Happy Turnday D'lei!

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large ridge that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

Lately, Xanadu Weyr has been full of secrets. SO. MANY. SECRETS. So what was one more secret in a sea of ALREADY SECRETS? The hardest part was keeping D'lei from the truth, and managing to convince enough people to keep directing him away from the meadows every time he tried to get close. Leirith's job was to yell loud enough in Garouth's metaphysical ear that he couldn't overhear anything (and she excelled at it, you guys - enthusiastically), and so now here we are. THE STAGE HAS BEEN SET, the meadow transformed into the closest thing to a carnival that Pern can conjure up: Lights hang from trees and wires strung between poles, paper mache has been carefully employed to give the appearance of balloons, and there is food. SO. MUCH. FOOD. It's not laid out on a serving table; no, there are actual stands for different things; for sweets, and savories, and even a place for cute little children to get their faces painted. Some dragons have even agreed to be 'rides', and runners have been pulled in to offer other forms of entertainment. LISTEN. THERE'S A LOT TO DO, and there are a lot of people in curious costumes doing curious, carnival-things. There's also a table for PRESENTS, tucked away though it is, with CAKES, AND BANNERS, AND ALL SORTS OF OVER-THE-TOP THINGS. And then there is Risali, who sent out the invites and made sure everybody knew to shout SURPRISE!!!!! really loud (like Leirith loud - though it's okay if you're not the kind for shouting) when she pulled a blindfold from the Weyrleader's eyes. THAT TIME IS NOT YET, but she is there now, pulling D'lei along just slightly slow for her affected walk, and talking to distract him. "… But then I told them that it was a terrible idea and offered to set up a meeting with D'merial." Which is, also, a terrible idea.

SUCH MYSTERY. VERY BLIND. D'lei is definitely going to walk into something like this, but what? It might be a wall. It might be someone else. It might be a trap. …actually, that last one seems promising. It is Risali guiding him, after all! And also she's talking about D'merial. "Did you specify the dress code?" he asks her as he follows along. SO TRUSTING. LIKE A LAMB TO… SOMETHING. "Like, in detail. Because if you just tell him ties…" Oops, hold that thought. Someone spilled butter while they were setting up, and D'lei has to put a little more concentration on his footing before he continues.

Where there are runners, there are people to tend them. And today, that people is Teinon! Well. He's /one/ of those people, anyway. Teinon has been put in charge of organizing the pony rides, and he has thrown his energy into doing that pretty enthusiastically. A small circular pen has been set up, the ponies are munching on some hay to keep them happy while waiting for the big moment, and Teinon is juuuuust finishing up the decorations, in the form of some streamers on the pen. He won't exactly be shouting 'surprise' but he can at least keep the ponies quiet until it's time!

Speaking of dressing up, Nailii was down for such things, she's dressed up looking much like a gypsy, swishing skirts, fluffy sleeved shirt, bangles and her hair pulled back in a few different colored scarfs, and a few golden like beads and the like. She is carrying a basket full of odds and bits, perhaps even magical cards and books. Talanoath is around, the brown is settled in a spot and dressed up to a point, there are silver and gold streamers wrapped around his neck and his head is low as he seems to be helping some kidlets with some drawing in the ground that wasn't there before but that isn't the point, his claws can rip into the ground rather easy after all. « There, see looky this? Doesn't it look like a wherry falling from the sky? » Yeah he might be asking the kids this, which makes them giggle. Thankfully they are tot young perhaps to fully understand the reason why a wherry would fall to the ground.

Meion hangs back, waiting for the moment when the blindfold comes off and the silence is broken. Until then, she's been pressed into service by a stony-faced journeyman healer who would like all of his first-aid supplies organized, because Someone Will Fall And Scrape Something, and You Owe Us. So at least if anything goes wrong while partying, treatment will be prompt and well-organized!
Mathis arrives with Rinian, having gotten cleaned up after a fierce battle with littles during his nanny duties. Gone is the long flowing locks of golden brown hair that hung in his eyes and was never combed, reduced to only half an inch now all around. Surprisingly, it helps in making him look his age for once, as well as revealed that several days in a row of kiddo wrangling had effectively plucked the chubby right of his cheeks. Rinian had found her fellow woodcrafter clothes that actually fit him in the storage cavern, completing his physical transformation from frumpy disaster to near a real head turning. "I don't know about these clothes, Rin," Pulling at his perfectly sized v-neck sweater, colored innocence white, a frown teasing at his lips. Nestled in the crook of his other arm, he carries a brightly wrapped present which he eventually drops off in the appropriate spot. You know, with the other presents.

Rinian lightly swats in the direction of Matty's tugging hand. "Don't do that, and don't fret. You look perfectly fine. And at least thanks to the kids it doesn't matter that you're neglectiful in combing your hair." She carries a bag in one hand, hiding who knows what, as they make their way across the meadow into the fantastical scene.

Sylvarin is unsurprisingly shuffling to and from various desserts on various tables because /sure/ all of these things are going to be stuffed into people's mouths without ceremony /but/ desserts should look pretty. He's of course not alone in his task as several bakers make sure the cakes and such look /juuuuust/ right. Are those a bunch of cupcakes with flat frosted tops that have an edible caricature of D'lei's /face/ on them? Yes, yes they are. His fretting comes to an end then when he realizes that the man of the hour is arriving with Risali. He finally moves away from the tables, hands wiped on the black waist apron that's been tied around him. Apparently the mood around here is quite infectious because a broad grin is Sylv's features as he waits and watches.

"Of course I told him a dress code, D'lei. Give me some credit here." A beat. "It was, 'Whatever makes them never come back.' So ties… might just be on the wardrobe list for the night. Just ties." And there's a hint of laughter and mischief in that smile that D'lei can't see as she leads him and — ohp, CURSE YOU, BUTTER — almost lets him faceplant, but catches both of his hands with hers to steady him. Risa pulls him forward while she walks back and then they're there, Risali pulling on D'lei's hands to let him know that he should stop otherwise they're gonna collide and LET THEM KEEP SOME DIGNITY IN TACT. "But okay. Count to ten so that I can show you that outfit I promised." THERE WAS NO OUTFIT, and while she makes D'lei COUNT, she MAKES ALL THE GESTURES TO LET EVERYBODY KNOW THAT THIS IS THE MOMENT. One, two…! Risali pulls that blindfold from his eyes and joins up in the chorus of, "SURPRISE!!!!" She even throws her arms up in the air for emphasis. Because she is ridiculous.

GROUND TO THE FACE is the worst turnday present. Thank you, Risa, for making sure that Dash does not actually receive it! Also for not letting D'merial plan this party, instead giving him important duties in… "Well, we never did like their terms," …negotiation. But then! Theeeen his glorious blindfolded self is halted, and he questions this with an arch of eyebrows over that cloth. "I thought this was Leirith costume day." That's supposed to be all day, right? Why's it ending? Such a mystery it is, but he dutifully counts down (or maybe up) to what's - "Gotta be better than D'merial's idea." …though that's not saying much. But then! The blindfold is off! His eyes! The burning! The searing COLORS! D'lei opens them up as the blindfold comes off, and… blinks, then blinks again. Hold on, gotta ask himself, is he dreaming? "Huh." Well, the answer isn't very conclusive, but he's got a better question. Does it matter? Because either way - dream or not - "Wow." He grins wide, aaand… that's when they try to make him deaf as well as blind! His stagger backward might be acting, but then again, that's a pretty impressive shout they all put up, so he may well be actually stunned. Either way, it certainly does nothing to take away that grin!

Meion rushes forward with the call of SURPRISE, trying to get close enough to see the expression on D'lei's face when that blindfold comes off. She stumbles, but catches herself before she actually falls, rushing faster to keep from being caught by any well-meaning healer who wants to check if it's a sign that she's turned her ankle, sprained something, or otherwise needs to be ordered to bed again. She needs to go celebrate her friend's turnday! And later, she's going to need to think about why her mind jumped straight to "friend" when it could have gone more easily for "weyrleader." People! Feelings! All ignorable. Now there is cake and party, and those things are infinitely more important.

