Almost Turned Over

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's Turnover time! The time of year, not the pastry, though maybe there's some of those among the tasty things prepared by Xanadu's cooks. They've certainly been busy, and the time has now come to appreciate all that hard work. Tables have been set along the beach with all manner of roasted, fried, and baked things, and there are pitchers of lemonade and juices and large kegs of beer and cider - and a note that the Rustic Treetop Cafe serves harder drinks, for those so inclined. The new proprietor believes in strategic advertising, and his doors are open wide to invite people to the for-sale part of the festivities. Down here, a group of harpers play crowd-pleasing tunes and strings of paper lanterns to light the beach as Rukbat sinks beneath the horizon. Off to one side, there's some games of runnershoes and a dunk tank, for when throwing objects just isn't fun if there's not somebody risking a drenching. There's even a bonfire waiting to be lit, once it's just a little darker. Things are finally coming together - which is good, because there's been people working on them all day. Soriana is not one of those people. She's only just barely making her way to the beach now, dressed in loose tunic and trousers and looking faintly surprised she's made it this far. Next step, the party. She hopes.

"Soriana!" comes Mur'dah's call, the brownrider still dressed in riding leathers and waving a few papers as he jogs down to try and catch up with the Junior. "Sorry to bother you, but…" He trails off, pausing for a moment as he flips through the papers. Oh no, more work? Then the young Comet rider pauses, and gives her a crooked grin. "Just kidding. Mind if I walk with you?" Then he remembers to snap off a salute. "Ma'am," he adds, shoving those unimportant papers into a pocket and unfastening his riding jacket. Straight from duties to the PARTY.

Bowyn has wandered down to the beach herself, the skin around her eyes darkened somewhat from a recent lack of sleep. Even if she feels tired, she tries not to show it; a broad grin is plastered across her face at the sight of the lanterns and unlit-and-waiting bonfire. She hears a familiar voice call out Soriana's name and starts looking around like a bird, head jerking in every direction to find Mur'dah. Once she sees him, the hunter walks in that direction and approaches both riders with a joyous, "Happy Turnover!" and a wave. "Er, I mean…Happy Turnover /ma'am/. And /sir/." She'll get there eventually.

Aaaaand there it is! The sound of an urgent voice. A summons to… something. Soriana considers the just-keep-walking approach. It's a pretty good one, but she probably can't pretend the party is so urgent that she can avoid it there. So. Sigh. She turns toward Mur'dah - this is her being-responsible face, see? It hardly looks put-upon at all! - and… what? There's a lift of her eyebrows, and then a laugh. "You," she tells him, and aims a shove at his shoulder. "Hah. You're lucky I don't use those for kindling." She's grinning, though. Even when he calls her ma'am, though she doesn't salute back. "Come on, then." To the party! And Bowyn, along the way. "Happy Turnover!" she calls back, then shakes her head. "Forgotten my name already, have you?" she asks with a teasing smile.

Mur'dah actually turns to look behind him when Bowyn drops the s-bomb, and then he laughs. "Bowyn! To you as well! I hear congratulations are in order too? Looks like you don't have to sleep in trees for a while, eh?" Rocking at Soriana's shoulder shove he laughs and then offers her his arm. "Please don't, I need them for the records." Then he'll offer Bowyn his other arm, because why not?

A worried look begins to show on Bowyn's face before she smirks at the goldrider and chuckles a bit. "Wha-oh no, I haven't forgotten your name, Soriana ma'am. I'm just not used to this whole 'You have to call everyone sir or ma'am' malarkey just yet." One of her hands finds its way to the side of her head and starts to scratch: her nervous tick. When Mur'dah's arm is offered, she looks between it and the one Soriana has taken, confused, and then just moves to grab onto it. She doesn't understand. Anyway, "Oh, thank you. Well I don't have to sleep in trees…just noisy barracks with people who snore, fart, talk in their sleep, toss and turn…" The list goes on. "You out of trouble yet?" she asks of the brownrider.

That's riiiight, Bowyn's name is on one of the lists of paperwork Soriana does have to look at it. It may have slipped her mind until Mur'dah mentioned it, but… that's what sands duty does. It bakes the brain! Like a tasty, tasty pie. "Mmm," she says to Bowyn. "I suppose they do tell you that." Sir or ma'am. Respect and politeness. But! "They also tell you to do what you're asked, don't they?" So! "Soriana's just fine by me. If V'dim's watching, well…" A pause, contemplative. "…do as you must." She takes the offered arm, and grins to Mur'dah, "Oh, those records." At least she doesn't seem inclined to follow through on her threat of taking the papers. Just his arm. Onwards to the party! At Bowyn's description of the barracks, she laughs. "Any sleepwalkers yet?"

Mur'dah has a beautiful lady on each arm as he walks them closer to the party, towards the food tables. "I loved the barracks," he admits to Bowyn, "though I can see how they would be obnoxious to someone used to quiet places. I had trouble getting used to sleeping alone, when we moved out. Took me a long time to move out though," he adds with a knowing grin to Soriana. "Out of trouble? For the moment, yeah." Give him time. More will find him.

Bowyn wrinkles her nose at the mention of having to do what she asks, but that sassy expression fades when Soriana tells the hunter to call her by name. "Yes, ma'am. Er…Soriana, I mean." The question of sleepwalkers has her looking over at the goldrider in horror. "No, and I hope there aren't any! I'll tie them up. I don't need my sleep disturbed more than it already is." She means it! Mur'dah has earned a sigh and a shake of the head. "I don't know if I'll get used to it. Probably at the very /end/ of Candidacy I'll be used to it and then I'll have to get used to being alone again." She hasn't quite grasped the concept of potential Impression, yet. "Well what's wrong with you, why aren't you cooking up a scheme?" Bo asks, eyeing the juice offered.

Soriana arches one eyebrow for the ma'am, along with a crookedly amused grin, then nods to Bowyn's agreement before looking back to Mur'dah for a moment. "It did," she agrees to that knowing grin. What was that about trouble and finding Mur'dah? "It took me a bit of getting used to," she admits on the matter of the barracks. "Only child and all." A shrug, and then back to Bowyn. "There was in ours. Nightmares, sleepwalking, the whole fair's worth." But she doesn't say a name. As for getting used to it by the end? She laughs, and nods. "Likely." Even if Bowyn does impress… there'll still come a time when she leaves the barracks. Soriana glances to Mur'dah. How about that knowing smile.

Kera makes her way towards the beach, the sounds of Harpers' instruments leading the way. A brown lazy set of wings seems to be attached to the girl's shoulder as she glances over to Innes with an amused smirk "You should definately stay a little while longer. At least long enough to do battle with that mess around your cot. I'ld be cautious, and approach with a stick. I think I saw your pile of clothes move earlier." She's just trying to be helpful. "I recommend a big stick." Glancing ahead again, ahhh looks like the party is getting started already. She nods and waves to a few people, giving a quick dip of her head to faces she knows. "G'evening everyone." Oh, there's the food, and that way she starts to go.

Mur'dah chuckles, "Or you'll impress and never be alone again," he says aside to the former huntress, with a grin. Then he laughs. "What's wrong with me? I don't want to get into trouble again, that's what's wrong with me." He glances curiously at Soriana, gaze distant. "Who sleepwalked?" He can't remember. It wasn't /him/, was it? Arriving at the drink tables he lets the ladies' arms go so he can get them each a drink, if they wish to have one. He just grins back at Soriana's knowing smile, and shrugs a bit. "I slept in a barn after graduation," he offers to Bowyn. "Literally, with the animals. Hello, Kera!" And someone he doesn't know, so the brownrider just offers Innes a crooked grin. "Hey."

Idrissa caught wind of the party down at the beach, and after a certain green dragon pushing her out of the weyr this is where she found herself. A slight glance is sent around while she is wandering onwards. Bits of conversations are picked up here and there though she doesn't go jumping into them just yet as it would seem. She does go about pausing though to look into getting a drink it seems.

