Squeaky Clean Sharuth

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Word had gone out via firelizard. Well, two of them actually. A pale bronze and a green, each carrying tightly rolled messages tied to their legs. When a Candidate was found, the leg was held up so the message could be untied and read. It stated the following

Candidates! Welcome back from your rather bedraggling adventure in the muck. Unfortunately, Sharuth has been spending too much time on the sands and has neglected his normal bathing schedule. I've forced him down to the beach for a proper bath and your assistance would be greatly appreciated this afternoon! Please dress appropriately — we'll be washing him in the ocean — and bring plenty of sponges, soap, and some oils for post-bathing oiling. Thanks and see you soon! - So'l

And now that the appointed hour has arrived, Sharuth is, indeed, begrudgingly making his way down the beach, his rider — So'l — sitting atop the bronze sans saddle and encouraging him onward. "It won't take too long. Not with so much help. And then you can get back to Luraoth and the eggs, promise." Still walking, the dragon turns his head back to awkwardly regard the bronzerider. Really? /Really/? "Don't want to smell on hatching day, do you?" Cause, you know…it could happen soon, right?

Ooh, bathing request! Garawan read the note quickly, and saluted the firelizard who brought it. Then he went to gather the requested materials. Sponges! Soap! And oil, if it's available in the quantities he needs— and provided he can lift it! These he gathers, what of this he can, and heads down to the beach. He has dressed accordingly, however 'accordingly' would be for bathing a giant bronze dragon in the ocean at the end of fall.

Kera is still clutching her broom, she was sweeping today afterall, the handle tucked underher arm, bristles stretching outward behind her back as she plods towards the beach. A flash of brown blurring overhead is of coarse her winged friend Minimur. Shaking her head to the candidate she's walking beside "You go right ahead Jadiken. But i'm not getting on anymore dragons for a while. I'll take the wagon route. At least I'll have a better chance of remembering the way." Kera snorts at her fellow candidate's reply and pats her shoulder satchel. "Not gonna catch me by surprise again. Never leave my cot without it." Now that is. The beach comes into sight and she starts looking around "I hope we're not the only ones that lizard found." Ah, No, there's Garawan wandering in over there.

Eltanin slowly makes his way through the dunes, obviously trying to fix something in his hands as he walks. He seems focused and rather oblivious to his surroundings until…the brightness of the beach informs him he walked too far. Lifting his head up with one hand shielding the sun he lets out a soft sigh, a dawn of a smile edging his lips. He has always loved the ocean…hey! He nearly stumbles as a bunch of people arrive. Some screaming, some just running with what would be a pile of towels, soaps, oil. It's only when reaching the shadow of the giant Bronze that he understands. "Oh…"

Najara has a shawl wrapped around her against the chilly air as she makes her way along the beach. Her eyes are on the waves, looking out over the water, and then one of the sounds from the gathering crowd draws her attention. She looks that way, watching for a moment, then smiles.

Innes is not actually here fulfilling a bathing request. True to her usual form, she was… somewhere that involved getting a good amount of dirt on her clothes. For once, her hair is fairly neat and her face is at least clean, but that's about all the good one can say about her appearance. She's in a foul mood as she storms her way down to the beach, casting glances over her shoulder a muttering curses under her breath as she leans behind an apparent source of aggravation that's just out of sight. She stops short when she realizes that not only does she look a bit crazy growling and mumbling to herself, but that she's also not the only one on the beach. In fact, there are quite a few familiar faces. Which means… "Am I supposed to be here, or something?"

Word had went out a bit further then Xanadu, a large brown dragon from Fort Weyr is slowly soaring downwards from overhead. Bugles of greeting is went out towards the Queens and dragons of Fort as is custom and out of respect of course. Niumdreoth turns slightly while his large wings stretch out to glide downwards in a lazy circle before he comes to settle and land upon the sandy ground that is found. Abigail is settled within the straps and she shifts slightly to lean back and pull her goggles off as she sends a curious glance around. Upon catching sight of a small gathering, along with a certain large bronze she smiles. It takes a moment before she is off, jumping down to the sands.

"Socialize, socialze. I must socialize…" Eltanin keeps repeating in his mind, offering to all the new faces a bright smile if a bit nervous. He's been assigned for only a couple of sevendays after all.

