So Many Questions (Egg Touching)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

The eggs on the sand have finally hardened to the point where they can safely be touched. Better yet, Luraoth's finally been convinced of that, so it's safe for the candidates to approach them. The gold's still keeping a watchful eye on them, curled on the sands with her tailtip twitching occasionally. Sharuth is nearby, and anything she doesn't see… he most certainly will. Their riders are slightly more removed, here to watch … eggs? candidates? dragons? Who knows! But they're watching for the group of candidates selected from breakfast today by V'dim and some of the AWLMs. The rules are given a final time in the foyer - show respect to the clutchparents, no running, no roughhousing, all those good things - and then the candidates are brought onto the sands.

V'dim is still there, watching with an eagle eye for any sort of misbehavior. He bows respectfully to first Luraoth and then Sharuth, modeling how it's done. "G'wan, out once you've shown the proper respect," he nudges them. With the hanging back and not wanting to be first - he's seen it so many, many times! "Shoo!" he adds, making fluttery motions with his wrinkled hands to get them out there.

Kera was just finishing her breakfast, running just a little behind schedule this morning, when she was stopped just before leaving the caverns. Herded into a group of other candidates by one of the Weyrlingmasters, she glances cautiously around among the others in the group, leaning over to whisper to the nearest "Are we being dismissed from candidancy?" Before any reply can be given, the group comes to a stand still outside the sands and things are explained. Perking up a bit, she grins around towards the front of the line, trying to peer ahead past the taller candidate in front of her. When suddenly she's in front of the clutch parents, Kera's head dips in a respectful nod then moves out of their way quickly. Stopping to just look at the towering eggs, well towering compared to wherry eggs in any case, she takes them all in before heading towards the Sea of Tears egg with a few cautious glances towards the watchful dragons.

Innes makes her way onto the sands looking not entirely thrilled about the entire prospect. Although curiousity demands that she experience egg touching for herself, the descriptions she has heard from others have her slightly unsettled. She's reluctant, but doing her best not to show it aside from a generally blank demeanor. With a few quick steps she makes her way onto the sands. Though Innes isn't the best with respect, she's careful to bow to both Luraoth and Sharuth before moving any closer to the eggs. An angry dragon is much more intimidating than an angry rider. Not willing to be seen as intimidated, she holds her head up high and makes her way over to the Lord of the Castle Egg, hesitating only a moment before laying her hand on the shell.

Garawan has been through a couple of touchings, so knows the rules. However he remains quiet and listens again. He also remembers to salute V'dim this time! As they're led onto the sands, Garawan bows repsectfully to Luraoth and Sharuth. He decides to start from the nearest one to him. This ends up being the Bundle of Imperfections Egg.

Innes actually reels back and removes her hand from the shell, grey-green eyes wide and uncertain. As soon as she realizes what she has done, her head turns quickly from side to side to see if anyone around her noticed her movement. Very carefully she squares her shoulders and steps back toward the egg that nearly scared her off. Stubbornness, as always, wins out over apprehension and fear. Gently, she touches the shell again, trying to reassure herself that isn't unsettled by what lies within. She's calm, really.

Garawan is not as freaked out by this as he was the first time. He still doesn't know what to expect from the eggs, there's really no way to find that out until… well now, the moment the egg is touched. It's one of the few times he has his gloves off, and unlike this time he left his gloves in the barracks. His fingers remain in contact with the shell of the egg, just the lightest of touches.

Garawan tilts his head, his eyes getting a faraway look. The smile sort of fades on his face, not because he's getting not-happy, but because he's losing focus on reality it seems, in favor of listening to whatever it is that the egg is telling him.

Kera turns her full attention to the odd looking egg, squinting at the colors drifting in a whispy flow across its surface. She must be staring too hard cause she'ld swear /that/ spot just rippled! How can it be hard when it looks like a pond. Darting a quick glance around to the dragons she works her nerve and sticks out a finger to see if she can make it ripple again. Touching it very lightly, she blinks then her eyes widen and she simply stares at where her finger touches for a couple of long seconds. Snatching her hand away, a deep breath is taken then another before edging away. Shaking her head uncertainly, a sideglance is given to the egg again before Big Blue Box egg is in front of her.

Garawan pulls his fingers away from the egg and his expression focuses again. "We'll just have to see," he mutters to no one in particular. He lifts his hand to look at it, as if seeing if there's something on his hands. There isn't, it just feels like there is. He stands, rubbing his fingers against his palm as if trying to rub away some sensation or other. He looks around. His next target is the Tears of Ink Egg.

