Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern. About a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

There are supplies for the care of dragons tucked back against the walls. A barrel of oil sits with scrub brushes and soft clothes, and a thick hardwood table is used to prepare meat in bite-sized pieces for the young dragons. There's also a few supplies for the weyrling humans, like bedding for cots or extra pillows for those sleeping on their lifemate's couch.

It would be nice to say that Glorioth allowed F'yr time with a healer to get his doubtless cracked ribs bandaged before defeating the foe that comes from within, but no. Glorioth is completely deplete of mercy; in fact, he never had any to begin with (AND NEVER WILL, POTENTIAL FRIENDS OR SHIFTY-EYED POSSIBLE FOES). But no ribs can be puncturing anything important, so it's obvious that F'yr should F'YRLESSLY press on in the QUEST TO QUIET THE STOMACH THAT RUMBLED. Thus he is found being tended by a patient and quiet healer while he grunts and reaches for a hunk of meat trying to explain to an exceptionally thick-headed dragon who is entirely too loud in his COMPLETELY NOT LISTENING TO HIS RIDER ATTEMPTS. « I DON'T UNDERSTAND, F'yrocious one. Should my jaw simply not rise and fall in heroic glory to mash and mush and gush this bloody delight into submission? » IT SHOULD BE EASY, AND YET…

Gracefulness is over-rated as Inasyth has absolutely none of that, sprawled out as she is on the barracks floor, mouth gaping wide. This is her food hole. Stick the food right in here. She'll make it so easy that even the already sleep deprived Rhodelia couldn't miss. The best thing about being a psychic creature is that even if your mouth is open ever so patiently waiting for delicious hunks of meat, THAT DOESN'T STOP HER FROM SINGING IT'S GLORIES! « I LIKE A LITTLE BIT OF BOVINE!!! AND WHEN I'M READY, TRY SOME OVINE!!! NEXT UP IS THE WHERRYYYYYY… Hey… You. » Yeah, that's her bronze brother she's so rudely singling out. Sorry she hasn't bothered to learn things like names yet. « What rhymes with Wherry? » Rhodelia's eyes are definitely not shifty as they're too closed to shift. Hand going to bucket going to waiting dragon mouth robotically. "Berry… merry… ferry…" her head starts to nod off but she jerks back upright.

« Why not just try it? » The voice that rises and falls between youthful maiden and crone, in near purred cadence, comes from none other than Kihatsuth. Her larger frame has coiled itself primly (more like arrogantly) where they've settled and leaning a touch too possessively to Ru'ien. « Though,» Is she pouting? Dragons can't pout, but her mind certainly reflects the correct mask of it. 'Lo, a single tear. « I do wish there were squishier parts. What is with the cube shapes? » Sniff. Ru'ien, who hasn't even wholly GRASPED that his name is changed, everything is topsy turvy, just sighs in exasperation. "Do you want it or not?" Bad move! Kihatsuth huffs, moods (and mask) shifting again, almost too quickly for even her new bonded to follow. « Tsk, tsk! How rude. » Yet it's dry amusement, not anger or reproach and yes, the green will have that, thank you~

The young man who was V'ro such a short time ago still seems a bit shell-shocked by everything that's brought them to this point in time. He's staring at the hungry green in front of him, and she's staring back at him as she chews on the last piece of meat he put into her mouth. "They said… not too fast?" The young man who is now V'ro doesn't sound super sure of himself. « How fast it not too fast? » Koth will find out, one way or another.

