Uncle Pest

Xanadu Weyr - Siebith's Weyrbarn

Covered in rough, weathered wood, aged by the weather and the sun, the irregular grayed clapboards outside of this weyrbarn lend the place has a rustic, masculine charm. White shutters and window boxes overflowing with brightly-hued tangles of flowers on the lower windows and flowering vines twine about the supports for the porch overhang add a feminine touch, softening the stark stone steps leading to it.

The worn stone floor of Siebith's area is just inside the large sliding door. The living area of the weyrbarn has an open, airy layout gives the utilitarian, bachelor-like plain white-washed walls and simple hardwood floors a sense of wide open spaces. A sturdy mahogany-toned table with chairs that somehow manage to match despite their variety accent the earthy, wooden tones of the kitchenette. The same dark reddish hues are in the door at the far side of the barn, as well as in the low-slung coffee table in front of the plush, worn couch. Dusky sea-blue rugs are scattered here and there. Dark golden curtains hang on either side of the many windows and partition off the loft up above, led to by a black wrought iron set of ladder-like stairs. Lilies arranged in glass vases on the tables provide a crisp of white counterpoint to the dark wood tones.

A new addition, the bedroom has walls of the same plain white, but the floors are made of newer wood, still shiny with polish. A four-poster bed of the same red mahogany takes up the most of one wall of the small space, a blue-and-cream linen coverlet spread on the wide mattress. A set of wooden bureaus take up the bulk of the wall opposite while another wall has been painted upon in the very center with a seascape mural, its crisp blue waters and sandy shores. The final wall is graced by a feminine-looking writing desk stacked with papers and bedecked with knick-knacks. Over the bed, a set of stained-glass windows allows golden-brown light mingled with white whorls and blue haze to shine into the room with the rising of the sun, though both panes are able to be unlocked and swung wide to accept lake breezes.

It's evening in Xanadu and it would have been a nice day save for the blazing heat, now thankfully easing since Rukbat has set. The windows and door of the weyrbarn are open, and for once a slight breeze stirs the air. Dinner is being served in the Cavern, but for once, Thea has opted to eat here. A meal has been prepared (whether it's edible remains to be seen) and a note has been sent for Tharen to come risk his life on his sister's cooking.

D'had comes back into the main area of the weyr after a long, sweaty day of sweeps. A fresh shirt makes all that better though. Or in theory at least. "Smells good," he comments coming up behind Thea and wrapping arms loosely around her waist. Now whether he's just saying that or not…

Tharen has received said note and after getting himself out of duties at the stables and cleaning up himself he's found his way to the weyrbarn that his sister and the weyrsecond share. There's a knock on the doorframe, but being that it's already open he lets himself in after that warning.

Hot and sweaty. That make two of them, although Thea's managed to remain fairly cool for most of the day inside the stone cliff that contains the offices. No, she's managed to undo all that by trying to use the newfangled things D'had's weyrbarn kitchenette comes with. She's muttering to herself and prodding at something boiling away in a pot on the heating element when D'had's arms encircle her. She tilts her head back enough to rest on his shoulder and nuzzle his neck, a teasing grin touches her lips as she says, "So do you." Now whether -she's- just saying that or not… The knock on the door gains her attention at the same time the hiss of overboiling alerts her that she's better off paying attention to cooking.

D'had chuckles, "Thanks," he replies leaving a kiss on her neck. That knock has him turning his head towards the door. "Come on in," he greets though the boy already has. "Make yourself at home. Think she's just about done here?" questioning if she is or not.

Tharen is doing just that, coming in and making himself at home with a flop onto the couch. "Hey sis," he greets Thea with a teasing grin. Yeah, he saw that momentary makeout - well its close enough for him to make fun of her at least. "So… you trying to kill me here? I don't think I've ever had you cook."

