What's in a (Dragon's) Name?

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.


Early afternoon and the weather is fine, barely a breeze stirring the grasses on the meadow. In the centre stands the memorial and it's there that Perri has decided to spend at least part of her day off. Round and round she goes, one hand trailing over the surface, reading names and dates. She pauses now and then, mouthing dragon names as she tries to figure out the pronunciation, and thgen off she goes round again slowly going up on her toes to read higher and higher.

A brown firelizard makes his way through the sky - but actually, the more interesting part is probably Soriana, making her way through the meadow. Not that there's anything all that fancy about her, either. She pauses outside a weyr, leans to peek at the window - nope, no lights inside - and sighs, turning to look back around. That's when she notices Perri, peering up at the memorial, and smiles, taking a moment to watch.

Garawan too seems to have chosen the meadow as a place to be for now. Why? Who knows, though he's done with his chores for now. The glimpse of Perri at the monument catches his attention, and he begins to walk over towards her. His steps are quiet, and he may go unnoticed until he's close to Perri. Whether he's noticed or not, he remains quiet as Perri circles the monument. Eventually though, he speaks up. "I often wonder how the dragons know their names at birth." He turns his head, to look at Soriana and offers a wave. He hadn't seen her look into the weyr, but as long as she's there, he can still wave, right?

Perri spots Garawan on one round of the memorial, though Soriana goes unnoticed for now. "I always thought their parents told them." She replies with a shrug, "Or maybe they just make it up. I mean they know their riders so maybe they just think something that'll… go?" She peers at the monument, finger resting on one name, then looks back to Garawan with a grin, "What I want to know is how people know how to spell them."

Waving's often a thing that can be done. And, when it's done? There can be waving back. Soriana does so to Garawan, along with offering a smile. She drifts closer - it's not like she's going to manage that meeting she was hoping for anyhow, not if there's nobody home - and comes close just in time to hear Perri's final question. "Heh," she says (from nowhere) with an amused smile. "We guess. The rider's usually got an idea. Like… mmh. Like something they learned so long ago, they forgot how. Or else we just invent something."

"That's a good question too," Garawan replies. Soriana approaches and Garawan looks at her as she speaks. He gives a thoughtful 'hmmm'. Then he suggests, "Maybe they 'see' it in their heads as well as hearing it?" He'd heard that about communicating with a dragon.
Around the monument this fine Xanadian afternoon are Perri, Garawan, and Soriana, the healer candidate with her finger against a name, but with her attention on the other two. "Oh. Hi!" There's definite surprise in her greeting of Soriana, and she quickly follows with a nod to Garawan. "Maybe. Did you?" This last is directed to Soriana, and followed with. "See it? Oh, I guess not if you invent it. But how do /they/ know?"

Soriana shakes her head slightly to Garawan. "Dragons don't much think with letters. Or… names, really. They've got names, but when they think them, it's this complicated layered thing." One corner of her mouth quirks up. "I didn't see Luraoth's name. Mostly? I spelled it that way because I've studied an awful lot of dragon genealogies, and that's the way that seemed to fit." The other corner of her mouth comes up too as she shrugs. As for how the dragons know… "A dragon's name isn't exactly a name, I don't think. It's…" layered, like she said. "It's a way to express them. Flattened into a set of letters."

Exploratory wandering is one of Innes' favorite pasttimes, which is why she's currently making her way through the meadow. There's that monument-type-thing she noticed when passing this way before. Now that she has some time, she's determined to get a better look at it. And look! She's apparently not the only one with such a brilliant idea. She squints at the figures until she gets a little closer, and then recognizes… well, one of them for sure. And the other ones have knots that mirror her own. "Well, if it isn't the Woman of the Sands. And… other candidates!" She grins to cover up for the fact that every name but Soriana's is a complete mystery to her.

"One of those things you won't understand til you get one?" Perri asks, hand slowly trailing back down the monument to rest at her side. "Like how you'll never be able to understand the smell until you cut open your first boil." She likens it to something that she does know and understand, before turning at the sound of another voice and waving excitedly to Innes. "Come join us, we're talking names!"

Soriana's nose wrinkles at the mention of boils. "I've never met a dragon with a mind like that," she says to Perri. "Fortunately." As for not understanding? "Sort of." But those answers are generally annoying, so she tries again. "It's kind of like… you ever had a dream where you suddenly just knew something? Dragons are like that." They know things. Candidate minds, on the other hand, seem to have names and memorials in mind. Soriana - the Woman of the Sands - grins for that name. "S'got an air of mystery."

Innes tilts her head, her brows drawing together as Perri explains their conversation. Names? Well, that doesn't bode well for her. She slips a bit closer, enough that she can actually see the details of the memorial. "Oh," she says suddenly, "is this why we're talking about names?" She leans a bit closer - trying to do so without getting into anyone's personal space - and then wanders around to the other side. Hey, there's more. "Someone once told me that for them it was like they'd known the name all along but just didn't know they knew it," she offers from around the statue.

"Don't you think that's interesting though?" Perri peers around the monument and then back to Soriana, "Like an implanted memory or something." The thought is pure healer, what comes next is pure Perri. "Woman of the Sands? Oh! Is that your gold? What's her name. Oh wait, you said. Sorry. Brain gets too full sometimes and words fall out, or so my Journeyman says."

Names, yes! They haven't actually gone so far as to introduce themselves to each other, though. Just… names of people (mostly) long gone. And names of dragons, as a general thing. The specifics? Well, Perri's proving that part is maybe not so simple. Soriana nods to Innes about the reason for the talk of names, then smiles to Perri. Interesting? "Oh, definitely, but dragon minds don't really work like ours. To them… that's how all memory works." A half-grin. "Far as we can tell, anyhow." She shrugs, then nods to the question of her gold. Her lips part, as if she's about to answer it, but then… she doesn't. Maybe because Perri remembers it, though that doesn't account for the amused glance Soriana gives Innes before returning her attention to the healer-candidate. "Well, and I expect you've a lot to take in, just now." She smiles. "If a few words are all that fall out, you're doing well."

Kera is heading across the meadow, taking her time as she enjoys the first few minutes of being off shift from the infirmary. Rubbing at her shoulders halfheartedly, her gaze rolls around the meadow, spotting a little gathering near the memorial. Recognizing Soriana and a couple others, she heads that way curiously. Hovering around the edge of the gathering, Kera waves a quiet greeting as she cants her head politely to those who peer her way. Names? Great…Kera's horrible with names.

