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The Docks
The main dock of Xanadu Weyr has a T shape, the central pier extending out and then splitting into two branches. That central dock extends slightly past the branching, making a square often used as a staging area for supplies or simply as a spot to sit and relax.
Pointed away from the main beach, there's the dock where ships moor. The fishing vessels who make their home here are joined by trading ships and the occasional personal craft, bobbing on the waves.
In the other direction, there's an area used by the dolphineers. There's a shack with supplies, extra fins and breathing gear hung against the outside, and a large raft moored to the dock near a ladder. It floats low in the water, easy to clamber on or off, and on it is a Dolphin Bell, the rope dangling into the water to let the dolphins summon their crafters.

The summer that refused to end, seriously when will the heat let up? Late morning in Xanadu and the ocean is calm, it's HOT, and docks activities are at the usual bustle. The temperature is slowing everyone down this morning. That's especially hard when you refuse to wear anything but a heavy full-length skirt and long sleeve blouse, by nevertheless Evangeline persists. Fishing is not her idea of fun, nor something the young Weaver would have done frequently. Sitting on the edge of the dock, legs crisscrossed under her rear, she has a fishing pole laying in her lap with no real idea what she is doing. The fishing line is in a knot next to her, and small hands have all but given up on fixing any of the mess. She is staring out at sea, willing time to move faster. Next to her is an open tack box full of hooks and a small jar of worms that get a disgusted stare every few minutes.

Fishing normally isn't Rhodelia's idea of a pleasant time either, but when the alternative may be a somewhat hostile and way too crowded office, the fishes start to look real good. The older candidate may be late, but she isn't coming empty handed. Instead of a pole, the woman carries an armful of a very fine meshed net, right down to the edge of the dock. When she spots the overly dressed Evangeline and her pole, she tilts her head to the side as she drops the net near her own feet, working on untangling it a bit. "You didn't ask for the easy way, did you?"

Evangeline sighs with frustration, turning to look at Rhodelia with interest. Pressing her hands against the dock and unfolding upward, so she is standing, she says, "No one ever mentioned an easy way.." Her eyes go to the nets and back to the older candidate, "Can I use one?" The query is cautious, fishing pole leaned against the dock railing, and the knot of fishing line stared at like it might bite her. "Um, we could- MAYBE, do it together?" Asking softly, her head turning one way then another. There's a small bounce to her. "Unless you um- well." Both shoulders go up, and she wiggles a bit, even in the weather, staying still is not her strong suit.

Rhodelia raises an eyebrow as she considers and gives a second lookover of Evangeline's heavy skirted getup. "You could give it a try but the skirts might get in the way." She gives a shrug. "But I can't really toss it with you there… and I guess I could use some help with reeling it in? If I catch anything." While she may be claiming this is easier, she's making no guarantees that she is actually competent at this. She has gotten most of the net untangled. There appears to be some weights and a line of some sort she's holding tight in her left hand as well.

Any plan that leads to Evangeline not having to touch worms seems to be a positive, "I can help, I mean.. I don't have anything else to wear, but I can help reel it in." Moving closer to where Rhodelia is standing, she looks over the net set up; she might as well be trying to do astrophysics, but the curiosity is there. "Are you ready for the eggs to hatch?" There's a small bounce at the mention of the eggs, especially it being the topic of the moment for anyone and everyone in Xanadu. Arms crossing over her chest, the sea is looked out at, "Do you think Dragonriders spend a lot of time fishing? Or fixing missing boards in stairs? Or running. Some of this stuff seems less dragon. To me." The quiet tenor of Evi's voice sounds curious, except for the running part. It's obvious she thinks running is totally useless. "If you show me, though, I'll do my best."

"Ready or not, they're coming," Rhodelia is matter of fact about the whole thing as she continues to ready herself for operation fish. Before she actually casts, she pauses at the series of question. "What do you think dragonriders actually do? Not like there's actually Thread any more, so have to find other ways to earn their keep. Knowing how to fix things is always handy. All the scrubbing doesn't just make the headwoman happy, but can build up muscles for scrubbing a growing dragon. Stables? It takes months before the dragons learn to go between." And there's poop. Oh so much baby dragon poop. But with a deep breath, Rhody stands actually ready and gives a nod to Evangeline. "Stand back…" Even with that warning, the older woman spends more time trying not to hit her fellow candidate with her throw than on the actual throwing and so the distance is…. less than impressive. The net doesn't even fully unfold before landing with a splash a few feet in front of them. "Can we call that a practice round?" Cause right now, the score is looking like Fish 1, Candidates 0.