Well, Thea's likely done and then some with the cooking. She's eyeing that pot with white foam oozing down the side dubiously as she lifts it from the burner and answers D'had at the same time, "Yeah, finished. Hi Pest." This cheerfully over her shoulder as Tharen flops. Green eyes flicker knowingly at that teasing grin of his, "Be thankful I'm not visiting the haylofts unannounced, buddy." The snickering she's doing now just might be a partial warning: she might do just that should she get the time to do so. "D'had, my brother Tharen, Tharen, my weyrmate D'had." Casual introduction as the pair met briefly when they were all leaving Cold Stone Hold. "Can you get something to drink from the cooling unit, D'had?" She's busy dishing up those well-boiled (very well boiled!) tubers.

D'had chuckles at the exchange. That is all. "Good to see ya," he replies for the introduction Thea gives, the words of course directed towards Tharen. A nod as he crosses towards the icebox in search of some drinks. "Any requests?"

Tharen snerks. "Hey now, I'm not the one who snuck off to the loft," he taunts back. Take that sister! Drink requests are perked at with a "Got any good ale?" Hopefully Thea won't get onto him for asking.

Thea pauses half-way to the table with that bowl of tubers to blink at Tharen in some confusion, "Wasn't me?" In the hayloft back home. "Never kissed a guy until Kav." Oh, right, Tharen never did meet him. "Some of that white w- Ahhh, fruit juice for me," she sings out in answer to D'had's question. The bowl is set on the table and she's back to the kitchenette to open the oven, grabbing a dish from there with a towel to protect her hand. "Have to take a walk in those fields the beastcraft's got the herds in then," she needles Tharen further with a slightly wicked grin as she heads towards the table with that… slightly blackened… something. About the ale she has no comment other than a quirked brow.

D'had nods, "Sure," he agrees and without Thea saying otherwise there's nothing more said on that request. Thea's on the other hand get a quirk of a brow until the second she changes and he only nods. And so in the end a jug of ale and one of juice are produced. What you think D'had doesn't have liquor in his place?

Tharen eyes his sister. "Right…." He knows full well what she means and that she's right. Doesn't mean he can't pretend otherwise. "Thanks," he tosses towards D'had when the ale is procured. Don't think he didn't miss Thea's change in answer there though. "My sister is choosing juice…?" The beastcrafter rises from his seat to head for the table. But really. Thea, juice?

D'had's probably got liquor and most likely a few bottle of the 'good stuff' D'son's given him for this and that over the past turn as well, not to mention Cenlia's penchant for giving them bottle of peach brandy as gifts, but who's counting? Thea sets that dish down on the table (ignore those little curls of smoke rising from the top of it), reaches for a cloth-covered basket of bread (thankfully brought from the bakers over in the Cavern) and places it on the table which is already set with dishes and utensils and a huge salad which may just be the only other edible thing there. She just grins at Tharen and nods, "Yep, juice tonight." Does she explain? Nope. She seats herself, waiting for the others to join her.

D'had pulls out Thea's chair for her, waiting for her to take her seat before slipping into his own. Likely just showing out cause the brother is there. "Looks great babe," he says, rubbing hands together once or twice in that lets eat sort of motion. That said he reaches for the serving utensils in order to load up plates.

Tharen narrows his eyes at the food that's produced, clearly studying it much more than D'had. His nose wrinkles at that glimpse of smoke and he stares for a second longer and then looks to Thea. "Sure its not going to kill me?"

Aww, no? D'had's always sweet to Thea! At least she doesn't act like having her chair pulled out for her is unusual at all, merely smiles sweetly up as him as he pushes her chair in. She hands D'had a huge sharp knife (not a tree saw - really!), "I'll let you carve the, ah, meat." That's a clue as to what that blackened …thing… over there on that platter is. Tharen, however, is eyed as warily as he's eyeing the food. When he looks over at her, she drawls, "If you've made it to 19 turns alive, I'm certainly not going to poison you now." Well, not intentionally? She passes him the bowl of tubers, and yes, they're rather gluey from being over cooked. "So Tharen," casually, "What's new with you lately?"

D'had takes that knife and sets to carving so that he can serve slices around. Burnt or not he either a) hasn't noticed or b) is being nice and not saying anything about that black crust. One to Thea, one to Tharen and one to himself before utensils are set down and he reaches to pass the basket of bread around.