"I bet we all have names like dragons do," Innes suggests, leaning around the memorial with a mischievous grin. "But we can't express ourselves like dragons can when we're born, so by the time we're old enough to talk we forget it and go with the nonsense name our parents gave us." She remains on the opposite side of the memorial, trailing fingers over the text as she reads it more closely. But, "I know her name!" She practically crows this fact, because for her, it's an achievement. "Luraoth." With a few quick steps Innes is back on the right side of the monument and grinning at Soriana. "See, told you I had the dragons down." Kera's wave is caught out of the corner of her eye, and she wiggles her fingers in a 'come here' gesture. "Hey, Kera. Join us!"

"It's the few part that doesn't always happen, I have a tendency to go on a bit especially if I get excited about things." And it's clear that being here is exciting, though it's Innes' point Perri focusses on with a long "Oooh." that's followed by, "That would be interesting to know. Maybe we do. Would the dragons know our real names or our given names? Can they just pull stuff out of your head?" Poor Kera is next to get the excitement channelled at her. "What would you call yourself if you weren't you? First name that comes into your head!" The "Hi." that follows seems rather an afterthought.

Soriana grins back to Innes. "So you do!" Dragon: named. And really, that's what's important, isn't it? …maybe. Depends who you ask. She smiles as she nods to Perri about that rambling, which is then… demonstrated, rather clearly. Soriana only half hides her smile as she looks to Kera, and gives a wave to the healer-candidate (number two! They might actually need (gasp!) names). "Dragons do pull stuff out of their rider's heads. Sometimes, they'll give their riders a new name when they impress - usually one that's based on the name they used before. Like, my friend Muireadach became Mur'dah." A glance to Innes, and a quirk of her lips. "But really, who knows?"

Kera catches the last snippets of the conversation, which obviously doesn't help the girl catch up very much. Innes excited command to join in is met with a curious, or confused, expression as she sidles closer to the other candidate. Glancing around, she spots another red head candidate and nods with a little smile, even though the question directed at her leaves her floundering mentally for a few seconds "G'day everyone. M'name's Kera." Obviously she's Kera since Innes announced it just a moment earlier. "There's nothing wrong with my name. But if I wasn't me, then I would probably be someone else, with a differant name." Oh yea, that makes since…not. She lifts a brow to Soriana, as if her friend would enlighten her about what exactly she walked into.

Innes glances toward Soriana for the answer to Perri's questions, seeing as her experience is entirely secondhand. She starts to lean against the memorial, but quickly thinks better of it and does an awkward lean/recovery that has her reaching out with one hand to steady herself. Memorials probably aren't here to be leaned against, after all. "What would you do if a candidate was named, say, Innes, and their dragon decided their new name was Wifflebauch?" Because that's so likely. She shifts her weight to one side and crosses her arms loosely, managing to lean without actually leaning against anything. "Kera's a good name," she says decidedly, grinning at the girl who she'd call the closest thing she has to a friend, if only by process of elimination.

Perri flaps a hand, "Noo. Another name. Like if you got to name yourself? Your name's pretty by the way, but… oooh… what /would/ happen if that happened? or if they decided their name should be something rude or a curse word or something?" Her attention bounces around almost as much as the conversation is. "Or if they wanted to call them something someone else already is called. Like if Kera Impressed and got called Innes by her dragon? Or… or… if she got a dragon called Kerath. Kera and Kerath. Would be weird."

It's not like Innes is going to break the memorial. The thing's sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain, it can probably handle a candidate or two. "Me?" Soriana says to the question, and grins. "I'd ask her whether she wanted to be called Innes, or Wifflebauch. And get used to Luraoth telling me about Wifflebauch, regardless of what answer I got." Soriana looks to Kera then, and while she certainly smiles, nodding as she listens, she doesn't seem actually inclined to do any of that 'enlightening' thing, just letting her attention slide on to Perri. She chuckles. "If the dragons decide that, you're not likely to change their minds. Not that most dragons remember names for any humans except their chosen and a few favorites. But -" back on topic now, whatever that is "- that doesn't mean you have to use the name with anyone else. We'll write it down in the Weyr records according to what the human tells us, not the dragon. There's even been a few cases where it's changed, as rider and dragon get used to each other."

Kera glances to Innes as she thinks twice about leaning against the memorial and chuckles at the name she randomly pulled out of her head "Wifflebauch? I think I'm glad it wasn't 'you' that named me Innes." Drifting her gaze around the group, Perri's clarifications is met with an uncertain shrug. "I honestly have no idea what I would call myself. IT's something I would want to think about rather than be put on the spot. With something you'll have to live with for turn after turn…" Another shrug lifts her shoulders as she turns the question back around to both Innes and Perri. "What would you call yourselves?" Reaching down, Kera start fumbling around in the satchel slung over her shoulder before pulling out a few strips of dried meat. She offers out bits to those who might want some as Soriana gets her attention. "Is there a time limit on changing names in the official records? Like a few sevendays or months? Or could someone decide to change their name Turns later?"

Innes might break it. Hidden pressure points, or something of that ilk. But mostly the candidate is concerned that leaning up against a memorial statue might be disrespectful, and she's trying (for the moment!) to show as much respect as she can toward her hosts. "I could live with Wifflebauch," she says airily, waving her hand to show off just how unconcerned she is about the idea. Of course, if it really happened her perspective might be very different. "I'm starting to see why I was searched. because I can't remember any human names besides my own and a few favorites, either." This is spoken to no one in particular before her attention shifts to Kera. Oh, food. She'll take some of that, thank you. "I Would have given you a better name than Wifflebauch," she insists with a roll of her eyes. "Maybe Nifflewargh?" As for her own name, the question is answered with a shrug. "I'm not too picky. I'd change my name every turn if someone asked me to."

Perri's head begins to tilt slightly skywards, thinking rather than speaking - for once in her life! Unfortunately it doesn't last long. "There must be lists somewhere, of names and things? I wonder if any pairings have ever been duplicated. Like same dragon name /and/ rider as someone from turns ago. Would be fun to see what their names were before." Finally her attention comes back from the sky and her thoughts and she shakes her head at Kera's offer of food, choosing instead to say, "Perri." Which is her name … ish.

