Petals and Lost

Xanadu Weyr - Petals and Pots Garden Shop
Upon entering this rustic shop, the smell of flowers is the first thing that one notices as well as the subtle musty scent of fertilizer. Selling everything for your garden needs from flowers and plants to pots and tools, the whole shop is lined with shelving filled with various things, arranged neatly by type. On the back wall trowels, rakes, shovels and clippers hang from nails, while underneath them clay pots, glass vases and bowls are stacked on the floor. In the middle of the shop is a small table that is filled with tiny glass perfume bottles with glass stoppers, each bearing a label that says 'Handcrafted by Tsenik'. These contain different fragrances, depending on the shape of the bottle. A variety of hanging baskets dangle from the ceiling, tumbles of lush vibrant flowers or vine-type plants trailing from them with price tags on the pots.
A sign can be seen near the entrance that simply states "Woo your significant other, send a hint to your brother or say hello to your mother with a surprise delivery!"

Misty and chilly. What a lovely autumn day! … for those who like this sort of weather. Not ka-el]. Kale hates the cold and everything that comes with it. Like this gloomy mist and clammy dampness in the air. But, for all that he hates the chill, he's braved it to come to…the garden shop, of all places! He feels as awkward as he probably looks, a metalman surrounded by green, as he hovers near that table of perfume bottles, eyeing the crafted glassware with a skeptical eye. The current worker, not Tsenik the owner, lingers behind the front counter, warily watching Kale as if he were a bull in a china shop.

Flowers! So many flowers! Soriana's tucked deep in the depths of the shop, browsing her way along one of the back shelves. This one actually doesn't have much in the way of flowers. No petals here! Just the pots, clay ones glazed in multiple colors. She picks one up, a round green one, and looks at it consideringly before setting it back down with the rest and shaking her head. Maybe not. She starts out from the back, then stops. What's this? It's Kale. In the garden shop. This she has to see. She sidles over toward him and peers over to take a look.

"I'm not goin' to break anything," Kale says, sounding vaguely annoyed as his eyes shoot towards that ever so watchful shopkeep, who only grunts in reply, obviously not taking his word for it. Just barely refraining from rolling his eyes, Kale looks back towards those bottles. Oh so many bottles! Which one was it? He gingerly picks up a blue tinted one and uncorks it, taking a tentative sniffsniff. Flowery! Girly! Pretty! … No. Not this. He stops it again and sets it down, shooting the shopkeep a 'see? TOLD YOU' sort of look. Nevermind how the bottle sort of jiggles side to side before settling. Sweatdrop. Where's Tsenik when you need him? He glances around. Maybe he'll magically appear. Kind of just like Soriana did! He freezes a second. What's she doing in a place like this? "Are you lost?" he jests.

Soriana is not Tsenik. She does, however, smirk; to be honest, that might make her even less Tsenik-y. Regardless of that, though, "No," she answers Kale. She raises one eyebrow. "Are you?"

"What? You don't think I know my way around a garden shop?" he quips, his brows slightly raising. "I'll have you know, if it weren't for smiths, there'd be no gardens," he says, matter of factly. "Who do you think makes all the tooks that create gardens in the first place?" He presses a thumb to his chest. "Smiths, that's who. Sure, wooden tools get you by, but how long do they last really before they start to rot or crack or splinter?"

"No," says Soriana bluntly. "I don't." She crosses her arms. "Didn't your family practically kick you out because you were so terrible?" And, in case he's going to try to deny it, she adds, "Kei was telling me stories." She grins, and her arms uncross. "Also, those aren't spades. Just saying."

Kale blinks at her. "You've been talking to my brother?" Ugh. And of all brothers to talk to, she picks the blabbermouthiest one of them all! Why couldn't Kerrick be the rider of the family? He's more of the strong silent type. He points a finger at her. "No more speakin' to my brothers. Any've them. They spread lies. If you had brothers, you'd know the truth of it." He smirks at her, glancing to the not-spade bottles. "True. But glassware and smithing…" He trails off, trying to find a connection! Unfortunately, he comes up empty handed. "Those aren't spades. Very good observation. You know what else they aren't? The thing I'm looking for. Maybe I can help you instead."