Tharen turns that same look he gave the food towards his plate as that slice of so called meat is set on his plate. A glance to D'had and then that look continues in Thea's direction. "Yeah well.." She wasn't usually the one cooking! Not that he's going to say it just now but it should be clearly implied.

Siebith senses that Seryth speaks with cool rains that falls upon a pool, laughter in her smug tone, « They're finally eating their meat the right way. Now if she'd forget to put it in the heater-thingie altogether, she'd be doing it right! »

Seryth senses that Siebith's deep waters bubble with warm amusement. « They like it different than us. But his little monster would like it if she didn't put it in there. »

Thankfully between Junior and Weyrsecond they could afford a choice cut of herdbeast and that loin roast may have a blackened crust, but the inside is tender, if not a little more rare than most would eat it. Thea pokes at the (very) red center of her slice with a fork and suddenly laughs. A quick glance up at Tharen and she explains, "Seryth thinks it's just right." Her lips twist in a slightly mocking grin as she oh-so-sweetly informs her brother, "D'had was Search and Rescue for years, so if you keel over sudden-like he'll know how to revive ya." And she won't even be jealous? She passes that bread on to Tharen, "I didn't make this." So it's safe? "How were sweeps today, D'had?" And Tharen gets an elbow, "Pest, what's new in your life?" Just in case he didn't hear her before.

D'had chuckles, almost choking on the bit of that meat (as unevenly cooked as it might be) for the remark on reviving Tharen. "Yeah well… revive and cure. Two different things," he explains after a cough. "Sweeps were alright. No different." Nothing special. Still dry.

Tharen laughs and laughs some more. "Thanks, but I think I'll be okay," he assures. Let’s not tempt Thea being jealous. "Not a lot here," he replies, "Stable duties and all that." Nothing so exciting really.

Thea just grins at the both of them in turn. Nothing better than poking two with one needle! "We can get you to Master Fraille quickly then." She almost purrs that reassurance before adding, "IF we can get her to pay attention to your lifeless form. With D'had there, who knows?" She shrugs eloquently, asiding to Tharen, "She's quite… attracted to him." Yes, let's use the polite-for-company word for the ancient healer's oddity. A curious brow is quirked towards her weyrmate as she cuts her meat, "Did you find the source of that odd smoke we've been smelling?" And, no, she doesn't mean dinner! She likes to live dangerously it seems, for that bite of meat goes into her mouth without hesitation, is chewed and swallowed before she asks Tharen, "No one to bring over to meet me yet?" Plaintively said with sad puppy-eyes and everything.

D'had is lucky enough not to have a bit of food or a drink of that ale in is mouth at the exact moment Thea makes that comment. Otherwise he'd be choking again. "Yeah.. lets not go there," he tries to brush it off. As for the smoke: "A few burns, but they were pretty small given the weather."

Tharen busts into laughter. "She. You." and that's all he can get out while staring at D'had and laughing. When he finally calms himself from the amusement of the wrinkled old master healer being attracted to D'had. "Good luck with that man." A glare is shot his sister's way, "That what you dragged me out here for? See if I had a girl yet?"

So Thea doesn't go there. She waits until Tharen's laughter dies out, glancing at her weyrmate side-long. Poor Tharen will just have to remain clueless as to what exactly happened to bring the old healer into their lives. "Hmm Hon, I can't blame her," There's a definite purr to her tone as she pats D'had's arm, a smug smile upon her lips. "But you're mine and I'd fight her to the death to keep you from her." He's reassured, yes? She frowns slightly at the mention of burns. "Small. With all the dry forests?" Amazement is written all over her face. And 'were' he'd said. "So they're all out then." Because of course if they weren't, he wouldn't be sitting here. "Actually, no. I invited you here for another reason. That was just a warm-up question." She blinks innocently at Tharen from ice-green eyes, "But if you do, it would be nice to meet her." And she waits. Hey, it's worth a shot?

