Waxing Eloquent

Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe
Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.

The cafe's decor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.

During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, farviewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

The longer that Ka'el remains Weyrleader, the more he's realizing he's able to do. For instance. A turn or so ago, if he waltzed into the Rustic Treetop Cafe and asked that the entire place be reserved for a private party? He'd be laughed out of the place. Now? Few questions are asked! They aim to please! The Weyrleader wants the entire restaurant? No problem! And will there be any special accommodations, sir? Special requests for food? Desserts? The finest wine available? A guy could get used to this! In any case, he's not looking to inconvenience the place for the entire day. Just dinnertime. And thus, as the colors of the sky morph to those magnificent colors of dusk, the Rustic Treetop has been cleared and been prepared for a small party, consisting mainly of the Weyrleader himself and the handful of others he asked to come, if possible. Ka'el's here, already snacking…er, taste testing the fingerfoods that have been placed at a table. Fancy mini sausage links with the tangy sauce dip? Don't mind if I do!

Ka'el could hire himself a taste-tester, too… buuuut apparently, some jobs, he prefers to keep to himself! Other things he's able to do include summoning Soriana… though… actually, he could have done that just as well a turn ago. Possibly better, but his level of Sori-summoning is - her appearance at the top of the stairs indicates - good enough. At least today, because Luraoth's willing to let Soriana go to dinner, and here works just as well as the caverns. There's the pause at the top of the stairs as Soriana double-checks - all good, yes? Yes. She smiles as she crosses to Ka'el. Or… maybe the finger foods. It's been a while since lunch. "Hey." That's to the cheese-covered thing she's just picked up. Obviously.

Oh the joys of having power? Or rank, at least! If a certain bluerider had any inkling of what Ka'el had been planning, she may have been rather hesitant. Taking the entire Rustic Treetop Cafe as theirs for a meeting? It doesn't even factor into her head that it could be a party! A small one. Business and pleasure? Nah. A Turn ago, all that was on Kiena's mind was settling down in Xanadu and pursuing her smithing. Now? A big leap. A very big leap! She must be insane. Ujinath has told her that's impossible, but… shells. There are days! Stepping inside of the cafe, Kiena's eyes scan the room and frowns lightly in confusion. She was told to come by and so she is here, but now she's wondering if she understood. "Evening!" she calls to Ka'el and Soriana, managing a salute in there somewhere but maybe she's sweeping at a strand of her ever-wild and messy hair. "Where is… everyone?" She means the usual patrons. Wait a minute?

Where is Grayden, that's the question. He's probably in the back overseeing things and rubbing his hands together with the thought of the profit he's making from letting the Rustic Tree Cafe to the Weyrleader's party. The Weyrwoman? She's just making her way up the spiral stairs, having taken a little time after her day's work in the office to change for the evening. Her coronet is down, dark hair left to tumble about bare shoulders, her dress is a simple thing, a black, sleeveless dress that falls smock-like in myriad small pleats from the bodice to brush her calves, silver flat pumps on her feet. She enters, murmurs something to the greeter by the door and then, spotting the trio over by the finger foods, heads that way. "Good evening," she greets them.

Although Ka'el is no cheese-covered thing, he knows that Sori's 'hey’ is meant for him, for he's far more interesting than any cheese covered snack could hope to be. As appetizing as cheese may be. "Hey," he answers in return. "Wasn't sure if you'd be able to escape. Glad you could take a break from the sands. Might've bought yourself an hour of no sweating," he remarks, watching her a moment before his attention sweeps to a newcomer. Oh look, it's the woman of the hour! Strike up the band! … Ok, so there is no band (even though he probably could've gotten one, but then he'd be risking Kiena murdering him after so…yeah. No band!). "Kiena!" he says cheerily, waving a hand. "Everyone? Everyone's here, of course," he says, waving around the empty room that consists of…well, them. Apparently they are the life of the party? "Nearly. Come! Have a glass." He swipes a glass of wine from the table of hors d'oeuvres and offers it towards her, "Or one've these very fancy, very tasty, and very expensive sandwich cheese…roll things." As he offers this, Thea arrives, and his eyes turn and sweep over the Weyrwoman as his grin grows broader. "And now we're all here. Good eve, Weyrwoman. You look lovely."

