Wanderin' 'pprentices

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Late on weekday night, where all good apprentices should be snug in their beds, ready for an early morning? Yes, a those diligent apprentices are snoozing away, lost in their dreams. But not all of them. Even the most diligent and rule-abiding from time to time find themselves being … less rule-abiding and more rule-breaking. Not that being out late is terribly against the rules, but it likely isn't in an apprentice's best interest. But 'whatever!' says ka-el's brain that managed to get him to convince his two friends to be reckless with him. The tavern isn't a place that's frequented much, and it seems to be his intended destination and refuge from the cold. The door is pushed open, letting in a frigid gust and Kale himself, bundled in a leather jacket and hands gloved.

Besides, Soriana was already up this late for reasons entirely related to her duties, what's a little later? …a bad idea, but never mind that. She steps through the door after Kale and then keeps it held open, stomping her boots a bit so as to not leave too many puddles on the floor. "Quiet night," she comments with something like approval. They'll have the place to themselves!

Catallian looks up quickly as some people enter. His eyebrows raise in a mild sort of surprise but he smiles. "Hello." His voice is pleasant, well modulated and quite welcoming. Maybe a little less than the heavily pregnant gold firelizard that swoops from the door after Kale opens it. Either way, it's certainly warmer in here than it is outside. "I'd welcome you all here, but you all know where it is. Come on up! Can I reccomend the bar since there's nobody here anyway and I'd sure love to get in on a little bit of conversation myself? Talking to yourself sure gets boring after awhile."

"Good," remarks Kale who pushes the door closed, half ducking at the swooping firelizard. "Less chance of running into Orik here. He likes it loud. Boistrous. Sort've like the forges," he says, smirking at her before looking ahead in the direction in which the greeting came from. The barkeep is offered a light grin and nod before he takes a moment to pull off his gloves and stuff them into a pocket. "We'll take the welcome anyway," he calls in return, heading forward now, shaking off the cold in the process. "Can't imagine you've too many nights like this, but if you do … uh, was that your gold? If so, you can always talk to her. You'd seem less crazy."

"Then he won't be here," agrees Soriana on the matter of Orik. "Least, not tonight." She glances at the swooping gold, and hehs. She turns toward the bar, but as she departs, another gold firelizard appears behind her, hovering in the air and giving the pregnant one a look of vague indignance. Chirp! has never sounded more like Hmph! Sori glances back and gives the second gold a look (which is promptly ignored) before heading on toward the bar. "At least you know who to blame if the conversation turns impolite," she says with a grin, then smirks at Kale's comment as she slides into a seat.

The egg-laden gold buzzes around the incoming party, apparently not liking the cold much at all. She flutters and wings around for a good thirty seconds before she settles on the mantle over the fire that warms the place against the winter outside. The amiable bartender taps his forehead without missing a beat at all. "I do. I tell her more or less everything and all she does is project me pictures of eggs back." He mock-frowns and waves his hand. "Pregnant women of all sorts, only have that one thing in mind, huh? Pull up a chair, and you too!" The last bit is meant at Soriana! Meanwhile, Sunrise, for that is her name chirps once haughtily at the other gold as if to say look what she has and predictably project pictures of eggs at hre. The bartender extends one hand to Kale and one hand to Soriana, never mind neither is a traditional style handshake. "I'm Catallian, hailing from the middle of butt nowhere. Y'all can call me Cat if you want though, everyone does."

Another is entering on into the tavern, a yawn escaping Idrissa as she goes a faint glance offered around before she catches sight of Kale and Soriana not all that far off. "Hey guys." Hopfully they haven't been around here too long! Her bright gaze drifts over to Catallian whom offers a soft smile an nod to her along with a slight finger way. "Hello." Her tone is friendly though a bit quiet. Speaking of firelizards there is a green one perched upon her shoulder. Willow lets out a chittering chirrup to the other firelizards within the room.

Firelizards here. Firelizards there. Firelizards everywhere! Except for with Kale, which is brought to his attention following the arrival of Haruhi. He quirks a brow and glances behind him, but if he is expecting the sudden appearance of his own, he's sorely mistaken! A barstool is pulled up and situated after that initial glance, and he takes a seat after clasping hands with Catallian. "Well met," he says, unable to hold back a snicker at his introduction. "My name's Kale, and I've a firelizard too .. off somewhere. Likely with her other," he says with a nod to Soriana. "I'm getting the gist that it's the females that stay close.. Or maybe it's just me." He grins, eyes flitting to the newest arrival as she speaks. He waves to her. "Hey Idrissa! Was hoping you didn't change your mind."