"Hey!" Is said for the hand swatting, even if it is effective and makes the younger woodcrafter stop tugging at his clothes in all the places they fit him right but felt too tight for his liking. "So you say, why're people staring at me?" Well, that boy over there from the lower caverns was, remarkably somewhere around his age too and that was weird. More than a little disconcerted, he moves closer to his friend as they move into the gathering crowd. And just in time. Hooray! Happy Turnday! All the shouting! Mathis was totally in it to win it, maybe he should have been a harder. Nah. He'd miss wood carving too much. A crooked grin appears at the staggering Weyrleader, leaning in towards Rinian as he chuckles, "I think he was surprised, don't you?" Captain obvious had dropped off the gift he made for D'lei (hint: it is something carved out of wood), he hooks his arm through hers.

Teinon grins broadly at the chorus of surprises, and adds his stamping feet to the chaos. Once it's passed, however, he gets started lining up the ponies and clearing the space for when the children show up. Cause… you know, they're bound to. I mean, ponies! As he's setting up, he catches sight of Sylvarin across the way, with the dessert team, and gives a wave to get his attention.
Rinian smiles at Matty's comment, but she'll leave him to figure out the answer to his question. She winces a bit at the loud shouting, even as she joins in it. Loud sounds just really aren't her thing. "He looks pretty surprised to me." She gestures around them, "Except for a Gather have you ever seen its like?"

Sylvarin joins in with the enthusiastic call, "Surprise!" And D'lei's reaction seems to sufficiently amuse the baker because a chuckle escapes the man's lips. He even throws his hand together to join in with some applause. Once the initial fanfare calms down somewhat, the baker begins to look around the rest of crowd spotting familiar faces here and there. There's a grin and a wave shot towards Rinian and a dip of his head to Mathis. When Teinon's greeting catches his attention the baker shoots a wink in the herder's direction and then /considers/ moving over there. That's a lot more ponies than he /wants/ to be around.

Between D'lei's near-fall - and then Meion's - that healer has surely started down the slide to new depths of sour… but never mind that! There's actual slides to be zoomed down, and sour candies to be eaten, and… "Wow." Did D'lei already say that? It bears repeating, in any case… and he hasn't even noticed those presents yet! When he does get there, and finds that carved wooden gift… well, he'll probably have a pretty good guess who it came from. Even if he struggles, he's likely have his memory joggled when he (eventually) returns to his home and sees the egg-headed lady of the house peeking at him from between that row of wine bottles where he set it. RISALI WATCHES.

Risali's leaning in and going up on the tips of her toes to press a kiss to D'lei's cheek, murmuring a soft, "Happy Turnday, Dashiel," before she comes back down on her heels and gives him a gentle SWAT on his bottom. BUT THIS IS HIS DAY, so while she bumps her shoulder into his and gives him the biggest smile she can manage, she sort of… hangs back. GO FORTH! MINGLE WITH THE REAL MVPS! Risali might have planned the affair, but this moment wouldn't have been possible without all those warm bodies taking to roles or simply showing up to show their support. (Which is both an IC and an OOC thank you, and a reminder that you are all amazing! <3) BETTER ENJOY IT, DASH. Murder when she gets home. So much of it.

That smiles does not contain the answers of which Mathis sought, Rinian! A pout is soon to follow, not long lasting with shouting and such, shoulders lifted upwards and then similarly dropped, his grin turned sheepish. "I have no idea. I never went to any of them, remember?" Not when he could have been carving something, though his gaze does wander of the impressive crowd, decorations, and that pile of presents was downright intimidating. D'lei might be unwrapping them for quite some time. Sylvarian's head dipping gets one in return, but he's purposefully distracted immediately afterwards. As intentional as he would have liked that to have been, it's actually the lower cavern boy that had garnered his attention again, shooting him a look that said 'go away' as much as it did 'what do you think you're looking at buddy?'. REALLY the audacity of some people. That annoyance taken care of as the other kid makes like a vytol and buzzes off, Mathis straightens and leads Rinian off towards where the food booths were set up, not wanting to crowd the Turnday Boy. Man? Whatever. Either works. "Uh, do we have to pay for this stuff?" he asks, brows lifting.

Nailii was stopped by a few kids and is going about giving them trinkets, a few long pieces of glitter fabric that has some beads and 'jewels' on them. "Go wrap them around Talanoath when you're done playing with them." Oh the brown has no idea that his rider is setting him up for more dress-up it seems. She is then off humming a little bit to herself while catching sight of everyone that is around. She glances over towards Sylvarin then sees D'lei and Risali and can't help but grin. "How old are you again?" Is questioned out towards the dear weyrleader. Talanoath is busy rooting up some more ground and keeping a few kids busy by making something else. WHAT COULD IT BE!
Rinian usually went to gathers on the other side of the booth, under the survey of a Journeyman, to sell Woodcrafter goods. How nice that the rider she was shadowing shooed her off to come and actually..just have fun. She follows along after her young friend with a shake of her head for his exchange with the other boy. The last time she tried to help, it didn't seem to go well, so she'll just butt out of that. "I have no idea, but we can certainly ask." She eyes the bubbly pies somewhat wistfully but passes them by.

Teinon recognizes that look he's getting from Sylvarin. He rolls his eyes expressively, and signs something that Syl, at least, will recognize. Then…. a thought occurs to him. He grins, impishly, then takes a step back… then another step… At which point he has reached the nearest pony. He leans over to plant a kiss on its forehead, then looks back toward Sylvarin and blows him a kiss and a wink. Then the children show up and he's suddenly a little too distracted to continue messing with Syl's head.
Rinian pages: Otay. Pretty basic and simple reason really. Very strict upbringing and a mother who doesn't want her child to get 'fat', strictly forbade her from ever having them. Ah, the joy of parents even if well meaning =D

Hello darkness, Sylv's old friend. He seems to grow paler as Teinon makes his way towards the ponies and when those lips land on the animals head? Well he doesn't throw up but he looks utterly disturbed by the whole thing. He's quickly and emphatically signing the word 'why' /many/ times in a row until the herder is distracted by children but he's left staring just a bit longer. It takes a moment to break that trance but eventually he decides that he should probably think about something else for a bit…like joining people with their greetings. The baker eventually falls in close to where Meinon is and turns a grin to Risali and D'lei. "Congratulations…and /well/ done!" Ok, he's /still/ thinking about the ponies and the /grass/ and /dirt/. Oh Faranth. Cue another quick glance back Tei's way and a shudder.

D'lei grins, with a turn and tilt of his head to give Risali a kiss back! Or maybe to get one on his lips, depending on how you want to direction it. Nevertheless, it happens! "How could it not be?" he replies to her with a wide and earnest grin, and then - before she can even answer his question! - he just abandons her, heading forth to celebrate. "Why thank you," he says in answer to Sylvarin. "I am pretty proud of surviving this long." How long is that? Well, here's Nailii with that very question! D'lei grins as he catches her by both of her hands. "I," he says to her, "have reached the age of thirty turns. Which means I'm officially respectable." The grin widens, and then - like some kind of person who might be officially respectable but is actually just D'lei - he leans in and kisses her, too. It's just a brush of lips, but it is aimed for hers.

Risali smiles, hands on her hips and eyes tracking her weyrmate as he abandons her for Sylv and for Nailii and - a huff of laughter, a roll of Risali's eyes as she steps in, to interrupt that kiss by putting her hand on Nailii's shoulder and pressing a kiss to her temple, but the questions were not for her! Not that one anyway, so she catches Sylvarin instead, hooking her arm through his and leaning into him with a gentle bump of her head against his shoulder. "Thank you. You didn't make anything that's going to poison anybody, did you?" A beat, a scrunch of her nose as she looks from him, to where he is looking and… Her shoulders tuck in as she adopts a conspirator's whisper. "Or is he the treat?" EYOOOOOO.

