Lost and then found! ( Perri is Searched)

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza

The main plaza of Ierne Weyrhold is abustle with activity, as people of various occupation move to and fro through the area. The plaza itself is cobbled stone, much like the roads leading from it, and extends to the east, where it is abutted by a couple of large buildings.

The main administrative complex for the Weyrhold borders the plaza here, to the west; within, the dining facilities of the weyrhold, and the offices of the weyrhold's staff, are located. A single-story building just to the north of it serves as the guest hall, separated from the hall by a courtyard garden and reflecting pool. Roads lead northward, toward the main harbor, crafthalls, cotholds, and recreational areas, and to the south, toward the river docks and the 'rider residences.

From high above the Weyrhold a sudden pop heralds the arrival of a dragon from between. Not perhaps such an uncommon occurrence though as the large blue spirals down one can see that the rider and blue are not local though at the moment through the drizzle it is hard to tell exactly where they are from. Once landed the rider, who is bundled up with full riding gear, twists to ensure the large package is still secure behind him. It is! "Shards and Shells Xeosoth!" grumbles the rider as he undoes his straps and dismounts. Pulling off his goggles and helmet his normally tanned skin is a bit pale. "Shardit all." he curses again. "I'm never volunteering to come here again. Why the fardles do /we/ have to play delivery!" someone's not happy as his green gaze scans the central plaza in which they have landed. Surely someone can help him!

It would appear that deliveries are the jobs of the day, for as Xeosoth lands a figure approaches from the north carrying something wrapped in brown cloth - the outline would suggest a bottle but what can be seen of the person's attire under the thick brown coat they wear suggests healer rather than vintner. Perri, for that's who the figure is, seems less than pleased with this task but though her pace would be called more of a trudge than a walk she keeps moving, right up until she hears the curse from the rider and it's then she turns to pay a bit more attention to the pair. "Trade you jobs?" There's a brightness to her voice, happiness at the distraction, "You do my delivery, I'll do yours? Only you can't swear in there."

And since it is Perri that speaks first towards M'kal it is Perri that gets the full brunt of his unhappiness. "Do you know." he starts off conversationally. "That this here…" both arms gesture outwards in a sweeping motion to encompass the area around them. "Is like trying to find the backend of nowhere?" perhaps not the greatest way to start a conversation. One thumb jerks backwards towards the larger than hers package still strapped to Xeosoth. "I'll make a deal. I'll go with you to deliver your package then we return here and you help me deliver mine." a pause here as he fumbles within the inside pocket of his jacket to pull out a manifest. "For the…smith crafters." he reads slowly. "And I'll try to refrain from cursing wherever it is that your package." he eyes the wrapped item with some curiosity. "…needs to go."

Perri laughs and shakes her head, "Never been there. The backend of nowhere. Is that near the place where the sun doesn't shine?" She tries her best to keep her face straight as she asks, eyes wide and innocent right up until the point where the giggles bubble free. "It's not so bad when you get used to it. Mostly makes sense. Mostly." Instead of completing her delivery she seems more interested in his package, showing it the same amount of curiosity that comes the other way. "What're they getting?"

M'kal is slowly regaining color to his cheeks. Evidently someone had a possible scare in their first attempt hopping over here. "yeah…well…" he mutters. "Ended up clear across the sharding planet getting here. Fardles!" perhaps he's trying to get all the curses out of his system now? "What're they getting?" he repeats with another glance to the papers in hand. "Um…some equipment." that's specific! "Dunno…" a shrug and he looks back towards the now giggling Perri. "You laugh now…" he humphs. Xeosoth is quiet, for once, his slow whirling eyes taking in the scenery.

Perri just shakes her head a little, giggles faded back to clear amusement in her expression. "I'll come with you. Just need to…." She nods towards the main hold building, "Drop this off. Which of the smiths do you need? Is it Keela? She's really nice. You should see the bracelets and things she makes, so pretty." As she speaks she moves towards the hold, but there's no real hurry in her movements.

M'kal peeks at the manifest one last time before it gets shoved halfhazardly into his pocket once more. "Yeah, Keela's the contact on the paper." he falls into step with Perri with one glance towards Xeosoth. "Behave. No licking or sniff got it?" evidently he gets an affirmative or at least something to the effect of an agreement. "I'm M'kal. From Xanadu." he just now gets around to the greetings and all that. "Xanadu's duties to…here." he grins roguishly.

Perri starts to offer a hand, but it's the one with the bottle/cloth and has to quickly change hands with it before she can offer, "Perri. Healer apprentice, and sometimes delivery person. Actually… a lot of times. Not really allowed to do the good stuff." Just what the good stuff is she doesn't say, which with a healer can be a good thing. "Does he really lick things?" For someone that sees a lot of nastiness that thought clearly grosses her out somewhat, though her expression does soften as she pushes open the door to the hold and steps back to let M'kal in first.

"People." M'kal corrects absently as he takes the offered hand in greeting. "Good to meetcha Perri. Healer apprentice eh? I really need to get back to my studies." laments the youth. "Search then Impression…I just haven't found the time." he gives a heavy sigh as he steps inside the open door as it's held by Perri. "You won't get into trouble helping me with my delivery once yours is done will you?" he asks once she also steps inside.

