Putting Together Pieces

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office
Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

The Candidates are gone. Off on adventures in Mire Hold! Ka'el has to admit, it was fun abandoning them out there. The looks on their faces! He's sure they'll do fine. It isn't as if they're in enemy territory, and some of those kids (and adults) need to be exposed on how to socialize with people over than Weyrfolk. They're in good hands! Right? Sure. He's not worried about it, if anyone were to judge by what he's doing now. It's late afternoon. Outside the grandiose windows, the sky can be seen with streaks of gold, pink, and blue. Ka'el sits on the floor before his desk. The chairs have been pushed away, leaving the carpet area clear for him and his project. Spread out on the round rug are lot of little pieces. Wires and screws and doodlebobs and thingies, all gutted from a device that looked like it could've been a small music player at some point. Now? It's a mess of disassembled pieces that Ka'el is mulling over. The sleeves of his cream-colored shirt have been rolled up, and he's made himself comfortable by pulling off his boots. Alloy lays upon his desk, watching with curious eyes as pieces are picked up and sorted by the Weyrleader who obviously is taking a break from his duties.

Such an adventure! Possibly-perhaps more of an adventure than was planned for, because there… were a few missed communications along the way. But hey, life is full of the unexpected, right? Especially when it comes to dragons. When those candidates (if they survive) stand on the sands, what comes out of the eggs wll be a surprise. This is just rehearsal. Dress rehearsal, and they sure did dress up fancy for it. But Soriana's mind is, thus far, at ease. After all, she heard that the candidates were safely delivered, and she didn't bother to ask where, because she already knew… or thought she did. So she's not worried either, and her arrival in this office is just because she's got some paperwork to deliver. Stuff she was going over while she was waiting by the sands, and now it's ready to be gone over another time. That in hand, she opens the door, and discovers a project in progress. "…huh," she comments. Oh, and right, she also discovers a Ka'el. Him, she gives a smile to. "Hey." And she crosses to Thea's desk to dump papers into the Senior's inbox to not be Sori's problem anymore.

Door opening. That's not such an uncommon thing. Thea goes in and out of this place as often as he does. As do a numerous other messengers and people who have scheduled meetings, and the random few who haven't scheduled meetings yet still somehow got past security (aka his secretary) and into the office. And thus, when the door opens, he hardly looks up as he's just grabbed a tool and is in the process of screwing something in. It's only the familiar sound of the 'hey', that draws his eyes away from his work and towards the Junior Weyrwoman that strolls in, weighted with papers. "Hey baby," he says, his voice only somewhat distracted as his eyes ping back to a knob he's screwing down. If that piece goes there, then this piece obviously must fit behind it… Yes! It does! "I think Thea's gone for the day," he says without looking up, busy securing that piece he found. "Uh…somethin' about…" Hm. What was it again? "Somethin'." So specific he is! "I think a meeting? Or maybe dinner with Marel…" He holds a finger against a loose piece that needs to stay just so, then reaches for the one that would secure it in place. But it's just…out…of…his…reeeeach. Nuuu! "Can you hand me that thing there?" That screw looking whirly thing?

"S'fine," Soriana says about the Seniorest Weyrwoman being gone. "It's just paperwork." As opposed to important paperwork requiring the interruption of other things. Once she's set the unimportant (or at least not-important) paperwork down, she heads over Ka'el-wards, looking over his mechanical bits and bobs and… she crouches. "This one?" she asks as her hand hovers over the metal-thingy in question. "Or the one with the knobbly bit?" Because they look pretty similar to her - she's no mechanic - and Ka'el's pointing is ambiguous.

Oh, it's just paperwork? Paperwork can always wait! Unless it's like…super-important paperwork, which apparently this isn't since it can wait. With his hand still on the piece he's keeping secure, he shakes his head and points again. "No. That one there that your hand's over. The bit with the sort of .. springy wire on the end. The spiraly bit." Such technical terms they use! Alloy, who has become a superb observer, chirps lazily from his perch, not moving an inch to help. Though that's likely a good thing, as firelizard help usually turns out to be firelizard catastrophe. "I think it'll fit right here, and if it does…then I already have half of this figured out," he says proudly.

Paperwork can always wait unless it can't! But this stuff totally can, so… Soriana's hand keeps hovering, directed by the very precise information Ka'el gives to… aha! She plucks it up, victorious! "This one?" But she thinks it is. Which is why she's extending it to him, so he can get it into place to hold that piece instead of his fingers having to do it. Soriana is much helpful-er than a firelizard! "Sooo," she asks as she eyes the work-in-progress, "What is it?" Other than 'partly assembled' and 'mechanical'.

