Stars and Scars

Xanadu Weyr - Purgatory
While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan and designed with the young at heart. Large windows allow for light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette has a dining area that juts out over the waters below, along with a breakfast nook sort of room. The living room is completed by a low, comfortable couch and a few large cushion-like pillows that when piled together make more of a nest-like seating around a small, equally low, dark wood table. Two other ground level rooms form a spacious and well furnished 'guest' room, while the other is suited more as an 'study'.
The draw for 'young ones' comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light from the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling. Beneath that very window, rests a circular-shaped bed. Tiny pinpoints of light are imbedded in the ceiling to form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide — a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing. For those… rainy days.

Night has fallen over the Weyr for a few hours now and despite the autumn season, the weather outside is clear and, while cool, is comfortable if one is dressed appropriately. One last hurrah of warmer temperatures before the cold really sets in! And with the moons out and visible, there is some light to cast upon the surrounding area. It'd almost be eerily beautiful, if the one outside was focused at all on the world around him. K'vir slipped outside some time ago and has seated himself on one of the cushioned benches on the veranda. He should be sleeping — no, he WAS sleeping along with the rest inside but that wasn't meant to be. Rather than draw attention to his restless tossing and turning, he merely left. He's become quite adept at it over the last few months! One quick trip to the kitchen, one beer acquired and out he stepped to the peaceful emptiness of the outdoors. Only he's far from peaceful himself, hunched forwards with his arms resting on his legs, one hand loosely holding the beer while he gazes, lost in thought beneath a heavy frown, out towards the treeline.

Of course… those out of doors aren't entirely empty either. Off to the side, just past the edge of the house, eyelids open for pair of yellowed eyes… then close again to slits, just lines of light like the ones that brindle Garouth's hide. The dragon makes no sound, but… it's not so long after that the door swings open again, and D'lei steps out through it with a diagonal step before bringing it carefully shut behind him. No noise, nothing to wake those fortunate enough to still sleep inside. He pauses there a moment, with a slow stretch of his torso that comes with a wince as muscles twinge around an injury mostly-healed but recently-aggravated, then slowly crosses to that bench where K'vir sits, wordless as he comes and settles himself down there as well with his gaze directed out to…. Trees. Moons. Night.

This is why K'vir won't normally venture outside! Because of eyes. Not just Garouth's, but Zekath's and, no doubt Leirith at times; all there to note with the risk of tattling. Which has apparently been done and too late does he realize he's been found out. Next time, he'll stick to just haunting the couch with his presence! Yet he doesn't immediately acknowledge D'lei, save for a brief sidelong look when the other bronzerider settles down on the bench with him. There's some tension, but that's just the anxiety K'vir is exuding and not so much directed at D'lei. No scowl, no cursing or immediate posturing to ward the other away… No, there's just a quiet, unspoken acceptance, mired with a bit of embarrassment for being caught. K'vir doesn't do well with emotions and worse yet with trying to form them into coherent words; D'lei would be familiar enough now with that. Oh, he's matured over the Turns and grown up considerably but that doesn't mean he isn't without faults and that's one that never quite seems to change. The quiet is welcomed though, as is the lack of pressure to talk. Finally, after a stretch of minutes, the silence is first broken by K'vir shifting to lean back against the bench and the soft sound to his finger tapping against the side of his pint; it's an idle, but erratic tempo. Then, at last, a gruff and low spoken: "Didn't mean to wake you."

It's not like the couch doesn't have its risks as well; at least the cold outside makes sure that impossible-seeming sleep doesn't actually creep up, and there's much less risk of a small child in need of a late-night glass of water ruining the whole thing. D'lei doesn't say anything, just… is there; his gaze looking out across at those trees, breathing in the night air… until you might even think that - cool or not - he has fallen asleep… which would certainly make it simpler, but no. There's a slight tilt of his head as K'vir shifts, orienting and acknowledging that change of position and those taps, and then a crooked smile. "Didn't figure you did," D'lei answers, his head shifting back to let his gaze pass out over those trees again. His voice is quiet, considered and patient with just a touch of wry humor. "Nobody in this house wants to cause trouble. Doesn't stop it from finding us."

