Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate and Weyrling Barracks
Xanadu's barracks are a massive, L-shaped amalgamation of caverns and construction, squared on one end, rough-hewn and oblong on the other, with weyrlings and candidates separated from one another by a large communal area. Wood and stone floors meet in a clever spiral pattern that interlaces and spreads, creating harmony in a space meant for completion of chores, classes, and storage of both dragon supplies and bedding for humans. A singular wooden door leads into an office for the weyrlingstaff.

Windows stretch the length of the candidate barracks, a long, low-ceilinged room that opens off the training grounds. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the hatching arena, with a locked door closing off a tunnel that leads onto the sands. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands; candidates seldom need more than a light blanket, but a diminutive hearth is available for the warming of beverages or the occasional firelizard-surprise.

The weyrling half of the barracks have been burrowed back into stone. Close and dark when shutters to the outside world are drawn, the ample paths between dragon couches have been lit with dim strips of light. Smaller couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings, while the largest ones at the back are for those close to graduation. A second small hearth abuts a massive cavern opening that slopes gently down to the training grounds outside.

«Get it offfffff.» Mirieth's wail is accompanied with a flick of her tail and distressed shake-shake-shaking of her head as Avi does his level best to catch her by the cheeks and hold her head still. "I can't get it off if you are flailing around, Miri…" « It's sticky and meaty and icky…» The words, though, are mumbled, or at least made awkward as the little green does her level best to hold her mouth open WIDE enough for Avi to pluck at the stringy bit of meat she is complaining about. «GETITOFFGETITOFF» Course, the second the strand is pulled free, she pushing her head into Avi's chest and crooning. «Oh, my gosh, I knew you'd save me.»

Shiloh, back when he was Shiloh, was never the squeamish type. Now that he is Sh'y, if not shy, he is still… not the squeamish type. What exactly is in that bucket he's digging his hand into? WHO CARES!? Be it organ meat or ripe-red muscle, it's gonna get grabbed and shoved into Kovagath's waiting maw. Another bite down the gullet and both are sparing a glance at Mirieth in her distress. A flick of dark eyes from green to Avi (did Sh'y know Avi had joined them?! He does now) with a measure of surprise. THERE SHOULD BE WORDS HERE but they don't come. Not from Sh'y at least. « Everything okay? » All of the concern, even if Kovagath is still nudging at his human's hand for moar food plz.

For their part, Kasle has always been at least a little squeemish, especially before Nimare hatched four turns ago. She's gotten used to having to having to feed flying stomachs, though, with her two firelizards, so isn't that bothered by having to dip her hand into a bucket of bloody meat. There's just a faintly disgusted wrinkle of her nose when she lifts a small chunk between two fingers and offers it to Davirauth, who is very intent on lounging and making her to as much of the work as possible. The tiny blue barely lifts his head, maw opening just enough for his lifemate to drop the tidbit on his tongue and flicking it back to swallow whole, "Davi, you have to chew." This, finally, makes him sit up, « But that's so much work… » The newest pair look over at Avi and his green in concern, but don't interfere when she is 'saved' from the icky meat, "If you don't chew, you'll end up choking." The former gardener leans in to rest her forehead against her dragon's head, "I don't want that. It would hurt you." And just about kill her if he got hurt.

Conspicuously absent is one full-grown brown who maybe is somewhere if he's, you know, super needed, but in the meantime might be the recipient of M'tras' under-his-breath, "Coward." It certainly isn't directed to the blue pair he's approaching to check in with. Nevale is spoken to quietly for a moment, a little direction given, and then here he comes. Inconspicuously (because it's normal) absent are signs of excitement or general positivity, but that's just how Rau's perpetually bland expression is. It's not actually negative unless you take the absence of positive to be negative, but surely that won't apply to Avi and Mirieth who are going to be the first recipients of his illustrious attention. "Avi," the deep voice doesn't help put things in a brighter light, especially with its generally sounding bland, too, in a way that could be interpreted as grave if someone weren't inclined to hear that absence of joy in his voice is also absence of anything negative either, and since they're nearby, there's, "Sh'y." And a little louder, "Kasle," then the utterly unsurprising, "Alright here?" It's not as open an offer as 'need anything?' would have been, but clearly, the brownrider, wearing clothes made for the work of post-hatching (meaning, blood stains and oil stains and— well, they're babies, you fill in the blank), so he's ready to help, even if he doesn't seem to be pressing it on anyone.