Sharuth stares back at So'l for several long moments before all three eyelids blink with resignation. Oh all right. Turning back towards the water, he slinks the rest of the way down the beach and slides into the ocean, sand and grit already flowing off him to murk up the surface. So'l, for his part, pats the bronze affectionately before hopping off at the water's edge, striding up to meet the group of Candidates as they approach. "Garawan!" he exclaims, reaching out to happily wave at the young man. As for the rest he doesn't know? "I'm So'l," he offers, his eyes sweeping the group. As to Innes' question, he's about to answer when a certain bronze firelizard comes positively /buzzing/ down the beach. Kon hovers in front of Innes, offering the final remaining message tied to his leg. "Better late than never, hmm?" So'l smirks at the firelizard. Turning back to the Candidates, he says, "If you wouldn't mind introducing yourself real quick, that'd be great. And then? Then we'll get to giving /this/ guy a much needed scrubbing. He's /filthy/," he stage-whispers, that smirk growing more mischievous. As So'l waits for introductions, his eyes flick up to spot Niumdreoth and as the brown lands on the beach, the bronzerider gives both rider and dragon a friendly wave and motions them to join in. "Abigail!" he beams, "Meet some of Xanadu's Candidates. Candidates, meet Abigail. Thunderbird Wingsecond at Fort. Here to help with the bath?" So'l chuckles at the woman, eyes flicking to spy Najara and Eltanin. He offers smiles to them, too, though they certainly don't have to help.

Garawan waves to Kera as best as he can with the armful of stuff, with a smile. He drops a sponge, picks it up. He also offers a polite bow of greeting to Eltanin and Najara, as he does not know them well. Innes's appearance gets a grin, and her question a chuckle. "Apparently so. The firelizards came and found us. Sharuth needs a bath again." He tilts his head to indicate she should follow. He also tilts his head up at seeing the large brown in the sky. He can't do much until she lands. But when the dragon lands he shifts things to one arm briefly, so he can salute Abigail. The wave from So'l is returned with a salute as best as Garawan can manage with all the stuff in his arms. He's got what's needed though. He doesn't know if the request to introduce was to him as well, but he does anyway. "Garawan," he offers, with a bow. He can't be so showy and flashy with all the stuff he's carrying, but it nonetheless looks graceful enough.

Kera pauses her steps, letting the candidates she was walking along with move ahead. Innes's soothing curses drifting across the beach catch her attention and she observes her friend a moment before stepping towards the red head. Nodding at Innes's question, "Yea, some pushy lizard shows up sticking his leg in my face. So here we are." Glancing up as visiting pair arrives, She lifts a hand to wave a greeting, since she's not quite to where the bronze is yet. But then she's there and introductions are started "I'm Kera." A quick wave sent to So'l, who she hadn't met before, and Abigail "Welcome to Xanadu WingSecond Abigail." Scrubbing dragons, not too taxxing a task for so many. Glancing around, she spots Eltanin, mistaking him for a candidate she doesn't know well. "Hey! Tall guy!" She points at Eltanin. "You can help us reach the higher spots!" Seems Innes isn't the only one who can volunteer people.

Najara lifts her hand to wave to So'l, with a little bob of her head. Garawan's bow draws a curtsy from her in return, with a slight smile, and she watches curiously as he and the others arrange themselves about the dragon - no, wait, make that dragons, because she glances to the brown as well, giving his rider a wave.

Despite Garawan and Kera's answers, Innes isn't quite sold on this whole 'helping to give a bath' thing until Kon buzzes into place. She stares at the 'lizard for a moment, mildly affronted by this intrusion, before begrudingly taking the message tied to his leg. She opens it and scans it with a dramatic sigh. Well then. She's never one to turn down work, of course, but given her generally grumpy mood at the moment, she's not exactly thrilled to be climbing all over a dragon. Particularly given the fact that she's rather small, and can't offer much of a reach. At least her clothes will be cleaned? "Oh, right. I'm Innes," she introduces after a short pause, having lost track of her instructions already. Najara and Eltanin receive a little not of greeting, and Abigail gets a salute that's much more like a point of her finger based somewhere around her forehead.

Eltanin doesn't really knows why but straightens some. The words, Wingsecond, Fort Weyr, Dragons echoes in his mind. Instinctively he reaches Najara's side, still smiling. Seems like a kind of surviving reflex : being close if not saying behind someone who also seems not to belong to the fellow candidate group. "Eltanin, newest Starcraft's addition…" He finally manages to say, stifling a chuckle at Kera's call. "I'm not /that/ tall, am I?" Abigail gets a polite dip of his head as well as So'l and the two Dragons.

