Familiar Misunderstanding

Xanadu Weyr - Forest
This broad path that leads from the main clearing into the forest has been designed in such a manner so as to be not only wide enough for wagons to travel through, but also providing ample space for dragons. The path appears only worn in the center though, as most of the traffic moving through this area is that of the two-legged kind. Flowers sprout up and speckle the lush grass with bright saffron and cheeky rose, creeping all the way up to the bases of the trees that rise upward in their aged magnificence, gargantuan limbs casting often welcome shade, the general atmosphere and scent of the path is one of freshness and wild abandon.

The path winds its way leisurely through the trees, deeper into the forest and a number of less traveled paths branch away from it. Southwest leads to the forest's edge near the base of the tumbled rocks that mark the wilder areas of the forest and the mountains that rise behind Xanadu. West leads to the Firelizard Theater, northeastward the path leads to the feeding grounds and beyond that the gravel road that bisects the paddocks leading to the bovine complex. East leads to the meadow where it joins both the road that crosses the bridge over the river leading to the clearing and the the coastal road that leads out of Xanadu bypassing the beach and the Caspian Lake. Here there are secluded spots where one might picnic.

Sorel all too happily wraps his arms around the far too skinny form of Kiltara. The fact that he can still feel her bones protruding more than he should have makes his facial expression harden briefly before he tugs her as close as she can possibly be and places a rather shy, soft kiss upon her lips before he slowly releases her, but keeps her fingers firmly knotted within his own. His hand. He's not releasing it! Rawr. It's a bit before lunch time, where most sane people are off getting food, but apparently Sorel is off exploring, or trying to hide something because he is off hanging out in the forest with a blanket near by protecting them from the damp afternoon air. He tugs Kiltara to the blanket and tugs her down after he sits down. "Mmm. The type for what? Laying down ratty blankets so you don't get your butt wet? Don't get overly excited, it's just juice." He nudges the half-limp skin with his foot. "Didn't even bring cups." What a terrible romantic he is! "And Xanadu is.. different I suppose. I mean, it's interesting. I'm busy. That's all I can really ask for." He pauses, looking thoughtful for a few moments. "The eggs should be hatching soon though and I'll be back in Western. Has Ila cooled down at all?"

Did Kiltara just get a kiss? Must have! She looks in a complete daze and doesn't really seem to /grasp/ what it is that Sorel is saying. Not entirely anyway. It comes to her in bits and pieces, and she only manages to catch onto, "Butt… wet…? Why would my butt get wet?" But Sorel is sitting, and she is being beckoned to join him, and she settles in a graceless heap all because she isn't very willing to let go of his hand. She blinks towards the toe'd skin, and then flushes a rather brilliant shade of pink when reality finally catches up with her. Yes, she /was/ just kissed. "What happens if you impress?" she tries, struggling to find footing in the conversation. "I mean, you could impress an Ila. No, I mean… Ila'den is fine. You could impress a dragon. And then, you know, you'd be here, and… well… there would be a lot of…" Kiltara falters, and finishes with, "kisses." The last is a squeak, and then she's grabbing the skin, and pushing it towards Sorel. "You look really thirsty," she says with haste, before looking away from him and slapping a hand over her face. Curses! She can't seem to manage /not/ making a fool out of herself, can she?

A whispered fluttering among the branches. That's always how it begins. A blur of motion just to your left, no, the right. Then a warbling chitter of a firelizard off in the distance, that seems to be a little closer the next time the sound is heard. A flicker of leaves and a brown lizard lands gracefully on a branch before moving on to one that looks like a more appealing perch. A couple more branches are tested and then dismissed before choosing to spend a bit of time near some human's with food. Oh yes, a free meal, say hello to Minimur! Stretching his wings lazily, he lowers his head, crooning. Twigs crackling, and a few muttered curses gives warning to what seems to be an irritated candidate lugging a couple of blankets under her arm and muttering. "…wher, doesn't…. in the Weyr….normal people…..Owe!" Kera stops when her pants are snagged by a thorny vine, trying to tug her leg free.

