Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

CHEWBACCA SOUNDS!! That's Leirith, in case you were wondering. And okay, maybe Chewbacca is a rudely… rude way to describe the less-than-beautemous queen but WE LOVE HER AND WE DO WHAT WE WANT. Regardless, bass and drums and too dang much fun throb and pulse and invade, sinking into every brain close enough to hear because it's time to, « PAAAAAARRRRTTTTAAAAYYYYYY!!!! » … On the sands. In case you were wondering. And it's not really a party (or so the Assistant Weyrlingmasters assure, when they're busy shepherding wayward Candie-lambs back onto the sands. DID THEY PICK THE BROOD OF THE FLOCK THIS TIME? Yes, yes they did. SO YOU ALL GET M'TRAS AND ILA'DEN. YOU'RE WELCOME. It's Ila'den rasping, "If you don't know the rules by now — " you probably deserve to get eaten, " — then bow when you walk in. Don't run. Don't rough house." DON'T HAVE ANY FUN. Except there's a quiet amusement beneath the words, his tone gentle despite the fact that his voice would could never be considered anything but. And here comes Risali from within the crowd, reaching up to grab Ila's jaw in one hand, pulling him down to press a kiss against the high rise of his cheek, and smiling at the candidates as she walks backbackback towards Leirith with a smile. She's waving at them, and she's waving at M'tras and then she's JOINING LEIRITH. Ila'den offers Leirith and Xerms a bow both (though it might be slightly irreverent for the bronzen sire), and then he's stepping aside to let the masses through.

< Shiloh touches egg 2 - Choice of Two Doors Egg >

Like a lamb to the slaughter, Shiloh returns. Hand in hand with Averil (who is looking dashing in his Alice in Wonderland getup, and definitely claiming way too much of Shiloh's attention when it should be on the eggs ahem) he steps forward toward his doom potential destiny. A bow to Leirith and Xermiltoth once again and, quick breath, turns to regard the artist at his side. "You'll be fine," is a promise that is sealed with a kiss to his forehead before Shiloh is moving boldly toward those eggs and picking one to touch. This one. This one right here. Looks safe enough…

Yes, yes, being a good example is part of the job description that comes with the assistant weyrlingmaster's knot that is so new it hasn't even frayed yet. Thus, that job is left to— Ila, it's Ila's job. M'tras, maybe because he's new, or maybe because he's aiming to set a new record for shortest lifespan as a Xanadu transfer, is following the flock only slightly more kindly than if he were herding geese, lips set in a line, dark eyes following the figures who don't have white robes yet, but will soon enough. Since he does have a vested interest in his life after all, he will drop an unexceptionable bow to dam and sire, and a salute that might not pass muster if anyone was really looking hard for Risali, but maybe he's heard about Xanadu's senior, or maybe he even met her, or maybe her smooching her dad in front of everyone just doesn't inspire a man to bestir himself to crisp attention. WHO CAN SAY. The point is that Ila'den is not the only shining pillar to which the candidates may look today for emotional moral physical support if they have a problem. Do not puke on his boots. He looks a little like a killer under the right light. (Spoiler alert: it's any light which also includes vomit on his well-worn boots.)

< Averil touches egg 3 - HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A EGG >

There are probably better clothing choices for an egg touching then a pinafore that makes Averil look remarkably like Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, when Leirith beckons, the candidates answer. That there is a giant scary one-eyed man foreshadowing doom and gloom and getting eaten? Well, under the circumstances, it's more then enough to have Avi stepping closer to Shiloh as they step forward to execute their own bows to Leirith and Xermiltoth. The reassurance from the beastcrafter, however, is met with a firm little nod, the artist's shoulders squaring as he picks his way through the sand (while cutting a WIDE berth around Broken Halo Egg) to tentatively reach out and touch HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A EGG. Never mind that it happens to be very close to the egg Shiloh is touching, OKAY!