Haruhi - for that's her name - arches her neck proudly. The image of eggs gets a flick of her tail and an image projected back of five, six times as many eggs with Haruhi's long body curled proudly around them… and never mind that the gold's not even fully grown, and almost certainly hasn't had a single clutch yet. She could so! …if she wanted to. Willow gets a swirl of attention in greeting, a bit of a warm glow before Haruhi's attention returns to Sunrise. The other gold seems to have taken the warmest place! Well, then, so will Haruhi. She flutters her way to perch on the other side of the mantel. Soriana laughs to Catallian as she takes his hand. "I'm Soriana. Or Sori. Nice to meet you!" She waves over to Idrissa, then hehs to Kale. "Toral's curled up with Inkfoot," she says, and grins, then glances at the golds. "Ah, different ones are different kinds of broody…"

Oh, she did not go there! Sunrise sits right up and fans her wings with an irritable chirping sound. She projects an image right back at Haruhi, with the entire room filled with eggs. Hundreds upon thousands of them in a gigantic pile and she is wobbling on top of them like some strange perch. Chirp. That'll show her. She glowers at Haruhi from the opposite end of her mantle piece. Catallian is actually looking a little concerned. "So, um!" He says. "I'll grab mine and you'll grab yours if it comes to that?" Sunrise is showing off her shapely, egg-laden belly to the green now as best she can. Chirp.

Catallian keeps hold of Kale and Soriana's hands for a minute while looking at Idrissa. "Well, darnit. Huh." He says. "I'll let you go first because you're not nearly as good looking." Grinning at Kale, he offers said hand to Idrissa indeed, though he releases Soriana's at the same time. "Hello." He offers her. "I'm Cat. What'll it be for y'all? Drinks, or eats too?"

Idrissa blinks as she hears Catallian and peers at him curiously a moment, a soft ah escapes her and she soon lifts a hand to take hold of the offered one lightly. "Idrissa.. Ah nice to meet you an all." She offers softly as she takes up a seat next to Kale. Willow chirrups out while peering at the pair of golds that are showing off to one another? She tilts her head, eyes a swirl, the little green not seeming all that interested in the showing off of eggy-bellies at the moment.

It definitely is an odd handshake, with both hands being used as they are! But Kale rolls with it, although the humored look is hard to hide, and it amplifies at Catallian's comment. "Can't argue that," he says, releasing his hand and resettling in his seat. Hmmm. His firelizard is not with Toral? Well … that's (not quite) worrisome! He's only really lost Alloy once, and that totally wasn't his fault. His brows furrow as he concentrates, strumming the link between himself and his bronze gently. Oh where oh where has his firelizard gone.. "Uh. The lazy the bugger is asleep in my bunk," he concludes, refocusing on the present to roll his eyes. "Only a drink for me," he answers, sounding thoughtful. Klah, or ale? Klah would be the better choice. Warm and toasty and not alcohol. Klah would be the responsible choice. "Ale," he answers. One ale isn't going to hurt!

Oh she so did go there. Haruhi trills, and counters with the hatching sands - the ones the dragons use - full of her eggs. They must be hers, she's perched on top with her wings spread and fluttering elegantly. Soriana turns to look at the pair of golds, and gives her own a stare. "Haruhi," she says. "Behave." The word is reinforced with a mental command, and Haruhi flutters her wings and arches her neck to stare pointedly across the room at nothing in particular, neither the other gold nor her person. Sori stares at her a moment longer, applying willpower to the situation, then glances back to Cat and sighs. "Yeah, I can hold her." …and have in the past, her long-suffering tone says. Still, she manages a bit of a grin, because it hasn't come to that yet. "Soup of the day," she says. "I could use some warm, and also I skipped dinner."

"Right." Catallian says in a friendly way to Soriana. He knows how it is. His little ego-with-wings has done more than a few things to understand the young lady's long-suffering tone. Sunrise is extra extra puffed up right now and is about to respond to the egg image with something even more ridiculous. But nope, Harhui gets scolded. Sunrise sits bolt upright, preening her wings … and sends an image of Soriana's scolding face to Harhui. At this point Catallian throws a cloth at her and squawking indignantly, she heads for the rafters. "Hey, coming right up." He gets Kale his ale first, pouring the head on it expertly and sliding it down the bar. He's certainly no novice at what he's doing. Then he vanishes into the back and comes back with one of those soup bowls that have a handle like a pot. A piping hot, very thick soup is within. All sorts of vegetables and meat and even a thin layer of cheese in it. If it were Earth, it'd be minestrone! But it isn't.