Nothing's free, but some positions make it easier to wield money? Also cheese-things. Some positions make it easier to wield cheese-things. Mostly, positions next to them. Soriana grins to Ka'el, and nods. "Yeah. The breeze is nice." Maybe she was greeting it? Breeze, snacks, Ka'el… Soriana likes this party already - but wait, there's more! Soriana half-turns, gives a vague wave-salute to Kiena. She has a better one for formal occasions, but… she's got to save those, so she doesn't run out. "Hey!" It's a cheerful tone. She even - and this is dedication - doesn't turn back to the snack table immediately, staying turned that way to wave to Thea. That one's definitely more wave than salute. But, rumors aside, it's done with an actual smile.

Would that be some sort of record, if the soon-to-be Weyrsecond murdered the Weyrleader mere moments after being knotted? Not that that will happen, as there are cheese-things. Cheese is an acceptable offering… err, snack! And alcohol! Excellent. It dawns on Kiena then what this little gathering is and the blue rider's reaction is to… well, blush. What else is she to do, once Ka'el fills in the blanks? "Oh. Wow. Uh… I thought we were just, y'know… doing the office thing?" Hey, here's your knot and good luck? "Fancy cheese roll things, huh? Went all out!" All for a knot? And she'll peer curiously at the food, selecting one thing to nibble on for now while Ka'el is off to swipe a glass of wine. Which, of course, is accepted! Kiena smiles crookedly to Soriana, lifting the glass up a bit before tipping it back to sip before she speaks. "How're you?" she asks curiously. "And how is Luraoth? Good number of eggs on the sands…" Okay, so she's not the best at small talk but… she's trying? Now Thea is arriving and Kiena's eyes widen just a little at the ensemble the Weyrwoman is wearing. The bluerider is in her formal clothes, though it's nothing more than a nice blouse, slim fitting dress pants and knee high boots. "Evening, Weyrwoman!" she greets and her salute is genuine though swiftly done.

Thea chuckles. Someone's in a good mood! Not that Thea blames him. The Weyrleader has gotten himself a Weyrsecond at last. It'll lighten his workload considerably, cut down some of his paperwork and hopefully get him out of the office so he can have evenings free. So, to both Kiena //and // Ka'el, "Congratulations," she says with a warm smile. "Thank you Ka'el," she adds in an easy manner for the compliment, then begins to ask Soriana, "How fares Luraoth-" stops with a laugh as she choruses the question with Kiena. She reaches for a glass of wine and sweeps the room once before murmuring, "Nicely done, Weyrleader."

"The office thing is boring," remarks Ka'el with a grin to Kiena. "Plus I only imagine doing this once, so I'd might as well make a thing of it, eh? And, you're the first administrative knot I've ever given! This is supposed to be a memorable event." Hence the swanky atmosphere and the posh exclusiveness of being invite-only. "So yes, I went all out. But if it makes you uncomfortable, consider it … an office party." Yeah. That's it. Just a nice little Xanadu office party! Thea's congratulatory remarks inspire a grin, and as dragon talk ensues, he busies himself with getting everyone a drink. Everyone needs a drink! A glass for Thea. A glass for Soriana. He hands them over to each woman while keeping his ears open at eggtalk. "Eleven right? Or was it twelve?" he asks of the number as drinks are handed off. Kiena's new knot is nowhere to be seen, but it must be around here somewhere else this won't be much of a knotting party!