"I'll keep that in mind," Soriana says of Innes's Willingness to Wiffle, then grins for her assessment of why she was searched. "Might be." All she knows is that a dragon said so. It… seems to be something of a theme! There are other things she knows, though, and she nods to Perri's question. "There are lists, yes. Going back turns and turns, though there's some rough patches. I think we've got Xanadu's full history of riders and dragons, back in the archives." Soriana shakes her head to Kera's offer of food, and shrugs to the question. "Hardest part about changing your name is getting people to call you the new one. The records…" she waves a hand dismissively. "That's just a matter of figuring out who needs to go update them and waiting for them to get around it. But how long do you think it'd take to get everyone start calling you Nifflewargh?" For example. "Or to stop?"

Kera gives an amused shake of her head over Innes's would be chosen name while tearing off a bit of dried meat for herself. "I think it would take people a while to take you seriously with a name like that. Would insist you were pulling their leg." A halfhearted snort accompanies a shrug. "But then again, the same could probably be said for some of the dragons' names. I'm referring to Wifflebauch and not Perri of coarse." Plopping the bit of dried meat in her mouth, she chews on it a bit while listening to the people she's gonna be getting to know over the next few months.

Innes glances at Perri thoughtfully, her brows lifting as she considers that possibility. "I'd be curious to know if dragon names are repeated, at least," she throws out, adding, "Humans repeat names, so maybe dragons do, too." Although if the names are the distilled essence of that particular dragon, maybe not. "Maybe we should try to investigate the archives, Perri." Her lips curl in a smirk as she picks up on the other candidate's name - or what she assumes is actually her name - without having to ask. Score one for Innes! She takes a bite of the dried meat and chews thoughtfully as Soriana speaks. "Did your name change from Sorianalos or something, or were you one of the lucky ones?" It's a good thing Innes can't easily be shortened; she might not have to learn a new name for herself if she has any luck on those sands. She takes another bite, but at least has the decency to cover her mouth with her hand as she speaks around her food. "But if a dragon said you were named Nifflewargh or Wifflebauch, it'd probably stick. People would get too much of a kick out of it to drop it."

Perri nods enthusiastically, "Definitely! I mean there don't seem to be any on the monument that are proper duplicates, but there are some that are close." By this point she's bouncing a little with what could be excitement, but instead turns out to be… "I need to Go. I'll be back, so don't run away or anything." She starts off at a walk, but it soon turns into a run for the nearest 'public convenience' - which either swallows her or she finds something to distract her from coming back within any decent amount of time.

"Only one way to find out," Soriana says of Kera's speculation on the name change. She seems amused by the prospect. As far as dragon names? She nods agreement with Perri, and expands, "There's some pretty similar ones in the records, too, but it's claimed there's no repeats." Then again, given the patchiness of those records and the lack of consistent spellings… who knows? "If you wanted to take a look, I'm sure we could arrange something." Another smile, and then she grins to Innes. "Las Sorianas." Wait, no. "Mine didn't change - though really, it was the rest of my weyrling class that got lucky. One fewer name to remember!" And just when they thought they'd all gotten to know each other, too! Perri's departure gets a nod and wave, and then she returns her attention to the naming of names. "Well, people are expecting name changes after impression. Everyone makes an effort to learn the new ones."

Kera chews on the meat, softening it so that she can actually eat it and glances to Soriana curiously after Innes's question. Blinking at what the goldrider responds, she cant's her head, trying to imagine Soriana with the mentioned name but just shakes her head. And soon enough, Soriana admits her name didn't change. tearing off another bite of meat, she starts trying to soften it. Glancing around as Perri rushes off, she watches the candidate begin to run before she gets too far away. "Guess she /really/ had to go." Turning back to the group, Innes is 'studied' with a little tilt to her head. "That would be an intersting little research project. Checking to see if dragon names have been doubled through the turns."

"We'll investigate this," Innes says decidedly. Curious, as always. One of her arms is still hanging in place across her chest as though both were still crossed, while the other is occupied with popping the last bit of dried meat into her mouth. It didn't last very long at all. She waves a slightly disappointed farewell to Perri as she takes off, and then brushes her fingers off on the fabric of her pants, rubbing until she deems them 'clean' enough to be used in toying with her hair instead. "Las Sorianas, the Woman of the Sands," she proclaims with a wink. Sounds so exotic. She nods to Kera with renewed enthusiasm. There's something going on in that head of hers, apparently. "We should all do that! We're supposed to be learning about dragons and all, right? That'd be a good project for us. We'd get the history of Xanadu and a better understanding of how dragon names work." Is she selling this well enough yet?

Oh yes. Very exotic. Possibly even sultry and mysterious. Soriana grins as she nods to her new name and title. "Exactly." She tucks a bit of her hair (it'd be more exotic if it was black or silver-blonde instead of brown) back behind her ear as the wind tries to tug it away, then listens to Kera and Innes speculate on the project with a growing smile. "You are, yes. Maybe you could do some other research, too - see if you can arrange the names by colors, or lineages. You could try just doing it in the archives, but… some of those old documents are difficult to work with… though. If you entered them in the computers, you could do all sorts of lists and arrangements." And Xanadu would have a digital copy of the dragon lineages, which certainly isn't something the dragonhealers have been staring at and trying to avoid having to do for decades. Nope. Soriana smiles. "I'll have to check with the archivists - and the technicians - but I think we could arrange something."

Kera seems to consider the idea for a few long seconds before giving her head a shake. "While the idea is interesting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to have alot of time to research it between my studies, and duties in the infirmary. Not to mention the lectures we're to attend now as candidates. But I'll help you with it if ya like when I've time." Canting her head a little as Soriana mentions getting permission for the archives. "Really? For each of the Weyrs? Cause I was talking about all dragons from the beginning. Not just Xanadu."

Perhaps the mystery is in the fact that she doesn't have the exotic looks to go with the fancy name? Innes looks (rather surprisingly) thrilled by this suggestion of the expansion of their (vaguely) proposed project. Her expression is akin to the one she wore at the bonfire. Not, of course, that the two have anything in common. "I have the feeling you're just volunteering us to do your dirty work, but I'm strangely okay with that," she decides with a teasing grin. "I'd actually really like that. I don't know much about dragon lineages, and I'd like to see where they cross over and how the names play into that. Just think of all the charts you could get out of that." Is she daydreaming about charts? More likely it's the possibility of uncovering something new buried in history, but it's hard to say. She glances at Kera with a slight frown. "They might be able to let us do that a day or two instead of a lecture. Since it's educational and all."