Abigail makes her way on over towards the others while Niumdreoth is following after her. The brown warbling out towards the ones here as he looks rather eagerly at the water, but at the moment he stays put 'behaving' it seems. Once near the others Abbey smiles and nods to them. "Pleasure ta meet ye all." A curious glance is sent to Sharuth and she chuckles softly. "Did ye get enough help to wash him? I think ye need a few more to scratch acround behind his wings." This said with an amused tone while she tucks her gloves into her flight jacket, along with her goggles. She looks over to So'l whom get's a warm smile. "How have ye been?"

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," So'l dips his head and smiles. "And Sharuth and I appreciate you for coming. So let's get to it. /This/," So'l turns, gesturing to the big ol' bronze in the water, "is Sharuth. Any chance you've got one of those apples, Garawan? He's not in the best mood right now," the bronzerider says quietly, "might help?" Turning back to the others, So'l chuckles, "Not to worry. I'm sure a nice scrubbing will brighten both Sharuth's hide /and/ his mood." Despite whatever irritation Sharuth might be feeling, the bronze bugles a hello to the Candidates and the others on shore. A warmer bugle is called out to Niumdreoth, who he invites into the water as well if he's keen on a swim. While Sharuth's hide would normally gleam almost-gold, today it's a very, very dull shadow of its usual self. He looks almost brown, Sharuth's so dirty. But the Candidates are here and honestly, he /would/ prefer not to stink, especially in front of Luraoth. So he'll hunker down in the water and let these folks help out if they're willing. So'l, for his part, notices some of the grumblings and unhappy looks but decides not to press matters. "Everyone got their sponges? Soap? Alright then," he gestures towards Sharuth with his head, "let's clean him up." He'll let those who want to help get started, taking a moment to hug Abigail and say, "I've been well. Missing home, but well. You? How are things at Fort?" And for Najara and Eltanin — who might not be dressed for or interested in dragon cleaning — the bronzerider smiles wide, "Random dragon baths. Welcome to Weyrlife," he chuckles.

Garawan chuckles at Kera's assessment of the manner in which they were brought here. "Ah, but it was cute," he jokes. Najara's curtsey actually prompts a smile from Garawan. Looks like he's turned on the charm a little. Not too much, he doesn't want to make her uncomfortable. Though Innes's sudden volunteering of Eltanin gets him to look at her as if she's grown another head. Really? But he chuckles nonetheless. "Pleasure to meet you," he offers in return to Abigail. As for apples? Garawan nods. Sharuth had seemed to like them, and he'd noted the bronze being rather surly. "The bag I have over my shoulder has a few in it," he confirms. There is a small bag over his shoulder, yes, and it has a lumpy shape.

Kera glances at Innes when she gets her 'summons' to come bath dragons. "Congratulations Innes, ya finally caught up with the group." Referring to getting the messege that is. Grabbing up a sponge, she starts towards Sharuth, pausing to give a polite dip of her head towards the bronze and murmurs "G'day Sharuth." Taking a steadying breath before she stalks into the frigid water, Kera waves Eltanin over and nods "Tall enough to get where some of us cant reach at least." Canting her head a bit, she frowns "Wait, you're not a candidate." Grinning a little she shrugs "My appologies. But ya /could/ reach up there if ya wanted." Gesturing along the upper back, he'ld have to climb, but still.. She starts splashing water onto the bronze's hide, looking around and sending some water towards Innes, she could obviously USE an extra bath. "Garawan! Stop splashing Innes!" No one saw nothing! The healer candidate peers around towards the riders and tries to send more water towards Innes before she starts scrubbing.

Najara smiles to Eltanin as he approaches. She's not a candidate, no. She's also not moving closer to the dragons to help out - though she's not running away, either. Maybe she should? But she does smile to the starcrafter. "Hello," she says with a half-curtsy. "I'm Najara." She glances past him to Kera, smiles, then nods to So'l before she glances back to Eltanin. "Not quite so tall as a dragon, I don't think. I could be wrong." She smiles, then turns her attention back to watching the candidates as they splash and play… er… scrub dragons. No playing, surely. But Najara smiles as she watches.

