Telgar Weyr Hatching, October 28, 2008

Telgar Weyr - Hatching Sands
Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over.

Simple Symmetry Egg moves again, rocking harder this time and in serious danger of rolling away from its allotted place completely.

Loeashia hangs back a little, even as she walks out onto the sands with Payton. Her hand is in his, though at this point, she seems to be using it mainly for support than in feelings she might be having for him. Her eye are on the gold as they all bow to her, and then her attention is on the eggs and she frowns just a little, looking as if she's thinking of everything that's led up to this point.

Explosions of Sparkles Egg begins to shift, causing the array of colors upon its surface to blend into neat arches on its ebony backdrop.

Lani walks across the Sands with her eyes forward and her step resolute, at least, as resolute as it can be with it so hot. She spares a moment to pay respects to the dragons and then sands left foot back and ready in little in the growing circle of Candidates.

Walk out on the sand, nervously moving from foot to foot and watching the eggs. Complaining loudly, though to no one in particular "Sands hot.. they're moving. UHhh! Hurry up." Bowing quickly to the queen, oops better not forget that part. Then she watches, watching as the wiggle and saying to whoever cares to list. "I wonder what they look like, probably all icky and gooey"

Payton is walking rather confidently out onto the sands, the young man of 20-something accompanied by the beautiful now 30 turn old female candidate. Wow isn't he lucky? Maybe this hatching he'll prove luckier compared to the last few times. He smiles to her as he bows to the dragons and their riders and heads over with Loeashia to settle in to watch the eggs with anticipation.

Glittering Cascade Egg twitches ever so slightly, as if a small bubble just popped underneath. The movement starts to become more insistent, a gently fizzing torrent assaulting the egg from inside as it wobbles in it's little hollow.

Korwain enters the Sands and bows to the huge Queen. Immediately he's aware f the almost oppressive heat all around him, particularly the sand itself. He looks over to where the girls are gathers and tries to catch Abigail's eye so he can blow her a kiss, wink to her, whatever.

Zareos presents a correct bow, seemingly nervous in his robe. A last-minute arrival via a Searchrider, he looks about him opaquely, before settling over to one side, away from the bulk of the candidates, alone in the line.

Donnchadh emerges onto the sands with the rest of the candidates. A deep, gentlemanly bow given to the clutch parents before he finds his place in the semi-circle of white robes that forms around the rocking eggs. Who says you can't be charming even when in a nervous hurry?

Asher is near the front of the line, somewhere mixed in with a group of girls. She joins in the bow but her eyes are locked onto the moving eggs. "Really hot sands." She adds to another candidate as she moves with the group, staying thoroughly in the middle and out of the way. "Here's hoping I don't trip over the edge of my robe or something and take a nose dive into the sands…" She half mutters to herself.

White robe fluttering, long curls bound back, Abigail approaches the sands with a sort of excited awe. She pauses to bow to the gold and then rises, her head turning to the clutch, steps taking a faster pace to arrive with the rest of the group, eyes keening around. She sees Kor and weaves a bit to stand nearer him, good luck for him settled in her gaze, though unspoken in all the excitement.

Simple Symmetry Egg cannot resist the movements that rock it and it topples from its home, its built up momentum sending it rolling across the sands till it breaks with a loud crack. Slowly - carefully - a sandy claw breaks through the shell, and a damp and shocked green hatchling pulls herself from the wreckage.

Rysan is the last to arrive on sands and one of the older men there. While many of the younger candidates stand huddled together, he is set apart. He moves to stand next to another crafter, an older girl much like himself and offers her a smile. Then straightening, he offers a respectful head bob to both sets of clutch parents and their respective riders. "Last chance." He says somewhat cheerfully to his companion, Sheryanna. "For both of us." She responds with a chuckle.

Shipwrecked Princess Green Hatchling
The rich, dark green of dried seaweed coats this young dragon, giving her colouring a murky base that only makes highlights more noticeable. Her head is delicate, perhaps even a little on the small side for her body, but held with grace and precision. Her headknobs are perfectly formed and flecked with light sea foam, which also ripples down her neck to pool brightly between her wings before washing up over her great, arching wingspars. Her legs are long, almost as if she needed time to yet grow into them, and her right foreleg has a ring of rough hide around the ankle that looks rather like barnacles. Her talons are a bright, sandy brown, a colour mirrored on the very tip of her elegant tail and speckled over her wings. The wingsails themselves are her oddest feature — even from hatching they appear damaged, tattered along the edges. Unlike the rest of her, they are startlingly bright, algae green.

Shondira follows her fellow candidates. Her white robe hanging on her frame she bows to the dam then stands near the others.

Explosions of Sparkles Egg is shaken, as if there's violent eruption, a loud crack corresponding with the appearance of such a thing right down the side of it.

It is a slow shuddering movement that marks the beginning of the end for the Fire in the Dark Egg as it wobbles on the sands. Eventually slow movements become faster, a rapid rocking that betrays the impatience of the one within.

Ponce moseys onto the sands cautiously, lifting his feet oddly with every step. One may think he needs to go to the bathroom, but in fact he's just trying to keep the sand out of his sandals and off his immaculate candidate robe. He bows awkwardly to the dam and sire and stands a bit away from the other candidates.

Explosions of Sparkles Egg can take no more, as its pushed apart by the new life within, separating the shell every which way, leaving in its place a brown dragonet.

Bouncing Ball of Brown Hatchling
The orange-tinged hues of ochre are prevalent upon this average-sized brown's hide, whether its on his full chest or his long slender tail, cloaking him from head to toe. Yet, starting at his rather short, but quite round muzzle, auburn begins to intermingle, stretching outwards, over his face, sweeping in uneven bands around his neck, before is sweeping down his back - on-again, off-again - all the way to the backside of his haunches. Yet, not even his tail is free, but its there that the auburn highlights fall into a pattern, even bands cascading to the tip of his tail. Hues of burnt umber and rust are aligned down his back, the same hues briefly dusting each of his short, round headknobs, while complimenting it is a smooth sienna long the line of his stomach, between each muscled limb. Wings are well-sized for his body, perhaps a bit large even, while tawny sails are supported by russet spars, the supports shifting to russet at the wingtips.

Ameera looks around, when the green hatches she wrinkles her nose, "That is such an ugly color, my firelizards are so much prettier. Seriously." Does anything make her happy? Staring at the new hatchling she stays out of the way. Moving from foot to foot as the brown appears she goes, "Not bad. I mean, better than that green."

