Fornicator's Foot Bath

Xanadu Weyr - Glade
Surrounded by majestic trees with their boughs spread outward in the ovalesque clearing so as to create a gentle filtering of the light on the glade floor, this little area of paradise located in the depths of the forest that surrounds Xanadu Weyr makes its debut. Tiny flowers with their upturned pistles of yellow, pink, red and blue scatter here and there, some of them with definitive petals that glisten in what light is supplied, and others appearing like tiny balls of fuzz or fluff, with stamen so fine that to distinguish between themselves and the petals is nearly impossible. Their leaves are of all different shapes and sizes, some coming up to shield the blooms during the day and thus only allowing their beauty to be seen at night.

One thing that makes this area of the weyr so popular with the residents and riders would be the small moon pool that is situated directly center of the glade where even the longest of the tree limbs cannot reach. The water is smooth as glass, as the trees cause such a wind break that nothing ever disturbs it. The reflection of the moonlight at night confuses the flowers around it, so they sleep all day, and then their magnificent blooms open during the night. Concrete benches have been situated about the pool for people to sit and enjoy these rare occurances in relaxation.

Late afternoon sun slants through the overhead boughs in the picturesque glade, a location virtually devoid of human inhabitants for all that it can be a popular location for picnics or for moonlit adventures. The late summer flowers are still in bloom, only adding to the natural beauty whose only mar is those concrete benches. Still, the benches have their uses. Just now, the sole occupant of the glade is making use of one of those benches so she can get a better grip around the trunk of one of the trees shadowing this particular bench. On initial glance, it might seem she's trying to climb the tree, only, the willowy redhead in her long flowing skirt of teal and burnt orange blouse with the red waist sash is too still to be climbing. A lazy breeze tugs provides deceptive movement to her skirt, but in reality, Tejra is quite still. Hugging the tree. Her eyes are closed, her cheek pressed to bark as if she and the tree were old friends long parted and gladly reunited in the here and now.

Silent feet carry N'on through the forest, neither snagging branches nor snapping twigs to announce his passage. His purpose in the forest should be clear at a glance, what with the small leather game bag slung over one shoulder and the bow and quiver of arrows slung over the others. Given the heat of the day, it's a safe bet that he thought a dip in the moon pool would be lovely before heading back to the weyr. He's three steps into the clearing before he spots Tejra, and when he does, he halts in place. As he takes in what she's doing, his head tilts, a rather canine expression of puzzlement written all over his features. But he doesn't make any noise to try and announce himself. Nope, he just stands there, watching.

It is some not insignificant amount of time later that Tejra releases the tree, giving the bark a pat as if it were the most canine-like thing in the glade. Her arms stretch up over her head still facing the tree and then she lets them fall slowly by her sides, giving a wiggle of arms, shoulders and then frame that is all too liquid for the average person to dream of achieving; her body is a waterfall of movement, every part in concert with every other. It's an expressive movement that almost invites the watcher to echo it, to relieve tension in limbs that are stiff or just too long still. She spins in place on the bench and pushes off with a foot to do a neatly controlled leap to the uneven ground. Only then do pale eyes land on her new company, her eyes going over him, his game bag, his bow and quiver. She's still a moment, assessing, her expression utterly serene as though she turns around to find armed hunters behind her every day of her seven. A single brow arches up at him, some small measure of bemusement making her lips twitch into what's not quite a smile, but might be a feline look of interest (which is to say, vague and possibly simultaneously disinterested). "I'm assuming your lack of announcement of your presence isn't because I'm your next prey." The smile widens to show teeth. It's a fierce look with something of the wild and possibly unhinged about it, but it still passes barely as a form of smile and not a warning.

N'on gives his best 'HI I'M HARMLESS' smile when Tejra turns to spot him, which only relaxes into a little grin when she makes it clear that she's totally not afraid of him. He shakes his head in a negative response, before giving a little gesture toward the pool. After only a moment longer of watching her to make sure she's not suddenly going to either attack or run screaming, he makes his way over to one of those benches to relieve himself of his gear. With a deliberate care, he starts unlacing his boots. Once his shoes and socks are placed under the bench and trouser hems are rolled up, he slides down to the edge of the pool where he can soak his feet.

