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Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

As with all granted leave, the time comes when the days off are spent and return to duty is inevitable. So it is for the newlyweds and their honeymoon - the days of leisure, exploration of each other and Igen have drawn to a close. They must return to their posts on the morrow and Xanadu's day draws to a close now, the sun setting in the west behind the mountains as the dragon bearing the steward and headwoman of Xanadu appears in peachy-purple skies and settles in the meadow. Darsce is both regretful and elated - she quite enjoyed having Jethaniel to herself and being where untimely interruptions would not tug at either one of them. But she's also been waiting to see their new home. So her packing has been done with negligent haste - she folded things, barely. Resisting the urge to just cram everything into her bags wasn't easy, mind. And so it is with her dismount from that dragon. It's a tumble off as usual but she doesn't cling to Jethaniel this time because that will delay their luggage-gathering and she's eager, see? "Where are we going?" This she says while taking what bags she is allotted and squinting into the gathering dusk at the scattered dwellings - she's avoided the meadow (which has been a trick !) for months so as not to accidentally see what's being built. Because - surprises!

Their time at Igen is over, but the exploration of colors may continue with that evening sky. The exploration of each other… may also continue, but will be subject to interruption. Jethaniel's packing involved efficient placement of three-dimensional shapes against each other, suitable for this transport back to Xanadu. The efficiency is important, given that they have more things now than when they set out. In somewhat related facts, Igen's bazaar has been confirmed to exist. Jethaniel descends from the dragon and catches first Darsce, then luggage. The latter of these is apportioned between him and the former, and he smiles for her question. "Home," he answers, accurately but without being very informative. Once they have arranged their luggage between them, however, he will lead the way across the meadow to a place tucked near the ridge, far enough from the main buildings of the Weyr to not be overshadowed by any of them. While the path leading there is clear and open (no tall grass or overhanging branches!), the roll of the ground is sufficient to make it somewhat less than desirable for basking dragons. Indeed, the cottage they arrive at has no suitable spot for a dragon. It does appear to have enough height under the arched roof that it could hold a dragon… but such a creature would have no means to enter, given that the path leads only up to a front door, flanked by large windows that currently show merely that they do, in fact, have curtains.

Darsce will definitely want to return to Igen and that bazaar (she'll avoid the camels though). She's sated - for now anyway - at least as far as shopping and Igen goes. Her lips part in reply to Jethaniel's answer, the half cajole-half-protest goes left unsaid as she slowly returns his smile instead Home! "I like the sound of that," she says and if her voice sounds slightly strained and giddy it's because she is. She's dying of curiosity, but will endure it just a while longer to follow his lead over the meadow path (which she approves of) over dip, through depression, peering at dwellings in the dusk as if to ascertain if that's where they're headed. She should know which are occupied and by whom, but that chart, with each square neatly numbered in Ocelara's handwriting is back in her office along with the file of corresponding names that she's always having to consult because she can never remember them. Oh well? The cottage they arrive at has her gaze approvingly skimming the arched roofline before she turns questioning eyes to Jethaniel. This is the one?

Home is… where they are going, and Jethaniel nods. "Indeed." He may not answer her query in words, but he's not making her wait any longer than is necessary for the transit. The location will be more accurately defined by their perceptions upon arrival than by any explanation he could provide, and he may observe Darsce's reactions along the way without having unduly biased her. The names connected to those cottages are seldom important. That their names are connected to this one will be important for Darsce to remember… presuming that she finds it satisfactory. He nods to her silent question, and sets his luggage down on the stoop to reach for the key - fortunately packed in his pocket and not the bottom of one of those cases. The door is unlocked, then opened, and he reaches for the lightswitch just inside. When last he saw it, there was no plate over it. It has, however - along with the rest of this cottage - been finished in their absence.

