Carving Out Adventure

Xanadu Weyr - Dragonhealers' Annex
An entranceway which would allow admittance to even the greatest of queen dragons leads from the clearing into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. There's a smaller human-sized door near it, and the massive dragon-sized door is equipped with a clever set of counterweights to permit one person to open it when needed.
Just to one side of the door, a shallow pool has a constant gentle flow of water, pumped and filtered to be used in washing wounds. Nearby, stone shelves hold a generous supply of clean bandages and sheets, as well as redwort, numbweed, and the metal implements used for surgery. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place.
The far wall houses two dozen dragon-couches. A thick curtain can be drawn around each along a rail mounted in the ceiling to allow patients the option of privacy as they rest and recover, and there are chairs set beside them for anxious riders to sit and comfort their lifemates.
One of those couches, off in the corner, has been replaced with a large metal box. This curtain is usually kept drawn, but behind it is the artificial incubator, filled with sand from the main hatching arena. It's as wide as a human is tall, and perhaps thrice as long. Riveted sides rise halfway up the shin and are lined with wires of various hues that fuel each of the miniature units used to heat the artificial sands. Each cord has been secured to the side of the box, effectively keeping it out of the range of passersby.

It's winter! Yay winter! You know snow, and ice and the coldness and the like. Talanoath isn't to amused but he is dealing with it would seems. The brown is settled on 'his' couch curiously watching as Nailii is busy working on one of rocks she found he other day perhaps on the beach. The dragonhealer is tucked in some warm clothing, gloves on bit missing the fingertips bits so she can work on the rock sanding away as she works on the outline that was scrtched into the stone's surface. As for who else is around there are a few dragons that seem to be sleeping, and another healer here or there.

You know what else it is? Time for a changing of the egg-guard, that's what. Garouth goes in! Leirith goes out! There are trumpets, this time, because Leirith decided that there should be trumpets, and so there are. And, in the wake of that, D'lei makes a quieter detour off to the side, slipping into the infirmary of dragons for a bit of time out of the wind along his way. He may have a jacket and gloves, but still. It gets chilly! And, sure, D'lei could visit the candidates, but they deserve some rest. The ill and injured? …well, okay, he could bother them, but they're asleep, and so he's more interested in giving a wave to Talanoath and then wandering his way through in search of… Nailii! Who is, in fact, hard at work, but this particular time it's not at the dragony sort of work. Or at least… if it is, it's not the surgical sort of carving. His head tilts a bit with his interest, watching as he approaches closer.

Talanoath is amused at the sound of trumpets, and bugles out a beat himself to go along with it, because WHY NOT!. Nailii half peers over at her dragon a moment before D'lei makes his entrance so she is back to working on the stone in hand as said bronzer is wandering forth into the area. Talanoath rumbles a bit with a tilt of his head looking at his rider then back to D'lei whom gets a slight bow of his head. As for what Nailii is working on, the stone is a redish brown shade of color and looks like some lines on the rock face that could perhaps be star like as some end in points. Though if that is the case it is will a heck of a time she has on his project to get it right. "So who thought up the trumpets this time?" Nailii questions with an amused glance towards D'lei, seems Talanoath informed her he was around.

D'lei grins. "Kyzen took the kids up to a play," he answers as he continues on to Nailii, coming over and sitting near her. "Something adapted from an old Earth something. Point is, there was this holder who kept being announced by trumpets… and, well. Leirith liked it." He shrugs, because really, who is he to argue with that? He peers over at the rock in progress, and hmms. "Is that going to be a visual aid for a history lesson?" Reddish and starrish, it could work!

Nailii is amused and can only grin. "Of course she would like that, who wouldn't?" Save someone with headpain she supposes. She looks a bit amused and glances to D'lei with a grin. "Maybe, if I ever get done with it." The rock is lifted so he can see it better. "Suppose too be a star at some point, going to need better tools then a bunch of rough sandpaper I'm figuring at this point. Even with softer stone." Stone is still stone after all right? "How goes things and the like?" Cause that's how all great conversations start right?

