Run, Timmy, Run!

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large ridge that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

Rinian has a training day for her chores, and she isn't minding one bit. It means she can stay outside under lovely autumn sky for one thing, and lots of moving is a good thing. The meadow seems a great place to run, which is what she is just on the tail end of, coming over one of the little rises all red cheeked and huffy, but more relaxed than she'd been over recent days.

Of course it would be a great time for a run, I mean why not? Nice afternoon, a slight breeze to the air who would figure something animal like might be also out for a run on the same area. This animal being an escaped wherry that is running for all its might right down the middle of the trail that is running through the meadow. A shrill call escaping the birdy beast as if running for its very life. Which honestly seeing how there is a rather large shadow following it in the sky might be WHY the beast is running. Talanoath doesn't even notice anyone else around (sorry Rinian) his attention is on the wherry that jumped the fence and gave him the chase he was looking for it seems. « Timmmy! Come here!! » His named another one it seems. The brown sweeps down, forepaws reached to try and grab the wherry which slides to the right and escapes the grabbing paws and seems to be running instead towards Rinian now. Oh dear, there is still a large amount of space between them at least.

Surely the reason D'lei had to visit the observatory today is entirely unrelated to what those candidates may or may not have done up in the Yokohama. …yeah, no, that's probably exactly why he had that meeting there today. He emerges from it now, his expression a thoughtful one overall, and starts down the hill… only to stop, eyes shifting to that fleeing wherry and Talanoath not all that far behind and the corner of his mouth shifting up with amusement. Welp.

Rinian hasn't really been paying attention to much but her footing, but seeing a strange dark shape running her way catches her attention. It doesn't look like a person..doesn't run like a person.. Well, whatever it is, as they are headed toward each other she should be able to figure it out soon. In her puzzlement over Timmy, poor Timmy, she doesn't notice his pursuer. After all, dragons flying about aren't exactly an uncommon sight here.

Poor Timmy in right, after all why should this happen to him? There are so many others back at the pen! He needs to live and be freeeee! Talanoath grumbles as he pushes himself back into the air with a flap of those large wings of his sending a bunch of dirt into the air in his wake. He hasn't forgotten about poor Timmy, he is turning now and going after him once more. As for Nailii, let's face it trying to keep her brown out of trouble isn't always easy this s one of those times. "You're supposed to hunt in the PENS not all over the Weyr!" Comes the voice of the dragonhealer as she caught sight of the large brown when she stepped outside. Timmy keeps on running and squawks out loudly upon seeing Rinian, and no he doesn't stop running. There is a moment Timmy seems to change his mind and actually slows down which is sadly the wrong move as Talanoath is there and able to grab hold of Timmy finally and into the air they go! Yes there might be the sound of crunching as he goes which means Timmy is well very dead now? Thankfully no children are around for the nightmare fuel right?

So much running. "Go, Timmy!" D'lei calls out to that fleeing wherry in his best runner-cheering tones. "The Keroon Cup is in your reach! I believe in you!" He picks his way a little further down the hill, but he's really not making good progress, because he's far too amused watching the chase than with where he's going. Still, he is getting closer, because… he could get a better view! And get one he does, as Timmy encounters the Rinian-obstacle (it's like the vaulting station, but not), and… oooh, that's a fowl! And Talanoath is a harsh-but-fair judge, and assigns the penalty chomp. "Awww," D'lei says, though he's got a grin as he does. "I really thought he had a future, for a minute there. Could have been our new champion."
From afar, Kera flops down from dinner and snugs

Rinian finally figured out what it was just in time for poor Timmy to meet his maker. She stops abruptly, still breathing hard from her run and the earlier exercises, and stares wide eyed at her first witness of a dragon feeding. She's torn between..'wow-that-was-seriously-amazing-and-how-did-he-not-crash-into-the-ground-' and 'eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-that-was-not-a-good-sound'. She hears the cheering on and is ever so confused, "Timmy?" She's never heard of a dragon named Timmy before, because that has to be who he is rooting for, right? Who would name a wherry?

Talanoath will take his prize a short distance off and land with a ruffle of wings, a lash of his tail and is busy working on eating his well-earned meal. « If you would have ducked I might have missed? » Nailii just stares at her dragon for a few long moments. "Unbelievable?" Is all that can escape her at the moment before she glances around to make sure no one was hurt, well at least not physically, no telling what mental scars this will do. She catches sight of Rinian not that far off and is heading that way. "Hey, you alright?" She doesn't see anything bleeding, that's a good sigh right? Oh and there is a D'lei as well, whom she waves at, well he was far enough away to not be in the flight pattern of the now dead wherry or the crazy brown so he should be alright.
D'lei lifts his hand to Nailii, continuing to make his way in closer toward Rinian… particularly since Nailii is converging there as well. "Alas, poor Timmy," he says, with a small shake of his head. "We hardly knew him." By which he means that this was his first (and last) encounter with the unfortunate birdbrain! « It was a good strike, » is Garouth's contribution, though the brindle bronze isn't here through anything more than his rider's eyes and ears. Not that he'd let that stop him! D'lei grins to Nailii. "I mean… it wouldn't do to have a wherry just running around," he says to her. "They've got sharp spurs!" By which he means the ones that are about a tenth of the size of a dragon's claws.

Rinian brushes her hair back from her sweaty forehead, and then reaches behind to fluff it off her neck a few times. She really should have put it up for today. At least she isnt always very slow. "Timmy..the wherry? Was he someone's pet?" She's already getting her breath under control, as hard work and exertion isn't exactly unusual for her. /Great/ chore day.