Sorel didn't even realize what he did. It just felt so natural to give her a quick kiss after not having seen her for so long. But with her sudden blushing and her issues with tracking or at least replying to the conversation, it has him suddenly becoming more self-conscious of the situation. So there's a blush that's creeping up his own neck before he suddenly clears his throat. "Should.. I not have done that?" His voice is soft and full of worry over doing something that made her feel uncomfortable. "I wasn't even thinking, I just saw you and.." And she got a kiss! Oh dear. "I'm not going to impress. I'm not dragonrider material. I just came because that strange green seemed very insistent and I knew Ila could use some.. space from me." Yet he came to track Sorel down at Xanadu too. Go figure. "Do you want me to not go back to Western, Kiltara? I don't have to you know, I can go somewhere else. Somewhere where people don't know." Then there's a skin getting thrust at him, and he looks confused before grabbing it and taking a swig. It's about then that Minimur arrives and Sorel tilts his head to curiously peer at it before he reconizes the familiar looking firelizard and his brows are creasing forward. What's one to do? And then Kera is appearing and Sorel is clearing his throat and looking rather much like he's got his hand stuck in a cookie jar. "Hey.. Kera. Is everything okay?" Pause. "Do you need me to help you back to the weyr? Are you lost?" Look how fast he tries to get rid of her.

Should he not be doing that? Panic! Kiltara doesn't hear the flit, or the pant-snagged intruder, because she's very intent on making sure Sorel knows that kisses are—"Very much allowed!" She surprises herself with the volume of her voice, but more surprising is the fact that her body simply reacts without her giving it any permission to do so. She's on the candidate's lap in seconds, knocking the skin out of his hands and possibly knocking Sorel over in the process. Look at that /very/ precarious positioning that she settles into - and all gracelessly, because she wasn't /trying/ to settle herself this way. The fact that she's now sitting above him seems to make her turn a rather unflattering shade of scarlet, and then… and then… /Kera/ is being acknowledged. Kiltara attempts to jerk her body away like she's being flayed, or burned, or any number of unpleasant things, but all she manages is an awkward tumble to the side (look Ma, no hands!), which results in a kind of… floppy… faceplant. She bumps her chin, makes a squeak, and still has her legs awkwardly tangled up on Sorel's person - if he hasn't removed the damn teenage girl himself. Kiltara will just pretend to be a blanket now; maybe Kera will miss the fact that she exists if she stays very, very still.

Kera manages to free her leg after a couple of tugs, compliments of a nice little rip around her knee. "Just great.." is muttered before she swings her glare around to the voice. Glare, blink, what the… Staring at her fellow candidate with an unfamilar girl in his lap, she blinks and and takes a tumbling step back "Oh! Sorry!" Half turning and looking among the branches til her gaze spots her lizard. "You brat. Does this look anything like the old ruins?" The brown's wings droop marginally before Kera relents and lifts an arm for him to perch on. "Oh don't pout." Looking back to Sorelbriefly and finding something else to occupy her gaze with a nod "Yea, Minimur got me all turned around. I ah, didn't mean to disturb you and your…friend." A quick dip of her head in quick quiet greeting, before Sorel's friend starts floundering. "Are you..alright over there?"

Sorel's face instantly is plastered with a rather satisfied smirk at her rather loud announcement and then the awkwardness that follows just makes him laugh. What just happened? However as Kiltara tries to escape he doesn't really let her because well, it doesn't appear as if she's making very good progress in the matter anyway. In the end though he does help her right herself, lifting her up to plop her down next to him with a shake of his head. "You.. my dear, are talented." He doesn't seem completely phased by the fact that Kera is around though, perhaps it's because he can't entirely stop himself from acting the way he does with Kiltara even if someone is around. His gray gaze, which matches Kiltara's, swings over to his fellow candidate and he shakes his head at the firelizard and his antics. "Is he leading you on a wild wher chase or something, Kera? Or maybe a tunnel snake hunt?" Because that's totally something girls do in their spare time. As to the rest of her comment he just shakes his head a bit, "No worries, I was just showing her the weyr a bit." In a rather obscure place. What an awesome tour! He clears his throat, giving Kiltara's hand, which he still has refused to let go, a reassuring squeeze. "This is Kera, she's a candidate with me." Pause. "And Kera, this is Kiltara, my-" And then it's as if realization dawns and his mouth just.. snaps closed before his eyes flutter and he tries desperately to recover from the shock of how natural that all seemed. "My.. girlfriend." He finally chokes out the words, glancing at the younger teen as if searching for acceptance of his words.

