Test and Inspection (Kera is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe
Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.
The cafe's decor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.
During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, farviewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

A panoramic view of Xanadu is a very beautiful thing. And it might be the last time Garawan has the time to enjoy it for a while. The reason for this might be clear— he has a white candidates' knot upon his shoulder. The trader sits by himself at a table in the cafe, with a glass of something to drink in front of him. He turns slightly at the waist, leaning back in his seat a little and looking out over the panoramic view offered as he sips quietly. The expression on his face is pensive, thoughtful.

Who says that Candidacy is the end all and be all of things? Oh there are chores, but one can always sneak away for a bit if a glimpse of a panoramic view is all one wishes to seek. Kiena would sympathize too, having been there and done that in more ways than one. The bluerider - now Weyrsecond - has a new knot on as well and for a moment she pauses by the doorway, hesitant. Only a short while ago she was here… so much had changed in that night. Scanning the cafe briefly, Kiena then makes her move and normally she would seek out an empty table though now there is not so much luck for her to just slip away unseen into the background. No, she has to deal with a few quick greetings and at last she just ducks to the nearest table… Garawan's. Oh. Hello there! "Afternoon," A quick darting look to his knot and a brow quirks up in curiosity. "Candidate. Uh. Mind if I join you?" Since she already has.

Done with duties for the day and for once, actually tired of studying, Kera wanders away from the noisey Weyr and heads towards the Cafe. She pauses at the door to slip her sandals back on before stepping into the cafe. There's no fluffy candidate knot on her shoulder, but there is a brown lizard and a healer app. knot. Once her eyes adjust she reaches up to coax the brown from her shoulder and keeps a good hold of him with her arm. "You behave this time." is hiss whispered to the chittering firelizard. The apprentice smiles and waves to a couple of people before hearing Kiena's voice on the other side of the cafe and heading that way.

Garawan looks up when his name is called. He blinks. Sees the knot Kiena is wearing. "Ah!" He stands, bowing politely. His first candiacy had been pretty strict, so he defaulted to those regulations. Respect to the riders, especially to those of rank. "Of course, ma'am," he replies. He sits again after a moment, though he remains sitting properly in his seat rather than leaning back again. He does not see Kera yet.

Bowyn wanders into the cafe slowly, almost dragging her feet. Dark circles have started to show under her eyes, which she rubs at as she yawns. She spots Kera in front of her, and manages a slurred, "Hullo, Kera." before inviting herself to Garawan and Kiena's table. "Hullo," she says again without looking at anyone. She can't seem to keep her eyes open, her blinks growing longer and longer. She might not even be awake at all! "You an apprentice now, Garawan?" There's a slight change in the tone of her voice, and on any other day it might have been a tone of excitement. Today? Just sleeeeepy.

Kiena blinks as Garawan rises to stand and begins to lift her hands up to protest but… too late! He's up and bowing and the Weyrsecond can only try not to blush too dark or sink loooow in her chair. Oh shards. She is not used to this yet! "What's your name, Candidate?" she asks, not anywhere near as formal (or entirely polite) but it's a valid and curious question! She has yet to spy Kera, but Bowyn's arrival will help with that when her attention turns at the approach of the hunter— nope, Candidate too! That would have brought a crooked grin, but seeing how sleepy the young woman is she frowns instead. "Afternoon. You look worn out, Bowyn. Rough night?" Day? To Kera she will wave and gesture for the Apprentice to join them. "Afternoon to you too, Kera! Freshly escaped?"

Kera gets a couple more steps across the room, almost to the table when she hears her name being called and turns to see who it is. But that sneaky hunter used the distraction to 'appear' at the table she was /just/ looking at. That realised after the fact though, only when she turns back to the table and see Bowyn seated with Kiena a a young man she doesn't know. Waving to Kiena and everyone else at the table, Kera steps up and sinks into an empty chair with a grin and nod. "Pretty much, vacated the infirmary as soon as I could." An greeable nod is sent around the table "G'day Bowyn, Kiena…." Words stop briefly as she does a doublttake at the bluesmith's shoulders "..I men G'day Weyrsecond….and..whoever you are." Kera chuckles to Garawan with another nod.