Rocking back and forth from her heels to her toes Evangeline pops her lips out with a POP sound, listening to Rhodelia her eyes taking in the blonde Candidate and lips rolling in and out. "There's a lot more to it, then. I guess. I mean, Nana use to deliver packages and people. She helped builders." Several steps are taken back as she gets ready to cast the net, but not enough to put her out of the line of fire, and she grimaces as the significant net lands crooked. "Can I help at all? Like, could we through it together?" Evi grabs the rope to help reel in the misbegotten net, willing to get her hands dirty in the name of not having to do more. "Um, Rhodelia, so- If this is too personal, I am so sorry- Just. Can I ask, why did you stay here after not impressing? Why not try another Weyr?" Voice is all childish curiosity, and she works to reel in the net, after living near Evi for months Rhody might not be surprised by her babbling it's been pretty standard.

Seeing as there are no fish struggling against the net, the whole reeling it in thing is easier than Rhodelia may have made it seem. Hands will get more wet than actually dirty, but doesn't take long to get it dockside again. "I'm not sure if we can actually throw it together, but if you want to try…" She'll hold out the net and give a shrug. "Just make sure you don't let go of the lead." That's the voice of experience talking. Many previous candidacies, that net may have gone flying. There's another shrug for the personal questions. "It wasn't like I ever set out to be a candidate. Was just arguing with Nessalyn about flying forks and face tattoos when D'lei offered the knots so I took it." How can someone say no to an offer like that? "And afterwards, just went back to doing what I did before. Going to a different Weyr… you have to figure out a whole new set of people. Here… I had the Wherry. Folks knew I controlled the booze." It was a pretty good life. Then she had to go and say yes to Risali's request for help and things got more complicated than bartending, but still good.

As the net comes back into the dock, Evangeline rubs her wet hands off on her shirt. The offer of the net gets a long pause, eyes examining the length of it, and she takes it with a shrug. Suddenly she takes a step back; the 15 turns old is not strong and has enough athletic skill in her body to lift her cats. "I can hold onto it." Maybe. There are massive amounts of doubt in her tone, and she tries to imitate what Rhodelia did the first time. "N'on picked me up in Monaco, but before Monaco I um.. I lived in half moon. Monaco wasn't home." The drop off in her tone indicates this might not be home either, it's weird not knowing where you are going to be in a month. Backing up, she makes to throw the net, putting all her effort into it, but it does not unfold almost at all and looks like the saddest squid. At least she did not let go of the end, "Shards." She mutters under her breath and starts reeling it in. "I'm sorry." Blushing at her failure while trying to quickly get the net in a place where they can try again. The fish are laughing at them.

Not letting go is at least a huge victory and Rhodelia lets out a tiny sigh of relief. Based on attire, she's pretty sure she'd be the one having to fetch any runaway nets from the water and not the kid with the practically weighted skirts. "I can give it a try again?" She'll hold out her hand in case Evangeline wants to relinquish the net and if not… she can certainly try again herself! "I'm not from Xanadu either," While Rhody might not advertise her own past, her accent is clear enough of Northern origins. "If you already have expectations of what home is supposed to be, you might be overlooking something that doesn't meet what you thought it should be? Xanadu isn't Half Moon. And it's not Monaco, but does it need to be?" With all this talking and net tossing, the fish might not even be laughing. They may have all decided to go on vacation from the girls who seemed to miss the memo about being quiet least you scare the fishes away.

Assuming Evangeline might know ANYTHING about fish is a giant leap, there's not a single shred of evidence she was ever outside before coming to Xanadu. For that reason, alone quiet is not happening. Handing the net back to Rhodelia, Evi steps way back, giving plenty of room while wiping her hands continuously on her shirt. Water wet, wet ew. The logic of the older girl catches the younger off guard, brows knitting together and lips pursing out as the gerbils that run her mental faculties. "Um- I only lived in one place, my whole life." That's not an untypical experience, "People here are, nice. It's- a lot." The nice is slowly drawn out as if possibly the word should be another word entirely. A deep sigh and a bounce, releasing all that pent up energy that runs rampant through the teen girl. "I am going to stand wayyyy over here, so you have room." She moves 10 good feet away. "Ok." Indicating that in her opinion, she is far enough to avoid injury or mucking up the project for the third time.

