Candidate Cage Match: Round 1

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Scrub scrub scrub. Garawan has spent most of his day washing dragons. He has a pretty gentle touch, given that his hands are so sensitive. Though he's trying to do with without his gloves on. Because it's silly to have to run around in gloves in summer. To that end, instead of his usual smiling expression, there's a bit of a wince on his face. But he's keeping a stiff upper lip about it all, so to speak. Even if he's quiet, it's because he's concentrating.

Kalsuoth lumbers down the beach with his awkward hop-jump-waddle walks, while Mur'dah walks alongside, jotting things down in a notebook. Spotting another dragon being bathed, the dark, black-brown lifts his muzzle to rumble a hello before he continues lumbering alongside his lifemate. Mur'dah pauses in his scribbling to glance up. The brownrider is not in his leathers at the moment - a charcoal grey turtleneck with the sleeves pushed up, and black trousers are tucked into his riding boots.

Released from the infirmary early, Kera quickly changed out of her uniform, checked the board, then went off to gather what she would need. With several buckets and scrub brushes, she's strolling towards the beach. Seeing a couple of dragons ahead with candidates scrambling all around them, approaches the group. Spotting a few familiar faces, a smile and wave with her free hand is offered. "Hello eveyone….Garawan, Mur'dah.."

Innes is the model of paying attention to her duties today… if paying attention means halfway focusing in between scribbling things down and staring off in to space. If not, well, then she's probably a horrible example of a responsible candidate. But she's free for the moment, and has taken this opportunity to get some fresh air. Thus the redhead ambles her way down to the beach. She pauses for a moment with a pleasantly surprised expression as she notices the activity around her. Company, excellent! "Hello, everyone," she hails brightly as she makes her way a bit closer. "Are all the dragons sparkling?"

Garawan looks up at the return warble from the blue he is scrubbing. He smiles when he sees Mur'dah, and offers a wave of a soapy hand in greeting. Seeing Kera with scrub brushes, he asks, "Ah, hello there. Were you coming to help out?" he inquires almost hopefully. He isn't the only candidate assigned to this, of course. Innes's words draw his attention and he chuckles. "Not quite, but they soon will be," he answers.

Mur'dah pauses and turns to approach, grinning crookedly at all the Candidates. "Not making you salute anymore?" he says, his voice a little bit Northern in its accent. "Kalsuoth could use a bath if you wanted another dragon to wash." See? He's /helpful/.

Kera shrugs. "I can help." Mur'dah's words get her attention and she just nods and salutes the rider "G'day sir, Kalsuoth." Polite head dip to the rider before peering to Innes "What are you scribbling this time?"

"You should make 'em give the golds a run for their money," Innes instructs with an exaggerated wink. She adjusts the bag that's over her shoulder, pulling out her notebook and pen and setting the empty satchel down on the sand. She promptly seats herself upon it, adjusting so buckles don't poke her in uncomfortable places. "They never made me salute," she answers cheekily to Mur'dah, but does offer him a wave instead. "Nice to see you again, brownrider." To Kera she says simply, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Garawan chuckles to Mur'dah. "If he would like." He's almost done with the blue anyway, just needs to rinse. They have an assembly line type thing going, with all the candidates, each candidate is doing something different. Garawan is scrubbing and rinsing the soap off. And at the mention of saluting, Garawan raises a hand to do just that. It looks rather silly thanks to the suds on his hand. Splat! And then a moment later he raises the other arm, using the crook of his elbow to wipe the suds and water off. To Kera, "Thank you… Could you help me with the washing? I find that sometimes it's difficult to reach certain places." Garawan's kind of little, after all. Innes's instructions get a smirk. "A very good idea. Or a very bad one, because if they glow there may be chasing."

Mur'dah chuckles. "I prefer hand washing," he admits, patting Kalsuoth's side to send the dark brown into the sea to soak. "With brushes you don't notice rough patches, or any cuts or scrapes you should be aware of." Glancing at Innes, the brownrider shrugs. "I don't care, personally, salute or not. Whatever the Weyrlingmasters want is fine with me. V'dim is pretty strict though, so. Might want to practice?" With Kalsuoth in the water now, the brownrider sits down and tucks his notebook away, wrapping his arms loosely around bent knees. "Feel free to climb on Kalsuoth," he offers. "He won't mind."

Kera nods to Garawan "Sure. I 'can't reach his back though." and dumps the contents of her bucket on the beach, several brushes tumble out. Grabbing one up and her bucket, she goes to the edge of the water, taking a deep breath before stepping in a few cold steps. Smirking and a quick shake of her head to Innes "Not really. I'll pass, for now. Not sure my brain can handle what you come up with next." That has her laughing before she looks to Mur'dah and Kalsuoth "How's the shell collection coming?" a little grin on her face as she steps towards Garawan and the blue, trying to reach a bit higher that Garawan couldn't.