"Not really a pet. Talanoath names a lot of the animals in the pen." Nailii offers after a moment as if that would explain everything. "His done it his whole life." This said with an amused tone before grinning a bit at D'lei. "Yeah? I'm sure. Not that the huge brown dragon wouldn't give someone a heart attack by sweeping down over them and the like." Talanoath rumbles with amusement and is rubbing his muzzle into the ground a bit to get anything off that may be there. « Thank you! It was a good chase but I was going to win? Poor Timmy, he was a yummy wherry, just enough fat on him too. » The brown shifts on his paws and is strolling on over towards the three people and rumbles to them. As for Rinian his head tilts and soon lowers it to peeer at her curious like and then out of nowhere a burp escapes him along with a few feathers. Nailii just blinks and isn't too sure what to say at the moment.

"Of course not," D'lei answers Nailii, an airy wave of his hand to go with it. "He's just doing his part to keep the Weyr safe." A look to the brown, then to Rinian, and a grin as he adds, "And make sure our lives don't get boring." Perish the thought! « He might have escaped if he'd gone to ground, » Garouth muses. « I had one run into a cottage once. There was an open window, but I could not reach. » Not that he didn't try to stick in a head or claw to capture that wherry. « The human was no help. » Stupid cottage-resident, not understanding the importance of a good hunt and why it meant there were talons reaching across their living room! « He seemed a bit small, but a tasty Timbit nonetheless. »

"He got it from his mother," is a good place to start - which Risali does, dryly, when she OUT OF THE BLUE surfaces to come and join the congregation of people. She's in possession of her crutch still, but it seems to be more of a reassurance for if that foot she's limping on decides it's done bearing weight. So she's a little slow to circle around Rinian, but she does, and one hand goes out to pat-smack Talanoath if he doesn't duck while she ducks under Nailii's arm and then hooks her own arm around the dragonhealer's hips. There's a tilt of her head, a scrunch of her nose, a smile for the brownrider, and then a shift of her weight to lean most of it on her as she looks to Rinian and D'lei. "Here lies Timmy, our sweet Autumn flower. Somewhat less pretty now that he's all corpsified and gross. You had a good run, Timmy - literally. Rest in peace; we hardly knew ye." But her fingers are waggling for the woodcrafter, and there's a look for D'lei. We aren't going to talk about the look, but there was definitely a look.

Rinian finally registers the question from Nailii, being a bit off balance yet. "Oh, I'm fine." It'd be like the 'I'm fine' of someone who almost got hit by a car. They really are fine, but the 'holy *ahem*' of it all is still in affect. And then…big brown head and Eau Du Timmy…and Rin turns a bit greenish. She also ends up with a lovely rememberance with a Timmy feather in her hair. Risali's comments don't help much with the greenish tinge to Rin's complexion.

« That is too bad it got into the cottage. The person could have just pushed it back outside and offered a helping hand too. » Talanoath croons out to the pat-smacking and tilts his head letting his gaze follow after Risali before he looks back to Rinian. « I made his one sick? I wonder if she'll puke! » Nailii just sighs a moment lifting a finger as if about to say something to her dragon before Risali is here and she sends her a grin. "Hey, how are you feeling?" Then the dragonhealer is being used as a crutch, not that she is complaining. "Oh Talanoath had been watching Timmy for a while, he said a green was chasing him yesterday so had to make his move today of course. At least he went out with a bang I suppose." Well how many other wherries take off running over half the weyr trying to escape?

"Mmh," D'lei acknowledges for Risali's opening gambit, with a grin and a nod for her before he looks back to Rinian. "You had asked me if all of Leirith's children took after her, didn't you?" he asks her - though whether she's the one who did or not, he still tilts his head to indicate Talanoath. "Well, he's one of them." Caveat Candidate? « Indeed, » Garouth agrees to the brown. « They didn't even want it for themselves. » Which, really. He's offended! Another hunter catching the prey is one thing, but to just get in the way like that is a jerk move. "You've gotta move fast, sometimes," D'lei agrees with a nod to Nailii as she explains about that green. "If someone else gets there first… well." TRAGEDY. As for the possible impending… digestive rebuke… « You should be ready to dodge. » Garouth sounds amused at the possibility of revenge-puking, a rustle of leaves dissolving in acid.

How is she feeling? "Better than Rinian looks," Risali offers, amusement in the pull of her lips as grey eyes go from the woodcrafter to D'lei, where they remain for the revelation of just who is dam to Talanoath and his himness. "But," Risali amends, one finger in the air as if this might stall any accusational implications towards the NATURE OF HER DRAGON. "He is also Garouth's." SO THERE. It's not really important, but Risali is not so privy to the conversation between Talanoath, and D'lei, and Garouth, so instead she looks back to Nailii. "How are you?" And then a draw in of those brows as her attention goes back to Riri. "Are you going to be okay?" At least the concern in her voice sounds genuine.

Rinian swallows and then takes a deep breath of fresh air. She refuses to be sick in front of these people, and gives a silent nod to Risali. She lets out the breath and then focuses he green eyes on D'lei, then Risali. A very sort of pointed and purposeful look. "I've been wondering, and I've come up with no firm conclusions so I think I shall just have to ask. Why did you leave us /up there/?" The 'up there'
has shades of tones that one would reserve for a very, very, icky awful sort of place.
« I wonder how much a human can puke? Though honestly it would not be as impressive as a dragon's. Mine would be lovely, bones, feather, gristle? I wonder if I burp on her again if it'll cause the happening to happen. » Talanoath goes on with his conversation with daddy dearest Garouth. Nailii shakes her head slightly and looks amused as she hears D'lei. "Well there is that. Though this is aso the reason why I have to build a corral at my weyr as his starting to bring animals home with him. Going to need a barn or something if this keeps up. Talanoath actually likes this idea. « Oh? I can bring home George then! » Nailii eyes her dear dragon, and Talanoath is pointedly looking at RInian and is sniffsniffing at her before another burp esacpes his muzzle. "Honestly Talanoath? Enough." Nailii grumbles before talks turn to being left somewhere and she grins. "Ah.. Got left up in space huh? Did you see any monsters by chance?"