Soriana's smile widens into a grin. "You're volunteering yourselves. It's even better." Note that she's not denying it's the dirty work. "I don't know the state of the archives in the other Weyrs offhand," she adds to Kera, "But it's certainly something we could ask them about. There's probably someone in every Weyr who's curious to have this information." If not enough so to do it themselves. "You can start with Xanadu's records." Since they're the easiest for Soriana to grant access to. "There'll be some references to dragons from other Weyrs there. Flight winners, transfers, impression records sometimes… it might be a bit of a mess." But hey. Uncovering things buried in history, right? "No skipping lectures for it. Education's not interchangeable." Though.. she considers a moment, then grins. "I could add it to the chore rota, for those who're interested."

Kera lowers her head, hiding a little smirk that Innes calls Soriana out on getting candidates to do her work for her. As she listens, her jaw begins to drop a little more with each sentance, not to mention her eyes get bigger. Peering from one to another, she begins to shake her head, holding a hand up to stop the landslide of work she sees looming in the future. "Wait a moment, I thought the idea was to check archives or dragon names that have been been used more than once throughout Pern history." Kera looks from one to another to see if she had it right or not. "How did that go to charting and colorcoding by lineage?"

Innes laughs and rolls her eyes. As much as she hates to admit it (and won't!), Soriana is right about the volunteering, at least. "It would be interesting to compare everything, but… Xanadu first, right?" And hey, if she doesn't impress here, maybe she can make a career out of traveling from Weyr to Weyr as a candidate organizing their dragon-related records. Her nose wrinkles a little at the news that education isn't interchangeable, but… "Sign me up! You can just put me on that chore rotation all the time." Overeager much? She glances at Kera and then jerks her thumb in Soriana's direction, making it clear where the blame for this change came from. "I think the jist of it is that the records need to be digitalized anyway, so we might as well do that while we're going through the records looking for repeats of dragon names." She glances at Soriana for confirmation. "Right?"

Xanadu first, yes. Soriana nods. "I can talk to the other Weyrs while you're working through those." It'll keep them busy for a while. There's time. As for the reasons why? "Pretty much, yes." Soriana smiles. "Information is only as good as how it's indexed." She's maybe spent a few too many days searching for that one volume somewhere in the archives. "Quasar wing is the one most directly involved with the archives and administration. They also do policy and diplomacy, but it's really useful, in that, to know the history of our interactions with a hold or craft and what sorts of problems arise. Sometimes looking over the problems can lead to finding a pattern - or a solution." She smiles. "Looking for patterns is also important in Galaxy, our Search and Rescue wing. Weather, feline incursions, that sort of thing." So see? This is developing useful skills for potential dragonriders, not just using them for data entry. "I doubt you could keep hundreds and hundreds of names in your heads, anyhow. You'd have to write them down somewhere." And once they're doing that, what's a few extra keystrokes? "Not every day." Laundry and stable-mucking, still required. "But I'll add it." A day or two a seven, likely. Maybe more if it turns out to work well.

Kera just ends up staring at Innes and snaps her mouth shut. Perhaps to keep a few colorful phrases from slipping out. Looking between her and Soriana she finally settles her gaze on he queenrider, not quite like she has lost her mind, not pretty close "But, that will take turns." She looks sharply to the other candidate before Innes can 'volunteer' her any further. "And I already have a full coarse of study." Darting her attention back to Soriana, Kera frowns "But I'm really REALLY bad with the computers. I think they rather like me to keep my distance from them." A hurried nod follows that, as if it will help her cause. Finally, deciding she better retreat before Innes gets more work added to the day "I can't think straight right now. I need food, and a bath." Then with a wave, she's off to do just that, muttering about being attacked by clothes in her sleep.

Innes does something that looks suspiciously like a victory dance, wiggling from side to side and waving her arms a little. Data entry chores! It's a strange, twisted dream come true. "Would you be able to sort of chart dragon strengths and weaknesses by following genetic lines? What kind of information do you even have in the archives?" In her curiosity she has forgotten her resolution not to lean up against the memorial, and has taken to resting against it in the midst of her questioning. Her arms are half crossed again with one hand in her hair. "Is it just basic geneology, or full records on the history of each dragon? I wonder if there are any trends in names by color in particular, too. Or whether introducing a sire from another Weyr changes any patterns." Although the question is posed to Soriana, the rest is mostly mumbled to herself as her gaze focuses on the dirt instead of the people around. her head shoots up again, however, as a thought occurs, "Can I be the candidate in charge? If any candidates get to be in charge. Because I have ideas." And she's bossy, too. She looks at Kera with a furrowed brow, completely missing why the healer-candidate seems so dismayed by this idea. It's ingenious! And fun! What is she worried about? "Well you don't have to do it," she says, her tone hinting at annoyance. "Las Sori said so." She echoes Kera's farewell wave as she departs, still looking equal parts perplexed and frustrated. "I don't know what she's so upset about."

Soriana grins as she listens to Innes talk through the possibilities. And there are oh so many of them! See, this is why the dragonhealers want the information, just… "It's gonna depend on which record." The most interesting ones are sealed, but… "We should have wing assignments, which might give you some idea of… well, at least what interested the pair, if not whether they were any good at it." A lopsided grin. "There's flight records for the golds, hatching records…" Organized ones? Maybe not, it depends on who the Weyrwoman was and whether the archivists were any good. This project? Oh yes. It could take turns. She's not denying that, but partial information could still be interesting. Soriana just nods to Kera's denials, a sort of yes-and? expression on her face, then waves to the candidate's departure before returning her attention to Innes… who's volunteered. Again. This time to be in charge! And what does Soriana do to volunteers? She says, "Yes." She lifts a hand, perhaps to forestall any victory dances. "Your first two tasks are to come up with a list of those ideas, so you know what you're looking for before you go digging through the archives, and to recruit volunteers from your fellow candidates." Bossy, yes, but will people listen when Innes bosses? Kera… didn't seem enthused, but she's only one person.