Innes shrugs with one shoulder, dismissing any worries regarding V'dim and his feelings on salutes. "I'm aiming to not impress, so I'm not too worried about that," she announces, her lips curling in a smirk after she speaks. She laughs aloud at Garawan's worries, quick to shake her head. "I think they'd figure out the problem with that pretty quick, though. Bits and pieces don't fit quite right." She makes a vague sort of motion with her hand to indicate just how badly that would work out for everyone involved. Thankfully, it's not too lewd. The expression of amusement is still on her face as her gaze drops to her notebook and she jots down a couple of words. "No one will be able to handle what I come up with next, trust me."

Garawan listens to Mur'dah's statement of hand-washing versus brush-washing. And pauses. "Hm. I didn't think about that." Might do his hands good too… or whatever it is that keeps him thinking about there being stuff on his hands. "Maybe one brush and one hand?" he suggests. He'll do that then. As for climbing on Kalsuoth, "It might be necessary. Thank you." He smiles. Kera gets a nod. "I'll handle that. Can you get his wings? He can lower those so you can get the backs of them." And he'll half-climb, half-reach up so that he can get the brown's back. It's the highest point on the dragon's body, as well as being the most difficult to reach, so it's probably best to do that first. As for Innes's comment? "Perhaps, perhaps not," he says in a teasing fashion. "I'm told riders whose dragons end up together during a chase don't realize it until they wake up afterwards."

Kalsuoth sinks low in the water and extends his left wing for Kera, also offering a foreleg to Garawan to help him climb. This is a dragon that doesn't mind being touched. "Shell collection? It's fine," Mur'dah says, shrugging a bit. "If you're not wanting to impress, then why are you wasting your time standing?" Mur'dah asks Innes with a frown. "And the weyr's resources, and everyone else's time? That's stupid." Glancing at Garawan, and back to Innes, the brownrider shakes his head. "Depends on the rider, really. Some are very aware of what's going on. Others aren't."

Kera listens the conversation and sidesteps Garawan grinning to the other candidate "These brushes need longer handles huh?" as she begins on Kalsuoth's wind when he lowers it "Thanks Kalsuoth." Tossing some sand on the wing like she sees the other candidates doing, Kera starts scrubbing gently across the wing. Her eyes mainly stay focused on her task, with occassional glances around to the others. Innes is considered as she tosses up more sand, and Mur'dah begins questioning the other candidate.

"I meant the dragons. You know, if all of them were shiny and there was some confusion…" Innes trails off with one of those air waves of her hand, allowing her companions to infer the rest. Mur'dah gets a long, rahter hard look from her. Apparently, these two aren't meant to get along. "I'm not wasting the Weyr's resources, I'm actually adding to them by providing an additional source of labor, not to mention I've volunteered to work on further tasks." If one were to look closely, they'd see just how tightly she's holding her pen in her writing hand. Her tone, though, is remarkably even as she adds, "And I'm standing because a dragon wanted me to, obviously."

Garawan is wise enough to stay out of the conversation regarding Innes and standing. That's none of his business. Instead he turns his attention to the note of riders and their awareness during flights. "Though I would assume 'aware of' and 'able to control' are not mutually inclusive?" he inquires. Also a pause, to speak to Kalsuoth, "Ah, thank you." Hop up on the brown's back lightly, using the foreleg as a step. Fortunately Garawan is not really that heavy, and he's pretty quick. Kera's question gets a chuckle. "I think that's the idea— if they're longer, we don't have to work as hard to get the dragons clean." Scrub scrub scrub. He'll scrub an area firmly but gently with the brush, then run his hand on a circular, almost massaging motion behind where the brush had been to check for rough patches or anything the brush missed. He does pause to look between Mur'dah and Innes. Er… hm…

Mur'dah glances at Garawan and Kera to watch, and to nod. "Exactly. It's like being in a dream you have no control over. But again, some folks are more aware than others." Back to Innes, the brownrider frowns. "That's all well and good, but you could have said no. If you /do/ impress, you're going to be completely mentally unprepared. It's not a decision to take lightly. Candidacy is not some camp to go to just because someone invited you. This is a life long decision, here. If you don't /want/ it, then you should turn your knot in and help the weyr some other way."

Kera drags the brush back and forth and sometimes in little circles over Kalsuoth's wing. The conversation going on between the rider and candidate has the young healing peering up to Garawan from his backseat perch. One brow lifts at where that conversation is going but quickly ducks her head back to her task forcing a little laugh "Maybe, that or they like watching the candidates topple over when they get up where you are and over-reach." She tries to lighten the mood a bit, flashing Innes a glance, hoping the other will still be in the barracks later. "Hey Innes, wanna help Garawan up there? He still can't reach." Kera send an appologetic look to Garawan at the little jab over his height.

