A Queenrider, a Bronzerider, and a Psycho Dancing

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomans' Office
Office or study? Perhaps this room is a little of both. It is spacious and airy with the big windows opposite the door looking northwards, a perfect aspect when one is this far south. Those windows are framed by dark forest green drapes, soft ribbons and braid in dark, rich gold sewn along the edges to give them a sumptuous look.
The back wall is covered by shelves that hold a variety of things - mostly records and reference material as well as writing tools and sheets of hide and paper. Tapestries, including several lovely scenes of the terrain around Xanadu Weyr, cover the rest of the wall-space while a soft, plain off-white rug hides the stone floor. A small, low table sits by the door and usually has some refreshment set out on it.
Several broad desks are arranged around the room, each one set so someone sitting at it doesn't look directly at any of the others. Small screens can be set up on each desk to give a little more privacy and each has one comfortable chair that goes with it. There are also several other chairs, which can be used by visitors.

The resident that Risali picked on happened to be a girl barely into her teens. She draws back a couple of steps timidly; her eyes wide and full of fear at being accosted quite like that. She'd been having a normal day. You know? Making bread and LIVING HER LIFE and now an obviously upset person is demanding that she find someone she barely knows. So she swallows, and nods. "…. Oooookay. I think I know where to find her." Risali is led through a labyrinth of tunnels deep into the weyr and she may or may not notice she's being led into the administrative area. Finally an office, and she refuses to open the door and in fact, bolts. If and when Risali enters, Calisi is sitting at a desk with both of her hands deep into her hair and a pencil in her mouth. She still wears absolutely no knot at all and today a very plain gray dress is what covers her, one that doesn't really do anything for her shape at all. Her hair is all askew as well because she's probably been pulling at it because RECORDS SUCK.

And the poor girl, the entire way, has to listen to Risali's muttering and occasional outburst of, "BASTARD!" or, "STUPID BRONZERIDER!", etc. So caught up in her own misery is she that she does not notice immediately that they are going the way of administrative offices; in fact, once she-who-was-merely-baking-bread bolts in the face of a very ominous looking door, Risali just shoulders her way in. "I cannot BELIEVE —" Pause. Risa takes in the desk, Calisi's obvious dishevelment, and walks right back out. Well, not out, but she lingers in the doorway with her eyes narrowed suspiciously as she looks outside and - yep. Definitely administrative offices. Risali straightens her spine, looks for just a moment like maybe she's discovered something untoward, and then decides that she doesn't care and stomps right back in. DOOR SLAM. "He KISSED me," Risali growls, stalking to a chair that gets a rather brutal outwards pull before she flops into it and slams her hands down on Cali's desk. You would think that they've been friends forever, given the ease in Risali's movements and the overly-assumptive way in which she behaves. "He kissed me and IF YOU ARE A GOLDRIDER I HOPE HE WINS YOUR FLIGHT AND YOU BITE OFF HIS TONGUE." One more DESK SMACK, and then she leans back with arms over her chest, legs crossed, chest heaving. She's silent and then - oh, wait, nope. She's not done. "Are you?" this is asked more quietly, with less anger, but no less agitated.

Even though Calisi doesn't actually answer her there are several things in hte office that scream goldrider. One is the opulence of the place; it is not the kind of bean counting place with wicker chairs and that kind of thing. This office has actual leather furniture. The chair that Risali abuses so much is actually COMFORTABLE. It's wrap around and has arms. The poor girl that she'd been yelling at the whole way dissapears as fast as she can. Bronzeriders are a few years yet for her. The OTHER THINGS that speak of goldrider? That Calisi keeps any reaction to the sudden invasion to herself; biting down on her pencil harder. Of course the other thing is on the bookshelf behind Calisi if Risali can see it. The knot that she isn't wearing. A harper journeyman's knot, interwoven with gold and in Xanadu's colors with the badging of a junior weyrwoman. Oh yeah, that one outs her and it's kind of subtle the way she shifts her chair so that it's between Risali and the shelves to interfere with her line of sight to that. Calisi just watches Risali for a moment; removing the much chewed pencil from her mouth and setting it down on the desk over the records that she'd been trying to figure out. "Well." Calisi says, carefully. "I'm obligated to take your side in this. But there's one thing you ought to consider; no matter how upset you are." She pauses for effect and waits for a lull in the fuming and maybe if she can find it an opening in Risali's closed and defensive body language. "Way, way, way more people say to themselves for years 'I should have kissed him or her' than 'I shouldn't have kissed him or her'. That said, some people can work on timing. Are you all right? Nobody forced themselves on you? What happened?" Right at the very end after her blunt questions is another of her own: "Does it really matter if I am, or I am not? I'm Calisi. That's really all that matters. I'm to be known and judged for who I am, not who I'm supposed to be."

Calisi really doesn't need to put herself in the line of sight because Risali's too busy fuming to really, really appreciate the luxury she's just raged herself into. "You're damn right you're obligated to be on my side," Risali intones, smacking the desk again for good measure. Really, Calisi owes her nothing (she's aware), but their exchange in Half Moon Bay's Tiki Lounge has provided her with the BIASED, ONE-SIDED, PERVERSE NOTION THAT THEY ARE NOW FRIENDS. Forever. It's this notion that's possibly partially to blame when Risali actually clamps her mouth shut to listen, and then seemingly deflates when Calisi is done. She deflates, she looks sullen, petulant, and then she's RIGHT BACK AT IT. "People feel that way when they like somebody, Cali. I do not like him." Clearly. She's only wearing his tunic. PERFECTLY, SOCIETALLY NORMAL AND ACCEPTABLE. "And yes it matters!" DESK SLAP, DESK SLAP, DESK SLAP. "It matters because if you are a goldrider, then you need to make that Queen proddy RIGHT NOW and MURDER him when he wins your flight." ALSO PERFECTLY, SOCIETALLY NORMAL AND ACCEPTABLE. AND POSSIBLE. And after a pause, she continues viciously with, "With a divine kegel." (THANK YOU KEY AND PEELE). Give Risali one, two, three moments, and those grey eyes are finally shifting away from Calisi to take in her office, regarding the furniture she's abusing with the same kind of distracted regard that one might afford a particularly cute kitten. She doesn't comment — or stop abusing the desk, for that matter. Calisi asked for a story, and for once, Risali is willing to give it. "We keep meeting. Not on purpose, of course, but on accident. And he is just INFURIATINGLY HUGE, and BRONZERIDER-Y, and he KISSED ME." Okay, so maybe not the whole story. She's not quite calm enough. Tucking her hands under her armpits (finally), she leans forward to peer at Calisi's work - if the woman allows. Who knows? It might be TOP SECRETE XANADUIAN THINGS. "What boring paperwork are you working on today?" Really. Extremely casual. You would think they've been friends for ages and not just recent, awkward acquaintances. And then, almost as if an afterthought: "And how are you?" SEE. MANNERS. SHE HAS THEM.

