Talking In The Rain

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary


The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

A month has passed since the fire in the forest and the torrental downpour that followed. There's been a few breaks in the rains but never for very long, and this mid-morning it continues on in a lighter but steady rain. Phylicia is once again in the infirmary, resting a bit more comfortably than she has been. The burns have all but healed, minus a small spot or two of continued peeling, but her lungs are still recovering. Or one would say she would be resting more comfortably if it wasn't for the older man standing by her bedside, talking at her.

When the doorway to the Infirmary opens, it's to the rapid fire chatter going back and forth between Tenebrous (Or…a nearly bald man that…sounds like him, but dresses like someone who cares about his appearance and is fond of keeping his hair really, REALLY short…) and yet another mind-healer. In general, he's trying to therapize Tenebrous, and Tenebrous is brick-walling him at every opportunity while trying to accustom himself to the two 'new' flits, one on each shoulder. Neither of them look like they're having a good time, and no sooner than the door opens, they're off and grumbling to eachother, only to land on the supply shelves in the rear of the room. At long last, Tenebrous rounds on the healer, pinning him in the doorway, and mutters, "It's not going to happen. There will be no camp-fire, there will be no herbs that promote lower brain function, and … stones below, is that smoke?!" He even manages to open his eyes wide. The mind-healer, for his part, simply turns, jaw dropping, and stammers, "That's impossi-" And that's when Tenebrous slams the door on him. The splash as the poor mindhealer finds the too-moist ground outside is audible, even through the wood. For a moment, Tenebrous only stares at the closed door before calmly announcing, "That…was exceptionally gratifying."

"Daddy…" It's apparently the first word Phylicia has gotten in for quite a while by the exasperated tone her still-gravely voice holds to it, as she looks up at one of the Master mindhealers that's been about the Weyr recently to try and help Tenebrous with his memory loss. But her father seems to be on tirade. "No, young lady. We let you come here to study, not move in with some young rider and fool around." The man's tone is the sort of annoyed that borders on angry. "And it took me asking questions to figure that out." Nope, her father is just angry. But it seems the stubborn streak is an inherited thing as the girl glares at her father. "Because you'd blow up at me like you're doing now!" She protests, a little louder than her lungs like, though she continues glaring at her father all through the minor coughing fit. "I'm sixteen, Daddy. Get a clue and let go." Aka, she's going to do what she thinks is right whether he likes it or not. And to prove this she stands from the bed and heads towards the door, only to come to an abrubt halt inches from Tenebrous as the man and former mentor enters and shuts the door on one of his other mindhealers. She has to pause though as she looks at him and his new look, the change of his clothing bringing first a furrow of her brows and then a smile as she takes a quick step back. It's been awhile since she's been up close to him, and while the guilt is still in her eyes, she can at least hide it a little better. But her father is still railing on about something, turning as his daughter nearly runs into Tenebrous. "Phylicia! Are you listening to me?" Is the demand from her father, which earns a cool look from his daughter as she looks over her shoulder, matching the icier annoyed tone that she responds with. "No. I'm not." Chocolate eyes turn back to Tenebrous and she further enforces her point. "Troubles, Tenebrous?" She asks in a friendly voice, looking for some interaction that isn't her father looming behind her, and hoping he'll respond maybe a bit more like he used to…

This hasn't been Tenebrous' first trip back to the Infirmary since his fateful walk off into the rain, but it may have been the first time he's run into Phylicia since then. Tenebrous opens his mouth to reply to Phylicia before her father's words reach his ears, and he frowns. "I could have sworn I just shut a mindhealer outside, and somehow, another on has gotten in." He shakes his head irritably. "And…that one appears to be your…father?" He sighs. Then, on an impulse, he holds his hand out. "Please don't read anything into this, but would you like to go somewhere? We both have a problem and yours is still within earshot."

Phylicia's face lights up in more of a smile than most people have probably seen on her recently. She full well realizes that he likely hasn't regained any of the lost bits, but the act of holding out his hand to her is enough to shoot a look of 'don't you DARE follow me' over her shoulder as she reaches out and takes Tenebrous' hand. "Don't think this is finished, young lady." Her father growls from behind her as she opens the door to that light, steady rain, still ignoring the man behind her as she starts forward, lightly tugging on Ten's hand, just to get him moving, letting him take her where he will. "I don't know what I'd read into it, Ten." She says, with only a touch of a lie. One that she had been living with anyways. "We're just getting away from here." But she's made the small mistake of falling back on familiar habits with him, in the act of wanting to distance herself from her father. A shouting match doesn't exactly sound fun at the moment.