«Everything is fine,» Mirieth assures as she happily returns to taking pieces of meat from Avi's fingers. « Avi is the very best at pulling bits of ickness from teeth. » Ickness, of course, being the technical term for meat in the teeth. « Okay, so maybe not the VERY very best, there are probably better somewhere, but the very best right here, right now, with thier fingers in my mouth kinda very best. Point being, he's the very best. » As has been noted. « Although I am sure yours is the very very best at putting his fingers in your mouth as well.» To which she pauses and swings her head around to aim one eye at Avi. « Did that sound naughty? I feel like that sounded naughty. » It should be noted that Mirieth has no NEED for things like FILTERS and is more then happy to share herself with the WORLD. Or at least those in her immediate vicinity. "It sounds a little naughty," Avi admits with an adoring smile. "But only in the best possible ways." Which immediately has Mirieth's tail lashing the ground, no doubt more then a few inconviently placed objects being sent flying to the accompaniment of « Ooops! » And « SORRY! » And « WHO LEFT THAT THERE? » And then, of course. « Thank you very much for asking. » Elbow deep in a bucket of things he would rather not think to hard about Avi lightly clears his throat and flashes and all to adoring smile at his beloved little green. Course, Mirieth is listening to EVERYTHING, voices are very exciting, whether from her clutchsibs, or their humans— mind you, that has her head turning this way and that with a quickness that has Avi sitting back on his haunches to wait for her to settle before offering another bit of meat. "Miri." « YES! » Which is, perhaps, WAY TO LOUD. "I can't feed you if you keep looking around." « But there is SO MUCH to look at! » "I know…" « Look at that! » "It's a sock, Mirieth." And then there is a voice, deep in it's muchness and Mirieth's head is whipping around to stop snout to nose with Rau. « Hello! » Which has Avi's attention sweeping upward, his smile beautific as he beams at the weyrlingmaster. "She's perfect." Never mind that there is a mess of blood on the floor and stuff cast everywhere by her tail— she's still working on the whole spatial awareness thing.

Both Sh'y and Kovagath have… nothing to say to that. Sh'y because… what does one say to such a thing?! And Kovagath because… well. Probably because he's still a baby and plucking the amusement from Sh'y's brain isn't on his radar just yet. SOMEDAY THO. SOMEDAY HE WILL HAVE AMUSING THINGS TO SAY IN RESPONSE TO THE AMUSING THINGS THAT MIRIETH SAYS. « Yes. Well. Carry on. » WHAT ELSE IS HE TO SAY??? And Sh'y? Well. If he grins just a little bit it's probably because he's thinking things that don't need to be thought. Another handful down the hatch and Shy spends a moment picking at bits of gross from under his fingers. And then M'tras. Speaking names. And it takes a very pointed nudge of one dark blue nose for Sh'y to remember that THAT'S HIS NAME NOW. "Oh. Right. Yes. Huh?"

« More please, Kasle. » Dovirauth's demand is at least polite? Obviously, Kas is going to be spending a lot of time feeding the lazy little blue, "Only if you promise to chew." She gives one dark eyeridge an affectionate scritch. He leans into the touch, eyes whirling happily, and sighs, the tip of his tail flicking once in annoyance at actually have to put some effort into getting his hollow middle filled, « Fine. » The dark haired woman beams down at her dragon and fishes another morsle out of the bucket. It is obediantly chewed three times before swallowed, "Dovi! You promised." He looks up, giving her the most innocent look a dragon ever gave, « I did chew. » This time, it's Kasle's turn to sigh and she settles down on the floor at the lounging hatchling's head, which promptly finds its way into her lap. SHE MAKES A GOOD PILLOW, OKAY! "Oh, Davi…" This is obviously going to be an issue.