Did Innes forget that it was Turnover time and there might be festivities in accordance with that fact? Of course she did. But luckily she's with Kera, who apparently outranks her in ability to keep track of time and date. "Mess?" Her eyes are wide with practiced innocence. Who, her? "It's not that bad. Besides, my stuff usually waits until everyone else is asleep before it goes crawling off on its own. You won't even notice." She waves away the idea with one hand, her attention already distracted by the activities on the beach, but adds as an afterthought, "Unless you get smothered by a shirt in the middle of the night." She grins at that, following Kera's lead toward the food after calling out a greeting of her own. She's allowed to eat this stuff without feeling guilty now thanks to the knot on her shoulder, and she plans to take full advantage of that.

Bowyn groans somewhat at Soriana's experience in the barracks. "I don't know how you made it out without killing anyone. Drives me nuts!" She seems suprised at Mur'dah's comment and then says, "Oh, right…Impression," and mumbles to herself as her arm is freed to grab that juice. Yes, a barn! "That doesn't sound so bad, a barn with animals. I remember you telling me you had to fix it up. How'd you keep your dragon friend from eating them all?" Suddenly, hark! A Kera! The hunter waves her arms dramatically in her fellow candidate's direction and calls, "Hullo, Kera! Hullo, Innes!" Bo starts piling a plate for herself.

At least not alone inside the brain. Soriana chuckles, and nods to Mur'dah's answer. "Nothing like hungry dragonlings to wake you up in the middle of the night." So there's that to look forward to! Or… not. "You'll get used to it," she assures Bowyn once more. In time? Maybe not. "I do suggest avoiding the murder," she teases. "Even if it's not officially on the list of rules." Soriana nods to Mur'dah's lack of desire for trouble, and her, "Good plan," actually sounds serious. The somber mood lasts just long enough for her to also shrug and name a sleepwalking name. "Zahl." It's not like he doesn't know (even if he's forgotten), or like anyone else here will have a clue what she's talking about. But, this is Turnover, it's a party, and the serious doesn't last for long. Because, hey. Living in barns! "Different barns," she notes. The fixer-upper and the one with the animals. "Kalsuoth's perfectly capable of distinguishing friend from food." She grins, then waves to Kera and the unfamiliar Innes, before glancing to Idrissa. Hmm. Serious face, re-appear! "Scuse me," she says, removing her hand from Mur'dah's arm. "I'm going to get a drink." Coincidentally. Or not.

Kera steps between a couple of people while grabbing a plate. Catching some of the conversation as she looks over the choices and adds a few tasty bits. Innes's comment about not noticing the clothes moving on there are is met with a headshake. "Hmm, There is an empty cot at the very end of the row. Bet that one would be a really comfortable spot for your shirt assasins." Very conveniantly Kera steps out of the messy candidate's reach to grab a mug of cider. Glancing to Bowyn, she grins "Still not used to all the snoring huh?" Wiggling fingers to everyone who calls her out, rather than call out all the titles and greetings for the next few moments, she simplifies things a bit. "Happy Turnover everyone!"

Mur'dah shakes his head with a grin for Bowyn, "No, I slept in /Sori's/ barn with the animals. /My/ barn is a weyrbarn. Never had animals in it." Complicated enough? "Just lots and lots of greenery." And there's another low laugh and a crooked grin for Soriana. "Idrissa!" Mur'dah calls when he spots his friend and waves her over towards the drink table. "Faranth, I'm surrounded by beautiful ladies tonight. I'll offer to dance with each one of you, if you'll have me. And I don't believe I've met you yet," he says to Innes with a slight bow. The brownrider is dressed in his riding leathers, but the jacket hangs open and he pulls it off just fine. "Certainly," he says to Soriana with a little smile and another small nod. He knows. He gets a mug of ale for himself, sipping it as he turns to scan the food tables. Hmm.

Idrissa has found herself a drink, some cider of sometype, which doesn't seem that bad as she takes a sip from it. She turns around slightly while casting a faint glance this way and then that and half acks out as she hears Mur'dah now all the far off calling out her name. Well there goes her drink. She eyes it a moment, well the now empty cup and glances over to Mur'dah with a smile and slight wave. "Hey Mur'dah." She catches that dancing comment but isn't about to go offering up to do such things! Instead she checks out the table to look for another drink seeing how she just let the sand have the one she was holding onto. Soriana isn't caught sight of just yet either.

Innes shakes her head swiftly, sending her messy hair flicking from side to side. "My shirts and I are perfectly happy where we are. Plus, I think someone down at that end smells bad." That little tidbit may or may not be true. Her expression is impassive as she grabs a plate and proceeds to load it up with enough food to likely total half her weight - or at least an arm. She's busy looking quite proud of her haul when she hears her name, and turns to spy the hunter. What was that name again? "Hello… Bowyn?" It comes out as more of a question than she'd intended, which she attempts to cover up with a confident smile. And then to her surprise there's Mur'dah. The smile partially fades from her face, and she stares at him blankly for a moment before offering, "Innes. Candidate. Nice to meet you."

Bowyn seems slightly confused for a second, but when it clicks she nods her head with a "Riiight, you told me that before. Sorry Mur'dah. To me a barn is a barn! You seem filthy enough to live in one. It works out." She jerks an arm over to elbow him in the side before turning back to Kera and Innes. "Happy Turnover. What's this about shirt assassins, then?" To Kera's question she frowns, shaking her head. "No, haven't yet. Not used to the snores /or/ the farts. Or the sleep talking. I told Soriana that if anyone started sleepwalking, I would tie them up. And now I have to promise her I'm not going to murder anyone." Is that disappointment in her voice? Innes' comment about someone smelling bad has the hunter smelling her armpits and then saying, "Well, surprisingly enough it's not me this time. And yes, it's Bowyn." She chuckles at the last bit. "People are so unsure of names, here…"

Yay, it's a party! Turnover is always fun, especially since nearly everyone gets the day off to celebrate! Ka'el is…well, a Weyrleader is never really 'off' is he? But the only paperwork he's been doing is signing off on giving riders time off! And with that done, he's free to head down to the beach to help out and partake in merriment too. So here he comes with Alloy, who knows he has an important job this evening, flying ahead and circling overhead. He's overseeing things, see? Everything going alright? No ruckus is afoot, right? Right! Ka'el himself moseys down to the beach and…mmmm, food! that's where he's heading. He's dressed casual for the occasion. Blue denim and a black shirt with sleeves pushed up a bit. He grins at people he knows, grins at a few random faces that are familiar, and snags some snacks. "Happy Turnover!" .. "Almost Turnover… Nearly Turned-over." Yeah, that! Happy that!

It's party time! Once Kiena would have avoided such things but not today. Wouldn't do if the Weyrsecond of Xanadu wasn't present at a Turnover party, right? She's dressed warmly and comfortably, semi-formal at best in a long sleeved tunic and thick jacket, and an ankle length skirt. No riding leathers for her, there is no need! The bluerider has even attempted to tame her wild mane of hair into a loose braid. And since it's Turnover, she is not alone… two little girls, barely over four Turns of age, are darting around Kiena as she walks, chasing each other with excited giggling until she calls them into line (sort of). They've just returned from playing a few rounds with the runnershoes but now she needs to feed the little mons—- her girls and so off they venture to approach the many many tables. Blue eyes scan the crowd, many faces recognizable and bringing a crooked grin to Kiena's features. Familiarity is good! "Happy Turnover!" she calls out in greeting only to have to make an exasperated sound while dashing forwards to keep the two girls from stuffing their faces immediately from the nearest platter of food.

