Worth It All

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

It's a late autumn afternoon that's chilly, yet still comfortable for most. The sun hangs low in the sky, painting the sky with soft colors of blue, pink, and yellow. The layers of clouds look blurred at the edges. Out of focus. Fuzzy. As if painted by an artist's frayed brush. It makes a for a scenic view though, and many have chosen to take a walk before dinner. Ka'el has no such luxuries and has been in the air for a time, doing rounds with Galaxy after having met with the current Wingleader to discuss a change in routes and patterns and partnerings of riders. But now the afternoon rounds are coming to an end and dragons are dispersing and landing on different areas of the Weyr. Ka'el is the last to take to the ground. He and Kanekith lazily ride the upper winds high above the clearing, rider with his goggles in place and eyes staring down, dragon with wings flared to cup the air. Eventually though, they begin to descent. Kanekith calls a warning to dragons afoot. He's landing here! Out of the way! Ka'el leans, making sure that there's a clear space for the big bronze who now backwings gently to the ground. Landing, complete! And no squished bodies either!

Bowyn had been standing near the section of the Weyr that faces the forest most, staring at the trees longingly with slightly furrowed brows. Kanekith's landing sends a gush of air her way and succeeds in snapping her out of whatever fantasy she was living in her head, causing her to turn and doubletake at the riding pair when she realizes exactly who it is. The Weyrleader gets a half-hearted salute from the pensive Candidate, the normally chatty and eager hunter only murmuring a little "Hullo" when she thinks Ka'el is close enough to hear her before turning back to the woods with a sigh. "Gettin' dark…"

Ujinath is one of those already on the ground and at Kanekith's warning, he promptly edges closer to the borders of the clearing with a low rumble. Was that protesting? Maybe. Usually once the blue has settled himself somewhere, he doesn't like to move but he knows better than to get in the way. Kiena must be out and about then and sure enough, she'll emerge from those forests that Bowyn gazes so longing towards. Spotting the Candidate and the arrival of Ka'el, she'll lift a hand up in a casual salute and an equally crooked smile. "Afternoon!" she calls, with a sidelong look to her blue. What's gotten into you?

No squished bodies…right Kanekith? Ka'el sits up and gives his dragon's neck an affectionate rub before he begins the task of unstrapping himself and dismounting from way high up. He half climbs, half slides his way to the ground and lifts his goggles away from his eyes. "…What?" A glance is given to the bronze. "…No. I've already oiled you this morning. … What do you mean your reflection wasn't as bright as usual when we were above the lake? Rukbat was.." Wait a second.. "It doesn't matter anyway. And I'm not.." Oy. Kanekith laments with a rumbled trumpet and plops down on the ground with a mega-grunt. Dragonpout! Cue exasperated Weyrleader eye roll…here. He turns, blatantly ignoring the pouty bronze, to instead acknowledge voices he heard. A familiar Candidate and very familiar Weyrsecond. He grins, nodding to Bowyn and waving to Kiena. "Afternoon!" he calls in return, moving in both of their directions. "Gets dark a little earlier nowadays, doesn't it?" he remarks while giving the sullen looking huntress a curious look. "Alright there?"

Bowyn nods her head at the mention of the darkness factor and says, "Can't say I mind it. That means it gets quieter faster. People head in for the night earlier." When the bronzerider asks if she's alright, the hunter sighs again and shrugs a shoulder. "Dunno. Starting to wonder if it's worth it." She doesn't take her eyes off the woods until Kiena appears, the bluerider earning a glance and another halfhearted salute. "H'lo, Kiena ma'am. How are things?"

Kiena tucks her hands back into her pockets once the formality of greetings and salutes have passed. It is chilly out and the Weyrsecond did not bring her gloves! Woe. Yet her focus is more so on conversation now than anything else and after giving Ka'el a broader smile, her eyes dart to Bowyn and her nose wrinkles a bit. Ma'am? "Well enough and can't really complain. Still adjusting but…" she shrugs. It's to be expected! "And you? How're you sleeping?" May as well keep on topic of adjusting, right? "Back from patrols or just the usual rounds?" she'll drawl almost lazily to the Weyrleader.