"Yes, that one," grins Ka'el as she plucks up the right thingymabob that he thinks he needs. Hooray! He takes it from her with his free hand and relents the piece-holding job to her. Yay, now he has two hands to work with! He picks up a screwdriver with one and positions the piece with the other. A moment is taken to get the alignment right, then…eureka! It fits! He screws it in with a grin as he answers her. "Thea said I could have a music player," he explains. "She said I shouldn't have a difficult time purchasing one, and.. I didn't. They're actually easy to come by if you've the marks for 'em. But, I got the idea of lookin' in the stores instead of buying one new. There were some broken ones there, and I figured I could figure out how to fix one." He can put together clocks, so this should be cake, right? He smirks over at her. "It's a bit more than what I thought it'd be but…I think I can get it." Thought as of right now, with all the bits and pieces that are scattered, he has a long way to go!

Wait, what? Now Soriana's a thing-holder? …okay fine, she suppooooses she can do that. There's a little bit of fumbling as she gets her hand properly placed, but then she's got it, holding it there as she listens. "Heh. And this way, if it breaks again, you're ahead of the game?" She grins. "Makes sense to me." And that it's also a way for Ka'el to have some fun? Well, that's just bonus. "So now you're just… sticking it together." The pieces are eyed. "Is this just one of them? Or are you putting together the working pieces of two broken ones?" Because there's a lot of pieces.

"I hope it's just one," says Ka'el as he turns the screw once more til it can't turn anymore. He lowers the tool in a signal that she can now remove her hand and the thing won't just fall apart. Hopefully. He glances around at the pieces of metal and wiring that's been strewn, and he makes a thoughtful face. "I hope it's just one piece…" he says. "I remember only taking one apart." He snickers, shoulder shrugging. "I think I might've picked up a few extra pieces along the way. In fact…maybe it's broken because it had too many pieces. Once it's fixed, I'll know what the insides look like, and I can fix the others that are in the stores and … I dunno. Give them away or something." Sounds like a plan to him! He continues to sit where he is, surrounded by his army of bits. "Oh, Kanekith says thanks for fixing him up," he says. "He barely remembers the injury now, and he's back to walking normally."

And, the moment of truth! Soriana eyes the spot, eyes Ka'el, aaaand… hah! Fingers: away. Piece: still placed. Victory! She grins, far wider than she has any justification for doing, given that all she's done is contributed a few (temporary) fingers to Ka'el who knows what he's doing. "Or a piece broken in half. Which is sorta extra pieces, and sorta… not." She laughs. "I dunno. I looked inside the incubator once, and it was weird. All big coils and wires." A shrug. "You could set 'em up through the Weyr. For repeating important announcements. It'd save the harpers' voices." And make them complain about being replaced, probably, but y'can't have everything. She arches a brow slightly at the thanks, then grins and nods. "Good. S'what I like to hear." She hehs. "Striving to be forgotten." Because, well.. draconic memory: not the greatest.

Okay so Kanekith saying thanks was probably a lie. But at least it was a nice lie! Isn't it a nice thought? Kanekith, being humble and thanking the person that dislodged the shard of wood from his paw? Oh yes, it is a nice thought! Though probably not a very feasible one. "I'll keep your idea in mind. It'll probably be the start of a new thing here on Xanadu, you think? And likely, other Weyrs will hear of it and will want to do the same. We'll be the trendsetters of a new era!" And Ka'el himself will get all the credit. He'll go down in history! Smirking, he stands on socked feet, brushing off his trousers once he's up. "Want a drink?" he offers. "Everything good with Luraoth? I figure it is, else the whole Weyr'd be aware, but..still, I ask. I bet she's not missin' the Candidates touchin' all over her eggs."

Ka'el says that Kanekith should say thanks? Yeah, that's probably more accurate. Soriana laughs. "Trendsetters. Yeah. Not that we've gotten Reaches to adopt the trend for electric lights yet, but speakers everywhere? That one they'll jump on for sure." She grins, and gives her head a shake, amused. A drink? "Yeah, sure." Then she takes a look at the music player in progress, while he's gone and left it here. Luraoth? "You do ask. But… yeah, she's good. I think she's settling down, now that she doesn't have anyone poking and prodding. Just… taking it easy again, y'know?" A laugh. "Well, as easy as she ever takes her eggs."

Drinks are on the way! Ka'el is heading to his desk as opposed to the pitcher of water that's usually around somewhere. He moves behind it. Retrieves from it a bottle of something brown, which he pours into a short glass for himself. "You want any've this?" he asks with raised brows and a slight shake of the bottle of obvious liquor of some sort. "Good to hear about Luraoth. She might've needed a vacation from the Candidates…" He smirks, thinking about them. "Wonder how they're getting along… Ah, you should've seen'm, Sori. I nearly, nearly felt guilty leavin' them behind like we did, but Candidacy's candidacy! Who'm I to rob them of the same experiences that we had?" Granted, no one dropped them in the middle of a hold. Buuuut… "It's slightly better than being dropped in the middle of an abandoned rock to camp, eh? Now, if Mire had speakers, they'd probably be less traumatized."