D'lei grins a bit wider as Risali calls out the other half of Tala's parentage. "This is true," he admits. Which … not like that makes it any better, given that those eggs on the sands are also a mixture of those same two dragon-parents. « Not very much, » is Garouth's answer to Talanoath. « Half a flame-belch of firestone. » And he knows this becaaaauuuse…. yep, there's a mental picture of Selene when she had that stomach flu. « Maybe more, for her. She is larger. » D'lei nods to Nailii's home animal-keeping, then hehs as Talanoath chimes in. "We're going to need some building soon too, what with the kids." He grins. "Not the goat kind!" That pointed look from Rinian, clearly curious about where it might lead, then a half-smile that's followed by a fuller one as he glance to Nailii for her guess… though it fades as he returns his gaze to Rinian. "I gather you didn't enjoy it," he says rather than answering, with a crooked half-smile as he does.

Well, but Risali is laughing. "To be fair, that's probably where he got his good looks." The rest was probably Leirith. Because, well… "Don't let her tell you what to do, Talanoath," Risali stage-whispers to the brown, bumping Nailii with her hip as those grey eyes make the jump to his lifemate and then away, to Rinian as that question comes. Risali's smile falters, that humor dissipating as she tilts her head to hear Nailii's question, as she looks to D'lei and waits for his answer, and then looks back to Rinian. She doesn't answer just yet, because she's curious to see how Riri answers those first two questions posed. She does add on a gentler, "Did something happen…?"

Rinian does a bit better with round two of dragon breath, not going quite as green as the first time. If that beautiful brown's intention was to get her to hurl he is going to be disappointed….at least for now. She has a different bone to worry than Timmy the wherry. She thoughtfully considers D'lei's return question, answering Nailii first, "Not the traditional sort." Then to D'lei, "Enjoy is not the word I would choose. However it did provide time for learning some things about myself, and some things about others." And those are a couple of the reasons she thought maybe they did it, but she still wants her answer so continues to look at him, waiting.

Teinon enters, stage runner stables. He must have been working, because he's covered in dirt (or what one can only hope is dirt) and there are even a couple of bits of straw clinging to his hair. His footfalls are heavy, weary clumps as he makes his way up the path back toward the weyr. His steps slow a bit as he catches sight of the dragons, and in spite of his tired appearance, a little smile touches his lips. He starts to dawdle, taking his time going up the path in order to watch the dragons.

« True? Oh well, it would be a bit amusing if it was more epic I suppose. » Talanoath rumbles out and is soon settling down near the little group and sprawls out to relax and look all perfect and the like with his head held up and chest slightly puffed up to some degree. « Course not, I do what I wish and she is along for the ride. » This is actually offered to Risali along with his own rider with an amused rumble escaping him. Nailii choose to just ignore her dragon for the moment, or three while listening in on the conversation dealing with what may or may not have happened.

Poor Timmy's bones have been swallowed down, so picking them is… rather a challenge, just at the moment. So, it's probably for the best that Rinian's not focused on those! D'lei listens to her responses, and nods. "Those do seem like useful things to have learned," he agrees to her, and then he smiles. "It's also very traditional." There's a slight flicker of a smile, but he seems overall earnest. "Our ancestors came to Pern on that spaceship. It was a very long journey, with a lot of people who they didn't get to choose as their companions… and yet they made it through." Even if some of the recovered records do hint that it wasn't without some chaos, drama, and death.

Risali nods for D'lei's explanation. "And it's good to learn how well you handle situations over which you have no control." Because you will find yourself pitted against people or circumstances that make you uncomfortable and it's how you react to those ugly, challenging moments that reveal truths about who you are. Which all kind of boils back to what Rinian has already learned. Risali huffs a soft breath of laughter, distracted as she reaches out to apply a gentle hand to Tala's snout, and then finds Teinon with grey eyes. There's a smile for the man, perhaps a flicker of recognition for memories about telling GROWN MEN THEY BEAUTIFUL, but she doesn't move to invite him in just yet. For now her attention strays back to Rinian, with a reiteration of her question. "So what kind of monsters did you find?"

Rinian nods slowly and thoughtfully as she listens to them both. "I think I am glad I was not one of those that made the trip. I found I like having nature around me and ground beneath my boots even more than I already knew." She adds to D'lei, "I think that there are things yet to be worked out that may take longer in coming, with the wide spaces we have here not making more immediate resolution necessary." There she goes, talking like a 40 turn old or something. One might have to wonder about her childhood, or perhaps its just her nature. She looks to Risali, again taking the time to think about her response before she replies. "The internal kind." She sighs softly, "I did not respond as well as I would have liked to what came up, or to being up there in the first place."

Rinian frowns at herself and gives a shiver. The stopping in the middle of the run for a dragonsnack and chat has gotten her chilled, and likely she doesn't want to go into all that too much more for now anyway. "I'd better get back to what I was doing." Without another word she takes off running again.

Teinon /almost/ misses that look from Risali. Almost! But then he spots her smiling at him, and you can't just /ignore/ that sort of thing. So he smiles back, self-consciously, and kind of half-waves. He remembers that he's been working in the stables, so he runs a hand over his head, discovers some of that straw, and starts brushing it away. Rinian also gets a little wave as she goes running by, but his attention sneaks back to the dragons and kind of stays there. You'd think he'd get tired of watching them, but nope. That is not a thing that happens.