"Soooo." Cat says, putting his hands togeather and pointing both front fingers at Idrissa. "You are the quiet one in the group, huh? He talks, she talks. I haven't even heard you say what you want yet. What'll it be, lady?"

Idrissa tilts her head while peering over at Kale. "I might be back working at the stables but I figured I'd still have time to come bother you two." Willow hops down to the back of her person's bench, the green stretching and flapping her wings a few times before she flutters over to settle down next to Harhi, little chirps offered to the gold once she is there. Rissa lets her attention turn over to Sori at the talk of soup, oh that sounds good, even better looking once her friend gets that bowl that is all coverd in cheese. Once the attention is on her she peers at Cat once more, her quiet? Please this is /nothing/ "Ah.. Sorta I suppose." She offers with a soft tone. "An, perhaps some soup, an hot cider?" Not a sentence but more then before!

Kale is becomingly increasingly glad that he is not the happy partner of a gold. He couldn't take the headache! But since he doesn't have the headache of gloating golds, he's free to snicker at the both of them, giving partially sympathetic, though mostly amused looks towards both Soriana and Catallian. The slid that's slide down the countertop is caugh and lifted in a light toast of thanks to him. And ooh. Soup! He nosily leans over to investigate the contents of the bowl. "Looks good," he comments as he leans back, lifting his mug up to take a swallow of his drink. "Don't let Idrissa fool you. She can be louder than both of us combined, if she wanted. The quiet innocence you see here? Just an act," he says with a sage nod.

Haruhi starts to bristle at Sunrise's oh-so-apt retort, and then she thinks better of it and turns her head off to the side. Girl, you're not even worth her time! She projects amusement and a picture of flightless wherries flailing as the other gold is sent flying off, and then croons to Willow as the little green joins her, turning her attention that way. She projects pleasure, affectionately nuzzling the green, and only occasionally glancing up at Sunrise to see if the other gold has noticed that Haruhi has friends. Soriana keeps half an attention on those firelizard antics, but she does mmm at that bowl of soup, pulling out some marks to pay for… well, everyone's, if her little wiggle of her fingers toward the other two as she slides it forward is to be believed. "It's mine," she informs Kale, and dips in her spoon to take a hearty bite. Ahhhh, bliss! Or at least dinner.

Catallian grins a knowing grin at Kale. A really knowing grin. "The quiet ones don't talk much because they've got the most skeletons in their closet. Y'know, afraid to open their mouth and a bone might come flying right on out." He reaches out to try and patpat Idrissa on the arm. "I'm just fooling with you. Comin' right up." He's back after a minute with the same soup Soriana is sampling in one hand, Idrissa's cider in the other and a plate balanced on his arm. The plate contains fresh bread, not even broken yet with a dish of butter and a knife stuck in it. "For your soups and if you get hungry looking at them." He grins again at Kale. The bread is obviously just out of the oven, smelling warm and succulent with the butter tinged with herbs. Now, though, Catallian has a moment to sit down with his elbows on the bar. "So." He says, grinning even wider. Cheshire cat really. "Got any good gossip for me?"

Idrissa rolls her eyes as she hears Kale and moves to snag hold of his mug once he sets it down, sipsip is taken before she sets it down once more. She peers at Catallian and just blinks. Wait… What skeletons could she possible have? A soft ah is about all that escapes her, she even seem to blush for a few moments before she is peering down at the counter. At the pat to her arm she peers back at Catallian. "Right." As Cat returns and thanks him for the cider and soup, making sure to keep the soup way away from Kale. She knows him all too well!

Aw, look at these girls, ruining his mooching game! Soriana, denying him before he can even ask, and Idrissa, protecting her bowl like a dragon over her eggs. How's a guy supposed to eat?? You know … other than by ordering something of his own? He feigns disinterest, partially lifting his brows to fix Soriana with a slow look. "I hardly want any of your soup. I'm more than sure I saw a bit of your drool drop into it, anyway." His faintly crinkles his nose while turning his chin up and away from her (undrooled upon) bowl and looks to Idrissa. "And why it is you're always stealing my drink? Don't think I've forgotten the time in the cafe. You drank nearly half my mug," he exaggerates. "I'm keeping count. You'll owe me plenty of marks before you know it.." He gives her a narrow eyed look that's ruined by the smirk he fighting back. And what's this about gossip? "Don't bother," he says with an idle wave to Catallian. "These two claim they don't gossip. The only two girls on Pern, I believe, that don't spread the word of any word that should be spread."