Calisi just crosses her arms under her chest and leans way back in her chair; stretching out her legs to put her feet on the edge of the mahogany desk that Risali is battering. Good thing it's so heavy and can stand up to the pounding! "Are you telling me that, or telling yourself that?" She queries mid-rant. Her voice is so much softer and more gentle in comparison to Risali's fuming rants. But it's just the right moment to deliver it — when she has to breathe. Pale eyebrows keep going up and up and up when Risali suggests that she murder him with her vagina. She's pondered killing someone before for sure; but that is a new one. Calisi's work isn't hidden and it seems to be a leaf of proposals. Almost techcraft things? People are writing in ideas and asking for funding to support them. "Do you want my actual, too much information commentary on what you just said or do you want me to smile and pat you on the back and everything be light and easy and perfectly okay? If you overshare, I might find the need to in order to keep this thing equal." She refrains from answering how she is and uses the heel of a bare foot to push what she was doing at Risali. "I administrate a program here. Xanadu's always been known for it's techcraft associations. We sponsor people who have interesting ideas."

If feet and the objects they are touching bother Risali, it doesn't show - though to be fair, her father is Ila'den, the man who is QUITE KNOWN for putting his feet EVERYWHERE and challenging people with SILENT LOOKS to put them back on the ground where they belong. It's an eccentric mannerism to be sure, but one she's comforted by. Risali's distraction for the paperwork is only momentary, but it seems to serve its purpose; when Calisi speaks again, those grey eyes rise slowly to green and hold before she makes and indignant huff and leans back in her chair. And then sprawls. And then curls up. And then sprawls again. "Fine. Give me your opinion. Or both. Neither? Both." Because either way she needs a vindicating PAT ON THE BACK for being subjected to K'vir in SHIRTLESS, FORCED-KISS DOSES - and her liking it might be all the more 'why' she needs to justify it. As to what Calisi is working on, well… Risali stares at the paper once more in a manner that says it may as well be in Kittenese, and then she rolls her eyes. "You know, before my father," a pause, a stumble over the final word that has brows furrowing and eyes suspiciously bright, but that she forces herself to continue on with anyway, "had a piece of paper asking for Benden wine, ceiling hooks, rope, phosphorescent paint, and 25 brushes. Yours at least sounds less sexually harassing than his." She will swipe at her eyes without a change in expression and then lean forward again, READY TO ACCEPT THE ADVICE.

Calisi isn't really trying to challenge anyone; it's just that it's her desk and she'll put her feet up on it if she DAMN WELL WANTS TO and anyone who would tell her otherwise or that it isn't proper form can fuck right off. "Oh, my opinion isn't on what happened to you. You seem to have mistaken me on that." Her hands are behind her neck now; folded and comfortable and she looks like someone who snuck into the office to just lounge. "My opinion is that I'm probably not the one to look at for romantic advice. Meirath hasn't flown yet, the idea terrifies me and she shouldn't have impressed me at all — and my romantic life is usually in varying degrees of shambles. So keep that in mind and take anything I say with a grain of salt. Because if you are looking for someone who has their shit togeather I'm not the one. If what you want is an ear, sympathy, discussion and a hug that I can do." Her eyes are intense above those crossed arms as they stare right at her. "Sounds like a good time. Who's your father?" She adds as an afterthought. "My other opinion? You seem to be awfuly loud about this. If someone kissed me and I didn't want it I wouldn't be furious; I'd be traumatized."

Oh, but Faranth. “I am NOT HERE FOR ROMANTIC ADVICE.” Maybe if she says it loud enough, that will make it true. “I don’t LIKE HIM. EVEN A LITTLE BIT. The thing I like best about him is when he is NOT HERE, NOT KISSING ME, NOT TOUCHING ME, NOT STARING AT MY —“ A pause, a reprieve, as Risali seems to breath in short, staccato bits of angry air and then slams her hand on the desk. Again. “Ila’den. My father… his name is Ila’den, bronze Teimyrth’s.” And the admittance seems to calm her, seems to lull her back into that surface-quick, alien sorrow that robs her of anger and words for mere seconds before she can find her way back to the surface. But for all that it’s obvious something is amiss, she doesn’t crumble, or wail, or turn frantic — she stays strong. “Anyway, that’s you and I am me. I yell, you suffer in silence, noted. Why is your romantic life in shambles?” She won’t touch on the other parts just yet, because… well… That requires the focus swinging right back onto hers.

All of the judging dubiousness is from Calisi's eyes and body posture; just staring at Risali. She clearly doesn't believe her but the smile at least sofens the harshness? She abruptly puts her feet down and reaches out like a snake; aiming to seize the girl's wrist and place her hand flat on the desk and her hand over it. "The desk didn't stare at your curves, love." She says bluntly. "Quit beating on it." Only when she's satisfied that Risali is not going to pound away does she take her hand away and lean back in her chair again with the squeak of metal on wood and put her bare feet back up. Her toenails are bright orange, too. And they've been painted by someone who wasn't especially careful; probably someone young. "Want to be honest with each other?" Her toes wiggle and she stares at those now like they are much more interesting. She'll have to poke Nerri and get her to do a better job later but that's what happens when you let a ten year old do it. "First time you've ever possibly had someone you liked? I mean, we're talking about someone else of course." She give Risali that out as she closes her eyes. Both to think and give her some privacy. "I still lust after the first person that really caught my eye and it's been…. four turns? Every time I see them I get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach and my toes go numb. It sucks. Sometimes your feelings don't give you a choice. Even if they suck." She might mean the feelings or the person that has been chosen to recieve the object of her affctions. It seems an easy segway into romantic affections. "Because I'm bad at limiting my love to one person and the people I love are just as bad at it. It makes for complicated things and complicated times."

And look at that, Calisi asserts her authority to protect the wellbeing of innocent tables, and instead of looking properly cowed (or even remotely apologetic), Risa jerks her hand away from the goldrider as soon as the pressure lets up enough for her to be able to do so. The words never leave her lips, but the inaudible communication is clear: don’t touch me. Calisi has, to her credit, earned herself the silence of the woman opposite of her, grey eyes fixed pointedly on green if for no other reason than to pretend she doesn’t see the toes wiggling with their new paint job. “The first boy I liked doesn’t count. We were four. The second boy I liked kissed me breathless and then threatened to tell my Dad about it if I didn’t sleep with him. I punched him and told my Dad myself. K’vir — sorryKyzenviro is not my first experience with a man and, were I to be honest with you, I don’t like him.” Because WAY TO BE INSULTING CALI, GOSH. HOW MANY TIMES DOES SHE HAVE TO EXPRESS HATE BEFORE YOU CATCH ON THAT SHE HATES HIM. But she listens to Calisi’s story and, after a moment, those shoulders wilt and the proud tilt of her defiant chin diminishes all while grey eyes drop to her hands. It’s a contemplative look, far from submissive, but certainly less intense than the persona she usually projects. “Well, that’s normal, isn’t it? For a dragonrider, I mean. My Mom and Dad tried to do the plutonic thing and it blew up in their faces.” Because of other things, but she won’t elaborate on that. “And anyway, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with loving more than one person at a time. Some people just have more love to give.” Unlike her. And her father, apparently. “What was their name?"