Kiltara is positively mortified. When Sorel settles her beside him, she hangs her head in shame, and wishes desperately that the ground would open up and swallow her whole. If that is not permissible, then perhaps the eggs could just get on with it, and hatch, and she could sneak away quietly and pretend not to exist while everybody in Xanadu cheers on some new candidates and oogles baby dragons. Kera's words make the teenage ball of despair curl into itself a little more tightly, and then…? An introduction. Kiltara manages to look up, though she can't meet Kera's eyes, and she stammers a, "We-Well met." But Sorel goes to introduce her, hesitates, and just as the older man says, 'girlfriend,' Kiltara says, "Sister!" One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three Mississippi. Four. "—'s best friend…?" Failure. Utter, complete, disasterous failure. "I'm his uh… sister's best friend." Yeeeeep. That just happened.

Kera cants her head, watching her fellow candidate with a hint of amusement starting to show on her features. Shrugging gently to readjust the shoulder of her jacket once Minimur wraps his tail lightly around her neck, he grasp onto the girl's braid with one paw and sorta leans out, swinging gently back and forth as he chortles. Kera smirks at Sorel's question. "In a manner of speaking. The onduty Journeyman asked me to run this to the Wherhandler." she makes a chaotic circular gesture in the air "But I got turned around somehow." A little shrug given then she's nodding as her fellow candidate explains about giving his friend a tour. Ah, introductions are begun and Kera's in the process of welcoming Kiltara when her mouth freezes mid 'W'. Eyes widen justly slightly before she blinks and cast a quick flickering glance from one startled face to another. She closes her mouth with a snap once she realizes it's hanging open, Well what the shell do ya say in situations like these…. "Well met…to….Xanadu." Taking a step or two back, her eyes drift back the way she came as if considering just darting off.

Sorel instantly starts coughing when Kiltara slips up, and continues coughing, trying to save himself as he chokes on his own saliva, as she attempts to horribly, recover from such a terrible, awful, foot-in-mouth moment. That's it Kltara, just shove your heel a little past your tonsils at the rate you're going. "You.. are a special bubbly." Sorel finally manages to recover enough to say to the teen before shaking his head at her and looking back over at Kera. Ahem. But sadly it seems as if Kiltara's mouth has gotten them into a bit of a pickle and Sorel is letting out a sigh. What does one say in situations like this, indeed! He ponders what to say, what could possibly be said to make this situation better. "Ahh.. um.. Kera.." He starts, reaching up to run his fingers up and down the back of his head. "You.. won't say anything to anyone will you?" I'm sure that will work. "It's really hard to explain." And it's doubtful she really wants to hear the whole screwed up story of what the heck is going on. "But it's not really.. anyone's business, right?" Come on girl! Work with him. He's definitely looking a tad concerned though as Kiltara completely blows their cover. "Couldn't have just stuck with girlfriend, could you, sweetheart?" He clucks his tongue at his younger sister with a shake of his head. What's a boy to do.

Kiltara is completely, utterly, hopelessly, at a loss. Perhaps this is why Ila'den was so gung-ho for having Kera make Sorel as miserable as possible? Maybe. Kiltara feels like everything once right is now very, very wrong, and she's quick to retrieve her hand from Sorel's so that she can tuck herself in behind her knees and hope against all hope that teleportation of the human body by psychic means is /possible/. Instead, she has to settle for unfurling just a bit, giving Kera her undivided attention (and by Kera, I mean Kera's shoulder), and then she's saying, "He's single. One hundred percent." It's all mousy, and squeaky, and sounds as if she's trying her hardest not to choke herself. "Honest. Kiss him. He'll like it. And then you two can have… you know…" Words fail, so she makes a big, helpless sweeping motion with her hands. "You know… some clever ploy… jealous…" What is she saying? Who knows! Sorel clucks at her, and she elbows him, and then she's burying her face in her hands again. Well met to Xanadu indeed…

Kera looks back to Sorel with a bit of a startled expression of her own, feet edging a few shuffled paces away from the…couple. Eyes dart between Sorel and Kiltara, gaze taking in little nuances in their behavior to each other and Sorel's questions have her rasing her hands in a fending off gesture. "You don't owe me any explanations, really. I don't think I wanna know. None of my bus.." Kiltara's statements cause Kera's eyes to widen and her head shake quickly in denial. Whatever outlook she had to Sorel's potential has certainly altered a bit. "No kissing! I'll take your word for it, really. None of my business." Another step back, and another "I really need to get this errand done…..byeee." Then she's off, first her steps seem paced and measured, but they do start to pick up the pace rather quickly til she's gone.

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