Perri doesn't even try to hide the 'EW' look that comes over her face. "People? Is that… normal?" She quickly throws a glance back at the seemingly normal dragon and then moves inside, "Seems an odd thing to do. Does he even say why?" But there were other questions and though she's thuroughly distracted she manages to answer the last with a shake of her head, "It'll be fine. I've only got bandages to wind then I go back."
M'kal gives a dismissive wave of a hand in reply to the unusual behavior of his blue. So if he does say why M'kal isn't saying! At least not yet. "Then good..the sooner I get my own delivery done the sooner Xeosoth and I can get back to Xanadu."

"We're really that bad?" Perri asks, though there's no trace of pout or upset. Once inside she moves quicker, leading the way up some stairs and along a corridor. "You haven't even been to the beach, or the harbour. We have lots of shipfish. Sometimes. Depends on the day. But there're a lot of shops." She's determined to find him something to like about the place, and the suggestions of places to visit come thick and fast right until she reaches the door she needs and stops to knock.
"Well…"M'kal drawls. "I suppose I could be persuaded to do a bit of shopping. They got anything I can find for my weyrmate?" he wonders as they come to a stop before the door and the girl knocks.

"Bound to have!" Perri replies, "What do…." But the question cuts off before it gets started as the door opens a crack and a head pokes out - the noises from inside are pained, a low groaning, and the package is handed over swiftly - Perri barely managing to get her fingers out of the way before the door's slammed closed again. "All done!" She practically bounces the turn around to face M'kal. "Where do you want to go first?"

M'kal arches a brow at the door as it's closed so quickly. Shaking his head and shrugging it off he looks to Perri. "Duty first." he says regretfully. "Then a shop that sells…well girly things I guess."

Perri quirks a rather disappointed half-smile but begins to lead the way back out. "Well if you need to go and see Keela I'm sure she could show you some really pretty jewelery. Or there's the cobblers. She's bound to like shoes. Or… or… Oh the leatherworkers have this really pretty rainbow dyed leather that they make bags and things out of, it is soooo nice."

M'kal gives a bit of a chuckle as he is lead back outside once more. Xeosoth whuffles his rider warmly before swinging his head to peer closer towards Perri. "No…" says M'kal warningly but all the blue does is give a puff of warm air towards the girl.

Perri keeps on listing shops as she walks, everything from flowers to ornamental tree stumps to glassware to miniature books. "No?" Her initial reaction is that his comment was to her, and she frowns. "Maybe you should just look and I'll stop suggesting. Oh! There's a trader going around selling beads and… hey that tickles." the last is said with a giggle and a glance towards Xeosoth.

M'kal shakes his head quickly. "No no…my no was to him. Actually the leather bag sounds like a great idea. Though perhaps now rainbow." his brows furrow briefly in thought before his attention is pulled away once more to Xeosoth. The blue is imparting some important message! Or something like that. Certainly the Xanadu blue is quite interested in Perri. "Hmm?" M'kal mutters faintly, his attention clearly torn between whatever Perri is saying about beads and whatever Xeosoth is saying. "Actually I think perhaps once we get this crate delivered." to which he starts putting actions to words as he talks, working on the straps along the side of Xeosoth to loosen and let the crate down slowly. "…then you can return to Xanadu with us." he grunts at the effort he's putting into getting the crate down and his thought goes unfinished as to why she would return with them.

Perri moves to help with the crate, ahnd hovering as she utterly fails to figure out how to be of use. "To Xanadu?" There's excitement in her voice, along with a good dose of confusion, "I'm not sure I'd be allowed. But we can ask! I'd need to get the bandages rolled first, probably wouldn't be able to go until after dinner. Would be nice to go on a trip, though I'd need ot be back for bed or I'd get in trouble." She doesn't say the 'again' but it's heavily hinted at.

M'kal grunts and heaves and finally it's down. With Perri's help. "Thanks." he murmurs to her. Then a light clicks as he realizes he didn't get an explanation of why perhaps she should accompany him back home. "Oh! Um…wait a moment.." he rummages around another pocket and pulls out a white knot which gets thrust towards her. She bette take it or it'll end up on the ground! "Xeosoth is very insistent that you return with us to stand before the latest clutch of eggs. Will you formally accept to be a candidate?" he asks.

Perri reaches for the knot automatically, juggling it for a moment before the words and the colour settle into her mind properly. After that comes what can only be described as a squeak. "Shaffing fardles!" Seems someone /can/ curse after all. "Do you mean it? I'll need to pack! What do I bring? Everything. I'll bring everything. What's the weather like? I don't know anything about Xanadu." A moments pause for breathing has her blinking at M'kal, "Will I need my gloves, only I loaned them to Garrett."

M'kal can't help but laugh at the barrage of questions and the squeak of curses. "Yes gloves may be needed though I'm sure you can get some from the stores if you need a pair. Pack whatever you want, Xeosoth and I will wait for you. Though you only get a chest to store your things so perhaps pack a bag for now and you can send for the rest." is his suggestion. "An clearly you'll get a chance to learn anything you need to know about Xanadu over time!" he grins. "Go and pack now. We'll be here when you get back. After we deliver the crate." he adds.

Perri bounces. "I'll be right back!" She moves a little away then hurries back, "Don't leave without me." Again she rushes off, again she returns, "I'll need to tell my journeyman so they don't think I've run off or anything. Or you could? He's got the shop next to Keela." Which she still hasn't given the directions to as she makes one final aborted run, returning one last time to point towards the crafter territory. "They're down there." This time she's gone.

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