< Nyvex touches egg 12 - Leader of the Pack Egg >

It is shortly after inadvertently Nyvex destroyed a lot of Kasle's precious flowers in the garden that someone told him were weeds. The really tall blond is still feeling really bad about that. He's been apologetic towards the gardener since they left. Even after he did a quick cleanup before being ushered to the sands, was he still apologizing to her. His bright green eyes are darting around the sands. When the heat hits his face, the blond smiles. He had a really pleasant first experience on the sands. He bows politely to the clutch mother and father. Nyvex looks around. There is a particular egg he is looking for. This egg caused a bit of an upset for his newest friend last night. And so he must find out about this particular egg. When he finally spots the egg in question, he makes as a direct a route as possible over to Leader of the Pack Egg. He sizes it up and down and says, "You're the one who caused all of the commotion eh?" He crouches down and reaches a hand out cautiously. He carefully touches the shell.

Maybe this egg doesn't quite bite, but something about it has Shiloh tense and on edge. A little wary. Cautious. Touching that shell but shifting his weight in case he needs to make a break for it. A flicker of confusion; a wrinkling of brow and the wiggling of his foot, before he's staring hard at the egg for a moment. But it couldn't be too bad if he's sticking with it for now.

Kasle didn't want to come back and spend more time with the eggs. She really didn't… Not after that last egg she touched! The gardener-candidate drags her feet as she follows the others, her expression one of deep trepidation She bows, politely and very respectfully to the clutch parents and moves toward the nearest egg. She pauses for a moment hesitating, before she slowly reaches out toward Egg of Dreams. She pauses for just a moment, a look of intense worry (maybe even fear) on her face, before finally resting her hand flat against the star speckled shell.

< Kasle touches egg 1 - Egg of Dreams >

The moment that Averil's hand rests on the shell, relief washes over his features with a visible exhale and a tenative smile at the egg's greeting. What is not so subtle is the way that the tension in the artist's frame immediately melts away, the touch of his hand turning into a gentle caress that is almost tender its execution. After a few moments, Avi is stepping closer, close enough that his other hand raises to brush over the shell, welcoming the feelings being shared without reservation. Whatever is said to him is met with a quietly startled laugh, the look of gratitude on his face spied as he lowers his head over the shell of HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A EGG egg.

Shiloh does fall to his knees. It's an involuntary thing, and while he goes down and one hand plants into the sand with him, the other is somehow, someway, still on that egg. Maybe it's stuck. Maybe he's frozen. He's certainly tense and gritting his teeth and not moving and trying but maybe not succeeding in breathing for one, two, three beats before there's a gulp and a shake and a tentative rise to his feet and a glare at that egg. He probably has some not-nice things to say to it but, well. Probably better to think them real loud while he's pressing his hand to the shell.

There is a moment where Avi's breath catches, his posture shifting in a fashion that denotes surprise. It is not an overt thing, though, but rather a subtle one, a moment that fades into a gentle smile and a shake of head that suggests that there just might be tears going on under the curtain of golden hair. It's something 'said' (said? thought? he doesn't know) that has him sucking in a slow breath, his fingers splaying against the surface of the egg in a caress that is more then tender.

Nyvex had been trying to prepare himself for the experience of touching this specific egg. But there is nothing that one can do to prepare themselves for touching this egg. If only he could go back and spend all day with HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A EGG. However he is here now and there is no take backs. He was already crouched down, but his body trembles. So much from such a young dragon. Just after Shiloh dropped to his knees, Ny drops down to his as well. Shards, they are dropping like flies. At least he manages to stay upright. He closes his eyes and focuses. Deep breath and then he goes on to continue touching.

Is it allowed to hug the eggs? Averil doesn't know! But the desire to do so is completely overwhelming. Overwhelming enough that he takes a step forward, wanting nothing more then to be as close to possible to the egg under his hands. Invited to linger, he does exactly that, welcoming the gentle presence within with everything in him. It is only reluctantly that he raises his head and lets his hands fall away, tears glimmering in his cheeks as he glances toward Shiloh and affords him a quiet, reassuring nod. He's fine. He's more then fine. Tears happen. (With Avi, tears happen a lot).