Korwain gasps! He's surprised to see the eggs breaking apart with such definate attitude about them.

Shondira shrugs. "She'll blend in in a jungle environment I'll wager."

Shipwrecked Princess Green Hatchling takes some time to find her feet, wobbling dangerously as she stands still dazed from her dramatic entrance into the world. With a quick shake of her head she gets her bearings, carefully shaking some egg goo from her tail and only looking towards the candidates when she feels she's presentable.

Loeashia watches the eggs, almost in awe. It's on thing to perhaps see it from the stands, or even think about it. However, it's a whole other experience to actually be on the sands with them. She glances over at Payton and gives his hand a squeeze "However this goes, I'm glad I was here." She notes with a smile. At least till she is distracted seeing a green hatching recently hatched and then peers once more towards Payton and the others giving a smile and a wave to Abigail and Korwain.

Abigail's eyes tear from Korwain in a flash at the sounds of cracking eggs and she sucks in a breath, hands clenching together before her. She rises to tippytoes instinctively to try to see every single little thing, eyes darting here and there to catch sight of the dragons as they draw their first breaths.

Donnchadh nudges the girl next to him with an elbow as the green pulls herself from the confines of her shell. "She's got your name written all over it I bet." he notes with a sidelong grin and a wink. But as a brown makes his appearance next the young man is quickly back to watching the sands rather than the girls.

Bouncing Ball of Brown Hatchling tumbles out of his egg shell and onto the sands, wings spread wide as they surround him. After a moment, his feet are underneath him, and he's slowly righting himself, testing his balance this way and that, and even given an experimental bob of his body as he trumpets in miniature to the golds and bronzes watching over.

Lani steals a look at the Green out of the side of her eye. She turns a shoulder to the dragon, almost as if she dare not look at it too long. Still, the tilt of her head looks bemused. "So this is how it starts…", she says quietly to herself. "You're a pretty one at that aren't you?" She looks away, but her eyes shine with feeling just the same.

Asher jumps back as the first egg cracks and reveals its seaside occupant. "Now there's one that won't be lost in a crowd." Unlike Asher who is swiftly being hidden by the men and women around her. Its when the group is just too tight that she pulls away and seeks some solitude. "If you lot go down, you are not taking me with you." Those words said, Ashe keeps relatively to herself.

Zareos starts at the appearance of— the green. His eyebrows shock upwards, as the brown appears directly after. He sidles a gaze askance to the rest of the candidates, shifts in his own sandals, and fidgets with his borrowed robe. This…. is somehow different than what he was expecting. He edges a bit away from the bouncy brown, eyebrows beetling together in concern.

Korwain waves over to Loeashia and Payton and gives a thumbs up sign to them. Then there's another burst of a shell and he gets his eyes back to where they should be.

Rysan glances over at the chattering of the females and rolls his eyes. "Who cares what it looks like, just watch where it's going." he mutters, which is quickly followed by a stiffled laugh from Sheryanna. The glass crafter hisses a 'shh' at his companion playfully which only makes her laugh harder. "Well, he's got his legs under him at least."

Glittering Cascade Egg jumps up a little way with a sudden fierce impact from inside. The egg lands and settles again, a crack starting to form from the blue patch at the top. Ever so slowly the crack expands down the sides of the egg, smaller tributaries cascading off in other directions to cover the egg in a latticework of cracks as the occupant inside settles to wait.

Shondira grins at the posturing that the hatchlings do. "They are so cute when they do that"

Ponce looks bewilderedly around at the chaos that is the hatching. Wow things happen fast! He's having problems keeping up with everything. First the green and now a brown. Both are offered a lopsided smile, and the young man shifts his weight, still careful to keep from kicking sand up on himself.

Ameera is looking around, from the green to the brown back and forth. "They aren't bad, I mean I guess." She mutters to herself and moves back and forth on her feet. "Sharding sand." Covering her mouth she looks surprised, cursing doesn't make a lady look any good.

Shipwrecked Princess Green Hatchling moves slowly towards the line of white, after all it would not do to rush such things. One particularly wobbled step causes her to pause and stare at her right leg for a moment. Perhaps she should speed this up after all. Each step she takes now is more hurried, one wing held in such a way as to hide that foreleg from view as much as possible.

A fine network of cracks develop across the surface of the Fire in the Dark Egg, spiraling slowly around the oval shape and eventually coming to threaten the structural integrity. Another jerky movement and further cracking develops.

Bouncing Ball of Brown Hatchling has finished his triumphant trumpet, and is now turning to look at that ring of white robed candidates that is so near, and yet so far. No matter! The brown hatchling sets out across the hatching sands, the bobbing of his body making it appear as if he's bounding along with each step.

Payton glances over as he sees yet another member of the Shipton family on the sands with him at Telgar, He nods towards Ponce and turns to look to the galleries in hopes he'll see his cousin L'ton. This time he'll show up his cousin Pallaton for sure… his lifemate has to be on the sands. He smiles over towards Loeashia. He gives a wink to the other candidate. "Same here beautiful, either way, things will work out." He whispers softly to her. "You'll find your lifemate out there Esha, I'm sure. Even if I don't today, I can stand again anyways." He nods to the others around him as a few of his friends give a whistle at him and chide him. "Payt, look she's got you whipped!" Payt glares over towards the other guys saying nothing. That is very much unlike the man. He holds Esha's hand gently while still firm.

Glittering Cascade Egg remains still for a long time until with a sudden fierce flurry of motion the hatchling inside bursts free of it's concealment and scampers off across the hot sands sending shards of egg and burning hot sand everywhere.

It seems the heat of the sands must be getting to at least one occupant besides a candidate, as the cheerful colors of the A Merry Melt Egg look to be starting to melt again. Perhaps it is only the heat haze or maybe the colors are running, but it seems most likely that the being within is starting to stir.

Pillar of Stability Bronze Hatchling
Rukbat's rays break over the hide of this dragon, burnishing his bronzed presence with a sun kissed red that shimmers as if reflecting in a desert like haze of internal heat. His body is that of a well-toned predator, shorter limbs, an elongated muzzle full of razor sharp teeth and a long paddle like tail that is almost constantly whipping from side to side. His low-slung form is given a more deadly look by the tightly bunched muscles rippling under his leathery hide, adding to the heat haze effect of his colouring. The reddy bronze ripples darken significantly as they drop down over toned flanks towards the almost burnt colouring of his underside, a stark contrast to the fiery bronze of his slightly smaller wings.