Innes' eyes are closed as she digests the images that this egg is… showing her? However it works. Her brows draw together in confusion, and she shakes her head a little. She doesn't understand, but the tight set to her shoulders has relaxed slightly from her initial moments of fear. Curiosity has gained a hold it previously lacked, and she slides her hand gently over the shell, trying to be reassuring. At least as best as she can be, given her temperament.

Garawan suddenly shivers as if trying to throw off something. There is suddenly a frown on his face. But he's not frightened or uncomfortable enough to pull back. He's not scared, no. Just a little… uncomfortable all of a sudden. But he remains where he is nonetheless.

Innes cants her head, a hint of a smile playing at her lips. There's still that lack of comprehension in the slight furrow to her brows, but the nerves have calmed and now she's merely contemplative. A thoughtful Innes? What a thing! With one last press of her hand against the shell, she removes her hand from the egg and leaves behind the fading wraith that has her in such a daze. Without putting much thought into where she's going next, she makes her way over to the Dare to Gain and Immortal Soul Egg, placing her hand on the shell without any fear this time.

Kera takes a few seconds to shake off the meloncholy that has settled over her after getting too close to the other egg. But a short time of peering at the bluegrainy surface of Big Blue Box egg, she takes a knee next to it, thankful she wore long pants today. Reaching up, she carefully rubs a couple of fingers lightly over the gentle curve. Jumping slightly as if a harper's group suddenly started playing loudly and enthusiastically right behind her head, Kera smiles and cants her head a little. After a few long seconds, she reaches out and runs her other hand along the 'wood grain'.

Garawan squints a little. And squirms. He yet remains though— he's never heard of a candidate harmed by a mindtouch aside from a little fear and maybe nightmares at the worst.

Innes shakes her head quickly and steps away, disoriented. Too many thoughts are jostling about her in head - too many memories which she has no interest in revisiting, be they good or bad - and she doesn't like it. Her eyes narrow slightly and she looks at the egg before her in distaste. To take and never offer in return is her method of doing things, and she has no interest in having that method turned around on her. She pulls her hand from the shell and turns toward another egg, taking the few steps to lay her hand upon the shell of Never Born to Regret instead.

Kera starts leaning forward slowly, as if being lead by some invisible little tug. A little sway this way then that before she has to drop her other knee down to keep her balance. Bracing herself with both hands against the big blue box, Kera smiles, giggling softly at whatever is being shared with her. Leaning back with a surprised look, her hand darts to her own face, fingers tracing over her features. Confusion slips across her features before tilting her head and hand back towards the egg again.

Bowyn has kept to herself quite a bit since coming onto the sands, seeming a little hesitant to do any touching. Every now and then she'll swallow hard, something easily missed by someone not watching her closely. She fusses with the hem of her shirt a bit, too. After a deep breath, the candidate moves closer to the Lord of the Castle Egg, slowly and somewhat unsure. Her hand reaches out, fingertips gently brushing the shell before resting on the surface.

Garawan shakes his head sharply, squeezing his eyes closed. Ow. Maybe he was wrong about that, maybe it IS possible for an undeveloped mind in an egg to hurt someone! He's never heard of it happening, but maybe… Then he seems to relax, and sighs as if in relief. He pulls his hand awat from that egg, and then rubs his head a little. Ow. Still he looks for another egg. Maybe he's a glutton for punishment? It's the One Thousand Eyes Egg he sees next.

Innes is cautious again, this time, not sure just what she'll find when she lays her hand on the shell before her. Her body relaxes visibly as the occupant of this egg seems far less invasive. However, there's still discontent in her features. Her brows tug together as she attempts to discern whether or not to linger at this shell. After a moment's hesitation in which she seems almost ready to step away, she stays instead.

Garawan suddenly looks surprised. Wait wait… what the…? He shifts a little. But doesn't pull back. Perhaps it's strange that he's uncomfortable with this particular mind, there's nothing offputting about it at all. Nonetheless he stays in his place.