Kasle gasps, black eyes widening for a moment. She blinks rapidly, eyes focused on the starry shell before her. The fear on her face melts away into a look of wonder as her lips part to exhale a soft breath that she hadn't even been aware that she was holding, "Oh…" She giggles a little, unable to hold in the sound, shaking her head, "You're a playful one, aren't you?" Slowly, she sinks to her knees, her other hand coming up to settle near the first. Now this is more like it. If only— well, if this is the sort of dragon that would find her on Hatching day, she would be very happy.

< Shiloh touches egg 5 - Egg Bubble That Bites >

This time, Shiloh remains on his feet. But that does not mean he's comfortable with it. A tip of his head; a flick of a frown. He doesn't even try to look at the shell, eyes closed against it, caught in the vision it brings. Wherever he goes and whatever he sees and whatever he chooses, it has him yanking his hand from the shell with a disgruntled sound and twisting around to put his back toward the egg. A few quick breaths, to settle nerves and wild emotions, and he moves determinedly away. But really. Is it better to go out and touching something that has the word 'BITE' in its name?! Probably not, but he does it regardless. Egg Bubble that Bites is his next target.

< Averil touches egg 10 - Pretty Sus Egg >

The urge to return to the egg he /just/ touched is impossibly strong, Averil's gaze resting on the ovoid for a long moment before he forces himself to step away. Eventually, he steps over to a Pretty Sus Egg, taking a deep breath and reaching out to gently rest his fingers against the shell.

DOES THIS EGG ACTUALLY BITE? Maybe. Shiloh definitely flinches a little. Maybe tries to duck. Maybe lifts a hand to touch his head while the other stays on the shell. But after that initial adjustment, he seems to settle in… well. Better than before. This one's not trying to transform him, at least. Not trying to mutilate him (yet?). And something about it has him tipping his head and looking almost amused, even if it's an amused that comes in equal measure to exasperated. Still worth sticking around for, apparently.

Averil /should/ be afraid in the first wash of OVERREACTION to come from Pretty Sus Egg. Instead, he finds himself exhaling a startled laugh, his head giving a faint shake as he murmurs something reassuring. After a moment, he is stepping forward again, a low soothing hum sounding in his throat as his hand strokes the shell in a soothing fashion. And, just like that, he is blinking as the world rights itself and he's staring at the egg with a hint of worry in his eyes. "Hey…" He's not aware he's talking out loud as he brushes his fingers back over that shell.

Kasle shivers faintly, a small line starting to form between her dark brows. She can't even feel the trickle of sweat that tickles down her back. Or maybe that's what caused the shiver? She lightly caresses the shell before her, her smile gradually returning as she closes her eyes with a contented sigh. The tension in her shoulders slowly melts away and she loses the faintly hunched posture she's had since she stepped onto the sands.

Of course Nyvex came back for more. The eggs from his first touching left such a positive impression upon him. And if he learned anything from his first few eggs it's that they all seem to have multiple facets to their personalities that come out the more you made contact and got to feel the egg. He doesn't step away from this egg yet. He does look a bit dizzy though. He closes his eyes and scrunches up his face. It's a good thing that he is already on his knees or he might keel over. After the dizzy spell passes, he puts his hand back on the egg.

Is it normal to be Tut-tuting an Egg? For a moment the expression on Avi's face is one of utter disbelief. Is this really happening? Whatever is going on in his head it's enough to keep him making reassuring sounds, to keep his fingers brushing over the shell in a gesture meant to be reassuring. There is a moment where he looks completely relieved only to end up finding himself back on the outside, one brow arching mildly as he reaches out to ever-so-gently touch the shell of Pretty Sus Egg, again.

Curiosity couples the amusement in Shiloh's expression; the little furrow between his brows one of mild confusion rather than concern. At least he's one to go with the flow. Usually. As long as the flow isn't trying to kill him or corrupt him. And this egg, at least, seems to be doing neither. There's even a murmur, something low beneath his breath, something that might be helpful or apologetic or… nonsense. But even as he's booted right back onto the sounds (how rude!) he's reaching to put both hands on the egg. One more try. Hopefully he won't regret it.