Abigail gulps. Green. Brown. Her hands lift to her face and she giggles quietly behind them watching a bronze join the unshelled. She cuts a wide smile to Korwain and the other candidates then looks back to the sands and moving dragons.

Lani unconsciously gravitates a little closer to Ponce, stepping sideways and carefully dodging the other Candidates that are glued to the action. The brown is watched closely but now and again she looks back at Ponce to confirm her course. Ponce looks almost as bewildered as she at the chaos that is rapidly erupting around them, and so she unconsciously seeks that company. Only the arrival of the bronze stops her progress as her mouth drops open. She stares in amazement.

Ponce nods solemnly to Payton, he knew another relative of his was on the sands, but he has had little contact with him. Perhaps it was intentional. A quiet giggle then follows at the brown's antics, what a lively fellow. And then the bronze hatches, and Ponce's eyes widen at the coloring on him, it's quite spectacular. He involuntarily takes a step back from his somewhat menacing form.

Zareos furrows an eyebrow, doing the Hatching Dance(tm); he shifts closer to the nearest candidate group, that one of Loeashia and Payton and all them. Safety in numbers!

Donnchadh's feet shift on the sand, though he does try to keep the movement to a minimum if not completely hidden from the view of most. "Don't worry so much." he mutters towards Abigail, lifting a hand just a bit should the girl want to take it. "Girl like you.." Well he was going to flirt, but concentration is turned towards the bronze spilling onto the sands. Too many things to grab at his attention to focus on one for very long.

Shipwrecked Princess Green Hatchling reaches the line at something of a run, but it seems her path had been known right from the moment she found her feet. Stopping in front of one black haired girl she attempts a draconic curtsey, but that shielding wing gets caught under her foot and she stumbles, crashing into the girl instead.

Crystallized Iridescent Egg begins a rhythmic rocking, back and forth in its wallow.

Shondira chuckles softly as the brown bounds and the green sashays towards the line. "From how he looks," she motions to the bronze, "he's gonna 'stalk' us."

Now that it is time, the Fire in the Dark Egg splits apart, into a less than neat shower of dark egg shards that litter the sands. Exposed in this action is a dark brown hatchling, tossed out of hearth and home rather abruptly.

Buche de Noel Brown Hatchling
Whorls of dark chocolate slide across the hide of this brown dragon, marking him from the narrowed tip of his nose to the even narrower tip of his tail, in carved lines and curved forms across his body. He's lankily built, rather more slender than the norm for a dragon and it shows in his longer than average neck and lean body with his wiry forearms and narrowed haunches. Lighter whorls show up on the underside of his body, more thick lines seemingly carved into his hide and showing the lithe muscling there into plain relief as his supple hide stretches easily and outlines his fine boning. Grasping feet are capped with cut crescent talons burnished to a pale marzipan, delicately glossy against his darker hide. His wings are a fantasy of dark chocolate spread across each wingsail, making them dark enough to be only barely translucent, separated by the winding ribbons of paler marzipan wingspars and dusted across the entire surface with a bare sprinkling of white.

Rysan bobs a brief nod to Asher when the young woman steps away from her crowd and slightly nearer to his twosome. As she seems to wish to be alone, he does no more then that, turning attention back to keep eyes on the hatching chaos revolving around them. "Bronze!" Sheryanna says, which only earns her a grunt and then Rysan calls out, "I think she's found someone." As the green makes eye contact.

Bouncing Ball of Brown Hatchling has found the candidates, even if it took a circling breath for him to get there. But, that's okay, Bouncing Ball of Brown Hatchlings don't get lost! And so, he's meandering down the row. No, not that one.. And then there's a candidate who's shrinking away. Can't have that! And then he's bounding gleefully after him, trying to Bounce him. He's found his!

Pillar of Stability Bronze Hatchling rushes across the sands until all of a sudden he comes to a skidding halt and goes belly down on the sand. His wings flatten across his back as he hunkers down, wriggling himself slowly into the sand, his tail twitching behind him.

Ameera shifting again she looks confused, as the green impresses she says. "I don't know where to look.. Oh!" Watching the pairs she shifts from foot to foot. "Seriously! I can't believe how hot it is, and these creepy little creatures and UGH!"

Loeashia blushes a little at Payton's words as she simply smiles and looks back towards the green and the bronze. Wonder who they are going for? She's already guessing Payton would likely get himself a bronze if anything… that'd be just almost perfect for him. She looks over the sands at the other eggs, which could potentially be hers? Whichever way and whatever happens, this candidacy won't be one she'll ever forget… who'd have thought Esha and Payt would be standing next to each other let alone holding hands? Both got off on the wrong foot from the start. What changed between those two during candidacy likely still fuels many rumors. It is when the green gets closer to her she pauses going quiet and dropping to her knees in front of the green. "Oh Marisalath! I'm wonderful." She cries tears of joy as she looks at the green hugging it. "I'm not hurt dear."

Asher retreats a step from the flurry of motion as a new life is added to the two already hunting for their lifemates on the sands. "I feel bad for the man who gets that one. He's going to be one high maintenance bronze. Or at least high energy." She frowns lightly and shifts again away from the crowd. "Hey, did somebody say the green impressed?" She calls out towards that same crowd.

Buche de Noel Brown Hatchling takes only a minute before he's off, swinging his rather slickly wet colored body away from his former collapsed home and then turning to look toward the crowd of candidates. Then he's putting one foot in front of the next, in a steady rhythmic beat as he moves, onward.

It seems as if the temperature variant between top and bottom has become too great for the A Merry Melt Egg to overcome. The lack of support where slow thinning below is undermining the colder and more solid wax above. And so the very tip, where no re-melting is occurring yet, suddenly cracks with a loud snap. The egg pauses all motion as if surprised.

Pillar of Stability Bronze Hatchling stays right where he is in the hollow of sand he's made for himself, his tail flicking restlessly about behind him as he surveys the line of candidates that are still arrayed before him.

Lani's expression softens as she watches the two impressions and their effect on the faces of the new riders. Here too, she must look away from that moment, that frozen intimate moment. Some things are too private to gawk at — too wondrous to linger on.

Abigail watches the green, transfixed, smile widening to see the connection, then another, and her eyes fall back to the other eggs, watching for signs of life and movement. Her eyes shift back to Loey and she just gives her the sweetest smile, "How wonderful!"