Someday, one that perhaps only the universe knows for sure, Mathis would figure it all out with or without anyone's help. Right now, he was much more interested in the food and directs himself and Rinian towards the savories rather than the sweets. Perusing the goods to be found in each before he stops and asks, ecstatic to find that everything was free. Getting two meat pies wrapped in wax paper, he hands one over to the woodcrafter girl, gently bumping her shoulder. See, he totally remembered.

"I need to look up that word in a book again, I wonder if we can change the description to your picture now?" Nailii questions with an amused tone at D'lei's 'respectable' comment. As for her caught they are, and her basket of goodies and treats rests about her elbow. As for kisses, really that wasn't what she was expecting and the dragonhealer is left blushing from not just /one/ but two thanks to Risali adding into the moment as well. There is a long moment that she seems almost a bit unsure what to do before giving D'lei a kiss back to the cheek and wink is seen. "You look good for being all respectable." Though she is still blushing. « K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! Leads to so much more? » Talanoath offers with a crooning tone towards his rider and even Risali and D'lei as well. "That is all you all's fault." Nailii says to the pair and can't help but grin before peeking over to Risali and leaning against her shoulder to see who all she is looking at. "Who is the treat?"

Teinon has a nice big laugh at Syl's expense, but at least it doesn't seem malicious! It's just genuinely funny. Once his attention is on his job, he's too focused on making sure no children get trampled or dropped to worry about what's going on over on /that/ side of the party. Things are pretty peaceful at the pony rides at first, until there comes along a little boy who insists on cutting up. Once he's on the pony's back, he keeps kicking it and squealing. The pony is patient, but jumps and shudders, even with Tei trying to soothe it. Teinon puts a hand on the kid's knee exactly twice to get his attention, and shakes his head to show that the behavior will not be tolerated. The kid does it a third time, and that appears to be it for Tei's tolerance. He hauls the boy off the pony's back and unceremoniously dumps him out of the pen. The kid seems pretty startled, tries to duck around Tei to go back in, and gets dumped out of the pen again, rinse and repeat until the kid gets the message and takes off. The rest of the kids seem a lot more eager to behave after that, for some reason.
Rinian smiles warmly at Matty for remebering as she happily takes the still steaming meat pie. "Thanks!" She doesn't wait for it to get any cooler, but sinks her teeth into perfect outer layer and has to link a bit of the drippy insides from the corner of her mouth. It isn't until after she's had that first perfect bite that she notices the various interactions with kisses and all sorts of public displays. She ducks her head with a slight blush and applies herself to that meat pie. Dpeaking of ducks… Mr Duck is peeking out of that bag she carries, surveying the party in wooden silence.

"I did /not/ poison anything tonight, you're welcome." Sylvarin says this as if he's done some HUGE personal favor by not screwing up all the desserts…but it's clear from the glint in his eye that it's meant to be a jokey-pretentious thing. But who knew innocently lending an arm and shoulder would lead to such a question from the Weyrwoman? The baker let's out a slight cough at the question and perhaps the tips of his ears turn just the /slightest/ bit read. But hey, he's going to try and pretend to be all cool and suave. "He's /my/ treat, or /was/ before he did that." Because now you have RUINED yourself Teinon. There's a chuckle from the man before he lightly elbows Risali's side, or at least pretends to. "You guys get to eat your own faces on a cupcake instead…among a doze different other bigger desserts." Because there's got to be a main cake /somewhere/ right? "Is it just a rumor that you commissioned a giant birthday cake with space for a human to pop out of?" There's still an occasional glance back to Teinon and a distinct /frown/ for all the children. Clearly he should take a break!

"We absolutely can," D'lei agrees with a firm nod to Nailii. "I have scissors and glue in the office, and N'kon has some excellent pictures we can use. The dictionary will be updated in no time!" Because who really needs 'peer review' or 'quality editing'? Not respectable people like him, nope! He grins to Nailii, and gives her hands a squeeze before he steps back and sweeps out a formal-ish bow. "I'm glad you think so," he says, but then - what's this? "Ooh," he says to Sylvarin. "It's a good thing I'm delicious, then. Though I think I might prefer Risa's taste." Which is why he catches up one of her hands, and brings it up to take a playful nibble!
« THEY JUST LIE ON TOP OF EACH OTHER AND FLAIL AROUND. THAT IS WHAT IT LEADS TO, TALANOATH. IT'S DISAPPOINTING. » Okay, so thanks for that, Leirith. But she is booming laughter and at least it didn't come with anything more visual than what YOUR OWN IMAGINATION DOES WITH THAT. Hopefully it's just hilarious because that's now how any of this works, Leirith. Still, Risali is tilting her head to hear Sylvarin, and then hooking one arm low around Nailii's hips when the dragonhealer presses her shoulder towards hers and looks to see. "The one over by the runners," she leans Nailii-wards to whispers, "but I think your treat tonight is D'lei." Which earns a scrunch of nose and something bespeaking mischief towards the Weyrleader before she bumps her head back against Sylv's shoulder. "I think that's probably one of the best turnday gifts you could have given him," comes dry - a hint of a laugh in her tone. "Nothing to do paperwork about." But then she's looking back to Teinon, and whispering, "Then why are you here, when you could be over there?" Cue D'lei with his comments, his comments that make Risali blush as he nips her hand and she breaks away from Nailii and Sylvarin both to PUSH HER HAND OVER D'LEI'S MOUTH. But she's laughing. "Shut up, D'lei." And maybe she softens that already non-heated command by pressing a kiss to his fingers and then turning back to RUN AWAY. FLEE. Over to Mathis and Rinian. WHAT. STOP JUDGING HER. "Hi," she breathes to them both. "How is the food. Do you feel okay?" SHE DOESN'T TRUST YOU, SYLV.

You know who is blatantly ignoring all the kissing, blown or planted? Mathis. Yep, he's constructed around him a perfect bubble of ignorance is bliss, taking a sizable bite of his pie and hmming his contentment as he chews and doesn't seem to care that he's got grease, juice, and flaky crust clinging to him around his mouth . AWWWW YEEEEAAAH, DATS THE STUFF. There is a cheerful bob of his head for the thanks that he'd received, stuffed face muffling out a "Yerth Weathcurm". No interest wavers past the food in his hand and the girl at his side, taking another bite seconds after the first is swallowed. At this rate, he was going to make short work of it. Noticing the blush, he peers over at Rinian, tilting his head slightly, "Yoth seeth somthun yoth litheth?" Conversational really, waiting with baiting breath, because of course he assumes now whenever someone blushes it's because they are looking at someone they like. Whether or not the answer comes, there is a suddenly a wild Risali, all up close and personal. Mathis leans back a bit, perhaps half a step, brows knotted, "Yeth?" What an odd question!

Sylvarin pages: Or maybe I'll have him find the package at the end, so as not to encroach on birthday gifts XD
Sylvarin laughs at D'lei's words and accompanies the sound with a quick nod, "She certainly seems to think so!" Referring to Risali's probably agreement to D'lei deliciousness! When she asks why he /isn't/ over there with Teinon perhaps he's about to say something about ponies but instead let's the question slide. Instead he quickly relinquishes Risali to D'lei's taste-testing and quietly slips away with a chuckle. Luckily he doesn't here her asking questions about RUDE and completely unfounded suspicions over there. Honestly, how dare she! He's never done anything wrong in his life /ever/. But it's quite soon that he finds himself making his way over to Teinon. Is he looking in Sylv's direction? If so it's clear what the baker is signing…'Seriously, come take a break!' It's clumsy and probably kind of wrong, but the gist should get across!

Rinian gives Matty a puzzled look but has a mouthful of food so can't answer. She clears it in time, after a polite nod to Risali, to say. "Its delicious. And..yes, I feel just fine, thank you." She assumes its more of the greeting like 'hi, how are you', so answers it as such. "How are you?" She likes talking with Risa and seems quite happy to have her stop by in her socalizing. Mr Duck just stares..or he would stare if he had any eyes. In fact he seems to be a nekkid duck now, or at least what is visible of him from the bag. "I've never seen a party like this."