Xanadu Weyr - Domicile of Discernment

On the outside, this cottage is fairly unremarkable. It's of moderate size, though it's clearly not the home of a rider - there's no wallow, nor is there any means for even the smallest of greens to enter. It's set in the meadow, amidst the gentle roll of the terrain toward the ridge, but any adornment by flowers or ornamental plants is purely incidental. The exterior is painted white, and the roof-shingles are brown. There's a small wooden stoop, centered along the longer side - three wide steps leading up to a doorway framed by windows.
Once inside, the main room of this cottage is bright and airy, made so by a high arched ceiling and large windows that take advantage of their northern exposure, with gauzy drapes and pale golden oak sills. Overhead, there's more of that oak in the form of exposed beams, the ceiling between them painted a soft cerulean. During the day, there is likely sufficient illumination from those windows, but for night-time, there are recessed lights hidden within the beams that diffuse against the ceiling. The walls are white with a sponged speckling of the same blue from overhead, and underfoot is more of that oak.
The house has a central column of yellow fieldstone, with a fireplace facing into the room and a half-flight of stairs to either side - one leading up, the other down. Above the fireplace is an oakwood mantel, and while it may provide warmth, under most circumstances, the radiant heating system beneath the floorboards is likely to more effective. The fireplace may, however, provide a pleasant flickering warmth, and as such, a sofa and a pair of armchairs are arranged in front of it. The sofa's a velvety blue-grey, accented with a pair of red pillows, and the armchairs are brown leather - suitable for company but selected primarily for comfort.

There's a kitchen tucked off to one side, near the upward staircase. It's small, but well equipped, with granite countertops and a brushed steel cold-box and stove. There's an oblong wooden table with chairs set around it, and even some plants in small terracotta pots on the windowsill, as the presence of fresh herbs is useful when cooking.

Darsce follows Jethaniel to those wooden steps, silent and studying his profile while he unlocks that door and opens it. He's about to show her his creation, their home and she's trying to discern his mood. The wedge of light is soft in the twilight, but it falls across her face revealing that she's suddenly tongue-tied. She's slipped out of her shoulder bags and eased them to the ground as she stands at the bottom of those steps. She makes no attempt to mount them. She's almost shy as her iceblue eyes meet his and the hint of a smile on her mouth is a touch teasing. It's almost questioning, "This is our home." Yes, he knows that but? Darsce just stands there.

Jethaniel is quiet as he brings Darsce to this home he's designed (with copious use of existing plans) and overseen the building of. He's done some of the work himself, and though large portions of it have been subcontracted out, there remains a sense of… hope. That Darsce will like it; that his work is satisfactory to her, as it has been to him. He holds his expression still, but hope and its counterpart of worry nevertheless make their presence known. The door opened, he looks back to Darsce, and finds her still at the bottom of those steps. The key is returned to his pocket, and Jethaniel returns to Darsce, descending those steps once more. Their luggage is left where it is, for Jethaniel's arms go around Darsce, his smile a small one, a tugging at the corners of his mouth and easing around his eyes. "It is." Though it has yet to meet with the final certification for that purpose.

Pern may not have any established customs for a newly-married couple upon entering their first home together; if there are, Darsce is not aware of them. It's not really her intention to start a trend here, however, this is special. This is their place, a place with no pre-existing memories, a blank slate for them to fill - together. Jethaniel's choice and oversight guided the builders and this pleases Darsce sight unseen. As he turns he'll see she's got something in her hands, the sharp metallic crack of a seal and the hiss of something follows. In his arms, she tips her head to look into her beloved's face while one of hers curls around him. Only one, see, because in the other she's holding a bottle of Igen brew - whatever it is - maybe cactus, who knows? Their home? "May it always be," she says simply. She sips from it and then offers it to him with a slow smile colored with the hope he wears.

Pern is a large place; depending on the precise sublocation, there are likely a wide variety of customs which may be observed. Given the status of this house - new - it is perhaps appropriate that Darsce is not following existing customs; her actions are her own, as this place is theirs. They are the observers here, as well as the participants. Jethaniel awaits Darsce's observation of that home, hopes for her further pleasure. He lacks, in this moment, the words to ask, and so is quiet, his arms around her a proxy for the things that hope does not voice aloud. He inclines his head to her words, and reduces the number of his arms around her in order to brush his fingers to hers and curl them against the bottle. "Ours, together. As may we be." Together. Always, or as close an approximation thereof as is possible given the transient nature of existence. He has a sip of that Igen beverage. It may well come from a cactus; Jethaniel does not know, and will merely hope the only connection to a camel comes in the form of the drink's kick.

Darsce's not drinking camel drool, the fermented contents of grain taken from a camel's stomach, camel milk, blood or any of the other ways a camel could possibly influence a beverage. And if she finds out it is, she'll die a thousand deaths. It looks like a simple, clear, golden beverage, slightly effervescent and somewhat smoky, toasty in flavor. Probably from their particular rivergrains mingled with cactus. It's high in alcohol content; if they share the rest of that beverage while he shows her the house, they'll both be drunk by the end of the tour. Her, "Mmhm," is in total agreement made as she rises on tiptoes and brushes her lips to his. She's okay with 'For the rest of their lives'. Keeping her arm around his waist, she nudges him with her hip to get him started inside. "Show me." Presumably she means the dwelling. She really is dying to see it!