Amberth is settled on the Sands, watching as the eggs are hatching, and the new hatchlings are finding their lifemates from the ring. As the first of her own small clutch of three begins to wobble, she croons encouragingly.

Shondira nods as the green and brown choose. "Happening fair quickly it seems to me."

Crystallized Iridescent Egg fissures, the creature inside becoming more agitated as it seeks the outside world.

Zareos furrows an eyebrow, staring about himself with dubious wariness. "Ah, Impressions," he notes to himself, furrowing his brows again and dipping his head to look at his toes instead of the passing hatchling.

Now spurred on by the success of cracking, the A Merry Melt egg becomes a world of motion and change. The rainbow of wax blurs as colors melt one into the other to create new shades and hues before dropping onto the sands in small plops. The egg doesn't crack or shatter, so much as it melts away to leave a wax bespattered hatchling laying on his back in the sands.

At War With the Wind Bronze Hatchling
Masculine power and majestic draconic grace meld together into this stunning midnight bronze. He is a brute in size, long and large as well. His heavy head rests at a regal angle supported by a thick neck. The broad forehead sports a single star of gold in an otherwise murky dark hide. Wide square cheeks are graced by expressive eyes, one of which has an unusual bluish tint to the inner lid. He has a barrel-shaped torso complete with deep, wide chest, sprawling back and massive muscled haunches. Even his limbs are heavy, ending in dinner plate like paws that seem to dance nervously in place while the matte black talons click restlessly. In color he is the deepest of midnight bronze, tarnished near black but with just enough sheen to seem metallic. There is little variance beyond a subtle darkening on his lower legs and the inner lines of his wing spars. When light washes through the near black sails, they lighten to a blood red bronze, in striking contrast to his midnight form.

Korwain tries to watch all the little dragonets all at once. He catches it just in time as Loeashia is found by her lifemate. So that's all it takes, eh? Amazing! He stands a little taller. This is very busy here.

Seven Years Bad Luck Egg moves just an inch in it's spot, the motion most likely going undetected by most.

Donnchadh sends a glance down the line at Loeashia's exclamation. Someone impressed, but its far enough away from him that he'll save congrats for later it seems. "It always so quick?" he questions of no one in particular.

Ameera looks at the new bronze, moving from side to side and avoiding them. "I wonder if daddy made it." She says to the girl next to her, she's moving off a bit to the side of the circle.

Rysan nods to Asher on the assumption she was responding to his comment. "Watch though, there's another brown on the way." Sheryanna yanks hard on the young man's arm when yet another bronze arrives and he yelps a protest. "Careful! That's attached." But Rysan only has eyes on the hatchlings now. Too many and too dangerous. Not to mention drawing.

At War With the Wind Bronze Hatchling takes a long moment to regain his feet, struggling to right himself from the awkward, on his back position he found himself at first and then shaking his wings out, so they are just so. Only after he is just so, does he glance toward those candidates out there, taking stock and looking around.

Lani resumes her defensive stance as she sees another bronze break shell and notes with some nervousness, "They're bigger than I expected…", the comment is delivered in a low hiss as she makes ready to move in any required direction — she's determined not to get hurt.

Pillar of Stability Bronze Hatchling erupts up out of his wallow at a rapid rate, belly running as fast as he can straight at the line of candidates. The running bronze comes to a halt only once he's knocked a tall hazel-eyed candidate over. Standing over the fallen candidate he places a clawed foot on the boy's chest and waits.

Crystallized Iridescent Egg breaks into shards, tumbling an egg-wet hatchling onto the sandy ground.

Daredevil Diver Blue Hatchling
Shallow ocean currents race across this dragon's body, streaks of white wakes swirling after some unseen vessel. Dappled shades dot down his neck from his muzzle to pool into a darker blue splotch on his chest. His body is small and compact, perfectly proportioned like a prized racing boat. A thin darker blue streak down both sides of his torso create a stylized marking, as they swirl down to the tip of his tail, chasing each other as if in a never ending quest. His wings are shorter than average, but thicker as well, colored the same pale blue as the rest of his body.

Seven Years Bad Luck Egg topples over without any warning, the egg rolling over and over as it moves towards the knot of Candidates. A tiny fissure can be seen expanding as it continues to roll, a small hole in the sands catching it before it smacks into someone.

Ponce gapes open-mouthed at the browny-orangey dragonet before him. "Tirigeth." He whispers softly, a smile spreading across his face. "Tirigeth." He says a bit louder, the excitement growing, the heat of the sands and the discomfort of being watched by everyone fading. "His name is Tirigeth!" He shouts then triumphantly to the other candidates with glee, and quickly leads the hatchling to the side of the sands to find him something to eat.

Buche de Noel Brown Hatchling walks rather rapidly toward the line of white robed fellows, amused and yet seeming not as he looks up into faces, searching for just the right one. Each boy and girl is summarily dismissed as being not quite what he had in mind, as he continues along in his quest, undeterred.

Shondira steps back "Whoa that one sure made his choice quickly."

Payton blinks as the impression of Loeashia happens so fast as he feels her let go of his hand and a bright smile crosses his face as he says softly towards her. "I knew you'd Impress Esha, she's a beauty. Just like you." He replies quietly knowing that she's so busy in the enrapture of Marisalath's Impression to her. He can't help but looks towards Esha. "I'll be waiting for you either way Esha." He whispers softly under his breath so at most she can hear and noone else. He catches a glimpse of the bronze and the brown and look curiously as he does wonder if he'll be joining her. Though the new bronze does catch his attention especially the coloring, even more than the first one does. His eyes casually drift over towards Loeashia when suddenly he stands still for a moment as he looks confused as he feels the paw against his chest and the claws. "Tesnath? How could I forget? I wouldn't want to forget…" Esha is forgotten for the moment as Tesnath gains his full attention.

Abigail shivers and watches, having gone quiet again, pink cheeks reflective of the racing heart that thumps in her chest. The surreal feeling is only punctuated by the sheer beauty of the hatchlings and the intensity of the connections as lifemates find one another, it leaves her a little breathless.

Daredevil Diver Blue Hatchling stumbles clear of his egg, shaking his head and looking around himself in startlement. Well, that was exciting. He spreads his wings and takes a moment to peer at them, flapping them experimentally and already looking up towards the roof. Hmm. Perhaps later. He shuffles forward, tripping a bit on a discarded egg shard, creeling softly with his hunger.

Korwain grins as Ponce Impresses. "Congratulations!" he calls out.