Anyone with headpain had better get out of Xanadu while they still can! Before Leirith shakes them to the core with… being her. D'lei grins, a nod for Nailii, and then another as he inspects that stone. "I mean, I guess if you spend enough time with the sandpaper, but… you prooobably want to finish before you're an old lady." He grins, and his arm shifts all casual-like to… go around behind her, across her lower back. (GASP.) "Things are… pretty good, I suppose." Had to think about it, but at least the answer came back positive! "Though Selene's been pouting because she has to visit Serena and she thinks she'll miss the snow."

"I do suppose it will keep me rather busy if I keep at it this rate." Nailii eyes the rock a bit before setting it down and brushes her hands off, rock dust going all over. "I'll have to figure or something else for it, have a few tools back home but I need to get them sharpened." Who would have thought stone makes tool all dull and the like. As for that sneaking arm of his she smiles, a glance sent his way and she goes so far to lean closer to him. It's totally cold out so this is acceptable in her book, and she does have a few books. "Nothing wrong with stuff being good, better than being other things like crazy and boring I'd imagen. Oh yeah, how long and where about is she off too?" She most likely should remember names, but nope one is a kidlet the other she's cant fully remember actually.

D'lei does indeed have body heat. It's one of his more salient features! …at least, when it's winter. He nods about those tools, and… "Heh. It's sort of funny how we've got tools to sharpen the tools to work the rock… and to make those tools, we use the stuff we get out of mining the rocks. Sort of makes you wonder how it all got started, y'know?" He grins. "Like, who was it that made the very first metal-mine, and what did he use to do it?" A mystery of ages past! Not like their current days, which are in fact good - D'lei nods again - before the corner of his mouth twitches wryly. "Half Moon Weyr," he says. "In theory, she'll be there a month. In practice… well." A crooked smile. "I think Serena was hoping for a rather different daughter than she got."

Nailii ponders this idea while stealing warmth, cause that is what she does she is a warmth stealing person when she finally admits that it gets cold even in Xanadu. "I'm betting they had some help in all the history from books, videos and what have you. They had to come up with it from something or another, though figuring out what would work here back in the day must have taken a lot of trial and error if one thinks about it." She'll glance to him at that and grins. "What, she more like you? I haven't been to Half Moon in a while. Last time I was there Talanoath was annoying some dragon one night so we didn't get to stick around for long." « He was wrong; I was right so I couldn't /not/ tell him. » Talanoath offers in his defense. « We should go back, need to find a few stars on that side of the world still after all. » The brown also offers this to D'lei as well, because why not? He likes to share.

"We can't even make some of the tools they had. Like, I've seen the schematics for the carving machines… shells, we can't even make the tools to make them!" D'lei just shakes his head, then grins. He distributes warmth so good, though. It's why they keep him around! As for Selene… there's a crooked smile, and then an outright laugh to Talanoath. "I mean. Ignorance is there to be challenged! And wrongs righted." He grins to the brown. "It's all noble of you, really." D'lei is the worst for encouraging dragons, he really is. "But Selene… pretty much, yeah." D'lei smiles fondly. "She's in there to make mud pies and fight with her brothers." …and win, of course. "Serena is much more… ladylike." He only halfway makes it sound like an insult. "She has very clear ideas about manners and looking nice."

"Don't give him ideas." Nailli offers rather quickly once D'lei seems to agree with her dear brown. "I have to live with him; you get to just wander off. So when he pisses off another weyr cause his making a dragon mad it is alllll your fault." She is totally NOT taking the blame thank you. Talanoath rumbles out faintly at this and his tail slowly swishes at his side. « I was right, and you know it! Not that I remember what started the conversation but? That is not the point. Oath even agrees with me on this so it must be true. » Nailii chooses not to answer that knowing that if this is the case then she'll never get a word in edge wise. "Which is rather sad that we can't make stuff like that anymore. I wonder if their is a way we could try? Or perhaps it wouldn't be worth it in the end?" Oh that's an idea. As for the talk about Selene she smiles and nods. "Nothing wrong with that. Ah? My younger sister is like that, all dress to impress and the like, fancier the better. I always thought it was too much work with all that."