She wasn't invited, but that does not give Tejra even a moment's hesitation as she follows N'on, with an unreadable expression, at a distance of a few paces, to take in his gear more closely. Really, it only reaffirms that feline impression from the graceful young woman, her copper-red plait swinging pendulously as she tilts not just her head, but her neck and her torso, as though drawn by the motion of his divestment toward the point where those items were deposited, assessing what's new here. If she thinks it's strange hat the man hasn't spoken, she doesn't question it. In fact, she minces over to the edge of the pool and settles cross-legged a few paces away. She looks back at his things and then to him. "On duty or off?" Her fingers flick up away from where her hands have settled on her knees to indicate his knot.

N'on doesn't show any signs that he minds her inspecting his gear, though he does keep her in the corner of his eye, just casually paying attention to what she's doing over there… And is it a slightly long-suffering look he gets at that question? Maybe. But it vanishes, only a flicker before it's replaced by a vague amusement. He makes the sign for 'off', knowing full well she won't understand it. Then he leans back, propped up by his arms to soak up some sun.

Squinting is probably a reaction N'on gets more times than not to the movement of his hands. Pale eyes are slightly narrowed as she watches his hand, looks to his face, expression only that one twitch less serene than it was moments before. "What kind of game did you catch?" is the next question posed, Tej's eyes now trained on the older man's face as though perhaps the cat has spotted a flash of movement and is waiting for more to make her next move.

N'on didn't really expect another question. An odd squinty look and then walking away, maybe. Irritation, certainly. If he got unlucky, maybe something more on the indignant end of the spectrum, but the calm asking of another question was not on his list. He glances over, puzzled look once again covering his face. Leaning sideways slightly to free up one hand, he once again signs a one-word response. "Birds." He watches, waiting to see how she reacts to that one, since it involves making a pinching motion with two fingers in front of his nose. You know, like a bird beak.

Tejra's head tilts. Just her head this time. The rest of her body remains in perfect, unnervingly motionless stillness as though each individual muscle were tuned to the request her mind makes of them. Her braid falls to the side, the only part of her with uncontrolled movement. She watches N'on, expression as placid as this pool usually is when there aren't greenrider toes in it. "And are you unsociable by nature or just unwilling to make an effort in casual encounters?" Wait, what? For all the teeth that there are in that question, her expression is still obnoxiously tranquil. "Or just unprepared? No paper and pencil? Slate and chalk, whatever." She lets one hand make a fluttery motion that releases the importance of the exact medium he prefers besides sign, since surely he must have one when signing isn't enough, but the what isn't important here. And lest he think she's going to let these questions be a conversation stopper, she introduces herself in her habitually melodic purr. "I'm Tej." Tej where the 'j' sound comes out like the '-ge' in beige. But that's not all because her hands move and Tej's name sign is a T tacked onto the sign for 'tough.' And if that doesn't sum her up, whoever gave it to her isn't being given enough credit.

N'on gets a faintly amused look at the first question, but it shifts slightly to something just slightly embarrassed. Because if she's talking about paper and pencils, she's pegged him! Still, he only answers with a one-shouldered shrug, until she gives herself a sign name and gives herself away. His brows lift a little and he gives her a second, more scrutinizing look. He fingerspells his own name, "N-O-N," but after another long, considering look, he pushes back up to free both hands so he can 'speak' properly. "Rest day. I could write notes at people in the weyr."

One arm shifts so that her elbow comes to rest on one knee, and then her chin can go to rest askance on her fist, looking at him from that odd angle. Tejra doesn't need two hands to speak to him, after all, since he's already proven he understands her perfectly well. "And a rest day is a day where you don't have to explain yourself," she makes a statement rather than asking, looking amused by her assumption as she tacks on, "usually," after an intentional beat. She's moving again then, glancing around the glade and shifting to tug off her ankle boots, and then her socks, tugging her skirt up just enough to keep it from getting wet as she joins the greenrider in repose, leaning back on her hands and looking up at the dappled boughs above. "I can't fault you for wanting your rest. Especially not here. It's beautiful." And that's really all. She'll slant a glance toward the greenrider, but if he's not in a talking mood, she's apparently content to soak in the serenity and ease even alongside this silent stranger.