Garawan looks to Bowyn as she speaks, blinking a little. "Ah… it seems so, yes," he replies, with a nod. Pause. "Are you all right?" he asks of her. Before he can hear the answer, though, he answers Kiena's question. He doesn't want to leave a Wingsecond waiting too long. "Garawan, ma'am," he answers. He notices Kiena's discomfiture and actually blushes a little himself. "Er…" he begins, but Kera appears and speaks up before he can continue. Thank Faranth for small miracles, he won't have to try to talk his way out of something. And to 'whoever you are', he answers, "Garawan. Pleased to meet you both." His nod/bow this time is one of those suave ones.

Bowyn looks at Kiena with those dark eyes, the white parts of them slightly bloodshot. "What? Afternoon? Oh I was hoping it was night already." Her face scrunches in a weird way, almost to the point of looking like she might cry. Instead she heaves a giant sigh and folds her arms on the table, resting her forehead on them. From the depths of her newly formed Bowyn-cocoon comes her voice, saying, "I don't understand /how/ any of you sleep in this Weyr. I don't understand how you don't get completely destroyed by the noise all day!" Being out of her element is taking its toll on the otherwise pulled-together hunter. The response to Kera's greeting is a mumbly "Gggdddhh ugh." She can't. Her head shoots up, though, in Kiena's direction when she hears the word "Weyrsecond" come from someone else. "/Weyrsecond/ now?! When did that happen?"

Kiena tries not to grimace either when Kera doubletakes. "Busy day then?" she inquires, only to focus back on Garawan then. "Well met then, Garawan. I'm Kiena, ri— Weyrsecond and rider of blue Ujinath. When were you Searched, if you don't mind me prying?" Again, she will look on to Bowyn with concern, brows knitting together heavily as she notes how exhausted the Candidate appears. "Are you having troubles sleeping? It does take some getting used to. Trust me. I've been there…" Still is on occasion. No one mind the wandering Weyrsecond at the wee hours. Though now she might have an excuse for her late night and pre-dawn walks? "And this," she points to the knot, glancing from Bowyn, to Kera and then Garawan. "Happened just a few days ago. Ironically right here. Kind of a quiet… party sort of affair." Speaking of which. Food! And drink! That's what Kiena came here for and so she'll attempt to flag a server.

Bowyn slumps her shoulders and makes a pained face as she says, "/Yes/, I haven't been able to sleep for two nights now. I don't know how you do it, truly." When conversation turns back to the matter of the bluerider becoming Weyrsecond, the hunter forces a little smile, but is genuine when she says, "Well good for you, congratulations. You'll be fine, I'm sure of it." Then, she rests her head on her arms again, tipping her head enough to look at Garawan as she asks, "Who was it that Searched you, Garawan?"

Kera settles more comfortably into the chair while plonking Minimur on the corner of the table. "Bahave Mini." is said as a gentle reminder as she scratches under his chin. Garawan's introduction is met with another nod "Nice to meet ya Garawan. I'm Kera." Bowyn's sluggishness is noticed, but she doesn't voice anything about it. Just as well, as the answer comes to her soon enough and it draws an amused snort "I know. Always something scraping, or ticking away through the weyr. Whether it's voices, or other comings and goings." Glancing back to the Kiena, she sits back listens, frowning as she misses something. Looking between Bowyn and Garawan a couple of times and the apprentice smiles "I really need to start looking at everyone's shoulders before anything else from now on. Congratulation to all three of you."

Garawan reaches to pat Bowyn on the arm gently. "Most of us are used to it," he replies honestly. "You aren't, so it will take some getting used to." He quiets when Bowyn looks to Kiena. Who then introduces herself. "Well met, Weyrsecond." As for when he was Searched? He taps his chin. "About, er… an hour or so ago." A chuckle. "It hasn't been long. Just enough to get settled in the Barracks." He looks to the firelizard that Kera sets down and chuckles once more as he watches her scritchie under the firelizard's chin. And at the introduction, he returns, "Good to meet you as well." And he smirks at the mention of looking at everybody's shoulders. "Possibly so. If things are changing so much, it could be a good policy."

Bowyn slumps her shoulders and makes a pained face as she says, "/Yes/, I haven't been able to sleep for two nights now. I don't know how you do it, truly." When conversation turns back to the matter of the bluerider becoming Weyrsecond, the hunter forces a little smile, but is genuine when she says, "Well good for you, congratulations. You'll be fine, I'm sure of it." Then, she rests her head on her arms again, tipping her head enough to look at Garawan as she asks, "Who was it that Searched you, Garawan?" To Kera she chirps a little, "Thanks, Kera." Then, "Have you ever been Searched? I forget."

