Down for Maintenance

Xanadu Weyr - Firelizard Theatre

A natural clearing in the forest has grown a different sort of tree. The Courtyard of the Firelizard holds grass trampled into dirt around the wooden play structures.

In the northern part of this field lies a jungle-gym like fort, with two towers that soar to fifteen feet of height. One of them adjoins a large open deck with spiral staircase up and a metal slide down. That aside, the structure's made almost entirely of wood, the boards locked together either by being interlocked or by huge wooden bolts hammered into the boards. The towers are studded with uneven boards and rough spots, various climbing challenges on each of their faces. A swaying rope bridge with wooden slats connects the towers, and beneath it there's a sealed tunnel to run through or play minecraft.

Just past the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved and painted into the likeness of dragons. They're about two feet high and four feet long, though the green is smaller than the blue. There's a place for a child to sit on the dragon's back, with their feet resting on the dragon's paws and hands on the bars bars attached to the neck of the dragon. Pushing with hands or feet will make the dragon rock and writhe.

In the middle of the field are two sets of swings, suspended by rope from from a wooden beam that's held up by crossbraces on either side. There's a set of monkey bars, made entirely out of wood but carefully polished until the dark bars glow, and a set of seesaws. The sandbox is set back a little from the rest, filled with sand from Xanadu's beach and scattered with buckets and shovels.

Trees border the area, including a massive Lemosian ironwood that has beneath its branches wooden benches with a view of the playground.

Rinian is currently half hanging off one of the towers, trying to reach an illusive fastener to check. Ah, the joy of being short…and short sighted. She should have brought a ladder. She has maintenance duty, so the playground is closed while she goes over it to be sure it is safe. Now if she'll just be safe while doing it, all will be well.

"How secure is your grip right now?" Sylvarin's words precede his arrival to the playground and he moves over to lean one part of the jungle gym that doesn't appear to be under maintenance. Despite his casual stance blue-green eyes are quite sharply watching the girl, juuuuust in case she falls! He's dressed in much the same outfit as usual: a dark marroon button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows as well as a pair of dark grey pants that taper to fit somewhat snugly around his ankles. His thick dark locks are swept to one side, though an occasional piece falls into his face and he pushes it away. There's a bit of a grin on his face as he watches Rinian work. There might be a certain tension in his shoulders because /outside/ but…this is apparently something he's been trying to work on lately for multiple reasons.

Cielo fidgets with his bagstrap. Pick, pick… sitting in the corner watching people go about their business isn't just something he can get away with anymore. Not with the other candidates especially. That's why his smile is awkward, and seems to say 'I'm sorry!' for a myriad of reasons as he passes through. Everything is.. smaller than he remembered. "Well. Looks like you've got a spotter or two at least." Now whether that'll come out to HELP or not, is something else entirely. And proper greetings can wait until after precarious moments.

The playground has become one of Mathis's favorite spots to hide from his Journeyman when she was…in a mood. To find that his ground-based sanctuary was closed brought intense disappointment and for a second he considers heading off elsewhere. However, upon spotting a fellow candidate in such a precarious position (and let's be honest here it's Rinian, so), he ignores whatever's been used to cordon off the area and slinks right on through despite it. Getting closer, he's faced with a dilemma. Call out to her and warn her to be careful, potentially causing her to fall to her death (she's not THAT far up) or sneakily sneak that way and whisper creepily also potentially risking that she fall. Fortunately for his morality and her safety, Sylvarian's got the smooth and cool as cucumber spot checker thing going for him. Shoulder tension aside. Then there is Cielo, who for the first and last time they'd ever met got to see the side of him that certainly makes him second guess approaching any further and so, he lurks; fidgeting with the strap across his chest that belonged to his overstuffed satchel, apprehension seeped into his every muscle and lips drawn into a thin line. DON'T FALL RIN! Yes, he'll think it at her really hard, because that will absolutely prevent it.

