Serving, Washing, and Mending

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

It could be worse, much worse than washing dirty dishes, even if some of the pots are big enough to nearly crawl into. We'll just not mention the crud burned into the bottom of the large pots. Her braid is a frazzled mess with stray hairs clinging to her face, whether from sweat, the steam rising from the sink, or a mixture of both, who knows. Pausing a coupe of steps to the side of the door, Kera leans against the wall near the dirty dishes tub. It's not full yet, so she has a few minutes to catch her breath, and mourn the conditions of her hands. Minimur churls softly to the young healer, but otherwise reamins curled up near the hearth perch.

For his part, Garawan has been running back and forth to the kitchen and the tables. Why? Food of course. Not for himself, no. He's on waiter duty, it seems. Back and forth, back and forth, between the kitchen and the caverns. It's a lot of running around, and smiling, neither of which really bother him all that much. But the heat does bother him though. Between the kitchens and the tables, and all the running around, it's pretty hot. Finally he has a moment to rest. Which happens to be near Kera. "Goodness," he sighs. "Ah, hello there Kera. How are you?" He really has to ask this when there's work to be done?

Bowyn has taken up residence in the caverns with a basket heaping full of freshly washed laundry that needs mending. She's sitting in a chair, her legs flung over the arm, with a needle in her mouth as she fusses with a hole in someone's tunic. Trying to get it in the best place to stitch, she mutters to herself and pulls at the fabric with a furrowed brow. "Hhhhow di' dis hpn?" she says under her breath. When she hears Garawan's voice, the hunter glances up in his direction, takes the needle from her mouth, and says, "Ho there, Garawan! Running around duty today?" Then hark! A Kera! "How's it going, Kera?"

Kera watches everyone coming and going among the tables, nodding to those who drop off things in the tub, inbetween examining her raw scraped knuckles. So wrapped up in her knuckle scrutiny that she didn't see Garawan walking right up to where she was leaning. Jerking slightly as her head whips up, she nods with a tired smile "Hi Garawan." How is she? "I feel greasy and sticky all over." Someone is sooo jumping in the spring when her duties are done. "You?" Bowyn's muttering earns a little chuckle and headnod towards the hunter. "G'day Bowyn. I hope you're using a thimble, would be a shame to return the clothes all bloodied up."

Garawan chuckles a little at Kera's description of her current state. "Oh, if you're greasy you'll slide around easily," he replies, with a wink. Uhhh… yeah. Bowyn's statement gets his attention, and he almost jumps in surprise himself! "Oh! Er… hello." An easy smile, he TOTALLY wasn't startled. Really. "Serving duty," he replies. "Re-loading the tables and whatnot when they get emptied." And he also nods to Kera's note of bloodied clothes. "Especially if they've just been washed."

Bowyn clucks her tongue and shakes her head a bit as she responds with, "'fraid I haven't got one! I'm used to patchin' up my own clothes enough, I think I'll be alright." She looks back down at the tunic situation in her hands and cracks her neck before going ahead and stitching the hole shut again; if it's crooked, whatever! "You got dishes today? That's the worst; does a number on your hands. How long have you been at it?" the hunter asks without looking back up again. Garawan's startled reaction to her greeting has the hunter snickering to herself, satisfied at the unintentional scare. Ah, humor! "Seems like you're a bit flustered by it. Been runnin' 'round lots today already?" When the laundry is mentioned again she raises her brows at it and sighs, dropping the tunic onto her 'finished' pile and picking up a sock. "Sock, really?" she mutters to herself before replying to him with, "Yeah, well I'm just glad they're not dirty. Seems I got lucky that way…talkin' to another candidate who had laundry mending and they had to go through dirty ones. Smelled rank." Blech.

Kera sighs one last time at her hands and peers snorts "If ya start sliding around too much, things get broken. Like the three dishes, a bowl and pitcher I lost my grip on and broke so far." Grinning to Garawan before cutting a glance to peek into the kitchen then ducks back out of sight from inside. Peering back to Bowyn, she almost envies the older woman. "Since midday after my infirmary duties ended." Pretty much long enough to tucker out the lil bandaid dudess. Grinning to Garawan's reaction over Bowyn, Kera chuckles to Bowyn and steps away from the wall to peer down at what the hunter is mending. "I guess ya should be glad they are clean then huh?"