Several children manage to get their turns on the ponies before another crisis presents itself. It's just never-ending with these kids, isn't it? A little girl who is positively /tiny/ for her age seems to be doing just fine as the pony goes round and round the circle, until out of nowhere… she just bursts into tears. Teinon seems to have fewer ideas about how to handle /that/. He tries to get her attention to distract her from whatever upset her, but it doesn't work. After a little bit of this, he pulls her off the pony to carry her over to the edge of the pen since obviously that must be what she wants. But that just makes her wail /louder/. Because now she's not going to get a /pony right/ and she's supposed to be getting a /pony ride/ and WHY IS LIFE SO HARD, GUYS. Teinon just sort of….stares at this poor wailing demon child, looks around for someone who might be its mother, and when nothing appears, he looks back at the wailing child. He looks up again… and spots Sylvarin. HELP.

« It is because they wish to be birds, » Garouth explains, with a cool mental breeze that carries an image of… birds, yes; various sorts of avians, all flapping and flying around with many flails of those feathery wings. D'lei grins around Risali's hand (and maybe he does lick her palm, but shh)… and then does the same to her retreating back, before looking back to Sylvarin. "Someday, you are going to write a cookbook," he says to the baker. "And it's going to be required reading for every baker apprentice." HE BELIEVES IN YOU. "As long as you don't get dropped in the ocean first, at least." Which is also plausible.

Nailii smiles as she hears D'lei, a grin soon seen as she chuckles. "We could go change all the books in the library. Of course were have to wait a few days, perhaps we could use different pictures even. Or even use other people's pictures for other words." Don't tempt her, she'll totally do it. As for that bow from D'lei she smiles once more. "Your very welcome?" A glance sent to Risali. "Does he do this a lot? Cause I sort of want to call him cute, but I get the feeling this is how he would get away with 'things'." THINGS so much things! « I don't know about disappointing. I mean for US it is but they seem to have a blast, or the flailing around wears them out perhaps? » Talanoath offers back with a curious tone before the born is turning and eyeing the ponies. « Oh? ponies are here? » Oh dear. Though thankfully his words are only for certain people, like Risali, D'lei and their dragons as well, because really this could be a bit embarrassing if it goes on. Naili blinks as she hears Risali's words. "Me?" Is questioned with an amused and unsure tone, sometimes Risali is joking and sometimes one can never know!

"Can I get that in writing?" Sylvarin turns after hearing D'lei's words, walking backwards as he shouts his response to the Weyrleader. Of course when he turns around there not only /ponies/ surrounding the herder but now he's carrying a /child/. Oh shells no Teinon, you are not getting help with a crying kid from Sylv…at least not the kind of help he probably needs. That look the baker tends to get when faced with nature-y things? That same look is on his face but not quite as intense. Apparently he's not a huge fan of kids either because as soon as he pulls up there's kind of a roll of the eyes and a scowl for the girl. "If you don't stop that horrendous bawling no one can tell what you /want/." Way to /not/ help. Who knows if she even understands the big words! "You should just shove her at her mother Tei…" Sylv is the worst, clearly!

OH NAILII. Precious, sweet thing. Risali's expression goes fey, something positively mischievous when she whispers, "I have a feeling you're going to find out." And 'me'? Risali taps her nose gently. Yes you, that gesture seems to say. BUT SHE IS FLEEING. Because bad ideas might become terrible actions and Risali is only so strong, okay. Now she's getting odd looks from woodcarvers. "Just checking," Risali whispers to Mathis, but the pull of her lips says that she's joking — even if the joke isn't immediately clear. Grey eyes back on Rinian, she hooks her arm through the woodcrafter's and answers, "Perfect." That's how she is. It's the comment about the party that has Risali looking around at the lights, and the costumes and - there's a bit of laughter from Risali as she tightens her arm to give Rinian a gentle squeeze. "It's…" Complicated. "When Leirith talks, you and I hear… music. Loud and… bright." A beat. "But Leirith's voice is also this." A sweep of her hands. "There's… feathered masks, and dancers in beautiful costumes - always changing. And smells that… I tried to duplicate, but how do you describe the way something smells to somebody?" And here comes a small smile, because they probably didn't get it right. "But she doesn't show it very often. Not to strangers. I think… I see it more than anybody." Which might also be why she seems IMMUNE to that boom of bass and drums.

Rinian is a bit surprised at the arm looping, but she doesn't seem to mind. Besides, the decription given distracts her as it is. She looks around at it all from a new perspective. "/All/ of this? That is…beautiful." She directs her gaze back to Risa and asks, "But how do you handle all that? That is a whole lot of /much/." Yes there is a lot of /much/ in this Weyr. Much..muchness. That particular egg on the sands fits right in with its mirrored self.

D'lei laughs to Sylvarin, which… is unfortunately not a written affadavit, not admissible before a law Harper. Ah well. But, never mind that. Sylv may not even survive the ponies and children, and D'lei, well… he grins as he nods to Nailii. "We'll revolutionize the language!" he agrees to Nailii. First responsiblity… then maybe… cute? MAYBE. But wait, what? D'lei is wounded! "Me?" he asks the dragonhealer, with his eyes wide and an over-acted expression of injured pride. "Whyever would I be - are you implying that I - I - might be doing things - terrible, troublesome, irresponsible things - that I would have to get away with?" HOW DARE. "Don't you know that I'm the very picture of solemn grace and dignity… or at least, I will be once we finish with the glue?"

There is no further pressing about who it was that Rinian has seen that had garnered her fancy, not with Risalis Interuptus. Somehow he'd missed being poisoned by Sylvarin despite the ravenous appetite with which he consumed all things, and probably hadn't been eavesdropping on anyone talking about it. That there is probably why he's absolutely baffled by the inquiry, as well as the creepily whispered indication that she'd just been checking. Blink. Blink. Blink. Alrighty then. Clearly, he'd missed something there, his expression turned to the politeness of a smile and nervous laughter, because he didn't get it. However, between the other woodcrafter's take on the situation and the pasty his mouth was wrapped around, it's not long before he looks much less unsettled. Chew, chew, more than happy to stand there, eat, and let his attention waver between girl and Weyrwoman as they discuss wellness and things, listening on explanations about how a dragon's mind works and having to step back again to make room for the arm that Risali throws over his bestie's shoulders. But it's all good. Really. He was poking the last bite of that deliciousness into his face with one finger and finishing up anyway, already starting to slide his eyes back towards the very same booth and another pie.

A look of horror crosses Teinon's face at Sylvarin's words. Along with a flash of very real anger. Which he can't even /do/ anything about because now the poor kid is wailing harder than ever. He tries to balance her on his hip, trying to figure out how he can sign at Syl and take care of the girl at the same time. She solves the problem for him in the next moment. She /bites/ him. He gives a startled squawk, and just barely avoids dropping her right there. Somehow, she gets down to the ground without injury and she /takes off/ into the crowd. Hopefully off to find her parents. Once the shock has worn off, Teinon turns a glare on Syl, and makes a demanding couple of signs.

Nailii just eyes Risali a moment or two, a bit more redness creeping over those cheeks of her. "Your awful Risali." Though she is not complaining in the least, nope! She roots around n her basket while attempting to stop that blushing before her bright gaze lifts curiously to Sylvarin and Teinon. "I bet she wants a cookie or something, go give 'em a hand?" As for D'lei she can't help but grin. "Of course you, all grace and full of innocent things. I'm not too sure if we have enough glue though, may have to get some from another weyr to finish it all up?" She pulls out a dark blue bit of fabric that has a few sparkly gems upon it, along with a small rock carved dragon that looks a bit bronze like and is stretching up to tug it around D'lei's neck. "Have to look all sparkly on your turnday."