"Not my weyrbarn," Soriana clarifies. "Just my barn." Because she has one of those, apparently! "You'd probably have been at home in Mur'dah's… pre-renovations." Before it got tamed from forest wilds. But yes, she's sneaking off now, so she remains blissfully ignorant of that mess being discussed. At least until the barracks inspections begin. Then? She may hear things, and take actions. Or else the headwoman will. Soriana grins in passing at Kera's bulk greeting - there's evidently an echo in here, as various other people call back. One of them she recognizes as Ka'el - he gets a grin and a wave, though she's not sure if he'll see it in the crowd - and then there are others who call back to the calling back (Kiena's somewhere in that round, likely)… it's plenty loud and distracting, which probably accounts for why Soriana manages to sneak up on Idrissa. Or the drinks, but she ignores those for a moment to address the greenrider. "Hey, Idrissa." Her voice's quiet under the hum of the party. She's got a smile, though it's not the grin she'd been tossing around previously. "How're you?"

Kera cants her head to Innes, nodding in agreement. "Yea, he did sorta have a….unique fragrance clinging to his boots didn't he." Referring to another candidate that caused the two girls to flee the enclosed breathing space. She'll let Innes explain about the assasin shirt, it is her shirt afterall. Kera can't help but chuckle at Bowyn and nods "I don't have a hard time picturing you beast-tying someone if they snore too loudly." Even though a nervous giggle slips out of her about the hunter murdering someone. "Yes, well, I think I should probably consider moving back to the craft dorms. Afterall, the barracks will need all the cots spare cots they have, right?" Ka'el's arrival and greeting is met with a quick nod and wave of her mug "Happy Turnover Weyrleader." Gesturing to the unlit bonfire for the other candidates to notice, "I'm gonna go claim one of those logs." Well a portion of one at least. The healer turned candidate starts that way with Minimur swaying gently on her shoulder. And now she's not in the way of people trying to get to the party favors at the tables.

Mur'dah grimaces slightly when he sees Idrissa lose her drink. Is he that startling? "Sorry!" he calls to her. Turning, he meets Innes' gaze early enough to watch her smile fade, and at her blank stare he blinks at her, and fidgets briefly. What did he do? "Pleasure, Innes, well met. Mur'dah, brown Kalsuoth's, well met." Then with a crooked grin he asks, "Have I already offended you somehow?" Then he's looking at Bowyn, and his blink of surprise is interrupted by her elbowing him in the side. Swiftly, he's grabbed her elbow and pulled her into a headlock, only it's shifted so her face is…rather close to his armpit. His brownrider, worked all day, still wearing his leathers armpit. And he whispers something to her before he lets her go, the whole thing taking just a few seconds. Just in time for him to straighten his clothing and notice the arrival of Ka'el and Kiena and the girls. Eee, the girls! The Weyrleader gets a somber expression and a smart salute, while the Weyrsecond gets a warm grin and a wave, before he's finger wiggling to the twins.
Mur'dah mutters to Bowyn, "You're… didn't fart…"

Idrissa catches the few new voices, only because she happens to know them both. A slight glance is sent towards Ka'el and Kiena whom are a ways off it seems so she goes about her business of getting another drink. "Sok Mur'dah, you know me all thumbs." Well she is clumpsy after all. There is a pause at the voice of Soriana, which is near her and also speaking to her it seems. There is a blink and she glances to Soriana, seeming a touch surprized before a soft ah escapes her. "Hey." A faint smile offerd back. "I've been alright. How have you been doing?" Her standard answer, though really everything has been fine. She's busy working a good amount of the time leaving her ever so scare around the Weyr anymore.

Innes knew it was Bowyn, obviously. Still, she does throw her fellow candidate a grateful smile when she thinks no one else will notice. That's quickly followed by a defensive, "I know names. I've got Kera, and you, and Ka'el down. And that other rider who was with us when I was suggesting lighting things on fire…" Probably shouldn't say that too loudly with half the Weyr's staff in attendance. The hand that isn't holding her plate moves to scratch her head instead. She squints, glances at the sky, and then gives up with an exasperated sigh. "That's pretty much all I've got. Then there are some other people in charge, and they have names, too." A vague wave is given to illustrate this fact, followed by a quick - if belated - explanation of, "Kera thinks my shirts move on their own." She shrugs, releasing herself from all responsibility with that action. She's not directly doing it, so clearly it's not her fault that the mess around her cot has become a sentient life form. "And Mur'dah!" she exclaims after his proper introduction, tagging his name on to the list of those she remembers. At least she has the decency to shoot him an apologetic - and far friendlier - look after that. "You haven't offended me, yet," she answers with a smirk. Her attention is diverted by the new arrivals, both of whom are familiar faces. She waves with her free hand, but she's already looking away, searching out a seat so she doesn't have to carry her heavy plate any longer.

Bowyn gives Kera an amused expression, smile creeping across her lips, brows raising…and then shakes her head. "Oh it won't be /you/ I murder, if it comes to that. Besides, I don't want to get in tr-" SUDDENLY HEADLOCK! She flails one arm to try to punch Mur'dah in the face while the other grabs at the arm trapping her, trying to scratch it. "Issmmmz FFFFFlll!!" comes her stifled cry from the depths of his rank pitty. Then, in a matter of seconds, he's mercifully freed her and she gasps for air, wiping the side of her face as if his manstench has crept onto her skin, hugging her face for dear life. The hunter moves to give him a quick slap on the back of the head. "I take it back, I'll murder this one!" After she says it, Bowyn can't help but laugh, occasionally glancing over at the rider with a look of desbelief after turning back to Kera and Innes. Maybe even a /glare/. Oh something is happening in that brain of hers. She'll get him back. Innes earns a smirk, Bo trying to hold her laughter back at the very…uh…impressive list of names the pyr-I mean /candidate/ knows. "Yes, well…I find most people do have names," she offers in response to people in charge who have them. "Maybe there's some kind of creature in your clothes? Want me to find out what it is? Lay a trap?" Anything? Anything that isn't chores?

Alloy swoops down and lands upon the unlit bonfire pile. Raaar! His precious! The bronze firelizard flares and fans his wings, then hops down onto the sand to stand guard, nostrils smoking. Wait..nostrils smoking? No one touches his. Not even you, apperentice candidate healer girl Kera! Chirp chirp, step back! Ka'el has grabbed a sweet roll and is in the process of munching it while trying not to talk to people who are talking to him because that's rude, while also trying to weasel his way towards friends as opposed to the random assortment of faces that are gradually making their way towards him to talktalktalk his ear off. Somebody help! He's being surrounded! He finds an opening, ducks through it, and tries to disappear into the sea of bodies as he continues on. "Kera!" He waves an arm to the girl as he heads over. "I heard. Congratulations, Candidate!" he calls, beaming at her. He grins at others too. Kiena (and the twins!), Soriana, who he did see..somewhere…wait, where'd she go? Mur'dah's captured Bowyn, and he pities her face. There's the new Candidate from the other day too, and a glimpse is caught of Idrissa.

Kiena will smile warmly back to Mur'dah before her mouth twists into a crooked grin and she half-salutes the brownrider with a lazy tip of two fingers. She's trying not to laugh either for Bowyn's reaction but… fails. The Weyrsecond bursts into laughter, unable to keep herself controlled and has to chew on her lower lip in an effort to sober back into chuckling. "He up to his usual tricks?" she drawls to the Candidate, while eyeing the brownrider. "And you alright?" Spying Ka'el on his way by, Kiena will grin in return and incline her head in greeting but her attention is soon drawn away when the girls focus their attentions now on Mur'dah. Hey, he waved! They greet him as any four Turn olds do: loud and enthusiastically. Seems they don't mind his stench?

