limits and the limitations of others. He can’t help but chuckle a little for F’yr’s predicament, however, while idly scrubbing at some of his skin (hey, he actually IS a bit grimy, which spurred his initial arrival here!) along his arms and hands. “Why am I not surprised by that? It’s… well, maybe this is just me spouting the usual canned response, but it’s honest?” That counts, right? “It’s possible he’ll tone it down or, I dunno, just accept that you’re gonna include others at some point. Strike some sort of understanding or bargain…” Okay, that LAST one sounds like something he’ll have to do with Kiha (oh so many times) but hey! “I get what you mean, though. There is a lot put on hold. It’s kind of… weird, not being able to even think too much about others. Family. Friends. Those who mean something,” In ways he cannot elaborate for REASONS, but that doesn’t stop a pointed look to F’yr. He gets it, right? He scoffs lightly, a small smile curving his lips. “Mhm, exactly. And if they’re not well, then at least you’ve learned early that their importance was one sided.” Was that a loaded statement? Possibly. “Piezra is harmless.” he agrees, while reaching behind his head to fuss with his hair. He’s been wearing it back of late, though it’s not overly long — it’s merely out of practicality. Only to judge from his grimace and slight frustrated click of tongue, it’s been awhile and the tie is snarled. “What? No.” It comes off as a light laugh, almost a huff. “I mean, I DO like the quiet types…” Oh, he’ll chance a wry, fox-like smile there! No fault for expressions now, right? “She does, however, fall very short on a key preference.” So there you go F’yr. CONFIRMATION! Likely the only one among them, as weyrlings, that he’s openly admitted it. He’s not one to broadcast, otherwise and he thoroughly confuses most who try to hazard a guess by being equally flirtatious to both genders. Only that is the key — one ends at flirting and the other is clearly the desired one.

"Every. Sharding. Time." F'yr admits with laughter and a sigh. "Maybe one day I'll stop being surprised by it, but I doubt it. It just always seems so improbable, you know?" He grins at Ru'ien. There's surely something here, in this exchange, in this chance to be them without the immediate presence of their newest, forever-favorite partners that is affirming of a jagged piece of identity that eases into place for F'yr in these moments and the tension can be felt to release slowly through his arm and visibly in those broad shoulders just under the surface of the water. And don't worry, bro, that silent bro-sense is still going strong: message received, understood and empathized with. The big blond already bathed so he has no such need for movement, but as the greenrider starts to deal with the tie in his hair does F'yr shift a little closer, chest inadvertently brushing side for the briefest moment as he adjusts his position. "Here, let me," he offers, his hands already going up to focus on the task of untangling the tie from the snarl. For having such large hands and fingers, his deftness at the task speaks to prior experience with testy targets. He has it settled in a trice, even, and sets the tie up on the wall before he gives into the one temptation of slipping his hand into the greenrider's hair and letting fingers gently pull through once before the bronzerider shifts to slide off the stone and put a little distance between them as he moves swim in a lazy circle. "I think I get what people kept explaining to me about riders and their dragons always being first, now. I mean, it's not that I care any less about anyone I've come to care for, however I've come to care for them," that's not something F'yr spends any mental energy on defining anyway, "it's just that I sort of can't imagine a person ever equaling my lifemate in how I feel about them. I might feel strongly about someone," maybe there's a someone he's thinking of? Anything is possible, "and it- they might become really important to me, but it won't ever be something that could compete with how I feel about Glorioth. I'm hoping he'll figure that out and understand that I'll always put him first." Probably even above F'yr himself, an implication that should be obvious to anyone who's ever met F'yr before. If anyone was hoping a dragon would push F'yr in a more monogamous direction, they're probably doomed for disappointment. The blond goes on, though, "I think you're right about learning what people are made of, if they're still interested later. I mean, we're kind of going to be different, too, when we finish all this. I don't see how we could not be. We sort of have an advantage on the people not in this class because at least we can witness what the others are going through, even if we might not always understand it from the inside." He frowns a little. "Shells, I wish I had enough energy to be more involved with everyone else." But really, he can barely keep Glorioth from destroying anything that looks marginally funny as an EVIL OBJECT DOING PASSIVE EVIL right now. Maybe once they start hunting? But that might only decimate the Weyr herds. Maybe once they can fly outside the Weyr to hunt for themselves, but that's a long way off. That's too much to think about. Far safer to say, "Quiet is good, but there's something to be said for loud and obnoxious," he grins and casts a look over his shoulder toward the greenrider WHO HE COULDN'T POSSIBLY MEAN.