From above, a dark, dark brown dragon appears from between, fanning his wings and shifting his 'sails as he adjusts to the familiar air currents of his home. Circling, he crosses overhead once before he turns tightly and nimbly and drops down to land with a low rumble of satisfaction and greeting. Dismounting, Mur'dah pulls off helmet and goggles, sweaty from a day's work, and thumps his lifemate on the shoulder before sending him aloft again, presumably to feed - at least that's where the brown heads. Meandinger over to the ladies, Mur'dah lifts his hand in a still wave, and offers a grin. "Ladies."

One of the benefits of carrying most of your things with you at all times is that you're never without a writing utensil and something to make notes on. Innes has none of these things with her currently, but she's doing the best she can with a mental checklist. "Wing assignments, flight records, and hatching records," she mumbles to herself, squinting a little as she does some mental filing. "I might be able to at least figure out if certain bloodlines have a predisposition for certain tasks, or whether it's more likely that's all dependent on the rider." Why didn't someone introduce her to archiving instead of weaving? She's not even considering how long it could take, really. If the proper structure is in place, it could easily be carried on by future candidates with minimal instruction. Innes beams when she's granted leadership, doing a quick fist pump - or something that kind of resembles one, because her fingers are still caught up in her hair. She winces a little when it yanks on her scalp. "A list and volunteers. Got it." Just because Kera didn't listen, doesn't mean the others won't. The healer-candidate is probably holding a grudge about Innes' sentient mess around her cot. Her attention shifts as Mur'dah arrives, recognizing him, but… "Hey, it's the brownrider who likes dancing and women more than food."

Which would be useful - or at least interesting - information! So Soriana nods along to Innes's mumblings. The scope of the task? Oh, she'll figure it out sooner or later, and deal with it - or not. But really, assuming nobody sets fire to the archives (and please, let's not do that), this task is one that seems mostly potential upside. Which… may just mean Soriana hasn't thought ahead to the problems. "Good," she says to that agreement, and smiles - then looks over to Mur'dah. "Hey." Still with the smile, and also with a wave. To Innes, "Might be more than one of those." Soriana glances up to track where Kalsuoth's going, then looks back down to the rider to add, "Gentleman." Because there's only one of him. And he called her a lady.

Mur'dah chuckles as he approaches and then stops near the women, dipping his head. "Dancing and women seem to be temporary things. Fleeting. I can /always/ get food. Not so much dancing partners. How are you both?"

Innes has no intention of bringing anything flamable to the archives, so things ought to be alright in that respect. She seems to be the primary inflamatory danger amongst the candidates so far. "I'm going to make so many lists. Lists of lists." For someone who can't keep her clothes from crawling across the floor on their own accord, she's surprisingly interested in organization. "And he's the one you mentioned earlier," she tags on with pride, just to clarify that she does, in fact, know his name. Even if she's still not using it. Since she's already resting against the memorial and no one seems to be telling her off for it, Innes assumes it's safe to stay there now that she has realized her own error. She grins at Mur'dah, answering, "I've been worse. How are you?"

So many lists, Soriana will need a list just to keep straight which lists are… "Right. As many as you need? But I'll want to review them." Though want is… such a strong word. Maybe more like 'need'. Which is sort of stronger, but… differently so. Anyhow. "True," she says to the non-naming declaration of name-knowledge, and gives Mur'dah a crooked grin. "I used you as an example." Of what, she doesn't say. "Sorry." But it can't be that bad, right? She's smiling! As for his habits… "You could try dancing with a ham hock?" She gets a considering expression, like she's really truly thinking about it, but then… "Nah, I guess you're right. Wouldn't work nearly so well if you swapped things around." She grins. "I'm good. Enjoying my break from the sands." Luraoth and her have arranged it, see. According to a careful schedule as measured by dragon-fuss-level, which… come to think of it, might require another visit from her soon. But not just yet. She hopes.

Mur'dah arches a brow at Innes, his nose wrinkling. "Why…are you making lists? And you were talking about me earlier?" Hope it was good. And…apparently it wasn't? "Of how not to get everyone high while cleaning out your weyrbarn?" Because that's the /best/ example.

"I'll bring all lists to you personally for review." There's a bit of mischief in Innes' grin because, well, she might make a few extra lists just for fun. Because Soriana has been so happy to give the candidates extra work, no matter the fact that Innes volunteered for all of it. She's only too happy to answer Mur'dah's question with a bright, "I'm going to lead the charge in digitalizing dragon-related history at Xanadu." Or something like that. "So there will be lists of bloodlines and how information can be organized and all of that." She grimaces at the brownrider, shaking her head about their earlier conversations with his named involved. "You don't want to know, really."

Extra work? Not at all! It's alternative work. And only for volunteers! Completely different. "Mmhmm," Soriana says to that review, and maybe that hint of mischief is what prompts her to add, "And then you can take the annotated ones back to wherever else in the Weyr they belong." Messenger duty! Yet another of the fabulous ways in which you, a candidate at Xanadu Weyr, can be conscripte- er. Volunteer. That's it. Soriana nods agreement to the description Innes gives Mur'dah of what she'll be doing, then laughs at his example of what he could be an example of. "No, but that's also a good one." She might say more, but apparently 'now' is the right time for a Luraoth visit after all. So says the expression of Soriana's face that starts with a lifted eyebrow and ends with a rueful smile. "I'll be back in a minute. Maybe." She waves, and heads out across the meadow back toward the sands at a brisk sort of walk.

"C'mooooon," Mur'dah whines, glancing between the women. "What was I an example of? I do want to know. Makes me feel good knowing others are learning from my mistakes…"

Why does Innes keep signing herself up for these things? To her credit, she simply bobs her head and says, "Sure, I can do that. If I'm already bringing them to you, might as well bring 'em everywhere else." Or, you know, just where they're supposed to go. "You were an example of brownriders to be wary of," Innes says with as much innocence to her expression as she can muster. "Apparently a preference for women and dancing is a bad sign." She blinks in confusion at Soriana's sudden depature, but swiftly puts things together. The Weyrwoman is the Woman of the Sands, after all. "See you soon, Las Sori."