"I recall being in the same spot for the same reason and getting left there for a spell." Nailii offers with an amused tone. "I also didn't enjoy it, I have a thing against heights." THOUGH she dos like to fly with the dragons and her own it is different for some reason. A soft smile is seen and she nods to Rinian. "That is alright, point is you can see you made your way through it. If nothing else you have a few stories over it I'm sure." Talanoath turns his head and sends a curious look towards Teinon with a faint rumble escaping him. « Do I have feathers in my fangs? His staring at me. I know I am awesome, epicenes but still? » This only offered to his rider and Nailii hums while glancing over to Teinon, a faint smile and nod seen. "He won't bite you, his name is Talanoath." Well now the brown is on the spot. Talanoath shifts and stretches, tail flicking and sways before curling to his side while he sits up and puffs up al 'big and strong' like.
D'lei has a nod of his own for Risali's part of the explanation. "An injured dragon can easily strand a rider." Where? Well, anywhere a dragon can get. He glances to Nailii, with a crooked smile. "I'm sure you have stories about where you've had to go make house calls." He looks back to Rinian again, and smiles. "There are always things like that," he says, with a bit of a shrug. SO IT GOES. Things to be worked out, monstres, and… departures! D'lei lifts a hand to wave farewell as Rinian departs, then hehs as his attention's drawn to… well, to attention being drawn to Talanoath, but the glance to the brown is followed by the look over to Teinon, and he lifts a hand in greeting with a smile to go with before turning his gaze back to the otehr two riders. "Survival really is a prerequisite for a lot of things."

"Sure do," D'lei agrees to Nailii. Any glances he sends to Leirith and Talanoath are surely just incidental, yep! He curls his arm around Risali as she shifts to use him as the crutch instead, tracing his fingers along her side, and nods. "Yeah. Which… well. We'll see." A crooked grin, and then another look to where Teinon seems to be… having the time of his life, really… with the dragons. His gaze shifts back to Nailii, again. "Have you met many of the candidates this time around?" he asks curiously. He, Risali and Nailii are standing about and talking on this Autumn-y day, while Leirith and Talanoath give Teinon an up-close and personal look at themselves, with many an amused.

JUST KIDDING. About Leirith going to paint Garouth, I mean; the reality is that she is painting Garouth's son, which is also her son! But a good-enough almost-Garouth anyway. So Talanoath makes his way for nuzzles, and Leirith STEPS OVER TEINON, then settles right beside her son-child-that-she-would-totally-have-babies-with-because-she's-a-dragon. Thank about that for a second, y'all. His children would be his own siblings. WINNING. HAVE WAR-PAINT. But then the gold is dropping her head to the ground and watching, never quiet, but offering little more than the persistent beat of drums and bass as she watches in excitement. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? SHE WANTS TO KNOW. Risali maybe shivers, and maybe punches D'lei (very softly, in his side), but her attention is focused on Nailii, waiting for her answer. "And what did you think, if you did?" TALK ALL THE ISH.

Teinon stands absolutely still to let the dragon snuff all he wants. Mostly, he smells like runners and hay. Probably various other dragon dinner-ish smells. Yum. His eyes roll upward to watch as… he gets stepped over. For a moment, he's kind of gape-mouthed, but that is soon turning back into a grin. Slowly, he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a packet. Opens it. And he produces a sweet and kind of holds it out to her on an open palm. He watches with a quizzical grin, waiting to see what she'll do next.

Nailii looks curiously after Talanoath. "Hope he doesn't try to make someone else vomit." Well it is possible let's face it, this is Talanoath after all. Hearing the question she looks back to D'lei and Risali and blinks. "Ah? Well I met the one that was just here, Rinian right? There is a baker as well but honestly I can't recall his name at the moment." Which is typically what happens when it comes to Lynn and names, she tends to forget them more then recalling them. "I'm not going to lie I haven't talked to many of them." She shrugs. Talanoath snuffled and sniffs at Teinon and is soon looking to that dear mother of his and is getting all ickyness on him? Well no more like war-paint, he'll take it! One best totes believe he would take off after dear Leirith if given the chance. H dragons and the strange life they lead to drive each other insane along with the riders they pick as lifemates. Talanoath looks back to Teinon and the sweet that is held before a light glance is sent to Leirith. « I think his given you something. »

Don't mind Mathis, he was tripping over his own feet over there, having just come up over that rise that lead back down towards the weyr, seeming to have had some difficulty getting up there for some reason. It might be the canvas satchel/courier bag slung across his chest by its single strap, clearly over packed with only Faranth knows what, and heavily at that. Couldn't be, what looks like, an oversized tube sock pulled over one arm. It did have a crudely drawn face on it, some googily eyes glued to the front, and what looked like a length of red felt glued at the center of where toes should be. The sock looked, miffed, that's the best way to describe it. With large thick eyebrows done in a black marker rather close to the eyes, and hastily drawn pointy teeth. As he acclimates himself to his surroundings, the boy spots the gathering of people and dragons, but most especially Leirith. A momentarily guarded expression turns as bright as Rukbat and he's falling all over himself to get down there and to her as quickly as he can. No hellos, salutes, nothing, not paying attention at all to any of the adults. The kid had his eyes on the prize sporting a grin that might split his head in two, which was to show off that sock and he does so by lofting it high above his head and waving it frantically. "Leirith! LOOKIT!" Oh, he was so proud of himself. His bag of stuff clacking and clanging all the way.