Calisi should have been a boat. She'd be amazing at withstanding hurricaines. After Risali takes her hand back, Calisi points at the other girl's hand and then points back at her own eyes with two fingers. She's watching her. That's the mssage. She'll defend her poor innocent desk to the death; as well as her wiggling toes. "I'm glad you punched him. Anyone who'd try and blackmail someone into sex deserves nothing else. *I'd* punch him if I knew who he was." She manages somehow to keep her face neutral and her mouth closed through yet another vicious round of denial. Then she shrugs too; openly discussing her life without any kind of reservations or filters. "It's not normal, not really. The whole idea of dragonriders being slutty fucks; it's kind of a lie? Usually. Weyrs are more sexually open but it's not what you hear. Your parents are dragonriders, you should know that. Some people only sleep with their partners and keep it that way except for flights. I'd say that's the *norm*. The cock swinging bronzerider isn't….. as common as you'd think it is. Even then, I think people sleep with each other more often than then love multiple people." She's been doing so good with weather the storms and not show much of a twitch to her face but something in Risali's last question does it. The corner of her mouth twitches and the lines in the corners of her eyes deepen. She'd almost swear Calisi was about to snap at her and tell her 'none of her business' just like she pretty much did in her denial a second later; but she doesn't. She answers honestly instead — just with a tighter cross of her arms. "…. Ebeny."

The hand-eye ‘I’m watching you’ pointing? It earns Calisi a look, a look that says, ‘How old are you?’ just as much as it says enthusiastic words that begin with ‘F’ and end with ‘U’. To be more distinct, she looks the very definition of unimpressed, and then gives the woman as sarcastically accommodating of a smile as she can manage. It remains, faltering only once Calisi becomes a proverbial steamroller again, and plows right through all of her acerbic sass. Not the reaction she was expecting — and honesty is, surprisingly, appreciated and respected despite the fact that Risali can’t seem to be honest with herself. “I know.” A pause, a breath, a sweeping motion of her hands. “I didn’t mean that you all just go around rutting and sending each other flowers while waxing poetic on each other's ledges come morning; I more meant the polyamory thing — which might, admittedly, not be the right word, given how little say you all get sometimes, but still applies. Flights they —“ Oh, she is not a dragonrider; who is she to try and explain to one? The realization has her sitting back in her chair, arms crossed, chin up. “It was different for my Mom because she was a goldrider. My Dad, on the other hand, while completely devoted to her, found himself in a lot of flight-based debauchery. There’s some normalcy to multiple partners even if it never goes passed a one-night thing — right?” She gives up, she just pitches another low exhale and says, “And where is Ebeny now, if it’s been four turns since you last saw them?” The subtext is: why are you not with them?

Calisi can look unimpressed too. See her do it? In fact; see her point to her own eyes again. She might have used a twelve year old's gesture but there's no shame in it as far as she's concerned. "Remember what I said about taking it all with a grain of salt? I'm not the one to listen to too much. When Meirath flies it's going to be a disaster. I don't know how yet; or why yet, but it's going to be a disaster." She seems pretty sure of that; positive even. But that might be fear talking. It probably is. "Anyway. Flight based debauchery is just that. Flight based debauchery; it can't be lingered on past the morning after. Non-flight debauchery is a great deal more problematic." She's obviously never considered how normal her behavior actually is or not. She's almost defensive of it not being normal. "I've lusted after them for four turns. I saw her a week or two ago. We're very good friends. They don't see me the same way. That is life."

SO MUCH HOSTILITY FOR ONE LITTLE OFFICE TO HOLD. SO. MUCH. For as explosively tempered (and arguably childish) as Risali can be at times, however, she does not smack the desk again, though it would give her much defiant delight. Instead, she crosses her arms under her armpits to avoid temptation and narrows her eyes instead. She will not yet at Cali, she will not yell at Cali, she will no — OH THANK GOODNESS. Safer topics come in lieu of a quick-rising temper, and it's all the incentive that Risali needs to bite her tongue. She counts backwards from ten even while Calisi speaks, giving the distinct impression that Risali's not listening even though she is. "I'm sorry it didn't work out," she says softly, and it almost sounds like she means it (she does). Still, she leans back, studies the woman for a moment, and then SLAPS HER HANDS DOWN ON THE ARMS OF THE CHAIR. AH-HA! Thought you could save the furniture from her ire - THINK AGAIN. "I don't know why I came here. I'm going to get a drink. I am going to get a drink, and I am going to find the prettiest boy in the bar, and I'm going to show you just how little I like Kyzenviro by losing myself in him. Want to join me, or is the techcraft going to explode if you abandon paperwork for a while?" LOOK AT ALL HER BOLD-FACED LITTLE LIES. She is going to get a drink, and she might find a pretty boy to terrorize, but she's certainly not going to lose herself in him. Ew.

Plop. One of Calisi's feet hits the floor. Plop. The other one does. Squeaaaak. Her chair leans far back and she reaches to the bookshelf; bringing back an amber colored bottle and a pair of glasses. She places both within easy each; delicate little sounds of glass on the heavy wood. "Because I'm good to talk to and a friendly face and most importantly a neutral party. I don't have any irons in that fire." An objective sort of assessment flares out from her eyes, sweeping from Risali's head to her collarbone and no farther. "Sure. I'll go with you if you want." Is that a surprise? "But you can either pre-drink here, or stay if you want." Thud, thud, two feet return to the desk. "You're pretty enough to pretty much have any man that you set your eyes on so that shouldn't be too much trouble for you." She hasn't filled the glasses yet. "I'm sorry and not sorry that it didn't work out. Ebeny? She has beautiful children and a weyrmate that's devoted to her. I'd have just fucked that up and put a huge fly in her ointment and I'm not going to do that. I love her too much to not be happy for her."

Risali can appreciate a woman who comes prepared, and there might be amusement beneath so much caustic attitude when amber colored drinks and glasses with which to drink it from are produced. The harper does what she was going to do anyway, and rises to her feet, stilling with her hand just over the glass she was going to claim as grey eyes lift to Calisi's assessing gaze and — oh, but if that's not a blush. Risa's face flushes for the compliment, attention cutting sideways as she sucks her bottom lip between her teeth and then lets it slip slowly back out again. And then she looks… surprised? Well, surprise isn't the right word, but her attention snaps back to Calisi once Ebeny's gender is revealed to be of the fairer persuasion; to be sure, the immediate confusion probably comes from getting a compliment out of a woman who clearly enjoys them. Or maybe not. Maybe it's a one off thing. "I do," she finally breathes. "Want you to come with me, I mean. And on account of you being much prettier, let me pick first." APPOINTED WINGMAN. But she sits once more, turning the glass nearest her on the table with the tips of her fingers before giving Calisi a decidedly deviant smile. "And we will pre-drink. Maybe then I'll actually be willing to dance with somebody." She could definitely use the fun.