"Ah… but still, do be careful," Garawan cautions. "Not only for the bloodying of the clothes, but the poking of the finger." He suddenly pauses, and shudders. It's as if the thought of poking his finger on a needle is physically painful for him to think about. Also the mention of having to go mending dirty laundry, he wrinkles his nose. And Kera's report of having broken some dishes causes a frown. "Oh dear. I hope they aren't too upset about it."

Bowyn chuckles at the list of things broken so far. "Hey, could be worse. And broken dishes are better than broken bones from all that slidin' 'round!" She casts a sympathetic look to Kera then and adds, "I hate dishes, too. My hands get all cracked and they sting from the soap. Not fun." When the apprentice healer comments on the socks, Bowyn smirks and nods. "Yup, definitely glad. No way I'd ever mend someone's stinkin', sweaty sock." Yuck! No thanks. Garawan gets a lighthearted roll of the eyes and a cheeky, "Yes /dad/," in response to his caution. "I'll be fine. If I do prick myself I might not even notice." The hunter is quiet for a moment, then looks up to the trader-turned-candidate and asks, "Hey, how's your trading stuff working out now that you're a candidate anyway, Garawan?"

Kera shrugs "Can't say how upset the headcook is, but I doubt the headwoman will be very happy when she hears of it. But, that's a problem for another day, hopefully." Glancing from what Bowyn is mending to the pile she has yet to get to as she leans against the back of the hunter's chair and glances to Garawan "I hope I get something less…grungy, to do tomorrow." Sighing as a couple of riders make their way towards the tub and fill it up, she drops her hand lazily with a groan "I guess a candidate's work is never done. Better get back on task before I'm missed." Stepping to the dish tub, thankfully it's on a trolley, she starts rolling it towards the kitchen "Be back after I finish this lot."

Garawan smirks a little at the 'yes dad'. But then shudders again at the mention of poking fingers. Just gaaaaah. As for his trading stuff? That's a welcome topic change! "I work with my family on my days off. Being a candidate opens up a whole new theater of operations, so to speak. You see, I speak to the candidates and the like about what they may need. It is a perspective I wouldn't have if I weren't a candidate." He quiets when the riders come to fill the tub up, standing at attention as if he were merely waiting for his next task. That relaxes when the riders leave, though. And Kera's mention of needing to finish that lot of dishes gets a nod from Garawan. "Do you want some help?" he inquires. While he has a free moment, anyway.

Bowyn jerks her chin in Kera's direction and says, "Alright, hurry up then. Thinkin' maybe the three of us should take a break. Though it seems like Garawan's already taking a break." She smirks at him then and pokes her tongue out for a split second. She lets out a little sigh at the thought of the riders filling that tub and says, "Why do they always eat so much, anyway? I don't get it. Why do they need so many dishes at once?" There's a fair amount of irritation in her voice, maybe even frustration. To Garawan, "Well it's good that you've found a way to make it work, then. Seems like you do alright for yourself. If you Impress, you think you'll keep up the travelling trader stuff?" When her fellow candidate offers Kera the help, Bowyn gives him a curious, sidelong look, then raises a brow before focusing back on her chore. She's keeping her curiosities to herself and her mouth shut!

Kera chuckles as she eyes the tub and gives her head a little shake to Garawan "Thanks, but this lot won't take that long. Get a few minutes rest while ya can." It takes her two nudges to get the trolley moving, squeaky wheel and all. "I'll bring us back something to snack on." Kera slips out of sight through the kitchen door, and shortly after a lanky drudge with too short hair rolls an enpty bin into place. It doesn't take long before riders are already filling it. Minimur stretches from his perch above the hearth peers around lazily before deciding to perch someone else. Only a few seconds and he's decided where he's going. The red footed brown flaps his wings a couple of times til he touches down on the pile of clothes to be mended with a chitter. Yep, this will do just fine as a perch.