D'lei hehs, another glance to Talanoath and then back to Nailii. "Did you leave a book open to the page about emetics or something?" he asks her with a half-smile… then another look to the dragons. "…can probably get you a few more met, getting them a bath." Because YAY MESSY. But anyhow, he listens to what Nailii has to say about those candidates she has met, and nods a-once and… "Sylvarin?" he suggests. Not that he necessarily believes she'll remember it even with the prompt, but still. "He's definitely… some kind of baker. Speaking of vomit." A grin, and then another glance over to observe Mathis as he too makes for the dragons. "…that's another of them, I think." Not that D'lei has met this one, really!

A treat. FOR HER? Good job, Teinon. Now on top of all that runner and mud muck, you have DRAGON SLOBBER ON YOU. Because Leirith? She could taste the candy, or she could taste YOU. « I CANNOT TELL WHAT THIS TASTE IS, TALANOATH. YOU COME TRY. » RIP. At least the call of her name has that massive head rising from the ground, that giant, blood-smeared maw coming open as blue eyes fix on Mathis and his sock pet and she gives COMPLIMENTS. « VERY GOOD, TINY MINION. YOUR ABILITY TO NOT KILL SOCKS IS IMPRESSIVE. » A beat, and she's shifting to move closer to Risali and D'lei, shoving bloody snouts RIGHT INTO THE TWO OF THEM. « DO YOU SEE, DISAPPOINTMENT? HE IS TAKING IT FOR A WALK. HE IS KEEPING IT ALIVE. » "It is a sock, Leirith. It doesn't count." « YOU DON'T COUNT. STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM WHERE HE CAN HEAR YOU. » "He doesn't have ears, Leirith. It's a sock." « LET ME KEEP THEM. » Cue the emphatic, "No." Leirith wuffles, and maybe accidentally on purpose knocks Risali BACKWARDS into the ground (sorry if you go with her, D'lei, but it was worth it), and then laughing as she paints Nailii with a little gore too. « TALANOATH, NOW YOUR MINION MATCHES. I MUST GO RESCUE GAROUTH. HE IS SCARED AND ALONE. » A lie but there she goes. Risali? Well, she breathes out, "That baker poisoned me the first time I met him," from down on the ground where she is resigned her fate will forever be.

Teinon has had worse things on him than dragon slobber. In fact, he's probably got worse things on him /right now/, depending on how you look at it. There's an awful lot of manure in a stable. In any case, he is still grinning, giving one of those huffing breathy laughs as he watches her go. He looks aside at Talanoath, speculatively, and he might have offered sweets to the other dragon, as well, but… then there's a Mathis. Teinon freezes, and his smile turns kind of brittle and weird. Just freeze, Tein. If you don't move, he can't see you. Thattaboy.

Nailii shakes her head slightly and lets her arms fold loosely before her. "Honestly I don't know where he is coming up with this quest to make someone vomit. Maybe he'll just do it himself and be done with it." They can hope right? At the name from D'lei she nods. "Yeah that one, so he is a baker?" Obviously she's not had the chance to try anything baked. "We talked for a short bit, but those have been the only two I've really had a chance to talk with. They seem very nice." She isn't to helpful it seems with having information on them. She glances over to Talanoath wondering what else he might be doing before there is a call from someone else and then she is getting covered in gore as well? "Oh Honstly Leirith? That doesn't wash out!" Talanoath is amused and is snuffing at Teinon to see what might be offered to Leirith before picking up on how movement from the runner-scented one and he is looking around before catching sight of Mathis. « Don't like him? » Yep he just talked to Teinon, there is a faint crackle that could be a rush of water picked with his short little words. « OH does he need a NIGHT LIGHT?! » This offered to both Leirith and Garouth at the same time as the brown is very amused over this.

Gangly and too-thin limbs everywhere, how Mathis manages to move with such speed and look like a muppet in a hurricane without falling flat on his face is anyone's guess, coming to an almost too quick stop in which he nearly bowls himself over. Balance. Balance. Up on his tip-toes, arms swirl around in wide quick circles as he teeters forward precariously, ever so slowly he inches back and into a steady stance. Triumphant, huffing like mad, again the sock puppet is thrust up into the air so that Leirith could get a good look at it. The blood on her muzzle? Eh, not as interesting as show and tell apparently, completely and utterly overlooked in favor of the booming throb of drums that lobs against his thinking meats. Where once there was signs of distress, there is only the slightest indication of a wince for once migraine inducing volume, there and gone in the span of a drumbeat. "Thank you! Mr. Flibble is really hard to take care of you know. He likes to eat feet…toes are his favorite," the boy excitedly explains, wiggling his fingers inside the sock to elaborate making the pointy outline of sharp-pointy teeth undulate disconcertingly, "Nomnomnom…" Unrestrained laughter erupts from him soon after and comes to a natural end as he turns big hazel eyes upon the riders when Leirith goes off to share his excellent-pet-tending with them. There's a few stifled giggles as she smears things and says things and knocks Risali into D'lei. "Cold fizzy water," he tells Nailii before he notices Teinon, standing there trying not to move or be seen. He's not a T-Rex, you know. Mr. Flibble is held at shoulder level, mouth curling in itself before abruptly turning towards Mathis, seeming to be 'whispering' at him. Shocked, dismayed, his eyes widen further and he gasps softly and looks at the puppet, "We couldn't possibly do that…who'd clean up the mess?"

