Dragon Feet

Xanadu Weyr - Dragonhealers' Annex
An entrance way which would allow admittance to even the greatest of Queen Dragons leads into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. To one side is a shallow pool which constantly clears itself of grime and is used is washing wounds. Nearby is a shelf with a generous supply of clean bandages and clean sheets upon stone shelves. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place. The far wall houses two dozen Dragon couches, each separated above by a rail which supports a thick curtain allowing the patients an option of privacy as they rest and recover.

The middle of the night, so why is Soriana up? …because she's hungry, and her delivery service (hah!) stops at night. She could get Luraoth to bother someone, but instead, she's decided to just go get something herself. Outside of the hatching arena she pauses, stretching out her hands to the cool autumn air (ooh! It's drizzling! How nice!) and just… appreciating it, for a moment.

Ka'el was supposed to go home a while ago. Hours ago. Thanks to an organized hand whose kept an organized and uncluttered schedule, he's been left with a routine that doesn't always have him in the office til the midnight hours. So why is he not tucked in bed dreaming dreams that'd make him smile in the morning? Pft. Because he's Ka'el and there's always something to be done. He and Kanekith fly into the drizzly clearing area. The hour makes landing easy as pie, as there aren't many other dragons and riders to battle for space with. And so he makes a somewhat erratic land, hopping on one foot and vaguely favoring the other as they settle. Ka'el dismounts and immediately moves over to check out that foot.

Always. So many somethings that need to be done! Soriana hasn't been in her office much of late, but that doesn't mean she hasn't had somethings to do. Because… all the somethings. The dragon descending - given the general lack of them - draws her attention. The ineptitude of that landing keeps it, and brings a frown to join it. She's in motion before she's even recognized the figure, heading over at a brisk pace with her appreciation of the rain forgotten. Oh. It's Ka'el. Which means this is Kanekith, which doesn't change the question. "What happened?"

"Lift it," Ka'el is instructing, heedless of the drizzle that's darkened and flattened his hair in flight. Kanekith does as told, raising up a mega forepaw for inspection. Ka'el's underneath, obviously not worried about being flattened by his dragon (hey, he dies, Kanekith dies right?) and he lifts a hand to gingerly touch at the sore pawpad beneath. There's definitely a gash there! Nothing too traumatic looking, but noticeable enough to make Ka'el frown. He turns at the sound of a voice, stepping out from under the dragon's foot. "Landed on somethin' out in the highlands," he informs. "Thought it was a smaller boulder, but ended up bein' a shard've wood. Might've been a broken wagon piece. Didn't see it." He wrinkles his nose. "Got it out, but foot's tender."

Soriana steps around to get an angle on that foot of Kanekith's. Visual inspection, which… isn't very effective, given the dark and rain. She continues to frown, and nods. "Might've left splinters." Even though he got it out. "Should get it irrigated and looked at." A glance to Kanekith's head, judging eye color and signs of pain before returning her attention to Ka'el. Belatedly, she adds, "Hey." Because greeting him. But… "I can bring out a flashlight, if he'd rather not limp inside." Not getting it checked? Yeah, not an option. "Though the rain's not ideal." Wasn't she just enjoying it, a moment ago?

Kanekith likes the attention. Okay sure yeah his foot kind of hurts, especially now that he's had to put some pressure on it to land, but he's felt worse. And, being the type of dragon that likes attention, he knows how to milk a situation. And thus, cue dragon whining… here. Granted, a dragon whine probably sounds more like a dragon…growl than a whimper, but you get the gist right? Right? Kanekith thinks so. And even though Ka'el knows that Kanekith is a drama king attention hogger …he's his dragon buddy, and thus he doesn't even get on to him for being dramatic. Poor Kane! "Splinters?" He hadn't thought of splinters! Are they in there? "It doesn't hurt..incredibly much," he says with a frown, "but…maybe we should go inside? He can make it." He's Kanekith! Of course he can! He doesn't even look bad. Just a light tint of .. an owwie color.

Soriana knows dragon whines! And this? This is in that space where, yes, there's a reason for the unhappy noise, but the dragon also could stop. Which is far better than the sort of whine where the dragon can't stop. The fact that dragons aren't well suited to whining? Eh, at this point, she doesn't even notice that the sound is more grumbly than what another species would make. It's the lung size and vocal shape and all that. She nods to Ka'el about those splinters. "Depends on the angle and… a lot of things. But… best to make sure." Otherwise it could fester and various bad things could happen! Soriana nods again to the relative pain level. "Have him stay off it, if he can. Three-legged walk." Lucky dragon, being able to balance without one limb! The quadruped advantage. "I'll go open the door." And so she heads off to open the dragon-sized door to the infirmary… and tell whoever's on-shift there about the incoming patient, while she does.