« Yes, my pudgy pal? » That's Glorioth. With his maw raining blood on the floor as he clamps his jaw down on the meaty hunk in his next try at actually consuming what's being offered to him. "Just chew," F'yr is already exasperated but still encouraging. « NOT NOW, F'YR-st friend, can't you see I'm busy? » AS YOU WERE, F'YR. Your dragon is OBVIOUSLY FINE ON HIS OWN. Drip. Drip. GROWL. (That's his stomach. His woefully empty stomach. VILLAINOUS AND TRAITOROUS BODY PART.) He even deigns to add a LOUD DESCANT HUM to Inasyth's song, COMPLETELY OFF KEY. But he's pretty sure it's GREAT. You know how you know? BECAUSE HE PROJECTS THAT LOUDLY TO EVERYONE. « BA DUM BA BA BA DUM DUM. » He turns his head to regard his other sibling to brilliantly observe, « You're all so GREEN. IS THAT NORMAL? » Now he looks to F'yr, who wheezes, tears in his eyes as that bandage gets yanked and tied off, but manages to nod both to his (his, weep) lifemate and the healer who is offering instructions he probably only half hears. "Open, close, open close." And is ignored.

Inasyth is bootylicious, even at the tender young age of hours. Can you handle this as the brindled gold swipes her tail back and forth, letting out a hearty rumble of laughter that breaks off into a hacking as she forgot there was the whole chewing thing to do. Rhody jumps up, arms flailing as she drops the bucket to run the step over, trying to pry apart the dragon's draws. How do you even do a heimlich on a dragon that's already the size of a cart? Luckily it's not needed as the gold shakes it off, flaring out those overly large wings. « HAHAHAHA. I MEANT TO DO THAT. THE SONG WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD. LET'S DO IT AGAIN! » Farnath help them all as she's encouraging the bronze before turning her attention towards those greener siblings. « Why shouldn't they always be green? It's a lovely color. Maybe we can paint you green too? » Rhody just blinks and looks at the other new weyrlings. "She'll fall asleep before we can find any paint, right?"

Glorioth isn't the only one humming at one point, even Kihasuth has been caught up in the ear worm of the moment (THANKS INASYTH). Her humming is slightly off rhythm but strangely harmonic, when she isn't pausing to devour yet another piece of meat. No dripping on her part! « Oh, how kind of you to notice! » She positively BEAMS at Glorioth, while puffing herself up; if she had feathers, they'd no doubt be ruffling with pride right about now. No, really, she took that as a compliment! Damn right she's green. Ru'ien just has the blankest of shell-shock stares going on, as he robotically picks up another glob of gooey pre-chopped dragon chow and holds it out in offering. No wincing, no grimace, just… "Wow." Yup. Give him a moment, guys. He's kind of broken! « OOH! LET'S! » Kiha is ALL ABOUT new things (deadly things, what?) and Ru'ien's scrambling to get his mind into gear. "NOOO, no, no— Don't! No. Bad idea!" Is she even listening? It doesn't seem that way, with the tilted swing of her head towards her MUCH larger sister. Consider this encouragement! Even if Ru'ien has the biggest 'what now' expression going on and helplessly looks at both V'ro, Rhody and F'yr. GUYS!?

Koth is not humming or yelling. She's still staring at the fresh meat; both new lifemate and the chunk of meat he's holding. At least until he puts that one in her mouth, too. « You can't just be painted green. You either are green or you aren't. » And Glorioth is definitely not green. That's just ridiculous, you guys. V'ro, perhaps emboldened by her speaking to someone else, finally takes a moment to absorb the other hatchlings and who they're paired with, but he's still at a loss for words except for, "Chew!" when his attention swings back to his hatchling.

The day has been very long, as soon as she was hatched she was trouble Neith, or Nei, or Neifeth though saying her name out loud earns a backlash not worth the effort demanded that a live avian be brought next to the sands and that Evi alone butcher it so she could eat. Several avian's would die at the hands of the meek, sweet, naive girl before they shuffled into the Weyrling barracks. Several hours had past Evi forced outside by her lifemate to commit more MURDERS in the name of food safety and quality control. Evi is not out of her candidate robe, walking back in with her lifemate who catches the humming of her siblings and with a jagged touch of purple thorns, her voice caustic « Racket you stilly Whers must be tone-deaf.» Blushing furiously, Evi starts to squeak out an apology and stop, "I am-." Nope. A few long moments and her eyes are glazed, and hands drop to her side. "Ok… Nei, come on. Lets." « SHe is never SORRY. You're the sorry ones.» Dusting off the couch for her new partner, she looks around in a slight daze. Her white robe is red, there are feathers in her hair, but the smile on her face looking down at the electric green nightmare is beatific.