Moving back to the crafter apprentice dorms? Oh, sure, that's possible. It just needs approval from the Headwoman. Or possibly Soriana. Housing variance form something-or-other. She forgets, but she could look it up. Would she? Only one way to find out. The sounds from behind her draw her attention back briefly - Mur'dah Bowyn what? - but there's laughter despite the threats of murder (there's no form for stench-justified homicide, sorry!) and so she turns her attention back to attempting a conversation with Idrissa. "Yeah?" she says, still with that smile. "Haven't seen you much." Which is why she has no idea whether to believe that 'alright' or not, other than the fact she can see Idrissa still has the normal complement of limbs in the usual places. Which, well. It's a start. "I've been well." Also true, though she's a bit more of a public figure, what with being Junior Weyrwoman. "Made grade two with dragonhealing." Old news, but then… it's been a while since she's managed to find Idrissa. "Still seeing a lot of Western?" She means Zi'on. Because she's out of touch. Just how much time has Idrissa been spending on work?

Kera snorts to Innes "I don't think it movied, I'm sure of it, creeping slowly across the floor to claim a cot for itself." and glances around those gathering for the party, noticing Kiena along with her daughters and Idrissa arriving to the party, she wiggles fingers their way, not that they are likely to see it through the crowd across the beach though. Sinking down on one of the logs placed about for sitting, her brown flaps down to the barky perch and eyes Ker'as plate with a churl. She's about to come up with some witty retort to Bowyn's assurance it won't be a certain healer that gets murdered, when the hunter is suddenly in a headlock. She's speechless as Mur'dah assaults a candidate. Peering around those nearest her, she makes a small attempt to save the brown rider from being murdered. "You don't need to go through all that trouble Bowyn. A cup of mint-tea day, will keep Mur'dah away." A quick glance around to see if any of the big choking knots are paying attention, she waves Bowyn closer to try and whisper something. But the bronze lizard that starts scolding her suddenly won't be ignored. Alloy flaps his wings and turns his smoking nostrils her way. "Hey there Alloy…whhaaatdaya doing…" Thankfully Ka'el is nearby in case his lizard has gone bonkers and she gets to her feet quickly when he steps up "Thank you sir." She gestures with a little bit of cheese to the lizard "Is he supposed to be smoking at me like that?"

Mur'dah /laughs/, ducking his head when he's slapped, hastily moving away though he tosses Bowyn a wink and a crooked grin. Bring it. "Glad I haven't offended you yet, Innes." Though he's sure to, somewhere down the road. "Hey, Kera! That only works when /you/ try it," he calls to the Healer-Candidate, with a laugh and a grin. Tipping two fingers to his brow in return salute to Kiena, the brownrider crouches down to accept the twins' greetings with a wide smile. "Girls!" he says, genuinely happy to see them. "Will you do me the honor of being my first dance for the evening?" And he glances at Kiena as well, for Mom's permission before he's sweeping a toddler up in each arm and spinning them towards the dancing area. Eliana, the shy and quiet one he keeps in his arms, rocking back and forth and twirling with her, while wild Ezsrisa really tears it up, little feet stomping, hands waving, hair swinging as she cuts /loose/ as only toddlers can, with happy squeals of laughter.

Idrissa is indeed all in one piece from the looks of it. At the question there is a slight nod. "Yeah." At the rest there is a slight pause caught while she curiously watches Soriana. "I've been pulling a lot of delivery shifts anymore. Keeps me busy, out of trouble and so forth." This said with an amused tone at the idea of her staying out of trouble. A grin is soon caught. "Oh yeah? Well good for you. I knew you'd get there." There is a nod seen while she says that. Sure they haven't talked in well… A while, so she isn't too sure what there is left between them honestly. Rissa did the pulling away, from Soriana and well everyone though so she's in a bit of limbo mode truthfully. At the question on Western she shrugs. "Only when there is something that needs to go that way." She isn't talking about Zi'on, that always seems to be a sour subject no matter whom she is around so she doesn't wish to go down that road at the moment.

The pit-face debacle is missed when Innes turns away - once again the victim of her own attention span - but judging by the threats of murder, she can put together a few theories about what she might have missed. A couple are even somewhat close to the truth. "If you need any help…" she offers cheerily to her fellow candidate, allowing her trailing voice to intimate just what she means by that. Her grin is an eager one. Perhaps pyromania and murder go hand in hand. "I'm not sure I want you trapping my shirts. They're not in the greatest condition as it is." Funny, considering she's supposed to be a weaver. "You'll probably catch a candidate instead of a creature. Hey! There's a way to solve the potential sleepwalking problem. I don't mind being woken up to screams of agony." She grabs something off of her plate without checking to see what it is, immediately taking a large bite. Mur'dah gets a closed-mouth grin around her food in some passable attempt at manners. And then she's off to find a place to sit, which leads her close enough to Ka'el for her to ask, "And how is bronze Kanekith today?" Chances are, she's never going to let that one go.

"Smoking at…you?" Ka'el blinks in obvious confusion as he eyes Kera, then eyes the at-the-ready firelizard who is indeed smoking. Still at the nostrils. "Oh… heh. Firestone," he says with a smirk, glancing to the unlit bonfire then the darkening…or possibly dark sky. "Right. He's smoking at you, though not on purpose," he assures, though Alloy's making those assurances rather hard to seem believable with the way he all but glares at anyone who gets too close, snorting out smoke. Yup. Definitely on purpose. Ka'el lifts a hand to rub at the back of the neck. "He's the master of ceremonies this evening. That is, he's lighting the bonfire whiiiich…I believe should be fired up about now." Maybe. He's not the best of party coordinators, and he can't find Soriana or any of the Weyrwomen to ask if this needs to be done now or later. They run the place, you know! "Ah well. Al, have at it," he says, waving a hand to the eager miniature bronze who chirps a reply at the mental picture. Fire! He can do that. Allll over that wood! and thus he turns and begins to pace around the bonfire's base, burp-flaring up fire from his mouth as if he's done this a thousand times before. Ka'el smirks a bit and is about to ask a question when Innes pipes up, causing him to laugh. "Rather bronze, in fact," he chuckles. "He wanted extra oiling for the occasion of Turnover. If you look yonder, you can probably see his gleam from the Star Stones," he says, shielding his eyes.

Kiena gives her permission to Mur'dah with a look of relief as the brownrider whisks the girls off to dance. They're his for now and that means… she's free! What's a Weyrsecond to do? Why… stuff her face of course! Not that she exactly pounces the tables and begins shovelling food down, but she'll be quick and hasty to grab a few of the nearest and most delicious looking edibles. Devouring them swiftly, next will come a drink and by then the girls have no doubt danced their fill. "Careful they don't wear you out, Mur'dah!" she calls with a teasing smirk. Suddenly… there is fire? The bonfire is lit! Which… of course attracts the twins attention and they're off in a dash to go investigate. Kiena sighs, eyeing the food table wistfully before she's giving chase (it's really just a brisk walk) and passing Mur'dah she flashes him a quick look. "You coming along?" she asks but cannot linger! Faranth only knows what four Turn olds will do around fire.

"Yeah?" Soriana says to Idrissa's delivery shifts. It's the go-on sort of tone, and then she nods. "Doing anything to get into trouble?" Because it's important, apparently - or so says her smile, gently teasing. She nods about her dragonhealing skills. "Took me a month away for exams, but I got there." So that's part of why they haven't talked in however many forevers it's been. The rest? Well, various things happened. Soriana, at least, is of the opinion that bridges can be re-built. Especially ones that haven't burst into flames, just… decayed a bit. But hey, every other board is still enough to walk on, right? Soriana can hope, anyway. The answer she gets about Western makes her blink. "Oh." So that must mean… which means… "I see." She thinks she does, anyhow. Enough so that she doesn't try to go down that road. Which means there's a pause - maybe even an awkward one - and then… a belch! No, not from Soriana. Of flame from Alloy, which sets the bonfire alight and draws Soriana's attention toward it, along with various others who ooh and aah. Because really, doesn't everyone have at least a little bit of pyromaniac inside?

