A Present for Leirith (Rinian is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

It is a beautiful evening at Xanadu - with Rukbat just starting to drift towards the horizon, warm air lingering, waves crashing onto the beach. And someone - Ricki being that someone - is failing at admiring it appropriately. While Iczobyth is floating amongst the waves, sea-foam hues of her hide blending in with the darkening water, Ricki is flat on her back on the beach, one hand thrown over her eyes, looking as if she may be asleep. Or trying, possibly.

Rinian makes her way down from the meadow, a big dangling loosely from one hand, though judging by the bulgy from at its base, it isn't exactly light. She wears a cover over her swimsuit that looks as much as a hand-me-down as the suit itself, but thankfully not too shabby. With a towel over her arm she moves across the sand, not really intentionally in the direction of the reposing figure, but all the same ends up in her vicinity.

While Ricki hasn't stirred yet, Iczobyth has taken note of the new arrival to the beach, the green paddling towards the edge, crooning with a hint of excitement as she closes the distance, the noise finally causing a long suffering sigh from Ricki. "What -is- it Iczy?" She groans, even as she shifts to prop herself up on an elbow, staring at the green. "WHy can't you ju-" And its then that Ricki is spotting Rinian, and the greenrider blushes softly, even as she scrambles to sit the rest of the way up. "Oh, uhm, I'm sorry.. She is just.. I mean.."

Rinian comes to a slow stop when the pretty colored green starts to croon. At the apology she glances down to Ricki and smiles, "Sorry for what?" Compared to a certain loud gold dragon, the green seems very sweet and pleasant thus far. "I'm the one that should be sorry for disturbing both of you."

"I thought she was just being ridiculous. Its, uh, well, its that time, and she is driving me crazy." A handwavy motion to the sand and Ricki shifts a little, as she indicates the teenager is welcome to join her. "You're fine. My sister just had a baby and she -won't stop crying- and I just needed a break." Iczobyth, for her part, has settled at the edge of the water, settling down and letting the waves break around her, turning her head skyward, distracted from the humans, now that Ricki is awake.

Rinian looks puzzled, even as sets down her bag to spread out the towel with a flick of her wrists. "What time is it? Evening?" She smiles at mention of the baby as she has a seat. "I can understand needing a break, and congratulations ot your sister, and to you for being an Aunt." She settles more comfortably, getting the sand beneath the towel to be just as she wants it. "It really isn't the baby's fault. She doesn't know any other way to express that something isn't right. And what isn't right just keeps changing."

Blinking at Rinian, Ricki mouths the word evening to herself, as if pondering out what the younger girl means, before her eyes widen slightly, and laughing softly, she nods. "Sure, because evening." Clearing her throat, and sparing a glance at the distracted green, Ricki sighs softly. "Oh, I know, and she is so tiny, but…" A shake of her head. "Better Cara, than me, I think, at least for now."

Rinian smiles and looks out, past the green, to the water beyond. "My mother said its a lot easier when its your own baby, but not even always then." She adds, "To not go crazy with all the crying, that is. But she won't be that tiny for long really." A teenager that likes babies. Who knew.

Iczobyth shifts then, croon, before she is meanderng her way down the beach, muzzle glued to the sand infront of her, one large facetted eye apparently looking for -something-, as she goes, tail snaking behind her. Ricki opens her mouth as if to say something, before shaking her head and glancing back to Rinian. "That's what they all seem to say, but.. Apparently aunt isn't close enough for it to not drive you mad." A soft laugh, and she shrugs. "She'll figure it out.. or the nannies will.. one way or the other."

Rinian chuckles softly at that. "Thank goodness for old aunties! They may like to gossip, but they do have a way with the littles." She watches the green curiously, "Is she looking for something?"

"Thank Faranth, or I'm not sure how any of us would grow up with all our fingers and toes." Ricki's attention is drawn back to the green, who is continuing to meander down the beach. "She, uhm. She likes to give gifts. But they have to be the perfect gift." A bit of a blush, and the greenrider's hand lifts to rub the back of her neck. "At, uh, one point she borrowed a tree. From the garden." 'Borrowed', sure. "She's just…" The hand drops from her neck to wave, as if that explains it all.