The camel-derived drinks are likely more expensive, due to the relative difficulties of gathering those ingredients compared to mere extraction from thorned cacti in the arid desert. This one - having not been extracted from a camel - is pleasant enough, though Jethaniel may find himself otherwise occupied during the tour. He begins by returning that kiss, and his arm squeezes around her for a moment, then relaxes in order to increase their maneuverability. "I shall." The dwelling, that is… though there may be further demonstrations to come. For now, his arm around her, Jethaniel guides Darsce up those stairs and to the open door whose light has hopefully not provided an incentive for entry to any moths.

No moths, thankfully! It is winter, something Darsce has regretted ever since they've popped back from *Between* the chill air of Xanadu leaving her gasping after the dry heat of the desert. She steps into the cottage, and her eyes roam the spacious interior, taking in the soft, indirect lighting, the beautiful woodwork, the yellow fieldstone fireplace, the walls… A quick flash of iceblue meets grey as she slips out of Jethaniel's arm to step further out into the room, her head tilted back as she slowly turns to take it all in. All the while a slow delight grows on her face. That smile is radiant by the time she takes the three or four steps at a run back to Jethaniel, launches herself at him and throws both arms around his neck. "It's perfect! How did you know? The colors - the yellow, the blue… the lights- The space!"

Jethaniel enters with Darsce, but he does not go far. His arm lowers as she slips in to continue her assessment, and while his gaze flicks to a few points, verifying the completion of things only partially present when he left, most of his attention is on Darsce, watching her reaction. The hope - the anticipation - is such that the final moments of waiting are more difficult than all the time during construction when Darsce avoided this place to keep intact the surprise revealed to her now. He nevertheless holds himself still, waiting for her response. The look on her face as she returns to him is sufficient, even given the speed at which she closes the distance. All of that careful planning and hopeful intentions cascade into a near-giddy grin as her impact makes Jethaniel lean back to the door-frame, fortunately still adjacent to him, and slip his arms around her waist. His first answer to her is a kiss, a press of lips that is warm despite the season but also brief, for he has more verbal answers to give. "You like open spaces." So he has observed; or, more precisely, he has observed her dislike of small confining ones. "Not caves." This, with the high ceiling and large windows, is certainly no cave, not even requiring the assistance of… "The colors," Jethaniel says, then interrupts himself in order to provide her with another kiss before continuing. "-are from your room."

Darsce has lept to cling like a child with arms and legs - heedless of that open bottle and the placement of the door frame. That kiss is returned with exuberance and then she's nodding agreement, bemused that he'd noticed and remembered; she doesn't like to be closed in and again her eyes drift to that high ceiling so that the second kiss takes her by surprise. The colors are from her room? This hadn't registered - the shades are subtle - and so her eyes widen and blink at this unexpected revelation. As their lips part she smiles, eyeing the walls appraisingly. "They compliment the stone and woodwork quite nicely." She's delighted and she hasn't even seen the rest of the place. "What's down there?" She's eying the stairs leading below. She should give the poor man a break and so slips down to stand on the floor again, because clearly he's not going to want to carry her all over the place to show it to her. This time, though, she remains within the circle of his arm.

Any splashes from the bottle may be construed as part of the procedure for settling into a new home that they are establishing. As it is not one they intend to repeat, the procedure may be defined as consisting of everything they do and not requiring anything they do not. Jethaniel beams to Darsce, for he finds holding her far preferable to doing so with the luggage that's been left on the steps. They'll bring it in eventually, but the night is calm, if cold, and it can sit there for a while longer. There's a cottage to be seen. Jethaniel certainly adapted the colors from Darsce's room - paint swatches are not required to note the differences - but he at least took that palette as inspiration, considering its presence an indication that those were colors she would, in general, find acceptable. It is appropriate that they are attractive in combination with the exposed wood and stone, given that those timbers and minerals were selected with the color scheme in mind, and Jethaniel smiles as he nods. "They do. I am fond of blue." Which is another reason why he chose that hue, given the confirmation of plausible acceptability Darsce's former residence provided. Her question regarding what lies below makes him laugh, a brief sound as he ducks his head. "Something you asked me to include." Perhaps the only thing, in fact? Darsce was rather sparse with her instructions, leaving Jethaniel to infer what she wanted. At this moment, it's quite obvious that she wants his arm around her, and he keeps it there as they cross the room and descend the stairs.