Kera plops a bit of cheese in her mouth before tearing a off a few small bites of her roll and offering them to her little brown. Grinning at the conversation, she simply chuckles at Mur'dah. "Ahh, good to know. I'll be sure to double my daily dosage then." Her shoulder lift and drop in with a shrug as she goes back to feeding the hungry lizard. Alloy is offered some tasty bits as well if the firestarting bronze is interested. The healing candidate glances between Bowyn and Innes, sending her eyes rolling upward as she laughs "If you two ever got together and starting plotting, everyone would be in huge trouble I think." The fire is starting to lighten the darkening evening and people start drifting closer to it. Plopping food in her mouth before the lizards are offered more, she grins to the Weyrleader "So, how many ceremonial fires does that make for him now?" She's referring to Alloy of coarse.

Mur'dah grunts in surprise when the girls are suddenly /gone/, like magic. He's off after them swiftly though, nodding to Kiena in a silent 'uh, yeah, I'm not letting them go close to the fire' look. "They will wear me out, but then I'll sleep tonight," he teases. Once he's sure the twins are safe, he looks around and lifts a hand. "Who wants the next dance!" he hollers. "Any takers?" Where's his ale?

Idrissa nods slightly at the question from Soriana, an amused look seen. "You know me I stay out of trouble. It just happens to find me often is all." This said with a slight grin seen. "Last trip I did take to Western Tahryth did find someone to stand for your recent clutch. She said he tasted like fish so that means he must be a good pick." Tahryth was always a bit on the strange side, along with being very good at dragging her rider into things that might be out of her comfort zone. Though really Rissa's comfort zone is rather small anymore. At the rest, well there is a soft pause and she shrugs a bit. "Yeah…" She offers softly on the conversation, trying to add in a answer to what it might mean without coming right out and saying it. Perhaps when that bridge is build back up again that subject can be brought up, along with them not being out in public setting such as this. Her gaze drifts towards the flame and she smiles a moment seeing thta it is Alloy doing it. The word 'dance' is picked up and she is quick to just sipping at her drink.

Innes certainly has a bit of a pyromaniac inside. Her face lights up as the flames do the same, her grey-green eyes widening in a way that's practically comical. The grin that accompanies is perhaps the biggest she's worn since arriving at Xanadu (which ought to be a little concerning, really). She's still wearing that bright expression when she turns back to Ka'el, too entranced by the fire to remember to retain her air of slight suspicion around him. So instead she simply laughs, and makes a show of squinting off into the distance before she snaps her free hand over her eyes and turns away. "He's blinding," she claims in feigned pain. Miraculously, her eyes made a sudden recovery as she glances over toward the sound of Mur'dah's hollering. "Sorry, food trumps men and dancing every time," she calls out, holding up her still nearly full plate to indicate her predicament.

Oh yes, oooo and aaah at his fire! Alloy pauses only to give an unsure look at the congregation, but with a smokey chirp, gets back to business. This is a firelizard on a mission! He must make sure everything is burnyburny hot just right! Any unlit wood gets a speedy shot of burp-flame, and after a while he steps back to inspect. Bright. Hot. Fire. Ouch! … Perfect. Now it's time for snackfoods! Not oblivious to Kiena's offer, he hurries to claim himself a piece, through with the tiny bit of firestone he was fed. Ka'el is drawn towards the flame (what was that about being a pyro?) though he seems to merely be checking things over. Making sure kids don't get too close (or adults for that matter!) No accidents will happen this evening! (he hopes…) "This'll be his…third or fourth?" he answers Kera, his grin crooked with amusement. "Ceremonial. Let's not get into the number of common fires." Eyes drift to Innes and nods solemnly as she claims to see a certain bronze's hide. "Careful. Look too long and he'll blind you."

Eliana and Ezsrisa won't get too close to the fire, there hurried dash coming to a slow stop within the ring of log seats or whatever else has been dragged over as seating in a safe circle around the bonfire. They're definitely fascinated, but it'll be the bolder Ezsrisa who recognizes the Weyrleader though she remembers him more for some snippet of memory about swings. So she'll wave and grin at him, while Eliana just… stares at those flames. Sopretty. "I'll take you up on that offer, Mur'dah! Not the best of dancers… I'll just warn you now!" she drawls, only to be reminded that she just… can't waltz (ha!) off on a whim. She gives the brownrider a sheepish look, "That is, of course… if someone doesn't mind watching these two? Girls, can you sit down and behave?" The twins just bob their heads, but the Weyrsecond doesn't seem entirely convinced of their sincerity before her gaze lifts to drift over the assembled group.

"There's trouble, and then there's trouble," Soriana notes to Idrissa, still teasing. One has an emphasis! And is also apparently a good thing. So is finding people for clutches, and for that, Soriana is both surprised and pleased. "Oh yeah?" She grins. "I hadn't heard of fish-tasting as one of the marks of impression potential." Probably because it's not generally accepted as such, but, "Learn something new every day!" …not that she's going to encourage candidate-licking, but hey. Sometimes these things just… happen. Other things can happen too, and Soriana's quite capable of making inferences. Maybe that's why she adds, "We should hang out sometime." Y'know, when it's not a big crowded party with half the Weyr in attendance. She finally gets that drink she allegedly came here for - one of the lighter ales, it's got a fruit in the name - then turns back to Idrissa. "Luraoth doesn't usually mind people in the stands." So she can come visit! "And it's hot and dull." Because Soriana is so good at selling these things. And then… well, maybe it's her own pyro tendencies, maybe she just recognizes one of the figures being outlined by those flames (likely), but she adds, "I'm going to go check out the fire. Wanna come?" The invitation's an honest one, but… she's going to head over that way regardless of the answer.

Kera smiles when Innes recovers from her blindness quick enough. It's probably being so close to Kera's awesome healing skills that cured the red headed candidate. As the twins settle on another log the healer glances to Kiena "There's enough people around, doubt they'll get in too much trouble." Finishing the last of the tastys on her plate, she hops to her feet and smiles at Alloy and Ka'el "He's raking up quite a tally. Be careful of this one though." She pretends to whisper and point to Innes. "She may give him a run for his firestone stash with fire. She mentioned an explosion or two in her wake I think." Grinning to her fellow candidate, she heads back to the food table, to reload with different selections.

Mur'dah laughs at Innes, grinning at her. "Some day that won't be the case. I'd rather dance with a beautiful woman than eat any time." And he scans the crowd, perhaps looking for a beautiful woman in particular, and then Kiena is answering his question. "There we go!" he says, but he, too, is looking at the twins. "They're sweet girls, I'm sure someone wouldn't mind watching them for a few minutes."

Idrissa chuckle softly and nods to the trouble bits of the comment from Soriana. "True." This said with a soft tone before a grin is seen once more. "That I know but Tahryth is well… Tahryth, everything and everyone needs to be licked. It was rather amusing how he freaked though I have to admit. I've not see anyone freak out like that for a while." Yes she might have found that amusing for a little bit. As for the rest she pauses while watching Soriana, a smile caught and she nods once more. "I'd like that actually. I'll have to come by for a visit, have wandered over to see any of the clutches for a while actually. I'll make sure to bring something cold to drink." Maybe she can wrestle away some treats from the kiddies in the cavern like she did once before when visiting Soriana. The question to go check out the fire hear and a glance is sent that way. She is really unsure what to say for a few moments before a soft breath escapes her and she looks to Soriana. "You go on. I'll try to wander over in a bit how's that?" Her smile is seen once more, meaning she will try to go by, just not right now.

"Do I get some kind of compensation for being blinded by a dragon's hide?" Innes asks, rubbing her eyes just to emphasize how close she came to losing her sight. Clearly, though, Kera's powers are great, since her eyes are still in working order. She smirks over in Mur'dah's direction, her voice ever so sweet as she responds, "I need food to live. Men… not so much." Since she's already on a quest to take a seat, and her morning chores involved corralling children… also, fire, she's plenty happy to take a seat next to the two little ones. "I've got 'em," she calls out to that bluerider whose name she still can't quite remember. And just because she's such a great person, she won't stick anything in the flames while minding the kids. She's exemplary, really.