"Well it's better than going back to the barracks right now," Innes mutters under her breath, just loud enough for Kera to hear. She inclines her head in Sharuth's direction as she treads a bit closer to the water, kicking off her shoes before she ventures in. "How'd you get so dirty?" she inquires aloud, arching a brow in the bronze's direction. Of course, one might ask the same of her. Any musing is interrupted when she's hit with a splash. She shrieks loudly, taking a few ungainly steps away (and hopefully out of range). "Kera!" Yeah, she's not buying that 'Garawan splashed you' lie. "I'm going to get you!" Still standing in the shallow part of the water, she swings a hard kick so that water sprays up and hopefully in her fellow candidate's direction
Eltanin is now torn apart. Oh he already saw Dragons and even got the chance to fly ontop of one when on duty with a Master but well, it was just for a blink. And now, he's offered to help bath one….err two even. He raises a hand at Kera, shouting. "No apology needed but I will pass for this time…." he lowers his voice, looking back at Najara again, flashing her a broad smile. "…plus I didn't bring my favorite swimsuit. Nice to meet you, Najara." Innes and Garawan both get a chuckle and an amused look as the splash war seems to start. "I guess all the help is already in action." So yes, he's also staying where he is. Safe. Out of splash range.

Sharuth whuffles at Kera, pleased at her respectful greeting. As the sponges come out and the other Candidates get to work, the bronze lowers his head and neck to allow for easier access. That is, of course, until all the splashing starts. Peering at Kera, the bronze looks as if he's about to breathe fire at her but sinks his head below the waterline instead. Right. Grumpy dragon who is keen on getting back to the sands as /quickly/ as possible. Remember him? Well, Sharuth must have changed his mind because when his head re-emerges, he breathes water instead of flames. The jet shoots in Kera's direction, clearly meant to soak her as the bronze involves himself in the water war. He moves his large head to protect poor Innes from further splashing. So'l, meanwhile, nods to Najara and Eltanin. "We've probably got enough already, though I should get to helping. I'll take those apples, Garawan," So'l smiles, turning to reach into the bag and extract them. Turning back to the Starcrafter and Najara, he asks, "Would you mind feeding these to Sharuth? You can toss them from the shore. He's pretty good at catching." And indeed, the dragon has turned his head back towards the pair with the food. /Food/. Yes, please.

Throwing the apples from the shore? But Eltanin is brave enough to move closer and properly hand them to the huge Bronze. As the Dragon turns his head, the young man literally freezes himself. Not that brave after all. "I will try to aim right." He replies So'l with another smile. Turning to Najara, he hands her a fruit. "ladies first?"

Kera tries to sidestep the incoming splash Innes kicks up, but being knee deep in water makes for sluggish movements. The cold shock to her back makes Kera gasp out a shreik of her own before she starts laughing at her fellow candidate. Edging her way along Sharuth's side she wags a finger at Innes "Nah uh. careful Innes, don't want to splash his eyes." She reaches up to give the bronze hide a pat and peers forward, just in time to get a blast of water that sends her stumbling back. Pushing a hand forward to try blocking some of the tsunami, and turning her head away, she flails a few seconds. Getting her feet back under her, Kera stands, spitting out a squirt of water. Swiping water from her face and blinking at Sharuth's large head "What was that fo.." Innes, oh yea. Huffing as she squeezes water fromher braid, the girl starts shivering but goes back to scrubbing, and muttering.

Najara watches the splashing and playing, then looks almost surprised as So'l turns to her and Eltanin with the apples. Fruit? Her questioning look to the dragon finds him looking in her direction with what certainly seems like anticipation, so she shan't argue. "Certainly," she says to So'l with a gracious nod. She smiles to Eltanin, then takes a few steps closer to the great bronze, standing near the water's edge as she lobs the fruit toward his head with an easy underhand toss.

Innes has a savior! A rather large and rather dirty savior, but given the state of the candidate's clothing, it all seems rather appropriate. "You deserved it!" she hollers at Kera from her safe place behind Sharuth's head. Of course, a dragon shield still can't protect her from herself. While she jumps about a bit, trying to spot Kera and see if she's up to no good again, Innes slips on a smooth rock and tumbles back into the water, just disappearing under the surface. She appears a few seconds later, spluttering and swearing. Aren't they supposed to be washing this dragon or something?

Eltanin watches Najara moving closer Sharuth, slowly turning his head as she reach her final spot. Great. Now he feels silly. Keeping his apple in his hand, crosses his arms over his chest, the smile on his face turning into a wicked one. Will he dare?

