How They Met (A Lesson In Wildcat Provocation)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

“SHARDING BRONZERIDER.” It’s impressive that Risali can be heard over the absolute deluge outside that threatens to drown out the weyr as a whole; Half Moon Bay might be known for it’s usually balmy weather, but today is one of the many exceptions: thunder rumbles low and threatening in the distance, lightning streaks in violent, branching arcs across the sky, and it’s hard to tell the time of day given Rukbat is hidden behind the gloomy grey of the weather and shows no signs of coming out any time soon. (It’s late afternoon, just in case you were wondering). Stepping outside for even the most scant amount of time means you crawl back into whatever sanctuary you can find looking like a drown rat - and Risa is no exception. Black hair is clinging to her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose, plastered to a tunic showing much more than is appropriate given the amount of water it’s taken on, but that doesn’t seem to even slow the woman down. She stalks into the Tiki Lounge like she owns the damn place, pushing a stray chair out of the way with one booted foot while she snaps, “What are you looking at?” to some poor unsuspecting stranger. She’s a whirlwind that parts the sea of patrons all the way to the bar, where she commandeers a stool and drips. All over the floor. And the bar. “Give me the usual - and don’t you dare put any ice in it this time.” It’s another order, issued with the authority of one used to getting their way as she drags all of her sopping hair over one shoulder and begins the tedious task of trying to braid it. Woe. BEWARE YE ALL. Meanwhile, she will just keep sitting there spitting caustic words that only occasionally have enough enunciation to formulate. Like: “Bastard,” and, “Wherry-faced sonuvabitch."

K'vir really picked a GREAT TIME to come and visit Half Moon Bay. Come and visit, they said. It'd be FUN, they said. No one ever mentioned anything about storms or potentially crazed residents. He'd meant to leave well before the storm hit, but he was waylaid and now there's no escape! He's trapped! Stuck! Not that he's complaining? He's settled himself comfortably and is currently enjoying a drink (or two) while the storm rages outside. Apparently, a different sort of storm is about to come INSIDE. He may have been one of those staring strangers too because, well. Hello? Wet tunic? Though it's also just her that K'vir is staring at and part of his conscious whisper to just stay where he is and keep hidden. No, K'vir isn't bright; it's totally his kind heart that leads him and right into trouble. "Dare I ask?" he calls out from his seat across from her. Cue his usual smile, because unlike his father, he actually DOES SMILE. A lot. Too much.

To be fair, it is usually fun. BUT SOME RENEGADES STOLE THE FUN OUT OF HALF MOON BAY (ILA’DEN) and so NOW LOOK WHERE WE ARE. We have downpours and Half Moonian residents who might just actually be feral cats in disguise. Maybe. The minute K’vir’s voice breaks through Risali’s angry reverie like the proverbial crack of a whip, grey eyes lift with such achingly slow menace to settle on the dragonrider who really should have just listened to his conscious when it said ABORT, ABORT, WEE WOO WEE WOO THIS ONE IS CRAZY GET OUT (listen, I’m taking liberties here, okay). One, two, three beats of DEATH MURDER DEATH glaring and it seems like the entirety of the Tiki Lounge is holding its breath in tandem with a sudden lull in the storm outside - all of which seems to let out in a startled rush of sound as another rumble of thunder eats up the silence and gives Risa the motivation she needs to find her feet. Too-wet hair that’s only half braided gets thrown over her shoulder, spraying those near enough with water once it hits her back and the woman stalks, stalks towards the offending bronzerider with all the grace of a caged tiger. Those sultry lips affect a pout that speaks of unleashed debauchery, and there’s zero ceremony (or manners) applied when she inserts herself between his table and his chair and right into his lap. Risali rolls her forearms up K’vir’s shoulders to the crease of her elbow, crossing her wrists behind his head while fingers catch in the hair at the nape of his neck. “And what if I did tell you…” she practically purrs, leaning back just enough for grey eyes to lock onto his knot before she presses flush against him and pushes her mouth into the shell of K’vir’s ear. “Bronzerider?” SHE WILL JUST STAY HERE AND GET YOU WET ALSO. YOU ARE WELCOME. ALSO: IT’S A TRAP. THROW HER ACROSS THE ROOM.