Longing to Escape Egg is, well, longing to escape! There's a big of gentle movement from the egg then suddenly it's tipped itself right over! The hatchling inside seems to be a bit shaken, as there's no more movement from the egg for a long while.

Zareos continues staring at his feet. Hey, if he stares at his feet long enough, he can go home, right? The young man starts as an egg melts away nearby; his eyes dart up, and land on At War With the Wind. He gives the rather, ah, large dragonet a carefully assessing gaze, and takes two steps closer to the candidates. Hey, he knows they can be violent, and confused. This lands him closer to Payton, however, and he blinks, caught between the proverbial rock and hard place.

Donnchadh's eyes are drawn once again to the white-robed candidates as someone, this time a male, calls out in the exuberance of impression. "Congrats!" he calls towards Ponce. And just as suddenly as the last there's more freshly hatched dragonets on the sands to pull attention back to the center of the ring.

Asher nods back to Rysan. "And is that a blue I spy?" One hand goes to point out towards the sand in the general direction of the new hatchling. "And another impression. I'm going to have so many congratulations to give after this. I should have brought some paper and pen with me to keep track of everyone." The woman falls silent watching the brown and the blue.

Ameera shifts and says "Congratulations.. I guess." Smushing up her nose and back to watching this happen, "Sort of fascinating in a creepy way I guess."

Lani applauds Ponce loudly as the name is announced. "Well done! What a strong name!" She actually manages a smile, a genuinely radient smile. The moment is savored, but short lived as other things command her attention. She steps aside as the blue passes by her in favor of another group. "Well, at least you're more my size…", she says with a chuckle. The vtols in her stomach are beginning to settle.

At War With the Wind Bronze Hatchling is much steadier on his feet now too, as he heads forward, toward that long line of candidates. Although he's somewhat pickier, looking at only male faces to choose from and then each time slowly swinging his head as if they don't quite measure up to what he's looking for.

Shondira nods "I think it's neat, but it's all in how you look at it."

Daredevil Diver Blue Hatchling continues to creel, wandering around. A sand dune is peered at curiously before he noses it with his muzzle. When the grains stick to his egg-wet nose he sneezes, falling backwards. He's up in a flash, regaining his feet and pausing. Ahem. His eyes spark with blue green joy before hunger takes over again, and he presses on with a louder creel, his voice echoing demandingly through the cavern.

Longing to Escape Egg suddenly has a tiny claw push through the side of it, which is now facing skywards. The claw feels around in the open air before pulling down at the edges of the hole its made. Little by little, the little hole widens.

A Break in the Clouds Egg was one of those rocking and rolling all over the place, giving a spectacular show to those watching. Its pace increases, slows down, and then starts up again

Buche de Noel Brown Hatchling has at long last arrived in front of darkly auburned haired young man, choosing to stare at him for several long seconds before he moves forward with a gentle nudge that becomes steadily harder until he is nearly pushing the young man backwards in his enthusiasm of his choice.

Rysan's starting to get nervous now as the activity picks up to a fevered pitch. "Yeah it is. And more impressions." He nods towards the brown inspecting the lineup. "Keep an eye on him. I have this feeling he's going to be quick once he decides." A glance goes to the war-like bronze but it's as yet farther from the group and so not as much of a worry. "Did you catch any names yet? I can't hear them over on this end." Sheryanna nods distractedly as she's only eyes for the young blue.

Sadly Beautiful Egg shifts a bit upon its sandy hallow, the colors dancing upon its surface.

Seven Years Bad Luck Egg vibrates violently in it's spot before it's shell breaks into millions of fragments. When all of the shards fall a tiny bronze hatchling is left, goo covered and wide eyed.

From the Murky Depths Bronze Hatchling
Murky blueish green has pooled at this bronzes elongated and triangular shaped head. The oxidized color seems to suffocate the dragon as it envelopes his entire head, flowing over his fanned out headknobs and his sinuous neck, stopping finally at his delicate shoulders. Peeking amongst the blue green is a rusty red bronze, the color emphasizing the dragons vitality and lean musculature. His chest is not broad in the least, a certain softness is seen in it's curves as it flows into a tapered belly highlighted with a sandy bronze which spills over his hind quarters, finally halting at his onyx claws. His wings are well proportioned and usually held aloft in a display of their beautiful fragility, the billowy sails capped in glinting onyx spars. Finally his slender and long tail has been dipped in the same blueish green as his head, the color highlighted with the sandy bronze now instead of the rust as it ends in a wide tail spade.

Zareos stares about in the confusion, quite confused himself. Too many things going on. Cannot cope. He rocks back on his heels, takes a deep breath, and seems to simply steel himself for every possible angle. No, it's not obvious he used to be a guard… really.

Donnchadh chuckles at the antics of the blue. Yes, play in the sand? "You still hanging in there?" he idly asks the girl beside him, even though he's clearly not listening as she answers. Dark eyes continually shift focus, along with his feet against the hot sands.

Ameera is still shifting around. "When will this be over." She complains, but her attention is caught again and she walks a bit more to the back, then to the front. She's moving to much and almost attempt to pace. A second thought and she stops, standing next to another girl and watching again.

Korwain blinks as he's actually quick enough to see the little bronze hatch. He chuckles a little. "They're all so beautiful," he says to no one in particular. He steps back a bit to give the smaller boys a chance to be discovered or found or howeer it happens. He can feel himself sweating from the heat in the room, or is he just getting nervous? He swallows hard and looks over to Abigail, managing a smile for her.

A Break in the Clouds Egg rocks sharply once more and halts, breaking its rhythm completely, only for a fingernail thin crack to stretch its way slowly down the center of the egg, splitting through the rainbow bands. Yet it doesn't break, and quickly resumes its shaking, albeit at a slower pace.

At War With the Wind Bronze Hatchling was sort of taking his time, checking out all the possibles when he spies someone hanging about toward the end of line, away from everyone else. This he must investigate and he pokes his nose and then his body follows as he travels ever closer to the one standing alone before finally a decision is made, a certain tilt of the hatchling's head that announces. "Yes, you'll do."