"Well, it's kind of expected with the eggs on the Sands now?" Kiena drawls to Kera with a faint grin. "S'alright if you miss it. I didn't know either," And she nods to Garawan and Bowyn both. See? She's a bit out of the loop either, though for one it's obvious why. "Shells, only a candlemark ago? Congrats then! Since… it's not so belated. Quite belated I think for you Bowyn or have they just snared you too?" Though if she had listened, Kiena would have heard 'two nights' and been able to clue in. "You consider anything to help? To fall asleep I mean." she asks of the hunter-turned-Candidate. As for the reassurances, she only chuckles dryly. "We'll see. Ask me again in a few sevendays how I'm fairing…"

Kera can't do anything other than nod in agreement with Garawan. "And one that might keep me out of trouble." Propping her chin on her upraised palm, listens to the others as her eyes drift to whoever is speaking. Bowyn's question get's a headshake. "No, but I can't say that I envy you very much. If they apprentice's are to be beleived, they all but torture the candidates." The apprentice offers a sad little smile that brightens. "But on the good side, I'll be able to patch you up." Her gaze darts to Kiena then "And you? You're hand feeling almost back to normal?"

"It was So'l and Sharuth," Garawan replied. "My cousin Tiberiu and I were manning an apple stand in the meadow when they came by for some apple goods. Sharuth decided I was a good candidate for… well, candidacy." He chuckles a little. Kiena gets a nod when she asks Bowyn if she had been Searched. But he doesn't explain farther, he just nods. He was there to see it, but it's not really his place to say. Instead, "Thank you. I'm glad to have the opportunity." Kera's words get a chuckle too. "Staying out of trouble is always a good thing," he states, with a smirk. Torture? Garawan shakes his head. "I have been in candidacy once. It wasn't that bad. It wasn't /easy/ mind. But not that bad."

Bowyn shakes her head, "Not too belated, thank you. A few days ago, probably on the same day you were appointed Weyrsecond. Good day for both of us." She shifts her head once more, chin on arms so she can look at everyone at the table easily. Kera gets a /glare/. A very /sleepy/ glare. Wait, is she even glaring? Hard to tell. "Don't tell me /that/. I can't even handle sleeping, how am I supposed to handle everything else?" As an afterthought she adds, "Well at least the chores are easy…so far. Hopefully they don't assign us anything /too/ crazy." Garawan gets a smirk when she hears his Search story. "I get the sniffing /licking/ dragon and you get the apple dragon. I see how it is." Then to Kiena, "What's your Search story?"

Kiena rolls her eyes a bit when Kera mentions Candidates being tortured but it's all in good fun and the Weyrsecond soon flashes her a grin. "Oh, those are just tales and rumours! It really isn't that bad. Just chores and… more chores." she says with a slight flick of the wrist. Nothing to fear! "So'l and Sharuth?" she questions to Garawan and then chuckles. "I've yet to meet this Fortian rider. Though I suppose I'll probably see him at some point now." The knot on her shoulder promises that! "What's the fun of staying out of trouble? Not a prankster then?" she muses before focusing back on Bowyn. "So it would seem! And really, Candidacy isn't that… stressful. Well — okay, maybe a bit when it gets closer to Hatching but…" For now? "Enjoy it." Her Search story? That takes Kiena aback for a moment and she quickly ducks her head down to chew at her lower lip. "Mine… was kind of personal. I was Searched by Zi'on and bronze Suldith though at the time I was kind of seeing him. Y'know? That aside, it's ironic really. Suldith Searched my brother too for a clutch prior to the one I stood for." To Kera, Kiena grins and holds up her hand to display the lack of any scabs and only minimal scaring. Finger wiggle! "Feeling great!"

Kera smirks and lowers her head a little, making a bit of a show about looking at Kiena's hand. "That's good. If you've not noticed any nerve issue by now, then I doubt any future problems with it." All the while, she waves her hand about in Bowyn's direction, making shooing motions for the glare that she's pretending to not see. Finally, Kera cracks a grin and flicks her eyes to the tired hunter turned candidate. "Well, that's what I 'heard'." Her head shakes at Garawan "Ya went and stepped on the joke. I would have had her going for a couple of candlemarks at least." The apprentice huffs in mock annoyance before snickering.

