You're... What?

Xanadu Weyr – Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Late summer finds the night hot and still, not a breath of air drifts through the open windows of the weyrbarn. No breeze to stir the lake and thus no sound of waves, the silence is oppressive, brooding and though the Weyr tries to sleep, some at least cannot. Thea is one of them, having slipped quietly from the bed so as not to awaken her weyrmate, slipped into an old shirt and shorts and padded out to the beach under the brilliant starlight to seek some relief in the relatively cool waters of the lake. Seryth floats helpfully on her back in the glassy waters just offshore and it is upon her dragon's belly that the weyrwoman reclines, just staring up at the stars.

"Babe?" D'had's call cuts through the silence of the night as he walks down the beach. The location of the junior most likely shared by his lifemate when he woke without her at his side.

They're not so far out that Thea can't hear D'had's call, "Out here, Donn." Her answer comes clearly across the smooth surface of the water that separates them. Dimly seen in the starlight, she's got her head raised, but remains lying limply where she is on her floating lifemate. "You wanna come out?" Seryth doesn't move, but she does croon a welcome to Siebith’s.

D'had lifts his gaze, turning towards the water at the reply and finally spotting the pair. "Be out in a minute," he says in return before wading out into the water and swimming out to them. "What you doin' out here anyway?" he asks after taking a moment to settle himself.

Thea lowers her head with a faint thunk back onto Seryth's hide, but keeps it turned to watch the silvered ripples that mark D'had's progress through the black waters. Teeth flash white in the darkness, a smile just for him as he joins her. "Trying to stay cool," her reply as full of the exasperation for the weather as it can be. "Was too hot to sleep!" Faintly, on some current of air, the tang of woodsmoke is brought to them, but Thea isn't noticing for her attention is upon the man next to her. "Didn't wake you, did I?" Concerned, for they've been working so hard on drills and training lately.

D'had shakes his head, one hand reaching over to run fingers through her hair even if he is still wet from the swim out. "Nah, just woke up and ya weren't there. Wanted to make sure you were doing alright." He worries, sometimes unnecessarily. "Right though, too hot to sleep."

Thea laughs low in her throat, watching the play of shadows and starlight amidst the drops that run down the face of the man beside her. One hand lifts to gently flick a few of them away from his skin, "I'm more than alright these days." Assurance for him before a careful scrutiny of his eyes, "How 'bout you?" And she worries too, but often it's warranted when it comes to the oh-so-quiet weyrsecond. Below them, Seryth lies quietly, unmoving save for a flick of her tail which sends them out further upon the waters slowly, almost imperceptibly.

D'had nods, "Yeah. I'm good." If tired and worn out from drills and such, but so far he's been doing a pretty good job of working around that. "Kinda nice out here.." he comments after another pause, lifting his chin to look up towards the stars that sprinkle the night sky.

Thea considers D'had's profile skeptically for a long moment before turning her head to scan the skies, snuggling close to his side as she does so. "Are ya really?" See she's not always so sure about this. For a time she silently studies the vast dome above them. The surface of the lake mirrors the stars, silvered points disrupting the obsidian depths. She has to agree with him, "Hmm, yeah. Peaceful. I don't see it like this often." Her voice holds laughter, teasingly, "You should really see them from the Yokohama sometime."

"Yeah," D'had replies, turning a glance towards the junior and quirking a smile towards her, "I'm sure. Always good when you're around." he teases. "Nice though, yeah," he adds of the stars. "Miss this sometimes. Being able to see the stars and the water and all."

"Well then. I'll be sure to always be around." Thea teases right back, although there's a hint of a serious note beneath that promise. She half-smirks to herself when he doesn't respond to that bit about the Yokohama. A ripple of current passes along Seryth's body as they move a bit faster through the water, tiny splashing sounds make their own music as the wavelets strike golden hide, then spread behind them in a gentle wake that fades into the shadows. "Do ya?" Quiet longing to know more infuses that two-worded question. "What was it like, out there on that ship of yours at night?"

D'had chuckles quietly. "You need your time too," he replies, tugging her a bit closer. Turning he presses a kiss to her temple nearest him. As for the Yokohama… he's just going to leave that out of conversation for now. "Yeah. Is nice. Peaceful. Kinda like this only.. you know, no dragon."