Downstairs, there's a single long room that acts as a combined workshop and study. It's partially below grade, and so the bottoms of the half-height windows are level with the ground. They nevertheless provide ventilation and light, though both of these traits may be artificially supplemented by use of the motorized fan and electrical lights set into the ceiling. On one side of the room there's a workbench and a rack of tools; on the other are bookshelves and a desk. In between the two, near both the stairs and the warmth of the central column, there's a loveseat with a good view of either.
The workbench is constrained in what projects it may accept, given the necessity of bringing them down here. There are, however, a wide variety of small projects to occupy it, and the tools hanging from pegs and stored in the toolbox nearby are also suitable for being brought to the location of less mobile projects.
The bookshelves hold a variety of volumes, ranging from the technical to the poetic or artistic. There's notebooks with assorted scribblings as well, tucked away on the shelves for future reference. Half surrounded by those shelves is a desk with both a computer and a set of writing implements, allowing for heterogenous means of information storage and retrieval.
There's also a small door in the workshop, which leads to the half-height basement. This area, while adequately lit, is nevertheless not particularly pleasant, but provides storage space and access to certain mechanical systems.

Down those stairs with Jethaniel goes Darsce. When she is at the bottom and may see the entire space, she laughs lightly. "Your workspace!" Where she can interrupt and distract him at her leisure! That's no doubt on her mind, but only partly of what her elation is for because she adds, "Much better than a crowded bench beside your bed." And she'll step forward, avoiding boxes of unpacked things to peek at the rack of tools (though most of these she has no idea how they're used or what for), then wanders to the study space to brush her fingertips along the shelves and desk, lifts her eyes to those now-darkened windows and murmurs approvingly for those. It's clear that the space has been designed with practicality in mind and she's pleased for him. The storage space gets a brief peek before she smiles and without a word edges them back to those stairs. He's not getting lost in setting up this space tonight, not if she can help it. Besides she needs to see the rest of the place.

"Indeed," Jethaniel agrees, smiling as Darsce inspects the space. She told him to provide for things he wanted, and… he has, both here and in the rest of the house. He designed this particular space with distraction and the avoidance thereof in mind; his projects will intrude minimally on the rest of the house, but there is enough space here that Darsce may intrude as much as she likes. "It sufficed," he says to the bench-bed combination, and smiles. "But my requirements have changed." What was his bed is now their bed, and thus his bedroom is no longer suitable for being his workshop. Thus, this room. It is somewhat cavelike in nature, at least comparatively, but those windows will help keep it from feeling unduly constrained. The storage room, on the other hand… is eminently practical and not a place for them to spend time, merely for their objects to do so. He takes the opportunity, while she is looking around the room, to remove a few objects from one of the boxes and set them on the corner of the workbench, but he's easily nudged away, his arm slipping around Darsce once more as they ascend the stairs. Arranging things down here can wait; he has Darsce… and she has yet to see the upstairs.

Upstairs, there are bedrooms, their ceilings gently sloped in a continuation of the arch of the exterior room. The largest of these is the one just at the top of the stairs, a field of stars scattered across its ceiling with a layout designed such that the optimal viewing point is the sleigh-style bed set back against the taller wall. A wardrobe and pair of dressers of differing heights are set against the interior trapezoidal wall, creating a stepped effect that echoes the shape of the room, while on the opposite wall, a single large window looks out east over the meadow - at least on those occasions when the curtains are permitted to be open; when those drapes are shut, the gold tie-cords hanging loose, the heavy black material will ensure that Rubkat's dawning does not interfere with the occupants of this room, and the only light will be that of the adjustable star-field overhead.
There's also a hall winding further back. The next room - partially aligned with the kitchen for efficiency of pipe-laying - is a private bathing chamber. The walls are pale cream, the floor a geometric arrangement of red and pink tile kept warm even in winter by the radiant heating system. The large ceramic tub is black, both to contrast with the copper fixtures and to more effectively retain heat, and over the bowl sink is a high-quality mirror.
Beyond that, there's a pair of small but non-identical bedrooms. The one with the larger floor area is also, due to the slope of the ceiling, the one with the smaller volume. The obvious asymmetries of them may serve to make it ambiguous which one is superior.