D'had is so… well not exactly reassured by all that but maybe a little. "Thanks babe," he replies around his eating. "Surprising, yeah, but they were out." How and why he's not sure, but that's the way it was.

Tharen rolls his eyes. Lovely dovey sister. Eww. Not that he's not glad to see her happy, he just doesn't need to see all that. "Really? Not to kill me, not to see if I have a girl, which I don't. So what's left then?"

Thea's eyes twinkle with silent laughter for her weyrmate, "Crossbows. They come in handy for many things." That was for the benefit of both of them, maybe. She sighs in relief about the fires before she lifts a forkful of the tubers to her mouth. Can't talk, Tharen. See? Mouth is full. Or so says her innocent expression. It's oft said that siblings can speak without uttering a word and Thea does it now. The wide-eyed look she gives him plainly says it all as she tries to swallow the gluey stuff: No girl? Are you….???

D'had raises a brow. Yeah, let’s not comment on the usage of crossbows. A glance is exchanged between the two siblings. Right..

Right… that's about the same thought Tharen is having at that comment, and non-comment both. "No," he replies flatly. "Just not one." Which could mean more than one, or just not one he wants his sister to meet or just not yet.

Thea manages to finally swallow. Whether it's the food stuck in her throat or she's trying not to laugh or both, it's hard to tell. "Didn't think so." Which could mean all of the above. She eyes his plate. Casually, "Not hungry tonight, Uncle Tharen?" A breezy smile follows that while under the table she reaches for D'had, seeking one of his hands, fingers brush his thigh. If they're both on the table, hopefully he'll get the message and give her one of them. Her mouth is suddenly dry, her other hand lifts her glass to her lips, and she sips her juice.

D'had drops a hand to Thea's giving her a hand a light squeeze of reassurance, finally pausing dinner for her.

Tharen has been eating, just not as heartily as the Weyrsecond. "So.." he prompts given that she's not talking, but then there's that comment. It does take a second to sink in but in the end its confusion. "I'm not.. Don't… You?" He stares and it’s his turn to choke.

Thea twines her fingers through D'had's hand under the table and returns the squeeze, but she keeps her attention on her brother over the rim of her glass. Said glass is thankfully hiding her sudden grin at his flustered stammering, although her eyes crinkle, which could certainly give her away. She lowers the glass, carefully setting it on the table and keeping her eyes upon it. "You are… will be. And yes, I am." She holds her breath, waiting for his reaction.

Tharen stammers a bit more. "You.. and you.." he puts things together glancing between the two riders. A grin finally crosses his face. "So you're happy about that, Thee?" That he'll make double sure of first. "Congrats I guess.."

Thea nods shyly at her brother, glancing at the silent D'had then back to Tharen as a brilliant smile curves her lips. "It's his." Simple words that helpfully reveals the parentage as well as her reason for being happy. "You… guess? Thanks a lot, Tharen." Her other hand darts towards him to poke if he doesn't dodge her first. Good thing she wasn't holding her fork?

D'had returns a smile to the glance Thea gives him. Warm and reassuring for the moment she's looking at least. Oh, he's happy alright - just still letting it sink in himself.

Tharen dodges, pushing her hand away with one of his as he squirms to one side. "Yeah, I guess. You're happy. I'm happy. Just.. surprised." He stops there, thought showing in his expression. "You told Ma and Da yet?"

Thea's smile for D'had has a bit of apology in it still, for shocking him and everything else, but she's appreciating his support, there's no doubt about that. At Tharen's question, her fooling around stops, her hand drops and she withdraws it into her lap, "Uh, yes and no, Tharen. I tried to get a letter through to Ma, but he-" and they both know who that would be, "-got to it first and had it sent back unopened." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a crumpled and smudged note, slides it across the table towards him. "Shep took this to Ma, but again he got ahold of it. And I dunno if she even read it."

Across the neat lines that Thea has written are bold letters that say. 'This is no grandchild of mine, seeing I have no children. What's another bastard to Cold Stone Hold? Begone, whore.'