Innes rolls her eyes in Mur'dah's direction, making no attempt at hiding it. "You're such a stick in the mud. Didn't anyone ever teach you how to take a joke?" She's not doing a very good job of holding her tongue, although she is - shockingly - attempting it. "I'm not some idiot who wandered into the Weyr and decided on a whim that she'd take up an offer of candidacy. I know just what this life long commitment entails, so you can bet that I'm reluctant," she snaps, her gaze narrowed on the brownrider. Although she's still sitting down, her body leans in his direction, as though she's itching to get up in his face. "You should be more concerned with the candidates who are so excited by the idea of a dragon that they forget the fact that everything about their lives will change. Don't lecture me." Kera is spared a glance, and still angry, she immediately spits out, "I'm shorter than he is, how am I supposed to help?"

Garawan nods and offers a thoughtful 'hm' at the explanation of a rider's mind in flight. Though he keeps quiet for the time being to let Innes and Mur'dah hash out their problems. He also looks to Kera when she raises that brow at him, and nods. Yup, he can see it. And staying out of it is probably the best idea. Though when Kera suggests Innes help, he shakes his head a little. Might be better to wait until Innes has calmed down a little. Though he does consider Innes's words. She has a point; he's been concentrating so much on the two other candidacies— or was it three?— that he didn't Impress at. He's convinced he's not going to. Doesn't mean he would be upset if he did. But he hasn't prepared at all for the possibility of 'what if he did this time?' He had never done any preparing of that nature. "…She does have a point. Sort of. I haven't really prepared for that, and I've been through candidacy before. Twice, I think. I have not even thought about the possibility of ending up a rider. I was just so sure that I wouldn't that… well, you know."

Kalsuoth is a good dragon to wash, being so calm and easy to work with - and on. It's his rider that's the issue, as Mur'dah frowns at Innes. "You weren't saying it in a joking manner," he points out. "So I didn't take it as a joke. You tell a rider you're 'aiming to not impress' and that's going to ruffle some feathers and make some folks feel like you're just here for the hell of it." When she leans towards him, he lifts a brow and stays right where he is. "How do you now I'm not concerned with those candidates?" he asks her with a brow lifting. "Then don't be so flippant about Candidacy." Glancing up at Garawan, Mur'dah shrugs. "Ever think that was why you didn't impress?"

Kera rolls her eyes back to her task, tossing more sand on and scrubbing "You're really missing the point of my suggestion Innes." Leaving her to dig herself in deeper, Kera starts splashing water up on the wings to rinse them before moving on to another section of the brown's wing as she nods to Garawan's little epiphany. "I've never been a candidate before. But I've had several conversation with Ka'el about it. He's given me some lots to think about the last couple of turns."

Innes isn't trying to ignore her fellow candidates or dismiss them so quickly, but it's a little hard to focus on anything other than not slapping Mur'dah across the face at the moment. "It was a joke," she insists, spitting out each syllable with anger-fueled diction. "You don't know me or my reasons for anything, and you're making judgment calls. Any rider with any sense would ask questions instead of telling someone their decisions are stupid and they're wasting the Weyr's resources." Realizing the fact that she's rather precipitously in his direction, she straights up and sits stiff-backed atop her satchel. She takes a deep breath, and then says as pleasantly as she can manage, "I assume that you're not concerned with those candidates because that would be sensible, and you don't seem to have much skill for that."

"It could very well be," Garawan replies with a nod. "I'm not quite sure just how well dragons are able to communicate at hatching with those they haven't bonded with. Perhaps the un-readiness of my mind for the possibility is what did it. A self-fulfilling prophecy, somewhat." Moving to scrub where he was sitting, then turn around to scrub the back of where he was sitting. He's already soaked and soapy so he doesn't mind that much. Kera's words get a chuckle from Garawan. "Thank you, though." For trying to defuse the situation. He's keeping an eye on Innes though, just in case she goes farther with her anger than mere words. Hopefully she won't be /that/ mad, though…

Mur'dah shakes his head as he eyes Innes back. "Don't joke about that then, and we're good," he replies evenly. "And I'd suggest you stop insulting me as well. And you're making assumptions too, instead of asking questions," he says, turning her words back on her. "Just so happens I am concerned with /all/ the Candidates. This isn't a game." The Candidates + Mur'dah are down on the shore, Garawan and Kera climbing over Kalsuoth while Mur'dah and Innes exchange harsh words on the beach. And Bowyn isn't really here. She's sneaky like that.