She's the doctor here. Well, healer. Well … dragonhealer. Ka'el has no reason not to listen to her and go along with whatever recommendations she may give. The thoughts of splinters possibly being embedded in Kanekith's foot is enough to keep his frown on his face. "Don't set it down," is spoken aloud to Kanekith, whose foot has lowered yet still hovers about a foot or so from the ground. "You heard? Walk on three," he instructs, moving closer to rub encouragingly at the dragon's uninjured leg before he urges him to walk. He stays close to his lifemate's side as he hobbles forward. Step, hop, stop.. Ka'el gets a mini-earthquake with each hopped foot forward, but he stays close, mentally probing for any spikes in pain or uncomfortable feelings. They follow behind Soriana a ways and eventually get to the dragon infirmary's extra large door, which they move past and into the lit room. "What can I do? Should I get'm to lay? Is standing better?" Fret. Just.. a little fret.

Door opened, Soriana gathers the appropriate supplies. Tray, numbweed, forceps and other metal pokey thingies, what looks like a syringe without the needle part, redwort and saline… and the patient, that part's important! Here he is, and Soriana smiles to Kanekith - oh yes, the bronze is getting attention, the gazes of other dragonhealers - but Soriana's on point for this one. She turns the smile - reassuring style - on Ka'el. "It's going to be a some poking and prodding. If he wants to stand, that's okay, but… lying down's probably easier for him." She points to the nearest of the infirmary couches. "Mostly?" The smile turns crooked. "You get to keep him calm while I work. And tell me what he's feeling. If it's too bad, one of the golds can help." But Luraoth's occupied with her eggs, and the others are likely sleeping. They can be roused, but thus far? Soriana doesn't think it'll be necessary.

Kanekith doesn't frequent this place much. It smells of … sterile things, with a hint of nervousness peppered in. Does nervousness have a scent? If not, it has a lingering feel which Kanekith can sense hanging in the air. Hurt dragons and pained dragons have been here! He makes rumbled sound, unsure, and Ka'el gives him another leg rub. "S'alright.." he murmurs beneath his breath, nodding to Soriana afterward after hearing what his job is to be here. Keep her informed and Kanekith calm. He can do that! The bronze moves, lumbering to one of the couches and easing himself down upon it, still favoring that one foot as he does so. When he finally gets settled, he exhales a mighty dragon sigh through the nostrils. "Sori's gonna fix you up," he says aloud. "It won't hurt anymore after, you'll see. If she was bad at this, they would've fired her a long time ago…" A half smirk follows those words before his eyes dance to her supplies.

There's a reason why this place doesn't have firelizards lurking. The echoes of dragon-pain make it an unpleasant one. Nobody likes to see a healer! …except for the fact that healers make the pain stop. That part is good. Soriana nods agreement to what Ka'el says, washing and redworting her hands. "And I'm not fired." Nope. She's grade two! The smile goes to more matter-of-fact. "I'm going to start with numbweed on the outside." Technically, according to procedures, she's supposed to start with getting permission to work, but she's kind of doing that one implicitly. "It might hurt a little - like putting weight on it does - but then it'll go numb." She picks up the salve and the oil so her fingers don't go numb, and waits for Ka'el's acknowledgment before she begins. She starts out from the injury a bit, sloooowly working her way closer and watching for reactions to the light pressure - either directly from Kanekith, or through Ka'el. Because, information-gathering. Also numbing, and it's easier to convince a dragon to be poked when it's to take the pain away.

The bronze is feeling a little more unsure now than when he did out in the drizzle. Outside, there were not strange things to see, like metal pokey things and weird gooey stuff. What's that? And what's that? Ka'el positions himself nearer to his lifemate's neck and head, stroking his hand along the smooth skin there while watching Soriana. Luckily, he's not as bad as a fretful mother (or father) who's watching their child at the healer's office, though he is careful to watch where her hands go and he keeps his mind zeroed in on Kanekith's. Minds, linked! The ouch is still there, but now there's also a tickling feeling of fingers that soon disappears as areas of his foot go numb. Luckily, they've had practice with numbweed during Weyrlinghood! The sensation is strange but not completely alien. "He's alright.." voices Ka'el who winces just slightly at those initial presses against tender areas of his footpad before they go numb. Kanekith rumbles and he turns his head to watch too because…well, that's his foot that's being messed with! "Thanks for doing this. I know this wasn't exactly how you were hopin' to spend your night." Wait. It's late. Like, really late. "Why are you up?"