One blonde eyebrow. It creeps up and up again when she makes the demonic little weasel blush. Well, there. At least she's not red in the face from shouting about Kyzenviro anymore. Whoever the hell that is. She isn't a terrible person. She doesn't linger on it or say something to make her blush even more; she just lets Risali have her blushing moment and get that back under control without making a big deal of it. There's the surprise too but that doesn't even get a blink out of her because she's used to that one. Yep, Risali. You're sitting in front of the only openly that way queenrider on all of Pern. The anomaly that shouldn't have happened. Meirath being unique in her acceptance of it. But THAT isn't dwelled on either. "I'd argue on the you being prettier but there's better things to argue over." Orange toed'd feet are back to the floor so she can sit up. "Have a drink and be drunk. Then you should dance with me. I'm mostly safe and besides, if…. Kyzenviro sees you, you'll just make him jealous and think you don't look at boys that way. IF…" She moistens her bottom lip and looks straight at Risali's eyes. "…. you can dance. You'd better be good at it. I am."

Indeed, Risali has a knack for processing information and then keeping quiet where other people might exclaim, or make mountains out of molehills - an interesting trait, considering she literally screams her displeasure about other things to THE WORLD. Or assaults bronzeriders with bubblies TO THE SIDE OF THEIR STUPID FACES, or sits in their laps just to PUT THEM IN HEADLOCKS like some kind of deranged marsupial crazy. Risali decides to ignore the second coming compliment in favor of pouring herself a rather generous amount of Calisi's amber booze, pulling the drink to herself and taking a swig when the woman mentions dancing. She looks amused until she looks decidedly angry, and the glass she was nursing is pulled away from her lips with a pointed, "I. Don't. Want. To. Make. Him. Jealous. I don't like him." She wants to set him on fire, and dangle him over a cliff where flesh-craving renegade crazies are waiting down below with sharp things and sticks to finish him off. She definitely does not want to kiss him again, and she definitely does not want to touch his hair, and she positively does not want to see him in any state of undress - no matter how innocent the circumstances may be - ever again. Still, the cup is set down with a rough-but-still-gentle movement, and she's getting to her feet, moving around Cali's desk with purpose as she reaches out her hands for the smaller woman. "I am going to step all over your toes and you're going to hate me by the time we're done, but let's dance. We can dance and drink, and then be drunk - no reason why we have to do one before the other." She only needed the help if it was going to be with a stranger. Calisi is definitely not a stranger.

Thylacine. In another place; another time and another world Risali would totally have a Thylacine for a spirit animal. Maybe a Tasmanian Devil. A real one though, not the disney one that goes WHIRRRRRR and gnaws through walls and trees and whatever gets in their way. Though in so many ways that could be EQUALLY APPROPRIATE COULDN'T IT? Calisi's hands — both of them — go raised right up as Risali looks angry. It's the universal sign of 'take a chill pill' or 'I surrender'. She won't make any more comments about what Risali would LIKE TO DO WITH OR WITHOUT THE INFAMOUS KYZENVIRO. She also makes a mental note that she needs to meet this person. AND STEAL HIM AWAY. Okay, so not. But she still holds her hands up — which let them be taken. BOLD RISALI, ARE YOU PULLING A QUEENRIDER OUT OF HER CHAIR? YES, YES YOU ARE. YOU CAN HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT THAT LATER. Calisi is just bemused, but is smiling; leaving her feet away from her shoes for the moment. BETTER NOT STEP ON HER. "….. so are we going to dance in private in my office then?" She's teasing. She has to be. She also takes Risali's glass and gulps half of it down. For someone drinking a mocktail the last time she saw them she CAN drink. "…. or are we going to find a club?" Maybe Risali just wants to dance with her because she's amazing.

The levels of appropriateness are staggering — almost as staggeringly hilarious thinking of just how Risali would react to Calisi spiriting K'vir away (HINT: THERE IS A LOT OF LAUGHTER AND THEN SELF HATRED INVOLVED). But in the here and now, YES. YES Risali is pulling a Queenrider out of her chair and YES Risali is going to make her dance in her private office. "Might as well warm up," she says around a shrug, keeping hold of one of Calisi's hands as she uses it for leverage to do a nifty little twirl behind her, drops the appendage once SNAPPING IT would be required to continue, and comes to a stop on Cali's other side. She leans forward, tilts her head up to look at Calisi, and actually smiles. "But we can go to the bar." Which is what she DECIDES TO DO. She picks up the remainder of the drink, gulps that down, and then motions towards bare-footed orange toed feet. "Shoes, shoes. You're slowing me down." She's already on her way out the door - not that she has ANY idea where she's going. HELLO XANADU. MAKE WAY. There is DRINKING AND DANCING AND ME-Okay, no. Just the drinking and dancing. THERE IS DRINKING AND DANCING TO DO.

Calisi proves that she can dance. She's a harper. Isn't that required for proper Harpering? Even if she isn't primarily a musician? YES IT IS. Most important of all is that she ENJOYS doing it. It is FUN and so she dances in her private office, letting Risali lead. For now and she just grins — peering at the other person as she arrives at her other side. She's all sorts of things. Bemused, smiling with a reserved sort of smile even if her eyes are actually happy. WHAT. RISALI IS MAKING HER HAPPY? Yeah, she is. Maybe someone should take her out to dance more often! "Come with me." Calisi suddenly says; stepping into shoes. "I can't go home with the smell of drink on my breath but I kept my old quarters from before I impressed." AND SO.. she bursts out of her office in a hurry, making a grab for either Risali's hand or her wrist and in a manner more suited to someone younger than her and not a weyrwoman of the weyr she'll lead her through the maze of tunnels to a set of quarters that look like they haven't been used in some time. They are clean though and the bed is freshly made with a riot of color. A bright yellow and orange starburst bedspread and the shelves are lined with books on history and musical theroy. It looks like at one point there was a garden wall, the holes are still there but the plants have long since been removed. 'CLOSE YOUR EYES - CLEAR YOUR HEART' is carved into the rock wall above it. "I am not going dancing in these shoes, or this dress." She states. "Look at the bookshelves." The sounds of rummaging are heard. "Nope. Nope. GAH. No. I am not going to fit into THAT anymore. No. No. No. NO. No. NO. NO. NO…. yes. Yes, yes, yes." Gray material is thrown and flutters to the floor and something black and more INTERESTING is donned. "SHOES. WHERE." More rummaging. But she finds a pair that WORK with it and not the beat up old flats she'd been wearing. Then she has a hair clip in her mouth as she struggles with her hair. But eventually she gets THAT right too. "All right." She says with an impish grin. "Come on." And so she will go…. to the bar. THAT ONE. By the cliffs, and insist on paying for everything. And she will DRINK and she will DANCE.