This is Sylvarin letting out /way/ too many expletives that shouldn't be said in with children within hearing distance. But he's at least saying them quietly? Where is a healer where you need one because, "I'm pretty sure I'm diseased now." Because /clearly/ that is all a child is, a tiny human filled with /disease/. He doesn't seem the slightest bit concerned when the child runs off but when Teinon glares at him and throws up the signs the baker just scowls (at what happened, not for Tei's response). "I don't like children, and it's /true/…how in Faranth's name are we supposed to figure out what's wrong when she doesn't explain?" Clearly the baker is not someone who interacts with children well or often! THE WORST.

"All of it," Risali answers. "Garouth's mind is… well, I've mostly seen it by way of Leirith, but it's a forest. And when they talk, it's… those lights in the trees." A gesture. "Or she lights up the paths like this," a gesture to the lights strung up between poles. But how does she handle it? WELP. There goes Risali, doing what she does best and awkwarding really hard. "Ah…" An exhale, a breath of laughter. "I guess… it feels natural to me? I…" How do you explain the bond between a dragon and a lifemate? Impossible. "It's just her. It's part of who she is. It's the same as that… music. But quieter, and…" Well. Leirith. She's complicated. Still, she's pulling her arm away, squeezing Riri's wrist gentle before reaching out to squeeze Mathis' arm. "D'lei showed me the… ah…" A flush of her cheeks. "Thank you." NOPE. OUT SHE GOES. SHE'S FLEEING AGAIN, this time to find a group of children whose level she gets down on to join them in some play. It's not very long before she's down on all fours, 'attacking' while children jump on her to TAKE DOWN THE EVIL WEYRWOMAN. Dignity. She got it.

Teinon shakes his head. He starts to try signing something. Stops. Tries again. Stops. Then he just gives up. Instead, he grabs Sylvarin by the shoulders, turns him around facing away from the pony pen, and gives him a /shove/. Not enough to knock him over, but enough to make it clear how Teinon feels about the whole situation. Meanwhile, a whole line of children, along with a couple who are still on ponies, are just watching all this with very, very round eyes.

D'lei nods sagely to Nailii, all that 'upset' of a moment ago disappearing into a grin again as she agrees with his outrageous re-definitions of those words. "I'm sure they'll help, once they appreciate how important this is." Yes. That's definitely what it is. Not at all the other thing that's the opposite of important. When Nailii draws out that bit of sparkly, his mouth opens in an oh of earnest surprise… and then the grin comes back into place as he ducks his head down to help her place it around. "Thank you," he says, though this time he just catches at her hand and gives it a squeeze as his other hand reaches up to lightly feel the shape of that dragon about his neck. He can't see it, after all - and besides, amber eyes are much busier seeing Nailii to convey that appreciation her way!

Sylvarin continues to frown when he's shoved away by Teinon but he certainly doesn't protest. Instead he wanders off in search of a healer because he is WOUNDED. Instead he ends up in the general vicinity of Mathis and Rinian, "Where's Nessalyn when I need her?" Because SHE would understand. There's a glance up at the gathered group and he has to ask, "Am I the only one that doesn't get along with the littles?" He can't possible be…right? But yeah, he's totally just intruding into the conversation.

"Of course they would, or Talanoath would be able to grab a few barrels of it before anyone noticed." Nailii offers with a grin. Though honestly with as big as Talanoath is anyone WOULD notice him unless it was super dark and he was super sneaky. Which yes he can be thank you! She'll go about smoothing the rather thin scarf like gift out and smiles before attempting to ruffle D'lei's hair while she has the moment. "You're welcome, not much of a gift but, it suits you I think." She'll even give his hand a squeeze back. "Go on and enjoy your day, I think there is a cake with your face someone said? Don't let one of the kids take it and hold you're for ransom or something." As for Sylvarin SHE SO HEARD YOU. A glance is sent his way along with a raised brow. "You do know that if you impress a hatchling it's like dealing with a child right?" Then Teinon is after Sylvarin and she blinks before setting her basket down and is moving over to try and attempting to help with the madness. "Hey hey? Don't make me get Talanoath over here to sit on you two." Talanoath looks to the pair and croons out. « OH can I?? »

Hmmm…food. Mathis might be drifting slightly more away from Rinian and Risali all due to that siren's call that was far too strong for him to ignore. One could practically see him salivating, but it also could be that this was just the remains of his last meal. Someone get the kid a napkin or something before he uses his sleeve as is customary for someone of his lacking turns. Before that can happen or he makes it too far, his arm is claimed and squeezed, responsible for the cessation of movement and curious-infused half turn back towards the weyrwoman, "Showed you the…" Okay, now he was REALLY confused. Risali was looking at HIM and blushing now. Hazel eyes go wide and he's only half conscious of the panicked look he's thrown D'lei's way. What. Was. Happening. "…UH…" That she too emotional to speak further and leaves with that much haste, leaves Mathis standing there the epitome of baffled beyond any ability to understand what had just gone down seconds ago. Blink. Blink.

Teinon was just about to go back to work when a rider is threatening to let a dragon sit on him. He looks back, mouth open. He lifts his hands to sign something, but it hangs in the air there. He shoots a glance toward Syl, all but shaking with frustration, but then just rolls his lips in, huffs a sigh, and sketches a polite bow toward Nailii. Suddenly stiff and formal, he turns and steps back into the pen. There are some children that have /far/ exceeded their turns for pony rides. Weirdly, the line for the next ride has shrunk considerably.
Rinian smiles at Slyv. "I like them." But then she is absently nibbling on her cooling meatpie, contemplating what Risa had said. As she finishes the pastry she spies…something sparkly. Drawn to it she endd up near Nailii and her basket.

A midnight raid of the glue stores? "Great idea," D'lei replies to Nailii. What could go wrong? Other than a barrel breaking and gluing a dragon or three to the floor, anyhow… but really, what are the odds of that? As for that dragony-weighted scarf. "It's lovely," he says to her, gaze steady. "And even if I didn't think that, I'd still appreciate it, because you gave it to me, but that's not even the point, because I do like it." D'lei grins, as that ruffled-up hair slowly falls back down into more-or-less place, and holds that for a moment before… "But you're right, it would be a shame if I didn't get to engage in at least a little symbolic cannibalism today." And… yeah, he ends a glance to the Sylvarin and Teinon vicinities, but… nope! It's his turnday, he's not dealing with it until it's twice that explosive. So! He's off in search of cakes, though… he does see that baffled look from Mathis. His grin and wave is probably not very helpful in terms of explanation, though!

"But I'm pretty sure you can tell what's wrong with a dragon if it's yours. And I don't think /every/ dragon requires coddling and baby talk." Sylvarin replies while looking down at the bite mark on his arm. It's honestly not that bad but he's kind of a wimp about these sorts of things. "Rinian my dear, if I ever have children, I freely and willingly gift them to you." The baker places a hand on her shoulder, a deep sigh escaping her lips. But perhaps some of his humor is returning because he can't possibly be serious…right? There's a brief glance back over his shoulders at Teinon as he returns to work but the baker doesn't seem to be heading that direction again for now! Fear not party-goers, no physical fighting is happening here…enjoy the merriment!

"RAWWWWR!" But also thunk. Risali gets tackled to the ground, buried under a sea of tiny bodies that shout their victory as Risali feigns the very THROES OF DEATH. RIP HER. MY DRAMATIC. "Tell D'lei… I always hated him the most!" she informs them, and they START THE CHANT. Risali falls with one last OVER-DRAMATIC EXHALE. And then goes up on her elbows. "THAT WAS DEVASTATING, DASH. YOU'RE DEVASTATED." Because he needs to be reminded of how he feels. And then she's back on the ground amid a chorus of tiny voices cheering, "Devastated! Devastated! Devastated!" It's in that small chaos that she breaks away, that grey eyes track after Nailii towards the pen, to focus on Teinon and watch for just a moment, with her lips poised as if she means to speak. Instead she just watches Sylv track towards Rin and Mathis and then looks for D'lei. TOWARDS THE CAKES. So she follows, limping with not-nearly-long-enough-strides until she can press her shoulder into his and also pretend not to see.