Your heart beats with the thunderous pounding of a galloping runner, drumming endlessly in your ears and mind, until you can focus on nothing else. The hatching falls away, driven by the wild beat and a sudden wind blowing across the sands. It sounds within you as the ringing cry of an unbroken stallion. « R'eo! » The scents of the plains wash into your thoughts thru a blurry world of brown and sage. Together. « Yes, my brave one. Together. » The feelings separate, becoming both you and the midnight bronze before you. He is wild and free, just awaiting his rider, his one, his only. He is awaiting you. « I am Eukrocenth and, together, we will ride the wind. »

Sadly Beautiful Egg has begun to shatter under the pressure, as cracks are sweeping their away over the surface, starting to push each figure upon its surface away.

Abigail nods to Korwain's comment then she looks up at him and reaches to pat his hand, giving him an encouraging smile. She remains quiet however, rising up now and again to see who is going to whom and where.

Longing to Escape Egg now has a hole so wide in it the delicate balance of the egg in the sand is starting to be thrown off. Suddenly the egg tips and out tumbles Separated Sea and Sky Blue Hatchling! Not exactly a graceful entrance into the world outside of its shell. The little blue bops his nose in the sand in such a manner that if this were a cartoon, would certainly be accompanied by a honking noise. Once he's back on his feet, he's quick to work his way over to the line of potentials.

Separated Sea and Sky Blue Hatchling
This average in size blue is slightly on the lean side, but still has plenty of muscle for getting around. His top half is covered by a dark navy, nearly black along his spine, and moves outwards and around him, until it quickly fades into a much gentler sky blue almost in an anti-shadow fashion. This blue's long snout maintains the same dark hue for most of it, except the bottom jaw which is such a light blue it almost looks white. The pale eyes look deep and soulful against such a dark face. Slightly larger than average wings look as though there are two sets, a smaller dark set laying over a larger lighter blue set. The drift of color from dark to light on this dragon's body proper is not so evenly defined. In spots the navy color seems to droop down further than in others. His feet and claws look as though they've been dipped in paint to match his back, and there is a darker stripe down the length of his underbelly.

Lani spots Zareos and moves towards him. "Steady there!", she offers. "Don't go drifting off or you'll get stepped on…", she tries to get a little closer to him, just in case he freezes up completely. It's not easy to change one's poition with the heat and the dragons and the goings on. There are too many things to watch for. Slowly, she makes her way, wary.

From the Murky Depths Bronze Hatchling stays frozen in his spot, an inquisitive look sent in all directions. To his towering parents he sends out a wobbly croon before getting shakily to his feet. Once he's standing he takes a moment to spread out his wings, thrilled at the feeling of his joints moving. Finally he turns his attention those white robbed creatures, his eyes whirling as he starts walking towards them slowly.

Daredevil Diver Blue Hatchling stalks the line of Candidates, prowling down and peering at each one in turn. He passes one and is well on his way to the next when he stops. What was that? He turns his head, looking back over his shoulder. Then he backs up. And trips a bit over his tail. He regains his footing and quietly studies the man's face. His gaze intensifies and then he gives a shrill, triumphant bugle before moving quickly forward towards his chosen one, his wings spread to try and envelop his rider.

Your mind is suddenly rushed with a cool ocean breeze. It lifts you away from the hatching grounds and carries you far, far above the clouds. Up here all is perfect and cool. And then reluctantly you're brought back to earth, and a voice is shouting at you as if from a great distance. The voice is bright and happy, young and energetic, « D'had! D'had! I knew I would find you! I love you more than anything - even flying! Have you flown? I want to fly! That's what these flappy things are for, right? Oh, D'had, let us fly! I am Siebith, and I found you! »

Loeashia follows one of the AWLMs as they call over to her and P'ton getting them both to head off to the side of the sands to get their hatchlings fed. A bright smile beams brightly on her face, everything went perfect. Definitely she'll never forget this day.

Zareos isn't worried about being stepped on, now; his face is a mask of awe— and confusion— and he stares at the midnight bronze in front of him. "Eukrocenth," he states, his own baritone breaking on the word; "Eukrocenth," he states, voice stronger. "Of course we will."

Rysan stumbles backwards with arms flailing. Instinctively he reaches out with one hand to steady himself on the offered neck of chocolate hide. "Wha.." Rysan, now R'san says blinking. Then he breaks into a joyful smile. "Chenolth." R'san falls to one knee to sooth the infant dragon. "Of course we can get you something to eat. You must be starved after all that time in the shell." Both girls forgotten, R'san gently leads his newly found brown over to the side and some food.

Asher opens her mouth to answer Rysan except then there's this brown between them and she takes a sudden step back and out of the way. Fleet footed, that's Asher. "Congratulations!" She offers and then sets her eyes on the other hatchlings. "Wow. They are moving quick! I don't quite know what to do with them all." Except avoid the ones clearly not going after her.

Separated Sea and Sky Blue Hatchling only makes it about half way to the line of candidates before he gets plenty distracted. It was so open out here! And what was this warm stuff beneath him? He seems to stand there for an eternity, digging his back claws through the sand in long strokes and wobbling from one side to the next. Eventually he grows bored of this game and moves over to the pack of humans to examine them all up close.

Lani arrives to see Zareos's impression, as she was headed that way anyway. The sudden event, seen up close, causes her to blink a few times in surprise.. and something else. She quickly wipes her eyes with her sleave and claps for him!

Ameera watches everyone impress looking a little nervous. "They all look so happy." She mumbles, watching the other dragonets and dragons.

Donnchadh peers back down at the blue in front of him. Noise and.. more noise. A flick of confusion crosses the young man's face. Blinking as he takes a step back as the blue moves forward. "No.. yes.." Wait. "Siebith!" And the blue is trying to entangle him as well. "His name's Siebith!" he calls again finding his way from outstretched wings as if some might not have heard.

Korwain calls calls out softly to Ameera. "Ameera…I hope your dragon is out there. I want you to be happy, too."

P'ton follows in tow with Tesnath as he smiles towards Esha. "Told you we'd both Impress." He says a bit absent-mindedly as Tesnath has the majority of his attention currently. The bronze seeming very insistant to be fed as the two both head off the sands. Happy isn't the word to describe how P'ton appears either. He's even forgotten to look for his cousin in the galleries.

Separated Sea and Sky Blue Hatchling has found his match! No wait. He wants to get a closer look at a blonde girl that's standing behind a row of candidates. He moves his head this way and that trying to get a better look at her. She was his! Right? Maybe? He'd felt so sure at first, but needed a closer look.

Shondira nods "That they do. That they do.

A Break in the Clouds Egg stops completely, no new cracks forming as the hatchling remains tightly bound in its prison. It remains in its place and finally gives one last shudder, the cracks fracturing large chunks of shell off before it cascades to the ground and lets the rolling lump of hatchling to topple down into the sands.