Mur'dah laughs, holding up his hands and taking a step back. "Hey, now, I'm not…wait. Is that implying I sleep with everyone?" He frowns at that. "Because that's not true at all." Is he blushing? He's blushing. "You've got nothing to fear from me. I just like dancing sometimes…"

Innes practically folds in half with laughter at Mur'dah's awkward reaction. The giggles start small, but within seconds she's bent over in a full out guffaw. She slaps her leg a couple of times as she tries to catch her breath. Should a candidate really be teasing the riders? Probably not. But it's not stopping her. "Your face…" She manages in a half gasp between giggles. "That was too easy. That shouldn't have been so easy."

Mur'dah sighs, watching the Candidate…laugh hysterically at the very thought of him sleeping with someone? Way to kill a guy's pride and ego. So he just…pouts.

Innes is cruel and heartless! Also, fairly careless with what she says. "Are you pouting now?" Her giggles are slowly coming under control, and now she just looks a bit flabbergasted by his reaction. "You were blushing. I implied you sleep around and you were blushing." Yeah, she's a bit smug about that.

Mur'dah frowns at her. "Yeah, because it's not true. I don't know who told you that but it's not true and I…I won't have my reputation be damaged like that because you just want to play some sort of joke." He's irritated now, arms crossing over his chest.

Innes rolls her eyes, smugness fading as he starts to look genuinely annoyed. "Don't be ridiculous," she says with a wave of her hand, dismissing the thought. "It was a joke. No one said anything like that, and unless you think this statue is going to start spreading gossip sometime soon, your reputation isn't going to be damaged."

Mur'dah huffs, shaking his head firmly. He should blow it off, but…that really irked him for some reason. "I'm a nice, honorable guy."

"I'm sure you are," Innes answers, even though that's not exactly true. She knows nothing about him. But in the spirit of not starting a fight, she simply agrees. "We were talking about names, is all. Soriana explained how yours was shortened when you impressed. So, there you go."

Mur'dah shrugs. "It was lengthened from what everyone usually called me. But yeah, it was shortened if you want to go from my /official/ name."

Innes arches a brow, tilting her head to the side with some interest. "What were you called before? Soriana just said what your full name was, not that." Her arms are crossed over her chest again. "We were having a whole conversation about how names work with dragons. For the riders and for them," she explains further, "So you were the example of changing names."

"Muir," Mur'dah says, with a little grin for his former name. "Ah," he says a bit flatly. So she really was joking and Sori wasn't warning Innes about him? Didn't seem like Sori's style, but…well. He should've known better just the same.

Innes can't be trusted with most things when she sees an opportunity for a joke. Even if it's not in good taste. "Muir's a good name. Any idea why your dragon didn't call you Mu'ir or something?" she asks with genuine interest, and her best attempt at lightening the mood. She won't apologize, but at least she can try to make it clear she meant no harm.

Mur'dah chuckles, his smile gentling a bit. "My full name is Muireadhach Coldstone. I've got close family ties. I don't think Kalsuoth wanted to…cut more than he needed to."

Innes' eyes widen at the length of his name. Soriana mentioned it, but not with the last name attached. "No wonder you went by Muir," she says with a relieved grin. She'll have plenty of time to make enemies around here; she doesn't need to start now. "Kalsuoth? Did you and Soriana impress at the same hatching?"

Mur'dah smiles, some of the tension easing from his shoulders. "It's a mouthful," he admits with a shrug. "But I'm my mother's only son, so." He's special or something. "We did, along with the Weyrleader and some others you probably know. M'kal, my twin Marel, Idrissa…"

Oh yes, Soriana had reasons to go, and they involved Luraoth. Also someone who was annoying Luraoth, so mostly, her dealing with things involved dealing with that. After that? It was just dragon-soothing. Which she's done - and no, she wasn't actually using Mur'dah as a warning, just an example. A shining one, or at least a vaguely glowy one. Blame Innes for causing trouble. This may happen a lot, in the coming sevens. Soriana can get a list of that, too! …joy. But anyway, here she comes back again, offering a wave as she approaches.

"I'm my mother's only daughter, and I only got five letters. Yours must have loved you much more than mine." The teasing tone has crept back into Innes' voice, but at least this time it seems to be directed more at herself than him. "Oh, so Kanekith, too?" Hmm. That's two K's and two -oth's that she knows off the top of her head. Patterns! "I haven't met the rest yet," she says, since she never learned Idrissa's name at the party, "but I'm sure I will sooner or later." And oh, what's this? Soriana is back. Innes gives a cheery wave, pleased that the Weyrwoman waited until after she'd semi-sorted things with Mur'dah to return. Now she looks innocent. Maybe. "Everything settled on the sands, then?"

Mur'dah nods. "Yes, Kanekith," he confirms. Then, as Soriana returns, the brownrider lifts his hand to wave. "How is she doing? Is your cot set up in the galleries or should I see to that?" Surely it's been done this time, right?

Soriana is back! And she has seven letters in her name. Also? She nods, smiling as she does. "She's doing well." Now. "Had to remind some people that the stands are the wrong place for having discussions." Well, she says discussions. Arguments, more like. "And yeah, the cot's there. Darsce and I have already talked about things, this time around."

"So no discussions in the stands," Innes remarks, lifting one hand to make a little check mark in the air as she adds it to her mental list. "I'm going to guess it was a discussion and not a discussion, right?" Unless Luraoth is really picky. Her nose wrinkles at the mention of sleeping on a cot in the stands. "That can't be comfortable, can it?"

Mur'dah dips his head down, pleased at Soriana's answer. "Excellent. Well, you need anything…" And he trails off because he doesn't need to finish that statement any more. "I need to get myself cleaned up, so I'll see you both later." With a little wave, the brownrider is tromping off towards the forest and his weyrbarn. Home, sweet home!

"Oh, yeah. Definitely a discussion." Soriana's mouth tugs to the side. "Luraoth doesn't usually mind people watching or having, y'know, actual discussion. And neither do I, when I'm there. It gets pretty boring." Also uncomfortable, and she nods to Innes. "Yeah, but Luraoth gets restless if I leave her overnight, so…" She shrugs, a what-can-you-do sort of expression, then nods to Mur'dah. "Yeah," she says to his unfinished statement. "See you later."

"I think that would drive me crazy, having to be on the sands all the time," Innes admits with a little shake of her head. "I don't know how people do it. I know some golds are okay with their riders leaving for longer times, but I've known some who hate it, and I just… I can't imagine." Which begs the question of why she's standing in the first place, because there's always that risk, being that she's female and all. She runs a hand through her hair, tugging it free just in time to wave a farewell to Mur'dah. Who doesn't seem to hate her, hooray! "Did you ever try leaving her overnight, like before you knew?"