Poor K'vir! He just looks absolutely LOST as to why Risali is staring *murder* and *death* at him! Shock and confusion is quick to shift to a narrowed look of his own. What? WHAT did he do? He's just about to lift his hands up in a warding, dismissive way and go back from whence he came but NOPE! Too late, kid. He should've picked up on the fact that the whole place went quiet. Is he even going to survive this? Then she's stalking towards him and it takes every inch of his resolve not to back up and hold his ground. He manages it! He even holds his chin up a bit, attempting a bit of DEFIANCE. What do you think of that? Huh? (He's so dead.) Then she's in his lap and he's grunting some sort of strangled curse and startled exclamation. Well… wow. WOW. Not what he was expecting! Alarm is giving way to something a little less polite but hey, he's a young guy. Of course he's going to be distracted by a woman in his lap DESPITE the danger lurking there! Oh, would his father ever be disappointed. "Dunno," he notes wryly with an equally as wry grin. This is just a game right? His head tilts a bit when she whispers at him like that and he's getting bold now (read: stupider); he's going to try and slide his hands to her sides, likely right over her hips. "Guess I'd be at your mercy?" WRONG answer, K'vir! IT'S a TRAP and he's just gone right for it.

FE FI FO FUM, I SMELL THE BLOOD OF LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL DRAGONRIDERS. NAMED K'VIR. BECAUSE MAYBE THAT WASN'T CLEAR. Risali takes in a deep breath that says better than any words, 'FARANTH HELP ME, I MIGHT KILL THIS CHILD,' and then she lets it out on a slow exhale as K'vir's hands find her hips and trail up her sides and - Risali's fingers twisting indistinct patterns against the base of K'vir's skull cease movement until suddenly fingers are lacing through thick strands and twisting sharply, forcing the dragonrider's head back as she attempts to gain her feet, but really just awkwardly straddles the man while her feet never quite touch the ground. "At my mercy," she mocks, tone scathing despite the fact that she really can't be all that intimidating because - AGAIN - her feet just WILL NOT TOUCH THE GROUND. "That's the best you've got? AT MY MERCY?" And like the storm outside picking up, hurricane Risali is on its heels, intent to drown out the sudden howl of wind that lashes out with renewed vigor and an onslaught of fresh rain. "AT MY MERCY? I have heard better pick up lines from a… a…" Give her a second. Maybe two. "FROM A WHERRY. And you. You come into my weyr and -" The bartender dares to interrupt with the delivery of her drink, earning K'vir a dismissive hand being held up that clearly says DON'T SPEAK, GROWN UPS ARE TALKING, as she smiles much more charmingly at the 'keep. "Thank you," she breathes, plucking it up with her free hand and taking a swig before narrowing her eyes back on K'vir. Pause. RESUME. " - and you have the gall to interrupt and -" BREATHE. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" No, really, the problem is with her. She wants a fight. Really. She's itching for it. BRING IT ON, TH'BRO SPAWN. Or flee. Fleeing is probably more geared towards the option of 'self-preservation'.

K'vir would deserve it, really! Well, maybe not entirely as he really does *not* know what he's in for. Have SOME pity here? He lacks the proper mentors to WARN HIM of these things. He's having to learn as he goes about life and boy, will he NEVER forget this lesson; not for super fun reasons either. Poor, poor, K'vir. Never knew what was about to hit him FULL FORCE. Of course, he's really enjoying what Risali is doing… right up until that mocking tone of hers. That'll make his wandering hands pause as he tilts his head — no wait, she's doing that for him. He's only got time to swear out loud and rather colourfully at that; he's learned well from his mother! It'd put a Seacrafter to shame. Bad, K'vir! "This isn't your Weyr!" he snaps back and so unwisely at that. At least he left out 'you crazed woman'? Although that's probably implied. HEAVILY. "What's yours?" he exclaims next, not about to answer her as he is more preoccupied with trying to FREE himself! Without her pulling out a chunk of his hair. She wants a fight? She'll get one! After K'vir's done SHOVING her off his lap! He really should FLEE at this point, should he succeed. Does he? NOPE. He needs to figure out just what IS THIS WOMAN'S problem? Time of the month or what (no he's not dumb enough to stay that either).