At least the metal pokey things have stayed on the tray so far, and the gooey stuff… well, it's just numbweed. Familiar stuff! Soriana still keeps a careful eye on dragon and rider both, nodding to Ka'el's statement. She's not put off by the eyeing from Kanekith - really, she sort of likes the dragons who want to watch. It makes it a lot easier for her to tell what they're experiencing and whether she's doing something wrong! Once she's got the numbweed on, worked right up to the edges of the injury, she leans back on her heels for a moment as she rinses the numbweed off her hands and gives it time to work on Kanekith. "Heh. Someone's gotta make sure this guy's rampaging around again." Just ignore the fact there's an infirmary of other dragonhealers who could have done it. Soriana is! Mostly, anyhow. There'll be someone more senior by to check on things at some point, but for now, she gives Kanekith's other foreleg a hearty pat… then hehs. "I was going to check the kitchens. Midnight snack." She grins, and shrugs as she adds, "Besides, the heat makes it hard to sleep." A glance back to Kanekith's paw. Should be numbed now. She reaches for a set of blunt forceps. "…so. I'm going to spread the wound a little and check inside. It might feel weird."

The gooey stuff doesn't hurt at all! .. Or maybe it hurts so very much but Kanekith is such an impressive specimen that such minor pain doesn’t even register in his head anymore? .. Yeah. Sounds exactly right! His nostrils flare as he tests the air, breathing in the aroma of disinfectant and salve. Hmm … it most certainly doesn't smell tasty! His breath is snorted out, a sound that has Ka'el looking at him in alarm. … False alarm! He sighs just as Soriana begins to speak and answer his question. A midnight snack? "Dinner was good tonight. And, oh they had these little …uh, pastries, I guess for dessert. Filled with fruit. You'll like them," he chats, finding it easier to chat than do anything else as chatting with her keeps him from acting like a mother hen to his dragon. Kanekith's eyes, now that the numbweed is taking that pain away, begin to less look..ouch-color and more normal colored again. But that's just step one! There's a step two? Oh, right the actual gash! Kanekith's head turns, and his injured leg is shifted back a little. "The heat makes it hard to do anything," he amends with a slight smirk that fades as he gets Kaenkith to sit still again. "She said weird, not hurt. It won't hurt, I promise. … How do I know? .. You've got to listen to your healers, Kanekith," he chastises. But now's the big moment! Time for the wound to be opened! "…He's ready.." Maybe. "And next time you want a snack, get with me. The kitchenstaff saves extra for me."

Definitely an impressive specimen. Oh yes indeed. Kanekith can feel as puffed up as he likes in the ego! It's the puffed up in the infection way that Soriana's trying to avoid. That puff of breath gets a glance from her as well, but… nope. He can be as dismissive of the infirmary as he likes, so long as he's a good patient so she can dismiss him soon! "Yeah?" Soriana says to the food report. "I'll have to grab some. If I can find where they got stored. I mean, I had dinner, but…" shrug. "It's not the same. Because it's too hot to eat, too." Too for anything is right. "At least hot food." She returns the smirk, but then it fades as she listens to Ka'el's side of the argument. The truth of it is… the probing may actually hurt. She'll be as gentle as she can, but the numbweed doesn't always soak deep enough, and Soriana's got to nudge the sides of the gash apart make it splay so she can explore and be sure there's no fragments of wood. Clearance to go? Okay. But… "If it does hurt, tell me. And I'll stop." You can trust your healer that far, at least! Though she'll only apply more numbweed and then try again, but still. Time to poke at injured dragonflesh! …and discuss dinner plans. Great combination. "Yeah, but do they bake things for you special? If I wanted, say…" Poke. Prod. Nudge. "…a cake…" What about a steak? Extra-rare?