Tenebrous shuts the door behind the two of them without any preamble at all, muttering, "What an ass," to himself. Then he stops in mid-stride, eyeing the other mindhealer that's only just now picking himself up and pushing water from his clothing. "It's a bit slick out here," he dead pans. "Watch your step." Then he just keeps right n going, out of the infirmary grounds, and towards the forest's edge, and the Weyrs beyond. "Don't ask me why, but there's this place that I know, where no one's home. I think it's been abandoned for awhile," he rumbles quietly to Phylicia. Despite his new lcothing, he still seems unconcerned with how wet he's getting them. "Let me know if you get too tired and we'll stop, alright?"

Phylicia is a little more conscious of her now-wet clothing, merely because now the long sleeved blouse is clinging to her torso, and the skirt is trying to trip her now and again as she moves, barely keeping up with him. About half-way to the forest's edge, there's no spoken word, but a sudden tension on his hand and arm as she stops, looking for something to lean against, even if they are more or less out in the open "St-stop. Please." She rasps, her voice showing a little bit of the strain. But she smiles slightly, looking up at Tenebrous as she tries to regain her breath, her breathing a little uncomfortable. "Don't like my father?" Though her tone says she definitely wouldn't blame him if he doesn't. She loves the man, but not when he gets all protective of his littlest girl.

Tenebrous's motion halts abruptly when Phylicia's tension changes, and he pivots on a mark to stand beofre her, offering an arm for her to lean upon. A year missing has in no way changed his concern for the injured. "Take your time," he murmurs. "We can stop here, if you need, or head over to the caverns, or something. I just…don't really feel like dealing with people right now." He exhales slowly. "I ran into three of them two days ago. Three people that knew me and I couldn't say the same." He shakes his head. "It's what I get for coming out of the woods, I suppose." There's a kind of wry bitterness to his voice For a woman that's known him for a year, it's easy to understand. The woods was lonely…but safe. "Your father is a mind-healer. I don't like mind-healers." He shrugs, as if that explains it.

Phylicia takes that arm, leaning on it heavily for a few moments while her light headedness passes. No longer is she panting for breath, but instead fighting off the momentary vertigo that usually accompanies exertion. "No. I'm with you." She says, slowly starting to take back the rest of her weight. "You get injured, and even after you've healed," The burns at least, "They still keep coming." It appears that Phylicia has had her share of visitors, and she's up for a little time where people aren't bugging her about how she's feeling today, or how her lungs are fairing. Her hand on his arm gives a light squeeze to the wry bitterness in his voice. "It'll get better." And she's going to hold onto that. How it will get better is open for interpretation, but it will. Somehow. But she smiles a bit more, pushing bangs out of her eyes as she does so. "I can't say I blame you for not liking them."

Tenebrous gives her hand a squeeze and slowly resumes walking. "I don't…know, I can't describe it. It's almost like nothing's at face value here." He smiles a little and rubs the back of his neck. "There's this girl that lives in the woods that I just met, named Janelle. She's a Wher-handler, and the nicest person you've ever met. I've only met her once or twice, but she seems to share my sentiment. She doesn't come out much either." Then he frowns a little and his pace slows just a bit. "Diplomatic liabilities,' he murmurs in a strange voice. "Diplomatic…liabilities, stones, where have I heard that before…" Then he shakes his head and hi sspeed resumes. "That's the worstpart of this whole…thing, I keep on having these…just…little flashes of things. This place we're walking to? Don't ask me why, but I have this feeling that I was told I could go here if I ever needed it…" The trip to the edge of the forest is slow but steady, and it's only a moment before Phylicia will notice Tenebrous' footsteps taking them both to a now abandoned weyr…

Phylicia presses her lips together as they walk. She's gotten the lecture from her father. Filling in the blanks may give a person the information, but it doesn't restore the memory. A small sigh is stiffled as she keeps his pace to one she can manage better without getting winded quite so easily. And it's been a time since she's been down this path, but she does recognize both the outside of the weyr, and the trail they were taking, trying to think of a way to help him out without either hurting him further, or hurting herself again. "I'm sure they did." She says at last, after a few long moments of stretched out silence, neither confirming or denying it. Or who offered the shelter. "I've heard if you don't press at them, they come better." But that's also just rumor she's heard from the occasional head case. Memory loss is such a touchy thing.