Rinian blinks at that, and then giggles softly. "That's sweet, if perhaps not the best choice. Were they able to return the tree to its proper place?" She adds, "She sounds nice."

Well, now Rinian has gone and done it. As if knowing that the teenager is talking about her - and saying nice things, even! - Iczobyth's path suddenly veers and the green is headed back the way she came, this time paying no attention to whatever shells may be sitting on the sand. Ricki coughs at the question of the tree's fate. "It, uh, its still on Niko's.. I mean.. Our ledge." The greenrider still seems to stumble a bit over the world 'our' even as she wrinkles her nose. "Iczy insists it was her best present yet."

Rinian grins at that. "Well, so long as it is planted and well watered… And maybe a replacement in the garden? I would imagine it might give some nice shade too?" She doesn't try to say the dragon's name, as she sure she would butcher it. Might come out as 'ikky' or something else embarassing.

The green hovers nearby, and Ricki glance at her, before she waves a hand. "I just realized.. I never caught your name. I'm Ricki, and -that- is Iczobyth." The green preens a little as her name is mentioned, before settling and curling her tail neatly around herself. "We picked up a replacement for the garden, and the original is actually doing quite well, considering its in a bit pot." Pause. "Iczy wanted to make sure you knew that her tree is perfect where it is." A little laughing snort, and Ricki just shakes her head at the green.

Rinian's turn to blush a bit, for her bad manners. "I'm so sorry for not intrudocing myself. I'm Rinian, apprentice Woodsmith. It's nice to meet both of you." She smiles at the green, "I'm glad to hear it is doing well, and I'm sure you take very good care of it." She wonders, "What else do you like to find and gift?"

"Rinian?" Ricki repeats the teen's name, before glancing at Iczobyth, the green crooning in acknowledgement of her own, before she is dropping her muzzle a little closer - though not completely in anyone's face. That would be rude. "Oh.. flowers, shells, interesting bits of wood. Thankfully I convinced her that a runner is better in the stable than in a weyr.." Ricki counts off things on her fingers, pondering the list, even as Iczy leans a little closer again. "No, you can't just -gift people-, Iczy." Ricki mutters at the green, turning to glare at that face.

Rinian blinks as that big head gets a bit closer, though its not quite so large as the only other dragon she's been this close too, its still big enough. She laughs softly, "I'm pretty sure a runner wouldn't be happy about that either." She pauses and adds, "Or people." She draws her knees up and loops her arms around them, and wonders of Ricki, "What did you do before you impressed your pretty lady there?" For all the dragon is average in size, her color really is quite lovely.

"See, Iczy? People wouldn't be happy with being given as a gift." Pause. "No, not even to Leirith." Ricki continues to glare at Iczobyth, the green's rumble seeming to protest her rider's declaration, even as Ricki slowly pulls her attention back to Rinian, a sigh and a shrug. "Turns out that, well, when your grandmother is a grumpy old weyrwoman.. no one expects too much of you. So, uhm, nothing, really, in particular." A slightly embarrassed grin, and Ricki shrugs again. "I've sorted it out, now.." Another rumble from Iczobyth, and Ricki rolls her eyes without looking up. "Iczy would like to know if you like being a woodcrafter."

The breeze blows a strand of Rinian's hair in her face and she absently tries to tuck it back behind her ear. "You're Weybred then? I suppose then you had the right of it all along, even if you didn't..really know." She smiles at the question, "I do like it. Well…parts of it. I don't really like mixing stains and varnishes." She wrinkles her nose at imagined smell. "I don't really like making things that the person requesting doesn't want..well..pretty too. You know, /just/ functional but boring."