Kanekith so far has been an exemplary dragon patient! No growling or lamenting or not keeping still. Other than a few twitches of his paw, that is. But even Mr. Perfection isn’t perfect. But with Ka’el here and Soriana a familiar face, he’s doing a good job of keeping panic down to zero. Plus! That hurt has gone away! And that means he’s good to go right? “Not yet, buddy…just a little more to do,” says Ka’el to him, hand continuing to rub at his lifemate’s neck. To Soriana, he speaks, “you should have a steady supply of cold things coming to you. Ice pops. Iced klah. … Uh, salads.” What other food is best served cold? Not many. Poor Soriana! “If ever you need something…” Well, she’s a Weyrwoman, she can probably order someone to get it! And so can he, which his unfinished statement implies. He quiets now. Possible pain time! Kanekith’s head lowers even further down til it’s nearly touching the floor. He wants a look at this but… Ouch! He makes a sound that’s almost barkish in tone. Not loud, but it gets the point across. That hurt! Not a lot. Just a little. But still, hurt! Probably because there’s a little shard of wood still in there, poked into the innerworks of that flesh. Ka’el frowns and cranes his neck, but doesn’t crowd her. Something inside, isn’t there? I can feel it .. In my foot.” He wrinkles his nose. Weird! “Sorry Kanekith,” he murmurs. “It doesn’t hurt horribly Sori, only when your hand goes a certain place.”

"…yeah," Soriana agrees. "I don't like salad." There's a wrinkle of her nose for that - though the icepops and iced klah, those she doesn't mind. But salads… there's too much green stuff, all in one place. No thanks! She nods for what can happen if she needs something. "Yeah." She can order herself sushi and steak, delivered fresh for every meal! Only, she doesn't. The conversation of foodstuffs is left behind as she applies herself to dragon-foot investigation, carefully poking and prodding and - oops. She found it. Soriana eases her fingers back at the sound of pain, then nods. "So. It's not near anything important," this is, to judge from her tone, good news, "and I should be able to get it out pretty easy." The bad news? "That'll mean more poking there. If Kanekith thinks he can hold still," a glance up to the bronze, "I'll do that. Otherwise, I can get Luraoth." Not to leave her eggs, but… she'd send a whisper of thought this way.

There’s some good news to be heard. It’s not near anything important! Now, what are the important parts of a dragon’s foot? Ka’el has no clue, but that’s why he’s not the one poking and prodding! The bad news is that there is something in there that’s causing pain. Stupid wood! A feeling of guilt is battled down. It’s just a minor thing, besides. No reason to beat himself up about it .. but every reason to spoil the dragon with extra attention over the next few days. >.> Both Ka’el and Kanekith answer Soriana’s question at the same time, though it’s only Ka’el’s voice that is heard. “He can handle it himself.” Blue eyes stray to his dragon, surprised by the synced words. Surprised that he answered without conferring with Kanekith first. Glad that he didn’t have to. He grins and gives the smooth bronze skin more encouraging rubs with unfocused eyes that refocus beneath a nod. “He’s ready,” he confirms with that nod, and Kanekith’s leg tenses. He’s definitely ready! He’s a big brave bronze who won’t let a shard defeat him, nope!

The important parts? Nerves, major blood vessels, that sort of thing. They're not very distinguishable without turns of training. Fortunately, Soriana has those! She looks up to Ka'el, nods to his answer. It's the one she was expecting - it's not that bad, and a bronze with something to prove isn't likely to ask for help. So, since it's not bad enough that she'd make him accept help… she doesn't! "Okay." Drawing out the splinter will mean some poking and a bloody set of tweezers, but Soriana works carefully, and it's probably a relief when she manages to get that bit of wood out. "…there," she says, and she certainly sounds relieved. "I'm going to irrigate. Just washing it out, that's all." So she does! With that needle-less syringe, first with saline, then with a dilute redwort mixture for the antiseptic properties. Now Kanekith's paw has been washed inside and out! Because thoroughness.

Ouch! Ouch! That hurts! Kanekith’s eyes do the talking for him, even though there is a slight sound to be heard in his throat. Not a growl, but instead just a slight rumbling noise to vaguely voice discomfort. Ka’el, the doting rider that he is, stays rooted at the dragon’s side as that wood piece is eventually yanked out. Oh, hey! The pain felt in his own foot lessens automatically, and he can’t help but press a little more pressure to the sole of his boot to test. Yup. Definitely not hurt. Kanekith on the other hand still has the ache of an open wound, but that sharp feeling within it is gone. Woohoo! He lifts his head with a snorted huff sort of sound. (It’s a sound of thanks, don’t you know!) His eyes begin to settle as the wound if washed, not even flinching for that. Ka’el nods to Sori and watches as everything happens, and once the washing-out procedure has been done, he moves closer to her to inspect that clean-looking paw. “Does it need to be wrapped or anything? Is he alright to walk on it? Does he need to stay overnight?” He’s like a first time parent at the doctor’s office, in Weyrleader form!