« WHY? » It's not even angry. It's not even smart enough to be bewildered. It's just plain dense. « I AM PERFECT IN MY PERFECTION. » Don't you see his righteous righteousness? His glorified glory? His honorable honor? IT'S WRITTEN ACROSS HIS HIDE, ISN'T IT? He doesn't know and doesn't care. BUT HE IS ONE GOOD LOOKING DRAGON, that's for sure. Green couldn't improve him. NOTHING COULD. He couldn't even look better with less blood waterfalled down his entire front. Maybe he saw Inasyth, maybe it was Kihasuth, or the practical Koth, maybe he magically divined the knowledge as something he always possessed; REGARDLESS, he knew he could do it. Snap go the jaws, squirt goes the blood right into Stefyr's fresh bandages. The big blond stares. Just stares. First at the bronze. Then at the bandages. Then at the bronze. The helpless gesture is in answer of so much more than just the bandages. But at least with Glorioth chewing now with vigor and DRAGON DRAGONLINESS, he's going to start quelling the hunger that must be gnawing at F'yr, too. Let's face it, Glori doesn't seem the type to keep anything to himself. If the singing recommences, he won't be keeping his AMAZING VOICE (horribly, horribly off-key, every. damn. time. and ALWAYS WITH THE SHOUTING) to himself. That would just be cruel, and he is not cruel. THERE'S PLENTY OF GLORI TO GO AROUND (but most of it's his, his GLORY). Did Neifeth insult him? His tone? His beautyiforus notes? Couldn't prove it by any reaction on the bronze's part.

« Ohhhhh, sounds like some meanie-weanie's got her panties in a wad! Maybe you should dig out that wedgie before it gets stuck like that! » Inasyth draws herself up to her feet to stand at her well… impressive for a weyrling dragon height and stubbornly keeps that off-key sing-songy melody into her words, strumming every so often with a loud gitar to prove a POINT. She's forgotten all about the whole painting a bronze green as she dances around, booping at Koth and then nudging at Kihasuth's flank with her wing. « Change in plan, guys. WE NEED A NEW SONG. A BETTER SONG!!! » She believes in them. And that they can spread joy to EVERYONE LIKE IT OR NOT (probably not). Rhodelia might be getting whiplash as she tries to follow along, picking up her own bucket of pre-cubed meat chunks. "Or you could go back to just eating?" Eating seemed good. Rhody is also fully ignore the fact that dragons don't have panties. Some arguments she already knows are futile.

Kihatsuth trills quietly, in what could be the draconic equivalent of a mirthful chuckle (or maybe a tittering laugh?), as her head swivels around again to peer between Glorioth and her sisters. Mmm, yes, this is all SO ENTERTAINING! Keep it up, she is greatly enjoying observing her pawns SIBLINGS. Whoops, did she think that one on broadband? Oh, silly her~ « I heard, » HOW!? « That green can be very fetching with bronze. You should accessorize, Glorioth. Accentuate that… gloriousness, » Emphasis on that. « Of yours. Don't you agree, sisters? » Sorry Ina and Koth, you're part of this. Ru'thien deflates a bit, as he's party to this whole conversation but AT A LOSS and about to throw in the towel. Evi's arrival and apology earn her a 'it's okay' gesture of his hand, as he's otherwise largely preoccupied. Why? Because Kiha's focus is changing again, along with the rapid shift of masks in the dark mirrors of her (their?) minds. « How about a song about meanie-weanies? » the green suggests under air of innocence, while Ruthien facepalms. Was it with the gory hand? It was. He doesn't care, he doesn't blind himself anyhow. "Kiha.." « Kihatsuth, my love. » "… please, don't…" Please?

Koth squawks in a way that adult Koth would probably be embarrassed to remember if she had any chance of remembering it when Inasyth boops at her, wings flapping to make some personal space around herself, her V'ro, and her meat. « You can sing a song without it being about something, » says Koth before she's practicing her very first tiny bugles around a mouthful of meat. No one had a headache already, right? "Wait, what's going on? Are you okay? Is she okay!" V'ro glances around for one of the people who presumably know what they're doing.