"Watch how you poke out your tongue, people may take it as an invitation," Garawan all but purrs. And then he winks. Yes, he's teasing her now. But it's all in fun. Though the mention of so many dishes at once gets him to shake his head. "I think they feel some of their dragons' hunger," he notes. "So I've been told." And as for traveling trader? "Perhaps. It will be easier to get from Weyr to Weyr, that's for certain. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First I would have to Impress." Kera offers to bring them back something, and Garawan smiles. "Ah, that would be ever so welcome. Looking at the food all evening and being unable to have any of it is torture!" He's teasing about the last part, though.

Bowyn sighs and gives the quickly filling tub a disappointed look. "It never ends. It's almost painful to watch! Poor Kera." And just like that, it's forgotten. She tosses the sock, picks up a pair of trousers, tosses the trousers, picks up a badly ripped shirt and freezes. "Well how am I suppose to fix this, then? That's impossible!" She slips her hand inside the shirt, clearly visible through the gaping hole, and waves at Garawan through it. "This is beyond help." The hunter notices that 'lizard heading for the clothes, says "No!", then drags a hand down her face before attempting to shoo him away. "Hey now, you'll get them all oily!" Bo tries to think of some kind of comprimise, but comes up short. Garawan's reaction to the poking of the tongue earns a mildly surprised and fully amused stare, a slow blink, and then a laugh. "Hmm, maybe an invitation, but for who? Certainly not /you/, Garawan." She wrinkles her nose at him, teasing. "You're right about that: getting ahead of ourselves. I've been thinking far ahead. Wondering. If you actually had the option, what color would you choose?" She glances up at him now, waiting for his answer.

Minimur test the acceptability of the clothes for a perch by sinking his claws into the pile a few times. Then Bowyn starts hissing 'No' at him and waving her arms high in the air, high from his current perspective anyway. The little brown, who's just trying to find a comfy place to snooze, mirrors Bowyn's shooing motions with his wings, sorta. When the hunter won't relent and leave him be, he spots another spot to perch, this one an even better spot. With what might be an annoyed churl, the brown lifts up just long enough to touch down on the 'already mended' pile of clothes. After a few test prods with his paws, he cants his little muzzle up to Bowyn and chitters his thanks. Tis a much better spot to rest.

"A patch, perhaps?" Garawan suggests. He's not really that good at mending, himself. He tends to chore-switch with someone else when his turn to mend comes up. So uh… he can't really give too many helpful suggestions here. However, he does chuckle at her return statement. "Ah, poor heart," he teases, dramatically placing his hands over his chest as if he had been dealt a mortal wound. Only for a moment. The statement of what color he'd choose? "Hm… that I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I doubt I'm cut out for leadership. Brown perhaps? It's a good, stable color." So he thinks. And he chuckles at the shooing of the firelizard… and said firelizard's subsequent landing on the finished clothes. "Oh dear…" Still he chuckles, though.

Bowyn just /glares/ at the firelizard. Just /glares/. Her cheeks get red. Her jaw clenches. Then, suddenly, she's…fine? A long breath is let out and she eyes the woe-begone shirt in her hands before lying it on the ground and trying to make a little nest out of it. "Ho there, 'lizard! Lie down here if you need a place! Those," she points to the clothes beneath him, "are for /me/." She points to herself just because. She doesn't interact with firelizards often. Garawan is looked at out of the corner of the hunter's eye, and he gets a nod. "I could see brown working out for you. Wish I was able to ride bronze," she says, somewhat mournfully. "But then, the smaller dragons are kind of interesting because they're faster. And underrated." She says that with some gusto at the end. She's had time to think about this.

A few minutes go by and Kera comes hurrying out of the kitchen, minus the grungy apron she was forced to wear half the day. A large bowl clutched in one arm seems to have a few meatrolls, sweetbread, and fruit piled up. As she approaches the other candidates, it takes her only a moment to take in the situation going on around hte clothes and bust out laughing. "I'm sorry bout that Bowyn." She flicks her fingers towards the brown to urge him off the pile "Move it brat." Bending slightly, she sweeps her hand out and scoops the brown up to her. The other hand holds the bowl out towards Garawan for him to take and pass along "I put in a few differant things to munch on." Plopping down tiredly in the chair near the others, she peers between the others curiously as she starts rubbing her harshed out hands along Minimur's oily back. "So, what did I miss? Something bout bronze versus brown?"