"There'll be plenty of time in the office," Soriana smiles crookedly. "Trust me." She's escaped it by… taking to the sands. And also to this party, so at the moment, "I'm doing well," she says to Kiena. Of course she is, she's off the heat of the sands and has found a breeze and snacks. Speaking of those sands… she smiles, one that turns into a grin as she hears Thea join in. The question of the hour! …day/week/month. She'll be hearing a lot of this one, but it's still relatively fresh. There's an amused look for the Weyrwoman, but then Soriana addresses herself back to Kiena. Ka'el gets a nod and a clarification. "Eleven. Almost twice her last clutch, though she's still fussing over each and every one." The smile's a fond one. "But, doing well." Just fussy! As is many a mother, draconic or otherwise. Soriana's probably getting regular reports on what this egg or that is doing… even when she's gone from the sands. At least here there's a breeze and nibbly things while she listens to Luraoth, and voices other than a maternal gold. "How about yourself?" she asks Kiena. And what's this? A glass of wine! "Thanks," she says to Ka'el with a smile. Maybe this is a knot-in-the-office party, as in… they'll have a party, then go back to the office for the knot.

Kiena dips her head respectfully to Thea, trying not to look too sheepish. She's really going to have to get over her social hangups if she's to be a half-decent Weyrsecond. "Thank you!" she murmurs and promptly tips back a little more of that wine. That'll help, right? Maybe she'll skip the glass and grab the bottle. Classy! "An office party? Guess that… hmm. Yeah, that makes sense." Somewhat, kind of? The bluerider is relaxing a little though. No surprises, right? There's a crooked half-grin when she and Thea all but chime the same question together and then her attention turns to Soriana. "Eh, suppose you do have a point." About being in the office far more and Kiena smirks. She'll have to find her own ways to escape! "Good to hear she's doing well. Does she normally fuss over each of them?" It's true that the bluerider knows little about these things… so her curiosity can be excused, right? "I'm well and back to full duty. Hand has mended and no complications from that." She'll even lift said hand, now faintly scarred, as proof complete with finger wiggling. See? Whole. "And I've been busy. Craft stuff, settling a few loose ends there."

Eleven. Ka'el grins and makes sure everyone has a glass of wine before settling amongst the group. "No wonder it seemed like she'd never stop. Twice as many, almost. And some've them," he gives a whistle, "are nice lookin' eggs." Not that Soriana herself had anything to do with the egg designs, but still, they're a thing worth commenting on, as eggshells are rather magnificent things. His eyes slide over to Kiena now as she talks, grinning at her realization that she'll have her fair share of office visits. More than she'd like! "Yeah, trust us. Any opportunity you'll have to be out of the office you'll take in a heartbeat," he says knowingly, sagely nodding. He seems pleased at the news of her hand though, and he pops a cube of cheese in his mouth just as she shows off her healed palm. Hooray! "And on that note," he says, swallowing his mouthful of a morsel, "A toast!" He raises his glass up, a visual cue for a well-dressed worker to step forth holding a small knot-sized box. Here it is! Probably. The poor guy looks like he'll be glad to have it off of his hands, likely warned that if anything happens to it .. it may be his head!

'Normally' being defined as 'twice now', but Soriana nods to the question. "Yeah, she does. Some queens are more… hands-on… than others." Despite not having hands. "She'll probably settle some as she gets used to it." Probably. Assuming she follows the same behavior patterns as last time. There's a lot even Soriana can't predict, and she knows far more about it than the bluerider! Not that she seems to mind the curiosity. She glances to Ka'el, and nods. "Not that you'll be seeing more of them for a while." Him or anyone else! Dragonshells… are a very transient artform. Soriana smiles for Kiena's improved hand, and watches the wiggle. "Oh, good!" There's a glance to Ka'el as she considers another question, but decides not to ask it, instead laughing and nodding to Ka'el's talk of office-avoidance and lifting her glass. So that's why Ka'el made sure she had one!

They sort of have hands? Kind of… okay, not really. "They all have their own behaviours for brooding, then?" Kiena replies, not entirely meaning it to be a question but simply accepting it as fact. It's logical! Which suits the bluerider just fine. Ka'el's comment about the eggs has her chuckling softly while she nurses a little more of her wine. "Oh, I trust you guys. I'm already plotting my escapes… never fear." All solo missions! You're all on your own. Kiena grins again and then blinks, lifting her glass up as Ka'el begins a toast. Sneaky signal is sneaky? As the well dressed worker approaches, the bluerider seems to straighten her posture a bit. That or she's begun to fidget. Could be both?