At the sight of now-bedraggled Kera, what can only be the dragon approximate of laughter comes rumbling out of Sharuth. He turns his head to gently nudge the girl, his eyes slowly whirling with amused tones. But then Innes is slipping into the water and Sharuth submerges his head again, inner eye-lids closing but still allowing him to see in the murk. The girl seems to be coming back up alright but as she resurfaces, the bronze cocks his head to the side like a dog listening for a curious sound. You alright? Seeing that she is, Shuffle whuffles warmly before turning towards the mentioning of food. Najara is first up, it seems, and the bronze opens his mouth expectantly as So'l moves into the water, intent on helping out. The apple is lobbed and…GOT IT! Crunch. Eyes whirl with gratitude for the woman before that great bronze head of his turns towards Eltanin. C'mon shy guy, you're up! Mouth opens and…are you going to throw it or not? So'l, meanwhile, comes up near Innes and Kera and laughs. "Water fight, huh? Should have warned you. Sharuth reigns supreme." With a snicker, he uses his sponge to wash clean a large swath of dragon hide. "Those sands may be good for the eggs but…ugh, filthy!" the bronzerider exclaims with a smile. "Thanks for helping out," he says.

Kera splashes water across the stretch of hide she was scrubbing then side steps a bit to expand the growing clean spot on Sharuth's shiny hide. When the large head swivels her way to nudge, Kera grins and reaches up to offer a scritch where she can reach before rubbing more soap over the area she's cleaning. Hearing alot more splashing going on, she steps away from where she's working in order to see what's happening on the dragon's other side. Crouching a little to peer between several candidate's legs, Innes is spotted dragging herself up from the water. Not bothering to stifle the snicker that squeaks out, even if she tries not to grin outright "You alright Innes?" Then fruits are flying through the air then vanishes within the massive jaws. Peering back towards the beach "Nice throw!"

Eltanin finds himself holding the Bronze's gaze for a moment. Then, as suddenly as the weather can change, he swiftly removes his shirt and starts to run for the water to finally take a dive, splashing in every direction. A second after, he surfaces again, the apple in his mouth. He's now closer Sharuth and even climbs on his foreleg. Looking at the others, and especially Najara who gets a kind of 'defiance' look, he boldly hands the apple as high as he can towards the huge bronze snout. Tadaaaaa!

Najara smiles for Sharuth's capture of the apple, and gives the bronze a little hand-clap of applause. Well done, sir dragon! Then, as Eltanin dives into the waves, she laughs, watching his progress through the water. She's unconcerned, and as he presents the apple to the hungry dragon, she smiles.

Innes is indeed okay, although she's soaked to the bone. That's one way to get her clothes clean, at least. She flashes a grin at the bronze, just to reassure. All in one piece and still breathing. That's all that's required of a candidate, isn't it? "Well, he's got a lot more to work with," she tells So'l with a wink. If she were dragon-sized, this would be a different story. Still dripping, she moves out of the water to grab a sponge and shoots Kera a suspicious look. "This is your fault," she accuses with all the dignity her wet self can muster. It's not much. Her gaze shifts momentarily to those engaged in apple-tossing, and she claps for their successes with sponge in hand before moving back to Sharuth's side. "No problem," she calls back to So'l. "That's what candidates are for."

Kera glances around to see someone diving into the water with a fruit clutched between their teeth. Rubbing her eyes and blinking back to wherre the apparition was spotted, it turns out t be Eltanin climbing up from the water and presenting a fruit proudly to Sharuth. "There are dryer ways to feed a dragon I think." She cants her head towards the dragon's large one, stepping back to see what Sharuth does. A quick glance to So'l, then Najara curiously before Innes makes her irritation known again. Peering to her friend, she shrugs with a smirk "If that's what helps you sleep at night Innes."

Sharuth watches with interest as Eltanin enters the water and swims his way. And then, WHOA! Is he climbing the bronze's foreleg? Guess so but it's for a good cause, right? Because now he's holding up an apple all excitedly, perhaps pleased with his performance? Sharuth is pleased, too, but what exactly is he supposed to do with that apple? He's not so great at gingerly taking things from human hands. Guess he'll just have to use his tongue? Yep. Slimy dragon tongue. Jaws opening wide, Sharuth lets the thing slowly lower from his mouth, licking at Eltanin's hand (and arm?) in an effort to snag the apple. Success? Success! But as his tongue rises back into his mouth, Sharuth sees that Eltanin's hand is now thoroughly coated in dragon saliva. Good thing there's an ocean to wash it off in! As for Najara's expert apple toss, the bronze whuffles at the woman loudly, appreciation for her part in the feeding. So'l, meanwhile, is nodding along with Innes and Kera, also amused at the women's antics as they continue working to clean Sharuth. And amidst water fights, affectionate jokes, and other antics Candidates are always known for, Sharuth is eventually returned to gleaming bronze/gold status. He seems rather pleased, too, and gently nudges each of the helpers to say thank you before the group breaks up.

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