From the Murky Depths Bronze Hatchling continues his slow progression towards the Candidates, taking his time lifting each paw off the hot sands one after the other. Suddenly he halts, sitting down roughly and craning his neck back so as to see where he'd just come from. Then something clicks and his eyes set to whirling quickly, in the blink of an eye he's off again, this time running at full speed towards the group of Candidates.

Big, Gold, and Beautiful Hatchling
Pleasantly plump, pallid sunlight drapes across most of this stout little queen. Her blocky head is accentuated by a short muzzle and wide eyeridges, inviting and friendly. Creamy yellow spills from between her small whirling eyes, smothering the 'ridges and sweeping back up thick headknobs, angled high to give her some extra height. Her neck runs a short length, dotted in intricate whorls of rose until they melt back into corn yellow that makes up her heavyset body. Rolling rounded ridges are highlighted by streaks of pink down her spine, eventually dipping down to her dumpy form to outline each of her many curves, spotted with argent glitters. Each of her limbs are short, chubby, and disproportionate; her legs ending in small delicate talons dipped in blushing pink and stubby tail's tip smeared in a shining silver. The same glamorous sheen is seen in her wings, rosy spars separating the thin delicate sails, over-sized like the rest of her to help keep her aloft.

Amberth will not be outdone by the older queen who sits upon the Sands! There may only be three eggs, but her three are just as good as the other three - didn't you see that dark bronze, and that blue? And the last egg is moving, too!

Sadly Beautiful Egg faces utter destruction, as the cracks have spread instantly over its surface, dancing between the prisms, and turning the shell to nothing but dust - saving none of the beauty that was so recently there. Except, in this case, there is a hatchling left in its place.

Transformed by Love Gold Hatchling
The golden hues of sunflower petals have been settled like an elegant cloak upon this tiny gold's body, each rich yellow piece joining together to flow seamlessly along her perfectly proportioned back. A slight dip before her lean haunches, the gorgeous flowery hues settle into the shadows of her wispy tail, though they never lose the glory of their color. Fields of golden poppies bloom freely upon her smooth stomach, darker than her back, as they spread along her neck, settling lightly on her delicate muzzle and headknobs, as if a light breeze could blow away the color at a moment's notice. Ridges of goldenrod are settled upon her back, beginning atop her head like a carefully placed tiara, before they finish their fall, never out of line, down her back like a thick plait. Wings are like limbs - long and limber, each field of golden poppies dusted with saffron pollen, translucent sails the palest part of her body - the soothing rays of the sun caught upon their stretched surfaces.

Korwain looks around to see where all the little dragons have gone. There seems to be so much motion around…it's like when the loggers are up in the high trees and brances start falling and tumbling down.

Shondira blinks "Wow! Two golds here."

Amberth will show Crystath! Look at that, she and Finbarith may have had a little clutch, but their little clutch had a gold, just like larger one of the older gold. Crooning, she's encouraging both of them onwards towards the candidates.

Ameera looks shocked, and not at the two gold things. At Korwain, "Want me to be?" Then back, she says, "They're nice. I guess.. if you like all that oiling."

Big, Gold, and Beautiful Hatchling sets her short little legs under her body, pushing up with all her might. Wobbly at first, she makes sure to get her bearings for a moment before she— Oh hey! It's people! She leaps forward, still unbalanced, and topples again. But that doesn't stop her from trying again, this time shaking out her wings and head to get as much sand and egg goo off of her. With a cheerful warble to the crowd, she confidently steps out towards the white-robbed figures, even if she was still shaky.

D'had is lead off to the edges of the sands by one of the AWLMs to settle Siebith with food. A glance back finds him looking at not one, but two golds. "Thats…" he shakes his head, leaving most of the thought unspoken as he looks back to his own blue. Yes, yes. Food.

Lani's head turns in surprise, "Wha..?", she says as she catches Shondria's comment. But there they are. There's no mistaking it. "How unusual…", she says, but then she shrugs. "Then again, I think there's still plenty about dragons we don't understand…" "It could happen…" Indeed it has.

Shondira grins at Ameera, "The oiling can have a side benefit you know. Soft hands."

Asher gasps as not one but two golds are on the sands at once. "Would you look at that! Not one but two there. I think I must be seeing double." And not paying attention to the rest of the world either.

Abigail goes a little wide eyed as more and more hatchlings emerge, so many colors.. so pretty.. so majestic. Her lashes sweep down slowly with her blinking and she watches, waiting.

Korwain replies to Ameera, "I can think of worse things to do. Cheer up!" And he gives her a big, encouraging smile. Then he reaches over to give Abigail's hand a quick squeeze. His eyes are then on the sands again, and on the little sparkling dragonets.

Transformed by Love Gold Hatchling is lithe and lean, unlike the sister from the other clutch, and she's going to show that off to her advantage. There's a certain gracefulness as she rights herself, stretching before beginning to heads towards the white robes. She knows what she has to do.

Ameera takes a few steps back, sort of getting away from the hatchlings. "They're both so big.." Saying to the peopel around her, when shondira says something she just nods. Somewhat stuck on the two new arrivals.

Shondira chuckles softly "That one certainly knows what is what and what she wants."

Korwain says "They seem so smart."

Lani looks nervous as there's almost no place to go now. The Sands suddenly seem small with so many dragons still about — and the golds of course. Well, if she can't dodge she'll stand her ground. She steps back with her left foot again and lowers a shoulder, braced and wary.

Separated Sea and Sky Blue Hatchling is desperate to get a better look at that blonde human. It's gotta be her! Then he turns his attention to a different girl standing near him for a split second. At least that's what he intends, anyways. No. He was wrong! It was this one all along! The blue lifts himself so he can gaze into her eyes.

Suddenly the Separated Sea and Sky blue that was so desperately trying to see around you is looking you straight in the eyes. Time seems to stop, and you suddenly feel alone with this blue in the crowded caverns. It's quiet here. Serene. You're in your own little place, a place where things are comfortable and easy, and all the worries of the other world are gone. If only for a second. «Abigail. There you are, my Abigail. I am your Risanth, and we will be each others now and forever. Let's start our journey together with some food!»

Transformed by Love Gold Hatchling continues to pad towards the candidates, meandering this way and that, sticking her muzzle at one young man, before snorting. /He's/ not her rescuer. And so she continues, snorting loudly at another girl on her way. And then she's turning to peer back down the line. Hum.