Rinian is safe, sure. She's got one leg hooked around the railing of the tower landing, and one hand hanging onto it. The other leg is braced against the upright and the other hand was reaching for the bolt in question. For a moment she uses it to hold her hair out of her face to see the speakers, "Ah, hi. Pretty good I think." But then anyone that's seen her climb a tree would guess a squirrel somewhere in her geneology. "I should have this done in a moment." She nods to Cielo, but hasn't noticed Matty as of yet as he quietly lurks. Then she's back to reaching out with that tool to do her best to tighten the loosened bolt.

"Mhm, two and a half men in fact." Sylvarin says the words smoothly, after catching Mathis out of the corner of his eye. But by the tone of voice he's quite clearly teasing! "By the way…found that wheelbarrow yet?" This part at least is specifically meant for the teenager before the baker is nodding his head in greeting towards Cielo as well. There's a slight pause as he watches Rin work, a hint of amusement when she has to actually push the hair out of her face. "Almost done with the repairs? Or still quite a few to go?"

Come to think of it, most every time Cielo has seen Rinian, she IS climbing. His toes curl a little bit as he ponders the height. "We'll be right here!" As if there could be any assumption otherwise. Yes, this is fine. He returns the nod to Sylvarin. "I get what she's doing here, but it's a bit funny, isn't it?" All us here at once! And while Cielo might not have noticed Mathis' expert lurking, the 'count' of it gives up the effort. Menacingly, Cielo smiles over his shoulder and gives a broad wave! Almost like he never even went through their previous encounter. Bad memory? Second chances? Politeness? Who knows.

Half? HALF? HALF?! Mathis totally heard that Sylvarin! He might even have said or done something about it were it not for the mention of a wheelbarrow, his face weirdly twisting from one emotion to the next, affronted to surprise and then excitement. If he was any bright and sunnier he would be blinding. Kids. Amiright? "I found one in the garden!" he calls over without thought, loud enough by far to carry, but soon after slaps his hands over his mouth and turns wide eyes back to Rinian. Did she lose her footing? Did she teeter? Did she fall and snap her neck? Staaaaaaaaare, body check, steadiness check. Nope. She's good. A whoosh of relief, one hand clutching at his chest even as his gaze drifts right on over to Cielo. A smile toys with the corners of his mouth, had half lifted to wave, and then his face ignites into a truly impressive display of color change. From snowy white to rosy pink in about three seconds flat, gangly limbs and embarrassment induced fancy footwork bringing him to duck behind a piece of playground equipment so that he disappears from sight. Three steady drumbeats later, one hazel eye peeks out from behind it, if only to vanish a second later. Well, that happened.

Rinian finishes the task in time to hear Matty's exclimation. She's got to get her hair our of her way again to spot him and then..wonder what that was all about! "Hi, Matty!" She gives him a wave at which she does fumble the tool and down it falls with a whump. "Ooops. Actually, I don't know yet how much more is left that needs tending to. But if I could get the three of you to run around like a pack of ravening children and pay attention for anything loose or broken it would sure speed things up." With that she uses her ninja squirrel moves to swing back up to the platform and safety.

"As long as the wheelbarrow handles get washed off maybe we can find a hill to run it down." That might involve running in grass….Sylv will have to come mentally prepared. Rin seems to be doing alright so his gaze wanders to Cielo…and then the suddenly hiding Maths, and then back. There's a not-so-subtle raise of the eyebrow and the slightest head tilt before he's moving a few feet closer towards Cielo. "What'd you do to him?" A quiet murmur, but curious nonetheless. It's at this moment Rinian's words come to his ears and the baker seems to outright laugh at that, "Maybe these two. I'll just…supervise." Supervise the running around? What nonsense!

Aaaand there he goes. Cielo cocks his head to the side as Mathis hides! The young man blushes a little LESS intently though it does paint his cheeks a bit darker and he offers Sylvarin an almost helpless shrug. "Nothing?" He whispers back, mayhaps a lame answer but also the most truthful. He skirts a toe over the ground and glances back once or twice. Gosh, he is not good at this. "Supervise? That means you're going to be responsible for everything, right?" It's much different than 'watching!' Cielo knows this. He doesn't seem shy about helping Rin out. "Alright! We'll help, yeah?" The last question is tossed back to Mathis in query, too. He's going to have to pick a direction before he goes buck wild though.