Garawan nods. "Ah, that's quite true," he admits. "Though faster means easier catching during a chase, hm? Truthfully the thought of not being in control of myself during a flight, ending up with someone I may not be able to even recognize until it was all over… that's somewhat uncomfortable a thought." However he pauses as Kera returns. He accepts the bowl, chuckling slightly at the shooing and scooping up of Minimur. And he picks up a meatroll from the bowl, passing it to Bowyn. As for what Kera missed, "Ah, Bowyn asked me what color I would want to Impress, if I could choose."

Bowyn looks relieved when Kera takes the 'lizard away, frowning when she passes the bowl to Garawan first. "Your 'lizard puts me through that trauma and you give /him/ the comfort food first? I'm hurt." Then, Garawan hands her a meatroll and she accepts it with a grin. "Thank you!" The talk of flights has her wincing a little bit, uncomfortable at the thought of it. "Oh right, I forgot about that part. Well…I suppose you kind of get used to it after a while. Most of the riders I've met so far seem pretty neutral toward them." After Kera is caught up on the topic of conversation, Bowyn adds, "He said he couldn't see himself in leadership, so he decided on brown. I wish I could ride bronze, but I like the smaller dragons a lot, too. They seem underrated. I bet they can be capable of great things, too." A pause, then, "What color would you choose, if you could?"

Kera settles back, stretching her legs out in front of her and slouching into the comfy padded seat. Nodding with a smile as Garawan and Bowyn catch her up, she rolls her eyes in amusement at Bowyn's bitching. "Oh please, between the two of you today, which one has been running back and forth constantly? Hmm?" This to Bowyn with a smirk at the pile of clothes before canting her head to Garawan and flashing an amused wink. She's quiet for a time while listening to the others, drawing her own conclusions til the question is tossed her way. "Color? I don't know really. Blue's a pretty color. Then again, so are brown, bronzes and green. But I doubt that which color is prettier is a good way to think about it." Peering to Garawan curiously "What would you do if a bronze did choose you?" Thinking a moment, she sorta squints at Bowyn, before cracking a little grin "You may hate me for saying it Bowyn, but picturing you with a little mohawk-queen hatchling is very amusing." Conventantly she neglected to actually say what color she could see herself on yet.

Garawan hmmms. "That's true…" He's noticed the same. "I suppose that's a natural part of life for a rider, so…" He trails off, to listen to Kera's answer to Bowyn's question. Then Kera asks him a question of her own. He blinks. "Well… I wouldn't have a choice but to accept. I'd make do, whatever color decided it liked me. I'm told the dragons know what they're looking for when they hatch." Pause. "Though I… don't really like the idea of being on a green, to be honest. For… reasons." There's an uncomfortable look on his face. Uh. Yeah. "Mohawk-queen?" he inquires, raising an eyebrow.

Bowyn doesn't have a good enough comeback aside from "Uh…ladies first?" when Kera points out that Garawan has in fact been running around more today. She shrugs. And smiles. And munches on the roll like she's been starving. The mental image of a mohawked gold hatchling makes her choke, and after she almost hacks her lung out and dislodges the chunk of food that was stuck in her throat, she laughs. "Oh, that would be…a really poor choice, on that dragon's behalf. But yeah, it would definitely be hilarious. Maybe all of her hatchlings would be born the same." The thought makes her chuckle. "Well, we don't mean what color do you prefer just when it comes to /color/, of course." Silly. Garawan's hesitance toward green makes Bowyn smirk a bit and she says, "What, you don't want to be the 'flighty' one? What's everyone got against greenriders, anyway? I've been meeting some people who get this bad taste in their mouths whenever they're even mentioned. It's kind of…rude."