"You don't have to stay," K'vir doesn't mean it unkindly and extends some of his concern towards him. It's one thing if his sleep is disrupted, but he never intended to ruin D'lei's night either. Smirking, he'll turn his head just enough to glance sidelong to him, furthering the reassurance he's attempting to dish out (and likely failing, utterly). "I'll be alright. Just… need a moment." One that includes sitting out in the cold autumn night, not sleeping and consuming alcohol. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that at all! He scoffs a bit for the mention of trouble and how it finds them and he mutters something close to an curse under his breath before speaking more clearly. "… yeah, you're not wrong there."

D'lei nods. "Yeah." He doesn't have to stay, which is why he's not actually moving to go anywhere. There's a crooked smile to meet K'vir's, though D'lei's eyes are more shadowed than that draconic spying was. He nods again for that attempted reassurance - not that it gets him to move - and then he carefully leans back, settling his back against the wall with only a faint wince in the process. "Course. Even when it finds us… we're still lucky." He turns his head, looking over to K'vir. "S'amazing how many things we've managed to survive." D'lei has a smile, the sort that dances about lips because it's a terrible joke that shouldn't be made and yet is still funny. "Every time, we just… pick up another scar, or another terror, and… we keep going." The smile curves all the way up, though it gains just a trace of grimace along the way.

K'vir's head tilts and his eyes narrow as he listens and absorbs what is being said and unsaid. Rather than leap to conclusions like his younger self would've, he mulls over it for a few seconds before exhaling heavily. "Yeah, that we do." he replies broadly, not really addressing anything or giving anything in turn. Dark humour seems to match his current mood, allowing him to half-smile at that joke when he'd normally be less than amused. As that fades, he'll indulge in a long swig of that beer and, in equally companionable silence, offer it over to D'lei. If he's going to stay, he's at least welcomed to some shared refreshment. He'd offer to go get him one, but that could be viewed as a mean of escape and K'vir's not below attempting that. "… so there's really nothing to fear, right?" More vague crypticness, followed by some uneasy shuffling by him before he clears his throat. One attempt to talk, failing in the way no words are uttered and his jaw just remains closed and tense. Second attempt has him scrubbing a hand along said jaw in a visible show of frustration before he's calming again with a sigh. "Dunno if there's that easy of a fix to this, this time." Ahh, there it is.

D'lei nods, a crooked smile to go with it, and then he accepts that bottle when K'vir offers it, lifting it to his own lips to take a swig before lowering it and giving it a pass back - though he can certainly hold it in lieu of a table, if that works better. "Mmh," he says, and his chin ducks toward his chest. "Can't say I much like scars," he admits. "Kinda scary." Even if they aren't actually fatal. But… that's only sort of what they're talking about, here. D'lei's gaze is on the ground just past the porch, now, aimed downward-ish and out, and he's quiet for a moment or three even after K'vir manages to get out those words. "…what would it look like, if there was?" It's a simple, honest question, and D'lei turns his head to glance sidewise to K'vir. "What would make it easy?" Because… why solve a hard problem when you could solve an easy one instead?

K'vir doesn't reach for the beer again immediately, mostly from having his focus drawn elsewhere (and maybe because he's already consumed the majority of it). He scoffs again, a flickering wry smirk curving his lips. "Says you! I kind of like scars." He bears the brunt of his own, though nothing in comparison as to what D'lei might incur. That smirk becomes a grimace, "Though not so much how they're acquired. Unless it really is by accident…" One of those types that're purely coincidental and something to laugh at later; none of the scenarios that have so far resulted in injury of late have been the laughing type. Blinking, he frowns again. "What?" He hear D'lei just fine, but there's his flaw again as much of what was said doesn't register — at least, not right away. "… well, if I could actually talk properly, I guess that'd be a start." Dry, barbed sarcasm and mockery there, directed at himself. "But it'd be nice to be… believed in, once in awhile." What that could possibly mean, he doesn't elaborate on. Instead, he's gesturing for the beer and while in the process of reclaiming it and draining more of the contents, he'll glance back ahead. "Spoke to Bethari." he mutters after another lapse of quiet. "Didn't go well — not sure if it's fixable. Lots was said on her end that's got me confused but I figure… wait it out. Only I think it's eating at me since," He lifts a hand to gesture vaguely to indicate their current situation. "Y'know." He's not sleeping or looking anything close to relaxed and happy. "Then there's been all the other worries and… well, I don't need to explain that much." Dry humour again, since some recent events are shared equally between them. D'lei's injury and Risali's own; K'vir said his piece then and doesn't feel it necessary to dredge all of it up — yet. D'lei could coax it out of him eventually, though he'd risk getting a jumbled mess of explanation. "Guess it's just stacking up."