Bowyn looks confused with one brow raised, glancing around. The hunter notices a lack of reaction from anyone else on the sands to something unseen, unfelt, and she focuses back on the egg in silent awe when she realizes that she's the only one. After a moment, her face goes pale and she swallows hard again, eyes darting open and pulse quickening at a sudden something from within. Her jaw sets. The hair on the back of her neck stands up, prickling her skin as she tries her hardest to calm down with a few deep breaths. Then, when some of the shock or surprise has worn off, Bo gets a determined look in her eyes, narrowing them a touch before closing them and adjusting her hand. It twists a bit to rest more comfortably. She won't be scared away.

Kera stares intently at the egg, gaze drifting along the egg's curve with her ear tilted towards the bluish ovoid. The chaotic blend of whirls, gears, and hums distracts her enough so that she doesn't realize she's falling on her butt til she's already making a small wallow of her own in the sand. Looking up at the egg a few seconds, she finally pulls herself up to her feet. Brushing her backside off, and glancing around to see if anyone noticed her falling. Walking slowly past a couple of eggs, her eyes drift over them a few seconds before a very round green egg catches her attention.

Garawan is still frowning. But it's a thoughtful frown. He's thinking over something. So he remains where he is. In fact, he'd probably have gotten up and moved if he hadn't been thinking. So his fingers are still touching the egg while he mulls all this over.

Bowyn feels the tension in her muscles begin to relax as the agression she met head-on seems to fade. She spreads her fingers and pushes very gently against the egg's surface as if reaching out to touch one of the tattered and broken things she sees in her mind. The creeping shadow has her ceasing her inspection and, standing up straighter with her shoulders back, she nods. And she waits. She isn't going to leave. Bo's free hand raises up until it feels the shell, and she strokes it, almost tenderly, trying to coax the shadow closer.

Kera approaches the Great Green Egg, taking a few steps around it before stopping. Her eyes follow along some point through the dappled shades, nodding to herself before her gaze back tracks and then traces. Finger reach out to brush lightly along the faint trace of pattern, there it, wait that doesn't fit into place. With a sniff, she rub her nose briefly as if to dislodge some tickling bit of dust then starts looking for the pattern again.

Garawan just wants to FLAIL! It's strange how the minds like this scare him more than the legitimately scary minds. And he's all too ready to pull away when the vision fades. More touching? Why yes. It's the Light Our Darkest Hour Egg that he finds his way to next.

Bowyn, upon being trusted enough to see the source of the entity's anxiety, can't help but smile. She relaxes entirely now, the hand that had been petting the shell falling back to her side. As the vision progresses, confusion again sets on her features, slowly turning into sympathy for the overwhelmed creature within. Her eyes open when she's left alone, and she waits a moment before taking her hand away from the shell and letting out a breath that felt as if it had been trapped. Color rushes back to the hunter's cheeks and she wipes her brow on her sleeve. Wow! Before moving on, Bowyn gives the egg another good look, then turns away. Was that a smirk? The candidate's attention is now taken by the Tears of Ink Egg, and she moves to it next, fingers lightly trailing the surface as she contemplates its texture. She looks closely at it, confused by the concept of a second shell. An illusion?

Innes attempts to meet the impassiveness of this egg's occupant with equal lack of feeling, but the way it seems to touch upon her memories makes that difficult. Her expression tightens as it dredges up feelings she tries her best to avoid. It's a strange dichtomy of comfort and distress, and it's enough to drive this candidate away from the shell in front of her and toward another. This time she moves toward the One Thousand Eyes Egg, placing her hand on that shell in the hopes of finding something different.

Well, this is certainly new. It's also a challenge. And some part of Garawan always wants to meet these challenges. It's a part of himself he really wants to get rid of when he's thinking clearly! But nonetheless, that part of his mind is awake now, meeting the challenge with eagerness. "What do you want to know?" he murmurs to no one in particular, his fingers tracing softly over the shell as if he was looking for something.

Bowyn knows this feeling and she knows it /well/. When the cold presence begins to prod into her memories, desires, her thoughts, her brow furrows and she shifts into a defensive position, feeling on edge. Her free hand finds the shell in the darkness, and presses against it. Distance! She slows her breathing, completely frozen as she waits to see what will reveal itself. She won't be the prey today!

Garawan seems sort of… not exactly frozen, just… floating there. Figuratively speaking, mind. He's sitting next to the egg. But he looks like he's in some kind of standby mode or something of the sort. Just… still. He's still breathing of course.

Kera sidesteps around the egg, fingers running lightly from lightened patch to another. A hint of recognition brightens her eyes, but slips away like a cloud changing shape from one second to the next. Keeping her fingers on a certain spot, her gaze slides along the eggs curve and she touches the begining path of whatever she sees. Leaning back slightly, she glances back and forth along the chaotic pattern.