Who thought M'tras would play jump rope tonight? Not M'tras. And yet, there he goes, so quickly, so reflexively hopping as Mirieth's tail sweeps surely toward those inconveniently placed objects, but also the assistant. He is, of course, completely unfazed by the sudden necessity of movement and resumes his position without a single flap, though dark eyes cut to the tail just to check its position. His shifting is thus attributed to the need to go and check the buckets from which Avi and Sh'y are apparently being perfect with. He glances to Avi and his lips twitch just at one side in ever so slight half-smile. "Of course." That's not tongue-in-cheek. Or if it is, it's impossible to be sure that it is. Since it's Sh'y having the word trouble, it's Sh'y who gets M'tras' most immediate attention. It's not words, of course, just a silent study of the new weyrling. He's not, currently, trying to get the beastcrafter's attention because, clearly, Kovagath needs it, but he does say, "If you need something, shout, 'assistant.'" Possibly because even if it's not Rau to answer, someone will. They could all probably shout names, but names are more words than assistant, so maybe it's just simplifying. This brings him to looking down at Dovirauth, in Kasle's lap. "Only dragons who aren't in a position to choke get fed," he intones ominously (or you know, possibly not, all in how you take that particular shade of neutrality), and he crooks a finger at Dovi's head and points up, but he'll be satisfied as long as the blue isn't in some weird twisty pretzel position, even if he'll keep a closer eye. "And sleepy dragons," this is for Kasle, softer, perhaps slightly more kind (spoiler alert: it's hard to say), "should be oiled if you want to get much in the way of sleep during their long chunk." Presumably, the one that will make up for all the effort expended getting out of their shells and this far.

It's the jump roping that has Mirieth immediately laughing, that awkward sort of laugh that one gets when they realize they are NOT IN CONTROL OF ALL OF THEIR BODY PARTS. « Oopsie! Excuse me! It has a mind of it's own!» Even as Mirieth is addressing Rau, though, her tail is sneaking across the floor toward the sock in the most un-sneaky way possible. That, however, simply does not matter. It does not matter that there is a trunk shrieking acrossed stone, it does not matter that a cot is bumped out of the way, what matters is that, in the end of that not so sneaky sneaking, there is a sock draped over the end of her tail to be tucked in close to her body to be examined at length later. She does, however, slant a look at Kovagath— it is very much a 'You saw nothing, we will not speak of this' look as that sock is tucked away. « Yes, there will be much carrying of the on, » she agrees in solemn tones. « All of the On'ness shall be carried. » Which is followed with a not so quiet 'murmur' to Avi. « He's cute in a very non-verbal grunty sort of way. » Whether she means Kovagath, or Sh'y, or Rau, or even Dovirauth is anyone's guess. Still it's out there and even if it is uttered in tones that 'sound' like a whisper even if the volume remains unchanged. Sh'y's startling has Avi craning his neck to flash a grin at the beastcrafter turned weyrling, his smile broad and warm and impossibly pleased. "He's beautiful," he murmurs in low tones. In the next moment, though, his attention is sweeping toward Dovirauth and Kasle, his smile remaining warm. "They all are."