Given a day off from chores, what does Innes do? Why, she promptly disappears, of course. The redheaded candidate has been missing in action all day, deeply immersed in further exploration of the Weyr while carefully staying inside the boundaries as she understands them. She's on her way back to the barracks when she spots a handful of familiar faces. She's a little the worse for wear, with dirt smudging her clothes and a tear in the sleeve of her shirt, but that doesn't stop her from offering a (strange) salute which looks much more like a wave that happens to be placed near her forehead. "Starting to wonder if what's worth it?" she interjects, having caught only part of the conversation. Doesn't stop her from interrupting, though.

Worth it? Worth what? Possibly getting partnered up with a vain dragon who'll go out of his way to be noisy so everyone knows that he's upset? Mooooaaaan! Woooooe! Ka'el gives a sidelong glare and likely has a few choice mental-words for his lifemate before refocusing on the women. "Not much of a people person, are you?" he remarks to Bowyn with a vague tilt of his head. Considering that this is the most he's ever seen her within the Weyr proper, he'd say so! "Having second thoughts of whether or not you should've taken that knot?" he assumes, watching her questioningly for a moment before addressing Kiena. "Rounds with Galaxy," he confirms, nodding. "Seeing if the new routes that were drawn up worked well and covered the same amount of area in a faster time. Had to shuffle around a few riders. Went well enough, but change always takes some gettin' used to," he says, eyeing Bowyn at that bit. And then here's another Candidate! One who looks as if she's been in some heavy cleaning work or … misadventures, perhaps. She earns a small grin for her salute…ish thing she gave, but as for answering her question, he'll leave that to Bowyn.

Bowyn glances at Kiena again out of the corner of her eye and her mouth twitches a little. "Mmm, well it's been OK lately. Finally getting used to it. Made some earplugs, those help." Though she doesn't see her at first, she recognizes Innes' voice and says, "Candidacy" in reply to her query before adding, "How's the Dragancestry coming along?" After a moment or so, Bo turns around at last and shakes her head at Ka'el with with a funny look on her face, like a bad taste had been left in her mouth. "No, not really. Just not used to the sheer volume. I like being alone, mostly. Like having the option of whether or not I can be around others, and for how long. I miss that. And the quiet. And the way trees smell." The list goes on, and on, and on, and… When he asks about the knot, Bowyn looks a little guilty when she says, "Yeah, I'm wondering. I mean…don't really understand what I'm doing here is all. Did you feel like that?" As she asks, the hunter's expression goes vacant. She expects the answer to be no.
Kiena nods her head to Ka'el, though it's obvious from her slightly frown and tensed expression that it's taking her a few seconds to absorb all of that. Mental notes! For… all the other ones she has tacked in her already overwhelmed head. "Change usually does take some getting used to," she murmurs with a smirk. Perhaps that has a double meaning too, given the line of conversation between them and Bowyn! "Good. Glad… you are getting sleep at least." For the rest? The Weyrsecond only listens quietly, frowning as she considers her answer before speaking up again. "I did." she admits, even if the question wasn't directed to her. Innes is given a curious look when she arrives, her gaze lingering longest on the state the Candidate's clothes are in. "Where… or what perhaps I should ask… were you up to?" she asks with chuckled tone.

"Oh, that makes sense," Innes says simply, grinning at Bowyn as she speaks. The question is met with a bit of a shrug. Not because of a lack of interest, of course, but because, well, "It's still in development, mostly. I've been making notes and figuring stuff out, but we need a little bit of training and final approval from Soriana before it can really get underway." And then she'll be able to come up with more projects. She glances down at her clothes, making a halfhearted effort to dust them off - because really, it's a futile pursuit - before she answers Kiena's question. "I was exploring. And I might have fallen when I tried to climb something. But look, all in one piece." She twirls around quickly to demonstrate this fact. Ka'el gets a smile, and then a glance to the dragon beside him. Oh hello, she knows who this is! Kanekith gets a sweeping bow, chased by a wide, self-satisfied grin. "Maybe it's your purpose," she tosses out to Bowyn helpfully.