D'lei outright laughs at K'vir's retort about the scars… though it's a fleeting sort, given that… "Yeah." The getting of scars, not so pleasant! Kind of painful, in fact. It's like rending flesh - or metaphorical versions of it - actually hurts. Who'd have thunk? A crooked smile for the question back at him, and then D'lei lifts the near-empty bottle in a toast to the idea of talking-proper, having a sip of it after he does - then handing it back over to K'vir again for another swig and silence. His expression is somber by the time words actually come out again, with a slow nod and a faint grimace as he mulls it over himself. There's another nod for the world as it is now, and… "Yeah." D'lei knows all about those current pieces. "And you've been trying to keep the kids from freaking out, too." He reaches over, putting his hand on K'vir's knee in a gesture of presence and affection. "No wonder it all catches up to you whenever your guard is down." He grimaces, his chin ducking slightly, and his jaw shifts with unvoiced words before he finds the right ones. "Bethari's smart. About… a lot of things, but people aren't one of them." His head tilts, looking to K'vir. "Whatever she said… I'm sure she felt it, but that doesn't mean it's true."

"That hasn't been so bad," K'vir admits on the topic of him watching the kids, a fond smile curving his lips. There's no denying how much he loves them and not just his own flesh and blood but all of them. "Used to watch my younger siblings all the time." he notes in a little tangent of nostalgia. "And that was half a challenge most days, given who my parents are." He doesn't move much once D'lei rests his hand on his knee; he does, however, rest his own hand overtop and eventually threads his fingers through with his. His skin is roughed, calloused from the work he does and significantly chilled. More than the night air would claim, as K'vir naturally runs much warmer but his troubled state has left his hands cold even to touch. "So the trouble sleeping is… expected?" He asks hesitantly, as if unsure if D'lei speaks of experience or just knowledge in general. Not that it matters in the end, he tends to take much of what he says to heart with little questioning or doubt. Grimacing, he shakes his head again. "You're probably right." Briefly, he smiles for D'lei compliment on Bethari, but it fades just as swift as he sobers. "I think I might've thought the same at the time because I didn't say much. Let her do most of it until she told me to leave." Well that doesn't sound good? K'vir doesn't linger on that long and moves on to the next, sneaking in a few sips of beer here and there between sharing. At this rate, it'll be gone soon enough! "Don't think I'll be bringing this up to Risali. Not sure if it's the right thing to do but… I dunno. It'll just complicate things. She won't listen if I tell her things will be fine." Isn't that how this all started? "Because they will be. Regardless of what happens…" He'll just have moments like he's having now, which isn't entirely new for him. "Whatever went down between them, they're going to have to mend themselves." His tone ends on a hesitant note, as blue eyes lift to find D'lei's gaze and hold it. Right?