Bowyn's tension doesn't let up and she clenches her teeth. If she were in the wild, alone with a wild beast intent on making her a meal, she would lash and cry out: a primitive roar, reactionary rather than planned. Something causes her to hesitate, most likely the lifting of darkness in her mind, piece by piece. She takes in a sharp breath and straightens up, fingers twitching as she searches for an escape if something goes wrong. A sound has her freezing for a moment, letting go of another breath as she waits. Does she run, or stand up to this being?

Innes closes her eyes, breathing deeply as she attempts to relax into the sensation of this egg. Although it's a bit offputting and she finds herself wiggling a little under the strange feelings, it's preferable to those occupants that seek to pry and crack her open. So with lips curled in a slight smile, she slides her hand over the shell of the egg again, mimicking its soothing gestures.

Garawan finally seems to come out of it, blinking as if just waking up. And he pulls his hand back from the egg, with a bit of a smile. Try again? Why not? He looks around, and it's the Dare To Gain an Immortal Soul Egg that catches his eye this time. He shuffles over to the egg, reaching out slowly to gently place his fingers upon it.

Bowyn feels panicked, her breath quickening as a flurry of sensations pulses through her, when suddenly…calm. Then, a smile starts to spread across her mouth, unexpected but welcome, and the relief lets her body relax once more. When she pulls away from the egg, slightly uncomfortable but still curious, she furrows her brows and just stares for a second. It's decided; that one's Trouble. She moves on to the next, glancing over her shoulder at both eggs she had touched, and comes to face the Rolling in the Deep Egg. She seems more forward this time, laying a hand on it without a finger-brush of a greeting.

Garawan's gentle and careful touch is met with a solid mental PUNCH it looks like. He jumps back as if struck, but it's not far enough to separate his fingers from the egg. And there's a shocked look on his face. But still touching the egg. He looks a little overwhelmed. Still hanging on, though.

Innes slides her hand over the shell absentmindedly, adrift. It's strange how all-encompassing the sensations are. Strange, and unnerving in a way she doesn't like, and yet she keeps at it. She'd never admit defeat. As soothing as this egg's occupant is, there's still that furrow between her brows. Something's not right. It's too calm. Too easy. But still, it was what she needed to relax her. With a grateful little smile, her fingertips brush the shell once more before she finds a new egg upon which to lay her hands. Time to see what's inside that strange blue box.

Bowyn has never really been a fan of water, at least when it comes to swimming, and a sudden feeling of wetness and the smell of the sea have her grimacing, slightly. So uncomfortable. She doesn't like this one bit, but something in her forces her to stay there, probably out of curiosity more than anything else. She leans forward, face inching closer to the egg as if trying to peer into it, even though by now her eyes have closed. The sinking feeling begins to set in and her knees bend without her noticing. So heavy. She gasps.

Kera seems lost in though as her head drifts on her shoulders. A wince starts to crease her eyes before she shakes her head and lets her hand drop from the egg. Stepping back from the egg, Kera takes a few calming breathes, still watching the egg. Stepping away from its center of near deafening attention. Kera doesn't rush towards another egg, instead, giving her self a couple of minutes to let the thundering voices that linger a chance to dissapate. While her head clears, her eyes slide towards the riders and dragons watching over the eggs, and candidates. Instead of picking an egg, she just lets her feet move, meandering and weaving among the half buired eggs til she stops by Lord of the castle

Innes reels slightly, doing an awkward half-step as she attempts to find her sense of equilibrium again. What was that? She shakes her head, disoriented by how thoroughly she has been displaced. Curiosity, though, she understands. Her head tilts slightly and her lips curl up into a small smile, the anticipation of discovering luring her in and leading her onward.

Bowyn winces at the sudden onslaught of colors and the buoyant feeling that takes over her mind. She turns her head, trying to catch a glimps of the shadowy thing that just whisked by. What is this? The blur has her frowning, frustration apparent on her face. "Why?" she says aloud, though quietly: almost a whisper. She purses her lips and shifts her weight, though she can't tell how she's standing anymore. Everything is watery and floaty and murky and colorful and she sighs, exhasperated. But she stays. Only for a little while longer. Maybe to see if there's a treasure she's missing in all of this.