Kera does her best not to stare at Innes like she has lost her mind. Shaking her head and casting glances to Garawan and the other candidates scrubbing dragons. Focusing mainly on the chore, her hand runs over the edge of the wing as she scrubs, as if feeling for the more rough spots by touch. Garawan's words make her pause and cast a curious glance up his way "Do you think they can really communicate like that before they are hatched?"

"At least my assumptions are based in observations," she retorts smugly. While her anger isn't quelled, she's attempting a different tactic at the moment. "Your assumptions are based on what, some inane need to defend riders to someone who clearly has some kind of interest in the lifestyle since she agreed to candidacy? Please." She flicks her wrist in his direction, letting her hand wave him away as some kind of annoyance. Very deliberately, she focuses on Kera and Garawan instead. "Don't fall off, now," she calls helpfully.

Kalsuoth is about to gain a bathing buddy! Well… not really, but Ujinath does come gliding in from the skies above and lands in the shallows nearby. Folding his wings neat and tight to his sides, the lean and nimble blue begins to wade over to where the dark brown is currently being washed. There is a low whuffle of greeting, a silent request for permission to settle and then the blue is plunking himself down. If Ujinath is out, then that usually means his rider is not far behind and sure enough, Kiena is striding down over the sand and stifling a jaw cracking yawn with the back of her hand. The Weyrsecond has been cooped up in her office for most of the day and now she has freedom! Freedom! Spying Mur'dah and Innes on the shore with Kera and Garawan not far off in the water with Kalsuoth. "G'day to you lot!" she calls, lifting her hand up to offer a lazy salute, followed by an equally crooked grin.

Garawan nods to Kera's question. He's leaving Mur'dah alone for now so he can concentrate on the concentration with Innes. "Once the eggs harden on the sands we'll be brought to touch them, and they'll be able to 'talk' to us that way. Sort of. The mind inside isn't formed enough to give us more than sensations and vague images at that stage. But prepared nontheless, it's a… an intense experience," he warns. He raises his head to Innes's warning, and then offers a thumbs-up (or whatever the Pernese equivalent is). "Almost finished up here," he replies. Ah, there's another dragon, too! Done with the scrubbing, Garawan slides down off of Kalsuoth's back and starts the rinsing process. To Ujinath, Garawan notes, "Want some help bathing?" He looks to Kiena. "If your rider doesn't mind?"

Mur'dah rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "My /comment/ was based on observation. You said something I disagreed with, I called you on it. The end." He watches that wrist flick with a scowl. "You really need to adjust your attitude," he mutters, before he's pushing himself to his feet and brushing off his black trousers. Charcoal grey turtleneck sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up past his elbows suggest he hasn't been riding recently, as he snaps off a heel clicking, formal salute to Kiena, grin crooked. "Weyrsecond," he says, dipping his head. "Is V'dim not requiring the Candidates to salute this time around?" Honest, innocent question. Promise. In the water, Kalsuoth rumbles a happy greeting to Unijath, extending his thoughts to brush against the blue's.

Kera considers Garawan and lifts a brow as if finding that hard to believe, and murmurs 'talking eggs..' Looking back to the Wing, she makes another few swipes before rinsing. All the candidates are trying to pretend they are not paying attention to the argument, paying too much attention to their tasks. A dragon landing nearby catche sher attention and she squints to see who it is. Canting her head towards the beach and spotting Kiena, she waves a scrub brush at the bluerider, and gives a sloppy salute with her free hand, since it seems to be a pet peeve of Mur'dah's. "G'day Weyrsecond."

Innes has successfully compartmentalized her anger at least, but it's still simmering there under the surface. "You should adjust yours," she says dismissively. "I didn't have an attitude until you decided to be insulting." The arrival of another dragon temporarily distracts her, and she cranes her neck to find the rider. Oh, she knows that face. The wave and smile she offers is pleased, but the expression sours as she overhears Mur'dah's question. "Really?" Another roll of her eyes, before she says sweetly, "You get back to me on that answer, Mur'dah. I have to go waste the Weyr's resources and everyone else's time." With that, the redhead gets to her feet and shoves her belongings into her bag, brushing the sand off of it as she does. She slings it over her shoulder and heads from the beach, calling a farewell to her fellow candidates and offering Kiena another wave as she passes.