Sh'y has so many questions. It's… getting his brain to calm down (and focus on something that it's Kovagath) long enough to speak them that is the problem. But otherwise, he's fine. Totally fine. DEFINITELY FINE. As Kovagath seems to be settling down on the food-front, there's perhaps more brainspace for Sh'y to work out those words and how to say them. At least, he manages a passable, "how do I wash him?" and a follow-up, "can I wash him? He's itchy". YAY WORDS! In their proper order! MAKING SENSE AND STUFF! "I think I'm itchy, too." THIS ONE IS MORE PUZZLING BUT IT'S ALSO PROBABLY FINE. And don't mind Shy just… using his robe as a convenient place to wipe his hands. Surely no one was planning to reuse it right? And Kovagath. Dear, sweet helpful Kovagath. Perhaps he did not understand the look. Perhaps because he is only, literally, hours old, because there is definitely a helpful, « There's a sock on your tail, » offered to Mirieth. « Also, you moved about half the stuff in the barracks. » MAYBE AN EXAGGERATION BUT THIS IS ALSO FINE. "Yeah, he is." « Excuse me. The word you mean to use is handsome. Handsome. Sheesh. And look. Dovi's got the right idea. Napping time. Just move over a little and… yes. There. » PLOP goes the head into Sh'y's lap, a hefty sigh heaved from the little blue dragon.

The bucket Kasle is feeding Dovi from is surprisingly full. The little blue honestly hasn't eaten much, "You heard him. Head up." Her tone is firm, but not harsh. Clearly she remembers her younger siblings being little. Clearly. Reluctantly, Dovirauth lifts his head and opens for another bite. See? He can be good, « But I was comfortable… » That doesn't mean he's not going to grouse about it. The former gardener shakes her head, stopping suddenly and frowning a little at the absense of her usual bells, but quickly gets back to the thought at hand, "I don't think he's really sleepy, yet." She gestures at the bucket beside her, "I don't know what's going on, though. He seems to just want to put in as little effort into anything as possible." She beams over at Avi, giving the lanky little blue a loving pat on the cheek with the hand that hasn't been dipping into bloody meat, "Thank you. And she's gorgeous!" Dovi gives Mirieth a long, considering look, a strong sense of the affirmative radiating from him. His attention turns to Kovagath, « I'm not napping. I'm eating. » See? He shows a little more enthusiasm, this time, in taking the next chunk of meat.

If it were Rau, then only Mirieth of all creatures might say so. Odds are it is not the brownrider though, because, that face. Who could love it? No one present, to be sure, not with the way it so blandly remains unaffected by the remark. He doesn't even look; that's how sure he is that he need not acknowledge or respond to anything. He doesn't even try to steal her sock, so there's that. "How you wash what's important to you." That's a super helpful response there, AWLM M'tras, but at least the 'wait there,' wave of his hand is probably promising because he's retreating. (AND DON'T WORRY, SHY. THAT'S WHAT BLEACH IS FOR. How do you think they got so white after the last time?) The grunt that acknowledges Kasle's observation about her blue but offers exactly zero insight is super helpful, too, right? At least he'll be back in a few minutes with a bucket of water and a bucket of rags for Sh'y. In fact, if anyone wants to ask M'tras some questions, they'll have to shout because he's going to be busy bringing buckets to the rest of the weyrlings since it seems to be hitting about that time, for wiping down and oiling up. Or just oiling up. Honestly, although he doesn't say so they can probably just oil them up for now. Still, the water and buckets are there. It's not even cold water, how nice is that??? Luxury at Xanadu~ Obviously this whole area will get a thorough cleaning once the babies are out. Probably, the weyrlings won't even be put to work doing it since they're new parents riders and all. Plus, there's, like, a party for them going on in the caverns~

« SOCK? What SOCK? » Mirieth couldn't look more confused— Yes, yes she could, she probably the WORST actor in Xanadu, if not Pern. (Definitely Pern). « How did /that/ get there??? » Which is, of course, couple with a spaztastic flick of her tail that sends the sock flying across the room in the general direction of M'tras. Course, then there is attention turned on her and she's going very still— if you consider the fact that her wings are twitching on their own and her tail still wriggle-squirming across the floor. « Do they mean me? » Asked in tones that could not possibly be more startled. And then.. And then… The moment that itching is mentioned? She starts squirming more, pushing up against Avi, against the wall, against the cot that had been sent scrapping against the floor in a wiggling squirm that has her wailing. « It's contagious! » Cause now she is itchy and not at all happy about that fact. Sadly, itching /is/ contagious and the moment that Miri starts squirming and flailing, Avi is scratching at his arms and shoulders (not to mention the bits of Mirieth he can reach with all her squirming— we didn't really need the barracks to remain whole did we?) and completely heedless of the fact that he is starting to look more and more like he was mauled with all the blood and gore on the otherwise pristine white. "Can you bring more?" Avi's plea is, hopefully, loud enough to be heard and promptly followed with "Mirieth, stop squirming, sweetheart." She tries, of course, flopping down in a twitching bundle of sage as she presses in against Avi and attempts to whine as quietly as possible.

