Firing Frustration

Xanadu Weyr - Training Grounds
A wide, grassy expanse, nestled into the gentle bowl shape where something's taken a bite out of the mountain. It's high above the level of the beach, and there's a good eastern view of the lake and a long path leading down to that sandy shore. Granite cliffs surround it on the other sides.

While much of the grounds are left in their natural state, one area has been trampled and trodden by enough feet that the grass struggles to grow. A running track circles a set of equipment - straw dummies with wooden frames, obstacles of various sizes and shapes, and targets for flaming, archery, and whatever else.

There's a dragon-sized opening to the south that leads to the cavernous weyrling barracks, and a smaller tunnel to the northeast - large enough for dragons newly emerged from the sands, but quickly outgrown by hatchlings who are then forced to take the long way around - at least, until they learn to spread their wings and fly. Between them in both position and size, a jagged crack in the stone leads to a dim cave with the sound of water.

It's a breezy summer morning in the training grounds, and the usual suspects are taking advantage of the nice weather for an outdoor workout. There are a couple of people jogging around the track. One fellow is trying his hand (and failing miserably) at the obstacle course. But N'on, for his part, has posted up at the archery range. Zhelinath is sunning herself in the large grassy area, while N'on methodically picks up an arrow, nocks it, pulls it back to sight the target, then… lets fly. With the breeze, they rarely hit the bullseye, but at least most of them actually hit someone /on/ the target. Once he's used up his quiver, he starts an ambling walk down to gather the spent arrows for another round.

Katailea is not one of the usual suspects. She is, however, taking advantage of the nice weather (or was) given her feet are leading her back towards the grounds from the direction of the beach. Its a path which happens to bring her past all of those usuals. While not intent on joining in at the moment at least the young woman does pause to watch, which finds her a somewhat familiar face. "We met before," its a comment and question all in one that's directed towards N'on as she moves towards the range once the man is done firing arrows.

N'on glances up at the comment directed at her, and gives a broad grin of recognition. He waves and gives a thumbs up, then waves her closer. There are still a few more arrows to gather, but it's a matter of moments to pull them out of the target and carry the stack back to the front of the range. Once his hands are free of the arrows, he gestures Katailea over, picks up the bow, and holds it out to her with a questioning look.

Katailea moves closer at the wave, returning that grin with a smile of her own and coming to stand near where he'd been before going to collect those arrows. Its a blink that is the first response from the blonde when the bow is held out for her and then she holds a hand up as if to ward off the offer. "Oh, no, I don't…" She doesn't shoot, thank you. But why not? "Teach me?"

N'on gives a thumbs up to the question, but before handing her the bow, he reaches over into a basket next to a nearby bow rack, and produces what almost looks like a glove, except it only covers the index, middle, and ring fingers. Without warning, he tosses it to her, and keeps an eye on how she catches it. Cleverly determining her dominant hand? Maybe!

Katailea watches, curiosity evident as to what he's after. She clearly wasn't expecting it to be thrown her way given she flinches and almost ducks in the process of trying to catch it. She does, just barely, between two fingers of her right hand and then picked up with her left in favor of dropping it. The question next remains unspoke in the glance from glove-like-thing to greenrider. What is it, and what does she do with it now.

N'on picks out a second glove that only covers the thumb and first finger. Then he comes over and puts one into her right and the other into her left, and mimes putting them on. Then he emphasizes it by tapping her on the hand. When he's sure she's got the message, he goes to the rack of bows and starts pulling them down, inspecting each one by pulling at the string and checking the height. When he finds one that satisfies him, he brings it over and offers it to Katailea.

Katailea hmms, confused first, but then it becomes clearer with that illustration for which she nods. One and and then the other are tucked into those gloves as she's instructed and when the bow is handed over next she takes abit awkwardly unsure of what's next. "You don't talk much, do you," more of an observation than a question really. One she realizes she maybe shouldn't have said about the time she did. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean." She didn't mean it as a bad thing.