Tenebrous mms quietly, letting his eyes move around through the forested area. Almost on impulse, his right arm raises a little, more movement available to it than before, but lowers ot his side again. A noise of irritation escapes his lips before he sighs. "There's no hodo there anyway," he mutters. Then he stops moving. Their walk has finally found thems in the small clearing of an abandoned weyr. It stands there, a cottage off to one side, boarded up and locked tight, and for a time, Tenebrous simply stares at it before murmuring, "There should be something here…" Then, a moment later, he raises his voice a little, calling, "Therise? Can you hear me?" A pause. "Mom?" When no answer comes, he sighs. "This sucks," he grunts flatly.

Phylicia looks at the outside of the locked up weyr, and then back to Tenebrous she looks confused. She knows next to nothing about his past. Whether his parents are alive or dead, or even anywhere in the vacinity. But here is not where his mother would be. With an uncomfortable shiver for the wet clothing clinging to her, she starts forward, just to test the door and see if perchance, the former owner had left it open while she talks over her shoulder. "What're you looking for, Ten?" She asks, her voice as gentle as possible since she's not sure what sort of an answer it'll prompt, though her gaze flits brielfly to his right arm, pain shooting through her face again as she turns to face the door, trying the handle. When it doesn't open, she rests her head against the door, the firm *thunk!* barely audible with the falling of the rain.

Tenebrous misses that, eyes still scanning the area. "I … don't know," he calls back to her, his voice subdued. "I mean…I know she won't answer, but for some reason, I really thought that…she might. That Mom was here somewhere…" Then he finally does turn around, eyeing Phylicia. "Come on," he calls quietly. "Discharge or otherwise, the healers'll skin me alive if you catch cold after all the work they've done on you.." He pads up to the door slowly, reaching a hand out to the girl. "Have we had sex?" he asks suddenly. "I mean, that…other guy, the shorter fellow…I can't think of his name. He said you two were partners, but…have we had sex, and I just don't remember it?"

In the process of putting her hand back in his, likely to be led away, Phylicia pauses, startled by the question as a flush creeps up to her cheeks. Its almost a surprise she still can be startled by such things, when he usually asks her nothing but blunt questions. However, this seems to be a whole different type of blunt. She follows through with the rest of her guesture, putting her hand in his. "M'nol." She supplies at first, before shaking her head. "And… we haven't." There's a slightly odd, unindentifiable note in her voice, but it's buried under the remainder of her shock, and a little touch of a grin. "We haven't." She says a second time, as if to confirm it.

Tenebrous makes a noise in the back of his throat. "Damn…" Then he smiles a surprisingly boyish smile. "Don't…get me wrong, I'm…not upset that we haven't had sex…I mean, you're…very…very pretty, I just…" That right arm shifts against the side of his body. "I'm being…as serious as I can be when I say that I'd…swear that I've seen you without your…pants on before…" He looks down to eye their two hands, joined, and mumbles, "This is awkward on an entirely new level."

Phylicia seems to relax, and his response actually pulls a small, raspy laugh from her. She's just going to glide over the first part of his fumbling and let it lay as she does something she hasn't done in a month: tease. "Oh but you have, Tenebrous." She says as lightly as her voice can, giving his hand a squeeze. She doesn't give him any more information than that though as something eases inside her a little bit, showing with a slight release of tension. She could - and can - work with this Tenebrous who doesn't have any of his memories. Fundementally he's still the same person. "And I'm being completely serious, too."

Tenebrous blinks. "Wait…what?" He leans in a little closer, eyeing the woman suspiciously. "You're just putting me on now…" But then the last of her words register to him and he sighs in frustration. "Not. Fair. Not fair. What's the harm in remembering a nice pair of legs?" Then he laughs a little and murmurs, "Everybody keeps telling me that you spent a bunch of time as my apprentice in the woods, and yet I somehow saw you without pants?" Then it's his turn to flush a little. "We didn't like…have an inicit sort of…thing, did we?" Then, on somewhat less genuine of a hunch, he blurts, "Have I ever kissed you?"