Somewhere, a very tired assistant weyrlingmaster yells out "CHEW! Then bugle, but CHEW FIRST." It's gonna be a long night month.



Neifeth snorts at her gold sister, crouching down and taking two giant stalking steps forward despite that fact she is less than half her size. Apparently, no one told her. Brilliant purple clouds float through the air, bright green thorns stab in «Can you BELIEVE them Evi, look at them they are WHER's. WHAT A TRAVESTY TO SHARE MY HOME WITH WHERS.» The AUDACITY. « I eat animals like these. Let them sing, maybe we can start a choir with these POORS.» There's a dance of purple light, she's so funny. She's the best. Wait. Why do you get to hear this? Silence, her mind locked away. Evi simply shakes her head. "I am.." NOPE. Her mouth closes as fast as if she was smacked HARD in the jaw, «She. IS. NOT.» At least for her sake, the once weaver girl wonder towards F'yr, staring at his bronze lifemate and then back at hers. Lost. She looks lost. "I am." NOPE. «NOT» The loud purple field of thorns washing through any mind nearby, the green slinking her way around the couches and knocking anything she can off with her tail. "I..Wait. Nei, come." She's going to have problems.

Okay, now Kihatsuth gets Glorioth's attention more singly. And he's puzzled. PERPLEXED. « You can't improve upon perfection. That's the definition of the word. » OR SO HE THINKS. He's really not sure even if his vocabularificousness is truly superb. It's really a good thing that that pawns thought went right past him because that might qualify for more of his distinctly thoughtlessly violent attentions. It's probably because Stefyr exerted himself to shove another chunk of meat into his empty mouth just then and there's just something so satisfying about a good meaty morsel. It's not as satisfying as if he'd gotten to SLAY THE BEAST himself, but HE CAN, next time. He's sure. F'yr might be looking a little sick, but it really has nothing to do with all the meaty blood. « MEANY-WEANIES, WHAT A SUPERIOR TOPIC, » this might redeem Kihatsuth's earlier idiocy in Glorioth's mind. He thrums a real note as well as an off-key suggestion of melody. « F'YRLESS LEADER, LEAD THE WAY. » And the bronze looks expectantly to his rider who gapes back. This is one extended prank, isn't it? It must be. « BRILLIANT, MY F'YRSOME COMPANION. » The big blond did nothing. Nothing to encourage this. NOTHING. And yet. « MEANY-WEANIES ARE THE WEANIEST MEANIEST~~~ » goes the new song. SING ALONG WHEN YOU'VE DECIDED THE WORDS. As Evi wanders nearer, the the shirtless F'yr, who can't possibly count as shirtless since three-quarters of his torso is covered in a slightly bloody bandage job opens an arm to the younger girl in case, just in case, she wants the comfort of a quick one-armed hug, even if he winces for raising the limb.

Oh, no. Did Neifeth mean to find the fighting words so early? Because she certainly did! « LOOK HERE, MISSY!!! » Inasyth is scrambling, although she can't really seem to figure out how to align those massive paws with locomotion to the snarky little green. By the time she's got any forward momentum at all, Rhodelia is putting her body right in the middle of the path and shoving a distracting handful of meat into the golden maw. She glances over her shoulder as she winces and glances over her shoulder. "Evangeline… you should probably watch your dragon?" And then Koth is bugling and Glorioth is singing and Insayth happily joins them both with a physical bugle and mental words. « AND MEANIES WEANIES ARE A MESS!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT THE BEST!!! »