WHAT A WISE MAN that K'vir, keeping the 'THIS COMMENT MEANS IMMINENT DEATH' choice words to his sweet, CINNAMON ROLL SELF. The man might put seacrafters to shame with his litany of NAUGHTY WORDS, but Risali drowns him out with increasing levels of pitchy shriekiness. "Not my Weyr?" the woman sputters, sounding momentarily as if K'vir has said something forbidden even while he tries to DUMP HER FROM HIS LAP AND, GOODLUCK WITH THAT K'VIR. Risali locks her arms around the dragonrider's shoulders, surprisingly strong legs giving up on the fantasy that they will ever find ground like a properly tall person's might so that she can LOCK THEM AROUND HIS WAIST. LIKE A RABID MARSUPIAL WITH MURDER RABIES. "You bet your sweet DRAGONRIDING ASS that this is my weyr you, you…" SHRIEK. WORDLESS EGADS. IT'S LIKE RIDING A MECHANICAL BULL. Only this bull, you know, talks back. And feels surprisingly good-WILL NOT THINK THOSE THOUGHTS. "WHO SHOVES A WOMAN?" Her words are reaching decibels that only bats can hear, indignation being sputtered between each increasingly ear-splitting syllable. And for all K'vir tries, Risa just GRIPS HARDER. POSSIBLY ANGLING FOR STRANGULATION THAT LOOKS LIKE SOME REALLY HORRIFIC ACCIDENT. She makes a series of harsh sounds that might be words except that they never come to fruition, and then finally she shrieks out another. "KNOCK IT OFF YOU WHERRY-FACED SON OF A HARPY. I'M GOING TO FALL." CLING. "WHAT KIND OF A GENTLEMAN ARE YOU?" SHE IS SENDING A FLIT TO YOUR MOTHER. Because clearly this is K'vir's fault. She is but an innocent… uh… victim.

K'vir has heard of CLINGY women but this is just *ridiculous*. He's instantly regretting having ever tried to get to his feet as he now has to balance Risali's weight against his own (NOT that she weighs much being so TEENY. Har har har). "Who are you then!? The Weyrwoman?" he exclaims, as best he can, over her Faranth-awful, ear ringing shrieking. "WILL you STOP THAT!" He'll do anything to get her STOP at this point! Why does no one come to his rescue!? Poor K'vir, left alone in a strange place with a completely strange and INSANE woman attacking him! He should have yielded to Bethari's advice and been more cautious… aka DON'T BOTHER. "I'm *not* shoving you! I just want you OFF ME!" Begone, demonic creature! He'll try again to escape Risali's grip, no longer wanting to be anywhere near the crazed woman. "Use you're damn legs! And I'm an excellent gentleman when I'm NOT BEING attacked!" Details here! If he does succeed in prying her off, he'll at least keep a firm hold of her arm or shoulder to be SURE she doesn't actually fall. SEE? He's nice! Even when being verbally and physically assaulted!

"I'm your worst sharding nightmare, bronzerider," Risali fires back, because that clearly answers the question better than a simple yes or no would have. When K'vir raises his voice to be heard over her, Risa has the gall to look positively offended by his EAR DEAFENING REQUEST. "SOME OF US LIKE OUR EAR DRUMS," comes that pitchy shriek, because clearly K'vir is not one of those someones. And is clearly the one making the most noise and the biggest scene in this debacle. Clearly. Let us not be forgetting that before K'vir tried to stand up, Risali was delivered her very alcoholic drink. Currently it is in her grip around his shoulders, so when K'vir tries to escape again (amid much protest in the form of incoherent shrieks), she spills it. Everywhere. It goes forward, spilling down K'vir's back with enough momentum to fling some of itself over the bronzer's shoulder and find its way down Risa's front and RIGHT IN HER FACE - which was already wet, but where is the fun in letting him off simply because of that? BUT FARANTH DOES IT BURN THE EYES. "YOU SHARDING… WHERRY. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE." And only now does she untangle her legs, dropping with alarming velocity onto the tips of her toes while being held upright by K'vir's strength. Gentleman indeed. She's trying to get the vicious liquid out of her eyes (which are turning increasingly red), but it doesn't stop K'vir from getting a finger poked right into his chest along with an empty glass. "Now you owe me a drink." Risali doesn't wait for him to confirm, or deny, or runaway; no, the tiny (BUT FIERCE) woman turns with gusto towards the bartender and waves for his attention, shoving defiant strands of hair from her face with staccato movements that highlight her agitation all while looking for napkins. "And anyway, who are you? What are you even doing here?" Her face hurts.