D'lei nods to Nailii, and grins. "Maybe." But really, who knows? Dragons are… well, Leirith is demonstrating that bloody dragons isn't just a curse, but it definitely can be. Also? Now there are bloody riders! Leirith's just a sharer and a carer like that. D'lei shoves back good-naturedly at that maw, but he doesn't actually help when it comes to the argument Risali is having with her dragon, even if it does distract him enough that he doesn't really notice the awkward between Mathis and Teinon. When Leirith shoves, D'lei does his best to keep Risali upright… which is to say, he goes down with her and helps by having his arm around her become a pillow for her head. Whump! He's concerned for a moment, because Risali is still not 100% on her being-bowled-over skills, but that eases quickly, and he grins. "Admittedly," he says to her claims about Sylvarin, "That was probably partly Zyriden's fault." What with her having been pregnant with him at the time. But, at least Leirith is off to cause trouble elsewhere, though… not without some parting words! « It's worse than that. » Garouth's thoughts in reply to gold and brown are a radiation of darkness beneath those words, shadow deep enough to be un-differentiated black - the tinge of dark humour. « I am the night. » BATMAN. « Without a guiding light… I may never return. » And that would be tragic… or at least, Leirith seems to think so, and given her fine judgment about so many other topics, she is clearly worth listening to on this subject!

Were you expecting sympathy, Nailii? Because Leirith is just laughing as she boooooms her way into the distance. Talanoath gets: « HE DOES. IT'S NOT REMOTELY BADASS. » But she is joking you guys; all giddy, bombastic joy and unrelenting joy as she probably makes a pillow out of the bronze she is faux-insulting. She does listen though, and then she laughs — a louder, bigger boom of sound. Risali, for all that she's not attempting to get back up, simply makes herself comfortable by sprawling on D'lei. DON'T WORRY, SHE TOUGH. And anyway, weyrmates and their arms provide pretty nice cushions to break falls with. Or on. Whatever. Risali is tossing one leg over both of D'lei's, and then reaching out a hand for Nailii. She's answering D'lei with a huff of laughter, though. "He doesn't have to know that though." And REALLY. Did you taste the same thing she did? … Of course you did. AND YOU LIKED IT. NASTY. Maybe Risali is smacking him (gentle) with the back of her hand in his chest for reminding her. She is wiggling her hand for Nailii though, as if asking her in the most lazy way to help her up. BUT IT'S A TRAP! If Nailii comes to be a helper, Risali's going to catch her by the wrist and PULL. MOOAHAHAHA. Success will see her gasping out laughter and then pulling the dragonhealer into the cuddle pile. FAILURE, WELL… Failure is not an option (and will probably involve yelling at D'lei to help her). « ATTACK THEIR TOES WITH YOUR FLIPPITYFLERPER, TINY MINION. NOT-SO-TINY MINION, DISTRACT THEM WITH YOUR DELICIOUS TREATS. » BATTLE!!!!!!

The dragon talking to Teinon snaps him riiiiight out of that freeze. He jumps and looks up, round-eyed and mildly alarmed. He shakes his head emphatically. Nope. Wrong again! But explaining would take a very long and also, oh yeah, someone who speaks sign language. Or even some paper and a pen. He could probably makeshift something up with all this gore or whatever, but it probably wouldn't convince anyone that he doesn't dislike Mathis if he's writing it in wherry guts. He's puzzling over how to get his message across… and then Mathis solves the problem with his whole sock puppet routine. He looks at the dragon, with a much-abused expression, and holds a hand out toward Mathis. There! /That/ is the problem, apparently. Teinon seems to think it's self-explanatory, anyway. "TEINON. WHERE ARE YOU?!" A booming male voice sounds across the meadow, and they don't sound pleased. The herder in question flinches and gives a little grimace. Too polite to leave without at least saying goodbye, he gives an awkward sort of bow dragons-ward, and then he's /off/. Turns out he can really move when he needs to. Poor Leirith has lost one of her minions. He will have to distract another day.

Nailii shakes her head while attempting to wipe some of the gore off, which honestly it doesn't work this way, this isn't how any of this works! "Yeah I'm aware how to get blood off." This said with an amused tone back to Mathis, she knows how for a good reason at least! She will peer down at Risali and smirks a moment before moving to try and help her up. "You causes this alllll on your own, should just leave you down there." Before she can say anything else she is yanked downwards with a squeal escaping her in the process and a slight struggle before she is laughing. "I don't recall this being safe with people that are healing from things!" Namely Risali, she has the crutch. Talanoath rumbles at the offerings of Garouth's thoughts. « I could get you a moon shaped nightlight then? So you can be one with the moon? So you'd never be lost? Anywho I don't think Leirith would let you get lost, need to start carrying around a map perhaps? » As for Teinon, the large brown glances to him then back to Mathis and does this a few more times before eyeing Teinon once more. « No clue what you're talking about buck'o. » Seems Talanoath didn't follow that all the way through to get what he was meaning.

It's okay D'lei, there isn't actually any awkward, not from Mathis anyway. He was having a ball, laughing softly as the muted man makes a flurry of hand gestures to indicate him and whatever the problem was. "Awww," he pouts as Teinon gets called away, the sock puppet drooping to emphasize disappointment. "No toes for you Mr.Flibble, sorry." There is a press of the drawn face to the boy's shoulder and what looks like over dramatic yet silent sobbing, for which he comforts by patting it along it's length while murmuring soft and reassuring words. Things like, "There, there", "It's okay", and "We'll get him later". A beaming grin is shot towards Nailii, shrugging narrow shoulders, as if to say 'Just trying to help' before he watches the adults clown around for a while, fascinated by the looks of it. The sock puppet seems to get over the heartbreak cause by its intended meal escaping before any attempts at chomping down on those toes could occur, now appearing as if it were on the hunt for more available prey. Naturally, left with Talanoath nearby, the boy's attention wavers towards him and so does the sock puppet's. "Hello, what's your name? We haven't met yet. I'm Mathis and this is Mr. Flibble." With that, he holds his arm upwards so the brown could have a good look at it. His gaze had strayed a few times towards Leirith and Garouth, but that was a lot of dragon to be messing with, rather than be crushed (completely on accident of course) he keeps away from all that pillowing and squashing. Still, the gold's commentary does bring a wicked grin to that face, transforming the lad's expression into something downright mischievous in the process.