Thea laughs quietly, aiming a poke at D'had's side as he pulls her closer, "You know what I meant. Won't go falling off cliffs or going ker-splat off Seryth's side anytime soon." One can only hope, knowing her track record thus far. "That kind of won't leave ya." She huffs a small sigh, "So okay, it was like this…" Some not-so-subtle encouragement for him to elaborate. Seryth continues her gentle swimming though the night, the damp scent of the lake mixes with that scent of woodsmoke, stronger out over the cool air above the lake. As if just thought of, "Where's Siebith?"

D'had nods, "Yep," he returns, resting his head against the top of hers. "Like I said, quiet.. -ish. Peaceful though. The rock of the waves. The breeze. On a nice night anyway. Bet you'd like it." A long pause follows. "Maybe not all the time. Couple nights though." A shrug for Siebith's whereabouts. "Being lazy?" Another of those pauses. "Could head up there sometime you know…"

"Surprised he's not out here with Seryth." Thea leans back against D'had, snuggling her head in under his. "Hmm, sounds nice. We don't get big waves here. I liked the feel of them when we swam at the island. Powerful." She inhales deeply taking in the scent of the water, a small frown of concern flickers over her lips at the smoke, her eyes turn uneasily towards land. There's nothing on the dark mass to alarm her however. "Not all the time? Peaceful like this, you mean? You had bad storms?" She shudders, there's only one she's ever been out in, though it swept her to him, so perhaps it wasn't that bad? To his last she blinks, confused, "Head up where now?"

D'had nods. "Course there's storms every now and then. Some are worse than others." He gives a bit of a squeeze to her shoulder at that shudder. Reassuring. "Big Bay, catch up with the ship." They'd talked about it once before and he's offering, sort of, now.

Thea is content, safe. She relaxes at that squeeze, "I guess it's a different story on a bigger ship, yeah?" And he's here to tell of them so, they can't be all that horrible? "Big Bay." She turns to him, starlight sparkles in her eyes, "You mean that? When?" The question is breathed with a childish wonder and there's no doubt she's pleased. Lips quirk in a mischievous smile, "I wrote to your family, by the way. Few weeks ago. Just to say hey." Teasingly, "Might be the first time they got a letter from someone not trying to track you down?" If they got it.

D'had nods again, "Yeah.." he agrees, turning to meet her gaze with a quirk of a smile in return. "Course I mean it. You wanna go, we'll go. Course we'll need ta leave them," and nod down towards Seryth, "for a couple days while we're on the boat." Not that they're not a thought away anyway. "Coulda told me," he notes, narrowing his gaze for that mention of the letter.

"I do want to go!" Thea hastens to assure him with a brilliant smile before wincing at that narrowed gaze of his. "Oh! Oh… I'm sorry." She blinks surprise before dropping her head, murmuring, "I- we…" Suddenly discomfited, she shifts uncomfortably, "With the drills and all, it's been so busy I'd forgotten it until now." She dares a peek up at him through lashes, unsure.

D'had chuckles. "Its alright babe. I'm sure they liked hearin' from you. Sure you'll hear back from 'em sooner or later," he replies, "We'll head up there later this week then. If you've got the time I mean."

Thea nudges at him with a shoulder, which turns into a lean, "Don't scare me like that." Because he looked angry and that's just something she couldn't bear. She explains sheepishly, "I assumed you'd already told them about us, so I just thought I'd you know write and say hi." Her eyes slide him a sideways look, perhaps unreadable in the darkness, but certainly questioning. He did tell them, didn't he? What is that sound? Some sort of crash warning perhaps? "I'll -make- the time to go." And he can be very sure she will! Gone are the days when she wouldn't take a day off, much less go away somewhere with the Weyrsecond.

D'had told them? Yeah… About that. "Sorry," he mutters in reply, giving her shoulder a squeeze of assurance. "Yeah. You let me know when and we'll go," he agrees. There's a pause for though and then he goes on to ask, "So.. what exactly you write in that letter?" So he can be prepared.

Thea eyes D'had for a moment. Poor fellow, evasion never really, truly works when it comes to females. They almost always see through it. Keeping her gaze upon her weyrmate, she absently answers him, "I have four days worth of papers and a hold visit to Rubicon scheduled, then I should be free to go. Can combine vacation with my next restday so we'd have more time." Her pale eyes glitter in the faint starlight, lips twitch with an attempt to hide her desire to tease him. Seriously, as soberly as she can make her voice, she answers, "I told them that you swept me off my feet (it's true - witness the number of times he's carried her cross-weyr), and that you-"

D'had nods, quiet for a moment while he counts out days in his head to get the date. "Right, I'll let 'em know we're coming then," he agrees. A grin tugs at his lips leading to that smirk of his as she tells the tale. "And…?" he prompts her to continue.