"No…" Phylicia has trouble keeping the almost-disappointment out of that one word. He's put a hole in that flimsy recent emotional barrier of hers, and some things get out that shouldn't while others that should don't. "You've never kissed me, and we… didn't have any sort of 'thing'." In an absent-minded gesture, she brushes her shortened bangs back from her face, and because they're wet, they stay mostly back. There are some things which do need to be filled in, while others can be left either for him to remember on his own. "Adonis." She supplies after a quiet moment, deciding this one wouldn't hurt, since she doesn't want to torture the poor man. He's been through enough. "Before you took me on as your apprentice, I brushed an adonis patch." There's a bit of a smile to her face, even as her cheeks flush. "So you told me to drop my pants." And needless to say, she did. After protesting. "You did lend me your coat to cover up with, though." She didn't leave that fact off this time!

Tenebrous grins a little. "Good grief…Adonis, hmm?" A pause. "I never would have done that a year ago," he breaths. "It's like…I went to sleep one man, and I woke up another, a month ago, in the Infirmary. I somehow went from A to Q, and I missed all of the letters between." He exhales a bit in laughter. "Did I … ever teach you what that stuff does to you? The Adonis, I mean?" Then he turns to face her more fully, still quite close. "Was I … a good teacher? I never would have pegged myself for one to take an apprentice, Phylciia, I'll be honest with you. The master asked me about it several times and I always turned her down…" Blue eyes trace her face in the rain for a moment, and then two before, very gravely, he murmurs, "You should smile more. Yours is a face more suited to smiles." And to try and coax one out, he does the one thing he can think of: He leans in and kisses her. It's nothing hard or heated or fervent, but it's heartfelt in its sincerity.

Phylicia can't help but smile a little bit more. "I was … insistant." More likely she was a bloody pest. "And you were trying to scare me out of it." It almost worked, but he likely hadn't been counting on her stubborn streak. But she's nodding. "You taught me that one first. It's toxicity, and that it can change the rhythm of your heart. Let alone numb you." She supplies as he studies her face, in which she looks at him, a half-smile tilting her lips as she inwardly wonders what he's thinking. "You were a good teacher." She affirms softly. She looks like she might say something else, but then he's kissing her. It's an innocent enough of a kiss, but it takes her completely by surprise as her eyes widen and she pulls away with a sharp inhalation, which sends her into a small but vengeful coughing fit. And the fact she was starting to respond towards the end is the exact reason she pulled away. There's one daydream that's going to have mixed signals to it now.

Tenebrous's right hand had just started to move of its own accord towards Phylicia's hip when the coughing fit starts, and he grimaces a little. "I have got to get these urges under contorl," he mutters hirridly. "I twas almost sure that was going to turn out differently." Then his voice is raising a little, gently coaxing. "Smile, not cough. That was supposed to make you smile! Is it my breath?" Then he frowns, reaching down to his side unconciously. "Of all he times to NOT have my bloody damn satchel," he growls. "Stay still a moment, and let me see if I can find something to hold rainwater," he offers calmly. Despite the awkwardness, the healer, the quiet forester is taking over, and he's slowly pyulling his hand from hers.

Phylicia's hand tightens her grip on his as he starts to pull away, preventing him from doing so unless he'd really like his hand back. A moment later she's managing to swallow the coughing fit, her breathing only sounding minorly strained as she takes a moment to look at her hand grasping his, before turning her attention back to him, tilting her head to smile up at him as she smothers another cough, the smile unforced. "You just took me by surprise is all, Ten. Your breath is fine." Her hand starts to relax its tightened grip.

Tenebrous smiles somewhat sheepishly in return. "I suppose I should have warned you," he offers wanly. "There are just…all of these things in the back of my mind, almost like…whispers, suggestions to me, from another life. Heeding them has…yielded mixed results." He gives that hand a little squeeze. "I promise. No more unexpected surprises. Even if it did make you smile." He shifts positions slightly, moving around to Phylicia's side before he sinks down onto the weyr's steps and leans back against the front door. "Everyone looks at me like I'm someone else now," he says quietly. "Even you. Though, to your credit, you're the only one who's just as interested in being friends with…this version of me. Thank you fo rthat…" He shakes his head slowly. "They…tell me that there's some poor girl up at Ista that I might have loved once and…I don't think I'm the person she fell in love with." Then he makes a face. "Check that. I don't know if I'm the person she fell in love with. I remember what I was, a turn ago. I wonder, sometimes, what I'd turned into over those days. My folder, the one the mindhealers carry around, says I had friends…people who cared about me, and a loved one. I have… fire lizards now." As if on que, both Truth and Reconciliation pop out of between, coming to rest on the rooftop above the two of them and trilling quietly into the rain.