< Nyvex touches egg 14 - Obviously, This Egg Is a Ninja >

Averil actually jumps this time, a gasp of pain spilling past his lips as he finds the tables turning soundly on him. And while it should be disturbing, this sudden twist of temperament, there is something about it that he just 'gets'. He gets it enough that even as his hand drops away, he still leans forward to whisper something reassuring to the egg. Whatever he said? He's still oddly unflustered by it all. A moment, though, just to breath and look at the eggs and decide if he really wants to risk another.

Boy, That egg left Nyvex sweating. And it wasn't just the heat of the sands. That was a lot. However he doesn't seem to be too discouraged. He gives a glance back towards some of the eggs he touched the first time. The idea of them comfort him. He takes a deep breath. Standing to his full height. The Harper turned candidate looks around. So many choices. The roulette wheel spins and he stops at the Obviously, This Egg Is a Ninja. "Hopefully, you're a little less feral than your clutch sib." He says softly to this egg before reaching out and touching.

< Averil touches egg 6 - Soul-Raving Transcendence Egg >

So far, so good. He hasn't had a freak out and the only tears that have fallen are good ones. Right now, Avi is WINNING. Which, logically, it would make sense to call it a day and walk away while you are ahead. It would make sense, but Avi is still reaching out to rest a hand on Soul-Raving Transcendence Egg.

A bright laugh burbles up from Kasle's chest, as cheerful as the chiming of bells that always accompanies the gardener-candidate's movements. She leans in to rest her forehead against the Egg of Dreams, happy tears gathering at the corners of her eyes. This is nothing like the last time she tried to commune with any of the eggs! She sniffs once, reluctant to leave this egg that's offered so much wonder, comfort, and encouragement. She nods silently and sits back on her heels, lingering long after the consciousness within that hardening shell retreats. Finally, though, she does stand, letting her hands slide away from the egg to fall at her sides. She looks over at the other eggs, lightly nibbling on her lower lip for a moment before remembering what Ny had said about the black and yellow egg. If it's anything like this one, she'll be a lot happier than she was the last time. She takes a deep breath and moves much more confidantly toward the HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A EGG.

< Kasle touches egg 3 - HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A EGG >

< Shiloh touches egg 12 - Leader of the Pack Egg >

Oh. Well. I guess the time for curiosity is over since the next touch of fingers brings shock to the surface. But hey. It's fine. Shiloh's not like… flinching or anything, nope. Definitely not looking a little skeptical of whatever happens to be going on in that mind of his. It's? Is it the egg or is it him? Never mind. There's a hard frown. A little jerk of the shoulders. A little breath that might have been a word even if no sound comes out. And then the pull of his hand away from the shell, even if he'll linger a moment. Two. Three. Just staring. Frowning. Not quite disturbed but deeply… something. A glance at Avi and, finding him fine, there's a slide of dark eyes toward his nemesis the only egg he walked away from last time before Shiloh does a probably really stupid thing takes a few steps over and presses his hand back on the Leader of the Pack egg. Round two Bro. Fight me.

The moment that Averil's hand rests on the shell of Soul-Ravin Transcendence Egg, he freezes. Utterly. There is not a breath, not a bat of lash, not a twitch of muscle to be had from the tiny beskirted candidate. It is a sort of stillness that is all encompassing. It's eerie, really. Whatever he is seeing, whatever he is feeling, it has leeched him of even the ability to move, helpless to do anything but watch images washing over him like a dark, dreadful wave.

As if this little dragon was listening to Nyvex's request. He gets lost in this egg. His very expressive face contorting with the various emotions he is experiencing from this egg. Even a little bit of pain. And yet he smiles too, towards the end of that touch. Whatever he experiences it was a roller coaster of emotions. He went up and down and all around. He continues to breathe and he continues to touch the egg.

