I'd Rather Bleed (Candidate Project)

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Sorel is one of the worst at going to sleep when he's supposed to in the barracks. Perhaps it's because he's away from home or maybe it's just nerves as the eggs grow ever harder… or maybe it's something completely different. Who is to say? So at the moment it's rather late at night and instead of being a good little candidate he is instead hunkered over on his cot, a glow basket on the foot of his bed as he attempts to not stab his finger and let loud curses ring out into the air. Needless to say he's not having the easiest time attempting to make his robe. It looks as if he's attempting to attach a sleeve and sadly he's yet to realize he forgot to sew the 'seam' pointing in instead of poking out for the world to see.

"What are you doing?" comes a sleepy, and rather grumpy, voice from somewhere close to the sewing candidate. A vague outline of a Bowyn-like shape nears the glowlight in the darkness, and she lets out a giant yawn. "Kinda late to be sewing," she says in a relatively loud whisper. A rustling noise cuts the silence between her words, and soon a hand is shoving a bubbly pie in Sorel's direction. "You want one? Take a break?" Someone apparently likes midnight snacks.

Kera has simply refused to venture very far from the barracks since the muck covereed group of candidates were found/returned. If it can't be seen from the clearing, Kera won't go. Nopenope! It may be late but Sorel's edginess seems to be catching, thus Kera is perched on her cot, scribbling away at a letter she's working up. When Sorel's grumbling curses get her attention for yet another time, she tosses her syringe pen down and starts fumbling in her trunk for something. Finding what she seeks, soon she's tossing a small metal object at the candidate's cot. "Stop being stubborn and used the thimble already." All set to return her attention back to her letter, someone goes and says 'bubbly' causing the healer's stomach to rumble.

Sorel jerks away from his robe as if it has burned him as the sleepy voice cuts through him. Gray eyes blink a few times, trying to clear the daze he was in just moments ago away. "Nothing." The young man murmurs and shifts around on his cot until the covers have pretty successfully hidden his robe. There is no robe here. Move along! And then a bubbly is being shoved near him and he eyes it thoughtfully before giving his head a shake, "I think I might give myself a tummy ache if I eat that at this time." Or make himself fat, because this stick figure totally needs to worry about that. And then the little metal object goes winging through the air and beams him in the head, bouncing off his forehead and spinning around on the ground near his cot. "Oww." A slender hand is lifted and he rubs at the offended spot, brow furrowing as he tosses Kera a bit of a glare—but not a serious one really. "I was fiiine. I don't need a sharding thimble." Just no one look at his bandaged thumb. He leans over to scoop the metal object up and toss it back at her.

Bowyn narrows her eyes, but the darkness obviously causes that to go unnoticed. "Liar. Was that a robe?" There's a moment of hesitation before the bubbly pie disappears back into the darkness and instead is hurled in Kera's direction. "I can hear your stomach from here," says the hunter to her fellow Candidate. "And what are /you/ doing? Are both of you nervous too? I was finally able to sleep in these shardin' barracks, and now I've got the beginnings of nerves." Humbug.

Kera mutters a few color phrases …stubborn male…probably being the only one that's actually heard, when her attempt to help Sorel is snubbed and tossed right back at her. Shaking her head and slipping the thimble away, she looks around just in time for the bubbly to bounce off her shoulder. But she's quick enough to dart a hand under the tasty treat before it hits the floor. Smirking at her catch, she sits back up. "Thanks." Putting her letter in progress aside, she takes a couple of bites and watches Sorel try to hide what he's doing befre her stomach lets her speak up to the hunter's quesrtion "I was just writing my parents. Telling them about being lost at Camp Swamp." The girl adds with a smirk and eyes the awake candidates before taking her bubbly and wandering over to plop down on the edge of Bowyn's cot. Watching Sorel, she shakes her head "No wonder you're having problems, can't sew in so little light."

Sorel offers Bowyn a noncommittal shrug. He will neither confirm or deny, and it's totally not helpful that he's shrugging in poor light. He's not really good at letting people see him fail at things, as if that wasn't apparent at this point. He does slowly uncover it and try to get a few more stitches but he's struggling and it doesn't take long before he's abandoning it again. Although at Kera's mutters he cracks a smile and offers it to her shamelessly. "Would you really like me if I asked for thimbles and pranced around in a skirt or something? Or perhaps wore lots of pink clothing? You like men and all our stubbornness. Just admit it." See, look at that smirky smile he's wearing, isn't it hard not to love? At her last comment however he just gives another useless shrug. "I like making it harder on myself, what can I say. Don't worry, I'll have it finished before those eggs start rocking."