And Risali goes. She follows Calisi so that the woman can change into something more appropriate (though she, of course, is only sporting pants, boots, and an over-large tunic that is decidedly not hers), and even helps her if she requires any assistance getting into interesting little black pieces. Risali's own thick, curling hair goes up behind her head, and when Calisi is ready to depart, Risa follows with the air of one TOTALLY READY TO DO THIS THING. And she does. She does do the thing. She sneakily pays for some of the drinks herself, but allows Calisi to pay for the brunt (SHE IS BUT A LOWLY HARPER, OKAY), and they dance. They dance, and sometimes they sing, and drink after drink after drink, Risali gets more and more giddy, more and more boisterous, until all of that angry yelling turns into catcalls and whistling and wayward enthusiasm; she's encouraging Calisi to unwind, pulling down the woman's hair at some point, making a general nuisance of herself, dancing in circles of drunken disarray with Calisi first and foremost, and anybody else who feels brave enough to join them. Risa drags patrons young and old into the mix; it's hours of endless movement, breathless movement that becomes more erratic and less reserved the further into her drinks Risali goes. And finally, finally, she needs to rest. She throws her hands up with another call for, "MORE MUSIC!" and then she stumbles her way to a table where she immediately sits, swaying slightly before laughing to no one and nothing in particular as she drops her head to the table and relearns how to breathe. Faranth, but she hasn't let herself go in so long. Her hair is down and wild, sticking to her face, and her neck, and her shoulders, K'vir's tunic will definitely need to be washed, but she doesn't care. For once, for now, she allows herself to just simply not care. After a moment, grey eyes will reappear to scan the crowd for Calisi. It's not below her to feign the part of jealous lover should the tiny goldrider run into any untoward attention that doesn't take 'no' for an answer.

Risali and Calisi have been shaking their asses in a bar on the outskirts of the weyr. It's not the PRIMARY BAR of the weyr, but one of those semi-deviant places with all sorts of LOUD MUSIC and a CRUSHING CROWD OF PEOPLE. Risali still wears K'vir's tunic, but Calisi has taken the time to change into something more appropriate for dancing that actually manages to not make her look terrible. They have been DANCING and they have been DRINKING and they have been doing it for HOURS. Long enough that she really is unwinding — thanks to Risali pulling her hair down, which leaves it more or lesss in blonde chaos. She's danced with everyone too. Young, old, well dressed and not. It's garnered a pointing finger or two but most honestly don't recognize her because she's never been an incredibly public figure. When Risali flops to her table Calisi excuses herself from a pair of men she'd been dancing with and heads to the bar, reappearing with a bottle and two glasses; flopping right down opposite her and facing her and laughing. She's let go pretty well too. Hair everywhere, one strap off her shoulder and she's even lost her shoes to boot. "Hahaha." She's saying. "That was FUN. We'll be doing this again. It's been years since I've done this. My weyrmate doesn't drink, so."

Risali's three sheets to the wind, 'I can't feel my face' drunk, and if she could stand, she would probably have grabbed Calisi when she fell beside her in similar disarray. All she can manage for now is a gregarious smile. She brings one arm up to curl flat on the top of the table, resting her head on her lacking bicep as she reaches out with the other hand (albeit with difficulty) and very gently applies the tip of her pointer to the tip of Calisi's nose. "Boop," she says, and the smile grows around a giggle that is absolutely ridiculous on a woman who's usually throwing her (unimpressive) weight around and shrieking indignities with shrewish contempt. "I didn't know you had a weyrmate," she breathes, righting herself just so despite the fact that she sways in her seat. This lack of equilibrium has the harper leaning closer to Calisi, where she informs in an almost whisper that, "You should bring him next time." A pause, a furrowing of brows as drunk-burdened logic catches up, and then a sheepish, "Her?" HANDFLAPHANDFLAPHANDFLAP. She uses the gesture dismissively, as if to say it really doesn't matter which way the goldrider's fancy swings - SHE ACCEPTS HER ANYWAY. "And you look beautiful." Because this is WHAT WOMEN DO, RIGHT? They COMPLIMENT THEIR FRIENDS, AND TALK THEM UP, AND MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE THEY ARE NON-CANON PERNESE GODDESSES GRACING A WORLD FULL OF DRAGONS, BRINGING MAGIC WITH THEIR BEAUTY. "And I think he…" A pause, as she leans closer, squints an eye closed, and points an unstable finger towards a man watching them from the bar. "Wants to dance with you. And me. But mostly you. Should we go get him?" Giggle. Because she might be drunker than drunk, but that doesn't mean she won't try to walk the dozen feet separating them and lose herself in the sway of another body. Look at her, she's already pushing (unsteadily) out of her seat.

WHERE has K'vir been all this time? NOT here where the fun is! The moment he left Risali, he'd gone to storm off somewhere and try to get a control on his temper. What he did or where he went will just have to be a mystery. Maybe he went home to Igen for a bit and GUILT brought him back? Or he had to actually go visit family when his meddlesome cousin spotted him and WOULDN'T GO AWAY (damn Ezzie not getting HINTS). WHO KNOWS! All that's needed to be known is that he wasn't there and now he is! Time to ruin EVERYONE'S FUN! And by everyone? It's just Risali's. He hasn't spotted her yet, in her drunken state; he'll step inside, sort of half-assed scan the crowd and decide that he LIKES it here! This'll do. He's not looking for trouble, not looking to start ANYTHING! It's just another classic case of K'vir being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. AGAIN! He'll move through the crowds, focused on one thing only at the moment: drinks. Lots of them. ALL OF THEM! He needs it and so he'll weave his way towards the bar, settle himself there and try to flag someone down to order.

Oh, you darling Calisi. You are trashed. Nevermind that Marel hates drunks and it is PROBABLY INAPPROPRIATE to be this drunk in front of THE ENTIRE WEYR THAT YOU REPRESENT. She doesn't CARE. Nope. Because she has Risali to entertain her tonight. She's even been GOOD. For the most part! There is only a token attempt to bite Risali's finger at the boop which sends her into a hysterical gout of laughter. Really, it wasn't that funny but it TOTALLY WAS THAT FUNNY so STOP JUDGING HER AND SHUT UP. "Marel doesn't go for this kind of thing; it's just not her. And that's okay. She has other things that she … " Then she's called beautiful and she just turns crimson. It's kind of hilarious. Her color is already bright and this just makes her look like boiled lobster. She squints at where Risali points and nods, slowly, STILL RED. "….. he can dance with us both. Horizontally. Come on." When Risali stands, the short goldrider has herself leaning on her. Because she's not too steady herself. She has her arm around Risali's waist and her other hand pointing at the 'guy' which is actually K'vir but she can't tell yet because she's drunk. Not that she knows K'vir yet anyway. "HAVE YOU SEEN MY SHOES?" She yells at Risali even though she's RIGHT THERE.