And fresh bread, too! Soriana should come visit the tavern on quiet nights more often. She focuses on her soup for a few moments, listening to the others talk. Or, not talk, in the case of Idrissa. "It's nothing personal," Sori says as she leans in toward Catallian. "She just doesn't know how to talk to non-runners." A grin, and then she innocently has another spoonful of soup before smirking to Kale with his plaintive cries of missing drinks. "Ah, she'll just replace them, with… other drinks," she suggests, then laughs. "I gossip perfectly well." And the silence of her pondering 'about what' stretches on, before she adds, "…when I want to."

"Hmm." Catallian looks at Idrissa. "You are a runner girl, huh? Back home I used to ride them. Don't know anything about how to look after them, really, but gosh, they are pretty awesome, aern't they?" He has descriptive eyes, and his hands map out the shape of what he's talking about. "Used to have a big buckskin that I took on hunting trips. Gond was his name. Smartest runner ever. Was about yay high." He indicates, some real honest appreciation going into what he says. "Had the tan and black. I miss the guy. Huge, strong… and gentle as anything. This one time my brother fell asleep… and we found him inbetween his hooves, and Gond was protecting him." He blinks up from that, distracted when Soriana speaks to him. "Hah." He grins, then. "Oh, well. I suppose I'll give you all a freebie tonight. Usually good service is paid for in gossip. He's smiling even more though. "You ought to try the bread though, fella. I've worked in a lot of places and it's probably the best I've ever had." HE looks at the neglected pile of coins on the table, taking about two thirds of it and flicking the rest back at Soriana with his thumb and forefinger. "There's just probably nothing good to gossip bout. Don't worry, guy. I'll ask them all about you once you're gone."

Idrissa hears Kale but isn't answering him, she is too busy eating soup! With bread mind you. A piece of bread is dunked into the soup and a bite taken from it. Hearing Soriana she blinks and eyes her friend slightly before her attention is back on Cat. A soft oh escapes her and she smiles. "The big ones are always the best. My uncle raised the working ones at his colthold. Always liked working with them the best." She said a whole sentence then. Who knows what could possible happen now! At the bit on gossip from Kale she huffs softly. "Have I /ever/ gossiped before?" She questions while eyeing him slightly.

"Idrissa is a runner whisperer," comments Kale who can't go on ignoring that bread for much longer and soon helps himself to a warm piece even before the suggestion to do so. The smell was just too great! "Don't know how she does it, but she can get them to do anything." Mmmm. Bread! It definitely is good stuff if the expression on his face says anything about it, but the blissful look turns humored as he eyes Soriana. Chew, chew, chew. Swallow. "When you want to, huh? Sounds like excuses to me." He quiets though as Catallian begins a tale, and he listens while bread nibbling and ale swallowing, nodding now and then. His jibe of gossiping starting after he leaves has him grinning. "Sure, sure. I know they've lots to say about me behind my back. Wondrous, amazing things." .. Suure.
And the girls may have that chance to gossip without him sooner than expected, for it's not long after that comment that the door opens again, this time letting in a man nearly as wide and as tall as the door frame itself. The burlesque, heavily bearded fellow wears no jacket, and the ashen look about him hints at some time near a fire. Dark eyes scan the near empty tavern, then … aha! There. Orik zeroes in on Kale, though says nothing. Nor does he move much further in than just in front of the door. Arms crossed. Expression surly. But really, that's just his usual face.

Soriana must have heard some gossip somewhere! She hmmms as she takes back the rest of the marks. "I've heard one of Tzavayth's eggs at Eastern looks like a dud," she offers after a moment. That's like gossip, right? Even if it is going afield a bit. "They've let it stay on the sands, though." She snags a piece of bread to dip in her soup, and then something about the stare from Orik chills despite it not being directed at her. Just the periphery is enough to make the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She glances in that direction, and goes ahhh as she glances back to Kale. "Good luck," she murmurs to him. "See you next week, after you get off triple-duty."