Kiena comes to a slow stop, blue eyes darting from Mur'dah to Innes and back again. She quirks a brow at the brownrider, her grin settling to more of a crooked smirk now. "This a test?" she drawls before sobering. "Saluting has always been expected of Candidates, if not just a sign of respect. Age old tradition, if you want to look at it that way too. Not something V'dim has a say over really…" Or does he? Kiena has to frown for a moment as she scrabbles to consider how much push the Weyrlingmaster has. Sensing she may have missed something or arrived on the tail end of it, she simply holds her tongue but that does not keep her from frowning suspiciously though dipping her head politely to Innes as she waves on her way by. So… "What was that about?" she mutters to Mur'dah while waving to Kera. "G'day Kera! How're you?" she calls out to where the Candidate is still busy with washing Kalsuoth. To Garawan, the Weyrsecond grins. "You can go ahead, but go slow and carefully. It takes awhile to gain Ujinath's trust!" she warns him and though the blue has arranged himself comfortably, it's very clear he's being watched closely by the blue.

Garawan chuckles at Kera's disbelief. "You'll see," he replies. He also salutes to the Weyrsecond— it's a splat-salute due to being wet and soapy, but it's a salute nonetheless. "Weyrsecond." And Innes's parting gets a call of, "See you later!" in return. To Kiena, he notes, "I'm sorry, Weyrsecond, that was my fault. The question about the salute. It slipped my mind when I was washing one of the dragons and I forgot to." Ujinath is eyed slightly, with mock suspicion. Though Garawan chuckles as well. Once he's finished washing and rinsing Kalsuoth, he'll look to Ujinath. First getting close so he doesn't overwhelm the dragon with his presence, letting the blue get used to 'him' before trying to touch him.

Mur'dah rolls his eyes and snorts when Innes bails. Rank is here, time to run away? "That's what I thought," he murmurs. "I think the Candidates - that one in particular - need to be reminded of that. And I'll tell you later," he adds, glancing around the semi-crowded beach. "Over an ale." Glancing at Garawan, he shakes his head. "Not your fault. It's not your responsibility to remind the others to salute." Shoving his hands into his pockets, he rocks back onto his heels a bit. "Actually, I have a few things to discuss with you," he murmurs aside to Kiena. "So an ale later, if you're free. And they've done a great job with Kalsuoth. He's very pleased." See the dark brown arch his neck and rumble with happiness? Happy dragon.

Kera finishes splashing water over the brown's wing "Everyone keeps saying that to me lately. You'll see….you'll see…. I'm starting to dislike those two words." and steps back out of the dragon's way "How's that Kalsuoth?" Peering from the brown to Mur'dah, waiting to see if she missed any spots. Though her question may have been missed since the brownrider is distracted with Innes. Kiena's question draws a smile "I'm good thanks. Yourself and Ujinath?" She gives a quick dip of her head to the blue who made her a candidate. "Being careful at your forge I hope." And there goes Innes stalking off. Maybe Kera can catch up with her other candidate later.

A'ven arrives some distance away on Glyith. He looks a little worn out but his smile is still there. The pair lands quickly, the dragon seemingly wanting to get to the water quickly. A'ven glances down the beach, noticing the small crowd, which is not that unusual for this time of day. He waves, and begins to walk that direction with the determined trudge of someone who's been on his feet a while. "Hello everyone.", he says, brightly enough. "Did I miss a meal? I had no intention of being gone so long." He looks about and starts to register who's there. The new Weyrsecond gets a smile and nod, "Congratulations, I think." he says with a sardonic twist to his grin "May you get out from behind your desk as much as possible.", he says with a little bow. He catches Mur'dah's mention of ale at the last moment and he looks pleased at the notion but realizes the invitation was not to him so his face recomposes quickly. "Shells, Kalsuoth lookd clean." he catches on to what's happening. "Glyith will be jealous."

Glyith's wistful rumble is heard in the distance and he trundles into the water.

Kiena cants her head a bit to the side when Garawan apologizes, holding off on an answer while waiting to see if Mur'dah elaborates. He sort of does or at least the Weyrsecond is capable of cobbling together enough of an idea of what may have occurred. "Don't worry about it," she says to Garawan, yet the same seemingly is extended to the brownrider. "We all forget sometimes. Even I'm a bit ah… lax on it and well…" She probably shouldn't be! Lowering her head, Kiena listens quietly to Mur'dah and then nods, looking both curious and concerned when she glances sidelong to him. "Sure. I'm free later tonight if that works?" she murmurs. "I promised the girls I'd have dinner with them. But I'd not mind meeting for ale afterwards." As for the bathing of Kalsuoth, Kiena's grin returns. "He does seem rather pleased. Maybe they'll get Ujinath to relax enough to actually enjoy the bath." Which may just be her way of saying 'good luck'! "We're doing well, thank you for asking Kera. And yes, I have been careful!" she muses to the Candidate, only to look up curiously to A'ven's approach and arrival. Chuckling dryly, she dips her head in a low and respectful nod. "G'day to you and no, you haven't, but thank you and trust me, I do intend to escape on a regular basis." Read: Very often. "Why doesn't Glyith join?" she asks curiously. Ujinath meanwhile is allowing Garawan to approach and eventually the Candidate will be deemed 'safe' and thus can proceed safely.