Out pops a hand into view, that's right just a hand with some of the sweater covered arm attached to it, and it waves enthusiastically. "Hi Rin!" Then it's gone. Did Mathis intend to stay behind that thing forever and after he'd shuffled off this mortal coil? Yes, probably. The request for help does not fall on deaf ears, "Oh, um! But…" He was very busy hiding right now, couldn't she see that? Technically yes and no. Out pops that hand hand, this time with a thumbs up. "Sounds like a plan! We should totally do that tomorrow, there's a hill and everything. I wish it wasn't so cold then we could aim for the pond." Apparently, the little woodcrafter wanted to sleep with the fishes. Away goes the hand, and silence falls. Nothing more is said as Sylvarin takes the supervisory position and Cielo takes it upon himself to define what that means to him personally, Then, from directly behind the baker, Mathis peeks out. Again, it's only an eye and maybe some pink tinged cheek. "I don't know, you going to tell anyone about the thing that one time?" he asks, ducking back a little as if in preparation to hide himself again.

Rinian leans against the railing to look over at Matty and the others, trying to figure out what they are talking about or what is going on. "Thank you, Cielo." She's not surprised by Sylvarin's choice, nor does she press him, but she thought for sure her long time friend would lend a hand. "Matty, are you ok?"

"Of course I'll take responsibility…" Sylvarin grins easily, and despite it sounding like there's an utter lack of sincerity in his words, there's no doubt that the baker's sharp gaze will be watching very closely. Any actual injuries? He'll probably be useless. But he can always try and prevent them! Try being the key word here. There's a glance behind his shoulder when Mathis appears behind him and the baker chuckles quietly before looking over to Cielo. "I think he's swearing your to complete secrecy, Cielo. Better not ruin that trust!" The baker has absolutely no clue what they're talking about, but apparently that isn't going to keep him from commenting! See, Rin? He's /totally/ helping.

A secret, yes, like Cielo was the only one there. Though it is become abundantly and quickly clear that trying to apply 'bedside manner' to every social situation was NOT working for him. "Not a word! Not a whisper to anyone. Yes, a secret and a promise." See? That's genuine. He gives an almost puppy-dog look to Sylvarin, too. Is he not trustworthy? And what is this project? Well, if we're not in the business of PRYING into business, he won't ask a lot of awkward questions. Yet. He's got running around to do, and hope his eyes are keen enough.

"Yep!" Up goes a hand over Sylvarin's shoulder with another stuck up thumb for Rinian, but only for a second, because in the blink of an eye it vanishes. Mathis devotes the time thereafter to peering at Cielo from behind his man-o-wall, nodding in complete agreement with what the baker says. The guy might not know what the necessity was, but he'd hit the nail on the head in regards to what the woodcrafter boy needed. It all came down to the dragonhealer and Mathis is relentless in all that expectant one-eyed staring. Secret, check. Promise, check. "Okay then." comes at last after a long and pregnant silence, sounding very firm as if the contract had been signed and there was no backing out now. Stepping out into the open and rosy flushed, he ducks his head and pulls the strap across his chest up and over, thrusting his arm out so as to hand the disturbingly heavy thing off to Sylvarin. "Hold this." Without another word he reaches out and grabs Cielo's hand, looking back up towards Rinian, "What exactly do you need us to do?"

Rinian arches a brow for the exchange, and she just can't help but smile at Matty's actions. "I need you two to pretend to be children. Run, climb, be crazy. But take not if anything feels loose or is broken." She's already gone over a large portion of it, but she might have missed something.

"There we go, perfect!" Sylvarin shoots a quick wink over to Cielo once the dragonhealer has sworn himself to complete secrecy. Once Mathis is hand-in-hand with the young man, the baker is quickly side-stepping so that he isn't standing between them and Rinian. "Let the instructions begin!" As if he has /anything/ to do with instructions or instructing the woodcrafter at all! Nevermind that he says this /after/ Rin explains everything…just ignore the details. "Be young, be free, run like the wind." He's basically just repeating /everything/ she just said, all casual-like.