Catallian smiles his big smile at Idrissa, nodding approvingly when she soup-dunks. Yea, that girl has her head on right. That's how you do it! "Yeah." He says. "I might go home and get him one day, but I'll have to like, talk a dragonrider into whisking him away or something. It's a complicated story!" He grins. "Um, how about a favor?" He asks Idrissa. "Favors are fun, right? Next time you got a runner that you want to take for a little extra exercise, come get me okay? I'd love to be back in the saddle, it's been a long time. I'll owe ya a free lunch or something." He's going to say something more when he sees the exchange that is happening. He has no idea who the incoming man is, but he nods to him cheerfully. "Hmm. Good day to those leaving, and good day to those coming. Can Iget you anything?" Catallian perks up though. "Well." He says. "Hmm. Maybe. Be kind of embarassing, I hear they have some problems. Weyrleader's getting long in the tooth and all."

"I suppose I do. I'm around them enough after all." Idrissa says after a bite of soup-dunked bread, which is ever so good. An she doesn't seem to be offened by the idea of being a horse-whisper! "They just like to listen to me." Well most of them do at least! Her bright gaze turns back to Catallian and she nods, there is even a smile (yes a /smile/). "Sure. I'll remember to look for you for a ride soon enough." Hearing Soriana she looks over towards her at the talk of the Eastern eggs. "Really? That's too bad." Too bad that it could be a dud. A bite of soup is taken, her gaze turning towards the sight of Orik, a muffled meep escaping her as she looks to Kale. "Ya, write us won't you? We may never get to speak with you again after all."

Something is wrong. Kale can sense it. Amid the cheerful and friendly conversation, something is terribly … off. Even with his back turned towards the statuesque man he can feel a familiar spotlight being turned on him. A prickly feeling of a glare. That 'uh oh' moment when you've been caught doing something you shouldn't be doing. The greeting given by Catallian and Soriana and Idrissa's farewells has Kale freezing in mid ale gulp. Uh oh, indeed. He lowers his mug slowly. Slooowly, as animals attack due to sudden movements, then just as deliberately turns in his seat. Yup. There's that glare he knows so well. "Uh. Right, I suppose I should be going," he says as nonchalantly as he can. "This frees you up to get to the real gossip, doesn't it? Was good to meet you, Cat," he says with a feeble grin that he daren't allow last too long, lest be thought of as arrogant to the only person's opinion that really matters at this moment. He nudges the rest of his ale to Idrissa and then walks the long walk towards his journeyman, who blessedly says not a word, though that hardened look doesn't soften a smidgeon. They head out together, a broad hand grasping Kale by the scruff of his jacket just as the door closes behind them. "WHAT'N THE HELL DO YUH' BLIMEY THINK YER DOIN'? I STEP OFF THE WEYR FOR A SECOND AN' YOU THINK…" Well. At least he saved the yelling til after they were gone!

"Wasn't even an Eastern bronze that flew her," adds Soriana after nodding to Cat's talk of Eastern's trouble. "Tzettenvonth's from Ista." She has herself some more soup, doing her best to not quail under Orik's reflected glare. He has no real jurisdiction over her, after all. Right? Right… but shards is he good at that look. She claps a hand against Kale's shoulder as he departs, and shakes her head a little at the murmur of shouting from beyond the closed door. "That'd be Orik," she explains to Catallian. "His journeyman." Which also explains the yelling. Sigh. At least the soup's still good!

Catallian's eyebrows raise all the way up to his hairline as the little interaction between Kale and Orik happens. "I'm glad." He says to Idrissa. "Just don't forget." He waves pleasantly to Kale and the annoyed Orik. "Well met." He adds to Kale and then sits down, elbows on the bar as he grins at the two girls. "So!" He says, cheerfully, inquisitively. "Speaking of gossip, so, like. What's the relationship dynamic here? Is he your boyfriend?" He points at Idrissa. "Or her's? Or both?"

Idrissa watches Kale get dragged off by Orik, a slight shake of her head seen before she is back to munching on soup. Her bright green gaze drifts to Catallian and she blinks once, twice and then a third time. At the simple question her cheeks flush red and she has to look away before peering down at her bowl of what is left of her soup. "Well… Ah…" She is busy chewing on a piece of bread. "He is my boyfriend." Which is said during chews of the bread, which makes it hard for the words to be fully understood for sure."

Soriana grins at the question, and grins just a bit wider at Idrissa's answer. "Yeah, s'kind of both," she adds unabashedly. "We're doing the open thing." And the two of them are also doing the eating soup thing, until soup is had and the knowledge of early morning lessons finally convinces Sori it's time to crawl off to bed. Oh well. There will be other nights in the tavern!

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