Garawan smirks slightly at Bowyn's mention of the sniffing, licking dragon. "That was amusing," he says. "But if it makes you feel any better, I was coring apples and inserting them into a hungry dragon's mouth." The question from Kiena of who Searched him draws a nod. "He seems nice enough. Though Sharuth seems a little… well, 'over-eager', perhaps. He was bugling quite loudly when So'l asked me to stand. I'm surprised the whole Weyr didn't hear him." Though when Kera mentions he butchered her joke, he gives a mock pout. "Ohhhh… I'm sorry." And he delivers his best puppy-eyes expression. Which is probably pretty good, since he's been learning how to use his facial expressions to sell his product…

Bowyn sighs again. "Yeah, I'll try to enjoy it…I hope I get used to it soon." That last bit is delivered with a slightly melancholy tone, trailing off a bit at the end as she gets lost in her own thoughts. Kiena's story brings her back to the present and she raises her brows a bit as a smile starts to show. "That's slightly scandalous, isn't it? Only a bit, though, I guess. If at all. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. That's kind of sweet, though." There's a pause before she adds, "I just got drenched in dragon drool!" Kera's foiled attempt at putting the hunter in a worried state earns yet another /glare/, and this one is more obvious than the last. "The joy you get from pulling my leg worries me. I'll have to keep my eye on you." Says the one who had previously threatened to kidnap the apprentice and steal her away into the forest. /That's/ fine, apparently. Garawan earns a snicker, but she flaps her hand in a wishy-washy fashion, saying, "Yeah, but that's still not as bad as my end of the stick. It smelled /awful/. /I/ smelled /awful/. More than usual!"

Kiena looks relieved. "Best news I've heard!" she tells Kera with a little wink. "I'm rather fond of this hand, after all." She laughs then when the apprentice seems so put out about her foiled joke and she gives her a lingering, curious look. "You're a bit of a joker then?" she asks, as if only now catching on to that. "Bugling? Huh. Guess each dragon is different…" she murmurs in response to Garawan, only to snicker at his attempt at the puppy eyed look. She's not fooled? "Oh, it was scandalous." Kiena agrees with Bowyn, giving the young woman a slight smirk. "And… yes, kind of sweet." Bittersweet? Chuckling, she shakes her head and grimaces a bit for Bowyn's fate of being Searched. "Nothing a bath didn't fix though, right?"

Kera 's eyes tighten on Garawan during his 'appology', before simply smirking and shaking her head "Uh huh." She totally bought Garawan's line…right? Minimur jumps up and half spins around on the table to scratch a sudden inch, but Kera quickly gets him settled before wings start smacking everyone in the head. Shoulder's shrug in an unconcerned manner that Kiena and Bowyn are surprised she can tell a joke. Peering between those around the table "What? I like to have fun, just like everyone else. Why's that so surprising?" The search tales are heard and soon she finds herself hiding a grin behind her her hand "It couldn't have been 'that' bad Bowyn. You should drop by the infirmary sometime for an example of horrid things to be covered in."

Garawan chuckles at Bowyn's display of flapping her arms. "Ah, but you win some, you lose some," he says. "Get licked, but on the other hand, get Searched." A smirk. He nods to Kera's words. "That's what I've heard, individuality amongst dragons is the same as it is in people." Whoops! The firelizard spinning gets his attention, and he moves his drink back so it doesn't get spilled by spinning firelizard. Her mention of 'horrid things to be covered with' draws a very definite shudder of revulsion. "Ah, I would skip that part if it were me," he says lightly.

Bowyn chuckles at Kiena's past scandal. "I like it. Best story I've heard so far. Scandalous, sweet, all the good stuff." The question of bathing earns a lazy shrug of the shoulders. "It did, but the time between being licked and finding my way to said bath was excruciating." She's fond of the memory, even if it was kind of gross. Kera's hidden grin and following comment are laughed at, partly because she's borderline delirious. "No really, go find Xeosoth and have him lick you. You'll see what I mean. /And/," she says suddenly, while pointing a challenging finger, "I bet I've been covered in more terrible things than you." That's quite the statement, considering. The hunter puffs up her chest a little bit and crosses her arms as she leans back in her seat. She wrinkles her nose as she turns to look at Garawan again, saying, "Yeah alright, you win. Getting Searched is worth getting licked if I think about the reason why I've been Searched."