"Heh, thanks." Ru'ien doesn't object to F'yr's help or the adjustment of position that has them closer — again, the nature of it is strictly platonic and has no hidden meaning. "I'm not used to keeping my hair back this much. Used to only do it for my Craft work, y'know? Someone suggested I cut it but… I find I look terrible with short hair." It's also a THING in his family for men to have longer hair, okay? He'll indulge a little in the brief run of fingers through his hair, a low, pleased hum following and maybe just a tiny bit of regret that F'yr moves off so quickly afterwards. Likely for the best, though Ru'ien is just as quickly absorbed back into the conversation — all while using his own hands to comb out the rest of his unruly hair. "I completely understand what you mean," he admits, with a rueful smile of his own. "I'd never really thought about it before? I think Glorioth will understand. Just like I think Kihatsuth will. It's kind of hard to be anything BUT truthful with them, y'know? People lie. Their feelings change or they ignore things and unintentionally hurt the ones they supposedly love," Woah, woah! Back up that train, Ru'ien! It's going deep and dark fast! He's unaware of it, rambling on with a sort of shadowed, distant look in his eyes where they're staring at the water's surface. "I know Kihatsuth loves me. You feel it with Glorioth too, right? How it just… is and there's no denying it or questioning. I think that's what shocked me the most, y'know?" Which might explain why he was so shaken after the Hatching! Or one of the many reasons. Finished with his hair, he'll shrug his shoulders and lift his gaze to smile at him. "Yeah, but this change will be good, I think! And don't spread yourself too thin? We'll settle in. There's still time to, y'know, bond together as weyrlings. At least our class is relatively small? Could you imagine if we'd Impressed back in the old times? I heard the weyrling groups were like… triple the numbers." And not everyone survived, BUT LET'S STAY TO THE HAPPY THINGS! There's a low chuckle for that last statement and the look cast, while he'll feign an innocent smile and look. WHO? Him? Nah. "What about sombre and mysterious?" he teases gently. "Or dependable and hard working?"

F'yr's quiet as works at the tie while Ru'ien speaks of his hair is listening. It's probably not even surprising that he doesn't express an opinion on the matter of hair length; can't Ru'ien guess that F'yr would support whatever makes Ru'ien feel good? One might even wonder if F'yr has any kind of physical type, or if any physical change could stop a man like F'yr from still feeling however he feels about the person behind the hair, the face, the clothes. And while the lack of distance is truly strictly platonic, the tousle of the man's hair presses the line, this time, where another time it might be totally innocent. That's why the distance. Because that hum of Ru'ien's is as dangerous a temptation to the "safe" risks of platonic touch just this moment as whatever moved F'yr to make the gesture to begin with. Maybe in the barracks Glorioth rolls over and snorts a little, but he doesn't wake with all the touching; it's a good barometer for what's too much really. (IS THERE A DRAGON ROARING IN YOUR FACE? NO? OKAY, YOU'RE GOOD.) "I don't… I mean, I don't even feel bad about it? I don't know what I'd tell a person who expected me to love my dragon second or even them most or —" His words are starting to get muddled, so he throws one of those broly silent, 'you know what I mean?' looks at the green weyrling. This is done in time for Ru'ien to go on with further thoughts. The thoughts that take a deep dive fast and at something in a glance or maybe the other man's tone of voice, F'yr turns and focuses that whole attention of his that has been lacking in recent days because of the constant distraction of his lifemate on the other man's face while he watches the water. Not one word that Ru'ien says now is of anything less than vital importance to the big blond and nothing is missed (insofar as what he's able to perceive of what is offered). By the time Ru'ien has finished, F'yr is near, his hand moving to rest on the man's knee while his other is braced on the stone bench. Blue eyes seek to catch Ru'ien's gaze for a different kind of silent communion. He doesn't say anything, but those eyes assure that he's been heard, been understood and is supported. This is one of those unquestioningly platonic touches that is at the same time so much more, but also not any part sexual in nature. He only seeks to hold the look for a handful of seconds, long enough but not so long that it treads into WEIRD, not this time, and then he's pulling himself back onto the bench to sit beside the other weyrling, letting him finish with the rest, the easier stuff. "The first time I told Glorioth I loved him, he told me to keep my effeminate sentimentality for someone who wants it," he glances to the side at his friend, cracking the smile that needs to accompany those words, "but I felt what it meant to him, how he feels about me, so…" Glorioth can spout whatever masculine male bullshit he wants. "I don't think I can spread myself the way I would have wanted to before Glorioth. There just isn't enough me for that." So much of him is taken by the bronze in these still relatively early days. "Triple numbers would've been something to see, though." He shakes his head, probably trying to imagine it and failing. "It's probably easier if we talk about types we don't like." He concludes, though whether he even registered Ru'ien's description of his own qualities is anyone's guess - it might have been flirting which might just mean he missed the meaning entirely. Of course, he doesn't proceed to offer up any ideas on that front, so maybe he doesn't have a type after all?