Garawan is less taken off-guard this time, and is more prepared for whatever it is that the mind in the egg is doing or saying. Let's try it this way. Together? Temporarily anyway. Like this. And here, look here. Garawan is a surprisingly patient teacher.

Innes would protest, but… well, it's difficult to protest to an egg without feeling (and looking!) entirely ridiculous. So she just purses her lips together and frowns in the egg's direction, doing her best to let it be known that she will not be dragged about like a little paper doll, thank you. Not that all of this misdirected indignation does anything at all. Instead, the candidate find herself having to catch her swaying body again as she nearly stumbles into the egg. There's action, she'll give it that much. For the moment, though, she's left only with confusion. She doesn't know what to see, what to expect, or what to dream. She lives in the moment, and it's this bewilderment that keeps her hand where it is.

Just as Bowyn tries to make the best out of her feeling of being under pressure in a confusing world beneath the waves, she shoved out of her vision. The candidate's eyes shoot open and she stumbles backward a couple of steps as the smell of the sea and the feeling of groundlessness flee from her senses. She looks around herself, at the others, hyperaware of reality now. It's possible that she's blushing. Embarrassed? /Maybe/. Bo runs a hand through her hair, exhausted, and looks at the Bundle of Imperfections Egg. She moves to it, slowly, unsure if she wants to put herself through this kind of experience again. After a sigh, she places her hand upon it.

Garawan emits a cough suddenly. Perhaps it's that cough that wakes him up from whatever trance he's been in. And the egg gets a gentle pat from him as he pulls away from it. "Someday," Garawan says quietly. Scouting for eggs again! It's the Great Green Egg that gets his attention this time, and he scoots towards it, reaching out to run a fingertip over the curvature of the shell gently.

Innes blinks slowly as the sands come back into focus, and her feet once again seem to have found purchase on solid ground - in spite of the fact that she never truly left it. There's a slight downward twist to her features registering disappointment now that the excitement has ended, fading almost as quickly as it begun. But the disappointment is short-lived, rather quickly replaced by a private little grin. Courageous or stubborn, she'll always be one of the two. With only a slight zig-zag to her steps, she makes her way over to the Light Our Darkest Hour Egg in the hopes that its occupant will appeal to her (apparently picky) tastes.

Kera peers at the shadowy crevices along Lord of the Castle egg, casting a hesitant hand towards a streak of lightening that breaks through the darkness. Broken ruins start to come into focus before when the candidate tenses suddenly and darts a wide gaze around towards the other candidates, then to Luraoth and Sharuth. She couldn't have been the only one that felt that, right? Are the eggs swaying, or is it her? The apprentice face pales a little when she focuses back on the egg and leans forward slightly with a sigh and shakes her head stubbornly. Wouldn't be the first time she didn't follow an order. Or maybe she's just tryin to keep her breakfast from gracing the sweltering hot sands.

Bowyn touches the egg with both hands, smoothing them over the surface as if running them through water. A little smirk tugs at the corner of her mouth. Her gaze is distant as she narrows her eyes and pushes at something invisible, as if trying to separate one thing from the other. But, alas…everything is running together now. She feels dizzy. The hunter licks her lips and then just closes her eyes, wiggles her toes, and cracks her neck as she tries to settle down a bit. Just keep petting the egg, Bo.

Garawan blinks, looking a little confused. And sneezes a little. He turns his head away from the egg and pulls back enough that he won't accidentally hit the egg. It's enough to break the contact, but only for a moment and then he's back. And he looks around as if startled by something next to him.

Innes leans closer as things around her begin to shift and change, trying to gain a clearer picture. But then it seems that close is too close, and she's swept away. Her hand shifts on the egg, as though trying to gain some kind of purchase and root herself back on the sands. But they're not there. She balks momentarily in the face of what this occupant demands. It doesn't take long, though, for her mouth to take on a determined set and her shoulders to square in preparation for some kind of battle. A challenge? Of course she can't deny that.

Bowyn smiles at the images brought to the front of her mind, and the feeling of curiosity is met with a hesitant explanation of "why": love. Something this candidate always ignores. She becomes bashful now, head sinking to hide the brightening color in her cheeks, and one hand moves to nervously scratch at the side of her head. The hunter clears her throat.

Whoa, slow down there. Garawan blinks, pulling his mind back for a moment. He wobbles a bit, that's a little disorienting. He's okay though. Just needs a moment. And then he's back to see what more the egg has to say.