"Scandalous is my middle name," Kiena drawls with a crooked grin and slight wink to Bowyn. Oh, the stories she has! But are they all true? Now it's her turn to wrinkle her nose a bit. "Could always be covered in fish guts?" she makes a rather disgusted face then. "That is one thing I do not miss at all about fishing. Having to gut the catch. Try getting that smell out of your hands when you've been in it half the day…" Hope no one was hungry or, uh… ordering fish? "Oh, there's nothing wrong with that!" she explains to Kera with a little reassuring smile. "Sometimes it's good to have an outlook like that. Keep things fun and lighthearted!" Kiena's expression shifts then, her eyes drifting towards the door with a slight frown. From how swiftly she stands, one may get the impression that it's something urgent or concerning. "Kera, would you mind coming with me?" The Weyrsecond asks in a sudden no-nonsense voice. Don't ask questions, just follow! Is the apprentice in trouble? Is there trouble below that requires a Healer (even if just an apprentice!)? Possibly. Stepping away from the table, she'll gesture urgently for Kera to take the lead but when the girl's back is turned, she'll glance back to Bowyn and Garawan. Is… that a wink? And a 'come along if you want' hinted expression? Wink wink, nudge nudge? Say no more?

Kera laughs at Garawan's suggestion and nods "Ya know, people tell me that often." The young healer simply shrugs it off. Pulling Minimur across the table, she gently hugs the lizard to her loosely with one arm and flashes a 'seriously' look to Bowyn with a snort. "When you show up in the infirmary, I'll take up your bet. Til then, you are just all talk might hunter." She gives a little sigh "Not that it would matter. I'm still trying to get the last person who bet me to pay up." That's right fearless Weyrleader. Ya still haven't paid your bets off! "Good things I don't have too many things to spend marks on huh?" Patting her pocket a couple of times, she starts to get a confounded expression, then frowns as her fingers start wiggling into her pocket for something. Kiena's sudden jump up and speaking her name snaps the apprentice out of her thoughts and she blinks as she stands as well, tugging something small and shiny out of her pocket. "Huh?" Oh very intelligent comeback. "Oh sure." Flashing the little metal bit "I gotta go back to the infirmary real quick." she blushes a little "Seems I forgot to pass the key medicine cabinet key over at shift change." Her little grin slips away as she nods and hurries out ahead of Kiena with a quick wave to the table "I'll be right back…" Famous last words.

Bowyn frowns at Kera and shakes her head, "All talk, huh? If you'd ever stop being a chicken and come out hunting with me, you'd see I wasn't all talk!" The urgency in Kiena's voice, prior to the wink, makes Bowyn duck down a bit and glance at Garawan. What's the sudden emergency? She takes that as her cue to go, though, not willing to stick around for any drama. "I'd better go, actually. I'm about to either go completely insane," as if she's not already there, "or fall asleep instantaneously. I'm going to see if I can get some shut-eye before everyone files into the barracks." As she moves to leave she reaches over to give Garawan a pat on the shoulder, then heads out. "See you, guys."

Garawan smiles slightly to Bowyn's acquiesence. "I will definitely do my part to make sure the time is worth it." Is he flirting? Maybe, maybe not. It's hard to tell. Kiena standing has him sitting back in his seat, figuring she was about to discuss something with Kera. But then… that look. He pauses, looks towards Bowyn and raises a brow, and then tilts his head in the direction that the two women are walking in. The question in his expression is clear— he is asking if she would like to follow them. Though she seems to have other business. He nods to the pat on his shoulder, offering, "Take care, Bowyn." Then he stands himself, finishes his drink, and then heads in the direction Kiena and Kera are going in. He /may/ have to be sneaky, but….

Before they make the trek down to the Beach, Kiena will catch up to Kera to whisper by the Apprentice's ear. "Didn't want to say anything around the others, but someone needs help on the beach. A brownrider. Might know him." Help from a Healer? Does that mean it's so bad that Kiena is hauling the nearest Healer down, even if she's an apprentice only? "Come on." Hurry up! The worry about the key will have to wait. Briskly making their way out, the Weyrsecond will be following in Kera's wake, with Bowyn having already fled. There's a moment of flickering concern for that particular Candidate and she can only hope she adjusts enough to sleep. As for Garawan? Oh, she's aware of his sneaking! She did wink, after all.