"I'm glad he's pleased," Garawan replies. "I've washed a few dragons, I'm glad I still remember how." Kera's words get a grin from Garawan. "It's merely because it's easier to show you than to tell you. And if you stay in candidacy they'll eventually show you. There's WASHING going on here when A'ven and Glyith arrive! Presumably, if Ujinath has allowed Garawan to touch him yet. Once he's deemed 'safe', Garawan will start the washing process, with a gentle hand. And a gentle brush, too. Like he'd done with Kalsuoth, scrubbing gently with the brush and then going back over it with a circular, massaging motion of his free hand to check for rough spots and places he missed.

Kalsuoth rumbles contentedly, gently moving away from the Candidates so he can go rinse off and soak in deeper waters. Mur'dah grins. "Thanks," he calls to Kera and Garawan with a nod, before he's nodding to the older bronzerider, too. "Where were you?" he asks curiously. "Later then," he agrees to Kiena, with a smile. "Twins doing well?"

A'ven nods, glad that he didn't miss a meal after all. "Excellent!" "After sweeps Glyith said we should go exploring a bit… I couldn't argue, it's high time we got our bearings around here. Can't say I spent much time at Xanadu except when I was a transport rider, and that was long ago now, nearly 20 Turns." He agrees with Kiena, "It's essential to get out and about, I feel… dragons should never be on the ground too long!" He settles into the sand, "I'm sure Glyith will be joining us presently for a proper scrubbing." he says, "Once he's sure this water can be trusted." Here his eyes dance as with some private joke. "It won't be long… he's just a coward when it comes to water — unless it's familiar. Give him a Turn or two and he'll settle in."

Kera chuckles and nods to Kiena "That's good to hear. Cause I won't be able to stitch ya up as quickly for a little while. Not that I couldn't still patch you up, but without a Journeyman overseeing…" She gives an appologetic wince. "..I could get in alot of trouble over that I think." Moving closer to the blue she looks between the Dragon and other candidate "Want a extra pair of hands Ujinath. Hopefully, it won't take too long to be considered 'safe' enough to approach. That thought suddenly has the healer candidate laughing to herself as if she just heard a very funny joke. Stifling her amusement with some effort, she glances around to the Journeyrider and smile with a waving salute.

"The twins are doing fine and are adjusting, as I knew they would." Kiena murmurs quietly to Mur'dah and with a smile that broadens briefly before sobering. Glancing up to Kera, the Weyrsecond laughs gruffly. "Don't worry about it! Shells, it's fine. I've mended, see?" She'll hold up the hand in question again and wriggle her fingers. All intact! "And I'd never put you in a position like that, Kera." Kiena knows far better than that. Ujinath appears to be enjoying the attention from Garawan and the blue stretches out with a low rumble and sigh. Okay, so maybe Kalsuoth was right all along! "Keep doing what you're doing, Garawan! He's liking that. And go ahead, Kera! He's settled himself now." He won't bite, honest! To A'ven, Kiena chuckles again and grins, giving him a longer sidelong look this time. "Now that I can agree with! No dragon or rider should be on the ground long. Need to find a balance! I've always been very big on balance…" She pauses to glance back out towards the waters again. "Really? I thought all dragons liked water…" So speaks the bluerider who's dragon is the definition of anti-social.

Garawan nods to Mur'dah's thanks, saluting once more. He remembered! "I'm just glad we did so good a job." He chuckles to A'ven's words. "Ah, that's all right, Ujinath needs his bath too, so Glyith has time to get settled in." He smiles, his words and expression kind and understanding. To Kera, "Letting him sort of… feel your 'there-ness' might help. Though since he knows you…" He trails off, when Kiena mentions that Ujinath is settled now. "Oh, that makes things easier then." A chuckle and to Kiena, "Yes ma'am," he confirms. Scrub scrub scrub… wax on wax off— er… yeah.

Mur'dah whistles softly. "It takes him /turns/ to trust water? Shards," the brownrider murmurs, watching the bronze with curious interest. Grinning at the Candidates, he smiles at Kiena with another nod. "Good. I'm glad they are."

Kera nods again to Kiena with a grin "Good to know Weyrsecond." Giving the blue a few minutes to settle, she approaches Ujinath and starts with one side of his neck and works her way along scrubbing and rinsing what she can. She cants her head at Garawan, snickering a little "Thereness? I thought only Harper's could make up words like that."