Innes draws her lip back in a sneer. Scared? Her? Never, at least not that she'd admit. The muscle in her jaw tightens as she glares at the mysterious occupant of this shell, head held high. Her posture reads all pride along with the arrogant confidence of youth. And because she has something to prove, her hand stays exactly where it is, with her mind as open as she can manage.

Bowyn draws herself away from the egg, somewhat shaken from the feelings and thoughts it's left her with. She takes a step or two back, fussing with the bottom of her shirt again as she takes a good look around. The others, still preoccupied with the eggs, don't hold her attention for long. She stares into the sand at her feet, retreating inward. A few moments of being alone with her thoughts, without any poking or prodding, has refreshed her a little bit and she looks up to find her next egg. After some consideration, she walks toward the Sea of Tears Egg, tipping her head. Curious.

Garawan blinks again. Wow, so much green. This mind seems to be very abrupt, he is unsure if there's more to be said or not. So for a moment more he remains, keeping himself as mentally open to the mind in the egg as he knows how to be.

Kera shifts her feet slowly, shaking head lowering as her eyes squeeze shut. Lips are pressed tightly together, maintaining that barrier between the sand and the contents of her stomach. Stumbling back suddenly, her hands whip down to her sides, clutching into tight fists at the ends of her arms. Forcing her hands open she begins to rug her sweaty palms on the front of her pants. Keeping her gaze down, not wanting to see the eggs at the moment, that woulds simply taint them all with what she just saw. Looking rather pale and a bit wobbly, Kera steps up to one of the assistant weyrlingmasters. After a brief, /very/ brief few words, the healer candidate quickly her head to Luaroth and Sharuth before making quick steps off the sands. Perhaps to find a nice quiet little place to decorate with her breakfast.

Bowyn blinks, taken aback by this one at first. No, it isn't safe. But safety, or the lack thereof, has never been a concern. She refuses to leave, instead choosing to rest both hands on the shell before letting them explore. They trace the patterns of the starry sky, the forest, the bit of water. What is there to find here? She goes into a sort of meditation as he hands roam the surface of this egg, mind opening to whatever sort of adventure or discovery she might be taken on or shown this time around. Something about this situation has her feeling a little more relaxed than previous experiences.

Garawan nods, now he's sure. He scoots back from the egg then, his fingers finally leaving the shell. More searching leads him to set eyes on the Lord of the Castle Egg. And he makes his way over, not bothering to stand completely— he'll just have to sit back down again, right? So he scoots the short distance, and then places his fingers gently on the egg.

Innes isn't fond of all of this questioning, not one bit. As she finally feels the presence inside the egg drifting away, she's quick to take a step back. The offending shell gets another glare for good measure. She doesn't want to ponder, or seek answers about herself. She runs a hand through her hair, staring at the egg for a moment longer before she steps away with a little huff of annoyance. She won't be going that way again, thank you. Instead, she moves on toward the Bundle of Imperfections Egg, laying her hand upon this shell without much enthusiasm.

Bowyn, though given many questions, fills with a quiet determination that has her grinning. Excitement washes over her mind in response to this creature's presentation of challenges for her. She accepts them, and though she cannot answer the questions now, she makes a pact - either with herself or the entity with her - that she /will/ find answers. Maybe in that forest, the vistas, or over the walls. When the contact moves away, she frowns and says, "Wait" out loud. The weight of disappointment settles on her shoulders as she's abandoned, though she remains for a moment longer in case that which lies within changes its mind.

Bowyn is left for good this time, her eyes widening a bit as she looks over the surface of the egg as if searching for the one that left her there. Her eyes travel over the ripples and star-like speckles before settling on the dark, forest-shaped smudge, and they stay there while she takes her hands away. She walks over to one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters when she's ready, muttering a few words before bowing to the clutchparents and leaving the sands.

Garawan's face has a look of surprise, and he frowns at the egg. It's times like this when the smart businessman leaves. If the customer's not interested in your goods, especially if he seems violent, it's probably a good idea to just pick up your wares and go. Garawan however… shows that really stupid part of him is still intact, and stays where he is.

Innes wiggles her fingers against the surface of the egg, almost used to the strange sensations the creatures within these shells evoke by now, and yet she's still intrigued. This one in particular holds her fast for the moment, because she simply has no idea what to make of the disjointed images that pass through her head. Does it want an explanation? Should she give one? She tilts her head as though listening for some kind of explanation. She runs her fingertips over the shell, waiting.