This is fine, right? EVERYTHING IS FINE. Risali's giggle may have something to do with teeth snapping at her finger, but she responds to Calisi's information with an almost sober look that speaks to somewhere-in-there worry about the state of Calisi's relationship when she goes home. If she gets home. And then she decides that she's too drunk to care. She's too drunk to care, and too drunk to comment, and Faranth, but if CONTINUING THE FUN AND THE SHENANIGANS doesn't sound like a perfectly reasonable way to distract the blonde then SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IS. "HORIZONTAL DANCING!" It sounds perfect. Calisi leans on Risali, Risali leans on her, and the brunette tries to lead the way through the crowd amid much drunken footing when Calisi tries to take out her eardrum. It is to a noble cause, but that doesn't stop Risali from leaning back with a high pitched, "EEEEE," of protest before blinking grey eyes blearily around the dance floor. Lots, and lots of shoes, but none that look abandoned and Calisi-y. "HAS ANYBODY SEEN THIS WOMAN'S SHHHEEEEKYYYYZENVIRO." She's made it to the bar, see, somewhere between doing drunken circle-twirls in an attempt to see ALL OF THE THINGS and drag Cali with her, she has made it to the bar and face to face with a certain bronzerider. For a moment, she seems almost sober, chest working in returning agitation as she sizes him up from navel to OBNOXIOUSLY FAR AWAY HEAD, and then she… smiles. She even rattles Calisi with a few good SHAKESHAKESHAKES because look at that. "Calisi. CALISI. It's… him." And one finger goes into K'vir's chest, but she's not looking at him, she's looking at the goldrider. And leaning on K'vir. And possibly leaning closer. "Shhh. It's him." And she holds up a finger to her lips, smiling around the digit and another drunk-inspired giggle. "Take his shoes." Because this is a PERFECTLY GOOD PLAN.

K'vir knows that shriek! Sober or drunk, he'd KNOW THAT SHRIEKING VOICE! He's probably wishing he WAS drunk right now but, no. No, he's stone cold sober and he'll probably not even get to enjoy the drink he finally managed to order. Preparing to snap at her too to use his correct name, he'll be silenced instead by the finger being pressed into his chest and her leaning so very closer. What… the hell is going on!? She's not even looking at him! There's a darted look to an equally sloshed Calisi and it all clicks into place. "You're drunk. Both of you…" Right off their asses. There's a narrowed look shot at Risali and while he doesn't move or bat her hand away, he'll sort of give a long, so-suffering SIGH and promptly inform her: "I NEED my shoes." Please don't. In fact? He's trying to leave now and he'll try to do so without off balancing either Risali or Calisi in his sudden DESIRE to be AWAY from here. So very, very far away. NOPE! Not another round of SHRIEKING and CHAOS! K'vir's OUT! Or… trying to leave. Funny thing, crowds. No problem getting into the place but when he's trying to make a quick escape? It's like FATE PLANS to keep him there, just long enough, to be thwarted.

Calisi eyes K'vir in the way that only a drunk can. "HORIZONTAL DANCING!" She bellows at Risali; nevermind that she's right there again and K'vir can probably actually hear her. At least she isn't wearing her knot and so she just looks like another drunken twenty one or something like that year old unless K'vir actually knows who she is? "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yells at Risali. You know that irritating drunken scream that young women have, especially blondes? THATS THE SCREAM. "It's… who?" Calisi asks blankly, and lunges for K'vir. She doesn't need to know who it is. If she can reach him she digs her fingers deeply into his tunic and the chest underneath; hanging off of him more than anything else. Is he really going to let a pretty young woman just FALL ON HER FACE. "KYZENVIRO." Calisi says towards the man's face. She reeks of booze. Oh precious gods she reeks of it, smelling her breath is enough to get tipsy from. "WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BASTARD? GIVE ME YOUR SHOES. YOU ARE ORDERED TO GIVE ME YOUR SHOES BY A WEYRWOMAN OF MANABU WEYR." Yeah, she's trashed all right. She can't even say her weyr's name. "ACTUALLY GIVE RISALI YOUR SHOES I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I NEED THEM AND I DON'T CARE BECAUSE YOU ARE BAD." She attempts to grab his right buttock. "NICE ASS THOUGH. ITS TOO BAD YOUR FACE DOESN'T HOLD UP TO THE EQUATION."

HA! ORDERED BY A WEYRWOMAN. TAKE THAT! While Calisi waylays the bronzerider with unsolicited ass-touching glory and eardrum-splitting compliments, Risali stumbles after both of them, slips her arm between Cali’s body and K’vir’s, drags her own fingers down navel to hips, and holds on tight as she lowers herself to her knees. Risali wraps herself around one of K’vir’s legs, and buries her face into his thigh, putting her compromisingly close to his — “You don’t need your shoes, Kyzenviro. You kissed me,” a huff, “and I didn’t forget.” All of this mumbled as she slips her fingers down his boots, aiming for laces and latches and whatever else impedes her from robbing the poor man of his shoes. “But I am feeling generous, and if you give me your boots…” A pause, as if she forgot what she was saying. And she has. So instead she just breathes (yells), “DANCE WITH ME!” up to them both. Eventually Risali’s attention will drop again, to boots, and she will once more attempt to work them loose in the hopes that K’vir will surrender them to her.

Normally? K'vir would be totally rooting for some horizontal dancing! ANYTIME. Two beautiful ladies? He'd be crazy to pass that up! Only this is Calisi and Risali and they're both DRUNK and that's just a whole Bucket of NOPE! So much NOPE for SO MANY reasons that he can't even keep track of! He's lunged at and that's enough to have him stopping in his tracks, turning to sort of STARE at Calisi. What is she doing? No, he's not about to let anyone fall on their face and he'll keep her from doing so! Only to probably regret ever being NICE. "It's K'vir!" he grits out and will spare a half second to glare daggers at Risali for continuing to use the WRONG NAME. He never really liked his full name! His nose wrinkles a bit at the smell of booze from the goldrider and he's not surprised she's in the state she is in if she's consumed that much! "I'm not a — ! But they're MY SHOES! They'd not fit… Why not get HER to give you her shoes?" Her being RISALI of course! Or maybe it's just some random woman? Because his pointing skills are off… thanks to her groping his butt. "Please stop?" No touchy! No want the (good) bad touch! Apparently he takes orders from NO ONE because he's ignoring Calisi's demands. Why? Because Risali is on him then and dragging her fingers over him and… oh damn, she's on her knees and her face is… "Risali! And I SAID I was sorry!" Did he? Maybe that's a lie. His whole body is tense now, both from the unwanted attention and because he's trying NOT to respond to it. No, no, no. And why isn't anyone HELPING HIM!? K'vir wants to kick his leg away from Risali's hands as they start to unlace one boot but he wisely chooses instead to sort of step back. Unfortunately for him, it's ineffective but she's given him (BY YELLING) a possible distraction! "Why don't you two dance? GO DANCE!" HINT HINT. Go dance some more and leave him ALONE so he can escape!