Ka'el will watch the girls! See, he's already there to do so, plus he likes them, even if he doesn't know them as well as he'd like. There are downfalls to Weyrleadership. Staying busy more often than not is definitely one of them. But now? He's not busy! Well, other than lighting fires, eating, talking, and being wholly merry, he's not busy at all! "Got it," he says just as Innes claims the same, which earns her a grin. "Compensation? Sure, here it is. You get to watch the twins with the Weyrleader. That there is a grand prize in and of itself." Or so he says anyway! His eyes stray a moment though, scanning the crowd of heads and faces and bodies. But soon enough his attention is taken by the kidlets as he joins Innes after getting an earful of a warning from Kera! "Explosion? Well .. as long as it doesn't happen in the weyr.." It's all good? He plops down and grins at Ezsrisa. "Ezzie!" Hey, at least he randomly called her the right name! "Have you ever roasted marshmallows?" .. Kids and fire. Wonderful combination!

"Those are famous last words," Kiena warns Kera with a wry grin and a quick wink. Careful what you say? Snickering a bit at the banter exchanged between Mur'dah and Innes, the Weyrsecond adds her own. "Why not both? Food, drink and a good dance partner or company! Can't go wrong with that, hmm?" she drawls, only to glance sidelong to Mur'dah. "You say that now about the girls and I keep warning you!" she teases before turning her attention back to Innes. "Thank you ah… Candidate?" Names! They're important things and Kiena is only realizing now she hasn't crossed paths with this one! A grin is flashed to Ka'el as well when the Weyrleader steps in and she gestures for Eliana and Ezsrisa to go join him and Innes. "Good luck!" Kiena quips before stepping away with Mur'dah. The girls plunk themselves down with their temporary guardians and it's Ezsrisa who speaks up, wrinkling her nose and glaring at Ka'el. That's not her name! They had this discussion! "Nooo…?" she drags out in a questioning response. What is this roasting of marshmallows he speaks of?

Soriana laughs to Idrissa. "Yeah, that's… very Tahryth." When that green was inside her egg, she was probably licking the shell. Actually, make that definitely. Soriana smiles and nods as Idrissa agrees to come visit her. "I'd love the company." Also the cold drinks - there's a wry grin for that - and any snacks that happen to come with them. She hangs back while Idrissa ponders the question of visiting the fire, but she's not entirely surprised by the answer. Maybe a little by the fact that it's not an outright no, but… "Yeah, okay. I'll see you around." Maybe with more actual seeing! She hopes so, anyway. For now, she waves and heads on over to that fire, giving a nod to Kera as they pass in opposite directions. Soriana's not seeking that flame for the heat - she gets plenty of that from the sands, lately - but one of those figures near it is Ka'el, and she makes her way to him and reaches down to tousle fingers through his hair. "Hey," she says. "Happy Turnover." Even if he does seem to have (temporarily) co-acquired a set of four-turn-old kids. She still smiles to him, then looks past to Innes and gives the candidate another smile and a greeting-ish nod. "Hi."

Kera grins over her shoulder and laughs at Ka'el's comment but continues towards the food, passing Soriana with a smile and quick nod. Reloading her plate she returns back to her loggy seat. Automatically, she's tearing small bits off for the lizards, Minimur getting first dibs from 'his' healer's plate of coarse. Flashing Innes an amused wink, her attention goes to Ka'el "So, Sir, it's alright to make explosions. As long as they aren't actually /in/ the Weyr?" The girl doesn't expect a reply though, since the Weyrleader is suddenly distracted with entertaining the twins with marshmellows.

Mur'dah laughs and winks at the twins before he takes Kiena's hand and sweeps her out onto the dance floor. "Perfect," he says, and then he dances with the Weyrsecond, and will dance with as many partners as he can get. And eat, and drink, and enjoy himself!

It's amazing how a few words about explosions make people thing you want to blow things up. Not that Innes particularly minds this kind of reputation. "I get to watch the twins with the Weyrleader?" There are those big, wide eyes again. One hand goes to her chest in feigned awe, before she drops it and returns to her standard smirk. "Kanekith is much better at selling these kinds of things than you are." She glances over at Kiena for a moment. Was that question directed at her? "Innes! We met, once. Without proper names." Just lots of talk of burning. Her attention falls to the twins, who she may not know but still finds adorable. She lifts a brow as Ka'el suggests roasting things - should kids really be allowed to stick anything into fire? - but keeps her mouth shut. Because hey, she's curious, and she can't be held culpable for this if she doesn't say anything. Soriana's appearance causes her to lift her head, taking in the Weyrwoman with her usual impassive greeting. "Happy Turnover," she echoes, finally offering a smile.

Ka'el gives an exaggerated sigh in answer to Innes. "I'm afraid Kanekith has more practice than I do at convincing those that don't wish to be convinced," he remarks to Innes befor laughing wide-eyed and inncoently at Ezsrisa. "No?" he echoes, very much aware that that 'nooo' wasn't meant the way he's taking it. "No, you haven't had roasted marshmallows? We'll, how 'but that, you're a lucky girl because I know I saw a bowlful of them around here somewhere." He looks for a serving person, but none that he sees has marshmallows! Hmmm, this could be troublesome (or a saving grace. Fire and kids hardly ever mix well!) "And then we'll just need a stick…" Kiena may need to come save her children! His eyes slide to Soriana, and he brightens a little. "Happy Turnover," says the now-tousel-haired Weyrleader. "Have you seen a tray of marshmallows floating by?" He's determined to find them! And he also has heard Kera, who isn't ignored. "It's alright to make explosions as long as they're worth watching." Yeah. That's the rule!

…oh, Soriana's come into this conversation at an interesting time. Because, boom! She smirks slightly for Ka'el's answer, and adds, "But. Any explosion that leaves evidence is not allowed without official permission. Any explosion that doesn't leave evidence…" A shrug, and a crooked smile. "Well, if there's no evidence, we can't find out about it, now can we?" So if you're going to cause explosive mayhem, at least don't cause destruction to go with it. Simple. She raises no objections to the marshmallow roasting - a sticklength ought to be enough for safety, right? - and smiles to Innes as she's inspected for who-knows-what. But she doesn't seem put off by the stare, and apparently she passes, at least for the moment. Now then, about those marshmallows… hmm. "There were supposed to be." Which means they could be anywhere between here and Eastern.

Kera enjoys the food, as do the lizards she's tossing bits too, while chuckling at Ka'el's predicament. Silly man, promised marshmellows and he has none. Brushing her hands off, she gets to her feet "I'll track them down for you sir." She gestures to her place on the log. "Have a seat Jr. Weyrwoman." Grabbing her plate, and Minimur, "Be right back with those marshmellows sir." the candidate healer wanders towards the food tables, looking around for this huge bowl of fluffy goodness.

Off she goes to dance! Kiena will likely forget at some point that she's Weyrsecond too and enjoy the dancing a bit too much if the tune is lively enough. That and she'll also forget others are about and watching, so once the music is all wrapped up she'll become quite aware of where she is and clearing her throat will just… sneak away off the dance floor. That's enough for one night! She's got to go find her daughters, before Ka'el gets them too wired on sugary marshmallow. As she approaches, Ezsrisa will be all to happy to inform her mother of the Weyrleader's offer and the bluerider only smirks as she takes a seat nearby. "Sugar, really? You do know what happens when they're fed large quantities, right?" she muses, inclining her head to Soriana in greeting. "Happy Turnover." she murmurs with a crooked smile. "Enjoying the festivities?"

"I'd like to meet him sometime," Innes tosses out, as casually as she possibly can. Because they didn't get a proper introduction previously, and it would be nice to meet the bronze who stuck her with this white knot. Then she'll know who to blame if Candidacy gets the best of her. Her head cants as she looks back to Soriana, considering her rules for explosions. "Do those same rules apply to fires?" she asks, attempting to play up any youth left in her voice. "Any explosions or fires are allowed as long as no one knows or finds any evidence?" It's probably not a great idea of encourage her. She picks up another item off her plate that looks suspiciously baked and sugary. She happily chows down on that as her gaze flickers between the three riders, suddenly aware of just how many authority figures are in her immediate vicinity. Where's Kera? She needs candidate solidarity.