Oh, Soriana hears that rumbly noise. She know what it means - to be careful, because if she's not, the pain will be more than minor - and a dragon in more than minor pain is likely to accidentally tailswat a dragonhealer across the room. It's actually riskier for the healer than the dragon to work on something like this without a queen's influence. Something about relative scales, there. But, though Soriana hears the sound and sees the look of Kanekith's eyes, she proceeds and gets the splinter handled! Yay, no more stabby jabby ouchy thing. Just rinsing, and washing, and then? More numbweed! Because oh, numbweed. Soriana gives it a look, nods satisfaction, then glances back up to Ka'el. "We're going to wrap it just so he doesn't get dirt in it." So she reaches for a gauze bandage, puts it over the cut - so delicate and silly-seeming, on a dragon's scale - then hurms. Oops, she forgot the bandage. She goes to get it, and also explains other things. "He'll sleep better at home. He can walk, but! No flying while he's got numbweed on it - it's too easy to mess up a landing if he can't feel right. Keep him mostly off it tonight, and he'll probably tell you it's fine tomorrow." A glance to Kanekith, and a crooked smile. "You can believe him, but watch his takeoffs and landings. If he's fumbling those, if it gets swollen or angry-green, if it hurts more instead of less, he comes back here. Or gets a house call."

Ooo, numbweed! Lay it on him! Kanekith likes that stuff, oh yes he does. It makes the ouch go away, and with Sori having dug around in that wound as she has, the ouch has throbbed again. But not anymore! Croooon. That feels so lovely! But wait, why are you stopping? Oh, it's going to be wrapped up? That's okay. He can't feel those fingers on his foot anymore anyway. Numb! And since he can't feel much, he doesn't protest that bandage or gauze and watches with pointed interest as he's taken care of despite how small that bandage really is, comparative to his big self. Ka'el's not doing much to help other than being another body in the room now that Kanekith is calm and no long worried about his foot. He's listening though, nodding to Soriana at her instructions for the care of her bronze patient, taking mental notes. "You heard, buddy? No flyin'," he says to his lifemate, which in turn gets a snorted reply. "Yeah yeah," he says, waving his hand dismissively. "Try it and you'll end up with a broken foot." Ka'el moves now, towards Soriana, and wraps his arms around her. "Thank you for takin' care of him. How much do I owe? And are house calls only for dragons?"

Soriana loops the bandage around, secures it - it's sturdy material, but it still won't last for long with a dragonweight smashing it to the ground. Then again, it doesn't have to; the ichoring's good, dragons heal fast, and by morning… Kanekith may be flying again! "Only so long as it's numb," Soriana adds into that part of the conversation. And she's not expecting that to last more than overnight. Paws are just… well, after wings, they're one of the most delicate parts, so it's important to get things done right. "If it's too much of a pain to get him into the forest… Luraoth's not using her barn." So Ka'el can go to Sori's house! …if only she could be there with him, but she does slip her arms around him in return, and lean in. "For you?" She grins. "A kiss." So she kisses him. For any other rider of Xanadu? It's a service provided because of their duties to the Weyr! But, well. The Weyrleader gets a special rate. "He should be fine," she assures, just in case he was still worried. "And the dragonhealer ones are just for dragons."

All @emit A kiss? Is that the going rate for dragon healing nowadays? Well, good thing Ka’el has a steady supply of those, and he kisses her. Smooch! One kiss, delivered. He grins and keeps his arms around her in a thankful hug, because he really is thankful. Kanekith is…..well, his lifemate! And anyone who takes care of his lifemate is OK in his book. And Soriana is especially OK. “I’ll keep an eye on him,” he assures, which is quite the understatement. Any wobble in his step and he’ll worry about an infection or a tiny piece of wood shrapnel that she might’ve missed and he’ll be right back here! Good thing the bronze hasn’t had any serious injuries, else Ka’el would be a wreck! There’s also relief to hear that the empty weyrbarn is a temporary housing option for the night. “Good, as he always flies in to our clearing and…m’not sure how I’d get him home on foot,” he admits with a crooked smirk. “So I can sleep in your bed? Y’don’t mind if I eat your food, do you? Y’think I can squeeze myself in your night things?” Pajama time! But it’s not such a fun slumber party without Soriana slumbering with him. “If I drool on your pillow, you’re not going to fault me, are you?” he asks with a playful grin. “And what do I have to do to convince Luraoth to let you spend the night with me sometime? I want a house call.”