Sh'y should probably say thank you but he's kinda preoccupied with the general upheaval of his life. And also the dragon in his lap. That is responsible for said upheaval. BUT TRUST US THAT IT IS APPRECIATED. The immediate dunking of a rag and the application of a lot of water to the dragon brings at least a little relief? Oiling will bring the most, but Shy's first thought is get the gunk off. "Hey, watch out," comes for the flailing of Mirieth because he's apparently close enough to be in the danger-zone of flailing wings and tails and wiggling green dragon. « Looks like a nap to me, » says Kovagath, half-yawning. « A nap with snacks. » Perhaps the best kind of nap, even if they're not allowed to eat in such compromising positions. « Oh yeah, that spot, » comes with a shiver of delight as the itching starts to cease in the wake of sand and egg-goo being gone. And then? Well. First a little drying off and then a healthy dose of oil is sure to find it's way to that dark blue hide. "Scratch her, not you," offers Sh'y, shooting Avi a quick look. « Gently, » offers Kovagath.

Dovirauth is getting tired just watching Mirieth. Therefore, he won't watch! He gets to his feet, shuffling around to turn his back on the, admittedly pretty, green and promptly flops back down to demand another mouthful of food, "Chew." With a much put upon sigh, he actually chews this bite, but pauses before swallowing to open his mouth and stick his meat covered tongue out to show that, yes, he did chew. Kasle makes a face a recoils, "Dovi!" EW!!! Only then does he swallow and open to demand another, "You know, you don't have to show me that you've chewed it up." Dovi shruges, « But you weren't happy last time. » Black eyes roll, "That's because three chomps isn't chewing." At least one thing can be said about her new lifemate: He's too lazy to make a mess while he's eating!

"Oh. Good idea," Avi murmurs as he scratches one last time before rolling up on to his knees to try to clean Mirieth off while attending to her itches. « Ohh.. Yes,» the little green croons as she finally starts to settle. « Capitol idea, » Is added to Sh'y and Kovagath. « A++ for anti-itching solutions. » With Miri settling down, Avi exhales a sigh of relief, the oil liberally worked into that misty sage hued hide. « I didn't mean to knock things over, » Mirieth 'whispers'. "I know darling," Avi cooes. "You are fine, its just stuff." And people and other dragonets, but hey. « Not everything moves where I want it to move,» Mirieth notes in tones that are heavily laced with what passes for a yawn. « We try, but it ends up all Ahhh and ack and flaily. »

« You're welcome, » says Kovagath, since Sh'y has gone all mute again. He's busy. Washing a dragon. Washing his dragon (he's still a little star-struck on this, it's fine). And then oiling that dragon. « Oh yeah, that's even better, » declares the dragon, eyes going all lidded and swirling and sleepy. « Mmmmmmmm. » Dragons cannot purr, or Kovagath would probably be purring like a happy kitty. "Are you going to sleep? Don't go to sleep on my lap!" Shy would maybe like to eat his own meal at some point, and having a sleeping baby-dragon pinning him down is not really helpful in that regard. "Sleep over there. In the… thingy." The wallow. Words are hard.