It's becoming clear that this is a cottage that took a fair bit of planning, work and expense. While not overly-opulent - to Darsce it is elegant in its simplicity - the materials are quality, the workmanship impeccable, the details well-planned. Her face shows her pleasure and awe as they reach that master bedroom and enter, her hand gliding along the polished surface of one of those dressers and then the footboard of that sleigh bed. The dense drapes are noted, bringing a flashed sparkle of amusement to the smile she already has and it's shared with Jethaniel. He'd remembered her distaste for bright light first thing in the morning. The man is full of surprises! It's the ceiling she looks to, seeking those stars of his even as she returns to him and wraps her arms around him. "It's perfect," she says sincerely before her throat closes, preventing further words. Her mouth trembles and her eyes are bright but she can't speak and yet she has to tell him, so her lips form the silent words: thank you.

In his role as Steward of Xanadu, Jethaniel works with woodcrafters, masons, and smiths. He is aware of what materials are for sale, at what rates; the contacts he has made for purposes of business were also employed for this more personal project. In making the decisions that led to this cottage, he remained aware of expense, but only insofar as it had to be kept under certain hard limits and then, within the space, optimized into an equilibrium with quality. The motivating factor of the design is not to reveal that money has been spent; it is to be a comfortable and pleasant place to live, one that may be enjoyed as well as simply occupied. Jethaniel is capable of adapting to many living arrangements, but given the circumstances and capability to make one adjusted for himself and Darsce instead of the other way around, he has done so, in ways ranging from the space set aside as a workshop to the heaviness of those drapes. Her amusement draws an answering smile from him, an inclination of his head to acknowledge it. He steps toward her, and so reduces the distance she travels in returning to him. His smile holds the satisfaction of a goal achieved; what Darsce calls perfection likely holds some flaws, as yet unobserved, but may be close enough to still be considered such within the approximations that they are capable of measuring. "I am glad," he answers her quietly, and his gaze lingers on her shining eyes to only peripherally see the motion of her lips… but his arms continue to hold her close.

Darsce has an eye for quality, and thus notes it, but the overall impression is indeed one of comfort. It is perfect because she is surrounded by his creative choices and he shares it with her. Also because of the many things important to both of them that he’s combined underneath this roof to make a dwelling their home. In his arms she regains her composure; no tears escape those iceblue eyes, and though her lips tremble, they are smiling as she tells him, “This home will be a happy one.” Even if there may at times be tears in it. She turns within his arms but doesn’t attempt to move out of them as she steps out and down the hall to peek into those other rooms. She oohs at the bathing room, though she doesn’t step inside it, she does sweep a toe over the red and pink floor tiles just inside the door. “You can live with pink?” she asks him curiously, flicking him a sidelong look of bemusement as she does so.

In time, their home will collect more things of importance to both of them, as design and construction are followed by dwelling. Jethaniel holds Darsce in his arms, in their bedroom in their house, and he smiles quietly. His head lowers, brushing his lips softly to her cheek. "We will make it so." Even when there are tears - for surely they won't manage to live a life entirely without those - they will make this home one of happiness, comfort, and enough safety to both permit those tears and let them be eased away. Darsce turns, and Jethaniel moves with her, matching her pace that he may keep her within his arms as they proceed down the hallway. The bathing chamber was, while not explicitly mentioned by Darsce as a desiderata, something it was quite obvious she wanted, given her reaction during their tours of other cottages, and Jethaniel's smile for that is followed by a duck of his head for her question, his lips tugging to the side as he observes that tiling past a fringe of dark hair. "It appeared compatible with the color scheme."

Darsce's smile grows for his reply, "Oh it is. I like the colors! Even better, that tub looks large enough to share." Her smile is impish as she reaches fingertips as if to brush that fringe from his eyes. It's an excuse, for his hair goes nowhere while she plays with the ends of it. She drops her hand, but slowly, reluctantly and with a sigh of half regret, half contentment and steps to peek into each of the other rooms. With a playful bump to his hip with hers and a teasing smile, she asks, "Are you planning for two of them?"

Jethaniel nods slightly for Darsce's approval of his color choices, and then his lips quirk at her comment concerning the tub. "We may obtain experimental verification of that appearance." He tilts his head to brush those lips to Darsce's wrist as she lowers the hand, then adjusts his arms around her as they proceed down the hall to view the two remaining rooms. They are not very intrinsically interesting at this time, but they certainly provide certain implications, ones of which Darsce makes note. Jethaniel trails his fingers down to brush against her other hip, resting there lightly. "I am… somewhat lacking in specificity to my plans," he admits quietly. "There are a great many unknown variables." His head lowers, lips touching her shoulder before he lifts his head to look at her once more, grey eyes soft. "The existence of plurality seemed plausible, and this was a reasonable subdivision of the remaining space."