This is a little disturbing, admittedly. But Garawan does indeed stay. Brave or stupid? Hard to tell. But whichever, Garawan is indeed staying the course, out of curiosity if nothing else.

And here we are again. Innes' intrigued expression falls as memories and questions invade her thoughts. She doesn't want to see these things. Why? The better question is why these creatures insist upon pushing. Although this egg doesn't incite the same anger as the one before it, she doesn't choose to linger, either. With a gentle pat, she leaves this egg behind with questions unanswered. Tears of Ink Egg is her next choice. Perhaps this time will be different.

Garawan raises a hand again, to look at it. And when he pulls his hand from the egg, he pokes at the back of his other hand. Yup. Still solid. He looks at both his hands and turns them over. Okay, good. He sighs a little, relieved. Goodbye, creepy egg! Garawan shifts again, to the Rolling in the Deep Egg and carefully traces his hand over the shell.

Innes twists her body as this phantom, foreign presence creeps up on her, doing her best to shake it free with a little shimmy. It's unsettling, to say the least. She clenches the hand that rests upon the shell into a fist and then releases it, fighting against the urge to flee. It presses upon her mind in the way she hates, but also triggers that need to triumph. She won't be seen as scared. And so she remains, her body stiff as she treads just along the edge between going and staying.

Garawan frowns, shuddering again, as if trying to throw something off him. His free hand, the one not touching the egg, pulls at his shirt, as if trying to pull it away from his skin a little. Sticky clothes, yuck! But he remains.

Innes lurches as far back from the egg as she can without removing her hand from the shell. What is this? Pride keeps her rooted at first even as those claws tear through her thoughts. Her lips twist in an angry grimace, but it smooths away to a more impassive expression as things begin to shift. She leans in, trying to discern just what is changing, and what it means.

Garawan's frown eases, and he tilts his head, fingers of one hand still on the egg in a soft touch. The faraway look is back, and also a curious look too.

Innes winces and turns her head, as though that might protect her from whatever it is that feels as though it's running rampant through her body. And then she freezes. The transformation of her expression is almost comical in its suddenness as she goes from pain to absolute wonder. How… ? But there's no answer to her question. Her eyes slowly open, and she blinks her way back to the sands. Remarkably, she looks completely serene. There's even a slight smile on her face as she moves toward the Great Green Egg and lays a hand upon the shell.

Garawan suddenly falls over onto his back on the sands. This of course breaks his contact with the egg. He lays there a moment, confused. The expression on his face is confused— clearly a 'what hit me?' expression. He missed falling onto any eggs. Ooooookay. Enough of that. He rights himself, frowning a bit at the feel of sand under his shirt. Augh. Let's try another egg while we're out here. He finds the Never Born To Regret Egg as he rights himself, and decides to visit with this egg, since he's near it anyway.

V'dim eyes Garawan. That had better not be rough-housing he sees there.

Innes would likely laugh at Garawan if she weren't so completely absorbed in the egg in front of her. It's loud - can eggs be loud? - and raucous, and doesn't seem to be making any kind of demands just yet. She tilts her head as she listens to sounds that only she can hear while she tries to discipher one sight from the next. It's so much, all at once, that all she can really manage to do is keep her hand on the shell.

It is indeed not rough-housing, Garawan just fell over. Rather unexpected mind. He gives a sheepish look to V'dim before he puts his fingers on that other egg. And when he does? He blinks. He's gone for a moment, and then he's back, looking around as if he has no idea where he is for a moment. Or rather where he WAS a moment ago. He's okay now. But curious, he's still got his fingers on that egg.

Garawan smiles a little, the neutral regard with which the mind in this egg presents to him is actually kind of refreshing. It doesn't expect anything of him, just… is THERE. So he stays to see if there is anything else.

What's this? It's the strangest sensation to be floating with one's feet still planted firmly on the ground. Innes might wave, were it not for the fact that she's aware, at least on some level, that she's still on the sands. It doesn't stop her expression from shifting into one drawn with worry as conditions change, however. She shivers and leans away from something unseen, but her hand never leaves the shell. This is an adventure, and perhaps one worth taking.