"There's not much you could do or say to a person like that. If they expect you to give them everything, when you can't and they refuse to understand? Not worth it." Ru'ien's tone is gentle, even oddly warm in his advice, no matter how blunt he puts it. It's the truth, isn't it? DON'T WORRY, F'YR! He got the look and message! See that crooked smile bordering on a smirk? Nah, he gets it and only because he's seen just how screwed up relationships (of all kinds) can be — just how terrible people can be, even unintentionally. He won't realize either that he'd spun the conversation off towards a darker lean, not until he's suddenly there and with his hand to his knee. Blue eyed gaze lifts, meets and holds, not the least bit awkward if not just genuinely puzzled for that spell. Yet in the end, the gesture is appreciated, along with the unspoken message that may take Ru'ien a moment to unpack. It's not him dismissing it, merely that he is not good at handling too much deep emotion or negative emotion all at once. Seriously, let's NOT summon any raging baby dragons, okay? There's a low chuckle for F'yr's recounting of Glorioth's reply. "Why am I not surprised that that was his response to you?" he teases gently, along with his own crooked smile. "I never thought to actually say it directly to Kihatsuth." Is he considering it? YOU BET HE IS. For science curiosity! "You shouldn't. Spread yourself thin, I mean." Did they already cover this? Ru'ien likely has a tough time keeping conversations straight, given his already prone to tangent personality. Another quiet laugh, for bringing up types and he's quick to latch onto that thread. "I dunno if I have a type I don't like — and I mean personality, not the whole 'what's in their pants' business." he admits, quietly, as if discussing something as benign as the weather.

Fear will give Ruin whatever time he needs with that deeper issue, that look of support, but he's also ready to offer distraction. "Well, that makes two of us, I suppose," F'yr starts, working backwards this time. It's the easiest thing to address, really, the lack of types. "Maybe I'll find things I don't like as I go along." He shrugs. "Do you… have a lot of experience or — ?" His brows lift a little head tilting to get a better look at the greenrider. "I don't need details," he hurries to add, "Just, I mean, generally. We…" he starts and then has to clear his throat and he stares down at the water, so that sentence isn't getting finished because no, no, let's not summon raging baby dragons, or at least grumpy baby dragons. He moves on, but it doesn't mean he doesn't want an answer if Ru'ien will humor him. "You're not surprised because Glorioth doesn't exactly give off the cute and cuddly vibes. I called him cute once. That didn't go over well either." And yet, the fool is grinning because even if it wasn't well received, both were experiences that apparently counted as worth it in the bronzerider's book. "I'm sure Kihatsuth can feel it, but maybe she'd like to hear it? I just felt like I needed to say it, once. Sometimes I worry he can't feel me, but then I think that he feels me much better than I'm feeling him and — " The blond shakes his head. "I guess that's what all these new practices are for. "How does it work for you and Kihatsuth? If you don't mind my asking." He's not prying, see. "N'on once mentioned that he and Zhelinath were very connected, but it doesn't feel that way for me with Glorioth, or not the way he described his connection anyway.