"I have a few good ideas every now and then." Nailii says with a glance back to D'lei and his words make her mind once more. "I'm glad you like it, looks good on you too." This said with a wink before he is off to do some cannibalism on self-looking cakes. "I hope they taste good as they look!" Her attention is back to Teinon and Sylvarin though and she holds a hand up slightly. "I'm not upset at you, and I'll help with the kids and the ponies how's that?" She questions with a smile to Teinon before shrugging at Sylvarin. "You might want to think about a lot of things if that is how you feel. When tending to a hatchling it I just like a baby, you do everything for them for a good long while." She half points to her brown. "While yes a dragon will communicate with the lifemate they till are learning things as well you know. It is a learning curve for everyone." She can tuck a lesson into just about anything. "I have a good book at the matter if you ever want to read it." OF course she does.

Rinian looks at Slyvarin in all seriousness, and says, "You aren't going to murder them claiming a failed parachute ride off the clock tower? Poor rock." Then peers into the basket of pretties.

No, not helpful at all D'lei. Especially not with that grin that turns Mathis much the same shade as Risali had been, quick to look away and throw the guy a awkward return wave that was altogether rather stiff. Blame it all on blushing and weirdness that comes with no explanation for now being when he notices Sylvarin, perhaps a bit startled that he'd suddenly so appeared, that doesn't last long once he's caught wind of that question. "You aren't the only one," he replies darkly, pointing at his head. See, no hair, well considerably less than had been there before. "Nanny duty." Enough said. Scoring himself another pie, he drifts back towards Rinian, Risali and her apparent attraction towards him decidedly pushed far from his mind.

"Delicious!" D'lei replies back to Nailii, with the sort of intonation that Risali would probably declare entirely illegal if she heard it. In fact? That's probably why she's informing him of just how devastated he is by way of child-cult chants. She KNEW. But! He's off to find those cakes, and along the way, he's found by Risali. He hooks his arm around her in answer to that bump, turning his own steps slower to better keep pace with hers. At least D'lei is gracious enough to pretend that the awkward wave from Mathis was Perfectly Normal Okay??? - or at least, not something he's going to embarrass the boy further by pointing out. Besides… cake! "What flavor do you think I am?" he asks Risali as they approach and he gets a good look at… well, what's left, but there were plenty to begin with, so there's still a fair number. "The frosting makes it very mysterious."

Teinon gets one of the kids off a pony, but the other scrambles down on his own before anyone can help. Teinon sighs and ushers them off, then glances back to Nailii. He looks uncertain about all that, but holds his arms outstretched to indicate she's welcome. He signs a few more things, which may or may not be lost on Nailii, but by the end of it, he just looks tired and pastes a smile on his face so he can let the next round of kids into the pen.

Sylvarin just glances at Nailii for a moment, her words reaching his ears but…there's no comment on them. The baker has his own opinions on all of this but apparently all Nailii is getting is a casual shrug. Sylvarin instead proceeds to turn to Rinian with a devilish little grin on his face. "Really, Rin? Would /I/ ever do such a thing?" He clearly knows the answer to that question but he asks it anyways. His blue-green gaze now slides over to Mathis and the missing hair and there's a sympathetic grimace from the baker. "I think the last time I was in the nursery one of the children nearly killed Nessalyn, it sounds like they haven't calmed down at all." A pause. "Not a bad hair length on you though." SUCH SYMPATHY. He feels for the kid, he really does! As for those cake flavors? They remain a mystery but there is /no/ seaweed, or vegetables, or fish thankfully! He's still occasionally glancing back at Teinon and he sees those signs…which earn another frown. "I don't hate /all/ of those things…" It's a quiet mutter under his breathe.

Risali's arm comes around D'lei's hip, fingers hooking into loops as she uses him to pace herself just a little better and not slow him down too much. So what flavor would she say D'lei is? Risali scrunches her nose, grey eyes going from D'lei to those cakes. "When they find out a way to make a treat taste like -" REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED "-I'll let you know." And oh yes, Risali's smile is mischief, a bit applied to Weyrleader shoulder before she leans forward to see just what flavors those cakes are. "If we're going for things that currently exist - chocolate." Because what woman doesn't love chocolate. "You know it's probably bad for you, but it tastes so good, that you don't want to stop." So she takes one, and she holds it up for D'lei to take a bite of. "And in the right hands it can be sweet, and in the wrong hands, it can be…" Well. BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE BITE, D'LEI. Because then Risa's gonna smash dat tiny D'lei-face into D'lei's face and laugh about it.

Nailii grins as she hears D'lei and shakes her head a moment before she looks back to Teinon and tilts her head at the signing as se ponders this. Well this is something she doesn't know, but before she impressed Talanoath she had to figure out plenty of just watching and picking things up her own way. A nod is seen and she smiles while she watches and then lances to the kids that are next in line. "Alright, who's next?" As for Sylvarin, yeah she saw the shrug and she doesn't really care as she doesn't have a problem with kids.

Teinon stands back to let Nailii handle the next round of children. He watches, not quite enjoying it the way he was before. And then… a few sidesteps. A bit of sneaky sneaking. And he leaves Nailii in charge of the pony rides. SEE YA SUCKERS.

D'lei listens to Risali's explanation with a few 'mmhs', 'hmms', and nods. It's fascinating, really! "Well," he concludes at last, "We can certainly hope that some baker will take it on as their mastery project." Until then, though? He'll just have to take him a bite. And make it count, too, with a big ol' chomp before… "Ahhh! It's biting baaaack!" Because that's definitely what the cupcake-D'lei is doing while smushing against his face. He's even 'bleeding'… or at least, there's some raspberry filling getting smooshed out onto him. "So fierce!"

Really, if Mathis had known that D'lei was pretending everything was nominal for his benefit, he might have hunted himself down later and blushily thanked him for not making even more awkward. Or, you know, any of the other things that could have easily crushed his soul. Those cheeks cool in no time at all without any further stimulation while bonding with his former nemesis over the hateful and destructive nature of children, pointedly pretending he didn't hear anything about potentially murdering fictitious-offspring, "The nannies tried to tell me it was because they liked me so much," the boy says utterly deadpan, his second meatpie poised just there before his mouth. Suffice to say, Mathis wasn't buying it. Hazel eyes are sent upwards, tugging what little he could pinch of his remaining hair with his free hand. "You think?" HIs face said he had doubts.

Well, at least Risali, amid some of her laughter, found it in herself to be kind. That's why fingers are sweeping away frosting, and chocolate, and raspberry filling. "You looked tasty," she tells him, because of course that's why the cake bit back. But she's presses a kiss to his lips amid ALL THAT CAKE SMOOSH, and then blinks down at her hands because now they're both a mess. It's fine. Everything is fine. "Do you want to try a different one?"

"The nannies are wearing rose-colored glasses…" Sylvarin gives another deep sigh and shakes his head. "There are maybe /two/ kids I've found generally likable, and none of them expressed themselves through pain." Such a low number! "Really though, your hair looks fine." Speaking of meat pies…perhaps it's time he grabs some food himself. A nearby table is spotted and he's snagging some for himself before returning to the group! Though he looks distracted, perhaps by the departing herder or /perhaps/ by some of the performers in costume over there!

Nailii says, ":has no idea that she is being left to watch over the kidlets and take care of the ponies along with them. Thankfully she doesn't have a problem with the kids nor the ponies and does rather well. A glance is sent around for Teinon and she ahs faintly. "Hey where did he wander off too?" Because really she doesn't normally tend to ponies, like do they get breaks? (you know a hay break every hour or some such). She goes about helping a little girl down from a pony and glances to the line that seems to have thinned down a bit at least. She needs to drag someone else in to help, during this time a pony is chewing on her shirt and she has to wave it off. "Who wants to bother a dragon?" This questioned to the children that are left and Talanoath is around, perhaps eyeing the table with all the goodies on it too."