Thea accepts her glass of wine and sips while listening to the chatter of the others, a serene half-smile on her mouth. The younger riders. Stepping into the places left by the older riders. This is how it's supposed to be. Thoughts of a worn and faded Weyrsecond's knot, tucked in a drawer in her cottage are firmly pressed away. These ones will do well for Xanadu. As she lifts her glass, she notes solemnly, "It's your work outside of the office that is the more important by far." And then she looks towards the Weyrleader and flickers a wink, waiting for him to wax eloquent.

Oh yes there is usually some reason behind Ka'el's madness. Everyone needs a drink because he's making a toast! He even goes as far as to finding a tiny fork to *ting-ting* against the side of his glass. "Attention everyone!" Everyone being the mighty three other occupants besides himself. But maybe he's including the behind the scenes workers who are out of sight, save the one who still holds that box. Ka'el grins, glass lowering slightly. "I reckon you all know why we've gathered," he says, smirking just vaguely. "Months ago, Weyrwoman Thea asked me to find myself a Weyrsecond. In my mind, I thought she was mad," a grin is tossed to the Senior. Sorry! "How could she expect me to chose anyone when I couldn't even grasp the thought of myself bein' where I was? Eventually though, I started thinking of just what a Weyrsecond was to a Weyrleader and who I thought I could trust to be my .. well, second hand through all of this." Eyes are on Kiena now, and his expression is warm. "I believe fate brought Kiena to Xanadu. The circumstances might not've been ideal but…I've always thought things happen when they happen for a reason. Through the turns I've gotten to know her and trust her and see the type've person she is, and as I think of appointing someone to be my second-in-command, willin' to help see over the Wings and not afraid to kick me straight if needed, I don't think anyone is more fit for the role than Kiena." A smile, and he reaches for that box with one hand while the other lifts his glass once again. "A toast to Kiena, Weyrsecond of Xanadu!" Cheers!

Luraoth sort of has Soriana's hands? When she asks. It's not really the same thing, though. She nods. "There's similarities, but…" Her lips quirk, crooked. "Every dragon's different." Platitudes save the day! At least this one has the advantage of being true. Besides, she can probably be forgiven it, since that Ka'el has an entire speech to give. She listens to that speech, being amused as appropriate, and at the end she raises her glass and adds, "To Kiena, that she may leave the office in better shape each time she escapes from it!" Which should be frequent, or so everyone tells her. Not that certain people shouldn't listen to their own advice more often, but hey.

Kiena darts a quick look to Thea for her solemn note and smiles crookedly. "Hear, hear." she agrees in a quieter tone and tips her glass a bit before the actual toast lead by Ka'el begins. Soriana is given another broad smile, followed by a nod but any further discussion will have to wait! Kiena does her best to stand attentively while the Weyrleader does wax eloquent and though she remains still, inside she's squirming a bit under the attention. Don't fidget, don't fidget. Don't look at the door either. No one but them anyways to witness and she's certain none of the three with her now bite. Much. Right? Right. Kiena looks touched though by the end, both by Ka'el and Soriana's words and no doubt any added in by the Weyrwoman. No, it was not good circumstances that lead Kiena to Xanadu but she had hoped to start anew here and she did. She made it her home, was able to pursue her Craft and slowly rebuild. Enough to make friends while she pieced herself back together and now… this! One of the biggest steps she's taken, aside from transferring homes half way across the planet. "And I still think you're completely insane, Ka'el, to have picked me out of countless other riders but… I'll do my best not to disappoint or let you down. Any of you," And she slides her gaze to Soriana and Thea both with a respectful smile. Elaborate words are not Kiena's forte (another thing to work on), but she at least remembers some of her manners. "But I am honoured and pleased to accept and look forwards to the days to come." Bring it! "Thank you, Ka'el, for considering me and all for accepting me." Because certainly both weyrwomen had a bit of a say too, right? There's a grin to Soriana. "No promises!"