Ru'ien will always go for distraction above all else, when it comes to facing any issues. It's a reflex and an unfortunate flaw that anyone close to him will just have to accept (or be frustrated by). He chuckles low, bemused as he gives F'yr a knowing sideglance. "Yeah, it usually goes like that." he shares, which may be enough of an explanation then and there for the rest! Only his brows furrow a moment, then his expression relaxes into something more open and warm. Checking on those mental barriers? YOU BET HE IS. And they're going strong (and Kihatstuh is deep asleep, he's not RISKING ANYTHING)! "Mhm," he starts with and it's not bragging but merely the truth. Just ignore that slightly smug look, OKAY? No, they never got to discussing this before EVERYTHING happened, right? And Ru'ien was never one to crow about his endeavors! "Not a lot, but some! Ironically? It was a greenrider, the recent one — during Leirith's flight, actually." Well, it's not the whole story, but this is skipping the majority of the details. "I'd seen him around before. Something about him sparked interest — he's prickly, though. Kind of… keeps to himself? So I was a bit surprised when we happened to cross paths again." Shoulders lift in a shrug. That was that? Not quite! Again, though, he can't speak of it all. Mostly because even he isn't sure of the larger picture but also? Because his mental strength only goes so far and it'll just take one fissure in his current shielding and Kihatsuth will KNOW ALL of their INTRIGUING conversation! Quick as a flash, he's laughing low and quiet. "You called him cute!? What'd he say to that?" He HAS to know! "And I dunno what Kiha would do. She's unpredictable? She'll either take it as a compliment or probably threaten me. Maybe I'll try it." And report back to him, apparently! Leaning back against the edge of the pool, he'll exhale heavily in thought while still enjoying F'yr's company. It's felt like EONS since he could talk like this! Even if they're both being so cautious. "Each rider's bond is personal, at least that's what I was told? Kihatsuth and I feel close, but I am still trying to puzzle out a few things. Since sometimes, we feel so different?"

The gesture F'yr makes when Ru'ien says 'threaten me' is really the answer to what Glorioth said when F'yr dared to think he was cute. "I believe the words were 'live to make me regret it.'" He hasn't forgotten, you see. But the grin says maybe he's just learned to change his verbiage to things more suitably man — er, dragonly. The reason he answers this before the other matter before them has nothing to do with needing to school his emotions, because he really seems totally fine with an interest of his recounting his exploits with another partner - aside from the general respect for privacy. It's looking worse and worse for any of those monogamist holdouts. He doesn't ask for more details about the encounter itself, about the greenrider in question, simply nodding, though he doesn't look like he'd be a bad sounding board if Ru'ien needed to talk something out. What he does want to ask is, "Everyone keeps telling me I'll figure it out as soon as I'm doing it. Is it really that easy? It seems like it's… complex… to do it well." And really, the way he's discussing this, he's keeping his tone fairly clinical. It probably helps that so far all his sources for this sort of thing, by and large are from healers and without much in the way of colorful memories to apply to the abstract ideas of things that go well beyond kissing in dark corners. "My brothers never made it sound… I mean, they said it was hard. Sort of. Could be hard. All the anatomy. Only I guess that's… not as big a deal when…" And now he colors and has to stop. He stares at the ceiling. Glorioth hrumphs in this sleep and there's a new foe to wrestle, one far uglier, grosser and all around more EVIL than any before in that dreaming quest of his, but he doesn't wake up, doesn't storm the dragon pool. They're safe, for now. It's the wise course to turn the topic again to something safer. "I'm sure we'll figure it out, eventually. We've got our whole lives ahead of us." He grins. For all that he doesn't seem eager to make solitary commitments to human beings, he doesn't seem at all bothered by the notion of his lifelong bond with his lifemate.

"Guess Glorioth and Kihatsuth have 'how to threaten others' in common with each other? Though I think I prefer his approach." Ru'ien teases lightly to F'yr, along with one of those more casual smiles of his. "Less graphic and violent." Be careful what you wish for? It may happen some day or they'll be sound boards for each others own woes. Who knows! Now they're treading on lines that require thoughts that could be of interest not only to THEM but to certain counterparts; so the hesitation is not from lack of desire to answer but more of precaution, as always. Ru'ien looks down at the water's surface, will idly scrubbing the edge of thumb along his jaw. How to answer? Hmm. "Well… it depends? It is and it isn't that complex." Not much HELP THERE, is it? But wait, he seems to be weighing more. "I mean, I guess it depends on the partner and circumstance? Everyone's different. Y'gotta know your own likes and limits. They're either gonna be the same or slightly different but that's part of the fun," FUN HE SAYS. "Of discovering along the way." Since touch, even something as simple as a playful shove the shoulder may be out of the question, Ru'ien opts for the less invasive flick of some water in F'yr's direction. "Don't overthink it!" THAT might be the best advice he's had yet! Oh and then he's going there and Ru'ien even clears his throat a bit because he has to keep his mind from wandering. Kihatsuth's tail twitches in her sleep and there's a restless twitch to her overall body but the green doesn't wake. "It's different. I wouldn't know how with the, uh, ladies…" Will he have to fix that later? MAYBE (oh, Tejra darling? I'M KIDDING). He'll chuckle at his own 'problem' — not that he's overly concerned about it and for F'yr stealing the words right out of his mouth. "Yeah, we got plenty of time and lots to focus on before having to face those bridges. But," Glancing upwards to catch F'yr's gaze, he'll wink despite the seriousness in his voice. "I'll always be here, if you need me." What're bros for, right?