"It's not all the time," Soriana says, though she's probably not that believable given how she's only just gotten back from being called away. "Luraoth's easier than some of them, once she's settled." A shrug. "I've known some who can't leave at all, once their gold takes to the sands. "It's not that awful. It's a nice cot." Relatively. "It's just… hot." Oh so hot. As for leaving Luraoth behind? "If she's restless, I'm not going to get any sleep." There's a rueful smile. "Sometimes I get a nap at home. Not often."

Innes grins, and confesses, "A large portion of the time might as well be all the time as far as I'm concerned. I'm not even convinced staying here until the hatching is the right choice, so, you know." Here she waves her hand in a vague sort of gesture that's somehow meant to explain just what 'you know' is. Which is to say that she's impressed by Soriana's commitment, even if she doesn't have much choice in the matter. "A friend of my mother's was like that, not being able to leave the sands. So in that respect, I guess you're lucky." Having been near the sands before - though never as a candidate - she knows the heat to which Sori is referring. Her face scrunches up. "I hope you can get a few naps at home this time. It can't be easy to sleep in that heat."

Soriana laughs, and nods. "Yeah. If you impress… it sort of ties you to the Weyrs. Any dragon, really, but a gold… more than some." She shrugs. "It's a big change. If you decided to skip out on candidacy…" and not risk it "I wouldn't blame you." Though Soriana doesn't sound unhappy, just honest. "It could be worse. Her last clutch was right in the middle of summer, so it was hot out here and even hotter in there. This time, at least I can come out and get some fresh air."

Innes nods, and offers up an uncertain shrug. "I know. I was born in a Weyr and everything," she explains. Her focus is on the ground as she speaks, her expression thoughtful. "I know the pros and cons. It's just… it's a lot of responsibility." And unlike offering to organize records during candidacy, it's a lifelong commitment. "I'm coming into this less blind than some people, I think. I've seen how great impressing can be for some people, but I've also seen what a pain dragons can be." She glances up at Soriana with a quick flash of a grin. "No offense, of course." Her head bobs in agreement. "That must be a relief. Although compared to the sands, the summer heat probably felt decent."

Soriana nods, unsurprised to hear that Innes is weyrborn. There's a certain… lack of wide-eyed wonder… that matches. "There are other options," she says with a voice of experience. "Even for goldriders. It's just harder, but it's possible." She nods about the responsibility - and about not being blind. Offended? Hah, hardly - when Innes looks up, she'll see a wry grin on Soriana's face. "Dragons can be such trouble. But once one's chosen you… it's too late." So make up your mind before it's made for you? And if you can't stand the heat… "Compared to the sands, visiting the forges/ was decent."

"Other options?" Innes fixates on that little fact with curiosity. As long as they're talking hypotheticals, she's free to explore all of the options. Reality would change things drastically. She laughs, and nods with a fond smile that's focused somewhere to Soriana's left. "That's the one thing I've always noticed. No one ever regrets it, no matter how much trouble their dragon might be." It says a lot. And it's the greatest argument for seeing this through. "Maybe you should spend more time on the sands, so when you leave, it'll feel like walking into a snowstorm."

"Yeah. My mother rides gold, and she spent a while as a craftrider at a beasthold." So, not entirely hypothetical. "It makes some things complicated - getting meals for the dragon, arranging things around flights… but it's possible. She did it for over a decade." Soriana smiles, but her eyes drift away, out over the meadow in the vague direction of the sea as Innes talks about regrets. "I have," she says quietly. "I know people who've regretted impressing, who hate what having a dragon's done to their lives. They don't hate their dragon, but they hate… the changes." Her eyes remain distant for a while, then flick back to Innes for the joke about the sands. "Maybe. Or maybe I'll just wait until there is a snowstorm."

One brow arches when Soriana mentions her goldriding mother. Mother and daughter? Curious, Innes asks, "Do you think that's hereditary? I know people whose parents are riders often end up impressing, but I assume that's also because they have more access." She shrugs, glancing to the rider to see if that made sense at all. "She must have enjoyed it, if she stayed that long," she observes thoughtfully, but adds, "I think, though, if I'm going to go for the responsibility I might as well go all the way and stay here. Besides, riders can still travel." Her pleasant expression sobers as Soriana continues. She shifts a little where she leans, uncomfortable with the thought. "I guess… I guess I can see how you might regret that, if you had a life you loved. Or a person." Because that much, she has heard about. Her lips twitch back in the direction of a smile at the joke, but, "Just keep a healer nearby. I bet going from hot to cold like that would send your body into shock."

"We think there's something in the genetics," Soriana acknowledges. "But it's not the only thing, or if it is, it's at least not limited to the Weyrs. There's plenty of holders who've impressed, and weyrfolk who haven't. And plenty of going back and forth, too." So those genetics, whatever they are, have probably gotten pretty well spread. She half-smiles. "Our dragons aren't related, though." In case Innes was wondering. About the beastholding thing… "Yeah, she did. She still does some of it, when she's got time." Oh, finding time. Soriana's smile is rueful, for that, and then she nods. "I decided to stay here, myself. It's… it fits. And I can duck out to wherever I like." At least… "When I've time." That elusive time, and Soriana's mouth twists a little. She nods about the regret. "It doesn't change who you are, but it changes… a lot of other things." Her gaze lowers a moment, but… oh, the shock. And… she laughs. "Can't be worse than Honshu's hotsprings."

Innes nods with the confirmation. "That's what I thought. I have riders in my family," oh look, she's actually being open, "but at least on one side, she was the first in her family. Or the first in the immediate family that they can recall." This is where records would come in handy. Speaking of, "I would've figured that one out sooner or later through, through Project Dragancestry." She squints a little, tilting her head and repeating the phrase to herself. Apparently it passes muster, as she nods to herself and looks again to Soriana. "I imagine there's never enough time, when it comes down to it. But you seem like you fit here." Perhaps that's just because most people seem to fit their home, from Innes' outsider perspective. Her head bobs again, momentary solemnity mixed with contemplation. Is she ready for the changes? Who knows. "Honshu's hotsprings? I haven't had the pleasure."