« Are you so certain of that? Have you tried? » Honestly, this is how complexes start, but Kihatsuth just primly behaves like she's not aware in any way that she's stirring that pot. There's just a smiling mask given to Glorioth, an air of innocence again. She's helping! Honest. Delight abounds, when the bronze picks up the NEW SONG, her whole frame suddenly a wriggled gesture of movement, though subtle, as her wings partially flare and her tail curls to thump in approval against the floor. « Oh, how wonderful! » she crows, pleased, while Ru'ien grimaces and tries to clean off the worst of residue of raw meat from his face onto his arm. Ugh. There's no additional lyrics from the green, but she hums contentedly along with Koth's bugling voice, while also absorbing the tiff between Inasyth and Neifith. Ahh, fodder for later~ "Are you done?" Ru'thien's query is meant for the food and not so much the antics (he gave up, okay?) and when he's ignored, the meat is tossed back into the bucket and he shamelessly wipes his hands clean on the other edge of his robe. Wrong move #2, don't lose focus! His mind wandered what felt like mere seconds and then suddenly Kihatsuth is in his personal space, practically crawling over him in her awkward build, though she only meant to lean and pat his leg. Only her forepaws have huge claws even for a green and that small gesture ends up clumsy… a talons hook fabric and a little skin, which sets Ru'ien to biting his tongue hard to keep from swearing. « Oh, oopsie! I don't seem to know my own strength. » Riiiippp goes the fabric edge of his once robe, as she attempts to withdraw and fails. Ru'ien winces all the while, flushed not from embarrassment but to keep himself from cussing up a storm. « Such language! » Right.

"Chew! Just chew, for Faranth's sake. You're going to choke and die." And that would be horribly inconvenient for V'ro, obviously. If he sounds a little anxious, that's probably why. But Koth is quite sure that she can both chew and bugle, so she continues to do so, even if she starts to do the latter with a measure of distraction as she tries to focus on chewing and swallowing. And as her hunger is sated, she's going to be getting sleepy. But unfortunately for V'ro, she's not quite there yet.

Evi tucks herself into F'yr's side, careful not to touch him but watching her errant lifemate. "Neife- " «WHO???» Bright crimson skies, the worst. She's the rudest, her voice tart as she moves other people's stuff around. Rhodelia gets a shrug from her, and the tired, dirty young girl goes to redirect her lifemate with one hand on her shoulder. "Shhh, come on now, here. No, no, her tone was fine. She's nice." Slowly with a tug of a wing and a push of the tail, the small green is back in her own space. Evi wanders to where the oil is and starts trying to lather her lifemate up before bed. Then, the blanket is ripping, and Evi is laughing at Ru'thien. Shared pain is halved pain, ok. There's a giant smile on her face, and she shakes her head, leaning back into Neifeth. "Are you ok Ru'thien? There's no sympathy here, they all seem to be in separate hells. "Ste.. F'yr, do you um, are you ok?" There's not been a lot of time to ask, her hands rubbing oil on her lifemates hide because multi-tasking is now a thing.

Kihatsuth is trying so hard. Really, she should pick a better target. Because Glorioth is so sure it HURTS. No, really, F'yr looks like he's in pain (because he is; ribs… and Glori). « I HAVE NEVER KNOWN UNCERTAINTY. » ABOUT ANYTHING. EVER. Good luck sowing seeds of doubt in this fallow field, Kihatsuth. But V'ro's namby-pamby fussing over Koth is given a snort as F'yr hesitates and then plunks in another meat cube after releasing Evi from the quick side-hug. "Fine, Evi." Not. But okay. We'll pretend. « I AM SURE YOU WOULD CHOKE BRAVELY, KOTH. » HE BELIEVES IN YOU. Not as much as he believes in him, of course, but he's willing to extend the green his support against riders who fuss. Like his is trying to do now by rubbing his belly with rags to try to get that blood off. « What are you doing my F'yr-st friend? AH, YES. LET US DO THAT. WHERE ARE THESE MYTHICAL OILS KEPT? F'YR-NOT. WE WILL DISCOVER THEM. » And he charges … wings mantled… thataway, past Inasyth, but not into her (this time). "Oh shit," and there goes F'yr after him, « ONWAAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAAAARD! » into the depths of the barracks nowhere near the oil but maybe the run will tire Glorioth out and when they get back maybe the dragon will finally go to sleep. Maybe? A weeping boy can dream.