Calisi stares at K'vir. Did he just… He totally did. She leans back in his arms as she so nicely keeps her from falling. "DID YOU JUST CORRECT ME?!?" Calisi bellows at him. "I SAID I WAS A WEYRWOMAN. I ALONE WILL DETERMINE YOUR NAME. YOU ARE KYZENVIRO. UNTIL I DECIDE OTHERWISE AND THEN YOU WILL BE ASS-MAN OR DICK-FACE OR SOMETHING THAT BEFITS YOU. DON'T ARGUE WITH ME, KYZENVIRO!" Oh lord. She is loaded. She's so far beyond loaded that it isn't even funny. It's good she doesn't have her shoes on because she attempts to STOMP on KIZENVIRO's foot repeatedly with her tiny foot as he kicks his leg away. "STOP MAKING THIS SO DIFFICULT. HAVE YOU EVER FUCKED A QUEENRIDER OR NOT? SHUT UP IF YOU WANT TO. TOO MUCH TALKING. DON'T OPEN THAT MOUTH UNLESS YOU WANT A USE TO BE FOUND FOR IT. OKAY? OKAY!" She settles down to a smile of sorts, and actually manages to look not quite as drunk for about ten seconds. "WE ARE GOING TO DANCE. DANCE THEN. WHEREVER WE MAY BE. I AM THE QUEEN OF THE DANCE SAID SHE. I'LL LEAD YOU ALL. WHEREVER YOU MAY BE. I AM THE QUEEN OF THE DANCE SAID SHE." She'll grab K'vir by his belt, or try to, regardless as to weather or not Risali has completed unlacing his boots and /lean/ into it with all of her strength, trying to get him out onto the floor. She'll try and grab Risali's belt too so she can pull and provide assistance. She hopes Risali gets the idea because if she can get K'vir on the floor, she totally begins shimmying against him from the front. If she wasn't so trashed it might be more seductive but even drunk, she's not a half bad dancer. Calisi doesn't care if her dancing with K'vir is noncon, she's after grinding against some young bronzerider. "YOU GET HIS BACK END!" She yells at Risali. "YOU. YOU. BRONZERIDER. KYZENVIRO." She dances, but she attempts to put her hand over K'vir's mouth for a minute. "If you know ANYTHING about a GOOD THING. HUSH."

Here it comes… here it comes… K’vir opens his mouth, and all of a sudden (even drunk), Risali looks ready to put him right back in his place — until Calisi does it. This leaves the Half Moonian harper to stare up at the two for the duration of their exchange, jumping only slightly when K’vir shouts her name again, and then awe. But there is talk of sleeping together, and things that Risali came here to not think about, and it is exactly the kind of distraction the bronzerider needs to at least get Risali off of his boot — for now. She’s just on her way to stumble back out into the crowd, looking to find some other kind of good time (CALISI CAN HAVE ‘IM), when — OOFAH! Her belt is grabbed, she does a half-stumble forward that turns into a half-stumble back, slams into both the goldrider and the bronzerider. "QUEEN OF DANCE," she sounds off, because it seems like a reasonable response, and then those grey eyes onto her friend. “His ba— “ RIGHT. Determination crosses that drunk-addled face, and the tiny woman keeps hold of the much larger man as she uses him for much needed leverage and moves behind the bronzerider. To be honest, she’s not entirely sure what she’s doing back here, but fingers slip beneath the fabric of K’vir’s tunic, digging into flesh as she drags them up, up, past the athletic set of muscles in his abdomen, along each bump-bump-bump of his ribs, taking his shirt with the upward movement, and then — Risali leans forward, face pressed into his back for seconds before she draws away and applies the tip of her tongue to the ridge of his spine and drags it up. She drags it up, up, up, teeth ghosting over flesh as she — surely this will get him to move the way Calisi is commanding him, right? I mean, why would he go back when it is CURRENTLY SAFER FORWARD (it’s not, but ILLUSIONS OF SAFETY, GO!!)? Either way, she pushes, murmuring a muffled, “I THINK I GOT ‘IM,” against flesh to Cali. Right before she bites. Give her some credit, it's not hard, but it's hard enough.

And here, K'vir thought that Risali was bad? CALISI IS WORSE. They're actually EQUAL to terrible and they SHOULD BE BFFs because in his mind they're RIGHT up there in his category for: "Insane". Oh sure, they're completely wasted but it doesn't MATTER. "You're worse than Jajen…" he'll babble before WISELY shutting his mouth. It's mostly from shock! HONEST! Calisi just has that effect even though it's clear he's struggling to say something. WOULD HAVE said something too, if they weren't suddenly being hauled on to the dance floor. Instant regret for even mentioning it now but it's TOO LATE! He's well trapped and soon to be sandwiched between to women. To BEAUTIFUL women who he'd normally be over the moon to have… if they weren't SO EVIL! Calisi's grinding and dancing against him is tough enough to ignore; he's caught, almost panicked and would have attempted to back away if Risali hadn't been there, JUST THEN, to thwart that idea too. Even now he's TOO NICE to shove Calisi even though she deserves it by this point but really, he's NOT a bastard! It's becoming RAPIDLY tempting though for him to become that BAD person they're claiming he is and just shoving both of them! There's a strangled, half-gasped cry when Risali sets her fingers to digging into him and followed by the touch of her tongue to his spine. BAD (SO GOOD PLEASE MORE) touch! Is he dancing now? No, that's just him trying to squirm and wriggle he way free and JUST IGNORE that shiver-twitch. When she BITES? Yeah, K'vir felt that (sogood)! He draws the line there because… NOPE! LIMITS. He reached those long ago but no… they keep pushing. Now he's done and now he WILL attempt to forcibly twist his way free and CARE NOT (he totally will) if one of them or both, are thrown off balance. "You're both insane!" he snaps at them and if he gained his freedom? He's trying to hastily readjust his clothes, all while stepping farther away and careful to NOT turn his back on them.

Calisi is bad at taking no for an answer. She's so bad at taking no for an answer. Marel will tell you that, L'gan will tell you that, anyone who has to live anywhere near Calisi will tell you that. She's not good at respecting boundaries in the first place and you add all of the drink and it's just WORSE. You add how Meirath is beginning to turn and it just becomes a NIGHTMARE. Now, Calisi is indeed thrown off balance and she scrabbles to hold onto him; hands wandering across his chest and grabbing onto his tunic again. It's a COMPLETE ACCIDENT the way that the other one slips lower (as in below the waist) and grabs ahold of A PACKAGE THAT ISN'T MEANT FOR DELIVERY TO HER. It's total accident. She's just getting a handhold to straighten back up. She's not above hurting him but that's not what she's trying to do, really. Just cop a feel and /NOT FALL DOWN/. Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze. She leans in close, providing she hasn't been thrown away and sniffs at K'vir's neck experimentally. Her wild hair flows about her face; shrouding it like the cloak of a mad person and her eyes aren't any better. "Hmmph." She stands up on her tiptoes and lets his tunic go, reaching for his lips…. except it isn't, and she attempts to grab Risali; reaching around the man and put her lips to her ear. "Trust me." She whispers. "Explain in a second." Far too low for K'vir to hear over the music and the din. "NOT WORTH OUR TIME, RISALI. HE HAS A TINY THING." Then, right in front of K'vir? She'll let him go and try and grab Risali by the shirt over the collarbones and kiss her playfully. No tongue, no exploration, it's really COMPLETELY for K'vir's benefit. Or infuriation. Just to get him going that he was …. rejected? By insane drunk women? Okay, so maybe it isn't the biggest threat ever. "COME ON. I'LL SHOW YOU A BETTER TIME." She woozily offers her hand to Risali, then turns and looks at K'vir like she's forgotten everything that just happened. "HAVE YOU SEEN MY SHOES?!?!" She yells at him drunkenly, then tries to tug on Risali towards a side tunnel. Where if she makes it and she actually goes she collapses into helpless giggles.