"You live here, at least for now," Rhodelia can straighten out facts as well as she can straighten out the net, making sure it's not tangled before she gets ready for the next cast. This time however, things finally go a bit better. The net doesn't precisely go sailing, but it can at least unfurl into a full circle before it starts sinking and she gives it a tug back, but not fully reeling in just yet. "Afterwards, some folks stay and others go. Nobody is going to force you to do either. You could go to Boll? Surely some weaver or other you might want to study with?" Teeny tiny amount at a time, she begins slowly reeling the net in, just in case there is an actual fish in the net.

The weaver jumps up and down as the net lands, her hands clapping together in glee. Evi, for her part, is an excellent cheerleader, "You did it!" All of the excitement of a person who has never been told not to express her happiness. "I would love to move to Boll, there are techniques that I can't learn anywhere else." It's true, to be in the presence of a master weaver, she will have to travel. "Nana lives here, Da lives in Ista, but he and Kima has six already. Nana wants me to stay." The complicated relationship for a child who really is everyone's and no ones all at the same time. "When do we know if we got fish?" Sticking her head forward and wiggling her shoulders, "And how many do we need?" Right now, Evi is desperately praying the answer is 1, it's hot. "Do people ever leave and come back? Could I go to Boll and see if they will let me stand again in a few turns?" The girl needs to keep her options open.

Rhodelia did something it's true. Whether that something was it remains to be seen as the net comes up. She hauls it out of the water to reveal a grand total of ONE FISH and it's barely a fish at all. Definitely smaller than Rhody's hand and possibly even smaller than her finger. "Unless you have a hungry firelizard, I think this little guy needs some more time to bake." In the ovens of the water, not an actual oven. And unfortunately for Evangeline, she gives a shrug for the quantity. "I think it's more of an amount of effort than a 'how many do we need' situation." If they catch too many, the Weyr can always smoke the fish. Or pickle it. Although odds of getting too many from their efforts seem pretty low at the moment. As for the last, she shrugs. "I'm pretty sure Keruthien did. I'm sure others have as well. Don't go getting yourself married or maimed or become a renegade and probably."

"Is there a time limit? Maybe we have hit it." Evangeline wonders quietly, very much hoping they can quit this venture. The one fish seems to bring a spark of joy, that quickly dies out. "I'll have to ask Keruthien, I like that idea." The idea that maybe her whole life is not sitting on eggs waiting to try and murder her sometime this month, maybe. Everything Rhodelia says is given a small nod, "I would not have any idea how to become a renegade." Head shaking swiftly as she waits for further instruction, or maybe on the hope they can call it quits soon enough. Settling herself to helping straighten out the net, incase they want to throw it out one more time she sighs, sweat running down her hairline. "Do you think they know if we take a break?" A nice permanent one.

Rhodelia takes a quick glance up at the sky where the sun has barely even moved. "We're not even close to lunch time yet…" Presumably this is only a morning chore and after lunch they can disperse to other duties. As for the confusion on becoming a renegade, the older woman grins. "I hear that finding out is half the fun!" Probably not an actual attempt to corrupt the youth, but a little teasing just for fun. As for a break, she gives another shrug. "If you have to take a bathroom break, I'm certainly not going to stop you." Rhody's certainly taken her own fair share and then some of unnecessary breaks, but this morning at least she seems content enough to keep trying to toss that net. Whether or not she actually catches any fish and also whether or not the other candidate returns from whatever break she takes. At some point well before actual lunch, she'll call it quits but until then…. happy fishing!

A glance is spared for her watch, and Evangeline sighs because time has been moving like a snail stuck to the sidewalk in winter. "You're right, well, ok." The comments about the renegades make her blush and then grimace a bit. Some stray memory finds her for a moment the joyful face is serious, "I think I met one, once. He was a bronzerider." There's probably more to this story of the renegade bronzerider, but nothing more will be offered up. Despite the offer of a beautiful bathroom break that could become a brunch break, that hey could become an indoors type day, the girl remains with Rhody and her attempt to catch fish. Offering up help where she can, and only complaining about the normal amount. Eventually, lunch will be a welcome relief; this outdoorsy life certainly demands a lot.

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