« There's only three pieces left. » Dovirauth whines, looking from the nearly empty bucket and up to Kasle, « I want more. And they're little pieces! That will never finish filling my middle. » Kasle frowns, peering into the offending bucket, "But- Just see how you feel after you've finished them, ok? Maybe you'll be fuller than you think." There's quiet grumbling, but the lazy hatchling does as he's told, barely swallowing the last piece before making more demands, « Nope. Still hungry. » Forget that his sleak side is visibly disdended from the amount of meat he's already consumed. The dark eyed weyrling sighs, "How about I get you cleaned up, first. If you're still hungry after, I'll see if we can't get you more, okay?" There's a quiet assent and she reaches for the bucket of warm water and rag left for her to begin carefully wiping him clean. She looks over at Sh'y, "Want some help getting him to move?" She's happy to, once she's got her own baby dragon taken care of. PRIORITIES, MAN!

« I'm a spaz, » Mirieth laments as she stretches and settles under Avi's hands. "You're not a spaz, dearheart," Avi whispers back. "You're just learning where to put all your parts. We'll figure it out," he promises in a softly quiet whisper. « But I am sleepy. » "We have forever to figure it out," Avi promises in those same gentle tones. "Lets get you in bed so you can get some sleep first. When you wake up, we'll work on moving all your parts." Mirieth's agreement comes with an exzaggerated care in moving. Exzaggerated to the point that she'd be tiptoeing (if dragons could tiptoe) past Sh'y and Kovagath to get one of the wallows. Course, the moment she is past them, she trips over own feet and tumbles complete with flailing wings and wildly lashing tail. Eventually, though, Avi gets her settled, perching on the edge of the wallow to gently run his fingers over her eye ridges. "You're perfect," he promises. "We're perfect, don't you worry about a thing."

« I don't know what a spaz is. But I'm sure it's lovely. » THIS IS KOVAGATH. TRYING TO BE HELPFUL. SLEEPY, BUT HELPFUL. THERE IS EVEN A HELPFUL STOMACH-BUMP INTO SHY SO HE ALSO SAYS, "Right. Yeah. It's fine. She's fine. You're fine," comes directly to Mirieth after another shove of a blue nose in his gut. "Ow." Seriously dude. OW. "All babies are spaz's. Ow!" This time there's a scowl down at the blue in his lap, and a hand to his stomach meant to protect from future proddings. « He didn't mean that. » Still rubbing at his stomach (while slathering oil with the other hand), Sh'y blinks a distracted look at Kasle. Give him a moment… "Oh. Yeah. Sure. Maybe?" Maybe. "If you get a chance." Cause, ya know, she's got her own (sleepy?) blue baby to talk into moving, too?

Come to think of it… Davirauth yawns and settles his head back in his chosen person's lap, one set of eyelids drifting closed, "Oh thank Faranth." Maybe Kasle won't have to beg for more food for her baby. Her expression softens into one of wonder as she tenderly washes the feathery-looking blue's face, being sure to get any small bloody smears out from around his mouth. She looks over at Sh'y, eyes shining as though it's just now sinking in that this perfect little creature chose her out of everyone on the sands today, nodding, "Yeah." Her voice is soft, so as not to disturb the drousy dragon, "Soon as I get Dovirauth settled." Though, she might need help getting up once she's done getting him clean and oiled.

Mirieth cranes her neck around to peer at Kovagath before twisting back around to Avi. « Were they talking to me? I think that was to me.» Course, she misses all the nudging and the 'Ow'ing' in the midst of her settling on the wallow. "It was to you," Avi assures with a quiet laugh. "See your fine. Your parts are fine, too. We're all fine." As he speaks, he reaches for more oil, gently smoothing into the spots that had been the most itchiness. « I'm sure he meant in the best possible way, » Mirieth notes to Kovagath. Not that she is not at least a little mortified to be a complete spaz in front of all the boys in the WORLD. « I mean, it's OK. I am a spaz, in a lovely sort of way. » She'll take that and own it. Fortunately, she has Avi to tuck all her parts into their proper place on the couch, a fact which has her exhaling a sleepy croon before settling in to doze. Once she's settled, the artist trails his fingers over the near white snout, his expression quietly smitten. "You are perfect, don't you ever think otherwise," he whispers in quiet tones. In the wake of the words, he glances back over at Sh'y and Kasle, his head tilting to the side. "I can help you if you need it?" With Mirieth being still, the danger to all the inanimate objects in the room has passed. Still, the thought of moving as him turning back around to trail his fingers over the length of her neck with quiet wonder.