"And one of those whispers told you to kiss me?" Phylicia teases him gently, just poking at him because she can. As he shifts positions, she joins him. The steps to the cottage have just enough of an overhang above them where they can be spared being constantly rained on. Not like that matters anymore, with how wet the pair of them are. She perses her lips together, listening carefully even as she stares out into the falling rain. "It's hard." She starts off, trying to keep her gravelly voice neutral, instead of betraying the guilt she's still putting on herself. "It's definitely hard to look at you, and not see what I — what happened." Not far behind Cila and Truth, come Estevan and Ciaran, the blue perching on his human's lap, his tender hide and paws since taken care of since the fire. Absentmindedly, she rubs at the blue's headknobs before she continues. "No one's really sure how you'll act anymore." But she finally looks up, and over at her former mentor. "But you're still you. Fudamentally. There's no reason I shouldn't befriend you again." That last is said with a small touch of a smile, even if her face has fallen into serious, thoughful lines. The mention of a loved one brings a small pang of pain flashing through her eyes, but the exact reasoning for that one isn't known, or voiced. "Have you visited her yet?"

Tenebrous chuckles. "That's one heck of an excuse. 'Excuse me, miss, but the voices in my head told me to kiss you.' I'm a lot of fun at parties, I swear." He looks sideways at her. "It wasn't so much a suggestion to kiss you as it was something I think…I'd wanted to do for awhile? I don't…know how I behaved around you earlier in the year, but…" He smiles a bit sheepishly. Then he looks back out at the rain. "I feel…different than I used to. I've got scars on my neck that I didn't used to have." Then he frowns. "I don't suppose you know how I got those, do you?" Then more of her words funnel into his mind and he levels a finger at her. "The forest wasn't your fault, young miss. Even a year ago, I never would have hesitated to do that, not for you or anyone. I accepted that risk a long time ago. Live ammo, the Master used to say." He looks back out to the rain. "We play with Live Amomo. You roll the dice and you take your chances, because that's the life you choose to live, boy…" Then he grimaces. "Please tell me I didn't give you lectures like that…"

Phylicia shakes her head, leaning her weight against the door of the cottage, her head tilted back so the top-back of her head is resting on the door. "I don't know how you got the ones on your neck." She says, her voice sadder than it was a moment ago. She doesn't even try to answer how he acted around her during the previous year, finding that one to be too complicated to try. "Phylicia." She says without thinking, turning her head to look at him, not bothering to hold back the quick laugh that sounds from her. "I /had/ broken you of calling me 'miss', at least." But the laugh is short lived, her face falling back to more somber lines again. "I still feel like it's my fault.." Her words are grumbled, and whether or not he hears them depends on how closely he's paying attention, before she raises her raspy voice to a normal level again. "Often enough to know I was being stupid, and you got caught in the explosion with me." Saying it's not her fault and actually making her believe it appear to be different things.

Tenebrous shrugs quietly, leaning back against the doorway himself. "Maybe you were behaving foolishly, Phylicia, I honestly don't know. And really, at this point, I think it's a bit moot. I think if either of us is going to manage to live a life after what happened, we both need to move forward with what's now…Stones know I don't remember what WAS right now." He smiles at her calmly. "I'm…sorry about the kiss earlier. If it threw you off. If it's any consolation to you…I think I was close to you…"

Give a little, take a little. Phylicia lifts her weight from the door, seeming unable to sit still for too long. Maybe that is due to the fact she still can't run around like she's used to doing. Without thinking about it, she rests her forearms on her knees, unconsciously hunching forward a little bit, her shoulders reflecting that hunch as she looks at the man sitting next to her, absorbing his words. "Well, if you can move forward, the least I can do is not be hung up on it…" She says softly, though loud enough where he can easily hear her. Finally a small smile touches her face again and she sits, leaning forward, more normally and not quite so hunched over. "Like I said, it was a surprise." A pleasant one, if that. Idly, she toys with the hem of her long, obviously borrowed shirt. "We did spend a lot of time together." But that's not in the now.

"All things considered," Tenebrous adds idly, "It looks like we still will. I think I've seen you more over the last month than anyone else. Mindhealers not included, of course." He makes a face. Then he stares back out over the clearing, still for a time. "The mindhealers suggested that I walk around with the flits more. That the little ones might recognize people more, throw suggestions into my mind that would job memories loose." He absently picks a blade of grass up from the step. "It' only makes it worse. I get little flickers of people that I'm supposed to know, and I have no idea why. Part of me wishes … I could start over from scratch, but… I guess there's still a big part of me that's hoping it all comes back someday. That I remember what I used to mean to people…what people used to mean to me."