Dragancestry? Now that's an interesting word, and Ka'el glances to Innes with a look of curiosity. But he doesn't ask. Not now anyway, for now he's contending with Bowyn's inner conflict. One that sounds amazingly familiar. Despite her guilty look, she's answered with a smirk from him. Did he ever feel like that? "Every day," he answers easily. "The worst've it was during the camping trip," he says, slightly cocking his head in remembrance. "Yeah. That was the worst, and that was about halfway in. If it wasn't for my friends, I think I actually might've given it back. It was sort've a back and forth battle for me. On one hand, I didn't think it to be right to deny a Candidate's knot, because what if one of those eggs was a dragon meant for me. What would would happen if I wasn't out there for him to find? And then, on the other hand…What did I know about dragons and riding or anything? It would change my whole life. When I looked around at the other Candidates, I felt like I didn't belong. They knew so much and wanted it so badly. I .. never really knew if I wanted it. Not til I met him," he says with a smirk to his dragon who has quieted now, listening to his rider's thoughts and even sparing a swirling look to Innes.

Bowyn's eyes flick over to Kiena and she says, "Really?" rather surprised. "I can't imagine that." The talk of Dragancestry has the hunter smiling a little, which is good, and she says, "Well sorry I'll be no help to you…I've got another project on my mind. But I'm looking forward to what you find out." She stuffs her hands in her pockets as her fellow Candidate mentions 'purpose' and then cants her head in that direction, expression turned curious. "Purpose? Suppose I never looked at it that way. I've been too distracted by the lifestyle change to look at the long-term. No time to think about 'purpose'." Truth is, she thought she knew what her purpose was, but she won't admit that now. Ka'el's story has her watching his dragon, contemplative, and she huffs a little laugh. "I wouldn't have thought that you would've felt that way either, honestly…sir. You seem like you were just meant to do it. Can't imagine you feeling any other way. Glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't know anything about anything going in. I mean…I'm sure I still know less than you did. My own fault." At that last comment she glances over her shoulder to the forest again, grimacing. Kanekith and Ujinath both are stared at for a moment by the sulking, conflicted hunter.

"You're lucky, then!" Kiena muses to Innes when the Candidate does a quick twirl to prove her lack of injury. The Weyrsecond clearly has no reason to chide her for the exploring. Who doesn't explore? Curious, she'll focus on Ka'el again when he relates his story on wondering if Candidacy was right for him and chuckling dryly, she'll intersect at one point with: "That's how Impressions from the galleries happen… or so the rumour goes. No one knows why those occur, even though it's incredibly rare. Yet it's happened…" she says with a smirk. "So even though you could give in your knot, who knows…?" Glancing back to Bowyn, Kiena nods her head slowly. "Really." she confirms with another one of her crooked smiles. "Kind of similar to Ka'el's reasoning. I was… conflicted. A lot of change to think of, not to mention I had just started Apprenticing in Smithcraft. Had to give up a lot, just for a shot at Impression. Didn't think I would… and was proven wrong." Case in point, she nods towards Ujinath.

Innes shrugs, glancing over at Ka'el and then back at Bowyn. "That's the word he used on me to get me to give it a shot," she admits, waving a hand in the direction of the Weyrleader. "That, and he promised I could leave anytime before the hatching if I wanted to, just in case i decided it wasn't for me." As for Dragancestry, she huffs a little sigh and nods. "That's okay. Perri wants to help, and there are a couple of others. And I'm not above bribes. What's your project?" With her clothes sort of (almost?), maybe clean, she unthinkingly attempts to brush her hands off on said dusty clothes, and frowns down at her palms when it makes no difference. Quickly, she shoves her hands in her pockets to avoid notice. "That's kind of how I think of it," she chimes in, always eager to offer an opinion even where it hasn't been requested. "When I don't want to be here, I just think, you know, what if the dragons are right? What if an egg hatches and I'm not there and the dragon has no one? In reality I don't think that would actually happen, but just the 'what if' has done a lot to make me stay."

Ka'el smirks a little towards Innes, then glances to Kanekit who is now watching them all intently. At least he's been distrated from his dragon-tantrum, though it's likely that Ka'el will have to deal with that later on, on his own. He nods at the remark of gallery Impression, even though he's never before seen one himself and even rumor of them are few and far in between. "If you're worried about not knowing," he says to Bowyn, "don't. You'll learn just by being around. And it isn't as if dragon riders are in short supply," he remarks with a featherlight grin. "And if you do Impress? You'll have turns of education. You'll graduate with knowledge oozin' out of your ears, trust me. You might feel ignorant, but you're no worse off than anyone else. Even someone who's grown up around dragons, has a rider mother or father, and read every book written about them doesn't really know anything until they've Impressed." His eyes roam to Kiena, then dance to Ujinath as hers do.