Oh see? Explosions are allowed after all! Ka'el should've brought his secret stash… But he hasn't. And he hasn't brought any marshmallows either, but Kera's on that. And he'll convince the twins that their nicknames are totally awesome, but for now he lets poor Ezzie be with the promise of marshmallows to come! Ka'el, complete with touseled hair now, thank you Sorina, looks up at the Weyrwoman, grins, is about to say something… but his thoughts are intercepted by Kanekith. Hmm..whatnow? There's a rider doing … what? And where?? .. Oy, folks can't be so drunk already, right? (Apparently…they can) He blinks out of his daze. "Sugar…turns them into creatures of the night?" he supposes to Kiena as he rises to his feet. "Kanekith rarely says no to an audience," he remarks to Innes, grin evident but faint. "Unfortunately, I've to take care of .. an issue," he says with a vague wrinkle of his nose. He doesn't waaaannaa. He wants to stay with his friends! Sigh. He looks to Soriana. "Which hopefully won't take long. If it does…well, happy Turnover to you all and enjoy the fireworks for me." He smiles, places a light Happy Turnover kiss to the Weyrwoman's cheek, then after a wave to everyone, heads off to round up one excessively drunken dragonrider.

Soriana regards Innes for a long moment after the fire question, then, "Yes. But, word to the wise? It's really hard to make sure there's no evidence. You're probably better off getting permission." A pause, and then, "Also, once you get caught the first time, you get closer supervision." What a drag! "So keep that in mind." She turns to Kiena as the Weyrsecond approaches, and smiles. "Happy Turnover," she replies, then nods. "I am. It's nice to get out for a bit." Whether from office or sands! "How about you?" And then Ka'el's being called away, and she nods in briefly-serious fashion. "Happy turnover," she repeats to him, and returns that cheek kiss. "See you when you get back." Whenever that is. If she has to, she'll keep the lights on for him? …and let her tell you, that's another of the things about sands duty… but hopefully he'll be back in time for some fireworks-watching. Because… explosions! Pretty ones.

Kera drifts from one decked out table to the next til her eyes spot the elusive bowl of white fluffy sugar-pops drifts shines like a beacon. Weaving through the people gathered around the food, Kera snatches the bowl and gives an appologetic little shrug to those glaring at her greed. "Sorry, Weyrleader wants'm." Retreating from the muttering mob quickly, the healing candidate makes hasty steps, retracing her path back to the bonfire. Hearing some of the conversation as she returns, Kera chuckles to Kiena near disbelief that Ka'el wants to feed her daughters sugar in large quantities. Unfortunately, Kera happens to be the one delivering the sugary treats. She grabs a couple herself and tries to pass the rest to Ka'el, but he's leaving to settle some issue. Peering around to the others, she winces and glances down at the mellows before setting them on the log for everyone to have at. Winking at the twins "You two enjoy them, don't eat too many though, will upset your tummys if you eat too many." Reaching down for Minimur, she snuggles him to her before waving to those gathered around the fire. "Thanks for arranging the party Jr. Weyrwoman. It's been fun. But unfortunately, I gotta wash my uniform for the morning." A smirk is sent to Innes "Maybe the barracks have aired out." One can hope at least. "Enjoy the rest of your evening." Then she's slipping off to go do laundry…oh joy!

Can Kiena really be blamed for not wanting her girls hyped up on sugar? Though once Kera returns with the marshmallows, the Weyrsecond can't really say no, considering the Candidate went and fetched them in the first place. So the girls will get their treat while Kiena focuses on conversation once more. "I bet it is nice to get out and away from things," she muses to Soriana. Who wouldn't enjoy a bit of freedom? "I'm enjoying myself. It's been nice, even with these two in tow." Both twins are given loving pats, which only has them peering up curiously to the adults as they munch away on sugary snacks. As Ka'el informs them of a pressing matter requiring his attention, Kiena frowns. If the Weyrleader hadn't wanted to go, he could have sent her! Briefly she looks a bit concerned and then her nose wrinkles. "Some folk just can't handle a party in stride, huh?" she mutters and nods briskly to the Weyrleader before he heads out. He knows where to find her (or to call) if necessary. Kera's warning to the twins have them peering up at Kiena, who only keeps as serious an expression as she can muster. Which means she fails, as she's soon smiling. "She's right. And it's also getting late… come along you two." she murmurs as she begins ushering them up while sparing apologetic looks to Soriana and Innes. "Going to get them settled with their foster parents. Might be back in time for the fireworks but if not… you'll both have to tell me how it went!" They'll share details, right? Before the twins can begin to protest too much, Kiena will usher them forwards and begin to lead them to their home.

Is Innes telling the truth, or just throwing out hypotheticals to sow the seeds of suspicion for her own amusement? Either way, she's not saying, and her expression is impassive enough to leave it in question. "I'm bound to get caught doing something sooner or later," she admits to Soriana in a rare moment of pure honesty. Ka'el got fair warning of this fact as well. She brightens as the Weyrleader tells her she may get an audience with the bronze who searched her, but her expression falls a little as he's swiftly called away. And then off goes Kera, with a, "Hope it's better in there!" from Innes. And then Kiena and the twins vanish into the night. Which leaves Innes rather suddenly without a child-sized buffer between her and a goldrider she doesn't really know. "So…" There's some awkward head scratching. "No setting fire to things?"

"Mmhmm," Soriana agrees to Innes about getting caught. "Everyone does. The question is what'll it be, and why." Or at least, that's the question Soriana likes to consider when deciding what to do about someone she's caught! Like what she's going to do about having caught Kera providing sugar to small children, which is, apparently, nothing, because… Sugar! Soriana remembers a time when sugar was awesome. Her memories of running around like a small lunatic are fond ones. Her mother's memories? …probably not nearly so rose-tinted. But these aren't her kids, so… not her problem! At least not unless they decide to wreak havoc. So… "It is," she says to Kiena. "I'm glad Luraoth's been feeling relaxed about things." And letting her rider escape! She smiles to Kera's gratitude, "Oh, I hardly did any of it." Which is true; party planning requires more running around than she can rely on having, just now. The fact that the barracks needed airing out makes her raise an eyebrow. "Do I want to know?" That must be meant for Innes, since Kera's scampering off to do that laundry, and Kiena… "Heh. Good luck!" With getting them to bed after that sugar. But she nods to sharing details, "Assuming I can stay." She - like Ka'el - has a dragon in the back of her that may demand otherwise. "Goodnight," she says to the Weyrsecond and - yeah, okay - to the girls as well, giving them a wave. Then it's her and the candidate. At least now the authority figure ratio is even? Soriana even sits down on one of the logs, to put her head at approximately the same level. Less neck strain that way. At the renewed question, she smiles. "Probably not… though if it's your things, I'll leave that up to you. Just no collateral damage." She doesn't like giving simple answers, does she?

"That'll depend on what everyone else does," Innes answers with a shrug. "I don't want to be unoriginal in my rule bending, after all." Or breaking. There's also the matter of her temper, which may get her into trouble if she doesn't keep a lid on things. She reaches for another pastry off of her plate, picking it apart bit by bit with her fingers and popping the small pieces into her mouth. Although she offered her own farewells, she's considerably less loquacious. She may know these people somewhat, but they're still not what she'd consider to be friends. So she stays quiet, lifting her head with a slight expression of confusion when Soriana poses the question about the barracks, checking to see that it has indeed been addressed to her. Oh, it has. "Someone came in earlier with something nasty on their shoes. I don't know what it was, but I have an idea." A grimace twists her lips as she recalls that particular scent. She pops a few more pieces of pastry into her mouth, speaking around her food as she says, "I won't burn my things, hopefully. I don't have enough to spare." A shrug. "It's your dragon on the sands, right?"