D'had remains silent for the answer to that question, but it seems that the brother here is getting a bit more info. Specifically, just what the father had to say on the matter. His look is stern as he waits for the response. He will be seeing that letter sooner rather than later if he has his way.

Tharen frowns at the reply he receives. Reaching out for that letter his frown only deepens at the writing on it. "Thee, I'm sorry. You got me though. And D'had here." Of course. "And you know Ma don't feel the same way. He's just mad cause he didn't get his way."

Thea nods at Tharen, giving her brother perhaps the sweetest smile he's ever gotten from her, even if it is a bit shaky, "I know." And she does, for all the teasing back and forth they do have each other. "Poor Ma. There ought to be a way we can communicate with her. We have the right." Hold-Weyr relations. And that to a hold not beholden to Xanadu. Thea's not sure and it is D'had as Weyrsecond that she sends a questioning look to. He might know. She reaches for that note, waits for Tharen to relinquish it and slides it over the table towards D'had, an apology with it for not sharing it sooner, "Didn't have it with me out on the lake and I couldn't-" She chokes slightly, "-couldn't say the things he wrote."

D'had reaches for that letter as it's slid over. "Its alright babe," he replies before looking at the words. They, however, have a much different reaction. Anger. The man is on his feet nearly toppling over his chair in the process. Hold-Weyr relations… well they might just need a bit more of that if he has his way. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" shaking the paper at Thea.

Tharen nods. "We should sis, and we will." Eventually? Hopefully? They'll find a way at some point. He hands that letter back when he's done looking and Thea reaches for it only to be startled by the quick movements of the bluerider.

Thea has never seen D'had this way. Well, it was close the day they were at Cold Stone Hold, but he was far more controlled. She just sits there blinking at her weyrmate and that waving paper. "D'had. Don't." Her low-voiced pleading surely must reach him. "That's just what he wants. To upset you. It's you he's trying to get at." She slides Tharen a 'help-me-out-here' look. "Thadan's good at getting to people he doesn't like." But to answer him, she says, "I didn't send it but a few days ago, D'had. That's when my first letter made it back to me unopened." She hunches just a bit having to go into this in front of her brother, admitting quietly, "I… wasn't sure what to do, honestly."

D'had takes a deep breath. Not exactly calming but it helps, along with that pleading look from Thea. Not that he's meaning to ignore Tharen, but there are just bigger issues at hand. "So what? You want me to just ignore it?" He knew it probably wasn't nice, but to actually see those words written..

Tharen just stares, a glance meets his sisters a silent return of 'what do you want me to do?' "I'm sure everything will work out Weyrsecond. Ma's not going to be content with no word for long."

Thea tries not to flinch at the tone; she knows it's not directed at her, at least she hopes it's not. She too, is taking deep breaths. "I… dunno, Donn. I really don't." Her hands clench in her lap, the knuckles turn white and her eyes drop to them. Aside to her brother, she begs, "Tell him how Da was when we were kids, Tharen." Like that might help? "Just… don't play his game, Donn. Don't let him make a child out of you." No, this is more than a game and she knows it. Someone could get hurt.

Someone could, and as far as D'had is concerned it's to be Thaden. "Something will be done about this," of that he sounds sure. What he doesn't know just yet. "You don't need to worry about all this." He should be the one to talk given that he's likely doing a good job of working her up too.

Tharen sighs, "Weyrsecond.." He's not about to get between them and be the one getting hurt here either. "He's not a bad man, he just thinks if he can push the right buttons we'll agree with him. Sooner or later he'll learn."

Thea drops her head further, "Not worried about -him-." She sends Tharen a grateful look. She joins her brother in explaining Thadan to her weyrmate, "He just thinks he can… " she pauses, searching for the right word, "…control everyone." She muses aloud, "I've never seen anyone go against him, though. I don't know this side of him or what he's capable of." A cautious look towards D'had from under her hair, "I don't want you going alone."

"I took care of him last time, I can do it again," D'had protests. He can be extremely stubborn when he wants to. "You aren't going. Not this time. But if it'll make you feel better I'll take someone with," he attempts to assure her.