CLEARLY she is his worst nightmare as he doesn't deny that fact! At all! K'vir has more pressing concerns; namely that he's finally free of the she-demon and second… there's alcohol everywhere. Down his neck and back, causing him to swear with fresh words and colourful language and writhe at feeling of the cold liquid going down his spine. AUGH. Then there's the matter that he's APPARENTLY blinded Risali, too! KARMA, Risali! It's called Karma. With a CAPITIAL K, like K'VIR. "What *I've* done!? What I've done!" he fumes at her, staring down when she pokes that finger of hers right into his chest and the empty glass along with it. "HOW is this MY fault! You're the one who went all crazy on me for a stupid question! And I don't owe you anything…" he goes on to exclaim, hand gestures and all while she retreats to the bar. He'll follow, because he's just THAT STUBBORN not to be cowed by her. Could be to that his parents raised him with some form of manners, unlike a CERTAIN SOMEONE who he's glaring at right now. "You'll need to rinse your eyes out." he mutters at her as advice, only to cross his arms over his chest. "Oh. NOW you want my name? It's K'vir, bronze Zekath's from Igen Weyr. I'm here because I want to be." So there.

"CRAZY?" Uh oh, K'vir. You said one of the OFF LIMITS 'C' WORDS. "I'M CRAZY?" She pauses mid-departure to swing //right back around on him and shove her finger into his chest again. "I am not crazy. And you are damn right it was a STUPID question." But she doesn't say more than that; Risali simply turns once more on the balls of her feet to make a patron-parting beeline for the bar. It's not like everybody inside hasn't been watching these two throw down (possibly because they couldn't even hear themselves over Risa's tirade anyway), and the bartender already has water at the ready while he mixes another drink. Speaking of bars and drinks, don't forget the fact that a soaking wet Risali let herself into his lap. If he wasn't wet before - cold drinks or no - he's certainly wet now! "Oh, I have to wash out my eyes. You think? Your powers of observation are astounding, bronzerider. This must be why you have such luck with the ladies." To which she's grabbing the aforementioned water and handing it to K'vir. Why? Because he is going to help her with that. She even retrieves a couple of napkins, stalking her way behind the bronzerider so that she can SLAP SOME onto his back - for all good it will do. Those ain't soaking up nothing. But while she's back there, slipping her hands under his shirt to better dab at the wetness (WITHOUT ASKING) and trying to reach higher on her tippy-toes, she continues with, "Well, K'vir. Welcome to Half Moon Bay." STALK STALK STALK, FLING ASIDE WET NAPKINS, and the tiny woman is before him again, finger threateningly in his chest once more. "Now help me rinse out my eyes before that drink is ready, or I will show you real crazy." Or she just won't have eyes. This would probably be more beneficial to the PRECIOUS K'VIR CINNAMON ROLL.

To his credit, there are WORST WORDS that start with 'C'. Just saying! The look K'vir gives Risali says it all: yeah, he thinks your very crazy. Batshit crazy! Among other things. He should have washed his hands of her and RUN out of this place but he LINGERS. Maybe he's a glutton for punishment? Maybe he is his father, after all! He ignores the fingers being shoved at his chest (it could be worse) and just glares down at her. *DOWN*. "Don't have to be so bitchy about it," he snaps irritably, because, YES he's very well aware that his pants have been soaked by her. He's VERY uncomfortable here folks, in MANY ways (eew, not like that)! It's about to get worse too because she's suddenly got her hands under his shirt and is stalking after him no matter how fast he seems to move to go find some FAR DISTANT corner of the lounge. No, no, NO NO… Ugh, fine. He'll submit to this new torture, setting the water down on the table of his choosing while smirking at her for that finger pointing. "I think I'll pass." he says oh-so dryly. Please don't. Then? "So what's your name then?" He's just going to wait for her to tell him what to do because at this point? He just wants to dump the water on her head.