Bowyn is surprised and overwhelmed by everything, and she runs a hand through her hair. She lets out a deep breath. "Thanks a lot, guys. Really, though. It's just…intimidating. Maybe you had the right idea, though, Ka'el, sir…" As she focuses back on the bronzerider, she wags a finger in his direction. "Maybe I should try to focus on building friendships. Friends I can be certain of, even if this whole Impression thing doesn't pan out. I'll try to work on that." She looks to Innes now. "Dunno, I was just thinking about maybe asking if I could teach archery to the Candidates or something. Mostly because I miss doing it, but then I was really thinking about it and it would be pretty good stress relief for most of us, I bet. Once you get the basics down." Cue a shrug of the shoulder.

"The 'what ifs' generally are the important thing," Kiena murmurs as she glances sidelong to Innes, only to duck her head down a bit and hide the grin that threatens for Ka'el's advice to Bowyn. "Well said! It's true… you learn as you go. Or grow, really." she adds, only to quirk a brow and peer intently at Bowyn. "I don't see anything wrong with archery lessons. So long as precautions are taken. So you know… we don't have Candidates shooting themselves in the foot or something." she says with a low chuckle. Never mind that the bluerider has always itched to learn herself. Yet it'd be a bit odd for the Weyrsecond to join in. Awkward, anyone? Ujinath rumbles from where he is resting, sentinel-like, along the treeline and with a long suffering sigh, Kiena begins to edge away. "I need to go." There's a sidelong look at the blue and a frown that boarders on a narrowed glare. "Enjoy your afternoon!" Nodding her head briskly, she'll then turn to hurry towards her life mate's side, lifting her hands up in a 'what now' sort of exasperated gesture.

"You could almost say that we don't even need any kind of lessons now, since we'll never understand unless we impress," Innes suggests ever-so-innocently, an exaggerated expression of purity on her face. That solemn look is broken by a grin as she listens to the words of support coming from all sides. She may not know Bowyn well, but a like-minded, doubting candidate seems like the best comrade. "I could use some friends," she tosses out as offhandedly as she can. She's doing her best to disguise her eagerness on the subject. Her expression animates immediately as the other candidate mentions archery, and she rocks forward so far on the balls of her feet that she has to take a step forward to keep from tipping over. "We should definitely learn archery." Yes, arm her with sharp things. "I'm sure that would help us out somehow if we impress. And it's just a useful life skill if we don't." Her gaze shifts to Kiena with a look of mild confusion as she turns to leave, but she shrugs it off and waves to the bluerider as she departs. Must've been something important, right? "Have a nice afternoon!"

Friends. Ka'el nods at the word. "They're more important than you realize. And the true ones? They show themselves durin' candidacy, and definitely in Weyrlinghood, if you're meant to Impress." It's one of those subjects that's both happy and sad for the Weyrleader, but at this moment, it's only the happy and encouraging that shows on his face. "Build your friendships an' hold on to the ones that are worth keeping," he advises. The mentioning of archery lessons has him quirking a brow. A bunch of candidates running around with bows and arrows. … Huh. "Candidate duties might keep everyone busy enough to not have much time for it.." he warns, "but…suppose you could take it up with the Candidate Coordinator." /He/ definitely isn't going to sign off on arming the candidates! He grins aftrward though, shaking his head (perhaps at the thought of pointy chaos ensuing?). "Good luck with it," he offers to Bowyn, nodding to Kiena afterward. Her sudden departure is one of those Dragon Rider Staples! Now he turns to Innes, hands clasping behind his back. "You wanna make a friend? Does he have to be human?" he asks with a nod over to Kanekith.

Arming the candidates with sharp things doesn't sound like a fantastic idea? Tsk, tsk. For her part, Innes is still bouncing on the balls of her feet at the very thought. She knows how to use a knife, but a bow and arrow is a completely different game. Thoughts of projectiles are temporarily banished to the corners of her mind when Ka'el addresses her. "I'm not picky," she declares, then amends, "Well, I am picky, but that applies to humans and non-humans alike. So yes. I'd like to make a friend." She grins and goes back to bobbing on the balls of her feet, her hands firmly stuff into her pockets to keep her dirty fingers from toying with her hair.