N'on grins a little, lifts a shoulder and taps his throat. He gives a wink, and that's the only explanation she's going to get. Instead, he ushers her up to the line drawn in the dirt, marking the spot to stand for the first target. He scoops up his own bow and stands next to her in front of the second target, feet hip-width apart, standing with his side to the target and the bow in his right hand. He waits and watches to see if she imitates the posture.

"Right…" Because that's a super helpful explanation. Katailea isn't going to push it any further, not right now anyway. Later, later it may come up again. For now however she moves as directed, to stand in that spot at the line and then shifts to attempt to imitate the stance he's showing.

N'on looks her over critically, then stops a moment to make a few corrections. A little correction to her shoulders here, a little push at her knees to remind her to keep them a bit bent. When he's satisfied, he stands in front of her again, and takes her left hand to position it correctly on the bow. Then, he picks up an arrow and places it into her right, guiding her through nocking it, with the shaft resting on the pointer finger of her left hand.

Katailea is poseable, even if some of his attempts are undone to an extent when she tries to watch him do it. She is, at least, able to fix herself, mostly. Once he's finished and nocking the arrow comes easily enough with a little guidance even if getting the other end to remain balanced on her finger at the other end proves a little more difficult.

N'on watches her for a moment and seems mostly satisfied with the result. From there, he mimes drawing the bow, pulling the nocked end of his invisible 'arrow' up to his ear. He holds that pose, then watches her and waits to see if she copies him. He's chosen her a fairly lightweight bow, so she shouldn't find it totally impossible to pull, at least.

Impossible, no. More difficult than she might have expected, yes. Katailea's first attempt doesn't go so well, the string only moving back a inch maybe two. She's not giving up just yet though, a second attempt now that she has a better feel for what she's pulling against seems to go more smoothly if not quite far enough. "Like this?"

N'on nods a little, and does a minor adjustment to bring her up where she can sight the target more effectively. He points to his eyes, then points to the target, and gives her a thumbs up. That done, he stands back out of the way, and mimes releasing an arrow. Then it's just folding his arms with a big grin to see how it goes.

Katailea watches N'on's demonstration and nods her understanding in a single rise and fall of her chin. Looking back to the target she waits a moment longer before letting the arrow fly. And fly it does, sort of, falling to the ground about three feet in front of her. Dropping the bow from its aimed position she still holds it but down in front with a sigh as she turns sea green eyes back towards the rider.

N'on grins encouragement with a double thumbs up, and follows it up with a round of clapping. He hands her a second arrow for another try, and this time when he guides her to pull it back, he helps her pull the string farther than before. It's clear the gloves are pretty important for this part. That string would probably cut without the stiff leather protection.

Katailea raises a brow, sending him a rather incredulous look at that clapping. It was terrible and she knows it, but the encouragement is appreciated and she's not quitting. The second attempt sees the arrow flying further, still not quite at the target and off to one side by a good couple feet. Progress nonetheless.

N'on grins and claps again. He reaches into a chest pocket to retrieve his notepad and pencil, for quick scrawled note. "That's it. Rinse and repeat." He passes the note over to her, sets up a quiver full of arrows for her to work with, then goes about the business of cleaning up the bow he had been using, wiping it down with a clean cloth from that basket.

Katailea doesn't quite roll her eyes at him. The thought is there in the look she sends him though. The note taken and read before it's dropped into the quiver for lack of a better place to keep it at the present. Another practice round missing as he sets to cleaning up. "Stefyr said he'd been learning alot of new things since he came here." Here being the Weyr of course. Arrow nocked and bow drawn. Maybe that's why she asked when he offered? She makes idle conversation, even if it might end up being a bit one-sided. "He thought I could maybe ask about flying once." Aim, release and miss. "Maybe with you?"