That is so very the going rate, yes. It's the official charge! Soriana grins, staying in Ka'el's arms as she nods to him. It's a good thing Kanekith isn't seriously hurt, or Ka'el might be setting up camp here for the next month. Just in case! "Yeah, the branches are kind of… dense." And it's not like Luraoth minds sharing her barn even when she's in it, so that works great! The rest of Ka'el's plans? Soriana laughs. "I don't think I even have any food there. Oh wait, I might have some rice." Uncooked. "And…" Was there anything else? She can't remember. Shows you just how much she's been there, lately! "You can only wear my jammies if you dance." If only she could be there to see it. Maybe she'll make him do it a second time for each inch they're stretched? "Besides, you're supposed to flip it over after you drool." Hides the wet spot, don't'cha know. Soriana grins, and then at the question about Luraoth (and night-time plans) she sighs. "I dunno." More serious, now. "She's been… easier about things, but she's still fussy at night. She doesn't settle down to sleep very well, even if Sharuth's there."

"Dance? Well … if it gets me into your pants.." Pajama pants, that is. Ka'el grins, then laughs at his own mental image. Uuum, he thinks not! As for droolly pillows.. "Oh, is that the trick? Then I suggest you wait a few days before flippin' them back over. It pours like a fountain." Gross! Arms close around her a little more securely now, drawing her closer against him after a spare look to whatever dragonhealers may still be lingering on overnight duty. "Mmm, maybe I can sweet talk her. I think I'm pretty good at sweet talkin'. Might can bribe her… I've influence now." Not that Luraoth will care just how fancy the knot on his shoulder may look. She's a dragon! "But if nooot, how about a daytime house call?" he says, his grin deviously playful, even though him being home during the day rarely ever happens! "I can steal you away to some long forgotten part've the Weyr, and I'll let you examine me. I bet I'm more interesting that Kanekith's ol' foot." .. « Hardly..» snorts Kanekith. His foot is awesome. Even with a bandage.

S'right. Ka'el can dance around in Soriana's pants! It's… yeah, he's got the right idea with laughing, so she does too, then wrinkles her nose at what he's going to do to her pillows. "Maybe you'd better send 'em to the laundry. Just to be sure." That she'll be willing to sleep on them ever again. Actually, maybe she'll wash them herself, whether he does or not. Soriana presses close to Ka'el - fortunately, none of the dragonhealers on duty seem inclined to protest. Maybe because both of these two outrank them? Though it gets weird here in the dragon infirmary, because healer-rank and weyr-rank aren't the same. Still, nobody's protesting as Sori cuddles in, then smirks to Ka'el. "Daytime house call… yeah, I think we can arrange for one of those. As long as, you know, there's a sound medical reason. For a very important exam." She nods, so very serious. For about 2.53 seconds.
"Ah no babe, you're going to want to keep and cherish those pillows forever. My drool is worth marks. The things people will do for a drop of my spittle…would amaze you." Yeeeah, double gross. Spit talk! Leave it to man to make a conversation about bodily fluids. Do they ever grow up? Not Ka'el, apparently. Or at least, not when being grown up isn't absolutely necessary. It was necessary moments before, when Kanekith needed medical attention. But now? His bronze's eyes are a serene shade of green and grown up time can be laid to rest! Well, almost. There is still a little bit of grown up business that's lingering on Ka'el's mind. "Everything I do is very important, Soriana," he says with a smirkish look and vaguely (importantly!) elevated brows. "And my health? That's important to the entire Weyr. And to my recollection, I haven't had any sort of physical exam by any healer." He clicks his tongue. Shameful! "So, congratulations, you've been appointed to make an appointment for me. Full body checkup. You may want to leave at least a candlemark open on your schedule, as you're expected to be thorough, and that takes time."

"…would they," Soriana says with an arched brow to Ka'el's information about what people would do for… uh… Weyrleader-spit. Does it have some medical use she's not aware of? Maybe they put it in the ink for the evermost formal documents? Yeaaahhh, something like that. Only… not. She just smirks, disbelieving, for Ka'el's importance. Okay, yes, he was doing important things with bringing Kanekith here, but that's been handled - except for writing the report and signing it, official-like, but nobody here in the late night cares that much about documentation around minor injuries, so whatever. "You could catch cold," she says. "And not be able to go to any of those very important formal functions." Gasp! The tragedy. "So I suppose you're right, you'd better get looked over. I can check your wingsails, file your claws… palpate your tail…" Yeah, she can't help but grin, at this point. "Since it's so important to the Weyr and all. Duty first!" Which is why she's not finishing that report right now, and is kissing him instead.