"Since when has Risali been safe?" D'lei asks Nailii, and grins as he wraps his arm over to apply a hug to both at once. SQUISH. It's time for a tumble of very (un)dignified riders, apparently! Because squishing - like blood - is for both them and their dragons. There's a gust of cold wind in Garouth's reply to Talanoath, « Moons have false light. » His image of one is silvery-white and bright… until the surface of it warps and bends, rippling away into dark waters reflecting the moon whose light is itself only a reflection. « Stars are a better guide. » Another wind-gust, and the glow of stars against the sky… until one of them grows brighter, and brighter, until… WHOMWHOMBAAAM! IT'S LEIRITH. If mustard was neon, that would be her. (Note: mustard should not be neon. It is a TERRIBLE AESTHETIC CHOICE. But it is very vivid, and very badass, and will sear the inner eye in a very Leirith fashion.)

Rinian must have finished her run somewhere else on the meadow, for now when she returns it's at a slow walk, a thoughtful expression on her face. She slowly makes her way towards the group, a little surprised to see them still about. Or perhaps she hadn't been on her run as long as she'd thought.

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, NAILII. FOR SASSING HER. Risali is laughing, caught up in a tangle of limbs and weyrmate arms that SQUISH and drive the air out of her lungs because she's laughing harder and trying to get out his name in faux protest. She's also squishing Nailli while pushing at D'lei's arm, defending her own honor with, "Shut up, bronzerider. You're lucky to have me and you like danger." Which she doesn't actually think is true, BECAUSE IT IS TRUE IN THE REVERSE, but she says it anyway because it's funny to feign a grandiose sense of self. Sometimes. "Get him, Nailii!" SQUISH HIM BACK! While Leirith thrums bass and drums and… perhaps down that private line, unleashes masked dancers in a forest. « Stars can only be seen in the dark. » Ah - a quieter, mindvoice, no less cheerful, no less bombastic, but certainly less of whatever that is she presents so often. « MINION, WHY ARE THEIR TOES STILL SAFE? » That one is FOR YOU, MATHIS. And maybe Risa sees Rinian from this dogpile of riders down on the floor, because she's calling out, "Rinian! Get D'lei!"

« Stars will always be there? Yet you have to know which ones to follow towards the correct light. » Talanoath offers with a soft tone that leaks out like a faint glow following by a slight hiss from sea mist. His mind soon lights up with soft lights and some slowly get brighter and even slightly twinkle in a dark sky. His head tilts as something seems to grasp his attention before he is looking towards his rider. « We're wanted at the Annex. » Which means Talanoath is going to stop the fun right quiet it seems. Nailii lets out a squeal of laughter while wiggling and struggling a bit before she is finally able to escape one hand and then a arm and is left gasping for air between giggles. « I think you can do just fine without my help Risali She's always safe I have no idea what you're talking about D'lei." The word from Tala makes her sigh and she is up and brushing her clothing off. "I'm needed at the Annex, try not to die from laughter guys." A quick wiggle of a wave is seen before she and Talanoath is having to leave. « I am Talanoath, nice to meet you! » This sent back to Mathis as he did hear the question but did not have time for his rider to offer names.

As fun and educational as it was watching the riders wrestle, something about it makes Mathis seeks entertainment elsewhere. Namely, Talanoath. Really, he just wanted to share his delight over finding that googly-eyed sock sitting on his bunk and maybe show off his new friend. Oh yeah, Mr. Flibble was totally his friend, and would never eat his toes either. The rising sound of laughter coming from behind draws his attention back to the dragonriders though, they sure did seem to be having a lot of fun over there, and no small part of him didn't want to join in. He was itching to, eyes wide and glittering with his desire to run up and just jump into chaos, lips pressed firmly together to keep himself grounded. Leirith's gentler Matty Filter (TM, patent pending) encouragement brings barely contained energy to his body, practically thrumming as he watched the adults squish and laugh and all of the things. "I want to but…" slips out of him as he looks over his shoulder her way. What helps is that there is some disappointment that dragon to whom he was showing off his puppet to had to go, but who was he to get in the way of duty? Still, there is a sun-shiny smile and a nod for the return of introduction before the the pair leave headed towards the Annex. The appearance of Rinian, from wherever she had been, distracts him from feeling too sad about not being able to play with Talanoath, reacting before he can think about it. Immediately he starts to wave in welcome to her as he would have in any other time in his life, except he stops himself in mid-gesture and begins to look a measure apprehensive. He hadn't seen her since she disappeared that night, having had no idea she'd taken refuge in that tree the whole time. Not sure if she was mad at him, upset, or even if they were still friends…Mathis looks to take the 'err on the side of caution' route and offers an apologetic look if nothing else while waiting her response.

« Yes. » That's only barely a word from Garouth; more simply a shared universe of stars between three draconic minds that holds concept and emotion and the eternities of space and time, lights that brighten and twinkle against darkness, the heat of fiery passions and flickering candle-flames through the cosmos and the forest. Which. Is a great deal of everything. More concrete is the way D'lei wrestles with and squishes (and is squished by) Risali and Nailii in against each other, and against him. "Not from meeee!" is his retort to Nailii, because if Risali is gonna play OPPOSITE GAME then so is he. Just look at all his fierce and terrible cuddles! There are 'grrr' noises in amid the laughter, so you know it's serious! …and then it actually gets serious, at least for Nailii. D'lei and Risali are both quick to actually let her untangle, at that point, though the bronzerider grins a, "No promises!" to her admonition. It does seem - despite the light words - that the note of serious business elsewhere has a settling effect on the remaining riders. The chance for toe-nibbles has been missed! Sorry, Matty, you're just going to have to find another opportunity later - for right now, D'lei is getting to his feet, and helping Risali up to hers a moment later. There's a kiss between them, and a grin, and then they're making their way over to where Mathis has arrived - and Rinian has returned. D'lei lifts a hand, and waves. "Welcome back," he says to Rinian, "And hi." That part's to Matty.
Rinian was caught in a quandary until D'lei rescues her. She'd an request from a leader to do one thing, where the way she was raised was like…don't you dare. She lets out a soft sigh of relief about the time she spies Matty and his awkward greeting. Her answer? She marches right over and gives the boy a warm hug and a soft murmur in his ear.
Rinian whispers "Sorry"