« That's the spirit! » OWN THAT, SISTER! At least Sh'y is safe from more stomach-jabs. A little more smearing and the itches seem to have faded entirely, right along with Kovagath's consciousness. Hrm. Welp. Okay then. "Hey," comes with a little nudge-nudge of Shy's fingers into a blue shoulder. "Hey. You… you wanna move?" Nope. No, Kova does not. "Okay. Hm." THEY DIDN'T TEACH 'HOW TO MOVE YOUR SLEEPY DRAGON' IN CANDIDACY 101! "If you just… and I just…" There is much finagling of hands and head as Sh'y attempts to scoop that blue snout into his arms and heave it off his lap. Seriously, that might be a baby dragon, but his head is now just a dead-weight and it's kinda heavy. Especially since Shy is trying very hard not to hurt him in the process. He gets a sleepy grumble and a cracked eyelid for his trouble before Kovagath manages to haul himself to his feet long enough to crawl into the nearest wallow and promptly pass out. Phew! And what kind of Weyrling would Shy be if he didn't join in with the heart-eyes and the ogling of his baby beast? There is definitely a sappy expression on that normally-stoic face as he watches Kovagath snooze.

"She really is gorgeous, Ave- Avi." Kasle calls softly to the newest greenrider, frowning when she suddenly realizes that she's trapped under a nearly asleep hatchling and can't reach any further to keep washing him, much less oil where she needs to. For his part, Dovirauth just grunts softly when she leans over his head, refusing to move from his perfectly comfy spot. No way, no how. She's his. He's not letting her go anywhere, no matter how much more comfortable one of the waiting wallows might be.

Okay, yes, yes, this is an adorable love fest with everyone wanting to help everyone else, while everyone has their very own brand new hopefully less gooky lifemate to get to bed, and no one more than M'tras would love to support it in a world where porcines fly, but with his blandest face equipped as he returns from assisting H'rra with Ellylldath in the same direction of the whole wallow for sleep situation, he lets dark eyes level on each weyrling in turn. Low, quiet, unchallenging but also not in a tone that much invites a lot of disagreement, he pronounces: "The best way you can help each other tonight is to get your lifemates settled, get your things from the candidate barracks, stop in and see your loved ones at the feast while they're sleeping as they might not like to be parted from you over the next few days," TO MONTHS, "get some food for yourselves, a quick bath, and get yourselves back because they'll be awake before you know it needing more food, more oil and for you to muck out their wallows." Yes, because why wouldn't he offer up nightmares about that small joy of young weyrlinghood life? "If someone needs help getting their lifemate settled," and here he'll pause to look at each of them, because do they really? "Assistance will be given." Presumably, by the ASSISTANTS. C'mon, weyrlings, you're tired, but you do see what the man with suddenly all the words is getting at here, don't you? And in fact, Kasle will be the first recipient of that assistance because he's moving toward her with purpose. "Come on now, Dovirauth, the first night in your wallow is the best. It's clean and comfortable, and Kasle might even bring you your next meal there if you can stay awake to get there," bribery, the tool of every good parent AWLM. And if Dovirauth will consent, Rau will help Kasle muscle him (gently) to where he needs to be, whichever wallow the pair has picked. Rau, at least, is not afraid to manhandle the tough babies like the tough babies they are, and with a finesse that speaks to turns of experience doing it.