Tharen nods agreement with his sister. "What she said, he likes to be in control and lately…" That just hasn't been happening goes without saying. "Thee, just give it a while. He'll come around."

Thea rises from her chair, "No!" The singular protest rises from her lips as she steps towards D'had, and there is fear in her green eyes, "I- I can't just sit here…" Her breathing picks up, although she tries to keep it steady, she fails. She doesn't care that Tharen sees. She reaches for him as if she could prevent him from going, clinging to that clean shirt he's put on. Well, it stopped him from returning to Telgar one very rainy day? Sort of… "And yes, take someone with you. D'son might go, maybe?" She turns her head to stare vaguely at Tharen. She laughs shortly, "Come… round? You really think he would ever?" She shakes her head, "I doubt it. He wants-" Her eyes shut tightly and she turns her head back towards D'had, leaning her forehead against his chest. "Nooo." That one word, more moaned than spoken gives voice to the thought she's just had.

D'had shakes his head. "Ain't gonna do no good you being there either," he replies though he does wrap a protective arm around the junior. "Just get you worried and worked up and that ain't good." He nods though, "I'll ask him about it," he assures, "See if he'll go." A confused glance is shared between them then.

Tharen shrugs with one shoulder showing just how unsure of his previous statement he really is. "Maybe?" he replies, "Ma'll wear him down eventually." In theory.

"Ma does what is best to keep the peace," Thea's answer to Tharen is muffled from somewhere near D'had's chest. "I'll be worried and worked up if left to wait here, too," she mutters, almost rebelliously. She's still got his shirt clenched in both hands. He'll have to pry her off before he goes anywhere. "I could offer him a-" she swallows hard, lifting her face to plead with her eyes as she finishes, "-a bargain." She hesitates, then finishes in a rush, "If the babe is a boy, he could foster it and have that apprentice-heir he wanted Tharen to be." She doesn't wait for the father-to-be's reaction, no. She ducks her head to hide the pain in her eyes as well as the tears that follow the offer.

"I don't want you in the middle where you can get hurt neither," D'had argues where he might otherwise relent in favor of not fighting. "No," he states firmly even before she gives voice to that bargain the thought of it followed by an even firmer echo of it. "No bargains. If he wants to be a damned old … let him." No, he's not going to call her father names where they can both hear.

Tharen shakes his head, "Thea, you know you aren't going to be happy giving that up to him. He can be stubborn, but really sis…" That's not even reasonable.

Thea just stands there with her head bowed, silent. She doesn't argue further, respectful of the firmness in D'had's voice. She slowly releases her hold on that shirt of his, smoothing out the wrinkles she's made in it with shaking fingers. Her eyes remain fixed upon them as she speaks to both of them, "I'm… sorry. I just don't know what else to do… he's…" She is silent for a time, thinking. Finally in a near-whisper, "Sometimes my happiness isn't the most important thing. I don't want anyone hurt." From outside the weyrbarn a low growl of protest sounds. "Shh, shh, Seryth."

D'had shakes his head, "What am I gonna do with you.." A rhetorical and slightly teasing question to the weyrwoman. "We'll figure it out. In the morning. After you get some rest." A glance to Tharen, back him up here?

"Don't say that Thee," Tharen argues. "You being happy is important. Haven't seen you this happy in a long time and now he's going to ruin it. Ain't fair." He shakes his head as he stands. "I should get back, thanks for dinner sis." Even if it was burnt.

Thea peeks up though her hair at D'had at that humorous tone, a half-smile forms on her lips, as she drawls an echo, "What are ya gonna do with me?" She coughs softly, "Nothing in front of my brother?" Slim brows bounce up and down a few times over suddenly mischievously sparkling eyes and her grin widens juuuuust a little bit. She turns her head over her shoulder eyeing Tharen, with a look of sudden chagrin, "Oh, shells! I forgot to make dessert!" Maybe that's a good thing?