One might worry that Cielo would be tugging Mathis along, but this might be a case where youthful exuberance will win out. "Right! Feel for wobbles, squeaks, and… um." Um. Cielo feels Mathis' hand clasp his and makes a quiet sound that sounds a little like a 'squeak." He smiles sheepishly over and nods, holding fast. Between that and the bag, climbing might be awkward. But they can start with the running partk and work up to it from there. "Please don't leave me behind, okay?" Cielo is extending an olive branch of trust! No getting left behind, no stomped toes.. even if he goes first he wants to make sure his new candidatefriend is ready!

Pretend? Mathis peers up at Rinian, nodding slowly. Yeah, those instructions didn't seem that difficult to him at all. A long look is shot towards Sylvarin though as he repeats everything that his fellow woodcrafter has said, blinking a few times. "Wha…" But that's as far as he gets, no it wasn't very far at all, but Cielo had just squeezed his hand. That there is when he realizes that he'd taken it to begin with. Mathis wasn't slow, promise, there were just too many things going on inside his head all at once and he'd hadn't thought his actions through and so he pointedly stares at where they touch. Everything he'd overlooked since stepping forwards right down to that squeak floods his already over saturated brain, welcoming back another healthy blossoming of rose across his cheeks to creep down his neck and tint his ears. What the dragonhealer says doesn't help the situation, the boy pressing his lips together hard enough to blanch the skin around them. Unhurriedly, his head begins to lift in an almost robotic type movement, traveling upwards until, out of the corner of one eye, he stares at him for a single breath before looking away in hast and nodding once briskly. Awkward and with a wholly stiff body, he leads the raven-haired candidate off via their clasped hands to some place nearby but out of earshot. Once there, he lets go, leaning in and whispering conspiring. As it goes on, he points to this and that, and it's not long before there are wild and sweeping gestures and some spirited stomping and arm wriggling throughout what's discussed.

Rinian is standing on the platform attached to one of the towers, in the midst of her maintenance work. Getting some help..maybe..eventually. Or not. "Sylvarin, would you mind handing that tool up to me?" You know, the one she dropped..into the dirt. She didn't completely think that request through.

Sylvarin's eyes are bouncing back and forth between Cielo and Mathis now, eyebrows raising juuuuust the slightest at their interactions. His attention wanders at Rinian's question and he's already on his way over to pick up said tool. When he straightens up there's a quick grin for Rinian as well as a bit of a bow, "For you m'lady." Does he notice all that planning going on? Of course. Because Sylvarin is /supervising/, ok? AKA just watching and hoping he doesn't have to ruin his clothes by stepping in to attempt to save someone from self-injury!

Cielo doesn't quite process all of Mathis' reactions. Sure he has a recent memory of being that age himself but his own experiences were completely different! This rapidfire onslaught of friends and feelings seems to be dragging him back down into a pit of teen confusion, and nevermind that Rinian would have them rewind even further! One might see Cielo lean in and listen with intently, formerly held hand now clasping the other as he nods, follows, and occasionally makes a bit of a gesture in the same direction. His stamps on the ground look pitifully soft, but hey, he grins anyway. Eventually it looks like their little conspiracy comes to a settle and he gives a quick tick-down on his fingers…

Along comes Cat, with some sort of belt around his midsection. There's something square with a few wires attached on the top on that band, and he's racing through the playground and off into the forest. "DON'T TOUCH THAT CAT," comes Nessalyn's bellow, even as he vanishes into the trees again. She's slightly out of breath and limping more heavily than usual, extertion taking its toll. She limps to a halt right by the play area, leaning against a post as she tries to catch her breath. "Which way… ?" And then she seems to realize that she recognizes these people, and all thoughts of that wired-up cat seem to leave her mind. "What are you doing?"