"I suppose we'll just have to wait and see, then." Just what will Innes - and those other people - do? Soriana awaits the knowledge with some combination of anticipation and dread. Making friends does take time. Soriana's had turns here. She nods to the report about the barracks stench - "That'd do it." Maybe that someone had chores in the stables. Or just didn't watch their step. As she finishes her farewells, she settles comfortably, snagging a marshmallow from the bowl - though she rolls it around in her hand more than actually eating it. Someone else takes the bowl away. She doesn't stop them, though she does nod about Innes and her things, looking to the fire and then returning her gaze to the candidate. "It is. Luraoth." Names. "And So'l's Sharuth is the one who caught her."

Innes bobs her head in agreement. Chances are, she won't cause any great destruction of property out of respect for her hosts - and possible future home. But anything else? Well, she's not great with rules. She swallows her mouthful and then glances down at her plate, pulling a face when she realizes just how much she has left to finish. Her eyes were much, much bigger than her stomach. With this in mind, she picks it up and holds it out, offering the untouched selections to her companion. "There's nothing funny on it, promise," she swears with a grin that could almost make it seem suspect. "Luraoth and Sharuth. And So'l." She repeats the names a few times more under her breath, hoping they'll sink in. "I'm not great with names. I'm better with descriptions. You know, like 'that person who wears that knot and does things.'"

Rules do get bent (or broken). It's one of the things about them, along with their being enforced. Just now, though? Soriana's not seeing anything that makes her jump to enforcement, so she grins back to Innes at the offered plate. "I dunno, have you tried that orangefruit relish yet?" Which is not funny in a bad way, necessarily, but… it's one of the odder (sour-sweet-hot) tastes to be had, and definitely an acquired one. Soriana reaches out to snag a skewer of roasted things, and adds, "Thanks." Then she has a bite while Innes repeats names, before laughing. "Okay, so - I'm the one with the junior weyrwoman knot who's a dragonhealer. So'l is the one with a knot from Fort who smiles a lot. And the dragons are 'the ones who spend an awful lot of time on the sands this season'."

Innes cranes her neck to peer back over at the food. Orangefruit relish? She didn't put much in the way of sauce on her plate in a misguided attempt to keep from making a mess (and also because it would be a waste of precious space), but those two words have her regretting that decision. "I might've had something like it, but I'm sure the recipe varies from place to place." She'll have to get some. Later, when that doesn't involve getting to her feet again. She chooses a skewer of her own before setting the plate down again in reach of the both of them, just in case Soriana isn't satisfied with just one. "I've got the dragons," she bursts out, almost around a mouthful, which leads to her hands covering her mouth while she splutters in an awkward laugh-cough. She waits until she swallows this time before speaking. "So, the junior weyrwoman who's a dragonhealer, the one from Fort who smiles, and the ones who hang out with the eggs. I can remember that." And eventually they'll get names, too. Maybe.

"Probably," Soriana agrees. "Sauces change so much depending on where you are. One place, it'll be spicy, another, it'll be sweet, another it'll be pure salt…" She grins crookedly, and gives her head a shake. "And they all call them the same thing, just to confuse you." Yep. Sheer malice, that's why! Another bite from that skewer, and then a chuckle. For having the dragons, not the manner in which it was said. She nods, then has another bite. This whole 'having food' thing is good, or so her stomach is informing her. Nom. She too swallows, and… "Yep, that's us. So… who're you?"

Innes laughs at that apt description. "I've been traveling for over half a turn," she admits, tilting her head toward the flames and watching as they jump. "At this point, I just eat whatever I see in front of me and hope for the best. Xanadu's doing well on that scale so far, though." Of course, she's not sure whether she's according those points on true merit, or simply because it's been so long since she stayed in one place for more than a handful of days. She takes another bite (and chews and swallows!) before Soriana's question is considered. "The candidate who's not sure if she's figuring out her purpose or just enjoying a roof over her head," she says finally, giving a little nod of satisfaction at that description.

Soriana nods about the travel, then laughs. "Xanadu's food hasn't killed me yet," she says. High praise! Also the fact that she finishes off the skewer and snags something else from Innes's plate. It's right there between them, after all. And she's (realized that she's) hungry. So she nibbles on it as she waits for the question to be duly considered. "Hmm," she says, or something like it - hard to tell, past closed lips - then finishes chewing and swallows before giving it further detail. She takes a look up and down over Innes, then nods. "Pretty reasonable things, both of them. Fit well together, too. It's nice to meet you." Names? They're overrated.

"Well, as long as the food isn't going to kill me, I think I might stay a while," Innes jokes between bites. It's lighthearted, but she doesn't look away from the fire as she speaks. Xanadu appeals, but so does the open road. Either one could win. With a few more bites she finishes off her skewer and reaches for another pastry. Yes, she piled desserts and dinner together on one plate. She was saving flatware, see? "It's nice to meet you, too." A thought occurs to her, and she shifts her gaze away from the fire and toward Soriana. "How do you prefer to be addressed? Presuming I move past 'junior weyrwoman who's a dragonhealer' and onto your name? Ka'el introduced himself to me as Ka'el, not the Weyrleader, so…" Help her out here, please. Innes is fuzzy at best when dealing with authority in the first place.

"Yeah?" Soriana says to those plans of sticking around. "Good to hear it." Though of course, that might just mean Innes is planning to linger on through candidacy, not anything more than that. Afterwards? Well, either there'll be a commitment in the form of a dragon, or that open road may once again be the more tempting alternative. Soriana continues to nibble on food (it's like a more advanced version of eating dessert first; dessert and dinner at the same time), then hehs at the question. "Soriana. Or Sori." She shrugs. "We're not very formal, here. Not unless it's an official meeting or something." She smiles crookedly. "Avoid those." If given a choice, at least. "If you forget…" because Innes did say she was bad with names "…you can get creative."

Staying through candidacy is still in question, but sheer stubbornness might pull Innes through it. Is the chance of impression worth the chores and the lessons and the candidates with smelly shoes? Hard to say, on this side of things. Riders might have a few words for her on the subject. "Soriana or Sori. Or possibly whatever comes to mind first." She can be seen mouthing Soriana's name again between her nibbles, although she attempts to keep it silent this time. "I promise it won't be 'hey, Goldie,' though," she offers as some kind of assurance. "I like not very formal. It makes for a happier and safer Weyr, I think. More people willing to tell you when something is wrong instead of worrying about what your reaction is going to be." As long as certain lines aren't crossed, of course. "Can I still get creative even if I don't forget?"

Oh, stubbornness. Is there's anything it can't do? …better question. Is there anything it'll admit it can't do? Soriana nods, having a few more bites of her own, then grins at the nickname that won't be getting used. "Hardly creative, anyway." Really, it's downright obvious! She nods, more seriously, about what it does for the Weyr. "Yeah. People don't tell you what they're actually thinking when they're trying to figure out which salute to use." She grins. "And sure, you can get crea…" She sort of trails off there, and gets a distant, thoughtful expression for a moment, then shakes her head. "…and, I've got to head out." Because Luraoth's turning the eggs, and somehow (don't ask why) this requires Soriana's presence. She smiles crookedly as she adds, "You may have to be the sole observer of those fireworks." Well, along with the crowd of other Xanadu residents and guests, partying it up to celebrate Turnover. Soon, there'll be things that go fwoosh and crackle and boom, which will probably be loud enough to ensure that Soriana's kept by the sands reminding Luraoth that, no, the explosions are nothing at all to worry about, they're just pretty colors in the sky. "See you around." A wave - or maybe it's a variant of salute? It's certainly accompanied by a smile - and then Soriana makes her way out through the crowd and up the steps, back to the sands where she too is spending an awful lot of time this season.

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