Mur'dah is down on the beach, dressed in his heavy flying leathers and standing on the sand, peering around in confusion. Hands on his knees, bent nearly double, he tries to catch his breath with gulps of air and a pounding heart, his face red and sweat trickling down his cheeks.

Kera hurries out of the cafe, key clutched one hand, Minimur loosely hugged with the other arm. Her steps stutter to a short stop as she half turns to Kiena briefly, head canting at the curious remarks about a brownrider she knows. Having met a couple around the Weyr, a little shake of her head is given. "I know a few that I see around the Weyr alot. But no reason for any of them to…" She waggles her key-clutching hand around in general "…send for me." Eyeing the Key, she stops suddenly, rolling her eyes skywards "I'm so dense sometimes.." Holding Minimur up and making sure he's paying attention "Mini, take this… " Her eyes flick to Kiena briefly before she looks back to the lizard and lowers her voice "..to the grey fluffy man.." The brown puffs his chest up and chitters excitedly as he grabs for the key. Once the little guy is a brown blue, Kera grins and shakes her head as her steps hurry to catch up with the bluesmith. "There, key problem solved." Canting her gaze to the rider with a little frown "I don't have any supplies. Is someone hurt?" That thought puts a little more speed and she peers around more urgently. Then the apprentice sees the brownrider in question hunched over in the sand. "Mur'dah?" Startled expression flashes to Kiena as she drops down next to her patient. And seeing as he can't seem to breathe, at the moment "Was he swimming and swallowed some of the ocean by accident?" Looking to the rider "Mur'dah, crouch down a bit more so you won't fall over….try to take shallower breathes…"

Garawan is still confused as to what's going on. He's following Kiena and Kera, but he isn't privy to their conversation so he isn't quite sure what to do other than follow. Once they get nearer, he'll notice there a situation happening with Mur'dah, but he isn't sure why. He's there if needed, but he doesn't know what to do yet— he's a trader, not a doctor!

Kiena's eyes will follow Minimur as the firelizard is sent on his task, but otherwise the Weyrsecond's focus is on the little scene playing out on the beach. "You could say that," she says cryptically to Kera before the Healer hurries off to Mur'dah. Yet her steps are beginning to slow and… why does she look like she's trying not to laugh? Garawan is noted and she holds up her hand to press a finger against her lips. Shh. Everything's fine! Keep playing along! Another wink and then a sharp gesture of her head to get the Candidate to look over… While Kera is distracted with Mur'dah's "distress", Ujinath has prowled is way out of the shadows and the nimble and lithe blue is now creeping forwards, inch by inch over the sand, towards the young Healer. His head is lowered, eyes whirling with a focused intent. Almost looks like a dragon in hunting mode, stalking his prey while they're unawares!

Mur'dah glances up at Kera from his crouch, hands on his knees. "Swimming?" he pants, wheezing a bit. "What?" He does as she asks though, crouching down more. "Shall….what?" And he takes /deeper/ breaths because he's out of /air/.
Garawan is confused for a moment longer before… oh. Wait. Kiena's 'wait a minute' gesture is noted, and he looks around at the scene. What? What is… oh. Wait. Garawan is still not sure what's going on, but the instruction to wait and keep quiet is acknowledged with a nod. Looking to Mur'dah again, as if he could find some clue by looking at him. But he stays quiet.

Kera shakes off Mur'dah's questions, answering them would only waste time he might not have. Tilting her head, she examines the rider's skin tone. Still pinkish and not bluish, so he has that going for him. Used to rider's ignoring healer's instructions, it's no surprise when Mur'dah does the opposite of what she asked. Shoulda told him to take deep breaths. "Were you eating and something went down wrong?" The apprentice seems to have forgotten Kiena was right there with her a moment ago, nor that she's being stalked like a limping herdbeast. "Did you hurt your throat? I need to know what happen before I can begin treating you properly!"

Kiena flashes Garawan a reassuring smile. All will be clear in a moment! Mostly because the Weyrsecond can't hold it in any longer, especially when Kera begins to ignore Mur'dah's confused protests. Not wanting the brownrider to suffer too long or things to get too confusing, she begins to laugh. "I think what ails Mur'dah is that he's a wee bit out of shape and may need to work on his stamina." she drawls with a crooked grin to the brownrider and a wink. Maybe a slight apologetic look too. Sorry! Ujinath creeps his way on over and with a half whuffle, half snort, he tries to draw Kera's attention to him. Look this way! That's it. If the Healer apprentice complies, he will try to edge her away from Mur'dah but never physically touch the girl. It will be unsettling enough with how close his head and muzzle is as he aims to push and herd her back as he begins to circle around her. Not hunting now… No, now he's inspecting her. All while Kiena reins in her laughter and grins at Garawan. "Thanks for playing along!" Not that he was aware? Poor Candidate. The Weyrsecond was oblivious to his confusion.