Cielo would get it eventually, Mathis wasn't exactly subtle, but right now he was all youthful exuberance and boundless energy. Crisp nods are snapped off in agreement, arching an arm over his head and landing his palms together towards his hip with a sharp slapping sound. Something not present is grabbed from mid-air and apparently strangled. Why he was trotting in place, only the dragonhealer would know for sure. Eyes follow every softer movement repeated back to him, any corrections made with much more firm presentation. As 'the plan' is rattled back off to him, Mathis is devotedly focused on the dark-haired candidate, arms coming to be crossed over his chest, complete with more nodding but of a gentler sort and a truly wicked grin tops it all off. Uh oh. Apparently, they were agreed. This, may not end well. In an uncharacteristically fluid flow of arms, Mathis gestures towards the playset as an indication that Cielo could go first, but the second that the other candidate moves the boy is off like a shot screaming the most awkward battle cry ever to see Pernese air as he runs towards where repairs are being made and leaps into the air to take hold of one chain supporting the swing below and wheels around to plant his booted feet against one of the support beams. Totally oblivious to Cat and Nessalyn. What were they doing? Oh, just…this. Welcome to the insanity.

Doing? Well let's see. The playground is closed off for maintainance, there seems to be something up between Mathis and Ceilo, and Sylvarin is handing a tool up to Rinian. Since she's up 15 feet on the platform attached to one of the towers, she does her squirrel routine..or perhaps monkey in this case..and hooks her leg over the lower railing again. Only this time she hooks both of them so she can dangle by her knees and reach down for the offered tool. Nevermind her hair has better reach than her arms do! And..that it would have been more logical to come down the stairs or slide to get it from him. As she dangles there she's first startled by Cat running through..looking like an escapee from an unlawful testing lab, and then the battlecry of Matty. Her grip on the bar gives a bit, dangling her closer to Sylv.
And thus descended chaos, on one side Nessa and Cat…on the other Cielo and Mathis. In the middle? Rin and Sylv who are /totally/ just normal people minding their own business! "What in the world did you strap to that thing?" Because the baker is /totally/ assuming that the engineer manufactured the contraption for Cat on purpose. And then the two boys are running about the playground on top of that. Entertainment all around! He's somewhat amused given the situation and a short laugh begins but is /quite/ suddenly cut short because did Rin just slip closer down…yes, yes she's definitely nearer to him now. "Rin? How's your grip?" He's apparently not going to move an inch, though the tool is quickly being placed in his back pocket. She can have it later, when she doesn't look like she's at risk of falling!

Cielo was, despite all the trappings and formalities involved in a certain amount of Weyrlife, not far removed from being a boy. Now he's right into it, with a dramatic grasp on his non-bag-arm, and then a wing-like stroke, a half turn and a HOP. Yes, yes, he gets it! Or at least they seem to have reached a resolution. "Wait up!" Cielo calls out as Mathis bolts off and laughs. His satchel sways pendulum like at his side, the strap jingling a bit as he goes ~up~ the slide. Grip, grip, thump, thump, and a hearty wiggle that makes getting to the top a TRIUMPH. No doubt he and Mathis are going to be trading altitude, criss-crossing and… who knows what. He, for one, is trying to follow Rinian's instructions to a T. Though he has the sense to not bring the house down.

What did she strap to Cat's back? "That's not important." There's no way Nessalyn strapped an explosive to the cat's back and then let it run free, right? Right. Unlike people, she enjoys cats. But clearly it's something of a sensitive nature, since she's being entirely evasive. "Is this going to be how Riri dies? Because dangling like that actually seems like a pretty creative way to go." And then… Mathis and Cielo are doing something, and that draws Nessalyn's gaze, her brow arching as she watches this battle-cry-slash-acrobatics-show unfold. "So… business as usual, then."

What's that saying…what goes up, must come down? With the thrust of his legs being but little, all that planning comes to naught as Mathis's grip on the chain turns out to be less than adequate and he starts to slip slowly down between them. "Whoa…whoa….nonononononono…" Protests aside, wishes unfulfilled, it is only through pure dumb luck that his legs drop with a thud-thud just a few inches from the ground rather than higher up. There just wasn't enough of him yet for that to have been even remotely successful. He'll just dangle there from there the chain attached to the rubber swing seat, rocking minutely back and forth with the teetering of it's tether until he slowly is turned towards Nessalyn and comes to his final resting place. "Oh, hi." Teeth are clenched together and his lips draw back, unleashing a grin that maybe with a few more turns behind him might have some effect on someone someday. Its accompanied by an impish sounding 'heeheehee' and he scrambles back to his feet, rushing past the woman "No killing Rinian!" and using a nearby rope ladder to reach the balance beam at the top.