"It's my job as Weyrleader," D'lei assures. "Taking the blame, that is." He grins to Nailii, then looks back to Talanoath. "But!" he says to the brown, lifting a finger. "Just telling him he's wrong is only half credit. To really win, you need to be nimble enough with your words to actually convince him instead of just leaving him in his pit of ignorance." …is that any better? Really? Who knows! At last Dashiel is willing to take the blame, and he grins as he leans in to put a kiss on Nailii's cheek before he nods to her about those tools. "I think it depends on the tools. Like… not much point in building the air-wagons they used to have. Can't even between with those… about the only advantage over a dragon is that they don't talk back." Which, given some dragons might be significant, but still. D'lei nods to Nailii about that sister of hers. "I've nothing against it, I just… don't like having to wonder how I'm supposed to hold the teacups and where my feet are supposed to go." Even if it is fine for those other people… the ones that like it…

"To take the blame? I suppose that is one way to look at it." Nailii soon seems to be agreeing with him. "Is that why you always have a lot of paperwork? I always just assumed it came with the job, but well maybe you just have to write a lot of apology letters to others?" As for that kiss she smiles though is left blushing at the same time and she tilts her head to lean a bit closer to his for a moment. "Well holding a teacup isn't that hard, I have a few books you can borrow for the feet bit if it deals with dancing." There is a slight pause before she glances to him. "I'm not complaining, and I don't mind it? But I'm not going to have Risali chasing after me if she might? I don't know sees well, this?" It didn't really dawn on her until the conversation at the beach and D'lei was the one to being up the touching bit, which no she doesn't mind but honestly when it comes to anything dealing with this stuff she is going to be clueless. She'd much rather deal with sick dragons then attempt to figure anything out that could be considered touchy-feely or even anything along those lines as relationship type things. She was in one and that ended oh not so well and she never went looking again. Not that Talanoath helps as he comments on certain people constantly, and there were the few times he was actively inviting people over for tea without her knowing. "Because I have no ability to out run her I'm rather sure she could chase me down." Talanoath rumbles a touch. «I'm rather certain no one could convince that dragon of anything, he was rather annoying and it wasn't worth it in the end. »

"That pretty much is the paperwork, yeah." D'lei nods sagely, then mimes writing. "Dear Hannista, we're sorry we didn't have as many apples as you wanted, would you accept pears instead?" That'd be the trade negotiations. "Or all the ones saying that I'm very sorry, R'ider, but yes, you do actually have to do your wing duties." But is he really sorry? REALLY? …probably not, but shh. He has to keep to the proper forms! Of the paperwork, that is! Not so much of the teacups and dancing - though he is decent at the later - but for now, he just grins and nods to Nailii about that part. As for Talanoath, "Well, I suppose you can't do everything," he says, light words and a shrug of a shoulder followed by a grin before he turns his attention back to Nailii - grin still intact. "I mean. This is Risali we're talking about. She doesn't need a reason to chase you." Other than WHY NOT, that is. "But no, she's not going to be upset." D'lei smiles, gaze earnest. "She knows I think you're cute." He grins, because yes, he did just say that right out there in real words spoken by his mouth while he's looking at Nailii with those amber eyes. But no, he's quite confident that Risali won't be upset. "She'll just tease me about it."

"I'm rather certain we could just make you a few different basic copies and then just leave certain things blank so you can just add in names and the like. Make it easier for you I'd figure? Imagen all the time saved just pick a number and then go from there." Nailii says with a laugh. "This could actually be a new job concept for all the leadership members of the different Weyrs." As for the rest on Risali a slight smirk is seen and Nailii takes in a breath. "True? She would chase anyone down for any reason. Still don't think I could out run her for /any/ reason." Hearing the 'cute' bit she blinks while glancing back to him once more, there she goes blushing once more and she clears her throat slightly. "You do?" Well she's called him cute before, and though she does think that and means that but still it's always a bit different when the person /you/ think is cute says it back. Talanoath rumbles faintly, his head settling upon a forepaw. « She thinks you're /really/ cute. » Those words from her dragon does cause Naili's eyes to widen slightly and she is clearing her throat, well she didn't deny it.

"…we could even make up stamps for the most common offenders," D'lei muses - because, hey, if you're going be lazy, why not go all the way? D'merial can get his very own form that just says 'NO!!!' in big red letters. "That's Xanadu, leading the way from the past to the future. Innovation." Or laziness. They're kind of the same thing, sometimes… but really, is it laziness when you've already been chased to and from the office by a rogue Risali? So, clearly, it must be innovative. (LOGIC!) D'lei grins to Nailii, with a nod - and a beam at her blush, like he's radiating back pleasure to meet that heat. (See? He helped warm her cheeks, too!) "I do," he says, the words earnest, then tilts his head to better 'hear' Talanoath. "What about sweet and intriguing?" he asks - eyes on Nailii, even if he's arguably replying to Talanoath as the one in that pair currently capable of words. "Because I think you're those, too."