There are much worse words that start with a 'C' - but none near as insulting (to Risali, anyway) than 'Crazy'. When K'vir glares down at her, Risali glares up at him, one arm on her hip, jutted at an angle that says YOU DON'T SCARE ME, BRONZERIDER, and then yes, yes she does stalk after him when he tries to run away from her into THE DISTANT CORNERS OF TIKI LOUNGE SPACE. "You are a monster," she spits at him when he refuses to help her - but she doesn't try to cow him into doing it anyway. She just assumes he will. This is where she picks up the water, grabs one of his hands by the wrist, and shoves it right back into his hand. "Risali." Risa pulls her hair out of her face and behind her head, holding it in place as she bends herself into an AWKWARD LOOKING 'L' SHAPE (only, if the L was upside down), leaning until her back meets K'vir's chest (LISTEN, LET HER PRETEND SHE'S TELL ENOUGH OKAY), and keeps her head facing the wall. "Pour it into my eyes this way, so it can drip out." The unused napkins are gathered and held in a tight grip, waiting for him to HUMOR HER so that she can dab away the excess water once he's done. If he doesn't move RIGHT AWAY (no, really, like, immediately), then she brings up an elbow to dig into his side for good measure. "Please." Only the please is dripping in venom-filled sarcasm.

K'vir isn't afraid of Risali! Actually, he is a little but he's being a MAN ABOUT IT and hiding it behind this facade of anger and annoyance. "I'm the monster!? You might need to think on that a bit! If I'm the monster, then you're something worse," he counters. So mature! Really showing his age there, folks. He'll swear and exclaim again when she grabs one of his hands by the wrist but he *gets* it. Water is held, at the ready, while he waits for her to… do whatever it is she's doing. Which is apparently displaying her ability for flexibility. Well, guess what Risali? He has reach. Maybe they'll have to test that reach and flexibility sometime! Zekath would approve. "As you wish, Risali" he drawls with equal sarcasm and does as he's told! SEE? He's a complete gentleman! He'll ignore the curve of her body and the way she's leaning back to meet his chest. He's not fast enough either and that elbow will SPURR him to action; maybe a little too quickly! HERE YOU GO!

"Oh, well done," Risali drawls, giving him the obligatory golf clap of sarcastic slow. "Did Daddy teach you that one, pretty boy?" TRULY. They are both showing that they have maturity in SPADES, and K'vir's swearing exclamations only earn a smirk for the woman that's borderline diabolical. WHICH, YOU KNOW, turns into indignant sputtering when the man practically drowns her. She lets out a yelp, reapplies her elbow (though this time to shove him away) and then brings one of those napkins to the eye he's poured water into. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" she shrieks into the sudden distance between them, clearly bristling as she dabs at her eye again, looks at the napkin as if making sure it's not FULL OF HER LIFE'S ESSENCE, and then holds it over the reddened socket like an eyepatch. YARRR. One, two, three breaths that have her chest heaving, and she's stomping back to him, turning her back into his chest again, and doing that odd little 'L' shape in the opposite direction. Someday she will put her flexibility up against his reach, some day. But today is not that day. Tomorrow's not looking so hot for the bronzerider, either. "Now the other eye. And K'vir? Do it right this time." Is in DO NOT DROWN HER. Or she will take you back out into the deluge and DROWN YOU. For now, she waits.

K'vir rolls his eyes and IGNORES Risali's barbing comments for the most part. For the record too? He was *not* drowning her! Even if it's extremely tempting right about now! He doesn't need to be told twice! The second time that elbow connects, he grunts and backs off. Alright, alright, he got the point! Grimacing to match a face his father would pull when she begins shrieking again, he just stands his ground and glares at her. "*Helping* you, like you asked!" he mutters, the words probably drowned out by the volume of her voice. Now she's bending the other way and he struggles not to SIGH because he just wants this torture over with already. "You *really* need to be nicer to people if you want them to help!" he points out, almost gritting the words he's so annoyed and done with this already! Water is poured and he DOESN'T drown her this time. Tempting! But no. SHE'LL SURVIVE.