Innes' eyes close even more tightly as something blinds her (not that it really does any good!). She's disoriented and bewildered, but the furrow in her brows slowly smooths itself out as her senses return to her. Oh my. A grin stretches across her face as she responds to something only she can hear. Her back straightens, and her chin is held high with pride. That's right, cheer for her. She deserves it. As she comes back to herself, she fixes this egg with a smirk. It's not quite her type, but she does appreciate the audience. With a light step, she heads over to Rolling in the Deep Egg, placing one hand upon that shell.

Garawan smiles. "Not before you're ready," he says, patting the egg ever so softly, like a fragile object. He scoots back, giving another look in V'dim's direction. And he salutes. See? Totally fine! Just a momentary lapse of situational awareness brought on by mindtouch! Looking around, and he sees the Big Blue Box Egg and makes to touch it, just as gently as he had touched the others.

V'dim has noted what's happened. The interpretation? That's between him and his reports. One candidate falls over. Another redecorates with breakfast. V'dim's frown is no larger than usual. No smaller, either.

The sour disposition of this egg is a stark contrast to the good humor which Innes carries over from the last shell she touched, and it takes her a moment of curious hesitation to come to terms with it. She shifts uncomfortably where she stands as she sinks further into… something. Her nose wrinkles and she unconsciously sidles a bit closer to the egg. It may be the source of this unpleasantness, but she's too focused on sensation to put those facts together and remove her hand. So instead she stays, hoping to be free of whatever it is that holds her.

Garawan's eyes widen. Whoa whoa what? He FREEZES, completely. Whirlwind adventure what the heck? There's really no time to consider it, but at least his fingers stay touching the egg.
Innes twists her head from side to side, following invisible forms as they slip past. From gloom to a colorful array? Although her closed eyes might seek the things that move from here to there, her expression remains somewhat impassive. Uncertain. She doesn't know what to make of this place and these feelings. And so she stays fixed in place, hoping to get a better glimpse of whatever it is that's just in the corner of her eye.

Garawan blinks. Okay now this is confusing. He wouldn't know anything about THAT. But he's curious enough to stick around to see if he can find out, whirlwind hyperactivity or not.

Innes simply doesn't know what to make of this one. She half stumbles back, frowning at the egg in front of her. It's not an angry frown, though; her expression is simply one of bewilderment. It's the befuddled look of a girl who hasn't the slightest idea what just happened to her. She shakes her head to rid herself of the last vestiges of feeling from that egg - very much like someone attempting to shake water from their ears. Well then. She glances toward the eggs, gaze shifting between them as she tries to decide where to go next. But it seems that question is answered for her when she realizes that there's only one she hasn't touched, and so it's to Sea of Tears Egg that she heads next.

Garawan sighs a little. That seemed a little silly. But fun. He leans back to put his hands back on his knees as he sits there. A little sad, but with luck the egg will hatch and then more adventures for whoever it chooses. He pauses a moment, to catch his breath, his mind is a little swimmy at the moment, so he stands and moves to the side to collect himself.

Too late? Innes doesn't believe in too late. There's always a chance for things to change. Although she's reluctant in the face of such questioning, it's this elusive mind that draws her in. She presses her hand more firmly against the shell, allowing it to drift over the surface. She has questions of her own that she wants answered.

Innes has answers for some of these questions, while others remain a mystery even to her. But a challenge is something she can never resist, whether it is wise or not. She smirks in the face of possible danger, head held high. All of that? That's nothing she can't handle.

Innes will save the day! Or at the very least, she fancies the thought of doing so. In truth, this egg leaves her in a deeper state of confusion than she was in moments before. She takes a step back so as to allow someone else room, while still looking over the egg thoughtfully. She's not meant to be a savior, but the challenge still intrigues her. After a moment she shrugs and wanders toward some of the other eggs, pausing in front of those which intrigued her the most, making sure to remember them.

Oh yes. There's definitely an air of challenge there. Even if Garawan's not really sure what's being challenged for. Or about. He's just quietly observing, if it can be called that, the mind in the egg. Somewhere deep down he knows this is a bad idea because something's going to jump out and scare him— JUST WATCH, IT TOTALLY WILL— but he's still hanging on.

Garawan smiles. "Don't rush," he says quietly, patting the egg gently. With a sigh he stands, and then moves to the side of the sands. There is a thoughtful look on his face, and he seems to be considering the eggs carefully. His gaze will move from one to the other, linger a moment, and then move to another.

Luraoth snorts. Meaningfully, evidently, because Soriana shifts forward, and that's enough of a signal (apparently) for V'dim to gather candidates and usher them away. Touching-time is over, at least for today.

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