Risali is definitely going to have to take a leaf out of Calisi’s book sometime — definitely. K’vir might move to dislodge both women without so much care, and for Risali, it actually works. She makes a series of sounds as she stumbles, stumbles — and gets caught by another man who is CONSIDERABLY MORE SUAVE, OK. In fact, while Calisi accidentally on purpose gets alarmingly intimate with K’vir’s hibbly-diggly, Risa is staring doe-eyed at a man with a charming smile and a — she is tugged back into reality by small hands, stumbling to collide first into K’vir, whom she instinctively grabs hold of again, and then uses as leverage to come around his front. “WHO DOES THAT TO A —“ Trust? Explain? TINY THING??? Risali’s grey eyes drop to unmentionables, and it’s one big cocktail (lololol, see what I did there) for WHAT IS HAPPENING? when Calisi swoops in for a nondescript kiss. At first, Risa doesn’t react — and then she does. In the spirit of tactless revenge, she leans in while fingers slip into Cali’s hair and she holds the woman in place as teeth find her bottom lip and pull. Remember that, K’vir? I KNOW YOU DO. When all is said and done, she stumbles on her heel to give K’vir a rather unstable salute, yelling, “THANK YOU FOR THE DANCE, KYZENVIRO." Still, she foregoes holding hands with the goldrider to throw an arm around Cali’s shoulders instead, leaning into her with a rather loud guffaw. It’s the kind of loud that people use when they are trying to not be obvious about something. It falters when she looks back to K’vir, where maybe a flash of regret flickers through so much drunken dissent, and then it goes mute. BLAME IT ON THE GIRLS WHO KNOW WHAT TO DO. She turns her attention onto Cali again, then back onto the crowd. “SOMEBODY GET THIS WOMAN SOME SHOES!"

K'vir is thwarted again by Calisi grabbing him; literally, grabbing him and making him stop dead in his tracks. He'll freeze, eyes wide and mind racing when she squeezes him too! He doesn't even have the capability to swear or say ANYTHING, he's just so obviously shocked to stunned silence… and probably a little terrified by then. The jokes and the insults go unchallenged, but he'll GLARE at Calisi when he is finally set free and there will be more adjusting of his clothes but before he can turn and tear into BOTH women… They're kissing each other and YES RISALI! He remembers. There's more shock and, yes, some furious anger for being toyed with and then shoved aside. Frustrated, angry, humiliated… the list goes on and poor K'vir can do little else but stand there and watch as his mind reels and he cannot even BEGIN to unravel the conflicted mess in his head. So that may be what Risali's see's when she's LEAVING with her evil little friend; just him standing there, GLARING but clearly oh-so very MESSED UP. He just came here for a drink! And instead got accosted, assaulted and also left incredibly frustrated in a way HE DOESN'T WANT TO FEEL right now! Especially towards them (but damned if he'll be able to get the images out of his head!)! Now that they've had their fun? K'vir leaves. FAST! See? He's learning! He'll hightail it out of there and not even look back and probably swearing off ever returning to this place.

Calisi is a long time giggling in the side tunnel where she's been sitting with Risali after K'vir goes. Flush faced and amused, she is just grinning even after the giggles subside. Then without a word she grabs at Risali's hand again and leads her back to the place where she'd gone to change. If she thinks that she is about to HAVE THE MOVES put on her? She isn't. Calisi flops into a chair and pours herself water, pushing a glass at Risali as well. "That was fun." She says, happily. "That was really fun. Probably a little on the mean side, but he'll recover." She looks at her hand without ANY TRACE OF GUILT and grins; leaning over and plopping her head on Risali's shoulder. "Would it upset you terribly if I didn't make a pass at you?" She asks her, bluntly. "I mean, you're pretty. And you're hilarious, and I've had a great time and you are totally my type. But….. I'm tired of every friend I have seeing me naked and I have to draw the line somewhere." She looks up at Risali then and straight into her eyes and says, very bluntly. "Plus, Meirath is proddy. And I really ought not to do that. But thank you so, so, so much for a wonderful evening. I hope we can be friends?"

Where Calisi leads, Risali follows, finding a seat for herself and nursing the bottle of offered water with dizzy disorientation. She sips on it, smiling around the rim as she breathes a, “Yes,” in agreement with Cali — and then downs the rest of the glass. When she sets it back on the table, hear head follows it to the top, forehead pressed against the cool surface while she wills her lungs to simply keep breathing — until that. There’s a sputter, a half-laugh, a bewildered sound, and then Risali slowly lifts her head to look at the goldrider. Where there might be disgust, or reservation, or hurt, or any number of acceptable looks from any other being, Risali looks… mischievous. “You are pretty too,” she intones, reaching out slowly, slowly, to once again apply the tip of her finger to Cali’s nose. “Boop.” She chirps, and then drops her head again. “That’s fine with me,” she murmurs into the crook of her arm, sounding inexplicably tired. “I’m not really into girls. But I could use a friend.” A pause, she lifts her head again, and stresses, “I have none.” And is it any wonder? She’s not the most pleasant human. Still, she drops her head with a giggle, lolling it about on the desk because SHE IS DRUNK, AND THE WORLD IS SPINNING, AND FANRANTH, BUT SHE IS TIRED.

"I take my friendships pretty seriously." Calisi warns Risali; attempting to bite her fingertip once again. Just like she did while they were drinking. It's a fun game and it's almost like someone's done that to her before and it's an autonomic response. "I'm glad." Calisi reaches out to pet Risali's hair for a moment or two. "You're also three sheets to the wind so I won't ask you why you don't have any friends." When the other woman's head goes thump, she reaches out to try and grab her chin and lift it. "…. You always have a safe place here. If you need to use these quarters and hide out, use them. Just don't fuck anyone in my bed okay? And clean up after yourself." Then she points to the yellow blanket covered bed. "Now drink that water, get in it and go to sleep. We'll see each other soon though I don't….. recommend coming around for the next couple of weeks until Meirath flies. This is going to be bad."

Risali is listening, really, she is. Even if she looks half asleep when Calisi catches her chin and forces her to look at her. She’s got appropriate fish-lips and guppies them so, before waving a hand. Nevermind the friends, Calisi is offering her a place to runaway to if she can clean up and not sleep with people in her bed. “Won’t be hard,” she murmurs around a lazy, drunk smile. “It’s not like I’ve had sex before.” And then grey eyes are on the water, which she downs before stumbling to her feet and crawling into the bed. She burrows, making a contented noise as the neck of her stolen tunic is pulled up to her nose and fingers fumble for a comforter. “M’kay,” she agrees offhand. Right. Something about Meirath? And seeing each other and… Ah. But she’s much too fast asleep to really process what it is that the goldrider’s warned her of.

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