Nailii has no idea that she is being left to watch over the kidlets and take care of the ponies along with them. Thankfully she doesn't have a problem with the kids nor the ponies and does rather well. A glance is sent around for Teinon and she ahs faintly. "Hey where did he wander off too?" Because really she doesn't normally tend to ponies, like do they get breaks? (you know a hay break every hour or some such). She goes about helping a little girl down from a pony and glances to the line that seems to have thinned down a bit at least. She needs to drag someone else in to help, during this time a pony is chewing on her shirt and she has to wave it off. "Who wants to bother a dragon?" This questioned to the children that are left and Talanoath is around, perhaps eyeing the table with all the goodies on it too.

KINDNESS? In RISALI? …it's more likely than you think! D'lei grins, though his face is still spattered with bits of that cupcake, and leans in to kiss Risali back… before capturing one of her hands so he can lick some fingers clean of cupcake. What? She's the one who stole his treat, he gets to eat the rest of it! "I mean - mmh. Can't really… blame myself," he says around his licks of those finger, then grins. "Taste pretty good like this, too. Though maybe that's partly just your part of that flavor." An arch of brows, and a grin. "Shall we find out?" By taking another cupcake to try, clearly. What else did you think he meant?

Of that, Mathis could only agree, eyes hooded and head bobbling in the affirmative, "One day, they'll turn on them…and no one will be there to help them," sagely he predicts. Because everyone else would be either dead, mortally wounded, or deaf to their plight. As for those that were tolerated, "Should round up the lot of them and teach them a lesson." Now he was just mumbling to himself, as he nibbled on his meatpie. A few bites later, "We're talking under the age of six right?" chuckling softly there after, because he'd better be counted among those kids that were tolerable now that they'd made up and everything. His hair though? Dropping his hand away he shrugs and slides his attention towards Rinian. Fine was just another way of saying that something was just okay, nothing spectacular or flattering, better than being bald or having that rat's nest he'd had before. But it was fine. Totally cool. Whatever man. In that time the baker had wandered off to get himself one of very same pies that he himself held and upon return it was Mathis' turn to sigh, "You should go talk to him, you know." The woodcrafter lad had noted the fight and Teinon's departure, but had been polite enough not to add to the spectacle by staring, pointing it out to anyone who might have been nearby, or jabbing Rinion to go all 'oooooh trouble in paradiiiiise' or something. No, his advice was genuinely meant.

Rinian watches the interplay between baker and fellow woodcrafter and looks…content. Much better to see things getting resolved. She adds a nod to Matty's suggestion, as if agreeing.

ERROR 404: The Risali you are looking for CANNOT BE FOUND. She's too busy being fixated on things that DEFINITELY MAKE D'LEI ILLEGAL, that have the Weyrwoman parting with a whimper in her throat that she definitely will not ever admit to making. Her cheeks aren't faintly red, yours are. "Uhm," Risali says intelligently, breathlessly. AND THEN SHE'S PUNCHING D'LEI. RIGHT IN HIS ARM. Because this is how she handles those short-circuits he is so often the culprit of. VIOLENTLY. Don't worry, you guys. It's playful. So is her grabbing like three more cakes to smoosh against D'lei's face. "NAILII!" Because this requires more abuse than she can dish out on her own. "NAILII, GET HIM!"

"I'm fairly sure we'd get a pretty terrible punishment if we tried to….oh Faranth." Sylvarin breathes out as he watches all of that CAKE SMASHING. He's trying to respond to both Mathis and Rinian, he really is. "I will, go talk to him, just a bit later…." He isn't the only baker looking alarmed but ain't nobody going to be stopping them! He's just going to do that exercise where he counts to ten and tries to ignore things. Yeah not working so instead he'll just /stare/. But honestly, those are D'lei's face on the cakes so where /else/ should they really end up if not his face??

Nailii is able to esacpe the ponies as it seems some kids still want to ride them, because dragons psh everyone does that! Another person has given the dragonhealer a way out and she takes it, basket back in hand she is off heading towards the tables of food goodies to get something. She sets her basket down and picks up a icing covered cake and takes a bite from it. Hearing her name she blinks looking up and around before seeing Risali going after D'lei and she grins before shaking her head and is moving over to help. As for what is left of the cake she picked up it is going flying towards D'lei, though seeing how she is moving towards them it might not hit him well, or may make a huge mess but that is the point right?

See, some people might think that helping would involve having fewer cakes smashing in against D'lei. It's his turnday, you know. He's respectable. Or he was, up until smooshes of cake are joined by more smooshes, and he's laughing and attempting to fend them off… which might have worked better except for how one of his earlier attempts deflected a cheek-bound cupcake enough that it went near his eye and now his lashes are kiiind of a bit stuck together with frosting. So. NO DEPTH PERCEPTION. It's going great, if by great you mean HE IS LOSING ALL THAT DIGNITY as it falls off in globs and goops and mess. The bakers will probably mutiny. Maybe Mathis and Sylvarin can arrange to have them destroy the children along the way, but for right now? D'lei is CAKED (in cake).

Scoffing lightly, "Be worth it…" Mathis mutters before casting a look over his shoulder towards what had Sylvarin so verklempt, his eyebrows shooting upwards toward his hairline, now a thing that was notable without bangs to hangy-dos as he liked to called them. Don't look at him, he wasn't about to go over there and stop them, but he'd totally stand far away and watch. Rinian had been kind enough to find him that white sweater he was wearing and while it felt weird to wear something that fit him so well, it was still warm and the material felt nice against his skin. Putting himself in the middle of a cake fight was going to absolutely ruin it. "You'd better, or I will find you and punish you." It was offhanded, distracted, a few winces and sympathetic 'oooh' mixed in there as raspberry filling, frosting, and heavenly moist deliciousness is mashed and smooshed and goes flying everywhere. "Yikes." And truth be told, if Mathis could convince the bakers to (accidentally on purpose) trample a few of those demons masquerading as littles on their way to grab their torches and pitchforks, he probably would. A hand is lifted to genetly and consolingly pat the counting Sylvarin before he looks back towards Rinian, "Can't say this candidacy was boring." Heh. Heh. Heh. That wasn't awkward at all.

Don't just stand there, Sylvarin. CAKE HIM! Risali is pretty oblivious to the horror of desserts being utilized for unintended uses, but have you met Risali? YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. Then there's Nailii, joining in and oh yeah. Risali gets some of that SPATTER, but it just has her laughing even harder, grabbing more cake to SMUSH and then FLING AT NAILII. Because WHY NOT? HERE SYLV. SHE SPOT YOU LOOKING. And now she's tossing a cupcake RIGHT AT YOUR PRECIOUS FACE TOO. It's probably some really horrible faux pas, but Risali has never been great with people. And anyway, WHAT'S HE GONNA DO? POISON HER? NOTHING CHANGES. Sorry if it his one of you though, Mathis or Rinian! Sylv was the intended!

"Got you!" Nailii offers with a laugh and is then met with a splatter of cake across the face thanks to Risali. She is left giggling while trying to wipe the cake from her eyes before something else gets tossed at her. Though don't you worry Risali, the dragonhealer does manage to grab a cake and tosses it towards the other rider as quickly as she possibly can at the moment. Food fight! « If we just open our mouths they could give it to us instead of wasting it. » Talanoath offers with a slight amused rumble while watching the show before him.
Rinian steps a bit further back from where the poor cakes are meeting an untimely demise, her brows arched upwards in surprise. She wonders if she'll ever understand these people, though she's trying. How is it ok to act like this? Her parents would have had fits had they been here. Her Master too. But she was scolded about being too serious so she tries.