Shiloh is braced. Shiloh is ready. And he is… winning? At least he's not fighting. That's progress, is it not? Even if there's still a grit to his teeth; a little curl to his lip. A little defensiveness in that posture; in the planting of feet and the shifting of weight and the readiness for things that are expected to be unpleasant. Whether they are or they aren't, Shiloh doesn't say. A cant of his head might come for a question; the almost-angry crease of his brow and curl of his fingers might answer it. But what doesn't quite work is the swaying, tipping, the near-stumbling that has Shiloh briefly off kilter for a moment or two. Whatever he was expecting wasn't that. But hey. Seems he won this battle, so why not try for round three?

Later, when you speak of this, and you will, be kind? Whatever is happening over at the egg Averil is touching? It has his lips parting in what begins as a scream, a soundless, almost soulless release of roiling terror that some how, some way, transforms itself into something deeper, something huskier and something erotic enough to be ENTIRELY inappropriate to where he is at the moment. THAT, however, is not something Averil is aware of. NOT. AT. ALL. Nope, he's lost, swept up and held and if that sound is any indication? He's not exactly hating it.

"Oh." Kasle is caught by surprise by the egg, "H-hello." She doesn't look like she realizes that she's spoken aloud, her hand shifting from a barely there touch of fingertips to a flattened palm against the swirled shell. The leans closer, sighing softly, the happy tears that started with the last egg finally falling only to be absently wiped away. This… acceptance, the support is exactly what she needs. Maybe, just maybe…

Shiloh survived. He probably thought he would. It would be pretty sad to perish simply touching an egg (if he's gonna go out, the thing that takes him better have actual claws and teeth and not just mental ones). But then again, however he thought any of this would go down is clearly not how it's happening. Any of it. Does he growl? Does he bare his teeth? Does he curl his hand? Yes. All of it. But in the end, when pulls free of the egg (or the egg pulls free from him) there is only quiet and a very long, very measured look at the shell. And then a walk away. The egg might not have defeated him, but he's not willing to let it try again.

Now this is something Nyvex is familiar with. The thrum of a beat. The music in his soul. His passion in life. And he's a performer. He enjoys this wonderful feeling probably even more than the warm feeling from HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A EGG. He is giving the biggest smile he has had since then. When he performs, that is when he is the most comfortable. He keeps the smile on his face when he pulls back from the egg. He was so happy that he nearly forgot to breathe. He takes a quick moment to relax and then he goes back for one last caress of the smooth warm shell.

Nope. Sounds like that should NOT be on the sands. Not when they are better suited to other places. And certainly not when they, once more, transform into something almost feral and vicious. Granted, we have to remember that we are talking about Avi, and as vicious as he might growl, or hiss, or menace? He's still a fluffy kitten of a human. But he TRIES and that is what matters, right? RIGHT? Course he's looking more then a little mortified when he draws his hand back from that egg and for a moment, or two, he just stands there trying to resort himself from what just happened. After a moment, though, he fluffs his skirts, pats his hair and tilts his chin up as he steps back away and moves toward Shiloh. He /MEANT/ to do that.

Kasle breathes another contented sigh, bowing her head so that the thin braids of her hair fall around her face in a curtain. She's… happy. For the first time in months, she doesn't have the urge to look over her shoulder for fear of some unseen beast sneaking up to pounce on her. For the first time since her brother was last in the infirmary, she feels like she doesn't have to worry about keeping up appearances, to put on a brave face and pretend that everything has to be okay. She smiles softly, taking a deep breath and leans in closer, murmering softly to the being still caught within that yellow and black shell.

< Nyvex touches egg 7 - Element of Freedom Egg >

Nyvex delves deep into this now familiar feeling egg. A soft musical laugh escaping his lips that rolls into a deeper laugh. "Wooo." That was a thrill. He stands up and takes the time to take stock in the other candidates. He looks at Avi and he smiles at him. They had just talked about the less than pleasant experience the wonderland dressed candidate experienced. Nyvex seems rather happy that Avi is in good spirits. And he see's that Kasle seems to be fairing good as well. The tall candidates green eyes sparkle at that. Especially as he see's that happy look upon her face. He doesn't interrupt her experience with the egg he suggested to her. Instead he takes the time to go explore more of these unhatched eggs. He makes his way over to the Element of Freedom Egg. Peering down at the egg with his bright green gaze and he says, "What mysteries will you hold little one." Only one way to find out. He places a hand upon the smooth warm shell.