Kera grins over the mental image of a little mohawk-queen cornering Bowyn on the sands, but sits forward quickly when the candidate starts choking on the roll. The disturbnce to his cozy little lap perch draws a disgruntled chitter from the brown, but he settles down again quick enough. Kera winces at Bowyn's reaction and stands, placing her lizard in the chair and hurrying off briefly only to return with a glass of water, which she holds out to hunter who nearly choked. Taking Mini back up and settling back again, she listens and slips back into the conversation. "Do you think that the dragon considers their rider at all during a flight? Someone in all the mass confusion…some little part? Maybe?" Reaching for a roll, she nudges the bowl back towards Garawan. "What do ya think? I mean if you are in each other's head all the time…." Kera shrugs and tears off a bite of her roll for Mini, then another for herself.

Garawan blinks when Bowyn begins to choke on her food, and moves to pat her on the back. "Goodness, are you all right?" he inquires. Only once he's sure that Bowyn is all right will he answer Kera's question. "I doubt it. Dragons are as smart as some people, but they're also animals, right? It's instinct to mate." He has to wait a moment before he answers Bowyn's concern. Because he just doesn't know how to phrase it. "Well I don't mean to be rude with the comment. I just. Well. You see, I'm told green riders tend to be… the 'girls' to the catcher's rider when flights occur. Even if they aren't actually girls." Shifty-eyes. Yeah. REASONS!

Bowyn takes the glass of water and says, "Thank you, Kera. Look at those quick healer reflexes!" She chugs it, then wipes her mouth on the torn, discarded shirt. She takes some time to think about Kera's question, casting a glance at the firelizard for a moment before saying, "I heard one story, and I don't know if it's true, about how there was one gold who let herself be caught by the dragon of someone her rider rather liked. But like I said, I don't know if that's really true. I imagine it would be hard to have a say over anything in those conditions. The dragons are probably really preoccupied." When Garawan explains his reasoning she gives him a knowing nod. "Aha, I understand now. Well…to each their own! If that's not your preference…" A dismissive hand is flapped in his direction. The hunter rises, then, and shoves all of the clothes she had been working on mending back into the basket. As she swings it onto her shoulder she says, "Well I'm going to head back to the barracks for a bit before everybody starts filing in. Try to get as much of this done as possible. Thanks for the water." With that, she makes her way to the door, only turning to say, "Someone steal a bubbly pie for me later or something?" Hopeful!

Kera frowns a little as she feeds her lizard small morsels from her roll and nibbles some herself. Nodding agreeably with Garawan, she sighs "It's a good thing we've a few months to come to terms with realizing candidancy is more than busy work huh." The healer gives a nervous laugh and glances around the cavern a few seconds, nodding and waving to someone she knows before peering back to Garawan with her voice lowered a bit. "Bowyn said she's been seeing people treat greenriders…differantly. Have you noticed that as well?" Offering an understanding smile at his worries.

Garawan nods. "It's going to be needed, I think." He leans over the hear Kera better as she seems to want to speak quieter. And he frowns a the question. "Not that I've seen," he replies. "But then again if it were that way, it probably wouldn't be apparent. We'd need to ask the dragons, I bet."

Zahleizjah is slow to wander in, ghastly may also be a suiting descriptor as it looks like the Starcrafter hasn't seen the light of day in fortnights. It's a wonder she's back at Xanadu, and she too is wondering exactly what it is she's doing here, but some times life goes where the feet take you. There's a glum trio of firelizards cozied up in the nape of neck where raven hair cascades. As they enter, there's a chirp from each of them, rum colored eyes lifting to survey the area. "Kera?" She says softly, slow to approach before being engaged by the pair.

Kera considers this and nods after a few minutes "The only real differance I've noticed…not counting when greens are 'flighty'…" She rolls her eyes at the term but carries on " that more greenriders have to come to the infirmary post flight than other riders." Shaking her head over that, she reaches up to swipe some of the frazzled hair away from her face and glances back to the other candidate. "Okie, enough wracking our brains voer what might or might not happen. Otherwise, we'll all be nervous wrecks long before the eggs are ready to say hello." Her name being called catches her attention, glancing around and offering a nod and wiggle of her fingers in greeting. "Yes? G'evening."

Garawan nods in agreement. "Quite right, it's why I haven't let myself think too much on it," he replies. "I don't work well when I'm nervous. Pressure, yes. Nervous, no." A chuckle. Though he pauses as someone calls Kera's name, and turns to see who spoke. He smiles, offering a wave to Zahl. "Good evening," he offers. But he doesn't speak up just yet though because he hasn't been spoken to.