« She also thinks your handsome, and funny. Not that certain why 'funny' has to do with it but I suppose it works for things of the heart to some degree. Like the tale of Luvth and Drmth. » Talanoath could go on with this if they gave him have a chance. "Oh I could come up with stamps a lot easier, pretty sure I could make you guys a set of 'NO' and 'YES' stamps out of stone bits and they would /never/ wear out." Makes total sense! "Though imagen all the ink needed for the no stamp? Unless you attempted to use more colors to try and make a statement I suppose." Nailii is totally going to run with this because that is more of a 'safety' area then the other words from D'lei at the moment, and yes she is still blushing and tilting her head to the side so she has to look past D'lei and towards a certain brown that is not helping at the moment. Perhaps something was said between the two but in the end she does look back to D'lei, offering a warm smile. "Thank you? An? I do think you're handsome and funny too." Now she'll just go along with admitting it.

Talanoath is such a helper. He explains these things so thoroughly! And while Nailii may not be applying those yes-no stamps to this particular question, she's at least blushing in a way that rather clearly indicates one of them. "Still," D'lei says in due consideration of those stamps, "We'll never know what works unless we try it. And while some things may be better left as mysteries… I think there's rather a lot that could be worth that exploration." Is he still talking about stamps and ink, or has he just moved right back to the other conversation? There's a playful sense about his grin, a brightness in his eyes… and a slight tuck of his chin as Nailii looks past, an amusement as he awaits that silent consultation - or maybe just that moment of gathering words before certain admissions come out more directly. "That can be dangerous, you know," he replies to her with a playful smile. "Next thing you know, I'll be making even more jokes…" Perish the thought! "…and getting right in your face to show off." Which could be why he leans closer, but… it could also be that he's bringing his face in toward hers with those kiss-type intentions.

Talanoath is a helper, he is SO HELPFUL! To the point he looks rather pleased with himself over how this little conversation is going between the two. « Your welcome? » He offers to both an amused like tone as if he did ALLLL this. Nailii refuses to agree with Talanoath at the moment, and honestly there is a good reason as she is very distracted thanks to D'lei here talking about stamps, but she gets this feeling that is /not/ the only thing he is talking about. She allows her gaze to linger on D'lei's and she grins. "Somehow I think all of this is a little dangerous to some degree. Which I find rather interesting, and I won't lie dangerous things can be interesting at times." As for the kissing type of intentions, well she isn't leaning away. No instead she actually leans closer to him and makes it a point to kiss him this time it seems so unless he stops it well there you have it.

D'lei does not, in fact, stop. Nope! He leans right into that danger, with a press of lips that begins as a soft touch - contact! - before becoming a more firm press, the warmth of them a focused point in contrast to the more radiant heat of body. See, Talanoath? This is what you did. Right here, with the slight part of lips against each other, the gentle deepening to assure the kissness of that moment before D'lei draws back again - though not too far. Close enough that he's still got Nailii's face to fill his field of view, and to give her that same perspective on him. "Sometimes, dangerous is another word for exciting." He grins. "There's no plan, after all. We barely even know where we are - let alone where we're going - and we're stirring up currents of emotion and sensation that can explode like fireworks… or crash down like storms. But…" D'lei reaches up, touching slightly-chilled fingers to Nailii's warmed cheek, and grins. "Let's have an adventure."