Inasyth watches as Neifeth works her way away, but over there might as well be out of mind. The brindled and barred gold will continue with her song, melody if not actual words this time. « Oil. I think Oil might also be one of my favorite things. And then a nap. Are naps good? » Rhodelia lets off a massive yawn as she drops off the rest of her meat bucket with the scraps where she got it from. "Naps are wonderful." And something she would very desperately want right now, but first it's off to have adventures in oiling and hopefully she doesn't fall asleep midway through. Even as Rhody is busy trying to figure out just how to oil the belly of a dragon, Ina will continue to croon encouragement at her siblings. « Kihatsuth, you show that fabric who's boss! » Your big sister knows you are! « Koth! Little bites for little you! And Glorioth! TELL ME WHERE THE ADVENTURE IIIIIISSSS!!! » Eventually they'll all pass out, right?

Koth is apparently secure enough in her size that she doesn't take offense at being called little. That or she's too distracted by Glorioth running off to process the helpful remark from Inasyth as anything but intended. Even though she looks like she wants to join the bronze, her also small belly is very full now, and laying down for just a little nap seems like the best course of action. "Wait… uh, I— we have to do the thing." With the oil! But V'ro will just have to figure out how to do that without the help of the sleepy baby green.

Oh, but Glorioth IS the perfect target! All her siblings are, in their wonderful little ways and Kihatsuth will be a very busy green finding every individual's weakness(es). Only now, she's very busy being absorbed in her own affairs, as some of that robe fabric is now snarled in her oversized talons. « What nonsense now is this? » Inasyth's suggestion is met with a mirrored mask flickering from neutral smile to one more wraith-like, flashed not unlike a mental wink. You got it! Well, if it weren't for more distractions from a certain BRONZE and this mention of oil. « Can I have some too? » Falsely petulante, as her head turns sharply and almost comes nose to muzzle with Ru'ien. "Uh, yeah… sure! Maybe we can do something about those talons?" That brings a indignant chuff from the green and a looming posture, large wings mantled and all. « I think not. » she states firmly, crisply, in warning of fanged masks and threatening posture — and then it's gone, in a flash, as she smoothly transitions to a delicate curled posture on her wallow, every bit calm and demure. « Now, can we continue? I would love some of this oil. » Be a good pet dear, and do as your told. Ru'ien sighs, at least tugging the fabric off the green's talons and ignoring the way she wiggles them in satisfaction. Click, click, clickity! "I'm fine," he says in passing to Evi and others, as he gets to his feet. Oil first. A bandage for his lightly bleeding leg. Then SLEEP… eventually. For however long peace will last!

HAH. JOKE'S ON KIHATSUTH: GLORIOTH HAS NO WEAKNESSES. AHAHAAHAHAHA. « ONWAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAARD! » Where the shell is that dragon anyway? F'yr has lost him in the barracks. Somehow. Someway. RIP F'yr.

There's no possible way Evi was prepared for this, the closest she came was being covered in blood with Stefyr a seven day ago. Now it seems blood-covered Evi was an omen for her future. The oiling job is SLOW and tedious, and despite the self-imposed silence, Neifeth is back to whining. Between Evi gagging every time she needs to kill something and this whining, it's going to be a long turn. «That SMELL. Really. Where did they get this CRAP.» All the petulance of a spoiled rotten child, whining and pitching her emotions around with a loud «EW. EW. EW. EVI EW. HELP, IT IS SO SLIMY HELP ME OR I MAY DIE.» Loud, crackles of pink lightning through a purple sky mixed with a sickening minty smell. Much too strong on the nose, in the tongue. Medicinal and BLECK. «HOW long MUST I BE TORTURED.» Dramatics, hysterics it's enough to drive anyone up a wall, but Evi winces and then giggles. There's more to this then meets the eye possibly, slowly adding more oil to each small spot on her lifemate while shhing. "Tomorrow, we can see about a replacement, ok." «I HAVE TO MAKE IT until TOMORROW WHAT KIND OF WEYR IS THIS. ARE WE IMPOVERISHED?» Yep. It's going to be a long turn.

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