Miner on the Rocks

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Satoris has always had 'his' table and now it's even moreso. The man hasn't abandoned his work. He just does it here. The table is covered in reports and other information. There's a firelizard there currently, bearing a band with the markings of the Miner Hall. Satoris is mumbling to himself, hand in his hair — which is getting long and ragged — as he finishes up some reports.

Thea steps into the tavern, shucking out of her wherhide jacket and shaking it out by the door - as if that will help not to bring the rain into the place. It's useless, for feet have tracked the wet throughout the place, keeping the 'maid busy mopping up between serving patrons. Indeed, the Junior gets a baleful scowl for her efforts, but Thea isn't noticing. She's got a ledger in hand and is scouting for a spot in the semi-crowded tavern. Spotting Satoris, she heads that way, only to pause when she spies the reports and maps covering his table. Rather than ask him if she can join him, she slides into a seat at the table beside his, offering a quiet, "Morning Satoris."

He doesn't even look up, simply offers a grunt of acknowledgement. The man nearly has a full beard already. That's how manly he is. Or sad. Something like that. There's an ale nearby, proving the rumors that he starts early. A few more scribbles, a signature, and he rolls up whatever he was working on and gives it to the firelizard who nearly bites him for the effort before flying off and disappearing between. It's then that his pale eyes — seeming even paler due to the dark circles beneath them — focus on Thea. "What can I help you with?" He's on automatic right now.

Thea has already opened her ledger and is running a finger down the page when the miner speaks again, "Hmm?" She lifts her head, turns to give Satoris her attention, blinks at the circles and the beard. The ale goes unnoticed, either that or she finds it unremarkable. At his question she quips, "Can you stop the rain for me?" The 'maid pauses by her table just then and the Junior just murmurs, "Klah," before a concerned glance back to the miner. "You look… exhausted. Are the mines flooding then?"

Satoris gives Thea a blank look. "Stop… the rain?" He sounds rather confounded by the question. There's a grunt at the last question. "Yes. They were the first to flood." This statement is delivered in the way one might talk to a child, but it's obvious in his expression that no malice is meant by it. He's just… not a people person. Which is normal, but it's worse than usual.

Thea's lips twitch. That is all. It could be the beginnings of a smile or it could be simply that she dislikes the miner's tone, although her face gives nothing away of her emotions, be it humor or pique. She knows Satoris. Her klahmug is placed before her just then and she slides the appropriate coins towards the 'maid, who sweeps them into her hand and disappears. The Junior reaches for her klah, fingers curling 'round the handle and cup, warming chilled fingers. "Sorry to hear about the mines," she says dryly.

Shoulders rise and fall in a shrug; a motion that rocks the table some, since he's still leaning on it so heavily. He pulls a map near and begins to review it, picking up his ale to take a long drink. "It happens. Gives the wherhandlers time to do some of their exercises and I told the boys that until the flooding stops, they can consider it a vacation." Leaving only a couple miners even in Xanadu now.

Thea sips from her mug, watching Satoris over the rim while he speaks, taking in his appearance and the ways he's moving. "Sounds like you've got it all under control," her voice is approving and relieved. She lowers her mug, turns her attention to her ledger, commenting idly, "Folks looking for dry ground are crowding the caverns." A sidelong glance over at him, "Did you manage to keep Zevi's weyr dry?"

"I got some of the boys, before they left, so help me make sure it's boarded up and sealed." Which implies that while no water can get in, no one else can either. Makes one wonder where Satoris has been sleeping. He's not saying anything on it, studying the maps and downing ale like there's no tomorrow.

"Boarded up…" Thea repeats this rather confusedly. "Ahh, Satoris? You do know that wood's not gonna stop rising water, yes?" Wind-blown rain, maybe… "So, ah… are you camped in the observation level or the dining hall?" She just seems to assume, since that's where everyone else has gone. She headtilts in the general direction of the coastal road, "Ours hasn't flooded yet, but D'had wouldn't let me stay down there with the lake rising. We snagged the office." His gulping of ale is noted with a brow-raise, but no comment.

"Boarded up, plus tarps and some tar. It'll do better than most." Satoris shrugs, slightly. He blinks a few times, glancing around the tavern. He clears his throat. "Wherever… uh… there's room, really. I don't care."

Thea takes his reply in without arguing, however a look of concern passes across her face at his last. "Wherever. Huh. Can't be all too comfortable," she points out. "No wonder you look so tired." She lifts her mug again, but rather than sip from it, she studies the brown liquid in the cup. She's silent for a few minutes, then murmurs, "I miss her too."

"I don't care about comfort," Satoris mutters, pushing his mug — once empty — to the edge of the table. The girl knows what that means and thusly goes to get more. He's dropping all of his coin here, it would seem. Either he doesn't hear Thea's last comment, or doesn't react, instead slumping further into the bench he sits on, staring at the maps as if he could burn holes through them.