D'had chuckles lowly, "Not what I had in mind," he replies quietly in a for Thea's ears only sort of way. He lifts his gaze towards Tharen then and nods. "Good to see ya again. Welcome to stop by anytime you know."

Tharen shakes his head, "No no, its alright Thee, really. I'll get something from the kitchen if I need it." he assures. Hey, he might just meet a girl to introduce herself to him while he's there.

Thea just shakes her head at Tharen, with a roll of her eyes about the kitchen, "There's a nice clearing a couple of miles down the coast if you…" She lets that trail off with a lift of a brow and a "G'night Uncle Pest. Next time I'll cook dinner for you at my old place. I know how to use the fireplace." She tilts her head at D'had, very quietly, "Oh really?!" For now, she's leaving the problem - all of them - in his capable hands.

Tharen rolls his eyes. "Thanks Tee," he repeats, tossing her a smile before showing himself to the door. "I'll see ya later." And with that he's off leaving sister and weyrmate to themselves again.

D'had chuckles, "Night," he sends after Tharen as the boy heads off before a knowing grin turns back to Thea only to fall a second later. "Lets just forget this all happened. Hmm? What if you never got that letter back? If we don't react to him..?" Maybe that'll work…

Thea watches Tharen until he's out the door, then shrugs uneasily in response to D'had, "I just don't want him to have any leverage over Tharen." She slides both arms around him, "And I don't want you getting hurt, Donn. You can do as you see fit, I trust you." Not worried about Thadan, apparently. D'had can hurt -him-. She studies him, "You still angry?"

"Your brother's a big boy babe, he can take care of himself," D'had replies. Though really at the moment he's just more worried about her. "Ain't gonna get hurt, but yeah. Still mad at him. Ain't no reason for him to write what he did about you."

Thea nods agreement with a slow sigh, "He is, yeah. Hard to let go and let him, though. I feel pretty protective of him. And he felt desperate enough to run off once." Amazingly only once. She tilts him a curious look, "Don't you have any younger brothers or sisters?" If so, he'd know the feeling. She tenses just a little when he admits he's still mad, "You're right, I know. He's… pretty upset he didn't get his way, I guess." Not that she's making excuses for him, no. Her voice is drained of emotion, "He can't really hurt me, Donn. He never let me be close to him." She shrugs that off, then adds, "I don't know if he can get violent. Just…be careful whatever you do? If you go, I want Siebith in constant contact with Seryth." And she'll take the time off work, because there's no way she'll get a lick of work done while he's gone.

D'had shakes his head, "Nope, just the one brother." And Donn is the younger of the two. "Doesn't give him reason to try," he replies, hand lightly rubbing her back. "Promise babe, I'll be careful. He'll let her know what's going on when we go." Not if, when.

Thea smiles to herself, somewhat amused. "No wonder you're sticking up for Tharen, then. I suppose Lairgnen-" she stumbles over the pronunciation of the name "-was protective of you?" She's falls silent over the matter of her father, but her arms tighten around him. She doesn't argue him going, simply whispers, "Okay," reassured about Siebith's contact. When. She is gripped by foreboding and although she doesn't voice it, surely he can tell, for her breath quickens, showing her discomfort.

D'had shrugs, "In his own way I guess he was, yeah." If you call throwing your little brother overboard protective then sure! "Lets not think about that right now though, hmm? Your happy, your brother's happy for you." He's happy for them too, really, but she should already know that by now. "Relax, huh."

And if pitching your little brother from the hayloft headfirst into the manure pile is protective, then Thea gets the unique prize for her watchcare of poor Tharen. Let's hope her mothering skills are better? And it's no wonder Tharen doesn't go near the haylofts anymore! At D'had's request, Thea exhales in a long, slow let-out breath, willing herself to do just that. She stands tiptoe to brush a kiss across his cheek, ice green eyes twinkle a dare while they are close to his dark ones for that brief moment, a sly smile touches her lips, "Tell you what. I'll clean the dinner things and then you can help me relax, how's that?" And she slips away to start clearing the table of their charred repast.

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