Thea suddenly slides across Seryth's shoulder, crabwalking on her hands and feet to get where she can't be within his reach as she finishes in a rush, "-are the father of the babe I now carry." Did she really say that? He'll have to find her and ask, for there's a sudden splash and she is gone into the black waters of the lake. By now they are far, far from shore, so she's not swimming back, though not a ripple marks where in those night-dark depths she is.

D'had is confused by her movement there and it shows on his face as he turns his head to look after her. "And.." then she's saying it and he simply freezes. Wait now. What did she just say? He heard that wrong. Surely. "What?" he finally stutters just in time to catch the splash she leaves in her wake.

Only silence in reply to that singular question of his. No movement in the silken black waters of the lake. Thea hasn't surfaced, but Seryth's not acting alarmed, though her forward movement through the waters stops. The gold's eyes remain a tranquil blue-green, her mindvoice reaches out to wherever Siebith is lazing, tranquil mist at sunrise, « You should join us. The water is cool. The shipfish come. »

D'had is still trying to figure out what was just said, make sense of it at least, or he might have panicked sooner. Its the lack of such in both Seryth and the still snoozing Siebith that keeps him from it just yet. Something, likely a prompt from the blue, brings him back though. A glance sent over the water and then he's sliding in in search of Thea.

Quiet. Calm. Tranquil. The lake reveals nothing and still the queen is calm, unmoving, though under one of her wings that float upon the water's surface is a small bulge. As D'had slides into the water, that bulge grows smaller as Thea sinks deeper, watching from under the gap between foresail and the surface. Seryth rumbles her disappointment both audibly and mentally to her blue friend.

"He'll come, he's just being lazy," D'had mutters with a glance back towards the queen. And indeed the blue replies with a similar answer. Coming, just slowly. Its a few seconds longer that he turns a look about what can be seen of the surface of the lake. "Babe?"

It's a few more seconds before Thea's voice answers. When it does, it's from the other side of Seryth, the weyrwoman having taken a deep breath and dived deep only to resurface where he cannot see her. No need to alarm the man, however, oddly she may feel at the moment. From behind Seryth's bulk she answers carefully, "Yeah?" Seryth tips her head to eye D'had with a significant look that could rightly be interpreted, 'Watch your step buddy'.

D'had turns in the water, but the gold being in the way its not like he can see exactly where the voice comes from. "Are yo- You're getting better at that." Swimming being the that there. Siebith is joining soon enough, sliding into the water at the beach and making his way out to meet Seryth.

Quiet splashing sounds from the other side of Seryth as Thea glides towards Seryth's tail. He might now be able to see her where she is now. Once there, she links her arms over it, drops her chin to rest on them and eyes D'had, or the direction where he might be. Coolly, "Am I what?" Yes, she's noticed that change of words. As to swimming, "Been practicing." Seryth's neck snakes slowly through the water, careful not to disturb either swimmer as she turns to watch the blue's approach.

Siebith slides through the water like one gigantic fish until he nears Seryth, stretching his neck out to give her a nudge as he settles in near her. D'had on the other hand slides towards the queen's tail to meet up with Thea.

Seryth croons a welcome to Siebith, being that her head is slightly underwater it comes out in a watery burble. Aqua-green eyes create blurred jewels down there before her head surfaces to touch his neck lightly. She gives an amused chuff at the humans down there by her tail before lowering it with a sploosh to float on the surface once more. Thea just watches D'had warily, "Am I what?" She repeats it just in case he didn't hear her.

D'had heard, he's not quite sure what he was saying now. Or he just doesn't want to say it. "Alright," he replies. "But you're doin' good. Swimming. Practice. Yeah." No, this isn't an awkward conversation at all.

Thea sighs softly. So maybe she can guess what the question was going to be. Very quietly she mutters, "I am." Then to clarify, "I wasn't joking, though maybe you wish I was." She rubs at her eyes, then pushes away from Seryth's tail and begins swimming as swiftly as her untrained self can for the far distant beach. Seryth rumbles, lifting her head slightly, but some unspoken command keeps her from following.