"Yeah," says Soriana offhandedly. "Ran into him in the caverns while D'ren had a meeting I wasn't invited to, and we've talked on and off since then." Her grin widens slightly. "Oh, but they're interesting lies. Better than a harper, they are." If only because of what the stories are about! "Yeah, well. I am brotherless! Alone without siblings!" A dramatic hand is placed to her chest, and she tilts her head back a moment before looking up and shrugging. "Nah. I don't think they've got what I want. What was it you were looking for?"

Off and on? That's even worse! A one time thing would've been acceptable (almost) but off and on to him translates to: weekly meetings to discuss Kale. "He should've been a harper and travelled faaar and wide." He half glares at her, eyes squinting and expression souring up. But her dramatics has his dramatics coming to a premature end, and he snickers while rolling his eyes. "Count yourself lucky. Alone without siblings…" he echoes, scooffing. "I'd've paid for that! And what I was looking for.." He trails, eyeing her a moment. "Was a fragrance. But I don't remember what sort've bottle it was in, and Tsenik isn't here to help. He gave it to me."

Emphasis on the far? Soriana laughs. "Yeah, well. I coulda used a few siblings now and then. It got awfully dull sometimes when the next nearest person was ten years older." She grins, then lets her glance go to the bottles in front of him. "Hmm," she says sagely, and makes no comment about the pretty flowers and girly scents. "Yeah, I dunno. Tsenik's out of the whole business now, or so he told me. He sold the shop." Not that his name isn't still a place or two, maintaining the brand.

That's ok. Soriana doesn't have to make a comment. That "Hmm" was comment enough. He knows what that means. She's judging him! He's quick to come to his own defense. "There are fragrances for men too," he says, jutting his chest out slightly. "Besides, you never know. I could've been searching for a perfect one for you. If I was, I wouldn't be doin' so any more, knowin' that you and Kei have had such lovely conversations about me." Kale grins, though he look turns confused at that last bit of news. "You're joking. After all that he went through and how highly he spoke of it, he gave it up? When'd you see him?"

Such judging. "Oh, sure, I'm sure there are," Soriana says with an airy wave of her hand. "And we do talk about other things sometimes, you know." Sothere. With that, she turns to take a closer look at those perfumes, before glancing up again. "No, honest, that's what he said. He's at Ierne now. I ran into him, oh, a couple sevendays ago. He said he got tired of running shops and he's going to do landscaping or something."

Ierne, eh? "The travelin' Tsenik," Kale chuckles, though the look that he gives to the interior of the shop is still one of wonder. He's given this place up? "Meanin'..>" he says, eyes drawing back to her, "he's not plannin' on coming back here, huh? Thought he'd at least come by for a visit. I can't imagine how life's like without us in it." He steps away from he bottles, giving them one last long look. No more Tsenik means no more cologne! At least, not the one fragrance he actually liked. "C'mon, let's get out of here. Will y'come with me for a drink? I'm cravin' klah. And lucky you, I've got about an hour til class."

"He said he might visit," says Soriana, and shrugs. "Dunno if he will. Apparently he's got a dragonrider friend now, so I guess that raises the chances. Probably." Another shrug, because really, that's all she's got to say on the subject. At the prospect of getting out of heeeere, she nods. "Yeah, let's." She about-faces to head out. "For once, ours actually match!"

Matching schedules…how about that! Letting the subject of Tsenik slide, along with his cologne hopes for now, Kale slides on up beside her, slipping an arm around her hips. "Or, since y'know, this is a once in a lifetime event of having the same schedule, we could do something else. Just you and me. Away from it all.." An hour is plenty of time to get into some mischief .. that is, if mischief is on his mind. Which it likely is, given that devious look on his face. But the facade of innocence prevails again as he walks her out, giving a nod to the shopkeep, who seems rather glad to send him on his way.

And nothing has been broken! The shopkeep can definitely claim victory here. Soriana puts her arm around Kale's back a bit further up, more toward the shoulders, and laughs. "Or at least, as far as we can get in an hour, allowing time for getting back again and for all that something elsing… so, y'know, maybe all the way to the caverns." She grins playfully, heading out with him.

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