From the Murky Depths Bronze Hatchling suddenly sees something that makes him brake. His front legs strain to stop his back legs but it's too much for the little guy. He goes toppling over, his head planting itself right into the hot sands. After regaining his composure he looks up to the man that's caught his attention, eyes whirling as he takes him in. Yes, this is the one!

The hot sands seem to intensify tenfold, the heat suffocating you until you feel ready to faint. Just when you feel you've reached your breaking point your salvation comes. The cool mist from the sea washes your aches and fears away, a muffled voice tickling your ears. «K'win, it is time to play! K'win and Gensoth, together forever! But first, it's time for food!»

Korwain says "Abigail…" as he sees the Golden darling stepping nearer…"smile!"

Big, Gold, and Beautiful Hatchling is getting the hang of this walking business, and starts moving that stubby tail behind her as well, tossing sand towards the crowd. Her eyes remained forward, though, whirling rapidly as she took in everything. She whuffles as she passes the feet of one young boy. Interesting, but not quite. Instead, she moves on, with a bit of a bounce to her step. No more tripping for this girl! As big as she was as a hatchling, it was a surprise, but she starts moving more gracefully towards a candidate clump.

Ameera giggles just a little at the gold sniffing the boy. "I.. should we just stand here?" Asking for a general opinion and scooting away from the gold, scooting and chewing her nails. Years of training to be a lady holder, and she's chewing her nail.

Shondira watches carefully as the gold hatchlings inspect her fellow candidates…she's ready to move if need be

Abigail turns her head just slightly as a blue gets close then in one of those sort of slow-motion moments their eyes meet. Tears fill her eyes and she stares at the blue, "My Risanth.." she murmurs, the whole of Pern falling away for a few blissful moments. She reaches a hand to his snout and touches it then nods her head, " for you.." she says with a smile, turning to lead her Risanth to the fringes and his first meal.

Korwain suddenly…goes blank. His eyes go wide. "Oh…my…! Gensoth! Forever, yes, with food, lots of food!" He drops to his knees to wrap his arms around the perfect, shimmering most colorful dragon."Oh, by, Oh, my dear…!" His eyes fill with tears.

Asher turns towards the sounds of congratulations, one eye still on the pair of golds now heading towards the candidates. "More impressions? Congratulations!" Her voice carrying towards the new riders. She offers the gold inspecting the candidates an uneasy smile.

Lani smiles gently, "Looks like that one finally figured out her feet work.", she says, lowering her eyes a little. She opens her stance a bit, both to shift her back foot away from the heat and to get a closer look.

Transformed by Love Gold Hatchling swivels back around, snorting at the larger golden hatchling a she tries to act graceful. And then, straightening up, it seems that she's found the one she wants, that one there, scooting away from her. And then, the dainty mask is dropped and she's rushing after that one, there. With the nails.

A stormcloud gathers on the horizon of your mind, a bolt of lightning lashing out. And then, suddenly as it appeared, the storm has left, and you are left to enjoy fluffy clouds and a general sense of peacefulness. And then, there's a brush of consciousness against yours. « May I know the name of my rescuer? » Pausing, its pushing. « Ameera? Ameera. » It considers in a light tone. « I.. I am Elinath. Please, take this favor as a sign of my appreciation. » Formalness ensues, before there's a mental rumbling, breaking her royal facade. « Are.. you going to eat that? » She inquires, even as she gives a mental push towards the waiting food.

Shondira sidesteps as the hatchling moves

Big, Gold, and Beautiful Hatchling starts to move more quickly, stout head bobbing up and down as she focuses in on the white. She turns to the left a bit, showing off her side, and then the right. There's a lot of her to take in! But she quickly comes to a halt, head tilting one side to the other, and with a mighty trumpet at all the eyes on her (little did she know she was the last), she bounds forward to come skidding to an end at just the one she had been eyeing all along, her warbling mixing with the audible rumblings of her stomach.

Drumroll, please! The ba-da ba-da ba-da starts increasing in volume in your mind before a flash of light suddenly clicks on, blinding you momentarily from the rest of the going ons around the sand. Trumpets blare and the cymbals crash together in climax before a cool voice sweeps through to soothe any aches it might have caused. «Asher! Oh, Asher!» The giggly musical voice is accompanied by a slow steady rhythm, prodding you along. «Everyone saw me! Me! Gosh, can you believe it, your Quirinth, famous with all these people!» The music winds down, though it is still there, as her bubbly voice creels softly. «But I need a break now, and I'm just /starving/.»

Ameera isn't paying enough attention and then her face freezes. Looking around then down and then she looks rather frightened, kneeling a bit and stuttering. "But.. but. Are you sure? I.. I have never rescued anything before Elinath." At the question she stares again, placing a hand on the golds head and saying. "Food, yes.. food. I'll get you some, come on."

Shondira chuckles softly as the golds make their choices.

Abigail is simply awed, no, whatever word is a thousand times awed. She stares at the blue now and again while he eats and she strokes his head, though her nose wrinkles and she giggles a bit at hatchling goo that seems to attach itself to her hand. Who cares?! Her eyes flick to Korwain and his new mate and she beams at him, "Kor, congratulations! Loook!" and she beams at her Risanth.

Lani lets out a whoop and a clap for her fellow Candidates! She can finally spare a moment to wipe her brow as her smile lingers happily.

Korwain says "Yes, he's very handsome, Abigail."

Asher isn't paying enough attention to anyone really. Her eyes are daring to and fro from new pairs to the final gold. She's looking away when the gold makes her move. One moment looking at Ameera and her young gold and the next her attention snapped in front of her. "Quirinth? Everyone was looking at you?" There's that complete moment of shock followed by joy. She drops to her knees to wrap her arms around the big gold. "Of course you need a break. That was a big entrance. We'll get you some food."

Jazmyn steps forward as the last dragonet Impresses, taking the chance away from Telira. "For those candidates who are left, you were Searched because you have potential. Your lifemate may not have been on these sands, but it will be somewhere. We are happy to return you to your home, but you are also welcome to stay here at Telgar." And then the older woman is done, and is wandering off to find the feast.

Ameera walks over to where the food is. Stuffing Elinath full of meat and running her hand over her hide, looking to Korwain she says "Congratulations." Looking back down at Elinath, "Of course.. of course." Talking to her dragonet and chewing on her lip, all of the grace is gone from the former lady holder to be.

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