Bowyn catches a glimpse of said robe in the glowlight. "You could've done worse, I guess…at least it won't fall apart?" Hers /definitely/ won't considering the intensity of her stitches, but she's not about to pull it out for show and tell. Kera gets a quick "Welcome" for the bubbly pie and suddenly the other candidate is on Bo's own cot! A blanket plucked from the hunter's cosy nest is shoved in the healer's direction, and invitation to get comfy. "Yeah, you'll have it finished and covered in stains!" she quips to Sorel. "You like the pain or something?"

Kera arches a brow at Sorel while accepting the offered blanket and spreading it across her legs and feet. A few seconds of shifting around and her feet are tucked up under her and she's nice and cozy warm. Shaking her head with a hint of eye roll "No offense Sorel, but that's one of the silliest things I've heard in a long time. You think it's manly to stab yourself for no good reason, repeatedly, just cause you think it makes you girly to use the proper tool for the job?" Not bothering with manners this late, she pops the last of her bubbly in her mouth and keeps talkin "Tanners, weavers, tailors…all use thimbles in their work. Male and female." So there! A hint of a shrug given and she taps her head with a little smile "I'll take common sense over 'manly' anyday. You're manly ways will just make more work for me in the infirmary." Pain indeed. Kera grins but eyes the robe when he produces it. Canting her head to look it over, she finally tilts her head to Bowyn with an amused wink "Is he making a robe to put on a hatchling?"

Sorel toes his robe, wiggling his big toe against the rather rough material "I suppose that's true, although I might have welcomed my robe falling apart on the sands. It's sharding hot out there. Might welcome the breeze." He playfully waggles his brows at the two younger ladies. "Plus everyone would get a show. Perhaps I'd impress the dragonets with my ass." Leave it to Sorel for being lude. He gives a slightly awkward laugh after that however, like he might be trying too hard or something. And then Kera is ripping into him a bit and he lets out a laugh he is unable to hide. "I was joking Kera, calm down. I just don't really like thimbles, they're awkward. I appreciate that you're trying to save my thumbs and all but they aren't needed. And I'm perfectly capable of bandaging my own needle pricks if need be. So no extra work for you." But then she's got to go an insult his poor little robe and he narrows his eyes at her before picking up his robe and shoving it beneath his cot. Hrmph!

Bowyn snickers at the hatchling comment made by Kera and just shrugs. And…chews? She's working on eating some kind of food. It smells spicy. "Hey, where do the wings come out?" Then Sorel has to go and talk about his ass, and the hunter chokes a little before she laughs so hard she snorts. "With /that/?" she asks, pointing in the general direction of the other candidate's booty. "Please, I've got more of a butt than that. You better get something else to work with."

Kera flashes a grin to Bowyn then offers an appologetic shrug to Sorel "I was just teasing. I don't think the Headwoman will let it pass with all those little stains ya got on it though." Peering between the other candidates with a little frown "Why are you making a new robe anyway? There's a whole bunch of old ones in those trunks by the door. I was just gonna use one of those." Blinking when Sorel mentions putting on a sands show, Kera chuckles "I can see all the little dragonets now, all bumbling around blindly cause of your blinding white backside." Glancing to Bowyn, still grinning "Oh, those poor little ones."

Sorel is going to just flat out ignore those comments about wings and what not and just.. eye the girls with stoic gray eyes. "Perhaps you have more of a butt than I, but mine is much nicer." Because Sorel isn't a kid anymore and he has definitely grown and filled out a bit. Not to mention all the training he had done over the past several turns due to the disappearance of his sister. So he does have a butt.. however can boys really have /butts/ like girls? "It's not stained! Every time I draw blood I suck on it til it stops." Which is probably while it's taking forever to make as well. "And I dunno, I just figured a robe is something I should try to make myself. I dunno, maybe I'm just weird. But I know Ila would laugh at me if he thought I couldn't even make my own robe." And Sorel, will /not/ lose to Ila'den.

Bowyn snorts at Sorel and says, "Right…yours is nicer." Eyes rolling in the dark. "I would moon you to prove you wrong, but it's too cold." She sighs and thinks for a minute before she says, "Yeah, well, at least you'll be unique. I think most of the rest of us just took old ones. I had to repair mine, but…didn't have the patience to make one from scratch." Then the candidate yawns and stretches, curling up in her blanket nest more. "Alright, I'm going to try to get shut eye. You can stay there if you want Kera."

Kera nods agreeably with Bowyn "With all the chores, not to mention our surprise visit to Camp Swamp last sevenday.." She rolls her eyes at the memory and gets up from the cot when Bowyn settles back in for more sleep. With a little chuckle at the conversation "I'm sure everyone has a nice butt. But if anyone starts losing their robes on the sands, I think they'll have more important things to consider than what assets they are displaying." An amused wink to Sorel then and she shrugs "A little needle jab is nothing when one of those dragonets is bowling you over. One candidate during the last hatching had his leg clawed, down to the muscle." She yawns a bit and heads back towards her cot "We spent most of the evening sewing his leg back together."

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