If Ka’el was not able to make it to those formal functions, which are oh so important and undeniably formal, it would be a tragedy! There would be not a dry eye in sight, for everyone would mourn his absence. How could the function function without him? It definitely wouldn’t! And the fancy food would go to waste. The decoration, ignored. He tries for a somber look but fails at her quips of checking his dragon parts. His wingsails! Definitely need attention. Claws! Overdue for filing. His tail! Oh so sore, so massage it! “Don’t forget my..” he begins but his words are interrupted by a kiss, which is a better use of his mouth than talking is anyway. He kisses her with a grin, making the kiss less of a kiss and more like a .. .smile pressed against kissing lips. But oh, now he’s kissing, lips molding to hers as his smile settles. He’s a passionate kisser, as evident by the way his lips and tongue move against hers. He’s a playful kisser, as evident as his smooch turns into a dipsmooch as he dips her down as if in a dance. Dipsmooch! And his grin makes a triumphant return!

The functions would be nonfunctional! So tragic. They'd be as sad as a funeral - a Funeral for a Weyrleader! Except he wouldn't be dead-dead, just sleeping. On account of being sick. Unless there was a misunderstanding and a compounding of tragedy, and it could all turn into a tale of woe that would be told through the ages… which is why it's so very important that Ka'el get a physical from a (dragon)healer. To make sure he's the healthiest dragon(rider) he can be! So no, Soriana won't forget his… what? Oh well, no need to stop kissing him, she's sure she'll remember even without knowing what it is she's supposed to be thinking about. Because… kissing him! That's what she's supposed to be thinking about, and her arms shift around him, wrapping to more secure positions as her lips experiment with positions - ooh, that's a good one. And that! This one she's… okay, yeah, one tongues are included in it, it works well! Really, she's fond of many bits of kissing, though the dipsmoochery … well, it's a good thing Ka'el's grinning, because Soriana starts laughing.

Ka’el keeps his arm securely around her back through the whole dipping process. It wouldn’t do to have her fall on the floor, it’d ruin the romantic atmosphere! Because obviously, the atmosphere is romantic, with Ka’el grinning against lips that are grinning and soon part with laughter. Oh yeah. Toootally romantic! If by romantic we mean silly, which then totally it is the most romantic thing ever. He laughs right along with her, causing Kanekith’s eyes to swirl with shared mirth before he snorts and rests his head down now that Ka’el’s attention is oh so obviously no longer on him. And it isn’t. His attention is on his laughing girlfriend and their poised dipped stance and her neck, which he now attacks with puckish, tickling kisses just as he pulls her up. “You aren’t supposed to laugh” he chastises, even though making her laugh was his very intention. “This is serious business!” Oh so serious, which is why he’s still grinning like a jack-o-lantern.

The Annex is where all the young couples will go. Watch, they'll change the name to the DanceHall Annex any day now. It'll be the most romantic spot ever. …or not. The other dragonhealers are mostly ignoring them. There's paperwork to be done, klah-pots to congregate around and chat, and fortunately, the ones on duty tonight are experienced enough that silly and/or romantic Weyrleaders don't draw much attention. Seen it before! Soriana? She keeps laughing, and as Ka'el lifts her back up - complete with kisses - she drapes an arm around his shoulders. "And formal!" she agrees, in between snickers. "It's for the good of the Weyr - nay, of all Pern!" She grins, and leans in for another smooch - no dip. Assuming she can stop laughing. Which she can, but only briefly, and then she's just giggling again and hugging him.

Ka’el’s arms resettle as a drape around her hips, her laugh a melody to his ears. “Damn right, to Pern!” he agrees wholeheartedly, his arms squeezing tighter around her as they kiss and laugh, kiss-laugh? Again. Oooh, yeah. The DanceHall Annex where all the cool cats go to kiss-laugh! Or should it be laugh kiss? Whatever it is, Ka’el likes it. He likes the sensation of her lips stretching against his, curving into that grin. Of the feel of her exhale as she giggles, puffed against his nose. Because these are tangible confirmations that they’re together. Not separated by a sea of red and white sand or a mountain of work or endless amounts of things to do and people to see and hands to shake and responsibilities to fill. Or worse yet, by thoughts and feelings of distrust and guilt and sadness and anger. These small moments of laughing in the Annex or painting ridiculous scenes with the harpers or simply sitting side by side in the blue plastic seats of the observation level are reminders that they are, at the core, merely Soriana and Kale. And as he hugs her now, his grin still lingering as he nuzzles against the side of her neck, pressing affectionate kisses to the slender arch of it, his mind conjures words that are approved by the heart, but in the end they are stalled by his mouth. There are a great many of them, in some jumbled mess of an order, that hope to gush past his lips and into the air where they can’t be stopped or stilled or muted. But, it is the wrong time for those words. They’re a massively mangled mess whose meaning will be lost in the madness of blind prose. And so, they’re stilled, these words that have risen from emotion, and stored away because now is not the time for them. Now is the time for other words. Like these, spoken after a nip of an earlobe. “Let’s get out of here. Now I’m hungry too, and I know where they keep my stash of the good stuff. Kanekith can stay here a while, right?” It’s drizzly outside, and he should probably keep that bandage clean! His hold from her loosens without exactly falling away.