Natural instincts poke at Nyvex when he feels that raging heat. He wants to pull back, he wants to pull away. And he does do that at first. He pulled his hand back for the briefest moment. But he brings it back. Mind over matter. This is just in his mind, created by this young dragon. He exhales deep. When did he start holding his breath. Another inhale of the heated air of the hatching sands. He grounds himself. /Focus/ He looks around, he's still just on the hatching sands and then caresses the egg shell again.

Kasle knows that she's not perfect. Far from it. She sighs again, just a soft breath that escapes past parted lips. Her dark eyes closed and a look of peace and joy brilliant on her tanned face. She nods a little chuckling softly, "I will." And she is. She tries to always be nice to other people. She takes a long time to return to herself, her cheeks flushed, just a little, with pleasure at the encouragement from the wize beyond its age being within that warm egg. She gives the hypnotic shell one last reassuring caress and steps back, reluctant to move on to another egg. Instead, she moves to one side for a moment, needing to digest the experience of the last two eggs before moving on and risking another violent or cruel mind tearing at her.

This dragon was inspired by Katy Perry's Hot and Cold. Nyvex was so not expecting this sensation when he touched the egg again. No more heat. But the cold can be as cruel as the heat. He has never been to the frozen north during winter. However he imagines this is what it's like to be in High Reaches during a blizzard. He gets lost in the blizzard. Lost and confused, he gasps out. Pulling away from the egg. He pants heavily. Rubbing his eyes. He takes another deep breath and then he goes in for another touch. First one, then another. What does the next touch bring him?

With a deep breath, Kasle straightens her shoulders and takes one hesitant step back toward the clutch, her eyes falling on the One Flesh, One Egg. She bites her lip for a moment, glancing toward Learith and Xermiltoth with a look of trepidation. Finally, she straightens her shoulders and strides across the sands to the odd shaped, dark, kind of creepy looking egg. She reaches for the wrinkly shell, but pulls her hand back for just a moment before reaching again to lightly rest her fingertips against the hardening shell.

< Kasle touches egg 13 - One Flesh, One Egg >

DON'T WORRY KASLE, LEIRITH'S GOT YOUR BACK. « YOU GOT THIS, BADASS, » comes with sunbright cheer and maybe just a hint of amusement. YOU GOT THIS. Is that Risa mimimng pompoms to the side? … Maybe. (Definitely.) WE'LL NEVER TELL.

< Nyvex touches egg 10 - Pretty Sus Egg >

Yes, Assistant Weyrlingmaster M'tras is, in no way, beginning to question the life choices that has brought him to be standing on the sands of Xanadu, watching Risali while her lifemate booms brain-breakingly. Everything is f i n e.

A surprised, "Oh" Escapes from Nyvex's lips as he touches the egg again and doesn't feel either of the things he was expecting. His eyes light up as he experiences this egg again. The connection is created from the touch and he is smiling. It looks like it sparked a positive memory in him. And then he is left back on the sands. His green gaze is taking in the egg he just finished touching. The heat of the sand and the heat of the eggs have him sweating again. Maybe he just sweats like this when he's excited. He looks towards the clutch parents and then the Assistant Weyrlingmasters. Time left? He hasn't been called off yet. Kasle is still touching. So he heads over to the egg that seems a little off. He peers down at it, scrunches his nose up and then he shrugs his shoulders and places a hand upon the candied shell. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand?

