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Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Idrissa has no idea what time it is, she's been back and at the infirmary for a few hours now. Enough to get wounds tended too, some food and rest, though now she is mostly awake. Her right forearm is bandaged along with her hands, other areas on her person is bandaged and she is a bit stiff as she doesn't want to move from her spot curled up upon her side under some blankets. A green and blue firelizard is close to her, the blue one looking a bit ratty as well, he has claw scratches and a hurt wing that has also been tended too.

Enough for the news to spread, at least a little. Enough for her first visitor to arrive. Soriana doesn't even have to say who she's looking for, when she shows up at the infirmary. She just has to have that hopefully eager facial expression, and an apprentice is pointing the way back to where Idrissa's resting. Sori makes her way there, her hands behind her back with one holding the wrist of the other. Yay! Idrissa's alive. Not only that, she's awake. Uhm. What does she say now? She hesitates a moment, then settles on, "Hey."

Idrissa hears the movement but doesn't look up right away, she is that tired it seems, though soon enough her bright gaze drifts towards Soriana and she watches her a few moments seeming unsure what to say. "Hey." Is said with a soft tone while she slowly shifts, even with the felis she was given there is stil some pain, which is seen as she winces. Ripley hisses out but soon calms down once he is allowed to curl up within his persons lap. "I was wondering if you would come." There is a slight pause. "I'm glad you did." She has missed her friends.

"Of course I came!" says Soriana, with just a tiny bit of indignation that Idrissa might think she wouldn't… and then a deflating sigh because, well, she knows Idrissa, and she knows the terms their last conversation on was about. She looks away, reaching for a chair and pulling it closer to sit backwards on. "I came as soon as I heard. I'm gonna have to go back and cover Erak's shift, though." She shrugs, then takes a closer look. "You doing okay? Need anything?"

Idrissa smiles a bit and nods while she looks down to her hands a moment. "I know… I'm sorry lots happened an all since then." Since they last talked and with her getting lost in the wilds for a while there. "I'm sorry about how I left that night. I shouldn't have acted that way." She is actually not looking at Soriana as she says this, her left shoulder looks to be bandaged under her shirt that is a bit too big on her proving it isn't hers.

Soriana shakes her head. "No, I mean… we should have told you. I mean, I thought, but… I should have made sure. I'm sorry." Her gaze is drawn to the bandages, looking at them more than she does the other girl's face, and she frowns at them.

Idrissa waves a hand slightly, she takes in a soft breath and hugs the little blue to her a few moments. "I should have figured it out. You all spent lots of time with one another an all." There is a pause and she peers over towards Sori. "I don't care that it happened, or what is going on. I'mfine with it, just wish you guys would have told me so I would have some idea."

Soriana keeps her frown at first, and then as she looks up again and meets gazes with Idrissa, she smiles. "Well, from now on, I'll be sure and tell you, okay?" she says. There will be Girl Talk! Kale should start running… now. She grins a little, but then the grin fades as she reaches out and brushes her fingers against the back of Rissa's hand. "We were both really worried about you."

Idrissa smiles while she looks back to Soriana and nods. "Alright, thta'll work." This said softly at the idea, girl talk indeed! "I'm sorry, we tryed to get back so many times…" There is a pause and she takes in a soft breath, the touch to her hand is felt. "I bet I look like crap."

Soriana smirks briefly. "Oh, and here I thought you were lost on purpose!" she says, then laughs with a shake of her head. "I'm just glad they finally found you," she says in serious tone again, and her fingers fall away. "Yeah," she says bluntly. "You really do, but it looks like the kind of crap where you'll get better, not the kind of crap where things are going to get worse." So says her newly-trained clinical eye. Admittedly, Idrissa is a person and not a dragon, but nevertheless.

Idrissa chuckles softly at that and smiles while watching her friend a few moments. "Gee, that is sure nice of you too say." This said with an amused tone. "Well I hope so. I mean, ther then some scars I guess i'll be alright." She eyes her bandaged hands a moment, her head lowering a bit. "I don't ever want to go camping again either."

Right. Idrissa is not so far gone as to lack a sense of humor! This is a good sign, and Soriana grins to her for a moment, before taking another look over the assortment of bandages Idrissa's picked up. "Yeah, I guess you've probably had enough camping for a while, huh?" she says, and gives her head a little shake. "Besides, they'll probably be making you come in for checkups twice a day for the next month. No chance to go camping." She shakes her head with mock-sadness, then grins. "At least you'll get to take it easy for a while."

Idrissa nods slightly while she smirks a moment. "Ya, sorta done with it to say the least." A faint glare is sent to the bandages. "Pretty much. Their worried about infection from the feline bites." Which are nasty things. A slight nod is seen and she lowers her head to rub at her neck a moment. "Ya, but I don't want to take it easy. You know how I am."

"Feline bites?" says Soriana with a widening of eyes. "Wow, you really… things really went rough, didn't they?" She takes another glance at those bandages, the full circuit of them, then back to Idrissa's face. "Hmm. Well, there's got to be something you can do lying in bed, right?" She considers on that question, head tilting to the side.

Idrissa glances to Soriana. "Ya it did." She says softly. "It just got so crazy there at the end." A soft sigh escapes her and a shrug is seen. "Well I'm not too sure of what. Other then reading, and studying an so forth."

Soriana leans in against her chair, thinking. "Too bad you're not like… a woodcrafter or something. You could practice carving." She glances at the bandages on Idrissa's hands, and imagines her with a knife. Moving on! "Or like… you could… raise trundlebugs." Yeahhhh, that's totally a fabulous idea. Probably still better than encouraging Idrissa to dwell on what happened out there, but ideally, one of these ideas will actually be good. "Maybe work on training Willow and Ripley to bring you things."

Idrissa smirks at that and huffs out softly at the idea, she wiggles her fingers at him playful like. "Can you really see me trying to do wood carving?" At least she would be in the infermary already. "Willow wanted to come to me but she was scared. I kept trying to get her to come but she wouldn't. An then Ripley refused to leave me. Which I guess was a good thing as he helped with the feline."

"We tried to send a message with Willow," says Soriana with a glance to the green firelizard. "Haruhi got her to come see us, but… yeah. She was really scared." And who knows where that pen ended up! Fortunately it wasn't one of the good ones. "Bet Ripley was really fierce, though."

That pen is somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Idrissa nods slightly while she watches Willow and Ripley and smiles. "Yes he was very fierce. The healer said he was lucky to not break a wing or something else."

Soriana nods, looking at the little blue. "Can I take a look?" she asks with a tilt of her head. She is a dragonhealer now, after all! And despite the fact that he's already been looked at, well… firelizards are a lot closer to dragons than humans are.

Idrissa glances to Soriana and then peers at Ripley. "Well I don't see why not. He has been very hissy though. I think he hurts an I dono what to do for him other then numbweed." She softly pets across the blues head a few times. Ripley shifts slowly, head lifting, a faint warble escapes him followed by a hiss once he is moving.

Soriana nods, and she closes her eyes for a moment to reach out to Haruhi (wherever the gold is). A few moments later, where the gold is turns out to be Sori's shoulder, curling her tail around the girl's chest as she trills a greeting and then (at the young dragonhealer's request) puts out a combination of calm and vague bemusement at these silly humans with their demands. Okay, so only the first part was actually requested, per se. The rest is just Haruhi. With that in place, Soriana reaches out to touch the blue lightly, starting with just an all-over brush of fingers while watching for his reactions. Assuming, of course, his reactions even permit that! Until she's got to run and be a dragonhealer, Sori will do her best to be a firelizardhealer! They're related, right?

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