Thea murmurs, "Who says I'm not?" And smirks back to Ka'el, then spurts a little laugh at Kiena's quip, green eyes dancing with merriment. She hushes to listen to the rest of the young Weyrleader's speech. Her eyes drift to Kiena, whom she knows little of save for what the official records say about her as a rider and a crafter. The Weyrwoman has no objections and, from the expression on Ka'el's face the young man trusts her. "To Kiena," she says injecting her own warmth and jubilation into the two words, then lowers it to say lowly - at least so the workers in the back won't hear, "Stay on his good side, eh? I like my Weyrleader happy." And she sips.

"A little insanity makes things interesting," remarks Ka'el who grins afterward, his pleased look still settled upon the new, yet still unknotted Weyrsecond. Oh. He should get on that, shouldn't he? But first! Toasting means drinking, and after dipping his head in answer to Kiena's thanks, he takes a swallow of his wine. Mmm. Wine! And now! He sets his glass aside and opens up the box that he holds. Inside, unsurprisingly, is a brand new Weyrsecond's knot, which looks very similar to the intricate knot that he himself wears on his shoulder, but with one tassel instead of two. Another subtle difference is while his has bronze threaded within, hers has a thread of blue, representative of her lifemate. "Don't worry about disappointing," he assures as he sets the box down to carefully hold her knot with both hands, "I'll keep you in line." A teasing grin accompanies his words as he steps forward to situate her knot on her appropriate shoulder. Does he hear Thea's softly spoken words to the woman? Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever the case, he makes no comment on it and continues to look rather pleased by this whole little ceremony.

Oooh, not-fidgeting. Soriana knows all about that! It's an important leadership skill. Maybe Kiena can work on the Polite Smile next? Fortunately, this time, there seem to be actual ones. Soriana returns Kiena's, but… speechifying. And apparently, they've got a mad Weyrwoman and an insane Weyrleader. Er… welcome to the nuthouse, Kiena? But Soriana chuckles for the bluerider's answer - eloquent or not, it's not like Sori's much good at that herself - and smiles. Her, have a say? Heh, what doesn't she have something to say about? (Don't answer that, Ka'el.) But she certainly seems to approve of this, lifting her glass and taking a proper toasty drink, and a few further sips while she watches the knotting.

Kiena sips at her wine (and maybe a little more than is necessary) before smirking at Ka'el. Oh yes, she'll definitely need to work on 'Polite Smile'! If Ka'el is insane and Thea mad, what does that make Soriana? "You may regret saying that someday, about insanity making things interesting," she points out in one last amused comeback to the Weyrleader before sobering. Right, supposed to be a formal affair, this! Or serious, at least. There's a quirked brow for the 'keep you in line' bit and Kiena looks… almost challenging? So it begins! Though Thea's low spoken comment is not missed and she will tilt her head a bit to better hear. That seems to sober quite a bit, even if she's tempted to fire back the same 'no promises' she gave to Soriana seconds ago. "I'll try, my best." she murmurs in response and then straightens as Ka'el holds up the brand new Weyrsecond's knot. Her eyes settle on it and now it starts to sink in that that's her knot. One that is now being situated to her shoulder. Now it's official?

Thea's teasing smile is just that; no underhanded barbs intended. She's at ease with this Weyrleader and finding the majority of his actions just fine, including the manner in which her son was disciplined. Oh yes, she's aware of all that. It's possible Ka'el spoke to her prior to tapping Kiena, but she's already given him the green light to handle the wings as he sees fit and he hasn't done badly if anyone asks her! To Kiena, her smile is softly approving as is the one she'd given Ka'el at the end of his speech as she watches the knot being affixed to her shoulder.