D'lei smiles, nodding to K'vir about the kids. His fingers shift, just a little, to make that interlock of digits fit together as it should… even if half of them are colder than they should be, and D'lei's own can only do so much to help that - his own temperature may yet be a bit heightened from his injuries, but the night air cools them both. Even so, there's that touch, the contact of skin and whatever warmth can be shared. "You and Risa both," he says, and grins. "Never figured my lack of sibs was a disadvantage, up until we had the kids." And they both had more of a clue than he did! Not that he wasn't quick to catch up, but still. D'lei nods slightly for that hesitant question. "…Garouth comes and eats him," he says, voice soft and… almost shy, in that admission. "It's… it helps me get back to sleep." He ducks his head, eyes going to K'vir's knee where their hands rest, and his fingers shifts in a soft squeeze between the digits and against them. He mmhs as K'vir starts to speak again, with a nod and then a slow lift of his gaze, to K'vir and then out to the woods. There's a faint grimace, and then…. another one, but his gaze shifts back to K'vir with a steadiness to amber eyes and to his voice. "You can't just fix it for them," he says, with a surety to that, at least… and then a grimace. "Or for you and Bethari, either. It's up to her as much as it is you." He dips his chin, and there's a wry smile. "I believe you that you'll survive," he says, with something warm and rueful both in his gaze, concern mingled with confidence. "I just don't know what scars you'll end up with along the way."

"I think you adjusted pretty good," K'vir muses with a crooked smirk that's more of his normal humour and bemused expression. It's there and gone, as their conversation continues to rise and fall in that steady rhythm. "Our kids are lucky." In so many ways that he doesn't touch upon but are hinted at in the way his expression shifts and his tone gentles. Squeezing back with his hand, he will sigh heavily but it's a good sigh; one that heralds some of the tension in his posture to ebb. Maybe it's all from D'lei or it's from the beer — very likely the two things, but the bronzerider having the more immediate effect. "Didn't think so," he mutters about not being able to fix it. "And I won't try. As much as it bothers me, I'm beginning to realize it can't go on like this. 'Thari had a point in what she told me. I'm just regretting that it took me so damn long and that I hurt her in the process. Made her unhappy. It's… just something I do, I guess." And it really DOES bother him, a lot more than he lets on in words but it's telling in the way his expression falls along with his lowering gaze. Oh, he'll pick up scars from this but for now? They're wounds, ugly and a bit raw but he's coping. "Figured you'd understand. I'm more worried about Risa, if she finds out…" IF and even then? Shaking his head, K'vir has had enough of the night and outdoors. Wordlessly, he rises to his feet, but he keeps his hand held with D'lei's, a suggestive tug to go along with the hint of suggestion in his next request. "Crashing the couch might be a little more comfortable. Warmer, too."

"Glad to hear it," D'lei answers, with that bit of tease in the words that is another part of that more normal and comfortable pattern. He nods, though, his smile earnest in his agreement about their kids… "And so are we." In some of those same ways, and others besides. D'lei nods to K'vir as he talks through those thoughts, with the wry sympathy in his expression… and also understanding. "Yeah," D'lei says, and stands up in response to that tug - and leans up, putting his other hand on K'vir's shoulder as he presses up with a kiss for the taller bronzerider. "If you gave up easily, you wouldn't be you," he says while he stands there, looking up to K'vir with warmth in his gaze and a hint of playful in his tone and face. "You're the bull who doesn't back down from the fight… but you don't pick it, either. And you're the one who draws the plow and makes the fields ready to grow… even if you do still have an unreasonable aversion to red capes sometimes." D'lei smiles, warmth in his expression even if the air is anything but. "Risa will understand. And… we'll all be fine." He grins, a bit crooked, as he turns to start inside with K'vir so the two of them can take advantage of the warmth and comfort of that couch… and two bodies, tucked under one blanket. "We're lucky like that."

K'vir returns that kiss, his free hand slipping around D'lei in turn and if he had any less resolve they'd not immediately make it back inside. Breaking away, he'll blink for the observations made and then begin to quietly laugh; it's a genuine sound, one more carefree than his previous mood. Now there is warmth, to chase away the nagging insecurities born of irrational nightmares and dreams. "I think that has to be my favourite yet," he muses, as he begins to step inside, now slinging an arm around D'lei's shoulder. He means it too! He'll keep that in mind, next time he starts to spiral. Inside they'll go and to that very couch, with K'vir echoing his agreement. "We are." And if he has any say in it, they'll remain there for the rest of the night. Discovery come morning, if it happens before either of them wake up, will come with some honest excuse for their being there and not in the bed… and a little lie, perhaps, to keep the peace just a little longer.

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