"That time." F'yr intones the two words darkly. He flicks his blue eyes to Ru'ien and repeats the whole phrase. "Less graphic and violent that time." Don't you worry, good buddy, good pal, you are not alone in receiving gratuitous visions of gloriously gory ends for … whatever. Does it really matter if that herdbeast was more human shaped and maybe resembled a weyrling more than it should have, or only had one eye and was wearing an eyepatch? COINCIDENCE. There's a mutter from F'yr that carries only because of the cavern and the fact that they're alone here. "Knew it," is a dark utterance. 'It's easy, Stefyr. Once you're doing it, it'll be fine.' He knew that was some kind of dragon dung, and by this point this is a man who knows dragon dung. (Weep.) His lips press together like there are things he would say, but doesn't. Probably, those things are more graphic and less immediately relevant to the conversation at hand. Maybe they're things he'd say one day, under different circumstances, maybe they simply tread too close to what would wake that lifemate and bring him to the pool in a hurry. "I have months to overthink it," F'yr can say that much honestly without risking too much. "I'm sure it'll be fine in the end, but it's not the kind of thing I can completely avoid thinking about. He makes my blood run hot sometimes. It doesn't matter then whether I'm thinking about violence," Glorioth's obvious preference for his lifemate's mind at all times, "or sex." He shakes his head. "Sometimes I end up feeling extra stupid when I'm thinking with him because I can't seem to control what thoughts come. I'm working on it." It's a process though, even for someone who came into this with apparently decent self-control. "If I'd known how torturous month of baby dragonhood would be when I just discovered kissing, I probably would've skipped it. Not that I actually regret anything, mind." That's important, but he can't linger on it so he moves on quickly. He doesn't look at Ru'ien because that's safer right now, too, though the wink and the support wasn't missed. "I think I might be as excited as he is for them starting to hunt. It's going to occupy so much of his time," there's something wistful there. "Maybe I'll have time to read." Picture it: Glorioth Herdslayer in the feeding grounds while F'yr blissfully reads just outside the fence.

Ru'ien looks a touch sheepish but who knows how genuine that is? Sure, that time and maybe he just JINXED THEM ALL but only time will tell, right? At that dark muttering, his gaze will linger on him, a touch puzzled but uncertain of what to say. He COULD push the matter but would it solve anything, at this point? When they can't properly articulate? No, probably not. So he just flicks more water his way, as a way to say 'don't worry and sorry' all at once. "We're all working on things. Doesn't mean you gotta be alone with it, y'know?" he murmurs, with an understanding smile and look before he sweeps back his hair with his hand and settles more comfortably in the water. "Reading? Really?" That brings a shadow of one of his former grins into play, though not to mock F'yr and more out of support. It could be he CAN picture that or something similar and it doesn't seem that bad of an idea. "I dunno what I'll do. Maybe tinker a little on some Craft stuff — something portable, anyhow. It's gonna be nice not having to play butcher day in and day out, eh? I am looking forwards to flight! I've only ever been a passenger." So this should be so very different, right?

"I know," F'yr acknowledges the support of the network that is the group faced with individual and unique problems but in this together. He lets go the other topic for all the reasons Ru'ien didn't offer more, and maybe, just maybe, he's ready to chew over what they've spoken about on his own before he might be ready to talk more, and maybe that won't be for months yet. There's a long while before any of it becomes immediately relevant. "Reading," is all the bronzerider says to confirm. "It's not like I can exercise right now." There's a sigh. Broken ribs are a bummer, man, especially for one so used to physical activity as F'yr must certainly be. "Flight should be good too. Anything to tire him out. Although, I won't be able to keep up as well, with flight." So there's a new, fresh worry for him to turn over. The young man must have decided he has accumulated enough new thoughts and worries for the moment for he reaches and places a hand lightly on Ru'ien's shoulder, squeezing briefly before he lets go and shifts to stand on the ledge and turn to step out of the pool, reaching for his towel as he goes. "I'm going to go sleep, I think. I'd better get it while I can." That's the party line for all weyrlings, isn't it? He takes the time to towel off briskly and pick up a set of pajamas to tug on before he shoves his feet into sandals. "Enjoy your soak," he'll manage a lop-sided smile for his friend before the bronze weyrling heads back in the direction of the barracks and that sleeping baby he's bound to.

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