It is totally official now, insanity and all. Welcome to the madhouse, Kiena! Ka'el steps back to inspect the knot once it's pinned on her, reaching forward to straighten it a little before nodding his approval. "Looks good on you," he says approvingly. "And now you have no excuses left for not cracking open that manual I told you about," he remarks with a semi-devious look. "A bit of light reading for you after your celebration." And speaking of celebrations.. He eyes the darkened windows. Sunset has given way to evening by now. "I've told the owner that he can have his place back for the evening rush. With the eggs clutched and visitors visiting, I didn't have the heart to have him close the entire night." Even if he's getting compensated rather well! "So…the officialness of this is over. Eat, drink, and be merry! And if you don't, the doors will be opening soon enough and others will for you." He grins. "Oh! Before I forget, I have cake slices set aside for Ellie and Ezzie," he adds to Kiena. "Figured they should be doin' some celebrating tool."

The only sane one? …hah! Hardly. But Soriana's not going to admit her crazy out loud just yet. Kiena can just enjoy finding out all the details of her insanity in the coming months. Yay? She hehs for the mention of that manual, giving her head a bit of a shake, then looks to the food. Oh, she knows a place for it. Her stomach! And maybe a little baggie of extra for late-night nibbling on the sands. It's the mention of Kiena's girls that draws her attention back that way, and she smiles. "Oh, are they here now?" she asks, somewhere between polite and curious. Since Ka'el brought it up and all! While she waits for an answer, she snags one of those little sausages with sauce. Because tasty. And she can't resist adding, "You can read to them from the manual, if they've a hard time getting to sleep at night. It'll work great."

Kiena cranes her head a bit to glimpse at the knot. It's a tough angle! "I'll take your word for it," she drawls to Ka'el and promptly sobers again and stares at the knot now pinned to her shoulder. Yup, it's real! Not a figment of her imagination. Likewise Soriana may be discovering a bit of the crazy that fuels Kiena and Thea too as the sevendays and months progress. She exhales then, letting some of the tension go from her shoulders. Formality and officialness done! Time to party! Kind of. Definitely enjoy some food and perhaps more of that wine! "Aren't you considerate," she muses to Ka'el with a low chuckle and then quirks a brow. There's cake? "They're probably already asleep, but I'll take it anyways. A surprise for tomorrow." she tells him with a grin. Cake… for breakfast? Sure, why not! To Soriana, she nods her head as she shuffles a bit closer to some of the food to sample another few things. Nibble! She's getting to a proper answer, honest! "They came not long before Luraoth went to the sands. Had Ka'el's help and Mur'dah's too in seeing their belongings transferred." Not to mention the awkward scene between the girls and their father, but now is not the time for that. For there is mention of that manual and Kiena can't help but groan a bit. Does she have too? "Oh great. I forgot about that… Ha! But I'll remember to try it as a sleep aid." For the girls or on herself? Both.

Cyrus has died and gone to heaven, that's where it leaves all of them. With a Weyrful of crazies, led by the insane, now wonder the healer hall posted a mindhealer amongst them. "Congratulations," the Weyrwoman says again to Kiena as she places her empty goblet on the table. Official business done, she's more than happy to nibble, chat and linger for awhile before a summons from Seryth has Thea frowning and reluctantly relinquishing her plate to a server. "Stop by the Weyrleader's office for the key to yours, Kiena, you'll get the big desk in the Juniors' office." Hm, perhaps it's time to consider chiseling out a separate office for the Weyrsecond… Not like construction around here is a rarity these days. She farewells them all, passes by the Weyrleader with a pat offered to his arm and a "No emergency. Stay if you'd like to. Nice job tonight," sincerely offered to him before she makes her way on out.