As it turns out, as close to sickly thin as Mathis might be, Rinian and he were of a unified height. Given that he was thirteen and she three turns his elder, it was practically preordained in the stars that he was going to be taller than her. Someday, anyway. Not that he was thinking about anything other than wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly against him, hugging her fiercely and shaking his head a little at whatever she'd murmured against his ear and is quick to murmur back. All the feels, all the love, and with a final squeeze he releases her again. This give Risali and D'lei plenty of time to get up, do the things that would have otherwise made him turn all sorts of colors rather awkwardly, and come over to them before he seems to notice. Sure, he'd seen the Weyrleader and he knew that he was one of two weyrmates to the Senior Weyrwoman, but never up this close. Again, those already too large hazel eyes widen a touch, just taking it all in before he wibble-wabbles something that might have, could have, WANTED to be, a salute and finds purches along the ground. Yep, there it is, a warm rosy hue blossoming just beneath the formerly pale flesh of his cheeks. "Hi."

Risali is pressing in against D'lei's side again, arm slung low around his hips will her thumb hooks in the belt-loop of pants. Curious grey eyes shift upwards, towards amber - a pause, a scrunch of her nose as she breathes, "I forget they're more orange, sometimes," his eyes, she means - and then she's looking Riri and Mathiswards. Those brows lift as she watches the apologetic looks and the marching hugs with accompanying whispers, and she's just about to say something when - oh. Oh no. Risali is not laughing, honest. Her lips always do that. She does bite down on her bottom lip to keep from being rude, and she presses her face into D'lei's upper arm and lingers there for a moment, NOT LOOKING AT HIM, NOT LOOKING AT MATTY, DEFINITELY NOT LAUGHING. « MINIONS! IT IS TIME TO COME AND TOUCH MY EGGS. TELL ME HOW GOOD GAROUTH AND I DID. » She's not excited, YOU'RE EXCITED. Risali is just keeping nose, and mouth pressed tight against D'lei and maybe risking grey eyes jumping to amber before she clears her throat and manages an almost steady. "This way." It's a little breathless, but that's not suspicious AT ALL. She just shifts, takes a couple of limp-affected steps forward and catches D'lei's fingers with her own before starting THATAWAY. WHAT. SHE'S NOT LAUGHING, YOU GUYS. D'lei will catch up anyway. He has longer legs (AND IS A CHEATER).

"Sometimes," D'lei answers Risali with a playful tone. "When the mood is right." A grin for her, and then it's on to the candidates, who get… D'lei, up close and personal! Or maybe that's up close and personable, but either way, there's a cheerful grin at the attempted salute from Mathis - or maybe the boy just had a fly near his forehead, it's honestly a bit hard to tell. But hey, he can give the benefit of the doubt - even if Risali is trying way too hard and might even have made Leirith say that (insofar as anyone can make Leirith do anything) for a distraction. So, D'lei smiles as Risali RUNS AWAY, and his own hand lifts to give an indulgent, casual, but still significantly more the correct motion salute back to Mathis. "…though I wouldn't worry about that too much," he says with a slightly conspiratorial tone and a grin, followed by a gesture inviting the both of them to follow along with him in Risali's wake. "I'm D'lei," he says while walking… whiiich he's pretty sure Matty already knew, but hey. "What's your name?"

Rinian had stepped bacy from Matty with a warm smile for her friend when she catches that odd exchange. She looks very puzzled indeed and leans over to whisper, probably easily enough heard by the Weyrleader, "We're suppose to salute?" Uh oh. If so, major foul on her part!

Eyes dart towards Rinian, up and then down, Mathis bobbing his bowed head once before whispering back, "Yeah. They said so, at the thing." Maybe the older woodcrafter-candidate had missed the thing, whatever it was, that dictated such secrets as saluting, "Sir and Ma'am, too…unless the rider says they don't like it or don't want you to." This exchange between the two white-knotted ones allows the boy to miss most of Risali's struggle to contain her amusement over his sudden bashfulness in front of her weyrmate. It wasn't just the eyes, it was the whole sharding package. Damn you hormones, why must you torture him so? Most does mean though that he catches wind of some the goldrider's mirth, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other while momentarily looking as if he would have liked just then to be anywhere but where he was. It was rather perfect timing that Leirith decides it was time for them to touch her eggs, and as if it was giving Mathis permission to breath, he inhales sharp and quick and somehow resists the urge to press his hands to his cheeks in order to sooth the heat residing there now. The correction of his salute doesn't go unnoticed, it was just that he was really trying to play it cool, play it off as too much sun or a sudden febrile seizure about to come on. Falling to the ground to flop around would probably be too much to cover a bit of blushing, but don't think for a second he hadn't considered it. Grabbing Rinian's hand because she was his security blanket, he beings to move towards the weyr with the rest, blood thundering in his ears as D'lei falls into step with them rather than catch up purposefully with Risali. Nodding for the name which yes, he knew, "Mathis…" is given in quiet exchange.

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