Thea nods to herself, as if confirming something in her own mind as Satoris continues not caring about the world. She's not seeming surprised by the ale or the slumping. Her mug is raised, sipped from again as she agrees with him, at least in part, "Might not care about the comfort if you're too drunk to feel." Just an idle observation there in her tone, no censure, no lecture. "She… was the only big sis I've ever had. Well, close to." Her mouth forms a flat line, unhappy, "She didn't say goodbye to me, either."

"Uh-huh." Satoris knows he should say something, but he really can't isolate on what, exactly. The man hasn't really communicated with much of anyone since he sent the miners on their vacation until the flooding is gone. He shoves the maps aside, replacing them with some reports.

Thea doesn't seem as though she'd expected anything else from Satoris. She focuses on that ledger or hers, or she appears to. Her lips move silently as her fingers move down the page, counting maybe. Or she could be debating with herself. Finally, she looks back at Satoris. "So… with the rain and all shutting the mines, why haven't you hopped a dragon for Eastern to be with her and Vatori?" Mild curiosity is all that's in her tone.

"Because I've been behind on my work," Satoris supplies, lamely. She doesn't look up at Thea. There's definitely more there, but this being Satoris, he's not readily supplying it either.

"Take it with you." Thea doesn't argue with him, merely shrugs eyeing her ledger page. "With the mines closed, you'll be caught up in no time and it won't matter if you're at Eastern or here. Except there you'll be able to cuddle little Vatori."

Satoris's shoulders slump slightly then. "Why?" he finally says, nearly snatching the ale from the girl when she returns with it. He downs a good bit. "She wouldn't tell me anything. Why would she want to see me?"

Thea's eyes swing up from that ledger. She eyes the miner for a long minute after he has asked that question. Finally she sighs, "I can't pretend to understand everything, but I know is that you are miserable whenever the two of you are apart. Last time you sat in here and drank yourself silly and did it help? No." She props her chin in her hand, continuing her scrutiny of him, "Of course… if you don't really care, then…"

Satoris growls. It's an honest expression and a rather primal one at that. "I care! By Faranth, if I didn't, would I /be/ here right now?" Pale eyes flash in anger subdued by alcohol. "If she wanted to see me, she would have told me what was going on. She would have sent… word, or something." He snorts, out of strength now. He's not sleeping much. He places his mug between his hands, staring into the amber liquid. "What if I go and she's in the arms of someone else? I'd rather not know."

So much better than apathy! Would he be here if he didn't care? "Apparently not." Thea stifles a smile at that response. "You know, back when Ysa left Xanadu, I didn't write to her because I didn't think she'd want to hear from me and later, when I tried to rekindle my friendship with her, that was the one thing she threw back in my face. " Not getting anything done anyway, she flips the ledger closed. Concerned gaze lifts to the miner, "You're second-guessing things. What if she's there, hurting and wondering why you didn't come after her?"

Satoris blinks a few times at Thea, almost dumbfounded. "She left. Up and left. Does a person who wants you do that?"

That's hitting below the belt. Thea winces in spite of herself and drops her eyes to the table, but not before a deep pain flashes in them. "There's many reasons why people leave like that," she finally says very quietly. Silent for a long breath, she adds, "I don't know where Kav went or why he disappeared, but you," sea-green eyes lift to his, "know where she is. I tried to find him for a long time." Unspoken: you haven't lifted a finger.

Oh. Right. Satoris flinches slightly, looking down to his ale again. "Sorry," he mumbles, "I forgot…" There's a long sigh and he begins pulling his paperwork together. Beldar is like to kick him out soon anyway. "I just… It wasn't like her. To just up and leave and not really tell.. anyone why."

"It wasn't like Kav, either." There's an ever so slight smile from Thea, "Satoris, I just… I've been through it, too. That's all." She scoops up her ledger and hugs it to herself. "It's better now for me. And I am at least at peace knowing I left no stone unturned. Kav had hit is head pretty hard and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe, just maybe that head injury factored into his disappearance." She gives the miner an earnest look, "Zevi was injured, Niva says. That's the only information she gave me. Maybe she isn't thinking clearly?"

Satoris is silent for a short time, before giving a small shrug. "I don't know… If… my firelizards weren't such terrible, wild beasts, I'd try to send her a letter." The poor man just feels deflated. He's never been walked out on!

Thea rises smoothly, "Well, Satoris, there's always dragon courier or personal delivery." She sighs, compassion in her tone, "I don't blame you for your pain, but, well… Someone has to take the first step." She pauses, then finishes firmly, "It's better to know and deal with it than live like you are half alive. I've done both and I can tell you it is hard, but not impossible." She glances towards the door, "I have to get back to the radio. With the flooding I'm manning it for sweeps." With another sympathetic glance, she heads back out into the rain.

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