Phylicia can easily think of an item or two which might go better un-remembered but she says nothing to reflect that thought. "A lot of people are busy." Considering most others are healthy and helping bail people out of flooded homes, or moving supplies, or something. "I'm still off the roster for duty." Aka, she has a LOT of free time, and it's the one time she misses sitting in a classroom, learning. Straightening up, she looks to where a trio of 'lizards sit, partially protected from the rain. "Cila, Truth." She calls out, beckoning the pair over. Estevan trails over, joining Ciaran in her lap, even if he wasn't specifically called. "You can tell them to stop relaying everything." After all, it's not like hers tell her everything by any means. "But let them be with you." She has a theory the two ladies have been a little put out. But she smiles at him, as she runs a finger down Estevan's spine, elicting a trill from the brown. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping, too." She starts off, one arm still outheld for Cila and Truth. "But… starting anew where its needed wouldn't hurt until you do." If he does is left unsaid.

Tenebrous's smile is slight as his two flits take wing, each coming to roost on Phylicia's arm in a comfortable, known fashion. "It's so strange with those two," hge murmurs. "I can … feel them, in my mind, and it seems like they fit better than I do, as if they've lived in the place longer. Like they belond there…and I don't." But then he shakes his head. "Still, they're wonderful comfort on long nights, and they know that I want them to do things even beforeI ask them to do it. With my…arm being somewhat useless right now, they're a wonderful ting ot have around. I suspect that I wastraining them for something like this before…the accident.:" He stands slowly, looking down at the girl and her faire. "Come on… we should get you back to the Infirmary, or at least some dry clothing." He holds a hand out. "Do you…mind if I come see you tomorrow? I'm not trying to be smooth or anything. It's just comfortable for some reason. Being near you. Like my mind isn't trying as hard to work…"

The faire. Two of which are hers, and two of which aren't. But either way each gets a bit of attention and Phylicia lets Truth and Cila do what they will after that bit of attention. There's a bit more ease to her now as she takes his hand again to help lever herself up, the brown and blue alighting briefly, only long enough until they settle on her shoulders, Estevan putting his snout right into her ear which prompts a rather cute - if hoarse - squeak of surprise. "Estevan!" Obviously the brown was out to make his human chuckle, which more or less worked as she smiles. Surprisingly she isn't arguing about being returned to the infirmary, where dry clothes and warm blankets await. "They are comforting, especially on long nights. But if you don't want them to do something.. just .. tell them." Since the creatures are empathetic, they might understand. But she doesn't surrender his hand as the go back to the infirmary. "Of course you can." And she sounds relieved at the fact that he'd want to. "Until they put me back on duty, you can visit any time." And then even if she is on duty, she likely wouldn't argue visits unless she was truly busy.

Tenebrous smiles as they walk. "Thank you. All things considered, it's nice to have a friend, even if she's one I've already made once before. I don't know what happened to me during the time I can't remember but… it didn't used to be this easy to talk to people. Whatever I used to be, I'm guessing it can't have been all bad." A glance to the flits that belong to him have them both circling to come to his shoulder. "You talk about doing back on duty… Do you think they'll ever post us together again?" Then he laughs. "I guess that assumes they ever let me out of the house again. Either way." he gives her hand a squeeze as they approach the Infirmary. "I'll be happy with walks in the rain and no pressure until they decide."

Phylicia ponders that one for a few moments, and then lifts her shoulders in a helpless shrug and a bit of a grin. "I don't know. But I'd do it in a heartbeat if they'd let us." Given, it's going to be awhile yet before she's allowed to do truly vigorous activities. But it seems - dispite the rain - somebody's funk has been mostly lifted. She returns the squeeze of her hand, her grin softening into a smile. "You were good to be around then, and I don't think that's changed." But before she can get too sidetracked on that particular theme, her smile has turned half-grin, half-frown. "Just… don't let Daddy scare you away. I'm his 'Little Girl' and … he tends to explode where I'm concerned. Often." And it has NOTHING to do with her actions. Really. … Right. She opens the door to the infirmary and finally takes her hand from his, noting her father has thankfully gone MIA for the moment being. "I'll see you tomorrow, Ten."

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