Kasle wrinkles her nose in distaste and shakes her head, "I— bored?" She shakes her head again. No, this egg is anything but boring. It's certainly not her favorite, but at least it's not as… agressive as some of the others. Yet, at least, "Uh…" She certainly is an eloquent one, isn't she? She whimpers softly, shaking her head, "No…" Forget sympathy, she's starting to feel terror creeping up on her again.

If Nyvex throught one of the other eggs was just like Leirith. It's because he totally didn't touch this egg yet. He scrunches his face up at that pounding in his head. "Shards." He mutters to himself. "Some of you little ones. So loud for such little dragons." One hand lifted and he says, "Now I understand why some of them got headaches." He chuckles at his joke and then places that hand back on the egg. Glutton for punishment, definitely. Isn't that the entire point of candidacy? Weed out the weak ones?

Kasle blinks rapidly, a faint trembling starting in her hands still barely resting against the shell. She makes a small distressed sound, squeezing her eyes shut as though that will block out whatever she's experiencing. She takes a few deep, calming breaths, "Of course family stands with you." Through thick and thin, no matter what. While the visuals may be disturbing, the consciousness… It leaves her determined to stick it out. But then- she staggers backwards, breathing hard, positively shaking. She stands for a moment, fists clenching and unclenching by her sides for a long minute. Suddenly, she straightens and steps up to the disturbingly colored egg, pressing both palms to the shell, "I'm not going to leave you."

Loud X Loud = Exponentially Loud. This one is what happens when you cross two of the loudest dragons. The alarm going off in his head gets him going slightly cross eyed. He shakes his head. He's seeing stars from that one. His face is very expressive. And clearly that one was assaulting his brain. The blond can breathe easily with this one. But his brain is being assaulted. And yet he goes to touch the egg one last time. Why? Because he is Badass and he isn't going to walk away from Leirith or her progeny. One last touch. What can it hurt? Also, famous last words.

Kasle shakes her head, "I wouldn't leave Logain. I won't leave you…" She obviously looks like she wishes otherwise. Sure, whatever it is that she's experiencing is purely a battle of the mind, but that doesn't mean that she's going to abandon this poor youngling to face the dark alone! No more than she could abandon her baby brother. She leans in, shoulders tense as she stands her mental ground, holding the line, standing beside the young being within the shell she presses her hands against. And then… release. Hope. A deep, soul weary sigh of relief. It's over. She lets her hands fall, breathing hard and blinking sweat from her suddenly weary eyes, "Rest, little one… You'll be free before you know it."

BLEEEEEEEEEP. That's Leirith's tongue, blepping, and maybe there is a sudden wuffle at one candidate in particular — one with whom the queen hones in with marked interest. Risali's hand is up on the gold and, while nothing dramatic happens, there's a pointed look for the AWLMs who've joined the candidates on the sands. "Time's up," Ila'den rasps, not so much raising his voice as injecting it with an authority that expects to be obeyed. "Let's go." And so he moves in tandem with M'tras to gather up those wayward few who were too caught up in the touch of eggs to hear them the first time. AND OFF THEY GO.

Kasle startles slghtly, but meekly follows after the AWLMs and other candidates, intent on going back to the barracks to process the experience. Particularly that last egg…

Nyvex just looks like his head was smacked around a few times with that one. "Is there actually a way to turn down the volume in my brain." He looks dizzy. Give him the gore and uneasy breathing. But the mental assault is intense. "I completely understand everyone who left with headache's." He lets out a soft laugh. Someone should put little post it notes on the loud ones. Ny looks towards Kasle as she stops interacted with her egg. "So much better than yesterday." He is excited to see her in a much better state than the previous touching. "Can't wait to go get a glass of cold sangria, maybe we should run and jump into the lake." Despite the throb of his brain. Oh and then Leirith is giving them the get off the sands queue. "Perfect timing." He says to Kasle. "Want to go jump in the lake with me? I'll even keep my shorts on."

Kasle laughs at Ny, "I could do with a swim, actually." She shudders and makes a face, "Must and mold and dirt. Ugh. I feel like I need a bath." She'll even be bold enough to try to link arms with him, laughing at his promise and blushing, "Well, good!"

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