Sylvarin is going from counting numbers to counting tiny destroyed cakes..and groaning. So much effort gone! But he can console himself by saying they're being enjoyed still? Just in a different way. "Lock me in the nursery, will you? Don't worry." The baker's voice is a reply to the teens words and another heavy sigh escapes his lips as he feels the pat on his shoulder. "No, not boring. Entertaining, definitely quite entertain—" Oh that cakes HITS HER MARK ALRIGHT. He's mid-sentence that the thing meets his open mouth and splatters /everywhere/. There are /definitely/ specks of cake and frosting and filling that land on Mathis and Rinian if they aren't careful to step away. It's almost slow-mo really, his hand reaching up…slowly raking down his face to reveal anger that's just /comical/ with all the stuff still on him. "OY!" He's stalking over to a food table and is he going for the cake? No. But you know what isn't time consuming? This pudding over here that is being scooped up and /flung/.

D'lei is so got. He opens his mouth to say something about this, but… BAM. Cake! Right in the pie hole, which has got to be against some kind of rule. It's a pie hole, not a cake hole. Which is not to say that he doesn't use it to eat cake, because he does. He even licks his lips, as ridiculous as it is with the rest of him a mess, and then… all his hard work is undone, because you know what gets everywhere? Pudding. It's not even solid in flight, it's just sort of a rain of sugary custard falling from above. So yeah, he's in that area of puddfect, and that is a SWEET TOO FAR. By which we mean it's the one that makes him take a step back, which has him bumping at the table with his hip and making punch splash out into a punchdle, aaaand then his foot slips on it and… turnday boy down! He's squooshing that ground now, in all his frosted jellied puddinged glory. SO RESPECTABLE.

Hazel eyes sliiiiide back toward the baker, a brow arching as the man starts to count ruined confectioneries instead of trying to calm himself down. A soft sigh, the boy gives that black apron a gentle tug, "Hey, why are you torturing yourself?" Yeah man, stop counting losses. That there was the Weyrwoman, the Weyrleader, and one of their close friends. Who would in their right minds get themselves involved in their horseplay. It wasn't the first time he'd seen them rastle, it wouldn't be the last giving their track record. This being twice in as many days. A disbelieving smirk appearing on his face for what he sees as a pale attempt at trying to play off smoldering baker rage. Rinian had smartly moved away, but Mathis had not. When that cupcake goes flying and splatters across Sylvarin's cheek, some of the shrapnel strikes him as well. The side if his neck, the shell of his ear and a few dots along the sleeve of his sweater. The boy GASPS sending a suddenly poisonous look over his shoulder back towards where the assault upon his wardrobe had come from. OH NO THEY DIDN'T! "Who threw that?" His lovely sweater had been wronged! He doesn't get much of an answer though, except that Sylvarin soon had it well in hand. As in pudding over the culprits. Hmf. Serve them right!

AWWWWYIS. Risali gets SPLATTERED, and she grabs ANOTHER CAKE. TO FLING AT SYLV, another to SMASH AT NAILII with a gasp of laughter, and then D'lei is bumping into tables and Risali's focus (despite the food STILL COMING) is to reach out for him and keep him upright. NOPE. She fails and D'lei goes DOWN! But more people are joining in, getting over the horror and shock (or probably just pretty used to) the sight of their Weyrwoman and Weyrleader having a throw down - regardless of how many people are involved. It's in the confusion of SMOL CHILDREN and adults who just want to have fun that Risali finds D'lei in a moment of distraction, and then rolls with him under one of the tables. HIDDEN BY THE TABLECLOTH! And SAFE! … For now.

Nailii is hit with pudding, and then another cake and she may have reached the limit of what she can even handle as she just looks at herself and sputters a bit before wiping some cake off her fac. "Ok I think I give? You all win, as always!" She says with a laugh before D'lei and Risali have disappeared and the like. She smirks a bit before shaking her head and ducks away from the table to be sure nothing else comes flying towards her in the process. "The cake was good by the way." This sent to Sylvarin, she is figuring he had to make some of it right?

Rinian had stepped back at just the right time! But poor Matty..and poor D'lei! She uh ohs as he goes down followed by Risali. She's gone from a place where one would never find the leaders on the ground, to one where it seems they are frequently on the ground. Maybe one of these days she'll learn to relax and have fun. Maybe. She says lightly to Matty, "It's just a little and easily cleaned. Don't worry."
Sylvarin looks /very/ satisfied with himself at first….and then things go /too/ wrong and D'lei ends up on the ground. "Well sh—" Because down go both the Weyrleader and the Weyrwoman and this is apparently Sylvarin's time to cut his losses. Will he actually get in trouble? He doesn't know, but he's /definitely/ assuming that he's going to. "Mathis…good luck with your sweater. And surviving." Because the baker is trying to maneuver through the chaos. Nailii's words do have the baker pause though and all that grumpiness disappears for a moment and there's a genuine smile for the rider. "Thank you." And then he's disappearing because he has to wash this stuff /off/.

Admittedly, Mathis was fussing over a sweater that not that long ago he hadn't been entirely sure about. Be assured that this is merely out of sentimentality than anything else. As the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader go down, fleetingly he forgets all about it, all that the wind out of his sails as he turns and takes a step forward as if at any moment he might start running over to check on them as he had with Meion on the sand. But with laughter, rolling, and suspicious disappearances beneath tables and their dangling clothes, the boy calls it quits before he's even had much of a chance to begin. With heaviness of a sigh that someone his age had no business exhaling, he turns back towards Rinian, brows creasing as he picks at the offended sleeve, "Ugh would you look at that?" Look at those tiny little smudges of frosting? Yeah, okay. "You don't think it'll stain?" Not so busy making mountains out of molehills, the woodcrafter glances up as Sylvarin passes by on his way distinctly not to chase after Teinon, "I will punish you!" he calls after him in reminder of his earlier warning, huffing and shaking his head in the man's wake.

Rinian is glad to see the food fight dies down as the instigators vanish. "Yes, I'm sure we can get that out, no problem." She gestures at the party at large still going. "Did you want to do anything else?"

Nailii manages to fnd her basket, which is also covered in cake and who knows what else. "Come on Talanoath, I think it's time we get cleaned up before something else falls on us. Or well me mostly." Talanoath is amused at this idea. « Go jump in the lake. » The dragonhealer is not amused as she turns to leave, a slight wave sent to the others. "You all have fun." With that the pair are gone, one to get uncaked, and the other to drol over some beasts in the pen most likely.

As Nailii takes her leave, "Bye!" comes freely from him easily enough, "…brownrider…lady…" Yeah, Matty still doesn't know her name, or at least, they hadn't been properly introduced. Risali had yelled it several times both times he'd seen her, so either he hadn't been paying that close attention, or he felt that it wasn't right to just assume he could use it without her permission. Ah well. There she went, along with her lifemate. Then, it was back to the very important discussion of whether or not frosting had ruined his brand new sweater of friendship, "Do you think we could do that now?" Twitch. Twitch. It was bound to happen eventually, Risali and D'lei responsible for giving someone a nervous condition. Was there anything else that he wanted to do? Only if it involved stain prevention.

Rinian provides for him, "Her name is Nailii." She then looks at the spattered sleeve. "If you like, yes we could." She doesn't show any disappointment for leaving the party, even if she is. Instead she reaches for his hand, "Let's go. It shouldn't take long to sort out."

Mathis nods, "Oh, I know." There is no clarification as to why it was he'd refused to use her name despite knowing it, back to worrying over frosting and its stainability, casting the other woodcrafter a pleading look. Yes, he would like. He would like very, very much. Even as she reaches for his hand, "We can come back afterwards." He was taking Rinian's word that fixing the sweater up would be an easy task and once that was taken care of, his anxieties tended to, there would be no reason for them not to return.

Rinian leads him off to the washing area in the cliffside caverns.

And when they come back, they have tons of fun and stuff.

Meion comes back from organizing things in the healer's tent to a scene of food-fight chaos. With the guest of honor and his weyrmate nowhere to be seen, she quietly breaks away, heading back to the weyr for Important Candidate Errands.

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