Well, Innes has already admitted to being from a Weyr. Most people in a Weyr are related to a rider somehow or other, so Soriana just nods to that. Project Dragancestry - is that what she can expect to see on the top of all those lists? - draws a snort of amusement. "Suppose you would've," she says with a lingering smile. "My mother's the first, too. Dunno about on my father's side." A shrug, for that, and then she nods about the lack of time. Never ever. "If it's important enough, I make time." As for fitting here? She smiles, a contemplative expression. "I suppose I do. I like it here." Which is something more than just fitting, but… enough serious. Hotsprings. "They're up on the mountainside. The snow-covered mountainside. So you're soaking, and it's great, right up until it's time to stand up." And then… her smirk says just what she thinks of that.

Innes is just a bit paranoid in that respect - not that anything terrible would come of her family knowing exactly where she is. If anything, they'd probably be relieved. And thrilled. But the magic of unnecessary stubbornness is hard at work again. Project Dragancestry will undoubtedly be at the top of those lists. As well as all over the barracks. "I bet if you went back, though, you'd find more riders somewhere in there." Of course, that's probably true for just about everyone, going back far enough. She nods, her gaze dropping back to the ground. "It's a job," she says simply, "a job that comes with a permanent companion attached, but still a job." And all of the candidates are just the hopeful applicants. There's an eagerness to her expression as Soriana explains the hotsprings. Because who doesn't like to get out of hot water and step into the snow? "I'm putting that on my to-do list. Things I must accomplish before I die."

…and so, depending on exactly how Project Dragancestry invades the barracks, Darsce and Soriana may be having yet another conversation, one that involves the Headwoman complaining to the Junior Weyrwoman about how badly the barracks inspections are being failed. Ohwell? For now, Soriana's not worrying about that, or about Innes's origins. As for her own ancestry? "Probably." A crooked smile and a flick of her eyes to Innes. "But I'm not that good with names." She is - strangely enough - getting good at being a Junior Weyrwoman. "More like six or seven jobs, depending on your wing." Soriana's just got the Nova one. And the dragonhealer one. But she grins at Innes's reaction to the hotsprings. "Yeah? Tell you what - if you don't impress, I'll take you there." Because after the hatching? Soriana will be taking every opportunity she can get to slip away for a bit.

There's a ninety-five percent chance that any and all barracks inspection failures will be Innes' fault, between Project Dragancestry and the living mess that resides beneath and around her cot. So, you know, at least it will be easy to point fingers at the culprit. Innes laughs, acknowledging the familiar words being thrown back in her direction. "That's where the nicknames come in," she suggests with a smirk. 'That one ancestor who rode a dragon at some point in time'? Sounds about right. "If you're going to do work, you might as well do a lot of it." A shrug. "I get bored so easily, I'd rather have twelve things to do than one." She claps her hands together once with Soriana's suggestion, delighted. "Really? Well, cross my fingers that I don't impress, then."

Ease of pointing fingers is a plus, yes. And hey, at least it'll be something to talk about? Soriana grins along with that laughter. "Good point. So then, I've got… some… riders in my family. Mother, father, and those ancestors what rode dragons once upon a distant time." She makes a wiggly gesture with her fingers to show just how very distant a time that was. Given how this conversation has gone so far, admitting to boredom around Soriana might be a dangerous thing, but the goldrider just laughs and nods. "There's always something. Or eleven things." She nods that, yes, really, and grins. "There you go. Something to look forward to."

Or lecture about, depending how many times it happens, and how well Innes listens to instructions to clean. Which isn't very well. She snickers at the wiggling fingers, noting, "Those really add to the mystery, well done." At the rate things are going, Innes will have added fifteen extra chores to the candidate roation by the time the eggs hatch. Wasn't part of the point of this experience to make friends? Oops. "Well, if you need any more /volunteeers/," see, she knows the important word, "let me know. I think I eat enough of your stores to deserve extra chores." The promise of the hotsprings is one that she's not likely to forget any time soon. In fact, "I'll hold you to that even if I do impress. Just… a lot further in the future."

Oh, Soriana won't be the one getting the lecture. Innes… well, yes. She'll get practical life experience in chores! And… dragancestry. Though, data entry is actually surprisingly practical. There are people whose job it is. Who may even enjoy it - and who knows, maybe Innes will find a few of them to volunteer for her project. If not this project, the (seemingly inevitable) next one. Because, well, Innes is good at volunteering. Soriana has noticed this fact, and so she nods. "I will." And that's a fact. So are the hotsprings. At an interminant point in the future (not past). "Yep. If you impress… we'll go after V'dim clears you for between."

Unsurprisingly, Innes is familiar with lectures. Who'd have thought it? (Probably most who've met her.) When she's not good at things, she's really quite exceptionally bad at them. Like cot-cleaning, for example. But when she's good at things (like volunteering!), she's… good enough, at least. Things will get done. "That's not so far. It's not waiting for graduation, at least, so I can live with that." She pulls a face at her own statement, because it's still pretty far off. She's just not clear on the exact timeline. "Speaking of my volunteering," she starts, jerking her thumb in a direction that might indicate the barracks, "I probably have quite a bit of work to do so I can give you all those lists."

Soriana is, of course, a responsible Junior Weyrwoman. The only thing she knows about lectures is how to give them. And if you believe that, well… she'll let you continue to do so. Maybe she'll come along on some of those barracks inspections, just to see that cot - er, project - for herself. She hehs. "Just most of the way." Because training for between doesn't even begin until the dragons are nearly grown. But as long as the weyrlingmaster approves, Soriana's up for it! Because there are some people even a Weyrwoman doesn't argue with about certain things. Speaking of that dangerous tendency for volunteering, Soriana tilts her head curiously, then nods. "Probably, yeah. I'll let you get on that, then." She grins. "Be seeing you soon, I'm sure." In between all eleven of her things to do.

"Most isn't all," Innes chimes in her ever-so-infinite wisdom. Or maybe that's just her constant need to be right. No matter her impatient nature, she's not likely to argue with that particular date either, because getting lost between doesn't sound like a great end to things. "And I'll let you enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet before you're called back to the oven," she responds, with a half-wave half-salute that's given as she backs away, still facing Sori. "See you soon!" And then she turns on her heels and heads back toward the barracks with an eager step.

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