OHPA! THAT DEPENDS ON WHO YOU ASK. Risali was definitely drowning (she's dramatic). And while K'vir might think that his words are drowned out, they most certainly reach those ears. Give Risali a moment, maybe two of asserting her flexibility and wrangling the dragonrider's help, and then she's pulling away from him like she's been burned. Those cheeks are flushed, and the water in her eyes could be from the assistance washing KARMA BOUND ALCOHOL out of them, but looks a suspicious amount like tears. Regardless, she dabs at them. "I need to be nice to get help?" and while the question is accusingly scathing, there's certainly a brittleness to her words, a moment when her voice wavers to confirm that those are definitely tears. "My father is missing, my cousins are missing, and being polite about it hasn't earned me a DAMN THING." Her voice raises at the end, thankfully not nearly as pitchy, before she cuts off, chest heaving. She pulls the napkins away from her newly rinsed eye, dabbing at them both again before chucking the damn things down onto the nearest table. Stalk, stalk, CHEST POKE. "So when you dragonriders start doing something USEFUL for a change, maybe I will reconsider being nice." She is trying her damndest not to break down, and she does surprisingly well, though tears still make their way down her cheeks. Regardless, she doesn't crumble. "And that goes for all of you," she hisses to the watching patrons, who look appropriately chagrined and hide in their drinks. Sweeps are happening, but no news yet. That chin goes up just a scant inch as if in defiance (or maybe just because she has to tilt her head back to look at him anyway), and then she breathes. "Now go ahead and walk away, K'vir. It's what you dragonriders do best." OH, SUCH VENOM. AND WATCH HER STAND HER GROUND.

Oh, no. No, please damn it, don't let those be TEARS! K'vir normally would be horrified; he kind of is at this point but there's still so much anger and frustration there too. WHAT IS WITH this woman? So while he feels bad, he doesn't feel bad. Sorry not sorry! Until she begins to spin her story… and then maybe he does feel a bit like an ass. Oh K'vir, you're walking in your daddy's shoes right now. CONGRATS. "I didn't know about your family," he grits out, looking to be uncomfortably wedged between still being pissed off at her and feeling sorry for her. "Hey! I'm not even from here!" He's not about to say anything about Half Moon's riders either. So he asks another potentially dangerous question: "How long has it been?" It *almost* sounds genuinely curious too. Almost. There's a grimace when she addresses the whole lounge and really? He's coming to his limit of being able to handle this much insanity for one visit! The VENOM is met with a GLARE. "I couldn't help you even if I want to! Unless there's a hint that they're in Igen territory!" So don't you go throwing him in with the rest of the riders around here! Hmph. "I'm sorry though, for what's its worth. About your family." No venom there. His voice is still tense and his words slightly clipped but he *means* it.

THEY ARE TEARS, but fret not: Risali doesn't want K'vir's pity. Truth be told, she's horrified that she can't stop the tears, but HERE WE ARE. And for once, instead of treating K'vir to a screaming rebuttal or any sort of appropriately (for her) hostile response, Risali is silent. Grey eyes watch the bronzerider while he speaks, defiance still in the jut of her jaw and the set of her lips, but she allows him to have his say without having to fight her for it. And when he's done, when he's finished apologizing (ABOUT HER FAMILY, TO BE CLEAR), those shoulders of hers drop in a way that might be defeat if not for the fact that Risali still looks entirely too prideful for that to truly be it. Instead, she's silent for one, two, three long beats, and finally her gaze drops to the ground. The bartender appears in the ensuing silence, to deposit the new drink before beating a hasty retreat, and Risali contemplates it. Slowly, slowly, Risa picks the glass up before holding it out for K'vir. If he doesn't take it, she makes him. THOUGH SHE BE BUT SMALL, SHE IS FIERCE. "Thank you, K'vir," comes finally, on a breath that's barely above a whisper as if all of that shrieking fury has finally burned itself out. "For the help, I mean. With my eyes." Which she rubs with the sleeves of her soggy tunic before gesturing towards the drink with a smile that's somehow much more broken than it has any right to be given their exchange, accompanied by a breathless addition of, "You should try it. It's good." MAYBE the dragonrider was just a VERY NICE, very volatile distraction. And just like that, Risali steps back, not meeting K'vir's eyes as she hugs herself and rubs the cold out of her upper arms in tandem with a shiver. There's not so much as a goodbye, no more of that scathing ire, just a momentary stop at the bar to pay for her - now K'vir's - drink and then she pushes the doors open to lose herself in the deluge outside. She leaves. FINALLY. PEACE AND QUIET. HALLELUJER.

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