Unspoken might keep Seryth at bay, but not D'had. He's following as soon as he realizes, which is after a blink and a moment of confusion. "I am babe," he says, catching up with her. "Happy I mean," he quickly corrects himself realizing it might not have sounded like he meant it to. "Just.. wasn't expectin' it."

Thea stops moving at those first words, turning to meet D'had's eyes, she forgets to tread water and begins to sink. She reaches for him, a silent appeal in her eyes which she gives voice to a moment later, "Tell me the truth?" She drop her head, wincing, "On the island, you said you didn't want-" She can't go on for a moment, "I was then, but what you said-" She swallows, "I tried to get on Seryth and hang Between long enough to-" Her head moves side to side, "I couldn't make myself do it."

D'had is treading water when she stops and he moves forward to catch hold of her and keep her up as well. "No no," he shakes his head, "I didn't mean that. I .. I thought you said you weren't ready for all that." Blink. "Wait. You knew then and.." and she didn't tell him then. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry," he finishes holding her close as best he can while keeping them afloat. He so didn't mean to put her through all that.

"But I tried, Donn. I tried to say it-" Thea forgets they could sink, for she is clinging to him instead of helping to keep them afloat. Her head drops with a small, frustrated thump on his shoulder. Behind them, Seryth glides towards the pair, diving smoothly only to resurface slowly right underneath them. "It's why I asked you first, before telling you." She's miserable, trying to explain this. "And when you said it was good with just us I just thought it was better to… not."

D'had can't keep them both up quite as well as he's able just himself, but he does well enough that they can both avoid a mouthful of water, at least when her head isn't on his shoulder. Seryth's appearance beneath is a surprise to him, catching him off guard enough to not be able to reply right off. "Shh.." he comforts, pulling her to him once they're settled on the gold's back once again. "Didn't mean it like that babe," he continues, gently stroking her hair. "Didn't want to upset you. Just mean its good with just the two of us. Don't not want a baby." Though at least if she was going to between it at least she didn't tell him first. Better there that he wouldn't have known. "When though?"

Thea's arms tighten around D'had, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." She keeps repeating herself. She isn't surprised by Seryth, but distracted enough that she forgets to give poor D'had a warning. Once settled on Seryth's back, she curls into him, silent for several long minutes while his hand moves through her hair. When she does speak she admits with a sigh, "I can only interpret those few words you give me the wrong way I guess." She barks a short, mirthless laugh. "And I'd sent that letter to your family just before we left for the island." Too late to recall the note, in otherwords. No wonder she couldn't sleep? How -does- she get herself into these things? "Six months from now." If that's what the 'when' was asking.

D'had remains silent while she is, comforting as best he can. He shakes his head for that comment, "Sorry babe. Its okay. My fault." He can only interpret what she says the way he does too. And it was his interpretation that lead to hers. That laughter catches him though and he pulls back a bit to get a good look at her. "So you told them…" before him? Blink. "Six," he repeats, which answers one question. "How long you known?"

Thea lifts her head to peer back at D'had, puzzled. "I wasn't sure until about a month ago. With all the extra training we're doing, you know, it's not unusual to miss some months, so-" So for two months she didn't know at all. She shakes her head, confused as to what he's getting at. "I thought to surprise you." And she planned it badly. She points out, "You'd have known first, technically. Tried to tell you on the island - the same day I sent the note." She studies his face carefully, "I'm… sorry?"

D'had nods slowly, still trying to put the whole thing together in his head. "Right," he agrees distractedly. "Well ya managed to surprise me, yeah." That much he'll agree about easily. "Don't be," he replies, that grin of his pulling at his lips only to fall somewhat a second later. "What about your family?"

"S-so for the last two sevendays I've been trying to work up the courage to hang Between." Thea finishes, still rather miserable with herself for having confused the poor weyrsecond. At that question of his, she hunches just a bit, obviously pained. "I send a letter out to my ma the same day as the one to your folks." Her lips press together tightly for a moment, before she says dryly, "You know Thadan." Her tone turns slightly bitter, "It was returned unopened with 'mis-sent' written on the envelope." She flicks a hand, dismissing the man she used to call da. "I got a note through with Shep, but he found her with it. You'll not like what he had to say."

D'had sighs, pulling her back to him and holding her tight while one hand gently rubs her back. "Glad you didn't find it," he returns, a touch of teasing finding its way into his voice in hopes of cheering her. The answer given about her family isn't exactly as unexpected as it might be give that yes, he does know Thadan. "What'd your Ma have to say?"