A'ven takes a moment to reassure Kera, "I certainly won't stop you from patching people up Kera.", he says genially. "If someone trusts your skill enough to allow you to treat them, I would say you can handle yourself pretty well for most things." He adds, "However, I am always here for you, if you need me." His nod is genuine. "I'm just pleased to see the Healercraft so well represented here." Glyith has been working his way steadily closer to the group, perhaps deciding that he can and should have a 'proper' bath. "There you see, maybe it won't take him Turns after all." "When he was young it was worse." he comments.

"I don't even want to know what Weyrlinghood must have been like then, if he wouldn't tolerate bathing…" Kiena drawls to A'ven with a slight smirk. She had her own trials with Ujinath too, which seem to have followed him to a degree as an adult. Yet like her, he's mellowing out a bit with age. Glancing to Mur'dah, she'll give the brownrider a slight nudge to the side to gain his attention. What ever happened to a cough or clearing ones throat? "So how've you been?" she asks, before flashing another quick grin to A'ven. "Healers here are some of the best!" The Weyrsecond would know, given she's had to see them frequently over the last bit thanks to her Smithing incident. Ujinath exhales gustily as he's tended to by Garawan and Kera both, stretching out again and settling more on his side and the lids of his eyes begin to slip shut. Kiena whistles softly from the shore, "Dunno what you guys are doing so differently, but keep it up and he'll be sleeping in no time!" she informs them with a laugh. This is apparently a good thing!

Mur'dah grins crookedly at Kiena, nudging him back. "Fine," he answers, before he rolls his shoulders and stretches. "I've got some paperwork to get done. See you all later," he says, tossing up a salute for the Weyrsecond. While Kalsuoth lumbers to the beach to nap away the rest of the sun, Mur'dah turns and strides up the sands towards the forest and back to work.

Kera looks from her scrubbing to A'ven, flashing a greatful grin to the healingrider. "Hopefully, I won't have too many injuries happen." Nodding to A'ven "Yes sir, Apprentice Perri was searched as well. I'm not sure where she was posted before." A little shrugs lifts her shoulders and she goes back to Working towards the blue's shoulder. Pausing she leans her head close to the dragon, squinting her eyes as she tries to listen better. After a few seconds, she stands and peers over to the group. Seeing Mur'dah waving, she wave as he retreats down the beach then looks back to Kiena "Is he snoring? Cause it almost sounds like he could be." She referring to the dragon she's scrubbing of coarse.

Glyith glides in, perhaps thinking that one or two helpful scrubbing hands might just happen to brush past his hide. Why should blues get all the fun? His once-lidded eyes are quite bright, even alert, as he nervously just floats there. "Perri was Searched eh?" "Excellent!" He seems quite zealous for his Craft, for a rider. He returns to a comment Kiena made earlier, "His Weyrlinghood wasn't too bad… but yeah, the water thing was horrid. For a while, he would only bathe in a certain lake near Eastern. Can you imagine? I guess it's good, I got a lot of betweening practice but… well, Western and here have spoiled me for warm… I don't mind occasional snow, but…" He turns back to Kera, "You know, you may not be that many Turns from Journeyman yourself. Have you started thinking about a project you might do?" "I know the other Masters look kindly on Apprentices who give back to the Craft before they walk the tables."

"Perri?" Kiena echoes the name and curiously so, only to then frown when she realizes she's fallen behind on keeping tabs of the newest Candidates. Some Weyrsecond she's turning out to be! "The Healercraft won't mind is poaching so many Apprentices, will they?" she muses, only to listen politely to A'ven. She chuckles and shakes her head, "You're right, I could only imagine how'd that be! Suppose it does pay off if you at least gained some practice from it. Ujinath never troubled me about baths or oiling. His difficulties were… for other things," she murmurs with a slight shrug of her shoulders. Laughing, she gives Kera a sidelong look. "Could be!" she agrees and Ujinath snorts. He does not snore! "And he says you've done a very good job but he wishes to lay in the sand now." And undo all their work! Selfish blue. "Thanks, Kera and you too Garawan!" Wherever the second Candidate has gone. Kiena begins to shift on her feet then, glancing back towards the Weyr. "I've best be going too. My freedom is short lived these days… It was good to see you both again." she murmurs, blue eyes drifting from Kera to A'ven before she nods her head in a dip of farewell. "Enjoy the rest of your day!" And off the Weyrsecond goes, offering a quick salute much as Mur'dah had done though hers is followed by an amused grin.