Any time is the right time for cake. For breakfast? Bring it on! What a fantastic beginning to the day it'll be for those girls. And Ka'el too, as he's definitely going to have some of that cake put away for him to be sent to his office for later snackage. For now he's happy with finger foods. Little sandwiches. Cheese. Baked mini bagel things with some sort of toppings on top, which he crunches into while listening to the conversation. "The egg's clutchday was the twins' turnday," he remarks, grinning. "That'll be a neat thing for them to know." Being children of two riders, he suspects they're a bit more aware when it comes to dragons than other children their age! He moves, slipping an arm around Soriana's waist just briefly before it's pulled away, sipping his wine. Thea's need to depart has him turning his attention to her though, brows lifting a bit. Ready to follow if needed…which he isn't. He nods at her assurance. He'll stay just a little longer. "Thank you, Thea," he says gently, smiling and nodding to her. "Take care."

Soriana doesn't mind waiting while Kiena gets nibblies. It gives her a chance to have some of her own! The food is one of the few good things about formal occasions - not that the caverns are bad, they're somewhere between okay and tasty depending on the day, but they tend toward the sorts of food that can be made by the stewpot or casserole dish, not ones where effort has gone into each and every bite-sized morsel. But yes! The girls are here, and Soriana smiles. "Glad to hear it," she says, with a glance to Ka'el and a smile - and also a lean in against him for a moment, as his arm drifts briefly around her. As for that manual? "It works great. At least if it's anything like the Weyrleader one." Which it probably is. She looks to Ka'el as he clarifies the timing, and smiles. "Oh yeah?" she asks, and turns her gaze back to Kiena. "If they'd like to have a look, you can bring them by the stands sometime. Luraoth won't mind." And if Kiena arranges her timing, Soriana might even try to give a dragonhealer lecture suitable for - "They're what, four?" Something like that, anyhow, and she has another bacon-wrapped something-or-other before glancing to Thea as the Weyrwoman makes her excuses and departs. Soriana waves with the toothpick as she says goodbye, but Luraoth doesn't need her quite yet, so she'll stay as long as she can, to chat and nibble and all the rest.

The Weyrleader will score a few points with the twins, that's for sure! Remembering to save cake for them and then Kiena offering at breakfast? BONUS. "Huh. Shells, you're right," she remarks and sounding a little surprised by that. Heeey, she'll have an easy way of remembering her daughter's age now! As Thea makes her exit, she will dip her head respectfully to the Weyrwoman. "Will do, Weyrwoman! Thank you." Then she is back to sampling more of that delicious food. And why not? This is sort of her 'event'! A Weyrsecond can pig out a bit! Plus, the food is really delicious and not the typical cavern stuff. Must enjoy it while one can! And the wine too. "Oh, I bet it is. So if there's one for Weyrleaders and Seconds… is there a Manual for goldriders?" Do tell! Blinking, her brows lift and her eyes flick from Soriana to Ka'el. "They're— yeah, only four. I'm not sure…" She pauses then, thinking it over in her head. "Luraoth would not mind non-candidates near her clutch? And so young? Not that they're bad girls but…" Kids. They're unpredictable! Yet, to let them see a clutch clutched on their Turnday? Kind of a one of a time offer. Talk about getting them started early! Mingling is not usually Kiena's cup 'o tea but she does make exceptions and tonight is one of those nights. She's Weyrsecond! And so far no DOOM has fallen on her head (or on anyone else). So long as there is wine, food and amiable discussion, she will linger for some time. Even when the cafe opens up to the general population again and a quiet affair turns into a social one, Kiena will hang on as long as she can before she excuses herself. Probably with some humorous remark about needing to be rested before tackling that manual or whatever insanity they've planned for the morning.

"Oh, yes," Soriana says of the manual for goldriders. "Esiae told me never to read it." She grins. As for the girls and their birthday eggs? "Bring them to the stands first, and we'll ask Luraoth… but I think she'll be fine with it. She likes kids." A shrug, and a bemused sort of grin. As minglings go, this is a quite reasonable sort. More like a conversation than a Social Event with capital letters, and at some point, Soriana will put her arm around Ka'el and eat nibblies one-handed as they converse. Until Luraoth, easy-going or not, wants to see her rider again. But she'll steal some cake on the way. It might even last until breakfast!

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