N'on finishes up the cleaning while Katailea is talking, but his brow goes up with an odd sort of amusement when Stefyr is mentioned. What /is/ that expression? The world may never know! But with regards to the request for a flying experience, he gives a thumbs-up agreement. He takes a moment to unstring the bow, then leaves it on the rack. The note is retrieved from the quiver, in the interest of saving paper, and he writes her another note. "Next time you draw rider intern?"

Being that she was aiming while that expression was being made, she likely never saw it. She does see the thumbs-up of his answer though given at that point she was looking for an answer. The trader waits for that note finish being written and peeking over at it nods her agreement. "Thanks," she replies with a smile, reaching for another arrow and repeating the process again. "He's frustrating you know," and what better way to relive frustration than to shoot things? "I did it!" the blonde exclaims pointing at her latest shot, which mind is just barely in the target and libel to fall out any second so look quick.

N'on's brow goes up when Katailea mentions Stefyr being frustrating. There's a distinct curiosity about that, but then she gets a successful shot and he gives a round of applause and duly-earned double-thumbs-up. But then he crosses his arms and waits, curiosity written all over his face, to see if Katailea elaborates on the Stefyr comment.

Katailea beams for the applause this time and makes a little curtsey. Might as well play it up. Right? Never mind its a half inch from the bottom of the target. "…" and they're just going to stand there staring for a minute before she gives up and leans to pluck another arrow from the waiting quiver. "I don't know what you want." How should she know he's actually listening while doing that cleanup. "I don't know what he wants," nocking said arrow. "No," she'll take that back as she aims, "Friends," muttered as she lets go.

N'on's eyes go round as though a lightbulb has just turned on, but a moment later, that turns into a kind of vague embarrassment. Back to note-writing time. This one requires a bit more composition, but after her next shot, he hands her another note. "He's holdbred. Still figuring everything out. Overwhelmed."

"Who?" is the first thought that passes Katailea's lips upon reading that next not. "Oh," as it suddenly dawns on her that she may not have just been thinking to herself. At least no one else around was close enough to overhear. "I know," there's a hint of exasperation in that as she turns away. She knows that, but it doesn't help being frustrated. "I know," she says again, letting out a breath. "Friends."

N'on raises an eyebrow, but his expression shifts more toward the sympathetic. If there's the barest hint of very mild amusement, well… It's hard to avoid! He gives her a clap on the shoulder, gestures vaguely toward the targets, then gives a thumbs up. Meanwhile, Zhelinath starts to stir over in the grassy field. She stretches her wings luxuriously, then starts lumbering toward the archery range.

Katailea narrows a look at him. Oh, she knows he's laughing at her. If she were on the other side she'd probably be laughing too, but that is not the point. "You're frustrating too you know." For different reasons, obvious in the way she says it. "I just don't want to put my foot in it, if you know what I mean," she tries to explain, turning to pick up another arrow and follow directions to try, try again.

N'on shrugs helplessly, but smiles. Very frustrating indeed! As Zhelinath gets near, she flops down and huffs a dead-animal-scented sigh in the direction of the two humans. N'on glances in that direction with a raised brow, but pats Katailea on the shoulder again in what is probably meant to be a comforting gesture. Then he's backing away to join his dragon, pointing back over his shoulder in what is not-at-all a proper explanation.

Katailea turns, following the man with her gaze as he backs away. If it weren't for that bow in her hand both hands would likely be level with her shoulders, palm up. As it is only one is and the, with the weapon, lower but still provides the overall emotion. "What?"

N'on blinks a few times. Glances around, but then he shakes his head and goes back to the notepad. He hands it over to her, then backs away again while she has a chance to read it. "You'll work it out. He just doesn't want to hurt you. I should get back to patrols."

"Neither do I," Katailea returns given a minute to read the note. Perhaps that's part of the reason, but she's not going to try to keep him any longer given the last line. Instead she simply nods, "Thanks." The word tinged with mild annoyance but the smile paired with it sincere as she waves the rider off. Thanks for the lesson, thanks for the talk.

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