Kera grins as she works along the blue's side, rinsing off what she can reach. While the riders chat among themselves, Kera stretches up on her toes, trying to peer over the blue back to Garawan. The other candidate seems to be scrubbing along quietly. Smiling and sending a quick wave towards the other scrubber. Attention goes back to A'ven. Watching him a few seconds, she flicks her gaze to the Weyrsecond before nodding agreeably to A'ven's question. "I've been puttering an idea around. Some preventative measures….but I'm not sure my ideas will go over very well with many." Instead of going into detail she simply gives a little shrug but smiles it off. Kiena gets a wave, then a quick salute as she remembers to do so. All this saluting is gonna put her eye out of she forgets what's she happens to be holding at the time. "You're welcome Weyrsecond. Have a g'evening." She looks towards the floating bronze. Darting her gaze around, she frowns at the drastically dwindled number of candidates and looks back to A'ven "Can he come closer so I can reach him better?"

Glyith does indeed float closer through a clever use of his tail and a shifting of his shoulders. He slips underneath the surface for a moment to get wet and then bobs up again, playfully. Apparently he's not as nervous now that the crowd has kind of thinned. A'ven asks those remaining, "Didn't the eggs clutch recently? I think I heard that. I'll have to have a look.", he says, "It's something I never get tired of… although, I'm afraid his…" and here he gestures ruefully toward Glyith, "… egg is the one I remember most. Quite plain really… for such a huge guy it was a very small way to start." He fidgets with the carry-all on Glyith and pulls out some meatrolls. "I'm sorry, I had that long sweep… and then after I was delayed." "I have to eat something. Anyone else hungry?", he asks, offering.

Kera watches as Glyith drifts closer, vanishes then reappears much closer when he surfaces. "G'afternoon Glyith." She greets politely, cause it would be just plain rude to start poking an prodding on a conscious patient without asking. "Any spot really itchy ya want me to work on first?" Peering back to A'ven and nod "Yes sir. Soriana's Luraoth clutched recently." Her eyes brighten a bit "There is a really neat looking egg. Sorta looks like wood, only blue. Interesting angles and lines." Switching the brush to her other hand, she seems thoughtful "What did you do for your project sir?"

A'ven chuckles and blushes a little as he recalls his project, "I organized a mobile health fair. We traveled to all the Weyrs and Holds that would have us and inoculated littles, gave clinics, and first aid demonstrations — and fixed a few injuries along the way. Glyith rolls onto his tummy so his dorsal side is exposed. Apparently that side needs more attention, or perhaps his tummy is just a bit more tender.

Kera blinks at the response, head canting a little as she steps closer to the bronze once he's settles on his tummy. Tossing a few handfuls of sand where needed, she begins to scrub gently in mostly circular motions. As she works, frequent glances are sent towards the Journeyrider. "How did your program go over with people? Did you find Weyrfolk to be more resistant to your efforts compared to Holders?" She gestures generally around with the scrubber to take in the whole of the Weyr and glances around before lowering her voice a bit "Cause unless something is about to fall off, or there is alot of blood, I've observed riders avoid infirmary and even healers to an extent like we were contagious."

A'ven nods seriously, "It's a real problem." He agrees, "We, as a Craft need to work on getting more people to seek help." "There are quite a few people who just… don't come to see a Healer until it's too late… or at least, a lot more difficult to treat them." "I find it particularly sad in Pediatrics because the parents stay away and in some cases frighten their chidren and then, those children grow up frightened. If you really want to do something that matters, find a way to get people in early and often… especially when they're young." "Prevention is a lot easier than cure." He looks over to Garawin, "I'm sorry, if I start talking too much Craft, just let me know. I know that non-healers don't like to hear all the details a lot of the time." His eyes wrinkle happily. "If you get me started…"

Kera sighs with a nod "And some who are quite vocal about their dislike of the craft." Shrugging it off after a moment, the healer turned candidate adds more sand to where she's scrubbing along. "It's unfortunate how true that is. What you learn young carried over and you get set in your ways." Her scrubbing pauses as she considers the Journeyman's words. "That's a very good point. I'm not very good with little children though." Brush continues moving again as Kera falls into a thoughtful silence as A'ven appologizes to Garawan.

Glyith rumbles contentedly and sinks just a little bit to rinse off. A'ven smiles, happy that his friend is getting such good attention and seems to be more comfortable. "Don't let me keep you in the water too long, it's getting colder these days." He notes. "We really should be getting along too. I still need a proper meal."

Kera works her way along the bronze, getting everywhere she can reach before stepping back. When she steps out of the water, a breeze lets her know just how chilly it's getting. "Errberrr." Chuckling at the odd sound the breeze drug out of her, Kera laughs and gathers up the buckets and brushes she brought. "I think you're right. I'm gonna go try and soak in all the heat from the springs." Waving to the bronzepair "You two have a good evening." Another wave, she she's hurrying back to get warm then dry.

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