Mur'dah eyes Kera and finally pushes to his feet with another few deep breaths. "What? I ran here…what…" And he finally notices Kiena and /eyes/ her. "What's the deal?" Apparently Mur'dah is fine, and he takes a few quick steps back when Ujinath approaches. "What did you need, Kiena? What's the emergency?"

She won't be oblivious much longer. "I… have no idea what I just played along with," he admits. He does smile, though, seeing as how nothing appears to be really wrong other than a bit of exhaustion on Mur'dah's part. "Might I ask what it was that I played along with?" A pause at the question from Mur'dah. "Hm? You don't know either?" Again, a confused expression appears on his face.

Kera continues scanning over Mur'dah, looking for but not finding anything obvious that would be causing him distress. Kiena's words start to sink in when the brownrider jumps back up and begins questioning Kiena. Frowning starts to start, but Ujinath's sudden presance to her close proximity cause her to loose her balance while standing. She teeters and windmills her arms dramtically but does manage to maintain an upright position rather than floundering in the sand. Stepping back, she looks at the dragon again, tipping her head politely. "G'day." This to the blue as she frowns a bit, but that more towards the riders "I don't understand." Looking the trio of people over, finally realizing the candidate is possibly in on the joke as well. "What's going on Ki…Weyrsecond? You said a brownrider wanted to speak with me?" She gestures to the brownrider with a flick of her fingers "And then he looks as if he's about to keel over." One then then another is glanced to, surely one of them has an answer. While she waits, shifting her feet uncertainly as Ujinath behavior seems 'off' "Is something wrong with your dragonmate Weyrsecond?" Kera's brow lifts as she edges back a bit, trying to give the blue more space since she seems to be crowding him, how rude of her. Teehee.

Ujinath will only follow Kera and answer her questions with a soft and low whuffle. Oh, nothing is wrong with him at all! After he's completed a full circuit around the Healer, he will simply settle back on his haunches with his wings pinned tight to his sides, tail curled around his feet and his head held high and… proud. He's staring at Kiena then, expectant and silent. The Weyrsecond is still struggling to keep from laughing, a few escaping and her tone very much amused. "There's no emergency," she tells Mur'dah, with a wave of her hand to tell him to relax. "But thank you for being so prompt! Your timing couldn't have been more perfect." Or his winded state! Oh, she is going to owe him for this! To Garawan, she grins. "A prank." she informs the Candidate. "Well… half of one. What's going to happen now is quite serious." Hence her attempts to TRY and sober up. It's not working. Especially with Kera's reaction to Ujinath's interest and behaviour. "Nothing is wrong with Ujinath, Kera. As for what's going on well… I have to say, it was almost too easy to set up a little joke there. But he insisted on a 'test' and while I agreed, I didn't want it to be boring." Because mass confusion is so much better? Kiena is approaching now and her hand has slipped into her pockets, only to eye her blue when he whuffles sharply. Hurry up! "He wanted to see the one who helped my hand mend too and well… this." And she holds out a white knot to Kera, splaying it between her fingers so that it's quite visible. Grinning, she cants her head a bit to the side. "So, what say you, Kera? Ujinath says he senses something in ya. Would you like to Stand for Luraoth and Sharuth's eggs?"

Mur'dah is still confused, giving the Weyrsecond a baffled look. Whaaaat? But he's quiet, and when the knot is offered he /grins/, and steps back to give Kera all her room in the spotlight. Woo!

Garawan is certainly not in on the joke. Not by that expression of confusion on his face. He's sure this is some kind of joke, but he hasn't determined what the idea of the joke is yet. He tilts his head as he looks at the blue that is circling Kera. Then suddenly…. Kiena reveals the joke— Ujinath wanted Kera to stand! his look of confusion slips, and an honest smile spreads over his face. He doesn't congratulate yet, Kera hasn't accepted. Like Mur'dah, he makes sure to give Kera some room.