Darsce gapes at Jethaniel's wordage and she hastily swallows the laugh bubbling up. "Personal experience is the best data," she manages flippantly. They drift over to those other rooms and it's true, the empty spaces do not hold her attention for long, although she approves of them. "Only somewhat, hm?" she teases him of specificity. Then he does have plans? "I can help you with those variables," she adds still teasing as she watches his head dip to kiss her shoulder. She meets his grey eyes as he lifts his head, one handflip relegates those rooms to the future use for whatever - he did well with his planning and divisions. Though she can't stop herself from informing him, "If I fill them up with babies your mother will have nowhere here to sleep?" Afterwhich her iceblue meeting his soft grey are innocently wide as she beams at him sweetly.

The utility of personal experience as a form of data is highly dependent on the situation. In this particular context, it would prove applicable, and as such, Jethaniel does not dispute Darsce's commentary, simply inclining his head to acknowledge it. As for his plans regarding the hypothetical uses of those empty rooms… the tilt of his head as it begins to lower might constitute an assent instead of merely being a part of the necessary motion to provide a suitable situation for that kiss. "Your contribution," he says as his head lifts once more, "is, in fact, essential." There's a smile tugging at his lips for that. He does, in fact, have plans. They're merely imprecise, with neither the interval between successful iterations nor the number thereof clearly defined. As for the means of denying the capability of his mother to stay with them? "Quite true." Jethaniel leans in to brush his lips to those ones projecting an aura of sweetness, then removes them sufficiently that he may ask, "Is that your plan?"

In this context, it would be more interesting for personal experience in data-gathering, though Darsce could certainly seek some volunteers. She could likely find some too, but she's… not going to. "Perfect!" she purrs about her participation. Her smile remains through the brush of his lips though her innocence is slipping just a wee bit as she answers, "My plan, husband of mine, includes both you and our bed." And making out. That goes without saying says the suggestive dance of finely-shaped brows above those not-so-innocent eyes now. Oh yes, "And maybe that tub." Whether she's in a hurry to become a mother is left for him to decipher, the topic skittered away from as surely as she'd avoided another earlier downstairs, perhaps unnoticed by him. "We should get our bags out of the snow first, though." Because there might be perfumed oils or wine bottles that might freeze or something. Perhaps it's simply that she doesn't wish to have him leave her later to fetch them?

Jethaniel is not oblivious to the fact that Darsce has changed the scope of plans under discussion, evading the longer-range ones to focus on her plans for tonight, but he is quite willing to permit it, his lips curving into a further smile as she outlines her schemes. "Preferably in proximity," he suggests, "while you take a personal role in ensuring the plan is carried out to your full satisfaction." He kisses again, at the corner of her mouth, then nods regarding those bags. "We should." There will also be other things that need to be packed and carried here, then unpacked to fill the house prepared for them, but as those materials are currently stored in stable situations and will not freeze… they may wait. The bags currently in the snow may not, though Jethaniel is relatively unhurried in going down the stairs to bring them inside. So far as he is concerned, a placement within the main room will be quite sufficient, but if there's anything Darsce wishes to unpack and carry up to their room (in whatever order), he'll certainly be willing to oblige that desire.

"Definitely in proximity," Darsce chuckles while her smile deepens until the elusive dimple forms at the corner of her mouth and is kissed. She'll slowly part from Jethaniel while those bags are fetched to check that linens and blankets have been indeed provisioned for that bed before following him down to help carry bags in. Her room still has boxes in it awaiting her packing for moving here and so the process of transference and setting up domesticity - as well as opening gifts will likely take a few weeks. There'll be a few things she'll want to carry upstairs - things they'll need for this evening but she's in no huge hurry to unpack, not tonight. Tonight her interests lie in another direction, something to do with plans, distraction, the functionality of that bed, something.

Jethaniel is, while parted from Darsce, efficient in bringing their bags inside. When she rejoins him, there is a notable decrease in his efficiency toward that task, proportionate to the increase in his actions compatible with Darsce's expressed interests for the night. The functionality of their bed beneath the stars requires testing; it need not be efficient, but a certain thoroughness is required. It may not be fully achieved tonight, but… this is their home; they will have ample opportunities to do so, in between moving their belongings and setting things up suitably for their life together.

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