Where The Wooodcrafters Are

Yokohama - Hydroponics Bay

The first thing that one might notice upon stepping into the hydroponics bay is that it was in fact, not always used for this purpose. In truth this area was once home to a much larger portion of the ship responsible for the cryogenic storage of seeds, plants, and animals from Terra. Some of these did not survive the trip, others were found to be unadaptable to Pern's harsher environment. As if to give this sad testimonial a measure of hope, most of the old cryogenic equipment here has been removed, whether it was simply dismantled for research, or melted down for its precious steel and in its place has taken root a truly amazing sight.

Everywhere there is warm life giving green. Nothing is planted here that can't be pruned without killing the main body, insuring that nothing biological manages to work its way into the ship's electrical and causes unnecessary extra work for the crew. Whole sections have been dedicated to various plants by species, including trees, vast beds of flowers, herbs, and even patches for fruits and vegetables. A watering system installed over these sections allowing a light mist or spray as programmed for each plants individual needs. What moisture is not used or is created by the plants leeches away into specially designed receptacles that repurifies them through a filter either for redistribution here or elsewhere as needed.

Not only do these green growing thing provide supplements to the crew's diet, but also precious oxygen. The air in this space is crisp, clean and absolutely clear of any impurities, which is a great source of delight for those living aboard ship. Regardless of the cold steel that peeks through the foliage and present at the feet, this place is a favorite among the crew and many members can be found here for an off duty stroll.

Rinian does the tugging when they get to the floor she thinks will do them both the most good. She relaxes..a little..when they get around the green and growing things.

Mathis is easily tugged, once the hesitation was over, tearful eyes lifted once the scent of green was surrounding them. It brings some life back to his limbs, slowing his steps until he comes to stop and stands there with his face upturned and lids closing. He'll remain thus for a time, breathing it all in and letting everything else fall away. Rinian was right, this was exactly the place he needed to be right now, and as far as he was concerned where he'd like to stay until someone came to pick them up and return them to Xanadu.

Rinian is fine with staying here as well. Only…the only reason she ventured out before was to find out if they were going to be rescued yet and..to find anyone else. Was lonely in here. With the release of her arm she gives it a gentle shake and slowly makes her way to the tree she'd staked as her own. Plenty of space to lean against its trunk and under the canopy of its leaves. Like that, one can hide the view of the ceiling above them at least.

There wasn't much, aside from rescue, that was going to convince Mathis that leaving hydroponics or Rinian was a good idea. Sure, they'd be eating a whole lot of fruits and vegetables in that time, stink up the place…but that sounded like heaven in comparison to the alternative. Like, leaving. Ever. Once the boy was done patching himself up mentally over there (the rest would come with time), he returns to a semblance of normal posture and seeks out his fellow woodcrafter, stepping cautiously even as he pulls the strap of his satchel up and over his head in preparation of acquiring a seat of his own beneath that very same tree. He doesn't say anything, not quite yet, just offers the surprisingly hefty and bulging canvas bag over to her before dropping down and settling in.

Rinian takes the bag from him easily. Like him, she's slight, but they don't deal with lumber for nothing. She sets it down for him as he settles, but doesn't open it. See..that would be rude. She's got a shoulder there, should he wish it. For the moment she's just quiet. A shame there are no real nature sounds here, but the mechanical and electrical sounds here aren't nearly as bad as they were in the room they'd been in before.

Squiggle. Squiggle. Leeeeeeaaan. Mathis goes right for that shoulder, claiming it in it's entirety the moment that its offered. He'd done the majority of his crying on the lift, a soft and subtle thing, but all the rubbing he'd done to his face had made it red and raw looking. Nothing at all that was even remotely attractive, considering the snot involved most of all. Just, don't touch his sleeves, because kids his age think they're tissues/napkins and they're guaranteed to be splotted in something or another unidentifiable. Snot, being the least of anyone's worries. "Should open it," he says following a lengthy silence, tipping his chin vaguely towards the bag she's taken from him, "I brought wood and stuff." Stuff being tools, and wood being quite a lot of wood. There were some projects in there already in various stages of progress from beginning obscurity to nearly complete. As usual, his technique and eye was beyond his turns, with a very particular style that was all his own.

Rinian reaches into her pocket with the arm that isn't being a comforting pillow and pulls free a clean handkerchief which she offers him. But his comment makes those green eyes go wide. Once the proper thing for snotty noses and wet eyes has been transfered, she opens the bag to peer inside. She sees one of the more finished pieces and sighs softly. "Lovely. You are simply amazing." It isn't jealousy, it's just spoken as admireing fact. She's not bad either, but she would never be able to put in enough hard work to match his natural gift. And she's fine with that.

For the handkerchief, the boy gently shakes his head, because he'd decided that he was done with the sorts of feeling that landed him into a situation in which he needed to wipe at his face start with. Yep, in the span of just a few days Mathis had experienced his first and last crush. Ever. That he ends up with the hanky anyway? It gets shoved up his sleeve, to maybe or maybe not be pulled out again later. If necessary. But he won't, nope, because it's been decided. He lets Rinian claim dominion over the contents of his satchel, not giving it as much attention as she was, as he was well aware of the contents. Her sigh and comment, earn little reaction. You know when you've heard something so many times that it starts to lose its meaning? Nothing against his friend of course, but praise fell painfully short of satisfying. Mathis didn't work the wood for any other reason than it made him happy, having told Rinian in particular on several occasions, it spoke to him and told him where to carve. That the beauty within, was already there, it was their job bring it forth so everyone could see it. After some quiet reflection, "There's tools and blocks in there, if you want…" Casually his eyes drift off the mossy log he'd been looking at, to her.

Rinian knows. As she also feels the need to free the forms within. She loves carving for the same reason he does, but she has to give credit where it is due, even if the recipient has been numbed to it. "Thank you. I'd have brought my own if I'd any idea…" There is a tiny shudder through her slight frame. She does not like being stuck in this artificial place. She reaches in the bag and finds a tiny rough block, not much more than an inch cubed. More then likely some cast off from some larger project. She casts him a questioning look, to be sure he didn't have plans for it.

That there, perfectly represented the reason Mathis began to like Rinian, that they shared such fundamental and deeply personal reasons for doing what they do. It was sheer dumb luck that they'd ended up finding one another again and under such auspicious circumstances. The pair of them, candidates for the same clutch. Nodding, "It's okay, dressing up and hanging around a bunch of adults didn't sound like much fun to me, so I brought my stuff." What he doesn't say, is that he didn't have a costume, couldn't sew to save his life, and wasn't going to ask anyone to remedy either situation. He would have, according to every imagine scenario, ended up looking ridiculous and being made fun of. He was all set with that. Concern filters in to fill the gaps of an otherwise drawn and world weary expression for her shudder, coiling an arm about her waist and giving a light hug, brows lifting as she withdraws the tiniest piece of wood she could find. Are you serious? Or so says the returned look, reaching over himself and rummaging around until he comes up with some scrap that was about the size of his fist, "This one, it likes you…" he exhales breathily with the softest of sighs, eyes growing heavier as soon as he's handed his selection off to her. Whatever she makes of all of it, everything that's happened the last several hours to just a second ago is lost, because the moment he closes his eyes Mathis is out like a light.

Rinian takes the piece from him and with a turn of her head presses a light kiss to the top of his head, big sister like. She is careful to not bump him as she considers the two pieces. She does rather like the one he picked for her, but..not in this place. If he'll let her keep it she wants to carve it where everything is living. The tiny little square will suit for now. She finds the tool she needs from his back and with small motions, works on the tiny square. She may sleep, maybe. But she's a lot happier to have him here.

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