Kera starts turning a little, watching the blue wuffling and studying her like a pop quiz is coming soon. Her head tips this way and that as she tries to watch everyone plus the circling blue all at once. The apprentice's expression seems bit surprised that there is no emergency. "Nothing is wrong with Mur'dah, or Ujinath. Got it." She still doesn't sound like knows what's going on. "Prank?" That she heard. "You're pranking me?" One would think she might explode any moment, but no, Kera ends up chuckling. "At least I'm not purple this time." A quick glance to her hands just to doublecheck that fact. But her amusement fades as fast as it arrived when Kiena does one really good topic change. As far as topic changers go, it's right up there. Even if she can't help the little bit of smugness that her healing skills were appreciated by more than riders and weyrfolk. Glancing up at the whuffling blue, then back to Kiena as she draws out a white knot. "Well this certainly isn't what I expected to happen today." Reaching up to scrub/scratch at her head, she's quiet and thoughtful as her eyes flip from one face to another, before Kiena is her center target again. "I would be honored Weyrsecond." She chews on her bottom lip a seconds before grinning "Perhaps I should share the knot with the Journeyman that was on duty that day?" A little wink to show she's joking before she sombers up. "I'll try not to…embrass you are Ujinath too horribly."

"Kind of pranking you?" Kiena elaborates but not really. Honestly, she'll explain it all later! But for now, there is an important matter to see through. Laughing, she will half-toss, half-pass Kera the knot when she accepts and grins broadly. "Last I checked or I remember… that Journeyman was a wee bit too old to Stand. So the knots all yours, Kera. And please," she scoffs. "You won't embarrass us or anyone. You'll do just fine I think! Congratulations… Candidate." Now she winks again and Ujinath gives a very satisfied and pleased rumble before slinking back along the sands and to his previous spot among the shadows. His work is done and now he's back to sentry duty while his rider lingers out on the beach. "You'll have to go speak to your Journeyman though and let them know you've agreed to Stand. Then it's just a matter of you moving your stuff to the Barracks. Garawan?" You there! Kiena turns, her blue eyes scanning until she finds him and she smiles broadly. "You'll help her, if she needs it? You've already settled in, I take it?" Turning back to Mur'dah then, she can't help but snicker at the brownrider. "Try not to look so confused? Though I'm sorry if you really did rush here thinking there was an emergency. Ujinath didn't give details, did he?" she murmurs to him. No hard feelings?

Mur'dah grins, smirking, and reaches out to try and gently punch Kiena's arm. "I'm going to take my leave, /ma'am/, now that you have no more need of me. Congratulations, Kera. Know you'll do us proud." With that, the brownrider is heading back up the beach, shrugging out of his oppressive riding leathers.

Garawan's only real contribution is a smile. And when Kera accepts, he offers, "Congratulations. I look forward to seeing you on the Sands." To Kiena's question he nods. "I've about settled in, yes. I'll help her if she needs it." To Kera agian, "Let me know if you do."

Candidate? Someone's calling /her/ a candidate. Well, that just doesn't sound right at all. Holding the knot awkwardly, as if unsure if she should put it on right thios moment or ease into it over a candlemark or two. Dipping her head to Ujinath "Thank you Ujinath." Then to Kiena "And you too Weyrsecond Kiena." Oh man, all these titles are about to get her in trouble. Nodding at all the information, she smiles and nods to Garawan. "I've a few explanations to give, and only a couple things to get. My books mostly." Still eyeing the knot, she grins a bit and chuckles to Garawan as Mur'dah gives her congratulations then hurries back to his tasks. "I'll let you know if I get in over my head. Though it's probably too late for that." Shaking it off, she smiles and waves to everyone. "Excuse me everyone. I've got a few people to speak with this evening." Another wave, and the apprentice.. wait, candidate…that still sounds odd, runs off to inform the Journeymen.

Kiena will have her arm punched by Mur'dah and she will take it in stride, smirking at the brownrider and then wrinkling her nose at him. Ma'am? "I'll see you later, Wingrider." she drawls, only to turn her attention back to Kera then. Her expression shifts back to a pleased smile and she dips her head to the new Candidate. "You're welcome. Best of luck, Kera! And to you too, Garawan. I've best be checking in at the office before I deem it safe to finally call it a day." With that she grins again to the remaining Candidate and turns to stride on down the beach and back into the main Weyr proper. Play is over, time to get back to work! Well… a different sort of work!

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