"Well good, as Kanekith has wanted to take a closer look at you," says Ka'el just before looking over his shoulder and gesturing to his dragon to come nearer. And the bronze does, after making a grand show of getting up as slowly as possible. Streeeetching his wings (just so she and everyone can see how amazingly broad they are. So impressive!), and yaaaawnin widely (gotta flaunt those pointy teeth!). And when that theatrical display is over, the bronze lumbers nearer to his rider and small Candidate, eyes swirling a calm color. He's a big fellow, made evident the nearer that he gets. "Innes, meet Kanekith," he introduces, gesturing up to the dragon's regal head which gradually lowers down, down, down so that he can get a better look at the girl. Apparently not a shy type, his face is brought right up to hers, nostrils flaring. Why hello there.

Innes isn't quite sure if she's supposed to be ooh-ing and aah-ing over Kanekith's display, but since obsequious fawning seems in poor taste she simply stands in place and watches with widened eyes. Her body language is loose and relaxed, save for the hands she's striving so hard to keep in her pockets and away from her ginger locks. "Pleasure to meet you, bronze Kanekith," she greets as the dragon moves closer, straightening up to her full (and still entirely unimpressive) height. Small on a good day, she feels like speck beside the bronze. She blinks a few times in quick succession as Kanekith's face comes far closer than anything she might have been expecting, but she doesn't balk. If anything, she just looks pleasantly bemused by the situation. "Do I still pass muster up close and personal?"

Kanekith's whirling eyes are unblinking as he stares in only the way a dragon can. Unabashed gazing with utterly no concern for proximity control. He exhales a breath through his nose, a gust of warm dragon air that's pushed right against her. Up close and personal, indeed! There's a rumble in his throat heard before he does draw his head back a little, exiting what would be her personal bubble space. "He says…" begins Ka'el, though he pauses for a half-second there, glancing towards the bronze and giving him one of those quick 'looks'. IT's the same type of look that parents tend to give their children as a sign to behave, without needing to say a single word. "That it's a pleasure to meet you," he finishes, which sounds very un-Kanekith-like indeed. But Ka'el sounds very convincing, and his smile seems genuine in any case. "And yes, you've passed. The next big test is inhaling open-mouth dragon breath, keeping your wits about you, and not passing out. Are you ready?" he asks, a hint of jest evident in his voice.

It's been a long time since Innes was this close to a dragon, and while she isn't scared - not that there'd ever be any admittance on her part if she were - it does take a moment of readjustment. She shifts her weight to a more centered position, shoulders back and head held high even as she gets a wuff of air right in her face. That certainly won't help her already messy hair. She shakes her head a little to settle it, but she can still feel strands caught halfway across the top of her head. But she doesn't move. Even after he withdraws, she stands proudly in place. Was she trying to impress him? Maybe. "Is that what he said?" she asks, glancing to Ka'el with a grin. She didn't miss that look he gave to Kanekith, and there's a slight suspicion to her gaze. But given her current state of appearance, she wouldn't be surprised if comments weren't entirely favorable. Forgetting to be vigilant, one hand escapes from its pocket prison and begins twisting and toying with her hair, returning it to a slightly less chaotic state. "That depends," she answers with mock concentration, "What has he eaten lately, and how recently? Also, do I get to take a few steps back, or does it have to be face to face?"

Is that what he said? Ka'el faintly glances up in an expression of innocence. "I might've taken a few creative liberties as his rider and given you my loose interpretation." He grins. "Dragons can be difficult to translate for. Their thoughts are like …. liquid. Nearly impossible to keep a hold of for long." A smirk bring his attention fully back on her and away from the slowly darkening sky. Eyes drift to that hand that's moved to her hair, noticing her less-than-clean fingers. But…who is he to comment on neatness? Sure he looks rather well put together though that's out of necessity. She's a candidate. Candidates are usually dirty for some reason or another, and thus he doesn't comment on the state of her fingers. "He ate…. Oh. Bovine. Not too bad," he says with a shake of his head. "Though it was a few candlemarks ago.. Plenty of time for any bits in his teeth to develop an odor." Dragon breath! "And you may have entire foot and a half's worth of space between you and his mouth. Eyes open or closed is your choice, though I'd recommend you'd keep your mouth tightly closed," he says, nodding sagely.