Klaughs? …it's a work in progress. So are the two of them, really - the same people they were before, but added to, mangled, transformed, bit by tiny bit over the turns. A glade in the forest can be changed by the seasons, with flowers or falling leaves. A new tree can sprout one spring, an old one tumble to the ground during an ice storm. They change, and yet they're still the same people, because none of the changes are so vast as to make them entirely different. Soriana's not the same Soriana that tumbled onto a boy on the beach - and he's not the same Kale - but she's still Soriana, tilting her head at his kisses and returning them to a cheek that's still Ka'el's. The mountains of work are still there, waiting. So are the eggs in the sands. But those are things Ka'el and Soriana do, not what they are. What they say? That's another thing entirely. Sometimes those handshakes and smiles involve not saying things because of politeness. The words Ka'el doesn't say? Well. Soriana doesn't hear them, but she hears his laughter, and she hears the ones he does say, this time. Perhaps the time will come when he says other ones, when he talks to her in a mangled mess of words like someone's come and taken a saw to the glade. There'll be woodchips everywhere! But then, perhaps, there'll be lumber drying in a yard, and careful construction. Will it still be the same glade? Maybe not, but it'll be something. For now, though, she gives her head a toss at that nip, smirks up at him with a grin that drifts (slightly) more serious. "…yeah, okay." Because she's hungry. For dinner and Ka'el-time both! "Luraoth…" mental check-in "…'ll be fine. And so will Kanekith, he can stay here as long as there's a free couch." Which there are plenty of, right now. The infirmary isn't a hopping place, not until it turns to the DanceHall. Then? It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right… Soriana puts her hand on Ka'el's hip, leaning in against him as his arms are not-too-tight. "Let's go and see what wonders and marvels your cooks have made for you." The paperwork? …she can do it after. It's not important. Time with Ka'el… is.

Dragons, check. Kanekith will be glad to stay and allow any healer who's bored enough to check on his minor paw wound to do so. Plus, the couch that he's on is comfy, and he doesn't feel inclined to relenting it just yet. And Luraoth? Also fine, as reported by Soriana. Her eggs are safe, perhaps guarded by a proud bronze. The late hour and drizzle likely keep the stands empty, which is possibly helping to keep the gold happy. No nosy people pointing and staring at her and her babies! Ka'el's glad for all of the little things that make both of their dragons okay to be without them for a while so that they can be with each other. For food! For company. Ka'el lifts a hand to brush hair from her face, tucking it gently behind her ear with a lazy smile upon his lips. "Your tastebuds won't know what to do with themselves. You'll never taste food as marvelous as food made especially for a Weyrleader. .. Trust me. I nearly ate myself into a coma with my first dinner." But walking doesn't start immediately. Not yet. Not until after he's held her for a little longer. Felt her weight leaned against him and given her a few massaging finger presses to the small of her back. His lips kiss her temple before finally does he step back. Only one arm falls away. The other remains curled around her as he moves to her side to walk her out to the foyer then beyond to the drizzly Weyr they call home.

This is the Weyrleader's dragon, after all! Surely he needs an entourage of dragonhealers for even his most minor boo-boos. …but Soriana's not actually going to ask him that, because Kanekith is not the sort of dragon who needs help in the ego department. Luraoth, well, she's got her eggs, and if Sharuth's gone, he's only a summons away. Things will be okay. No, better than okay - they'll be good. Soriana grins crookedly for the brushing-back of her hair, leaning in against Ka'el. "Do they use the same kitchens? Or have they got a special one, just for you? Hidden away at the end of a secret tunnel guarded by whers and hawks?" Because underground hawks make so much sense, right? And Soriana will continue to make that sort of sense while they go, across drizzly Weyr and to the fabled stores of midnight snack, where there will be tasty things to eat and time to lean and talk and laugh and kiss some more before they come back here (and talk and laugh and kiss) so Ka'el can get Kanekith and head away to get some rest. Before he goes, though, Soriana's going to make sure to get a goodnight kiss.

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