For Avi it is still all so surreal, the fact that Mirieth picked him, that they managed to find each other in all that chaos. It's enough to have him lingering, his fingers trailing over twilight-kissed hide in a fashion that suggests that's he's worried that she just might vanish if he stops touching her. The thought, alone, is enough to have his breath to hitching and a low sound of distress to rising in Mirieth's throat in answer. "We're fine," Avi whispers in soothing tones as he presses in more closely against her. Hearing Kasle's comment, his head turns toward her slightly, his chin dipping in a faint nod before he returns his attention to Mirieth. It is only M'tras' approach and words that steals his attention, his brows furrowed as he stares up at the assistant weyrlingmaster in confusion. "Food and a bath does sound good," he admits in quiet tones. He has no family to speak of, none beyond the green curled up and snoozing on her wallow. Stepping away, however, is the hardest thing he has /ever/ had to do. And, for a few long moments, he resists the notion entirely before dragging a hand through his hair and taking a single step back. "What if they wake up while we're gone?" And normally, under different circumstances, that thought would not be as distressing as it is /RIGHT NOW/.

"Then we come back," answers Sh'y. "Quickly." DON'T MIND HIM JUST CASUALLY BUTTING IN. But there is a similar hesitation in leaving Kovagath, for all that he's soundly asleep (in his proper place, a wallow!). In the end, it will be Shy's own stomach, loudly announcing how empty it is, that has him heaving a sigh and hauling himself to his feet. A glance for Kasle, and whatever assistance might be given to get her baby blue to his own bed, and then Avi, and his sleeping green. Is this some kind of weird dream? ARE THEY ALL GONNA WAKE UP TOMORROW AND STILL WEAR WHITE KNOTS??? "Food. Bath. Sleep." SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT.

Kasle would totally get up and get Dovirauth into a wallow, but… Well, she just can't bring herself to make him move. Not until the need to see their families is brought up and the former gardener's eyes widen, "Oh my goodness." How could she have forgotten that her brother didn't Impress?! Unless he's hiding somewhere else in the barracks and just isn't speaking up? Dovi cracks an eye and angles his head to look up at Rau, considering the bribe very carefully. Finally, he lifts his head, yawning again, and stands. Every limb is given a careful stretch, front tallons scratching at the floor as he even stretches his toes in a very feline way. Wings get carefully arranged along his back before he looks at the assistant weyrlingmaster again, « Promise? » Kasle nods quickly, taking advantage of having an unoccupied lap, and stands, "Of course, Dovi." Just PLEASE get in the wallow in his own!

It doesn't matter to the AWLM that Sh'y answered; he's going to answer, too. "Oh, you'll know." Rau actually grins after the ominous response to Avi. Probably everyone would feel better if he didn't do that. The laugh that comes next is worse. STILL, after a maniacal moment Rau schools his features back to blandness and adds, "Remember that they are safe here. And you already know you'll book it back as fast as your feet can carry you. You'll feel the urgency," he touches a pair of fingers to his temple, "here. But it's our job to keep you alive." He gestures to the barracks on the whole, "So even if they're distressed, they'll be safe. You can't take care of them if you're not taking care of you." He does a tip of his hand from side to side, but then he's using it to gesture to Kasle, for Dovi, because she's the one that has agreed to the promise, and since that's really a normal kind of thing for first night mess and feedings, he'll help as necessary to see it through. Keep them alive, right? Right. Sort of part of that. But maybe he cares a teensy-weensy bit. It's really hard to say. Or maybe he doesn't have the night shift.

Avi glances between Sh'y and M'tras, the concern in his eyes real as he slants a look back at Mirieth. For a long moment, he just watches her before offering a mild nod of his head. "Alright." It's the grin that has him slanting a more wary look back at the assistant Weyrlingmaster, his shoulders squaring as he gives a more firm nod of his head. Still, the reassurance goes a long way toward making him less uncomfortable about the thought of leaving, at least enough that he steps away from the couch as he glances back at Sh'y. "We should probably grab clothes and bath before trying to eat." As it stands, there is blood and other things on him that he doesn't want to think about at the moment. Still, his gaze is trailing back toward Merieth, his expression softening almost immediately.

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