Rinian was doing just fine when she had her knees locked over the bar, but when she was started her legs straightened for a moment, so now its her calves she's holding on with. Only, they aren't holding well, she slips a bit more and struggles to get back to a more secure hold..but fails. In answer to Syl's question, "Ah..not so good now…" At this point she was going to slip off anyway, but Ceilo stomping up the slide connected to the platform just speeds things up a bit with the vibrations. Her grip gone she slips to fall right onto the waiting Sylvarin. At least on the plus side she doesn't weigh a whole lot. But still..poor Syl.

Sylvarin is momentarily distracted by Mathis on the swings, his blue-green gaze quickly shifting to the boy to make sure that nothing's gone terribly wrong there. That split second of distraction is enough to make him slightly less prepared for Rinian's fall than before. "Can you wiggle back uno, no you ca" His words disappear after he lets out a bit of a grunt, but manages to catch the woodcrafter before she hits the ground. As his arms close around her there's an awkward angle to his shoulder and a rather loud POP that accompanies it. This is quickly followed by a grimace of pain, but he still manages to set Rinian down rather gently. Don't mind his noodle arm that's just kind of /dangling/ once he's not carrying anything. "You ok?" In his head 'holysmokesthishurts why is the infirmary so far away'. But he doesn't say that, instead he says. "You guys be careful, I'm just going to grab some stuff real quick." Or escape to the infirmary where he doesn't have to hold up his IMAGE. So suave. (Totally just a wimp).

Cielo sees Rinian go down at the top of his ascent and looks on in horror. "Oh, no!" Abandon test! Abandon the run! Cielo scoot-scoots over to the edge and puts one palm down before taking an ALMOST cool leap off the side. He hits the ground and his knees bow awkwardly and he winces. Oh, a little sore, nothing compared to that ARM which Sylvarin certainly won't let him see. "You better both be okay! Ohgosh…" Glance back at Mathis, who CLEARLY must be concerned for the fate of his friend too! Sorry! Sorry. We'll 'inspect' the rest of the fort once all the candidates are greenlit on health, yes. "… there's… I think I found a wobble up there…" Or maybe that was just his heart.

Nessalyn watches Mathis's progress with a faint furrow to her brow, having no idea what he's attempting, or what's going on. "Hi." She doesn't sound too thrilled. But then Rinian is falling, and that is significantly more amusing. "Don't die!" is her helpful commentary, with an additional, "And please don't kill Sylv, I like him." There might be a flicker of actual concern when her favorite baker appears to be in pain, but it's there and gone a moment later. Anything else Nessalyn had in mind is cut off as she apparently sees a flash of ginger through the trees. "CAT!" And off goes the techcrafter, in pursuit of a mysterious orange cat who probably isn't going to destroy Xanadu if he's not caught. Probably. (She might also be checking in on Sylvarin in the infirmary, but no one needs to know that.)

Mathis had almost made it to the top, though what the heck he was going to do once he was up there is anyone's guess. Thus it would remain as Rinian starts to go down and he's set himself on getting down as quickly as he could, although with one foot catching, it's decidedly faster than he would have liked. THUD. That would be his pride hitting whatever material they'd laid down to make landings softer, except that was a lie, because it wasn't like falling into a cloud okay? That still hurt like the dickens, wincing as he pulls himself back up to his feet and hobbles over towards Sylvarin and Rinian. No more than a backwards glance towards Nessalyn, and by the time he's turned back and caught up there is only Rinian and Cielo. This earns a rapid succession of blinks, looking around for Sylvarin and finding that both he and the wayward cat lady had vanished. Suspicious. VERY SUSPICIOUS! "I don't get it," is heaved out of Mathis with a sigh, groaning soon after with a rub to his posterior. "You okay Rin?" Hastily those hazel eyes sweep over her, making sure all of her was in one piece. Cielo was next, and all the while the boy's brows were drawn in a low furrow of concern, "Did you hurt yourself too?"