Zahleizjah gulps slightly and manages a weak smile "Evening.. I umm.. s'me.. Zahleizjah.. we stood together so many turns ago. Umm.. s'been ages.. just recognized ya.. wanted to say hi." Or something like that. A few unsteady steps are slowly taken that direction, nod of the head towards Garawan as a feeble "Hello there.." escapes. "I hope m'not bothering ya.. was just passing through and thought it rather nice to see a slightly familiar face.."

Kera cants her head at the visiter, studying her then glancing back to Garawan, like he as the answer she needs. When he doesn't seem to be forthcoming with one, she turns a smile back to the woman, or is she a lizard tree with her trio clinging like they are. "Not bothering me at all ma'am. Sorry to say though, I think you may be confusing me with someone else. This is the only time I've been a candidate." FLashing a little grin, "I'm Kera by the way.. Um, Kera Tinen. From Rubicon Hold. If that clears anything up?" She gestures the Eastern Candidate closer. "And welcome to Xanadu."

"You aren't bothering me at all," Garawan offers. He gives a polite bow of greeting to Zahl. "It's good to meet you, my name is Garawan." He looks between the two as Zahl seems to recognize Kera? Or not, judging from Kera's response. He remains quiet to let the two sort that out between them. He doesn't really know either one of them very well, so he can't say whether Kera's the one Zahl was talking about or not. He simply remains in his place, with a pleasant smile on his face.

Zahleizjah shakes her head and rubs her eyes, mess of locks tossed about as some tendrils wrap round 'lizards who quickly work to untangle themselves. "I umm.. must be losing it.. y'look like a spittin' image.. albeit come to think of it a bit younger than I remember.. apologies n'how strange." A quick glance is shot towards white knots "Oh I.. congrats.. n'well met Kera Tinen from Rubicon and Garawan kind sir.. M'names Zahleizjah.. of.. well Pern I guess n'thanks. S'been some time since I set foot round here n'please excuse me of my mix-up. M'just not m'self these days." A squeak is let out by Virikas who fully agrees.

Kera nods good naturedly at the mixup, and waves off the other woman's worry. "It's no problem, really. Join us if you like?" Gesturing to an empty chair as Minimur chitters a greeting to the visitors, the lizards of coarse. Kera's seated with the brown on her lap and she chats with Garawan over a few candidate concerns. "Thanks, it's definately been a disturbance in routines." Smiling, she glances to Garawan a moment "You've finished with duties right? Time to be lazy.." She lowers her voice and whispers "Unless some huge knot comes by."

"A small world, hm?" Garawan replies of Zahl's confusion. If Kera looks like another person named 'Kera', that is. He smiles good-naturedly. "Good to meet you," he offers to Zahl. As for being done with his chores? He nods. "That should be the last lot I'm supposed to carry out." And the whisper gets a nod. "Oh definitely." A smirk. "Then we just look busy."

Zahleizjah coughs and looks around a bit worried. There's at least a smile mustered with another twitchy head shake. "That's so kind of you to offer.. n'I appreciate your openness.. both of ya.. small Pern indeed.. I should umm.. shuffle off though. Thanks again n'maybe i'll see ya around. Good luck with the hatching n'all." As fast as the mess wandered in, she wanders out, feet a'shuffling the whole way.

Kera chuckles to Garawan with a quick nod and peers back to the confused woman with an understanding smile as she excuses herself to do orther things "Nice meeting you Zahl..eiz..jah" No doubt she butchers the name much the way she butchers all new names she tries to say for the first, second, tenth time. As the woman rushes off, Kera cants her head slightly, sniffing at her tunic with a wince "Can't say as I blame her, I wouldn't wanna sit next to someone smelling like me either." Laughing at herself, she reluctantly gets to her feet, guiding Mini to her shoulder. "I'm gonna go take care of that before the spring gets too crowded. Meetcha back at the dorm Garawan." Smiling and wiggling her fingers to her fellow candidate, she rushes off to clean clothes, then a bath.

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