Nailii will so keep that kiss as long as he'll keep it, her eyes have closed slightly while letting his lips press there against his and she'll take in a soft breath after said kiss. "Yes I do suppose that is another way to take the word 'dangerous', all exciting and different never know where the next step may lead someone too." She chuckles softly and her gaze opens to watch him and she lets her cheek press back against his fingers. "Have you said that before? Because it is rather good actually." Her tone is teasing and she lifts her hand to take hold of his giving it a squeeze. "I do have a hard time saying no to anyone talking about an adventure." There is a slight pause. "Not that I get asked such things often?" Talanoath rumbles a bit. « So smooooth? »

D'lei grins, with a nod as he feels the contour of that cheek, curving his fingers to match it… and then a laugh. "The river is never the same twice?" he offers in non-answer, along with a playful grin. "But I don't think I've said it in as many words. I just… it's true." For him, at least. "The world's a wild place, and we're just… in it, a part of it, dancing and journeying our ways through it." His fingers curl in against Nailii's as her hands take his, making their own grip on her. "That," he says to her musing on adventures - and not being asked on them - "is another of the mysteries of the world. I have no answer to it." But he does have a grin. "We could find an uncharted island, hidden in the waves. Search its beach for stones like nobody has ever known."

« He wants to go on adventures and find new places; we need to keep him? Can we keep him? » Talanoath questions with a curious glance at the pair. Nailii is not going to comment on keeping anyone, she is going to pretend that was never questioned. "Well no the river is always changing, just around the next bend something new adventures galore and the whole lot." This could mean just about anything. "Not everyone has answers, what makes going on an adventure fun sometimes, not having any expectations and one might never know what they find especially with certain people along for the trip as well so to speak." She lets her fingers curl against his 'caught' hand. "Oh I bet there are some rather lovely stones out there in the middle of nowhere on some hidden island just waiting to be gathered up. Are you good with directions?" She may or may not have gotten lost in the past, though with Talanoath that tends to be rather hard anymore.

D'lei did follow them here! Admittedly, Tala and Lynn arrived significantly before he did, so it wasn't a very direct following, but that's kind of besides the point. ANYHOW. "Sometimes, there's even a whole new river. Or a lake! Or even a delta, and then you've got an entire ocean." Of adventures, probably, but the metaphor might be getting away a bit. They do that, sometimes. D'lei grins, with a nod as Nailii brings it back home to something not unlike making sense, and his hand in hers gives a squeeze to what it's got caught back. "I'm good at getting lost," he answers her, and grins. "And at finding my back from wherever it is that I ended up. Directions… well. They only get you to where somebody else has already been." And where's the fun in that?

"Oh good, so then we can get /really/ lost together." Nailii says while grinning. "Unless the dragons are around I suppose." Which sorry they are always or of around now aren't they? There is a slight pause though, and it seems all joking aside while she watches him. "So? Would you want to get lost sometime on an adventure then?" She is curious if this might be a bit of talk, and even more curious if he might say yes. Talanoath even seems hopeful at the idea of going on an adventure even if it isn't all of the adventure he might be thinking of at the moment.

"Exactly!" D'lei replies, with a grin back to match that one. "We'll end up where nobody can find us… except the dragons, but they'll only be able to manage it by navigating the landmark of us." Oh, between. The power of getting from here to there without having to figure out all the steps along the way. The grin lingers - though it shifts as he sees the more serious look of Nailii's, to curiosity as for what's going on in her head and then - at her question - a smile. "I would," he says, and he draws up her hands by dint of the one of his they've captured, putting a kiss against the knuckles before his gaze returns to hers, smile warm and earnest. "I like spending time with you, and so… I think it'd be fun. Whatever we did, wherever we ended up."

Nailii has way to much rolling around in her mind, have you see the amount of books she actually has? Well perhaps not many have but that is not where this thought was going towards. She's been overly trusting in the past, and this is honestly a bit new to her even if she did grow up in a Weyr. Though at his answer what though may have been in her mind is gone and she offers him a warm smile. "Good, I'm glad cause if not I was about to be really embarrassed and go hide in my cottage for a few days most likely." She'll lean up to press a kiss to his cheek. "I feel the same, always enjoyed spending time with you too." Even before she got a dragon and she was tending to a certain bronze paw which feels like forever now to some degree. "Thank you D'lei, we have to figure out some time to go." « She's free the day after next. » Talanoath offer with all his helpfulness.