Booze-type drinks! Because, hey, it's the end of the day and work is over. Soriana eyes it for a moment, then shrugs. "Why not?" She grins. The candidates are restricted in drink! The candidate coordinator? Meh. Soriana's not going to worry Luraoth if she gets tipsy. This is practically vacation time. "Might've, nothing. I needed a vacation," she says. "They're not a bad bunch, mind, but…" She shakes her head, then grins as Ka'el describes leaving them behind. "Hah. The Weyrleader, that's who." She smirks. "But it's too cold for camping, we figured that. The point's for them to toughen up, not… freeze or drown or something." A shake of her head. "They'll probably hate us when they get back." And yet she grins for this prospect. The idea of the speakers… she outright laughs. "What, so they can have your voice, day and night, keeping them entertained, in line, and-" Wait. Something just caught up with her brain. Something… "Uh. Mire? I… thought we took them to Firehead." Because that's what she said when she mentioned it, right? In between the part where she consulted with Thea and the part where she told Ka'el. …right? Soriana has that expression of someone who was, until ten second ago, quite certain they knew something, and now… isn't… sure…

Alright! Ka'el grins as he pours another short glass of liquor for her, and he sets the bottle back down on his desk with a soft thunk before he carries both drinks towards her, offering her the one. Here's a vacation for you Sori! At least, a mini one. Disregarding the mess that still lays scattered on the floor, Ka'el raises his glass in a silent toast before bringing it to his lips to take a slow and small swallow of the fiery liquid that goes down smooth, but hotly. "No doubt they'll hate us when they get back," he confirms with a small smirk. "I can feel Kera's glare from here and hear Innes' cursing. Bowyn, I think, probably will enjoy every minute of it," he guesses, chuckling as he watches her. And.. wait. What. Mire? … Yes, that's what he said, right? Or… He gives her a puzzled look. "Firehead?" …His brows furrow in a look of thought. "..We left them near the swamps.." Well, actually in the swamp. Of Mire. That was the plan. …Right?

Sitting on the floor with a drink… yep, that's a vacation! Soriana takes the one Ka'el offers, joins him in the toast before taking her own sip. That … sure is booze. She can really see (well, feel. In her throat) why they call it firewater! "Hah," she agrees to that future hatred, with a nod for Kera and Innes's reactions… then a laugh for Bowyn's. The grin lingers, but it's doomed to not do so for long, because… "…yeah. Firehead. By… near the mountains. In that valley by the river." Which. "…swamps?" There's that bit by the river, but… "Uhm." Soriana is puzzled. Also? Slightly worried. She takes another sip of the drink, then stands up, going to reach for one of the maps of Xanadu's region. "Firehead Hold. Right here." Please oh please, tell her that this is a joke name because… uh… the water tower broke and there was mud. Please? …as it turns out, Firehead Hold is nowhere near Mire Hold. Opposite directions, practically. But Mire's on the map, it's just… added as an afterthought, because it's a bit… rustic. Okay, a lot rustic. And 'rustic' is probably (definitely) a euphemism.

Hm. Something is not quite right here. And things are feeling even more not right when Soriana gets that map and points to some hold that Ka'el's never been to. Blue eyes dart to her, watching, waiting for the punchline that never comes. He presses a finger to Mire. "Mire Hold," he says, "is where the Candidates are. Mire Hold is what was…discussed?" Or at least what he was told. Two riders couldn't have been misinformed with the same information, right? "Kiena rode with me. We both had the coordinates.." Eyes swing to the map now, glancing from Firehead to Mire. The two don't have anything in common. They don't even sound alike! He couldn't have misheard…could he? Or maybe Soriana is confused… Regardless, Ka'el makes quick work of his drink, downing his shot in one swallow before he moves to pull on his boots. "In etiher case, they're on Xanadu," he says, perhaps to soothe away and panic that may want to rise in either one of them. It isn't as if he dropped them off into hostile territory! … Right? "I'll make sure. Check with the other Coordinators. I'll Between to Mire myself if need be, but I doubt it'll be necessary." They're still within their own territory! And they're Candidates! No harm will come to them. And…they're a smart bunch. He flashes Soriana a grin. "It's all fine. We'd've heard something by now if it wasn't." .. Right? Sure! He heads out, likely with Soriana herself not too far behind, to check those Coordinator notes.

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