That sounds familiar. Innes laughs and shakes her head, careful not to tug with the fingers still twisted in her hair. "My grandmother used to translate too, but that's because her dragon isn't so… nice." To put it kindly. His words inspire a kind of thoughtfulness in her expression. "Soriana said something like that," she offers, "Or something that reminds me of that, I guess. When she was talking about dragon names and how that all words. It all sounds like something you can't really conceptualize until you experience it for yourself." Which is why she's here, isn't it? As he looks at her, she becomes aware of just what her fingers are doing and how much dirt she must be spreading into her hair. It was dirty before, but now… with a disgruntled expression she pulls her hand from her hair and stuffs it back into her pocket. "Well, better bovine than fish," she says chipperly, trying to hide her mild disgust at the description. "Mouth closed and eyes closed would be my choice. And that solid foot and a half, just to give myself a better chance of staying upright."

"Oh, your grandmother was a rider?" remarks Ka'el. "Then you have a little background with dragons then, even if what I told Bowyn is true. Background may not influence anything on the Sands, but it does help make you feel a little more competent through the whole ordeal of Candidacy." He moves nearer to his bronze, touching a hand to the dragon's cheek to rub affectionately. "Definitely don't need oiling.." he murmurs. Blue eyes consider Innes as she speaks, a thoughtful look glittering within. "Dragon names.." he nods. "So many things about dragons is a mystery, or something too complex for us to understand, even as riders. Some secrets are meant for dragons and dragons alone, I think." To which Kanekith rumbles and slightly turns his head, seeking more of the massaging hand. A smirk is quirked from the Weyrleader as he notes Innes's swift movement to repocket her hand, and at the mentioning of fish, he laughs. "No. He's never had much of a taste for seafood. That's more Luraoth's fancy," he says, chuckling vaguely. "Alright then, brace yourself and be ready. Bovine breath is on its way, and I can't promise that it'll be without a splash of drool." .. Gross. He takes a step to the side and out of Dragon Breath range. "Ready Kanekith? One…Two…Oh, look at the time! I'm afraid we have to go," he says, checking his wristpiece and barely suppressing a grin.

Innes bobs her head, seemingly more at ease now with revealing bits and pieces of her life than at their first meeting. "Grandmother and grandfather," she says with a bit of pride. "Grew up in the Weyr, all of that. So I do know a bit, even if it doesn't make much of a difference in the end." Her head cants as she watches his interaction with Kanekith. There's something very much like envy in her gaze, even if she's doing her best to stifle it. "They are mysterious, aren't they?" The bronze receives a sly little grin. "He seems like he'd like that part quite a bit, am I right?" She's terribly curious, even though she constantly attempts to play it cool. She bounces on the balls of her feet a few more times, then widens her stance and makes a show of rooting herself to the ground. Feet solidly planted, back straight, and eyes and mouth shut. Well, except for the moment she takes to say, "I'm braced and ready. Come on, Kanekith, hit me with your best shot." Squint. She cracks her eyes open just a little as Ka'el announces his departure. "What?" Is that disappointment in her expression? "Well. Next time, then."

Kanekith's head is lifted to his full height, towering above Innes and Kanekith both. Apparently his mighty breath shall be saved for another day! Innes will be tested yet, and the world shall see if she can withstand the blast and not lose her senses! "Definitely next time," answers Ka'el, his grin playful as he nods to her. "As long as you don't have bows and arrows on you," he adds with a quirked smirk. "Til then. And it's interesting that both of your grandparents were riders. Next time I see you, I'll guess the colors of their mates, but first you'll have to tell me somethin' about them. They do say certain colors impress to certain personalities. Not sure how much truth there is in that," especially as bronzeriders are rumored to have the worst of those character traits! "but it's one theory." He steps back, Kanekith already heading off in the general direction of the meadow while Ka'el himself has his eyes set on the Caverns. "Have a good evening, Candidate Innes. I'm sure I'll see you again soon." Perhaps just as dirty as she looks now. A Candidate's job is rarely glorious! He turns, heading back to the offices.

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