N'on lifts a shoulder slightly, but smirks and winks to let her know she's got the gist of it, at least. He scoops up a bit of water and splashes the back of his neck, then on his arms. With a slightly lazy posture, he signs the only answer he seems interested in giving. "Forest is for alone." Yet, judging by the continuing amused tilt to his lips, he doesn't seem to be too bothered by her presence. Almost in answer to her observation, he tilts his chin back, face pointed at the sky, and closes his eyes with a calm smile.

"Yes, it is." Tejra replies, leveling a look at him with those narrowed pale eyes that might just be a playful accusation that he is the one who walked in on her moment with that tree. It might be left a question, only she does drawl on in a tone of exaggerated tolerance, "Until greenriders want to use your pool, and then, what can you do?" She sighs, dramatically, wiggling her toes and drawing her feet up out of the water to let water roll off them and hit the surface again. She slides him a sideways glance as though waiting to see if he'll decide it's a joke or a serious complaint. It could be either.

"Your pool?" N'on's brows go up in an innocently quizzical look. There's only the faintest hint of amusement in his gaze to hint at his very dry sense of humor. He pulls his feet out of the water and jerks a thumb over his shoulder, still with that interrogative expression. "I'll go?"

Tejra reflects that innocence right back at him as she slaps her hand lightly to her chest in staccato repetition: mine. But she heaves a great sigh as he pulls his feet out and adds further words. "No, stay," she replies, the tone of being put upon entirely overdone. "You've already put your feet in it. The damage is done. It's no longer pure and unsullied." Nevermind that she's wiggling her own toes in the water. Then she chances a look over at him, her lips pulling to something halfway between smirk and lop-sided grin. "I don't bite. Well, not greenriders. Their dragons have too many teeth to chance it." Another one of her 'throw away into the universe' gestures to dismiss the details of why she doesn't bite greenriders.

Something about that really amuses N'on. He positively wheezes with delight, as close to a laugh as he's likely to come. Still, he settles back into his former position, feet comfortably cooling in the water. After a pause, he answers not by remarking on the question of biting greenriders, but with a casual, "This is the moon pool." 'Moon' is emphasize by signing it twice. "Never pure and clean."

Tejra freezes. Now, some people when they freeze, there's still micro movements. The redhead has none of these. Aside from drawing breath, there's no movement of her face, her frame, nothing. It makes the sudden draw up of her upper lip, lower lip along for the ride creating something that is between a duck face and a purse of the lips, the expression one of consternation. "You just had to point that out, didn't you." It earns him a splash kicked his way with her far foot so it won't, at least, rain too far up his legs. "I wonder if it's because you're a boy or because you're a rider, or because you're you that you just had to make it weird and gross." Her feet are still in the pool, so even this disgust that's paired with a pro eyerolling must be some kind of faked reaction, even if some part must be rooted in Tej's deeper truths, mustn't it? Can anyone act all the time?

N'on grins and makes a show of dodging the water, but he doesn't look too concerned about it when the hem of his trousers gets a bit damp. He shrugs, and looks up toward the sky with a not-at-all-convincing faux innocence. In the end, he offers the explanation, "Herder." There are probably some herders around the weyr who wouldn't appreciate the implication that all herders are weird and gross, but N'on just grins and props himself up again.

"Well, that explains everything." The younger woman replies, while giving the greenrider a look that very, very clearly articulates: 'it explains nothing and I'm onto you' whether she really is or not. "Obviously, I can't allow myself to be sullied," the grin that flashes says everything N'on could need to know about that not even being close to a true statement, "any more." Tej rises and shakes off her skirts, stooping gracefully to grab boots and socks, tucking them under her arm. "I'm off." And she is, heading into the surrounding trees barefoot. Over her shoulder, cast as flippantly into the universe as any of her previous hand gestures comes a parting shot, "Enjoy your fornication foot bath." And if her bell-like laugh reaches him, too… well, he'll know at least one of them thought it was funny.

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