Thea settles back into him, arms twine about his waist. From where her head rests upon his shoulder, her answer is troubled, "I… don't know. He won't allow me any contact with her. That note came back. He'd written on that one, too." And knowing Thadan, D'had could likely guess exactly what was written upon it. "I don't know what he did, Donn. Shep trembles when I try to send him back. He won't go there anymore." She lifts her head to get a better look at him. Dark night and dark eyes, so hard to tell the expression in them, "You're… really glad? Honestly?"

D'had tenses in her arms as she tells the story of her father. "Yeah, well … Don't think about it babe. They love you, even if he's a stubborn son of a bitch." He gaze softens for her when she lifts her head however, a smile touching his lips before he brushes them against her forehead. "Course I am."

Thea chuckles softly in spite of her distress with her father, "My ma does, I know. My d- Thadan? Loves himself and… his plans." Whatever they are now. "Can't just not think about stuff every time it's something unpleasant." Her eyes close as his lips touch hr forehead, then open only to crinkle as her smile for him reaches them, "Stuff just gets buried that way and then it festers. Best to deal. I'll be alright." She hesitates, something that suddenly occurs to her, "Uh, Donn? I shouldn't have written your family. Will they be-?" Something, she doesn't know what.

D'had nods slowly. "Well I love ya, and your ma loves ya, and she will see you and the baby if you want." He'll see to that even if it means getting in a fight with a holder. "Don't worry bout it. Let me handle them. Alright?"

Thea leans close to seek D'had's eyes in the dim starlight, hers waver, trying to meet them both at the same time and convey what she's feeling. One hand lifts to cradle his cheek, her thumb gently strokes the roughness there, her heart in her eyes. "Thank you." Seriousness gives way to a slow smile, radiant and sweet for him and him alone. Then she grins, a suddenly gleeful, impish one at that. "I haven't told Tharen yet." That poor brother of hers. About to have the label 'Uncle' applied to his person whether he likes it or not!

D'had chuckles, leaning his cheek into her hand and turning to kiss it. "Tell him when you're ready babe. Have him over if you want." Beat. "You're okay with this. Right?" he suddenly thinks to ask.

Thea leans her forehead against his, smiling for that kiss to her palm. She closes her fingers over it as if it were a treasure to keep. "Yeah," she breathes with a look of wonder on her face in answer to his question. Now that the weight of confusion and worry about what to do should he have been less than pleased have lifted. "It's funny, I always thought having a child was for… others not me, but it's yours." She drops her hand, resting it lightly on her still-flat belly, her eyes follow it. "It's kind of… awesome to think part of you… there… growing in me." Her voice trembles, "And if anything were to happen to you…" Her eyes lift to his once more, "I'd have something of you. Always."

"Not for everyone, but I guess they say once you're there can change your thinking," D'had replies. Someone said something of the sort at one point. "Didn't think I was dad material but well…" He has three daughters. "Hey no, ain't nothin' gonna happen. You're stuck with me."

Thea laughs softly at that 'nothin gonna happen' comment. They both know better than that. Things happen. "Stuck with you. Out of all the places to be stuck, I'd prefer it's with you." Below them, Seryth turns, slowly and carefully in a shallow arc to glide back towards shore. Thea leans back, tugging D'had with her if he will allow to lie back on that warm hide. "Donn." Her tone is completely serious, "I don't know how I did before, without your strength. I dunno how she could give you up." Puzzled only, not prying.

They both know, but that doesn't mean he can't try to assure her otherwise. "Thanks," he chuckles for the commentary on being stuck with him. He lies down, given the prompting tug, snuggling close. "You did just fine and we.. we had a very on and off thing going."

"I didn't do fine. You know that." Thea murmurs, sliding her arms up around D'had's neck, her fingers dancing teasingly along the back of his neck. Oh no. She was far from doing fine. Lost in the prison of her own making waiting for Kav to return and he'd walked into her cell and freed her. Her lips quirk in a wry smile, "On and off, hmm? Well, I'm sorry for her then." A quiet chuckle follows, "Only not too sorry." Under the heat-hazed stars Seryth and Siebith swim smoothly to shore, the gold humming her serene song to the pair on her back and the blue by her side. And whatever the next several months holds, they'll face them together, for they all have each other.

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