D'lei has most certainly not. He's just seen a fine selection of them, as brought out at various times, but the whole library? NOPE. At her answer, though - he lets out a single heh, a piece of a laugh that comes with a duck of his chin and a wry smile, like he's just put together the pieces of how someone else might have said similar words and meant… well, not what he did. It's not that he doesn't have the context, it's just… he gets swept away in those rivers, see. Verbal or otherwise! "Good," he says, and tilts his head in to kiss at the side of her jaw. "I mean. I'm sure it's a nice cottage -" It's got her library, for one thing! "- but we can do better." Where? That's yet to be discovered! He nods to that need to figure out a time - then tilts his head to Talanoath. Why thank you, most helpful of browns! D'lei grins, and returns his gaze to Nailii once more. "Shall I come by then?" It's a genuine question, but hey. He's not going to let Talanoath's suggestions go unheeded! Nailii is quite capable of saying no to them… she's just also capable of saying yes.

"He tends to forget we have other responsibilities now thanks to someone giving us the idea of teaching baby dragons and new riders." Nailii is soon offering to Talanoath's thought they have time off at any given moment. Oh yes the brown is ever so helpful! Though really could she escape? Most likely, she's well done it before hasn't she? At that kiss she smile leaning that bit closer to him for a moment. "Well yes.. I mean it is nice. Course you can come by. I well I have some maps we could look at and figure out some adventure spot then how's that?" It wasn't at all hard for her to say any of that. An looky there she is attempting to keep it on the same topic of some place out there in the middle of anywhere that needs to be explored, for purposes and the likes.

D'lei laughs to Nailii's note about Talanoath's timekeeping abilities, and nods. "Probably a charming and handsome fellow, that." Because clearly, who else could have given them an idea like that? His grin is a playful and teasing one, and then it widens to a beam of pleasure as she agrees. "That sounds excellent," he says, then grins. "The more we know about where we're going, the better lost we can get once we get there." Which… may not be how it usually works, but between the two of them, they can surely manage it. D'lei leans in, his arm behind Nailii curling further into a half-hug as that captured one tucks between them amidst the press of bodies and the squeeze that goes with it.

Nailii ahs softly at this, seeming to wonder about his statement of the 'fellow', though she is soon grinning. "Yeah? His pretty darn charming and handsome as well." She chuckles. "See this way with the maps we can see places that are well known and we can just toss a dart at the map and go 'there is a spot' we're go there." Makes total sense! Hug are awesome, she likes hugs and his hand is let go of so she can hug him back even, her cheek lightly pressing in against his. "Just remember I don't cook so if we get too lost all I can offer is some really awesome tea and possible tea bread." Now if someone stubs a toe or the like yeah she can help with that sort of stuff.

D'lei nods sagely, and grins. Double armed hugs - and returned ones! - are even better than the halfway version, and he gives and recieves them gladly. "That's okay," he replies to Nailii's lack of cooking skill. "I'm pretty good at stabbing food with sticks and holding it over a fire. Hardly ever gets too burnt to eat." Okay, so he's maybe slightly more competent than that in the kitchen - he knows the skillet and the stew-pot as well as the skewer, and his food tends to actually taste okay - but still. D'lei draws back from that hug, and grins. "We'd better bring some tea, though. Boiling random leaves doesn't work nearly so well as you might think."

Nailii is not one to sigh away from hugs, so of course it was going to get returned. Talanoath is shifting, stretching and shifting behind the pair, seems someone is now dealing with a short attention span, well the people are being all cuddly and that's enough for him. "Sure, I don't have a problem with bringing tea. Got a whole set I can take with actually." She knows how to do certain things well, one is how to go get 'lost' and have tea with a tea pot and the whole bit. Though back at the moment at hand so to speak. She'll offer him a smile. "I need to go deal with Talanoath. Hopefully keep him from bring anything else home as he plans on finding something to eat." There is enough wherries and sheep at her place she doesn't want more appearing now that the brown has disappeared from the area.

"The essentials of life!" D'lei says for that tea set, and grins. "Or at least, the part that'll keep you awake enough to find the rest of them." At least the dragons - for all their other challenges - do mean that it's a lot easier to carry supplies around. Not like Talanoath will be over-burdened by a tea-set or three! At the mention of the dragon's name, D'lei looks to where that brown used to be… and hehs. "Good luck. Maybe you can convince him the ones he already has are the most delicious ones…" Not that it works that great when D'lei is trying to convince his kids that the toys they already have are the best, but hey. "Worth a try, anyhow." He grins, and steals her for another quick hug and kiss on the cheek before he lets her go to save the herds from Talanoath - and goes forth to be his own kind of helpful. "See you soon!"

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