"Mmhmm, my dad's a brownrider, and my mom never Impressed, but her parents were Weyrleaders here, once upon a time. It was before I was born, but." Ricki ahhs softly at the mention of stains, and of not-pretty projets, before an encouraging croon from Iczobyth, and Ricki voices the green's question. "She wants to know if.. if you want to try being a candidate, instead, for a little while. She thinks you'd make Leirith very happy." Look at Iczobyth, trying to make people be gifts. Silly green.

Rinian looks puzzled, "A candidate?" She then remembers an early event and laughs, "Oh, I wonder if she's talking about the ring I gave Leirith? I'm sort of her… not-wife."

"A candidate.. for the eggs Leirith has on the Sands. If you -do- Impress, you can always go back to being a woodcrafter, after Weyrlinghood." Ricki elaborates, laughing softly at the mention of the ring, shaking her head as Iczy's head snaps upwards, trumpeting a bit in indignation. "Other people can give Leirith presents, too, Iczy. You can't be the only one." A roll of her eyes, and Ricki tilts her head to peek at Rinian. "Its up to you, but, Iczobyth thinks it would be a grand idea."

Rinian is a bit surprised and starts a bit at the unexpected trumpeting. "Are you sure she isn't just making me out as a gift? I'm pretty sure I come from a long line of..not-riders." She looks thoughtful though.

"I mean, I am not sure you might not -also- be a gift, but.. She is very insistent that you'd be a wonderful candidate." Ricki admits, with a shrug, glance at the green, who is once again inching that giant muzzle closer and closer to Rinian, as if eagerly awaiting the girl's answer. "And she says if you are already Leirith's not-wife, than of course you need to stand for her eggs."

Rinian holds out a hand to the green muzzle. Though whether it is to touch her or to keep her from getting too close is up to debate. She still looks thoughtful and then says, "Well…it would help with my Journeywoman's project. I've an order to carve a hatching dragon, but I haven't seen that in person. Would they be…" She pauses, trying to find the right words.. "Would they find it rude if I said yes for research purposes?" Because of course she won't impress. No one in her family has, so far as she knows, so no reason for her to. And she still thinks its just a mistake a sweet green is making in gift giving.

The green muzzle extends just a hint further, giving that outstretched hand the tiniest of boops as the girl ponders the offer, the question about justificationapparently enough for the green, for she is crooning happily, before she is flouncing off towards the water again, trumpeting with excitement as she goes. "I think it'll be fine, no matter what. Dragons just.. know.. sometimes. But I think you would make her day, regardless." Glancing around, she bites her lip. "I'll be honest, Iczobyth has never asked anyone to Stand before, so, uhm. I don't -exactly- know what you would do, but I think if you ask, *someone* can help you find the right person to get you settled in the barracks. I mean, if you decide you want to."

Rinian smiles as the green flounces off. "I'm glad to have made her day anyway." She ohs softly at moving into the barracks, as her brain hadn't gone that far. Well, apprentice barracks..candidate barracks..does it really matter? Not like she's got much to pack. Still, its all likely a joke anyway. "I still do my apprentice work though, don't I?" Because what would she /do/ as a candidate if she isn't working?

"You'll have some chores, and some work for your craft, depending. Some Masters just prefer their apprentices to take the time off, others don't. It.. sort of depends." Ricki bites her lip, pondering. "If you need to talk to your Master, that is totally fine, I'm sure. I mean, I don't see why it wouldn't be." Ricki, ignorant of all the things, apparently. "Congrats, too, by the way."

Rinian thinks back, "I don't really think it'll be an issue. Partuclarly if it'll help with that project I'm to do." Does that mean no more apprentice slave labor for /that/ Journeyman? Well, that'd be nice for a bit. She focues on Ricki again and smiles, "And thanks. Not that I've a clue who to ask what to do next. Do you?"

A moment of pondering, and Ricki shrugs a little. "The barracks is back that way.." She waves absently in the direction of the main Weyr. "I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction… I'm so sorry.. I gotta.." And she waves at Iczobyth, the green having gotten a look to her, and Ricki is quickly excusing herself - hopefully Rinian sorts it out.

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