Rinian is caught quite well by Sylvarin and set upon her feet. She heard a pop but she knows its not her because she's perfectly fine. Like she somehow always is. By the time she gets herself sorted out from the confusion of hanging upside down one moment, and placed on her feet the next, Syl is already headed off. She watches him go with some concern, figuring that if that pop didn't come from her, it probably came from him. And…he still has the tool in his back pocket. "I'm just fine, thanks to Sylvarin. How about you two? And said something about something being loose?"

Wild and free is apparently not without consequence. Sure, the damage is minor this time. Cielo shrinks a bit against himself, one arm tucked back against his chest and over his bag-strap. "Yeah, everyone was sort of here and now they're… gone?" He wonders with Mathis. Easy come, easy go! He takes a measured half-step back and smiles at Mathis. "I'm fine. Going to have to practice those landings though. Goodness knows what they're going to have us jumping out of.. or off of… are you okay, though?" Candidate life was already unconventional, okay? He doesn't know what to expect anymore! "Mm. Not very. Just.. one of the support frames just past the slide…"

That Rinian is unscathed despite her fifteen foot drop? Mathis stares at her, an expression on his face that she's probably seen a few times over the course of their friendship. Is he, impressed? Yep, he totally is. "That's AMAZING Rin! How do you keep doing that? Those jerks at Fort and the Hall must of broken every bone in my body by now but your…." A hand is used to gesture to all of her, "…YOU!" This might mean something to Rinian, but there just wasn't enough information there for anyone else to make heads of tales of why the kid was all pumped up again. Mathis might have made further comment on the Sylvarin and Nessalyn Situation, but the dragoncrafter's measured step backwards kills it dead. Mouth positioned open to speak, it closes slowly without uttering a word, the tawny-hued thickness of his lashes lowering before he looks back towards the girl that remains, "I'm fine, thank you." he says softly, straightening himself out with a notable wince.

Rinian is, indeed, perfectly fine. She trots over easily to where she'd left the tool box and grabs another tool, making a mental note to retrieve the other later from Syl, when she goes to find out if /he/ is ok. She's back over in time for Mathis gesture and shrugs. "He caught me, why wouldn't I be ok? I didn't do anything." Just that charmed life apparently. "Ceilo, can you show me the one you're talking about? And then the two you of you should probably stop by the infirmary. I can certainly finish this up on my own, before somebody else gets hurt." Because of course it is so wise for her to do it all on her own.

Cielo looks quiet pleased. That… Mathis is praising someone else. His friend? He laughs quietly and gestures with the back of his hand. "If you think it's surely necessary. Besides, for all I know one of our other friends has managed to get her or himself knocked in there again." He puts a hand on Mathis' shoulder and gives a brief pat-pat-squeeze before sauntering underneath the platforms and searching. "I think… this one? Not too bad, but good to get everything right tightened…"

That was quick right? How Mathis manages to do that and not get whiplash, maybe it was his own superpower. "Yeah but he was there to catch you. It's like…like…he was exactly there for that reason. You don't have a scratch on you, just like all those other times." Yeah Rinian, the universe was talking to you, why won't you listen? His eyes follow her as she moves to walk away, startled by the hand that drops to his shoulder for that awkward patting turned squeeze, turning brilliantly red all at once even as he's ducking out from under it despite its brief nature and turning on his heel with the sort of abruptness that couldn't be missed. "Yep, going to go now. Bye!" And with that he hobbles off, back towards the weyr.

Rinian shrugs off the comments, "Just one of those things, not really a big deal. Though I am sure glad he was there." She goes over to where Ceilo motions, and being short, she's got to scramble up a couple of the other supports to get to the one in question. "Thank you, Ceilo. Take care Matty!" And yep..don't think she hasn't noticed her friend going loopy over someone else. He needs to get through these early teens more quickly.

Cielo would love to have that sort of honest, cosmic belief! Or even pretenses of it. He blinks a bit at Mathis' blush and hurreid escape. Well, at least he's talking to him now and not hiding all the time. "Be well~" He calls, and waves, and then hugs his satchel again. Nope, he doesn't get it. Not that he's oblivious in ALL senses but matters of the heart (or whatever goes on for percolating adolescents) elude him something fierce. "… no problem," he says, peering back at Rinian. "It's… probably okay if we're not shaking the whole thing down on you, yeah."

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